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Confrontation On An Explorer's Feelings
(2013-05-06 - 2013-05-07)
Reize and Violet go camping at a site outside of Fluorgis. Violet asks him about his feelings regarding the girls he has known. Then the topic of their relationship comes up...
Reize Seatlan It's night time. The moon is high in the sky, radiating a bright light to those on the ground. The young night gives off a beacon for those who like to relax. The blanket of darkness encompasses the grassy plains.

Trees and shrubs dot the landscape. There is a camp site that has been made with a campfire in the middle. Lily is likely sleeping inside the tent.

The young boy is out at the campfire, holding a stick. While the marshmellow roasts in the fire, Reize is gazing at the stars.
Violet It had been an hour or so since the others had gone to bed in their own tents, leaving Annalise and Reize to stay up, watching the stars of unfamiliar constellations. Sitting on a fallen tree close to where the boy sits, Anna leans back, hands folded in her lap as she looks upwards at the midnight blue sky. The moment she does break her gaze long enough to glance at what Reize might be doing, she stares at the white piece of fluff that he has speared and roasting over the fire. "May I ask, what is that?"
Reize Seatlan The roasting flames crackle along the air. While the roaring flames scorch th air, they coat the white marshmellow with a bit of black ash. It become hot and coated with the darkness. Steam eminates from the marshmellow.

After a moment, Rize lifts his head up towards Annalise, giving her a lazy smile. "It's a marshmellow. I picked some up at Manhattan some time ago." He then brings the roasted pastry over her way.

"Feel free to try it! Be careful, it's hot!"
Violet Annalise blinks her crystal blue eyes at it for a brief moment before frowning curiously while the outside became charred black. Then he pulls the end of his stick from above the fire to hold it out for her, and she pauses briefly until reaching out to gently pull it off. And it certainly was hot!
Juggling it between her hands like a hot potato, Anna giggles as she lifts it to take a tentative bite from the black outside. Sweetness fills her mouth, and white marshmallow goo strings in such a way that she couldn't help but giggle again.
Reize Seatlan Watching Anna struggle with the marshmellow is rather amusing. Reize warned her not to take it too much quite yet. The boy tilts his head over, offering a smile. "Well, I told you!"

He gives a mirthful smile, but then he watches her take a tentative bite. After she has the gooey marshmellow stuck to her mouth, Reize brightens and then he pulls himself up.

"Heh, a shame Lily is asleep, she'd love these." The boy brings his hands over his shoulder. "We should be returning to Fluorgis soon to restock. I am hoping that the other Shard Seekers are managing without us."
Violet Annalise continues to chuckle softly, using her fingers to wipe off the sticky white residue from her lips before licking off her fingers of the melted marshmallow. Her pale blue eyes look up at Reize and after she finishes the last of the marshmallow, she licks at her lips. "I am sure they are. They have Ivo after all." her eyes sparkle with some mirth.

A moment or so of quiet envelops them as Anna looks back to the fire, thoughtful. "Reize... could I ask, what is she to you? Lily."
Reize Seatlan Hrm.
The mention of everyone havng Ivo around makes the boy laugh, "I am sure that the others are doing great with Ivo around! He is the perfect guide!"

The serenity that the two are able to share is rather nice. It is comforting, seeing her able to enjoy the confection. Within the campfire, the two are able to bond together.

However, Anna brings up something important.

What is Lily to him?

The boy's eyes lift up, "...It is hard to describe. But, I will try to explain it." He looks over towards the pendant around his neck. "...Ever get the feeling that there is someone connected with you? It's a bond that is shared." The young traveler's gaze lifts up towards the sky, "...I remember when I found her, I wanted to get her to safety from the monster." He glances back to Anna, "Of everyone that she met, she took to me the most. There have been times when..."

A smile is given, "There is something with my pendant and her gem on her head. In a way, our paths have connected."

Reize considers. Sure, Shiki and him are Partners, and Lenn is his fiancee. However, the bond with Lily feels the closest for some reason.
Violet Annalise watches him quietly, without interruption. When he moves to look at the pendant dangling from around his neck, her pale gaze flickers towards it for even longer. When she does pulls her her eyes away, she looks to the fire in the pit as the flames dance to an unheard rhythm. "Maybe. I am not sure." she admits softly. "I have never felt that kind of connection before, so, I am still trying to figure out if I feel that."

Pressing her soft lips together, Anna looks down at her hands in her lap for another still moment. "I am a little envious I suppose. I wish I could have that kind of bond with another, without... hiding. Maybe I am just more fearful than I like to admit." she feels as if she was more talking to herself than anything, as her words just keep spilling from her lips.

Exhaling a soft breath, Annalise closes her eyes as she reaches up behind her head, her deft fingers smoothly pulling the dark ribbon from the sharp contrast of pale blonde locks that appear as pure moonbeams as they gently cascade down her back.
Reize Seatlan "It's what I like about Lily and even admire about her sometimes!" The boy laughs, thinking it over. "She says how she feels, for good or bad. She is ignorant in the ways of how society works, but that works in her favor." He laughs, "She was the first to show me how she felt about me." The boy laughs sheepishly. There were other things, but for some reason, he felt more at ease with the young girl.

"Honestly, don't feel trapped." He turns to face Anna, moving over to pat her on the shoulder. "I know you lost your world, and there are likely a lot reasons that you wish to keep your identity." He considers, "But... if you don't open yourself out more, many things will pass you by."

He beams, "Seize the moment!" The boy pumps a fist in the air.
Violet Brushing her fingers through her pale locks, Anna opens her eyes once more to look quietly into the fire. As if it could give her the answers she's looking for. Part of her tenses uncomfortably while she listens despite him laughing.

"Seize the moment..." she repeats his words, though with far less enthusiasm. "The thing is... even though I want that kind of connection, I hope that the other person wants it as well. Not because I forced him into it by... suddenly exposing my feelings to him. I would never wish to put him in that kind of position..." Anna quietly bites at the inside of her bottom lip. "Have you ever done that before? Confessed your feelings to a girl?..."
Reize Seatlan Squinting a bit, Reize turns to face Anna ith a grin. He rubs underneath his nose with a smile. "Perhaps, but who knows? If you don't someone else will. Sure, it's possible to move on, but who is to say that the practice won't cause you to miss other opportunities."

Though, Reize is turning towards the pouch, already roasting another marshmellow. After all, to him, moving along to seize the goal is his motto. The role of an adventurer.

As he is biting down on the marshmellow.

'Confessed your feelings to a girl?...'


Reize is choking.

Violet Annalise blinks her bright eyes up at Reize with surprise when he begins choking, concern flickering through her face as she tenses. "Are... are you okay?" she asks. When she does finally realize just what kind of reaction he had to her question, a gentle rosy blush rises in her cheeks. "I-I am sorry. I was a personal question. I did not mean to intrude. Really."
Reize Seatlan Reize beats against his chest, trying to help speed up the process of digesting his food or at least stop himself from choking. The fact that Violet is standing there, while blushing in the midst of him choking only serves to frustrate the boy!

God. If he died here, it would be her fault! Annalise is the worst. help. ever.

After several moments, Reize manages to cough up the marshmellow. He staggers around dizzily, "Buuhhhhh..."

As for her question, Reize shrugs.

"... I can't say that I actually confessed." He lifts his head to the sky, "...I care a lot about them. ... However." He looks up at the sky, "... I just want to be an adventurer." His eyes shut, "That has been the most important thing to me." He offers a smile, "Everyone insists on me traveling with them or not to travel alone, but I am the most free when I travel as an adventurer."
Violet After several pauses, Anna does pull herself forward to kneel in front of him on her knees while he struggles with the marshmallow. Luckily he does manage to swallow it, to some relief, but its then that she realizes just how close she is to him.

With a small breath she pulls away, sitting back on her legs on the ground while he talks. "I suppose, with time, things will change. What make you feel free will change as you do." Annalise says softly. "I wish I could be impulsive, but that... that would be selfish of me."
Reize Seatlan After the moment of closeness, Reize coughs slightly, but he shakes his head when she goes back to keeping both legs on the ground. "... I guess." He lifts his shoulders with a shrug, "I am, however, also the leader of the Shard Seekers. I have some responsibility to keep the clan intact. As long as the clan is still needed, I will not leave them." He offers a smile.

"However, I am pushing everyone to journey with me. Whether or not they wish to travel with me, it is their own choice from here on out." In other words, if they wish to continue to travel, then he will welcome them. However, that selfish part of them does not want them to get in his way.

...Even as the voice tells him to not travel alone, Reize hopes that they would allow him that happiness in adventuring.

"Sometimes, we'll have to answer to our impulseness. Otherwise, it'll hurt us if we don't."
Violet After a moment of hesitation, Annalise pushes herself to her feet. Pale blonde locks almost white in the light of the moon as apprehension colors her facial features. After another long moment, she lifts her crystal blue eyes up at him. "But it could hurt others if I do. And I do not want to lose what I already have because--" her words cut off.

Color delicately touches her cheeks once more as she glances awkwardly to the ground. "Because I like you..." Annalise whispers. "And I can not help what I feel, and I do not want to ruin our friendship, and... I do not want to be just another girl that confesses their feelings to you. And just so many other things that it hurts inside of my chest."

Her hands curl at her sides as she turns around and clutches her fingers against the heart of her chest, afraid to see his reaction after choking on a marshmallow. She may very well just have ruined the comfortable air she's always had around him until this point.
Reize Seatlan Reize looks Annalise over when she finally starts to take a stance. His eyes furrow when she starts looking at him. She has a very apprehensive nature about her. ...That had to no end annoyed him at times. Granted, that was because of the mysterious person vibe. "Nggghh..." The voice grows irritated at this point.

It is when Annalise admits her feelings to the boy that the young adventurer fall silent. So, that is the situation. Reize muses thoughtfully, just.. taking it all in.

His heart has been tugged by many people. Shiki, Lily, Lenn, Katyna and now, Annalise. Though, Reize's heart, he deosn't know.


The boy moves over towards her...

His hands reach over for her hand and then he oves to embrace her close to him.
Violet It felt like an eternity, with her back towards him. The crackling of the fire the only sound to fill the silence. Then a hand touches hers and urges her to turn towards him, and after a pause Annalise lifts her pale blue eyes up to look at him. Not even a moment after his arms gently wrap around her with an embrace that she didn't expect.

Biting at the inside of her lip, her hands touch at his sides but the Princess doesn't fully hug him in return. "I do not want your pity or sympathy..." Anna murmurs softly. "Nor did I ever wish to push you into the position that you felt obligated towards me in any way. All I ever wanted was... someone that would choose me willingly, regardless of my station." She exhales a small breath. "I should have just stayed quiet."
Reize Seatlan As the gesture was not reciprocated, Reize slowly starts to pull away, frown tensing up as he considers the predictament that he is in. He starts moving towards the back of his head, offering Annalise a smile.

"...Anna." The young man smiles, "Thank you for being honest with me. It's... one of the few times that you have been able to open up with me completely." He considers, "...I am not sure it would had been better for you to stay quiet." He puffs his cheeks, "What do you call the fact that you have been taken in with the Shard Seekers with open arms?" After a moment, he gives a faint smile, then he gazes at the moon.

"I like you too, Anna."

He furrows his eyebrows, thinking things over. "...I owe you all a decision, I suppose, at some point. I do hope, until then, you continue to stay with us."
Violet Anna feels him tense, and instantly in filled with regret. Him thanking her, however, wasn't expected and a small bit of nervous laughter escapes. "Reize, you know my true name, my identity, and I have shared with you pages of my life through our journal. You know much more about me than anyone else. I am not sure how much more open I can be."

Her pale gaze looks up at him with a careful glance as he admits that he likes her as well, color brighter than anything before rising in her cheeks. "I-" What should she say to that? A breath escapes Annalise as she looks down at her hands, still touching lightly at his sides. "I only want you happy, Reize... that is all I ever wanted. Its why I kept it from you as long as I had."
Reize Seatlan "...That is true." Reize admits, coughing. He rubs the back of his head, then he leans over towards Violet. His eyes fall shut, taking in everything.

Given that she is gazing down at her hands while touching his sides, Reize allows the air to fill wih silence on his end. Instead, he listens to her. She wanted him to be happy.

In this moment, where her hand holds onto his side...

Reize leans over towards the young princess. It is a slow enclosure, but the distance is closed as the two become closer.

His lips tilt over, seeking to gently brush along her lips for a kiss. His hands find their way towards her hands around his waist.
Violet Annalise feels him move closer and her powder blue eyes are drawn upwards towards him, the warmth of his body radiating with how close he becomes as he leans towards her. The brush of his lips was light, barely even there as if they were hovering just on the surface, and it was a stunned moment before Anna closes her eyes and tilts her chin up just a bit further.

Her first kiss.

As his hands touch at her own at his sides, Anna pulls them away just enough to touch them, palms touching against his as they quietly kiss under the moon and starry sky.

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