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(2013-05-05 - 2013-05-05)
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The pursuit of knowledge is an incredible pull for the likes of Kyra Hyral. Without course correction from her saner friends, she would likely descend into the very same madness that plagues Professor Mister Greene. Her zeal propels her to brave life, limb, and sanity for the purpose of conducting a dissection on an unusual creature. She will tank the fearsome presence of Helena for a peek at that organism!

She will even set foot on -Souji Murasame-'s ship.

As she steps off the small skiff that was sent down to retrieve her, sparing the need to land the airship, Kyra's actually mildly surprised to see that Souji Murasame isn't here to impart a cold greeting upon her. By Murasame customs, it'd be downright rude-though fortunately, Kyra cares very little for things such as customs.
Helena Celba Professor Mister Greene was slightly mad because he was a Chosen of Doomtrain. Remember that.

Kyra had arrived on the ship, and without fanfare...

There was a presence right behind her. Helena was good at being silent when she put her mind to it, and right now she was very very quiet. Her arms move to wrap Kyra in a BIG hug. "Hi." She says, with a voice that betrays mischeviousness.
Kyra Hyral Now Helena's greeting hadn't been entirely unexpected...but...

Kyra had assumed she'd have been able to actually /see/ the Odynar first! Or, perhaps, an ambush from her side. But an ambush from behind?! Had Helena hidden herself in the skiff the whole time and followed her out?

A high-pitched squeal of surprise escapes the budding scientist as she's hugged from behind. Instinctively, she squirms and tries to snake one of her hands up underneath her hoodie to grab something-anything-! It's partially reflex and she at least stops trying to grab a weapon when Helena speaks.

"Heeeeeeey Helena." she drawls in an even tone, tilting her head back to look over her shoulder. "Um. How are you?"
Helena Celba "Oh my, just meet for the first time in a little bit...and you're already trying to get a feel~" Helena teases and gives her friend a little squeeze.

"Well, alone anyway." she grins, and leans her head on her shoulder.

"Oh I'm just peachy now~" She says, with a small grin. "But I guess you're just here for buisness." She pouts.
Kyra Hyral "What-no, I'm not trying to do that-!" Kyra blurts out defensively, her face growing nearly as red as her hair. She drops her hands to her sides as if to demonstrate just that. "I was preparing to deal with a back attack! Y-you know they can happen at any time."

Well of course she was alone. She really didn't have anything to fear from Souji despite how much she disliked him. Then again, with Helena maybe she should have brought a bodyguard.

"Well you can call it 'business'." Kyra makes a face, "But I find examining and dissecting unusual organisims a bit more fun than that. I wouldn't really use the word business to describe it-err, anyway...I suppose you are here to show me to the creature?" No mention of Souji. Nope.
Helena Celba Helena turns and wraps a arm around her shoulders. Leading Kyra towards her room/lab.

"Of course." She says, with a playful wink. Slowly she leads Kyra to the room, opening it up leads to a very...spartan looking room. There was a bed in the corner, but it looked rarely used. The room was mostly lab, with the creature frozen in a amber like substance surrounded by magical fields keeping it incased JUST incase it broke out.

"Heeeeere we aaaaare!"
Kyra Hyral Helena can definitely feel Kyra getting pretty squirmy every time she touches her-but hey, it's not nearly as bad as what Kyra used to be like-and what Alma is probably like right now. There is a brief look of suspicion in her eyes at that wink, though.

Upon entering, Kyra makes a face, not at being alone with Helena but because of the state of the lab. "This is it? Hmmm. It'll do...a lot better than what I've seen lately."

Casually, Kyra removes her hoodie and neatly folds it, placing it on the unused-looking bed. Her bandoliers and her gun holsters come next, resulting in the teenager shedding a significant amount of weight in gear. Underneath the hoodie and pouches, Kyra wears a white tank top.

"So were you there when he captured it?" she asks, not yet ready to jump into 'the zone' and abandon her hostess.
Helena Celba "I captured it. Mister Murasame was too busy killing them, I decided grabbing one was...worth it. I can release it from the amber with a command word, but the energy sheild can hold it from is non-electrical." Helena says as she walks towards the controls. She also whistles towards Kyra.

"This isn't my main labatory, I keep a private one, but this works for a short term things, and of course, stuff that does not take perfect stillness." She comments, "It's spartan because...well...lets be honest here, I can't really justify spending the master's money without at least getting a few marks of my own first." She grins, "Siiiigh...I miss the silk sheats...though I don't get much sleep lately, I am helping Alma out with her Late night studies."
Kyra Hyral "Hm, do you have a means for immobilizing it in a way that I can examine it with my hands? Have you observed any sedatives being capable of working on it?"

She hears that whistle and reddens for a few seconds before pausing and turning to make kissy faces at Helena.

"Well if it is any consolation, I haven't seen very many openly-practicing necromancers." she makes a face as she circles around the immbolized creature, examining it from afar with fascination, "So you may be able to earn some money for your silk sheets in that wa-"

Inwardly she sighs. She wondered how long this encounter would last before Alma was mentioned. Stopping, she looks down at her watch to note the time. "Late night studies, you say." Kyra turns to face Helena, "Studies of what?"
Helena Celba "She's attempting to find our home world by studying the changed position of the stars verses how they are here. It's interesting, I don't think it'll bear any fruit...BUT..." she shrugs, "Maybe she can use her skill to track shard fall pieces. It's interesting, and in the end at least farthers our own navigational charts."

"Hmm...yes, I think I can. I can partially remove the amber trap, leaving only it's legs'll effective immobilize it...but I don't want this thing to be let loose...ESPECIALLY on this ship." she says, and moves to lower the shield...

Amber starts to slowly receed, stopping around the lower body, effectively imobilizing it. It struggles, and then looks around towards the two.

"Well, we can do the kissy faces later, Kyra, but first.."
Kyra Hyral Inwardly, Avira calms. "Oh is THAT what she's doing? Interesting. Yes, it would be nice to have a reliable way to find world shards. I did hear about a group calling themselves the Shard Seekers that had a device to do just that...but the word on the street is that the device doesn't actually work."

Turning her attention back to the creature, her eyes light up with glee as Helena manages to immoblize it just a little bit more. Rooting through the tools available in the lab, Kyra procures herself the thickest set of gloves she can find-leather gloves perhaps more suited to a blacksmith shop. A scapel follows.

"Understandable. I imagine if a plague of these were losed upon this ship it would be disasterous!" But also kind of funny, Kyra will nto admit.

A notebook and bit of measuring tape is also procured, the former used for all of Kyra's observations that are scribbled down quickly. She takes measurement of the creature's dimensions, careful to not touch it quite yet.

Next she'll actually try to cut off a piece of the creature's carpace. A potion is poured over the wound. "You're showing some self restraint tonight! This is highly unusual, Celba. I'm not sure if I'm okay with that." she teases.
Helena Celba "Well, I really do want this to be examined." Helena says with a grin, "And there is always the rest of the night~"

"Besides, it's just fine to catch up while working together again. It's not just all about the make outs! You know I enjoy your company and not just your body." She continues, teasing her prey.
Kyra Hyral Kyra cuts off a piece of the carpace and immediately backs off. "Put the barrier back up fully. This is all I'll need to work with for now." she says, eager to observe proper containment procedure of the electricity-eating monster.

She takes the carpace piece back to the workbench, carefully settling it down in a sterile petri dish. Stepping back, she looks contemplated, then starts assessing the contents of the lab to determine what tests she can run here.

"You /do/?" Kyra mock gasps. "Why, I had no idea! Here I thought you were just looking for someone to corrupt." Yep, that sure is some sarcasam. Truth-flavored sarcasm.

"..hmm, I think examining how well this material conducts current would be a good start..." she murmurs, picking up the piece with a set of tweezers. It sounds like Kyra was starting to get into The Zone.
Helena Celba Helena moves a hand, the amber moves back up to encase the thing...

The shields come up next, resealing it.

"You act like I haven't corrupted you already~" She teases and winks towards Kyra. She turns back towards Kyra, facinated. Helena was a flirt, but intelligence always was something that interested her more than anything. She watches, observing just how Kyra worked in the legendary 'zone'. Her fingers tapping the controls infront of her.
Kyra Hyral "Well I-" Kyra falters in the teasing for a few seconds. "-I doubt that. I'm not nearly as horrible and heathen-y as you are~" Very carefully, she starts hooking up tiny aligator clips to the carpace piece. Kyra grabs her notepad and...

...what follows is a painstaking battery of tests involving the conducting of currents. Helena, at the controls, will have the illustrious task of flipping the switch to turn on the current. For Kyra, time passes without her noticing. She is THAT intently focused on her task that it almost seems like she's going to forget about Helena's presence entirely-not the case, really, because they were working together on this, but she does completely forget the fact that Helena is Helena.
Helena Celba TIME SKIP.

Helena has sufficently gotten bored enough, and enough time has passed for her to sneak up on the IN THE ZONE Kyra, and run her hands over her shoulders, perhaps giving a little massage, "You know, Kyra, you've been at this for a while...perhaps it's time for a breaaaak?" She grins, using her very nimble fingers to poke at various presure points to release tention. "After all, I'm just a heathen." she grins.
Kyra Hyral It actually takes a couple of seconds, as Kyra peers into a microscope, for her to realize that Helena has her hands on her shoulders. The delay before she sits up, startled, is actually pretty comical.

"Huh? What? But we just started, didn't we...?" she looks down at her watch, her eyes widening. "Holy <GOOSEHONK>."

Her muscles begin to relax as Helena massages them. "Yeah I agree, we should take a break." Pause. "Heathen."
Helena Celba Helena titters, and continues to rub the girls shoulders, "You haven't changed a bit it seems...once you get in the zone nothing short of me or a catastrophy can get you out." She says, with a small smile.

"How about a drink?"
Kyra Hyral "Aren't you and catastrophies basically the same thing~?" Kyra smirks, tilting her head back, apparently trying to make eye contact this way but mostly failing. Instead, her red hair flops over her shoulders.

She pauses at the mention of drinks. Calculated risk, that. "Mmm. Sure, how can I refuse my hostess?"
Helena Celba "Good because I had them brought to us anyway." Hel breaks off and grabs a bottle she had delivered, and sets a glass down by Kyra, and pours out a glass. It was fancy wine, because well, that's what you drink when your evil. Helena pours herself one too, and pulls up a chair.

"Oh what a nice thing to say~" she says about the Catastrophe comment, "But I like to think I am not quite THAT bad...yet." She grins. She takes a drink, "Oh if that is the attitude of the day, how about we go to bed?" She teases.
Kyra Hyral Kyra turns around, seemingly disappointed that the massage so abruptly ended. Spending hours with one's head bent to stare at monitors and notebooks and experiments really was hell on the neck. She hadn't even realized how tense she was until Helena started hitting pressure points.

Kyra turns on her lab stool to face her. "Only you would take that as a compliment." she deadpans as she's passed the wine. Unlike her sister, Kyra can actually stomach alcohol-no doubt Helena's doing. "Whoah, I've barely started drinking and you're already propositioning me? You're moving fast tonight."

Crossing one leg over the other, she sips her wine. "Today, though, has been productive."
Helena Celba "That's good, I do hope to get a copy of your work." Helena says, with a nod, "I'm curious all about these things...I think they might have usefulness too." she muses, "But small steps."

"Also they seem to be a bad thing to run into during a dungeon run," she says solemly.

She smiles, though, "Well of's been soooooo long." She grins. "But I guess we can take things conservitive.." she teases. "Well, you can take as much time as you need, I do enjoy your company."
Kyra Hyral "Since I'm in your lab and using your equipment, it's only fair that I share the research. I doubt I'm getting published anywhere reputable anytime soon. Maybe if I went to that Manhattan place..."

She lets out a low chuckle. "Well, bad to run into if you are Souji maybe." Ah, to be a beastmaster right now and capable of capturing these creatures in case she needed an anti-Souji angle to push.

"Conservative?!" Kyra looks INSULTED and gives Helena a playful shove, "You take that back!"
Helena Celba Helena chuckles, "Oh we're getting rough now?" Helena is coy, but smiles.

", you take for granted what we use that is electrcal powered. Ma Belle's...PDA's..." She shrugs, "Some of us keep our spell list on our PDA's...though I am starting to think I might have to go low tech..." She rolls her eyes, "I hate my handwriting,"

"There are others who use electricty too...a pair of twins, but they claim they are NOT twins...they refer to themselves as the network...Emi and Umi. Interesting." she shrugs, "I'd love to study them."

"Maybe you should try? Though I think that world does not use magic like we might be...interesting." She says, "But you've always been a science girl."
Kyra Hyral "Oh, I have met those. Adorable girs. I just wonder how they were, well...made." Kyra discusses this casually because she knows it'll draw little criticism when other people for practicing her science.

She'd like to study the Dennous too! People usually don't submit themselves as specimens though.

Kyra sips her wine for a bit longer. Helena would notice she's drained three-fourths of her glass already. "Yes..I like my science. Though with that Dark Knight fellow I was able to hone my magic a little more.Still..." Still her control left a lot to be desirred.
Helena Celba Helena offers to refill the glass, and pours herself some more.

"Interesting.." She says, "Well, good luck to you on that."

"Yes, they are interesting...and I can't blame them for not wanting to be studied, I mean...they probably grew up in a labritory." She points out, "Maybe someday though..."
Kyra Hyral With an overly exaggerated dainty motion, Kyra holds out her glass to for a refill. "The wine is good." shre reflects, "This hasn't been in the budget since coming here."

She gives Helena a coy look. "Well, that does sound like a resonable excuse to NOT be studied. As for me...magic can only help. I know a number of people that wish I healed through magic more often...but healing magic's just been that much more tricky lately."

She leans forward. "What about you? No troubles with YOUR magic, riiiiight?"
Helena Celba Helena smiles, "None at all. I have perfected using my magic in tandem with my martial arts..." she says, and leans forward, inches away from Kyra, "And your magic is growing strong you say?" she smiles coyly, "If you're having such a hard time...maybe I can think of a few clever work arounds..." she says, scooting closer.
Kyra Hyral "Clever work arounds?" Kyra sees Helena inching forward and foolishly does not recoil. Yes, it's THIS again, and Kyra at least seems to be playing along. "Oh reallllly. What kind of work arounds are we talking about?" Kyra looks Helena in the eye.
Helena Celba Helena shows her.

With her lips. Against Kyra's. If you didn't see this coming, then you might actually be drunk.

<3 <3 <3
Kyra Hyral Kyra's not QUITE drunk yet. Maybe a little intoxicated! Helena can definitely smell the offered wine upon her when she leans in.

"Mmph!" Kyra proves she's lucid enough to realize what's happening. After a few seconds of being lip-locked with Helena, she pulls backwards. "That's not a work around at all!" Kyra blurts out, flustered.
Helena Celba Helena grins at her prey, and looks playful, "Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit it WAS fun," Helena was very playful, leaning back.

"WELL, I guess I COULD instruct you in reversing the flow...dark instead of light. It's just reapplication of what you already know, but..." she shrugs, "I think I rather enjoy this more..."
Kyra Hyral Kyra pouts stubbornly, quite adamantly refusing to reveal whether or not she actually enjoyed it. The red glow on her face remains, though Helena would know that it's there in part due to the alcohol. Something about Ramuha genetics.

"Dark instead of light..." Kyra muses, almost dreamily, "Wouldn't that be a spectacle. It sounds so easy. This?" she sips her wine. Half a glass remains as she seems to have realized she's had very little to drink while in 'the zone'-not that alcohol's the best solution. "Which this? Us? Here?"
Helena Celba "Of course." Helena says, "But yes, I can give you some instruction, if you wish. Though it'd probably take longer because of how you're used to casting."
Kyra Hyral "Now I don't know about raising any dead-" Kyra begins, gesturing with her wineglass-containing hand. "But dark as...dark, now that would be an interesting study. Haha, I am not a slave to Naturalis teachings so I see no issues in /learning/ a thing or two. That is why we are in school. So sure. Show me a thing or two." Helena can get the sense that this is genuine Kyra curiosity in play and not the alcohol talking.
Helena Celba "Alright~" Hel says...

UNLOCK: Helena will teach you dark versions of Cure, as well as Undead control!

Relationship Level with Helena increased.

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