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(2013-05-05 - 2013-05-06)
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Riku Golmore Jungle.

The task? Divert the course of a veritable horde of steelclad beetles, their almost inpenetrable armor gleaming in the sunlight. The Golmore Jungle remains much like it always has been even after the reformation of the worlds. The viera make their villages within this jungle but the way to their enclaves, already a tangled and hidden affair have been made much more so because of the inclusion of foreign elements to the pristine jungle. The barriers strewn throughout the jungle to prevent passage have been relocated, making the area a labryinthine tangle of thin trails and narrow, vegetation choked passages. Even the sky is mostly obscured, lending a great mottled gloom to the travels.

At the heart of the southeastern reach of the jungle it breaks into four general lanes of winding passage with the village and it's fruit bearing trees and food harvest alongside as a nexus between these four lines of passage.

Riku wondered why it was he's picked this location and then decided it really didn't matter. He might like the Alexander, but he still was going slightly stir crazy within it's confines. It was time to get out and doing something with his time, and gaining a component was something completely isolated from the rest of the brain-breaking parts of his life. Except.. well.. for the whole problem of trying to get that component during mating season. That was a great idea. Also a great idea? Dragging Gabranth along with him so he would not be the only one to suffer.

The elder was /greatly/ against the hiring of outside forces but for this particular task and so when you are met at the borders of the village it is with grudging and brittle politeness cut with a teeth grinding resentment. It is polite, however and the objectives made plain. The barriers MUST be moved to divert the passage of this great horde of insects as it passes in a frenzied migration from the top of the screen to the bottom. Already those willing to establish the barriers are hard at work, but their numbers are few and the aura of greatly repressed tension cut with fear edges the atmosphere.

The elder and her people refuses to take orders, advice or debate from outsiders, insisting that only ONE outsider be the spokesperson for the mercenary band and be the one who determines what 'suggest' the elder should take under advisement. She also demands that this order be established quickly as her ears and that of her aide and the villagers flick in the direction of the barrier lanes and an even more focused effort it made to ready the barriers.

However. There are not enough barriers to completely block all four lanes. There are however, from the little the villagers can say, a great number of rocks, trees and other parts of the environment that might be worked with time and difficulty to the task.

First turn: SETUP PHASE. Choose Player.
The Judge Magister, who is currently /NOT/ Judge Magister right now was indeed dragged along for this task. Yes, being stuck on the Alexander was causing a bit of cabin fever when you were use to not being up in an Airship for /so/ long. How Zargabaath did this was mind boggling to Gabranth.

So when Riku comes to him, Gabranth doesn't argue the point of coming along. Instead he just suits with more casual gear, places on his sword belt and goes along with this. For one, it gets him out, two it GETS him out, three -- he has it all under control. /REALLY/!

There was /NOTHING/ that could go wrong. Besides he wasn't even allowed to wear his Judge armor, so even if he ran into someone, unless they knew the Highway Star and Chaos Blade well, they would not even know who Gabranth is.

So the slightly dirty blond was with Riku. He had on a pair of black leather pants, the sword belt carrying his two swords in their scabbards. A sleeveless black shirt with an armor vest over that, and black gauntlet leather gloves that went up to protect the elbow. His boots were typical but with black metal sheen guards to aid in some protection there as well.

His hair was well kept and military like style with a bit of side burns running down along the side of his face. His blue eyes only scanning over the area. Though he does glance over to Riku with a raised eye brow, "What have I like you talk me into this time.." before his attention returns to-- well-- the problem. Though he /was not/ going to be the spokes person.
Tifa Lockhart As usual, when there's a random mercenary job of some kind, where some strength of arm can come in handy, the barmaid is often there and answering the call. But when it comes to 'leading', she's not that great. She can handle a bar just fine, but strategies and such, she can barely hold her own when she's alone there. She pushes a loose bang of hair as she finishes pushing a large boulder in place, one of the few 'natural barriers' that can be used here. Just putting down the first stone, so to say, although it doesn't neceesarily has the right strategic value yet.

She looks to the others present "Anyone stepping up to talk to them then? I don't mind if someone acts as the general here, really."
Avira Avira is not a stranger to these woods at all. She came here semi-often to hunt the game here, often for the purposes of marks, but also for the practice of her skill. She'd occasionally come across those strange magical barriers and let them alone, the magic far too strong for her to deal with.

Today she was excited to hear of this mark, especially since the way it was written up made it sound like fighting with these beetles was highly discouraged. Avira can work with this.

She's patient with the village elders in spite of the fact that they obviously don't want to talk to her or any of the other people taking this mark. And hey, if she managed to pick off one of these beetles and pillage the carpace...well.

"Hey Riku." Avira greets quietly, slightly surprised to see him here. Glancing over to his blonde-haired (and kind of attractive) man with him, she nudges the teenager, "Hey, who's that guy with you?"
Will Sherman Will is here!

He listens to things going on, and nods towards Riku. "Sup?" Will says, with a grin, he''s hard to pindown but Will is happier than he's been in a long time. He's defintely been more upbeat lately. Will sighs though...

"Okay guys, I got this. Everyone lets look at the passage ways and see what happens." he says, and looks around. "Let me...try and help smooth things over first.." Will says, and looks into the forest for something.

A few moments later he has two LARGE leaves in his hair, mimicing bunny ears.

"Alright, this should make her feel comfortable and relaxed around me while discussing things." And he smells like he lives in a forest.

He starts examining A while he bunny's his hat up.
Avira Avira sloooooowly palms her face upon seeing Will Sherman and his hat. " offense but...maybe we should pick someone else to speak to the elder?"
Emi Dennou Beetles are serious business. The Network isn't very invested in tower defense but she has come along because Avira has come along and, naturally, Will has ALSO come along. Emi usually goes out with another Network member but this time Omi insisted she come along, thus resulting in Omi, Umi, AND Emi all coming along for this adventure. The three are pretty bewildered by the isolationist sentiment but nevertheless, Emi and Omi give Will Sherman a deadpan look, entirely nonplussed.

"Wow!! WHAT AN AMAZING PLAN! The Network is so impressed!"

"No we're not." Emi and Omi say simultaneously.

"Ahahahaha," Umi rubs the back of her head, "Well this one is impressed. This one hadn't thought of that."

"Why only one person anyway...? That's racist against Networks." Omi mutters.

"Well not if you consider us one person, The Network suspects by the technical definition we apply."

The three of them nod simultaneously.

"But this one still likes Will's plan." Umi adds.
Gabranth glances over at Avira as she elbows Riku and asks who he was. He then raises an eye brow, hrms, and then realizes-- right. Not in Judge Armor. No one-- has ever seen you NOT in Judge Armor, which has been sometimes ultimate disguises.

So when she asked Riku who he was. He gives a quick hand gesture of a wave to Avira before he turns to look at Riku, "Excuse me a moment, going to scout about and see if there are any loose items that can be used to assist." Much like Tifa and Kim are doing.

Hey. It was good to be resourceful and have things ready!
Deidra Deidra has joined the Will for the trip out here, she's hopefully here to just back up Will if he needs it and she's not sure what to think about the elder being so hard headed about thing but wisey she's just following up. She manages to stifle a laugh about how Will is looking but it's a better idea than she had and she oddly about an old MMORPG she played once there were so many bunny ears there. Okay back on target here is hoping Will can make a good stab of this.
Riku Riku has a slightly mischievious grin on his face as he recognizes Avira. "Oh, hey Avira!" he groans slightly. "You still need to teach me to handle woods like this. I still trip up something awful." he jerks a thumb at the blonde guy and nudges Avira back. "He can introduce himself well enough. I can never tell what he's calling himself these days anyways." And then. Will Sherman.. with Bunny Ears.

Riku laughs and facepalms with an almost audible thunking noise. "Okay. There is.. always that plan. Anybody else got a better one?" and there is a faint note of 'please' in it as he grins at Will Sherman with amusement.

He also rubs the back of his neck because of the Three Legionettes (Which sounds like an interesting name for a band if the group of interconnected Legions would slow down enough to actually have such a said jam session.) So people are introduced. BUnny ears are worn or not worn. An Elder Viera looks at Will Sherman with such scathing scorn as to be practically a visible PLATFORM of ice from her eyeline to him, and the Aide just shakes her head and sighs quietly. "Elder Mjrn.." she says beseechingly. "We don't have time for this. Please. Just turn them away." "Not when they are here now." The Elder firmly states, waiting with frustrated patience.

Progress: Tifa and Kim have blocked Lane D.

Turn Two.

0Turns until Beetles arrive: ???
Fran "Perhaps, I may be of assistance."

A cool yet stern voice comes from the trees behind the moderately sized group, followed quickly by one of the tall and shapely Vierran women. Unlike the others, however, her armor is as black as midnight and upon her arrival several of the tribesfolk begin to mutter amongst themselves or pointedly ignore her.

Fran, in turn, pays the villagers no mind as she is used to their dislike for her presence. She is an unpleasant reminder of the choice that seperates them from their wayward sisters and were there not good cause she would never set foot in this place. However, despite her status as an exile, she still worries for the land of her birth and her family. News of their troubles reached her quickly and she in turn set full speed to the "Strahl", arriving only a few moments behind the band of adventurers.

The sky pirate strides past the others and makes her way directly to the elder, giving her a hesistant look for a moment before inclining her head in a gesture of respect and recognition. "It is good to see you well... sister."
Tifa Lockhart That's why she didn't want to be leading the talks with the bunny-people either. They looked stubborn, and just gets in the way of getting the actual job done.

She takes Kim's offer for a drink, and takes a good gulp of it, phewing. She looks at the work on the lane "Think this is blocked well enough? Honestly I have no idea what to expect here. Is it going to be like a stampede, can they just walk over whatever obstacle if they want to? Are they even going to bother following the paths at all?" She shakes her head.

She glances toward the other lanes "I guess we need to keep them blocked as much as possible." She moves off to the side, looking if she can't find a large, fallen tree to drag over to add to the blockade.
Avira "I really should." Avira nods. "It's a lot like parkour actually-but I will show you sometime when we have less of a time crunch. Promise." There's a sad smile on her face as she gives him a thumbs-up, then looks over at the blonde for an introduction. Sadly, none comes as the man simply excuses himself.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to go check ahead. Will, don't cause any international incidents." She speaks the last thing light heartedly because she knows how much effort a viera will put into being offended (Evja).
Will Sherman Will continues to examine A, bunny ears take some time.

"Hey, no need to be so serious!" he says towards the Elder, "You can't be as old as I am and be serious all the time." He grins at her, but there is something that will pass between the two...The eyes, mostly, people who are long lived generally can pick up on the tells. He frowns, and continues his investigation...

And then another Female Veira appears, who seems to not be a complete Jerk. Great, ONE exists!


Will waves at Fran, a bit cressfallen, " much for MY plan, but if you wana, sure. I think you'd probably have as good as odds as I do." He says, and looks at Umi, she Believes in him!

"Why can't you girls be more like Umi! She believes in me, like I believe in you!" Will grins. He pauses, "They have a point, they are technically one being. I mean...sortof? Hiveminds are weird, yo." he pauses, "No offense. I mean, I ain't exactly mister normal here either." he pauses, looking around. "...I don't think anyone here is anywhere near normal."
Gabranth may be moving a few rocks back to the group, maybe some logs. Whatever may be useful for acting as a block-aid for anyone who wants to just snatch up some materials. He does at some point come back over to Riku to see what others have decided on with the Viera population.

Then places out his hand to Avira, "Just call me Ren. Easier that way." He probably give the lady a firm hand shake before he is back off to collecting stuff for people to use.

He is keeping himself busy!
Deidra Deidra sighs for a moment and jhust knows the things are comming she ponders how best she could be to help deal with this. She could help with the creatures at the very least at least. She looks the rest of the party damn it where can sbe of use at this point?
Emi Dennou Emi says, "Beggars cannot be choosers, we are here to perform a job, not perform diplomacy. The Network suggests this be remembered."

"So," Umi adds, looking over to Will. "Which one should I move? I wanna help!" She throws her arms up into the air excitedly. "...Mm... Maybe I should just go ahead. IT's not like we really know where they'll come from for sure, s'long as we can block most avenues, we can probably handle the rest? Maybe!"

Omi hefts Umi up and stalks towards Lane A, intending to block that one as well with a barricade?! PERHAPS. How many barricades are there anyway?!
Riku Elder Mjrn's icy look that makes a beeline straight for Will Sherman breaks apart with a little startled noise she makes in the back of her throat. She peers at him curiously but then she has something else to be startled about. The viera looks put slightly off her guard but is trying very hard to hide it, revealed only in a dance of minor facial cues and body movements. While the aide opens her mouth to say something cutting, she herself is almost cut down by the look the Elder gives her. She takes a steadying breath and inclines her head the slightest fraction. "Sister." She focuses entirely on them.. oblivious to the other members of the mercenary party. "You pick a.. advantagous time to show up. There are strange swarms in the Wood, and we must.. do what we must do halt such advances. I suppose you will speak for.. them?" The villagers stare with mute disapproval but continue to work anyways.

% Riku looks around and nods. "Yeah. We're pretty much NOT your normal bunch." he chuckles and watches Ren move some materials and then dart away again. "But when has that ever been the case?" He moves about, gathering materials as well and making himself useful even though he has pretty much not the slightest clue what they are really doing. He helps Tifa find (and fell) an old tree in the woods that can be added to the blockcade.

Progress: Legionettes are blocking Lane A, Tifa and Kim have blocked Lane D securely.

Turn three.

0Turns until beetles arrive: ???
Will Sherman "...HMmm...We should definetely block this one." Will says after a minute, "It leads right through the village, which will be bad." he comments...

"The next path over should be blocked too, the shrubbery looks bad. they might be able to slide through it and into this lane from B." Will comments.

"I'm gona look at C. Hey Tifa, can you take a better look at D?" Will asks, and moves towards C. Once more, he looks at it, taking some time to examine it.

"Yeah Umi, block this one and B if you could? You guys are doin' great!" Will encourages Umi and her sisters with a smile. He looks at Gab and nods, "Nice to meet you Ren, friend of Riku's? Take care of him, he needs someone to make sure he doesn't get too broody!" he laughs, and turns towards the Elder.

"Not everything is what it seems, is it? I am always lookin' to meet new people, but maybe we can talk when there isn't a beetle problem?" He grins at her, trying to be...disarming. Looking back at Fran he nods... she seems trustworthy enough.

Okay no, not really, but Will tends to have weird belief sturctures.
Fran Fran nods her head slightly in response to the question. "Yes... I know well the disquiet that must be swelling within the Wood to have so many outsiders among her boughs. I can see the turmoil in the faces of the Warders to request their aide. I would ease this burden, if you will allow it."

The viera turns to look at the crude and hasty barricades being erected in the wide passages among the branches that serve as platforms and roads through the depths of the jungle. She doubts such measures will prove sufficient for the task at hand but she says nothing to discourage their temporary allies nor does her expression give anything away, her face as difficult to read as that of her older sister.

"Tell me, what has stirred the creatures so?"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves to Will "Already on it, I think we're done here actually." She says, dragging the large felled tree over near the rocks they got on it earlier. "That should do it. But as I said, no idea, if they can just crawl over it, won't do much. Or go around them. We're thinking like humans right now, not like giant insects. We might be doing this for nothing." She shakes her head and moves on to work on C along with Will.

"If its giant insects though... maybe fire would scare them. We chould bring a huge trunk and set it on fire with magic, that would probably deter them off in another path, don't you think?"
Avira "Ren. Hello Ren." the judge in 'disguise' receives a firm handshake from Avira before she heads off.

"We need to block this path too-" Avira points at B, "There isn't much foliage dividing it from the path that goes through the village. Blocking the first-" A she means, "-will just drive them into this path. Here-"

She moves to position herself in B, "I'll give you a hand Umi."
Will Sherman Will looks at Tifa.

"Examine it please, and no fire." Will says, shaking his head. "I mean, look at the path and where it will go." siiiiigh.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shrugs "I was suggesting something, don't take it badly. As a deterrent, could have a contained fire, like a camp fire, it wouldn't spread. Most insects and animals will likely avoid any amount of fire.
Deidra Deidra is going to leav ehte talking to others at this point she's got work to do she knows ther creature are coming ut she's got an idea she knows there's only many patths and she's going to get to work on trying to well barriade one of the paths even if she's got to drd it so she's heading for B to look for prehaps a tree, or rocks or something.
Will Sherman "...In a Jungle." Will counters, "Full of flamable underbrush against beetles larger than us." He counters, "Infront of the tree loving bunny people." he crosses his arms, and looks back, "No offense."
Emi Dennou "If we had some manner of generator, and maybe some wires, we could set a trap." Emi murmurs. "As it stands, this may be the best we can do." She looks towards Avira as she positions herself nearby. She smiles lightly.

"Haha, thanks Avira, The Network would be happy to work with you." Umi grins. "Anyway," She adds. "This seems pretty well set."
Riku "The same that riles all things," The elder says with a flat voice. "Change." She takes in a breath and looks into the the distance, looking at the village and then beyond, as if her eyes were roaming past it and beyond. She does not continue for a short time.

The Aide snaps. "Do you outsiders know NOTHING?! Where will the beetles go if there are no paths available to them? Anywhere and everywhere their hunger wills it without control." she snorts acidly, which seems to bring the Elder out of her reverie. "You may want to rein in your companions enthusiasm." The elder says very quietly. "All things must have a course through the wood. Even when such swarms come when it is not time." she frowns. "So many things now stalk through this wood and have changed it.. and very little to the better."

The elder and the aide say some very biting things to themselves but otherwise pretend NOT to have heard that comment about fire even though the entire village has that look of almost painfully holding back the impulse to strike something from the boiling tension. There are.. sounds of something through the trees that the villagers pick up almost immediately.

They are coming.

Progress: All lanes blocked. (A, B, C, D)

Turn four. 0Turns until the beetles arrive: 2
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart crosses her arms, observing where the D path leads to "Well, it seems like if they go through here, they will stomp on a few crops, and that's about it. I'm not sure where the other paths leads to, any idea?" She moves up to stand on top of one of the big rocks, looking further down the road. "If that's all that's trampled, maybe opening ours would be the best choice."
Will Sherman Will groans, "HEY! We're trying here! You know, YOU do live here, why aren't YOU scouting these paths?" Will mutters, after snapping at the Aide.

Will shakes his time.

"Guys, unblock D." Will says. It's really the only option. "A and B lead into the village, C has food the village uses and still might gain them access to B. D might be the only way..." And really the best option of the three. Will starts moving, calling for help to unblock the path.

Will wonders why he's doing all the detective work...Kim's like some sort of super agent, and Tifa owns a bar! Will looks around at D anyway, as he unblocks it.
Avira " know, that's a darn good question, Will." Avira calls back, looking over her shoulder with a frown. "These viera live here, they ought to know the woods better than any of us. Even with the change of the worlds merging."

Maybe viera were just jerks?! This was getting SUSPICIOUS.

"Glad to have you here." Avira grins and reaches out, ruffling Umi's hair.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart nods to Will "Well that settles it then. It seems there's a few crops in that direction, but I don't think its the biggest part of their farm at least." She moves down her rock to help out clearing the path off. Its mostly pushing the rocks off the path at least, its somewhat easier than blocking it.

She phews "That's right though, we're here to help, we don't know this place, and we're doing all the work. I mean, I'm fine with helping, but a bit of cooperation would probably make this alot easier. Like if we knew these 4 paths are bad... couldn't we have diverted them into a 5th path somewhere? We don't have time for this now though..."
Fran The sky pirate rests a hand on her hip at the mention of fire but her implacable expression shifts only a little as she turns to peer at the two humes. Fortuantely, Will steps in before one of the tribesman loses their cool and she can only let out a faint sigh in response. Things like that are why humans will very likely never be welcome in this place. Their lack of respect for nature is appalling, even to her after living among them for so long. Surprising, no - but still disturbing.

Fran gives her sister an apologetic look. "Forgive them, Mjrn. They do not know our ways. I shall try to guide their efforts as best I can."

Moving back over to the others, the viera gives Tifa a quick icy glance as if to convey a warning about such thoughts in the future. However, she quickly becomes engrossed in examining the paths, hopping easily atop their barricades to peer into the depths of the jungle. She stares outwards for a few minutes with a quiet intensity before stepping back down.

"The forest... it is no longer exactly as I remember it. These trails are twisted." She crosses her arms and looks thoughtful for a moment then gestures at the far trail. "Leave that one be. I believe this shall offer the least troublesome path for the scourge that besets us." She points at path C, indicating it as the one which she wishes to be unblocked.
Will Sherman "There are only FOUR paths! FOUR!" Will makes a reference to a old TV show.
Emi Dennou "We blocked all the paths." Emi says after a moment. "...Huh."

Omi shakes her head. "Well maybe we can do a fifth--"


"--a fifth--"


Omi turns her head slowly towards Will and glowers.

Umi meanwhile is getting ruffled. "Hehehehe! Thanks Avira! We're glad you're here too!!" She uses a hug attack because well there's still two rounds left, the counter says so, so there's time for one! HA HA HA HA!
Once Materials have been gathered and paths blocked, 'Ren' finds an old tree stump to sit on as he watched everyone shuffled around trying to figure out what to do. He brushes off his hands and just rests his arms on his legs.

He is having fun just watching for now.
Riku The aide snaps. "We already have, but you outsiders couldn't be bothered to follow simple instructions!" "Enough." Elder Mjrn says quietly. The aide growls something under her breath and the elder simply maintains a look of somewhat long suffering patience that is ever so slowly wearing thin.

Especially when the smart asides and the 'suggestions' start to mount. The villagers look distinctly hostile now but too busy to do anything about it. The elder almost visible shakes with a moment of wrath and then lets out a breath.

She nods sharply to Fran and gestures. "Very well. Go." she says to the Aide sharply. The vieran aide looks almost white with fear. "Elder! We have not fully explored that path. What if--" "/NOW/" The aide then directs the other villagers to approach the C lane and unblock it.

Progress: A and B Lane blocked. C and D lane unblocked.

Turn Five.

0Turns until the beetles arrive: LAST TURN.
Will Sherman Will pauses...

"<GOOSEHONK>" he says, and starts REBLOCKING D.

Seriously!? Why don't people look and block! WIll starts scrambling...hurry hurry!

"Guys, get out of here, I don't think we have much time, and I am sure I can get out of trouble." He says, trying to hurry up. The bunnies start working on C, while he starts trying to seal D back up. Shouldn't be THAT hard.
Gabranth raises an eye brow as he hears one of them say 'What if..' What if's is never good. The Judge of Ambition going by the name of 'Ren' here rises up and decides he may as well see what is going on. He makes his way over casually before he bows before Fran who seems to maybe be doing the talking. Such a tall lady.

"Mi'lady." He says politely to Fran. "Any idea of what the 'what if' may be they speak of?" He glances as Will starts to hurry those to black Path D. "I would ask, but I am-- not overly knowledgeable of speaking to the Veira."

Politics teach you to be polite.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head, but starts moving the rocks back in place on path D. Well, whatever, if the viera says to do it, might as well follow. As long as she's not held responsible for any kind of damage. She's starting to wonder if it was a good idea to be anymore. It jsut seems that no matter what they'll do, there'll be pointed fingers at them in the end.

She looks over to Kim "I'm starting to think this is a bad idea now, like something not 'badical' is about to happen." She uses one of Kim's terms for flavor here, as she sighs and moves off the road after reblocking it.
Avira Avira's eyes narrow, pinned upon the ranting aide for a long moment as she screeches. After a few moments, Avira snorts and turns away.

She was done with these pompus jackrabbits.

"If any come our way..." Avira says quietly to Umi. "I'll give them The Voice. Hopefully they'll obey it. Barrier or not, they won't be getting down this path."
Kim Possible Kim's not the type of person to be considered a mercenary. In fact, she's not a mercenary at all, she's a secret agent! They're two different things, yet at the same time, Kim's always ready to show up. Namely to prove that girls can be just as strong as guys can be, since this is going to be requiring a bit of physical activity, what with the 'natural' barriers and all that. She manages to help moving the boulder that Tifa is pushing without breaking too much of a sweat, then stops to survey the general area. "Well, if we keep this up, we should be totally cool, but we'd better hurry."

Kim then takes a moment to pull out a bottle of water and take a drink of it. She then offers it to TIfa if she needs to quench her thirst.
Kim Possible Nodding to Tifa, Kim says, "This feels like one of those video games that Wade would enjoy playing. I can't say for certain since they're not entirely my thing." She puts the water bottle back then adds, "Still, I wish they'd show up too since I don't like bugs really, and just thinking about them is making me itchy." She narrows her eyes briefly at that comment before looking around at the others again and then to Tifa again.

"We'd better be ready to move it again just in case something happens." Kim gets into a ready stance, meaning she's willing to move out again at the drop of a hat, even if that means involving more moving of that huge stone.

Giving a nod to Will as wll, Kim looks to Tifa and says, "Well, whatever happens, we'll be ready for them! We're cooler than them and we can do anything!" She grins as she says that, exuding her aura of awesomeness. Then she looks to Will and frowns. "No fire? Whyever..." Kim narrows her eyes as she realizes something. "Oh yeah, huh... Well, we'll still figure something out!"

Kim looks to Tifa and says, "We've got to do something! They'll probably find a way to get at us." She hrms a little. "We can't set them on fire, and pesticides are totally uncool!" She looks around and thinks. "But we'll figure something out!"Kim looks to Tifa and says, "We've got to do something! They'll probably find a way to get at us." She hrms a little. "We can't set them on fire, and pesticides are totally uncool!" She looks around and thinks. "But we'll figure something out!"
Emi Dennou "--The Voice?" Umi asks. She hasn't heard THE VOICE.

She thinks about it for a few moments and then unholsters her shotgun. "I'll use this!" Wait where'd she get that?!

"Umi, our goal is of course to simply divert them away from troubling circumstances." Emi blinks twice. "Pesticides...are uncool?"
Fran Tension continues to mount as the adventurers squabble amongst themselves and even Fran's sister is showing signs of losing her patience, something which has been tempered by the pressures that come with being the elder of the entire village for... well, a very long time now. The sky pirate herself shows no signs of irritation but her cool head is one of the virtues that Fran has developed over time.

As the others hurry to follow her suggestion, she swivels her head around to meet the gaze of the stout looking hume who seems to have been rather passive in all of this besides gathering materials for them. She sizes Ren up for a moment before uncrossing her arms and resting a hand on her hip.

"The Wood is home to many of nature's children. Not all of them are inclined to coexist peacefully with the others. Should these swarming vermin stir their wrath, we may have more to worry about than we are prepared to deal with."

Fran unhooks the shortbow from her shoulder and nocks an arrow as she strides towards the open path. She does not take to the limbs of the trees above as her weapon is designed for close range support but arrows will be of little use against bugs in either case. There are plenty of other nasties that might come forth though and she aims to be prepared.

"Ready yourselves, now. I hear them."
Gabranth cuts a glance over to Fran and watches her explain before she walks over arming her bow. "That-- could be troubling if /we/," Yes he includes himself though he has pretty much stayed out of choice factors. ".. picked the wrong choice. Yet, there is no time to really determine that now."

If Fran was right about the beetles coming. He was pretty sure she was right. Veira had amazing hearing and sense of smell.

"I am sorry to your people for the trouble we caused in miss communication." He says to Fran or perhaps the other Viera. It was hard to tell though what 'trouble' he could be speaking about.

With his hands going to the hilt of his blades, he snaps the locks off and pulls out the two swords, his feet quickly going into a defensive posture as his hands hold the blades all the same. Ready for combat if it should come.
Riku "Since the restoration, we have not fully explored that new route. It used to be a calm area, but until it is secured we have not committed the best of our food stocks and efforts to it." One of the villagers says to 'Ren'. They appear to be so nervous that they then bolt with the Aide and the Elder back into defensible positions within the village interior. The Elder looks curiously towards 'Ren' and then at Will for a moment before the mercenaries and outsiders are left to fend for themselves, come what may.

There is a low rumbling. It shakes the ground first with the faintest trembling of the dirt underneath their feet. The fallen leaves rustle as if blown by the wind, then the volume grows as that trembling reaches up through the roots of the plants into the low thorn shrubs and trembling bushes.

By this time the entire jungle has fallen abruptly silent save for the trembling of the plantlife. The tearing, gnashing sound of foliage comes next. A constant looping sound on repeat, overlapping on itself and punctuated by the sharp thuds, cracks and snaps of destroyed branches.

Then entire rotten trees and vines join the crunching, smashing ambience of destruction and the barriers over the blocked lanes SHAKE. Rock chips. Wood Splinters and bends inwards. There is a hissing sound like steam kettles all being released at once as the barriers creak and groan. They strain as beetles begin to swarm through the C lane. They are hidden for long stretches of time, appearing only here and there and some appearing to branch off into other courses.

They are big. About the size of a good sized car or a fair sized horse and about as broad. Their bluish-grey carapace has the brushed look of steel to it, great horns extending from underneath articulated plates of armored shell and thorned legs clawing at the ground as they scuttle forwards. They smash through the food crops established in the C lanes, rendering them a thin pulp that is then vaccuumed up in a mindless wedge driving ever forwards and past the village. They come close enough to brush the architecture in some places but seem completely driven to continue in the same path as the others.

And there are many.. many others. Hundreds perhaps, all of them crashing through the jungle with only a few simple directives. Movement. Food. Drive on.
Will Sherman Will looks at the oncoming surge...

"<GOOSEHONK> Seriously?! You invite us to fix the problem, you don't tell us to the info we need when we get a rep to you guys, and then you bugger out?! Ugh...worse then the french." Will says. Will starts running for the Denous and Avira, "Come on guys, lets get out of here!"
Deidra Deidra is ready as she can be for this she's got her ice and wind magic and gets some ide she might be able to direct the stampeed away or into other ways with A and B still blocked she fliits away to led aid where she can so she's going to go air born and see what she can do.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart goes wide eyed at the size of those beetles. She watches them go past, but she quickly moves a bir further, just in case they decided to get off the path. She tugs Kim along too, just to be on the safe side "I think the work's done here... but there'll be the fixing aftewards." She shakes her head "I wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of that stampede, I didn't think they'd be this huge."

She doesn't think they are welcomed inside of the village, but she finds somewhere safe to wait for the flood of insects to rush by.
Kim Possible "You're right, those things are more uncool than giant tarantulas!" Kim replies as she rushes along with Tifa. "In times like this, it's better to run away and let the uncool things take their toll, then take care of things afterward."
Emi Dennou Emi thinks Gabranth's words over.

"No," She says after a moment. "Her people are actually rather obnoxious and troublesome and their attitudes are aggressively unfriendly. This one doesn't mind helping them, but This one can see why there are many Viera in the cities so eager to leave this sort of place. If a mistake or even some miscommunication is such cause for alarm, then they'll have a hard time surviving far into the future. The Heartless have expanded the world, in a way, but it has also brought many peoples together, many of whom would not know their customs, or even could be expected to know what one was."

"The Network isn't very prideful," She says. "But we will not take blame of incompetence for a race of proud warriors incapable of moving barricades."

She turns towards will as he starts jogging towards them. She opens her mouth to say something but at about this point, there's a swarm of bugs stomping on through.

She breathes out and says, "We have a job. We should not abandon it. We will simply finish this and be more cautious in our matters of employment next time." She looks to Avira. "...Though if you intend on leaving. The Network will follow when there is a moment."
Avira Leave?

"Whoaaaah look at them all. They're so huge. This is awesome." Avira gasps as she spies the beetles through the brush, hearing their movement, feeling the vibrations as they pass. In short order, Avira has scaled one of the nearby trees with alarming agility to get a better look.

She sees the crops get trampled and doesn't feel so bad about that happening. It's the jungle, they can forage and survive. That was the law of the land. Survival of the fittest!
Gabranth moves to the side quickly as he watches the Beetles make way. They were very impressive and he was rather sure his own blades would do little good against them.

He glances over at Emi and narrows his eyes sharply at her, before he just keeps his blades out encase the beetles try to somehow not follow the open path. "This is their land," He can't believe he /just/ said that. Getting 'soft' Gabranth? "Like many worlds that have fallen here, none of us have much left to claim as our home. War has claimed much-- but the darkness will only consume more. So we protect what we have left-- even if it means coming across cold."

He then inhales deeply. "Yet respect can go a long way and sometimes it is better to give respect, if one wishes to gain it back in return. Maybe you will learn that when you get 'older'."
Fran Fran's ears twitch slightly as she listens to the distant subtle sounds of the oncoming tides grow in a mounting crescendo until its nearly deafens her sensitive hearing. The barriers nearby shake with the force of mulitple impacts, which causes her to snap her head in their direction in surprise. Did they not say these were bugs...? What manner of bug...? And then she gets her answer.

The viera's eyes widen slightly in surprise as the first of the massive beetles rounds the bend in the distance. Dried bark and wet moss flies in a rough cloud as they storm ahead like stampeding cattle. Fran clucks her tongue and leaps into the branches of a nearby tree, no longer wondering why the stalwart warriors of her people chose to flee rather than fight. There are simply too many of these things to stand in their way.

Once she is safely out of the way, the pirate turns to peer at the others, noting their anger towards the attitudes of the villagers. While it is true that her people are distrustful of outsiders, they have good reasons for their views, and it is likely that the shifting of the worlds has left them even more afraid and wary than ever before. That doesn't excuse their behavior entirely but there's little use bemoaning the outcome of the exchange now.

"You speak as if your words are truth when you know so very little about us," she says to Emi, with a hint of ice in her voice. "They are merely frightened. Much has changed recently. Perhaps instead of judging them you should attempt to understand."

Her gaze shifts to Ren, once more impressed by his diplomatic nature. If only more humes were ruled by reason and temperance. She gives him a quick nod in thanks before turning her attention back to the beetles. She fires an arrow down into their midst every so often, trying to scare the stragglers back onto the path when they get too close to the village.
Will Sherman "We gave respect." Will says, with a shrug, "I attempted to be polite and kind, we all did everything we could...with some minor exceptions, to save the village." Will comments to Fran.

"You'll note we're out here having our lives threatened, while they are safe. If any of my friends come to harm.." And Will lets it die, shaking his head.

"Everyone seem's safe anyway, so alls well that ends well." he grunts, "Look, can we just chaulk it up to Culture shock and call it a day? I mean, as long as nobody got hurt..." he sighs.

"Seriously though, that aid?" he says towards Fran.
Riku The beetles continue their stampede through the territory. Riku seems to have the same opinion as Avira because he finds a tall stand of rock to watch the progress of the swarm . He grins at Avira and chuckles quietly as he watches with wonder. He looks over his shoulder at Ren every so often, but then goes back to watching the insects. Eventually the swarm thins out and the earthquake rumble of the beetles begins to abate into the near distance, dopplering out into quiet again.

It's only when the Jungle noises begin to return that the Villagers start to emerge from their sheltered places. They look at the damage and there is a general sense of relief. The Elder returns (markedly, without the aide) and looks over at the general status of the mercenaries in question. As nobody harassed the beetles beyond the breaking point (save for a few harrying spells from air support or arrows from Frant) the beetles did not divert from their straight course. "I see you all live, despite terribly threathening peril, and we as well, and the Wood is not a smoking ruin after all. Small wonders persist in th is changed age. Some things that return or change.. may not be such a terrible thing after all." She looks up at Fran very briefly as she says this before turning away. "And we do owe your our thanks, and a proper tribute."

And this it works out this way..

OOC: Large Reward. The Large Reward given for the Good End of this scenario is somewhat like the hard mode dungeon reward. It is whatever you believe you can have, that fits with the context of this setting (The Golmore Jungle) that is within reason. Also-- Munny is exchanged as well as items, equivalent to about a time and a half the original worth of the bounty.
Gabranth doesn't remark anymore. He said what he wanted to say and there was little more on the discussion as it could break out into an argument. He-- wasn't sure how well he could handle a heated debate yet. There was still much he was having to regain ground on.

So 'Ren' gives a nod to Fran in return and waits for the beetles to pass, before he slips his swords back into their respected scabbards. He gives a bow to the elder of the Veiras and makes his way to Riku as he locks down the hilts once more. "Well-- this was an easy mission assignment." He says with a smirk.

"I am personally /not/ ready to go back, so how about we find something to eat hm?" He offers with a faint smile, before he looks back down the path once more. "With the village safe, there is, after all, very little to do here now."
Emi Dennou Emi looks towards the bugs. Omi looks towards the bugs. Umi climbs a tree and says, "I guess I made like a tree and leafed!"

Emi and Omi palm their faces.

Ren is still arguing. "Some of us have lost a hundred percent of their home. I have a--well this one admits we are uncertain of our relationship with one another at present time, but his home had been conquered by Archades. When he fights for it, he was considered to be criminal and reckless. And while this one cannot argue the latter, the former is another matter entirely. Further, this one has lost all of her home. When we foudn this new world we were able to greet it amiably. Our friend Isaac lost his home multiple times, he did not choose to be cruel."

She glances over to Fran. "That isn't an argument, that is a delaying tactic. You are saying we should have tried to understand when their actions are explicitely contrary to such attempts. If I have judged them without knowledge of their true nature, this one could easily also pin that on their own behavior. Perhaps if this one had come unasked for, but we had explicitely been asked for help."

Emi's int score is a bit too high to just immediately subscribe to something she'd see on TV--she likes to formulate her own opinions, and even after the village's grudging 'well maybe you're not totally horrible', her opinion is to get outta here asap. She remains grumpy until she finds that she made 1.5x dough at which point she's mysteriously super happy :D :D :D :D!!

She's kind of greedy ;(.
Avira In her tree, Avira wraps her legs around the branch she sits on and readies her hands to launch some ice magic if needed. Doesn't seem like that'll be the case, fortunately. Riku's grin is returned.

Avira wants NOTHING to do with the drama caused by xenophobic cultures bumping up against decidedly less xenophobic ones. She more or less straight up ignores the backhanded-sounding comments of the Elder and quietly accepts whatever munny is offered her way. But once that exchange is done...

"Will, Umi, I'll catch up later." Avira says, slipping into the jungle, "I'm going to see if I can catch a straggler or two."
Fran "Each of us deals with our insecurities in their own manner," the viera responds calmly. "It is likely this was her first encounter with a hume. Our home was destroyed by your kind many years past. Would not you fear the beast spoken of only in history which drove your people into hiding?"

With the beetles having moved on, Fran swings effortlessly down from her perch, sliding her bow back onto the fastener on the back of her armor. She pauses at Mjrn's words, staring back at her sister with a searching gaze but eventually looks away. "Some things cannot change." Even if her sisters would prefer that she return, there is no place for her here any more.

The Network merely gets another look but Fran merely shakes her head. "I will not deny their actions were not in the best interests of promoting amicable relations. However, taking a hostile stance in return will not foster an improvement." She glances over at the villagers and shake her head. "Unfortunately, I doubt such sentiment is shared. I am no longer one of them and can speak not for the motivations of their hearts. I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past has been cut away forever."

Fran turns away and stalks towards the edge of the path. Now that the village is safe, she no longer has any reason to be here. The tribe can fend for themselves and if they wish to alienate potential allies, that is their business.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is just happy that not everything was destroyed, as it seems things were heading to before. She bows toward the elder "Just doing what we can. Maybe we don't live int he forest, but everything in this world is worth protecting. That you asked for help means how much this place counts for you. Sometimes its important to look at the bigger picture, rather than the smaller, personal principles. If you ever need to protect the forest, you can call on us again." She says honestly, without trying to insult anyone, just being her usual upbeat self.

She moves back to the paths, just surveying a bit the state of things after the rampage, and then heads up back toward Goug again, going back home after collecting her reward.

What reward? Well, she tries to get a deal for their drinks of course. There's probably a demand for Golmore-made wines, after all~
Kim Possible Kim doesn't need a reward, she just bows to the elder as well. "We were honored to help you," She says, trying to sound formal. "I'm sure things will get back to normal now." Then she looks to Tifa and says, "That was totally badical!"
Riku "Yeah." Riku wanders along the path C for awhile before picking up a fragment of gleaming chitin from near the rough rocks. "I guess it was." he looks speculatively at Fran, and then shrugs his shoulders and moves along with Gabranth out of the jungle. He waves to Avira as she departs, calling out. "Good luck!" as he does so.
Will Sherman Hey guys.

The game pauses, showing Will's stats.


Lucky Lucky!

Lucky Lucky+!

God of Luck!

Once more!

Hisnd so on...

Money drops are increased signifigantly!

Will yays, realizing that he's gona have his munny stolen by Max to give to Mercade. Oh well.

However, Will also gets some MYSTERIOUS GUN PARTS.

"Huh...I wonder who will want these..."

Will's relationship Screen:

Mercade, Umi, Cirra, and Riku will take this gift.


Okay Umi basicly takes anything Will will give her.

Will looks over at Fran, "You can't close yourself off either..." he shakes his head, "I did that, it...really doesn't work out for you in the long run. But...maybe if we help out enough they'll open up a little?" He says, despite his youth and manorisms, there is that something in how he walks in and looks...really only long lived people carry this sortof baggage, "Name is Will, by the way. Will Sherman, King of the Hobos. Nice to meetcha."
Emi Dennou Emi pauses to look over to Fran. She clarifies a few matters and Emi is quiet for a while. The Network really is not especially prideful--their original purpose was to die and they willingly engaged in that activity for quite some time--but Emi didn't deny that it was entirely likely that there was much about the Viera she has yet to learn, simply that she would not hold herself accountable for that.

"This one has no desire to harm them nor to trouble them."

She thinks about it further and then adds, "Still, you seem open to dialogues. This one has an understanding that you have not been with your people, but would you be willing to teach the Network about them? While we suspect your information is not terribly out of date, even if it is more than anticipated it is likely still an improvement."

Umi says, "Seeya Avira!" wave wave wave! And then she drops out of a tree wearing leaf-ears JUST LIKE HER HERO. "Umi! This one is Umi! Will is my friend."
'Ren' nods to Riku and lets the youth lead the way. He glances over his shoulder at Fran and gives her a wave farewell with his hand held up in the air, before he continues his own way out. He has /no/ idea where they are going to go, but anywhere is better then here right now.

Hopefully-- it wont be in a tree.
Fran The viera halts her quick egress to peer back at the hume children. She stares at Will and Umi quietly for a few moments, her expression empty of visible signs that might give away her thoughts. Eventually she turns completely back to face them and crosses her arms, nodding slightly at the introduction.

"I am called Fran," she offers. Her voice is somewhat raspy and soft and carries with it a cold hint of emotionless detachment to the words that she speaks. "I would offer assurances that your efforts would produce fruit but twould ring a lie. The children of the Wood embrace their solitude as a cloak to ward off danger. They fear the world of humes."
Emi Dennou "Now you say it's impossible." Emi grumps, but remembers the money that is waiting for her.

"What's a hume?" Umi asks. "I'm a bioengineered clone created in a labratory! We are a network."

"Humes seems to be a term to express human-like beings, humanoid with a skin, bipedal, ecetera." Omi says tiredly.
Will Sherman Will chuckles, "It is funny..." Will says, "From the world we are from...the Japanese did the same thing. Worked for a time...until well, the rest of the world got so paranoid that they went over and FORCED them to open up." Will says, "...I hope it don't come to that, but.." Will shrugs, "Sometimes humans can be impatient. They have lots of good qualities, but bad ones too. Then again, they would be boring if they were perfect."

"Nice to meet you Fra-...Wait." he pauses, "/Fran/ as in, Balthier and Fran, the Bonnie and Clyde of this world?" he says, "Huh. Well, nice to meet you! I hang out in Rabanastre alot, I got some friends there, and I started to take a liking to the people."

Will ruffles Umi's head, "What Omi said." he says, "Don't be so gloomy, Emi. Impossible is just a word that people say when they fail."
Emi Dennou Umi says, "And that is how our world got tentacle porn! Another victory for friendsh--"

Omi smacks her upside the head.

Emi says, "I am not being gloomy," gloomily. "But you are correct."
Will Sherman Will stares at the exchange, and laughs...oh god he laughs. He pauses, looking at Umi, and then laughs again, even harder.
Fran "Not impossible, perhaps." Fran shakes her head at the girl. "But the road to change shall not be a smooth one."

Will's comparison of her homeland to a nation that she knows nothing about loses much of its impact but she gets the general idea of his warning. She smiles faintly at his sudden recognition, more so out of the sudden mention of her wayward partner than any enjoyment that might be gleaned from their infamous reputation. She's gotten used to being recognized for good or ill.

"That is correct," is all she offers on that front, going silent as the two children begin to talk amongst themselves.
Will Sherman Will finally recovers long enough to nod at Fran. "Wow, so cool." he says, with a grin, "Or perhaps cold." He counters, "Well, I am sure you have your reasons, and it's not like I am all over the law in Arcadia, so I ain't gona say anything. But it WAS nice to meet ya. Come by Manhattan or Traverse town if you need detectives." he says, and offers up a card.

SOMEONE has to pass these things out!
Emi Dennou Umi is in tears, at first, and then also starts laughing because gosh darn it, it's infectious.

"It was nice to meet you, Fran, we would like to learn more, but perhaps another time. Finding two super infamous sky pirates could not be too hard."

She gives Will a perplexed look. cool. cold. what?
Fran Fran accepts the card in her slender fingers, peering at it curiously for a few moments before tucking it away in her armor. She has pockets in there... somewhere. Must be something like a guild card, she figures.

"We are found when we wish to be. If you wish to learn of the vierran people... perhaps some time can be found for this."
Will Sherman Will grins at Emi.


"Hmmmmmm....alright. Sounds like a plan. I'm always into learnin' new things...long as it ain't in school." he says, "Though Omi is likely to test us all on it..." Siiiigh.
Deidra Deidra is happy things have ended without too much mass carnage she seems to be relaxing a bit as she comes in for a landing. She's just keeping to herself at the moment and she looks over to Fran listening as she moves to bring her wings about herself. "Could have been worse right. I admit I'm a little curious..." She nods to will. "Learnng first hand is better i'd wadger.

This scene contained 78 poses. The players who were present were: Deidra, Will Sherman, Riku, Tifa Lockhart, Avira, Emi Dennou, Kim Possible, Gabranth, Fran