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(2013-05-04 - Now)
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Artemis Eurus In the heart of the forest, a lone heretic has made camp. She's on her way to or away from something, taking some time to live as she had for so long before she'd joined up with Ramza's company. She sits beside a small fire, a small lean to at her back, some river trout grilling on a spit over the open flame. Nearby there is also a teapot and a cup, half filled with still steaming tea.

The woman now known as Artemis is dressed in brown leather leggings and a simple tunic of ivory muslin, the sort of thing that is meant as an under-layer, but as she has no company at the moment she doesn't exactly care. Upon her face sits her trademark mask, white today, appearing to be made of bone. Her hair is fresh washed and still drying. Never far from her grasp is a simple, but decidedly elegant katana.

Artemis turns her head slightly, hearing something...perhaps someone approaching.
Tyrin Marius Indeed, in the near distance the regular pittar-patter of heavy feet, light and agile despite it all. A chocobo, almost certainly. Whirling into view is a man mounted on a crimson variety, rearing it to a stop. However, there is absolutely no doubt of his allegiances; he wears the Church of Glabados sigil proudly on his armor, and similarly has the simplistic but customized dress style of a Knights Templar, all the same. "Ho!" he states to his bird, although when his unhelmeted gaze turns, there's an obvious kindness there. Just a trace of smile on his face as he brings the chocobo a meter closer.
"I have heard there are bandits in these part, preying on citizens going between towns..." Of course, he is carefully assessing things. Darting his eyes to various parts of Artemis' setup. But it's clear this camp is only for a single person, and not a lot of brigands have success without so much as a bow. "Are you well? From where do you hail?" The scent of cooking is what drew him into a diversion, although he'd hardly admit to his gluttony. Yet then he peers at the mask, a frown upon his face. That reminds him of something...
Artemis Eurus One chocobo, one rider, probably male...Yup.

Artemis sighs very softly to herself, then stands to greet her visitor. "Well, I assure you I am not a brigand, nor am I in any particular danger of falling prey to any. I am quite well, simply making my way toward the next destination--the way of the wanderer, yes? I come last from the Giza plains," is all she says, motioning to him. "And you--" she looks at his clothing pointedly, "--sir knight?"

"Since you have happened upon my humble camp, I suppose I will offer you my hospitality. I've caught enough fish for two and I have just made a pot of tea. Come, sit by my fire," she says. What /is/ she doing? Inviting a Templar to her fire. This could be interesting, hopefully informative, however it so happened to go. Would he respect the laws of hospitality? Or would he recognize her before he could accept it?
Tyrin Marius "..." Tyrin keeps his head inclined to the side, circling lightly with his chocobo. It's not aggressive or the like, but certainly quite wary. "You've not the bearing of a brigand." he agrees readily. And his head inclines towards the samurai sword. "And that is no weapon of a craven. I know as much. I am Tyrin Marius. Seventh to hold that name. Bearing the mantle of my father, as he did before, to the very founding of the Church." He states this with genuine pride. There's no sense of some lurking demon wearing the mask of a Knight. If he is such, then he is a masterful actor. He does not immediately dismount, however. "Your name?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis watches him circle her with his chocobo, displeasure given root and beginning to grow. Even if he does recognize her, he should face her on his feet.

Ah, a name. There are several she could give and still be giving him the truth, but /both/ of those names may well be recognized. Now, to decide what it is she'd wish to be recognized for.

Marius? There was a name that took her a bit off guard. Not...the Marius of her acquaintance, but a family name she recognized.

"Claudia," she informs him then, and let that be an end to it. "Will you dine?"
Tyrin Marius "I suppose." he offers at length. Unless she poisoned the meal hearing him approach hoping to share it with an enemy, it's unlikely that Artemis has done anything untoward. And he knows enough of what her blade symbolizes to trust she's likely beyond such. With a grunt he slips off the chocobo, landing on his feet and standing tall. His hand does not stray near the hilt of his sword as he approaches, moving over a piece of firewood to sit upon. An intense look is given to Artemis then, primarily upon her mask. She is almost certainly a heretic... and a dangerously notable one, at that. "So what business has you traveling between the cities...?"
Artemis Eurus His wariness is noted, but he does come to join her by the fire. Well then. There is one problem down. Artemis moves to remove the fish from the fire, handing one of the spits to Tyrin before she then pours him a cup of tea. The best damn cup of tea he will ever have the pleasure of drinking.

"My own business. I am a wanderer, as I have said. I may as you the very same. Not many will venture out so deep into the wilderness. Get lost, Ser Marius?"
Tyrin Marius "As I said, I was looking for bandits. I heard tales there was a small group of them in this area." The spit is taken in a gauntleted hand, turned a few times before he bites a choice morsel. The tea presents a more dubious pause, another hint of his suspicions. But he takes a slow drink then, eyes lighting up in surprise. "Mmm." Setting it on a knee with precarious balance, there's still no sense of him relaxing. "An interesting sword. To be honest, I have not ever seen one beyond my studies, lady Claudia. May I see it?" He extends a hand in her direction, head tilting to the side.
Artemis Eurus See her sword? Is she an idiot? Artemis lifts her blade to display it to him, unsheathing it to show him the shining steel edge within. "You have never seen a katana? Strange," she replies, making no move to hand it over to him. Not that she couldn't kill him with any number of other things, but she is quite touchy about her sword and would not hand it to just anyone. It is...precious to her.

"I am rather sorry you did not find bandits, if you wanted to find them. Just me," she says with a wry smile. Oh yes, he knows who she is. Is it possible her brother sent him? No, doubtful. Louis would come himself, would he not? Subtlety wasn't exactly his forte. Still....she has heard nothing of him recently...

Pretenses grow dull. "What a fortuitous day this could be for you--but as you have accepted my hospitality I will hope you are honorable enough not to try to detain me."
Tyrin Marius "...? You have affection for the weapon." Tyrin states, able to sense much. The reason is evident when he brushes fingers over the hilt of his own. Minor noble families might not have much to last through the centuries, and one gifted such from combat... a weapon like his own is not uncommon. Another slow sip of tea follows, the Templar thoughtful. Yet there's something reflected in his eyes as he gazes into the fire, and the tension within his form seems more ominous. "A question, is all. Answers cannot always be acquired with a blade, lady Claudia. I have never advocated execution without an inquisition, even for heretics." The tea cup is carefully set aside. "You follow that demon, don't you? The Beoulve boy..."
Artemis Eurus Artemis runs her fingers down the length of the flat of the blade as one might caress a lover. "As much as one can feel affection for a sword. It was gifted to me," she replies. Long ago. It has since tasted so much blood, foremost among them the blood of the one who gifted it.

When Tyrin gets to the point and asks if she follows Ramza, Artemis actually looks quite amused. Indeed, she laughs. "Goodness, to hear Ramza called a demon is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a good, long time. I am sure that is what you have learned, for you do not know the man. If you did, you'd find me far more of a demon than he," she replies.

"Yes, I follow him. I have sworn my oath."
Tyrin Marius Idle grips of his own hilt follow, although this seems to only darken Tyrin's resolve. Slowly he pulls a few inches out, baring glistening red. It is a magical blade, from the old methods of forging. Inlaid with Mythril, and of the highest quality. "When I was a boy, selected to squire for my father, I yearned to one day hold this. I wonder, sometimes, if such envy and greed contributed to the punishment of the Gods. But still, I know the majority of it to come from your New Zodiac Braves." With a sharp rasp, he rams the hilt home once more. "Not all demons are what you think. The most dangerous are those with a silver tongue. Who convert the faithful and the strong-hearted with charisma and promises. I have no doubt of the spell that the Beoulve can weave. I have heard the tales and warnings many times over. A sword in his hand is his weakest weapon... would you agree with that... lady Claudia?" A sidelong glance, eyes irrevocable.
Artemis Eurus Artemis will not laugh again, though at the thought of Ramza being silver tongued she almost cannot help it. "Actually, Ramza is quite good with a blade. Silver tongued? I often find him quite bumbling. You will tell me though, that it is an act," she says dismissively. "And as for leading astray the faithful, I searched him out and made my oath upon hearing the story you would not believe--for I have been hunted far longer than Ramza and have known the shadow of the truth since my father was murdered." Oh, what is this? They have something in common?

"I see the New Zodiac Braves have done you ill in the past, as you see it. This is not an uncommon feeling. One doesn't set out on a mission like ours and expect not to make a few enemies. Whatever it was, I am sorry for it--though I doubt you would grant me the same sympathies when I tell you it was the Church responsible for the murder of my father."
Tyrin Marius "I do not consider myself an ignorant man." Tyrin states simply, looking up through the trees. For a moment there's conflict there, but slowly it smolders away under the intensity of whatever grudge he holds. "There are wild elements within the Church. Much like I am sure there are wild elements within the Braves. Only Saint Ajora was true and pure, and humanity could not bear such blinding light, and snuffed it out. At first, I did not truly see the danger in heretics. In the Beoulve's group. One is entitled to believe in what they thought was right. And it was my father... my father who told me that a garden will always have weeds, and if left unchecked, they will strangle the crops and flowers. Who was it in your group that slew him?" A glance is given back towards Artemis. "Did they see an opportunity? Did they take it? Did they regret it? If you knew, I do not think you would tell me...!!"
Artemis Eurus Artemis balks. "Slew who? Your father? I haven't the slightest idea!" she responds.

"Tch...wild elements. Do you know Ser LeBlue?"
Tyrin Marius "I am not surprised you do not know." Tyrin mumbles to himself, flexing his fingers. There's anger there. The righteous sort; whatever nobility and purity the Templar displayed is battling strong against this particular darkness. "...Ser LeBlue? Aye. Of course I know him." Suspicion now, as he glares back towards the samurai. "And what opinion do you have of my fellow Knight?"
Artemis Eurus What opinion does she have a Louis LeBlue? Artemis wonders if one question would ever again bring such complicated, heart wrenching feelings.

"Once I had the highest..." she begins, looking down at the palm of her hand where a scar, much faded with age, rests. A reminder of an oath sworn. She is at war with herself, even with her mask that much is clear on her face. "Now...well, I fear the situation is much altered and never will it again be reconciled," she replies.

She looks up then, the question leaving her lips before she can stop it. "How does he fair? I've had no news lately."
Tyrin Marius "...I see. So it is complex." Tyrin's voice isn't harsh and accusing, at least. "I have heard nothing. And no news generally means good news." Slowly, Tyrin pushes to his feet. Another bite of fish is taken from the spit, before it too is set aside. "You are a reasonable individual, and I do not hate you." he finally observes, but his tone is still one that seems sad. "But I will never be complacent in my duties again. Take your sword and armor. Claudia... no. I believe we know you as Artemis?" Slowly he draws out his sword, a dull whine before it catches just a moment, as if the blade itself dislikes being used for this purpose. But with new steel in his expression, he yanks it out with a rasp, gleaming crimson in the flickering campfire. "We have both sworn oaths. I will not ignore your heresy and affiliations... but I shall do such with honor."
Artemis Eurus Artemis sighs heavily, getting to her feet and pulling her blade fully from the sheath as she faces Tyrin. "Artemis, yes. Heh. Damned by you under both of my names I wager. Very well, if this is how it must be. I have killed all the others who thought to hunt me, I'd rather not add you to the list....but if it must be, fight honorable Ser Marius, and give me your best," she says, falling into a defensive stance, one foot placed behind the other slightly, sword pointed toward him and ready to guard. Time to see what this Templar was made of. She takes a deep breath and moves into her focus, the trance of battle beginning.

Artemis motions for him to make his move.
Artemis Eurus They face each other, taking measure, making assumptions. The first few blows they will be testing each other for speed, strength and technique. He's a warrior, as is she, looking at each other they have a basic knowledge of likely combat style simply by their choice of weapon and armor. Artemis is at a disadvantage it would seem, not wearing her armor, but she's ready to engage none the less.

When Tyrin steps into the melee her sword snaps up to parry, throwing his sword wide before she dances back to avoid his follow-up strike--before moving back in with a careful lunge that is ultimately blocked by the Templar.

She holds her katana in two hands for the time being, and by the way she moves she has lived and breathed battle--survived countless time and overcome.

The masked heretic weaves in, bringing her blade down in an overhead vertical slice--but it is a feint. She changes direction, bringing her sword down quick to slice horizontal, going right for the throat.
Artemis Eurus Just how young is he? As young as Ramza? Alright no, lets not think about that.

Artemis is quick and Artemis is bloody strong.

Luckily, she is also tough, for one of his blows is taken on the arm, though she twists in such a way to make it non-deadly and leave her with continued use of her arm. She lashes out with a quick and powerful side kick to the side of his knee, hoping to cripple him then and there. He may be wearing armor, but she is far, far stronger than she looks--and she looks pretty strong as it is.

The masked samurai moves in then, stepping inside his guard to bring her blade up in a burst of flame to blind him while she slams her pommel beneath his chin.

She roars then, the kind of sound that sends all the birds screaching and flapping away from the nearby trees--the kind of sound that strikes fear into an enemy and makes them think twice about attacking the crazy bitch with the mask and the sword.

Artemis then throws out her hand, a wave a telekinetic force aimed to punch him like a giant fist and send him flying.
Artemis Eurus It wouldn't be the first time she'd brought down a mountain of metal, but each time it was interesting. Knights wore heavy plate for a reason. There were a great deal of advantages. Still, she knows her strikes hit home when they do happen to make it through that armor of his--and the pain he brings as he slams her with the shield? Exquisite. She brings her arms up to protect her face from the shield bash, taking the brunt of strike on her highly conditioned forearms. Still, would have been nice to have her gauntlets.

As he speaks, she laughs brightly, not mocking, but with what appears to be simple enjoyment. "Nor do you Ser Marius! It has been too long since I'd had a proper dance," she replies. She moves in then with a flurry of blows, striking quick and rapidly, relentless, hoping to overwhelm his defenses and slash into the weak points of his armor, still smiling, her green eyes wild with battle-lust.
Artemis Eurus "You would not have taken up this life if you did not take any enjoyment from it. No, I do not like killing, but I /do/ enjoy fighting," she replies.

As he runs in, the embers from the fire swirling into the air Artemis faces him--until she's suddenly just not there anymore. The sound of muted thunder crashes as she rips through reality, teleporting from her currently location to appear to his side, already in mid-swing, her katana breathing the cold ice of the tundra as she tries to slip her blade up to slice him beneath the armpit joint.

Rather than press her advantage and attack him from behind, she waits for him to turn to face her once more, poised to defend. "I prefer not to kill, but I will not hesitate to do it. This is the life I live, and it will not change any time soon. Judge me if you wish, but I feel Odin's battle-song running through my veins and it sings to me in a way your god never did," she replies.
Artemis Eurus Artemis cannot let herself be taken, not because she fears for her life, but because she fears for Ramza's. Goodness knows that bloody man gets himself into more trouble than she, and if she is taken? Like a fool he will come for her, she is sure of it.

"Very well. Duty drives my blade as well, but I'll not deny that this is what I was called for, and I will /not/ feel shame in my desires as your religion would have me do," she replies, moving to block him as he slams toward her again. She'll have to block with her blade. She will have to risk breaking it.

It's just a sword...just a sword.

The blade comes up to block, saving Artemis from a grievous wound, trading only for one that is less so--and a broken sword. Though she stops a good deal of the force, the blade bites into her arm and she merely grits her teeth against the pain.

Artemis steps back, the broken blade falling to the ground at her feet, streaming blood from many a wound, foremost among them her arm. Still she watches him, her green gaze intense with a simmering fury. Her sword is broken, but she is not. She drops her broken blade then disappears with another crack of thunder, charging him--she appears to his side, swinging her leg out low in an attempt to bring the metal mountain low, following up with an axe kick to the throat, all empowered with her chi, channeling an insane amount of power as she then slams herself down on him with her fist, aimed for his solar plexus, armor or not. She intends to leave /quite/ a dent if not a hole.
Artemis Eurus Better to die than to be taken. If she was taken, Ramza would come and get himself killed. To be killed...if he killed her Louis would most surely take his head. Did she want that? Another pawn of the church with armor and a blade, marching forward blindly without any idea who really ruled their faith.

There is very little Artemis can do beside try to 'blink' away, which fails--she's lost too much blood, too much of her mana. So she brings her hands up and she slaps them against the flat of the blade, trying to catch the descending blade and stop at least some of its momentum. It drives her down hard, cutting deep into her shoulder. Blood sprays, staining her mask, his blade, and rapidly her the thin, pale fabric of her shirt, causing it to stick to against her skin.

Artemis Eurus will fight to the last. She throws his sword upward with her bloodies hands then leaps upward to slam her head into his face, then bringing her arm swinging to deliver a knife-hand strike to his neck.

Artemis staggers back, rapidly losing blood. "Take me then. Take me to my brother if you can," she says, then reaches for tip of her shattered blade nearby, the sharp steel slicing into the flesh of her hand. She whispers something, then moves to drive the blade into her belly.
Artemis Eurus Before she can end her life her wrist is grabbed, the point of the blade drawing one small droplet of blood that quickly trickles. She looks him in the eye, her chest heaving as she tries to take in breath--there's just never quite enough of it. " you value mercy? Honor? You'd be granting me mercy if you killed me---tch better yet let me kill myself so he won't have to take your head and put it on a pike," she rasps. She'd growing weaker, that mad strength she'd possessed bleeding out of her quite literally. If he does nothing, she'll die at this rate anyway.

Weakly, she laughs. "Claudia....LeBlue. Take my brother," she says, then passes out from blood loss.
Tyrin Marius This is certainly a baffling circumstance to Tyrin. Is her fanatical devotion to Ramza so much that she prefers to die? Does she know critical information? Is she sure of her guilt? The name she drops is one he knows well, but that they shared blood he'd have never guessed. "Who would take my head... hey!!" He catches the samurai when she falls, easing her down to the ground. Sheathing his sword and pulling out his own dagger, her clothing is cut open to show her wounds. He's no holy power, but he has never neglected the basics of first aid. He held off attacking critical areas, and his mercy in that field bears fruit. Binding her wrists as best she can with rope -- although she can probably hulk free if she regains her strength all the same -- his chocobo is called over before he tosses her over the back. Taking the reigns, he gathers the samurai's armor and belongings of value as best he can, carrying them himself. It will not be a quick trip; camp for the night will have to be made before they would arrive at a city where he can safely contact the Church. Mayhap then he can get to the bottom of things...
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou as hesitant to send someone to lend a hand to Artemis but that's because, really, she's supposed to be investigating not going around saving lives and if she sends someone to help Artemis, it could jepordize that investigation! But in the end, there really is no time to lose and Omi is sent out (Emi is busy herself and there is no way in hell she's abandoning her Maxtime. Meteor crashing to earth extinguishing all life? Well that's what extra bodies are for).

Besides Omi Dennou is really the best for this sort of thing. Because they're trying to be incognito, she has a paper bag with holes cut out for eyes over her head. There wasn't really much time to prepare anything else.

She is not especially fast on foot but she managed to appropriate a HORSE which she is riding dramatically as her wind blows back behind her. The galloping creature approaches rapidly, as the paper bagged Legion approaches.

When she gets close enough to yell, she does so, "HOLD!" She cracks the reins, the horse leaping through the air over a small rise in the road.
Tyrin Marius Tyrin's been simply limping along a forest path. Artemis is unconscious over the back of an armored red chocobo, bound at the wrists; the reigns are in the knight's hand, as he carefully navigates to keep it from overly jostling the injured samurai. Her possessions are bundled up in his cloak, including her armor and radio... the latter of which he might have been better off leaving behind, given it's likely the reason he was pinpointed. Hearing the sound of a charging horse causes him to pause, not sure what to make of the paper bag. "Yes?" he states, voice strained. Even if you win, nobody just shrugs off a spanking from the likes of the masked heretic. He's even misplaced his shield somewhere. "What do you need?"
Emi Dennou Omi does not explain how Tyrin was tracked, nor does she seem very intent on giving much information at all.

"You will not be taking Artemis." She says. "Set her down, no funny business. No harm will come to you if you follow those instructions."

Despite the fact she's wearing a paperbag on her head, she is not speaking like someone who is silly, she must have rushed over here in a hurry. And must have reason to hide her identity. Her visible eyes are narrowed, and focused, her body can spring into motion in an instant.
Tyrin Marius "Excuse me?" Tyrin states this in a rather reasonable tone, although one brow is lifted. "By what authority do you demand her release? She is a known heretic, ranked high in Ramza Beoulve's band, the New Zodiac Braves. Radicals who seek to destroy everything I hold dear and true. I defeated her in honorable single combat, and she knew the stakes. How is your claim to her better then mine?" He rests a hand on the chocobo, staring evenly at Omi and pretending she doesn't have said paper bag. It somewhat dulls the whole situation.
Emi Dennou "The Glabados Church has no authority here." Omi says. "I am here acting on behalf of the New Zodiac Braves. That woman is an avowed bodyguard of Ramza. Her life hardly just belongs to her. More than that, I respect her ferocity. I dislike talking, so I won't repeat myself. Fight me if you feel you must."
Tyrin Marius "Here? You speak as if this land has borders. But you already state your allegience with heretics." A spit to the side follows, Tyrin drawing out his blade. But it seems grudging; assuredly not something he seems pleased to do. "Even if I have no chance, I will not lay down my weapon against the forces of chaos. Come, then. I shall not surrender." Pointing away, the chocobo pads off to a safer distance. He could try to take her hostage or threaten her with better results, but apparently is not of that mindset.
Emi Dennou "No, my allegiance isn't with the New Zodiac Braves." Omi says. "I am simply here on their behalf."

Omi glances towards the chocobo. Artemis is on said chocobo. He seems to want honorable combat. Honorable combat is not Omi's thing. She prefers efficiency. But it would be /troubling/ if she lost her horse. She slides off it and onto the ground.

She cricks her neck slightly before she stomps her foot onto the ground, electricity rippling up and towards Tyrin's body--before she unleashes a quick pair of electrical blasts for Tyrin's body from her hands. The paper bag stays on her head. She better call in backup just in case this guy's tougher than she anticipated. She doesn't have to beat him, just beat him enough.
Tyrin Marius "And there is no chance you could change your mind, on behalf of the Church?" Tyrin states, assuming a loose stance. Despite his wounds, he stands tall and proud; damaged cape whirling behind in a listless breeze. Silver platemail painstakingly emblazoned gleams beneath. But then, lightning whirls opposite; tensing, Tyrin's blade strikes out. As if it struck a wall, Omi's assault is violently dispersed. Anti-Magic, assuredly. "...Fine, then." Rushing forward, Tyrin whips up his blade with a roar. Striking in a slash aimed at Omi's chest, followed by a sudden overhead that tries to impact her directly in the mana!!
Emi Dennou Omi looks at Tyrin.

"Consensus has been reached." is all she says. Anti-Magic field?, She leashes out, twisting to avoid the strike in her chest and grabbing at the blade. It rips open her hand and she attempts to shock Tyrin THROUGH the blade--but it seems that the anti-magic field is stronger than she even anticipated.

"Hrm." She adds, before swinging up her elbow to try and catch Tyrin in the chin.

Her free hand reaches for her side, drawing out a pistol that had been hidden under her coat. She fires two quick shots afterwards. Despite the horrible injury to her hand, she doesn't seem troubled. It's hurting her, but with the paper bag her poker face is inpeccable.

She has memories of far worse pain than this.
Tyrin Marius Indeed, that sword is not normal. Nor is the power behind Tyrin; he's second to Artemis, but well within her league. Flicking the blade away and dispersing the electric charge, he hounds Omi's retreat, not allowing her to entirely break melee range. His platemail is a second skin, and does not draw him down as much as might be hoped. But his reserves are low. A protracted battle is not going to be in his favor. More then anything, Artemis waking up and throwing his chocobo at him in a Hulk-style rage is his greatest concern. Snapping his weapon left and right, the bullets cleanly deflect off his blade. "I've no time for quarter... brace yourself!!" His weapon then roars, as he lunges briefly into the air. "FOR JUSTICE!!" An earthshattering strike downwards follows, trying to strike at more then just the physical -- an attack capable of striking the very soul of one's fighting power and sending it into violent disarray!
Artemis Eurus Guess who is awake and throws across a chocobo with her hands tied?

This girl.

Guess who can also sort of teleport? Now, to find the concentration through massive blood loss. ....And is she topless!?

Somewhere, she has a hi-potion. Did he even bloody heal her? Who doesn't carry at least one potion? Maybe she can fall off the chocobo, artfully...No, using her ability is all she's really got here. The samurai digs deep, entering a meditative state easily due to relentless practice. The clap of muted thunder. She's on her feet. She's standing between Tyrin and Emi, quite suddenly. Hands still bound, she bends herself like a reed, swinging her foot high to turn a spinning inside crescent kick aimed for Tyrin's head.
Emi Dennou The blade rips down across Omi's chest, blood sprays into Tyrin's face as he strikes, the wound is a grievous one, her entire chest is covered in gore. She stumbles back and then plummets to the ground, laying down back first. It's entirely possible Omi won't live for long with a wound like that.

How pathetic, couldn't even touch him. At this rate she won't even be able to last until backup arrives. She stares into the sky. She's sorry, Emi. She couldn't back up her talk. But maybe she'll get to see the other sisters when she's gone. Even if it's in Hades. But no, she's well aware that her Sisters aren't waiting for her. The world in which they perished is long gone, and so is that afterlife. They may no longer exist, she can't hear their thoughts.

She starts to close her eyes. Artemis is standing again, that should be enough.

Sorry Umi, this is the best that she can--

Omi's eyes snap open. "Ffck..." She stumbles up, waggling an arm to the side. "Nghhh..." She pants out a long breath. "Fffhkhk...." Blood spills from her mouth, noticeable only because it's pulling down her neck.

"Getting killed by a moron who doesn't even know what he's looking for. "What a joke. But this was still more time than I...fffkk....would've had. My sisters have become individual, more than I could ever be. Maybe it's just as well. But still..."

"I AIN'T DYING LIKE A BITCH!" She screams suddenly, electricity crackling around her arms and shoulders before exploding out of her chest, arcing AROUND ARtemis with a display of finesse that is rather notable in of itself, before finally slamming down for Tyrin's sides nad back from several angles.
Tyrin Marius "What in Ajora's name makes you think I am going to kill you?! Have the Braves truly made the Church seem such base villains? You are the one interposing in a warranted escort of a prisoner for trial!!" Tyrin sounds thoroughly exasperated by this whole ordeal. How'd he go from trying to hunt down bandits to sharing a meal with Artemis, stopping her from killing herself, then getting lightning bolts flung at him? But he makes the mistake of focusing overly much on the suddenly manifested Brave. With a curse, the blow of lightning staggers him backwards, barely catching himself. Her leg strikes out, but so does his blade; she connects with his face, even as a slash rips open through her side. But the one who survives that exchange is her -- Tyrin goes down, crashing on his back. Rolling over, he coughs up blood and a tooth. "Damnit...!!" His chocobo warks in concern, running over to him with a manic flap of stubby wings.
Artemis Eurus And if she survives it is by sheer stubbornness.

Assuming Omi cuts her restrains, Artemis retrieves her health potions, immediately drinking one and passing another to Emi.

There is a third. She places it down by Tyrin's head before they get the hell out of there. "You--fought bloody well. It was an honor Ser Marius," she says, no longer bleeding like a stuck pig but still looking, well, awful.

"I owe the Network a debt. Call on me for anything and I will serve so long as it does not interfere with oaths already taken. Lets go," she says, then would claim her things, including her broken blade, and climb her sad self up onto Omi's horse.

Assumably they ride off into the sunset or something.
Tyrin Marius "..." Tyrin doesn't really say anything. Performing well might matter if he cared for such martial accomplishments. All he does is remain on the ground before the potion, staring at it spitefully. In the end, he flings it into the forest and uses his chocobo's wing to get back to his feet and manage to mount it. She's much, much more important to the Braves then he thought -- information valuable to the Church, if she went so far as taking her own life. And there's one other matter, of a more ominous air. "...Louis LeBlue." he mumbles, as his chocobo starts padding off at a rapid clip. "Just what was she talking about?"
Emi Dennou Omi doesn't argue, though her eyes go a bit deadpan at the idea that Tyrin wasn't trying to kill her. Omi is perhaps has a slightly more realistic mindset about how stabbings work than Final Fantasy. Nevertheless, Tyrin is at least technically right in that Omi doesn't tumble over dead after unleashing her electric bolts out at him. She flings a knife out, cutting Artemis's bindings. She approaches her and stumbles, crashing into her practically.

Looks like Artemis is gonna have to help her drink it. She doesn't go over to try and finish Tyrin off. It's what she'd normally do, but she is in no condition and she doesn't actually really dislike him.
5rShe just reaches up with a bloody hand and sushes ARtmis the moment she starts to say their name. There's a reason she wore that paperbag!

But that's about when her strength gives out. Her horse is tame enough but ARtemis is gonna have to cart her off herself, the healing potion will gradually heal her enough to make her coherent, but it's not now.

This scene contained 43 poses. The players who were present were: Emi Dennou, Artemis Eurus, Tyrin Marius