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Seeking Shards Are For The Birds
(2013-05-04 - 2013-05-04)
Reize is leading the Shard Seekers on an expedition to find a World Shard with Ivo's "trusty" Shard Seeker device. However, between the treacherous mountains and the zuu, things were not made easy for the group.
Reize Seatlan Welcome to the Sabil Mountain Range.

The great impassible rocky mountain spring from the north and south, rising towards the sky. It nearly blocks the sun, making it a giant to travel through. Several alpine trees cover the range at the lower elevations, coming to a stop at the peak.

The group are starting off at the bottom of the mountain range. For the Shard Seekers, they are lead by none other than Reize Seatlan. Lily and Violet have likely been traveling with the boy for a couple of weeks. It is mostly these three that have been missing from Fluorgis for a while.

At the bottom, the boy is waiting for arrivals, holding onto the Shard Seeker. The boy that is leading his group with the small, technological device that is used for finding the missing World Shards.

"It's a shame that Ivo couldn't make it. He's been busy with a few important matters." The boy consders, lifting his head up to the sky before he surveys the heights of the mountain.

"It looks like it'll be quite a travel, but this should be a shard! We'll find it!"

Rumors may have flung around about a missing Shard being found, thanks to the fact that Reize had moved out to explore.
Serah Farron Serah Farron is pretty much travelling with many... strangers. At least for her. But the Shard Seekers had posted up an ad for more help for an exploration, she thought she might give it a try. She has much to learn about this world after all, and every new place is an adventure of its own.

As long as there's not too much danger... or heartless... or big monsters... or dark knights...

Know what, better not think about all of the bad things she's already seen in her short time in this world. It'd be enough to lock yourself up in a closet, hugging your knees while singing 'Barney and friends' to keep yourself sane. At least, somewhat sane.

But she knows about strength in numbers, so even if she can't do much she thought she'd tag along for the ride and help you. She's still honing her newly discovered magic skills, so might put them in practice... although she hopes not.

She looks over to Reize "What are we looking for exactly?" She wonders, being careful of where she steps not to fall or trip, lots of ocks around here.
Evja "World Shards."

That comes softly spoken from the Vieran Judge, who was accompanying them today on a light-blue Chocobo of all things. It was actually the same Chocobo as before, but had managed to change colors. Dyed? Magic? Who knows. Well, Evja does, but that'd be a matter of asking.

"Broken, scattered pieces of worlds that, if reassembled and brought before one with a Keyblade, can be reformed into the original world."
Lily Hard, physical travel's something LIly's just getting used to, as time goes by. She's tagging along with Reize, Violet, and who knows, maybe even others, but her clothes are fresh and untorn, unstitched, unpatched, unstained now, and she seems almost giggly as she hops after the boy, while keeping her eyes alert. "No sign of trouble yet! Maybe there's nothing mean on the mountain to worry about!" She can hope. She can really hope.
Violet "'Important matters'..." Violet mumbles quietly to herself. Its more likely that Ivo is chasing some skirt somewhere. She hardly knew him, but she knew enough to know //that// at least.

Her soft lips part with a small exhale as she shrugs her slender shoulders, adjusting the weight of her pack on her bag, her bright blue eyes glancing to the strange device she can only compare as a compass. If it was going off, there was no way of Violet can tell.
Deelel Lily is not alone and physical travel doesn't seem to bother Deelel at all but given her nature it's only a mater of haveing enough energy to keep going. So there she is along side Lily and grinning a bit. "Though that's not wise to say such things in my experiance what's the expression? Tempting fate?"
Reize Seatlan Glancing back towards Violet, Reize squints at her repeating of his words. He looks rather clueless, so he wanted to ask for clarification, "Huh? What do you mean by that?" Reize is unaware of what Ivo would likely be doing at this time. In fact, the boy firmly believes that Ivo is off handling important matters at Fluorgis. Or something like that.

With Serrah asking the boy regarding their purpose, Reize opens his mouth until Evja mentions about the World Shards. "Pretty much what she said!" The boy brightens, though he does glance over at her chocobo warily, "We are searching for the World Shards so that we can restore them!" He looks over towards his device. "This Shard Seeker device is supposed to help us locate them. It looks like it picked up something from here." He muses, "So, that may mean that we'll find a Shard here."

From their current level, the mountain gives off a very intimidating look. It almost seens unsurmountable. Nevertheless, the mountain range looks like a great place to find the Shard.

In fact, Reize is already making his move, gesturing for everyone to follow him. "Time to get moving! We can hopefully restore another world!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms as she thinks about that, getting the answers. Would Cocoon be somewhere that she needs such a shard too? Maybe its this shard? That's wishful thinking right there, how many more worlds are there?

She moves along. She's not really built for physical stuff either, but her status as a l'Cie seems to have made her a bit more enduring too, so she should be thankful for that much. But yet, time's ticking away, on a task she doesn't even know what it is. Although, her brand hasn't changed much... maybe the time limit is pretty long?

"I wonder what world it would be..." She muses, taken by Reize's cheerfulness, and adding her own to it, as much as she can under this situation at least.
Deelel Deelel looks over at Violet for a moment as she's not seen her in a while. "It's an honorable objective anyone we can restore is something that would make the shadow lords unhappy. Which by itself is a good thing. They attempt to destroy, we build anew or restore."

She seems to be in a fairly chipper mood all things considered. She follows along keeping her disc on her back for the moment and she looks back to Reize "I have to agree, here's hoping we do find something."
Lily "A world we never knew." Lily comments uncertainly, though this fact only has her somewhat bothered. She's not sure whose world it is, or i there are even people in it who miss it. Do all worlds have people? ... and still there's the matter of what happens if you were a person who never had a world? ... or did she?

Thinking over these matters, Lily can only scratch her cheek, and sk rather awkwardly, "Are there worlds with only bad things in them? Or only good things? ... Or maybe nothing at all? They all seem so different..."

Seems she's starting to think about things more deeply these days!
Violet Violet merely shakes her head to herself in reply, but she doesn't clarify anything to Reize. No need to explain what she thought Ivo might be doing after all.

When he gestures towards the mountain range itself, Violet blinks her bright blue eyes at it for a moment's pause. It was certainly intimidating, at this angle.
Reize Seatlan "You know, Lily, I am not certain," Reize turns to face Lily as she asks about the range of the worlds. "...It could be possible that there are worlds with only bad people in it. Or worlds with only good." He considers, "Though, I can't say for sure what worlds could exist. ... There have been others that said that some worlds were better not found."

The undaunting mountain range is as high as can be. The presence of the area is rather intimidating, yet, it is often unmoving. Or at least, it should be.

There is a rumble of the earth quaking. It vibrates, affording a shudder that soon grows violent. Small debris rolls along from the heights above. That small debris soon grows into large boulders that are dropping towards the group.


Reize yelps, "Everyone, get down, now!"

The rocks have passed by a good number of people, but the small debris falls on Deelel and Lily, covering them with rock fragments.

"...Was this place ever known to shake like this?" He asks towards the group.
Serah Farron Serah Farron ducks for cover when Reize shouts out. She doesn't know what's coming, but she's careful! She's heard it somewhere, make yourself as small as possible, smaller target, less chances of things to hit you.

She still gets pelted by a little rock that comes in flying "Ow!" She frowns and rubs her shoulder where she got it.

She looks over to Reize "... I have no idea? I've never been here before." She looks around "... Its not regular enough to be an earthquake, so maybe something is causing it?"
Deelel Deelel says "That very much sums up my life since October." Also she doesn't voice the face most users are .... not what she expected at all. She looks Lily and shrugs. "Or it could just be alien still what right did the Shadow Lords have to ... do such things in the first place. Such a binary existance would not be comon in your worlds in my limited experiance."

Speaking of geting down now Deelel hits the ground but she's not fast enough as she's cuaght under some of the slide for lack of a better term.

"It seems, this place is unstable."
Lily Ack, ROOOOOCKS! Lily yelps, hunkering down, and takes a rock to the back. Thankfully, a small one, but she manages to dodge the bigger one in so doing. It floors her , driving her straight to the ground with a thump, squeezing a pained protesting yelp from her. "ow ow owwwwww... mean rocks instead of creatures now... I spoke too soooooooon..."
Violet Snapping her eyes down at her feet as she feels the earth begin to quake, Violet's blue eyes widen for only a moment before looking up above them, towards the mountain as boulders begin to fall. Loosened. Tightening her hands at her sides, the girl is quick to duck and roll out of the way before she's plummeted. Luckily missed, though others aren't as lucky.
Reize Seatlan Rumbling rocks roll along the hill. Boulders and debris pass through, leaving the area clear once more.

After the mountain range seems clear, Reize emerges from the hiding spot, looking over the area, "Is everyone alright?!" As Lily is belted with the rocks, the boy is kneeling beside her to help her up. There is a sigh. Reize looks at everyone else, "Make sure you check a partner. I want to make sure that everyone who is traveling here will remain here together." The leader of the expedition takes the reins as leader, something that he doesn't like to often do. However, there are a good number of people who volunteered their time to stick with him for his goal. Ensuring their safety is important.

"We'll continue ahead. In fact, we may want to hurry. I am not sure if this is natural or someone is doing it. However, we better investigate."

The path along the mountains offers a route to take on foot. It is a bit of a rocky path, but it is less bumpy than the actual climbing of the mountains itself. However, the presence of the travel is not without its other sorts of obstacles.

Those that dwell at the top are large birds that circle the sky. With the 'invaders' stepping into their territory, those that would dare to brave the Sabil Mountain range will be met with opposition from the large birds. Their cries and crows pierce the air as they dive down, mostly to intimidate.
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't really know anyone here, but she'll gladly accept a partner. She look sat the other people, wondering who to pick, but still tagging along closely to Reize. Closely ENOUGH that is, just sticking together to avoid any danger of being split. Its alerady a pretty small group, splitting it more could be dangerous after all. "I'm all for hurrying in and out of here, hoenstly..."
Deelel Deelel is alive and nothur too badly she nods to Reie about not getting splt up. That is a good idea, she keeps back now wondering just where a shade migth be around here. She's also aware of tthe other lifeforms ahead she's not sure what they are but she's not seen them before.

"Unknown biological life form and it doesn't look friendly at all. I think being swift would be wise."
Evja "Be careful and travel fast. I can jump high enough, so I should be enough to distract the beasts. And with all luck we shouldn't need to engage them." That said, however, Evja spurs his Chocobo to hurry up and get to a higher point. The light-blue Choco takes several leaps and hops and winds up at a slightly higher rock as if challenging the birds above, rider in tow. And it's there that the Viera waited, watching to see if any would be brave enough to dive within range of a good triple jump and spear to impale them with.
Lily Partner up it is. In fact, Lily's sticking with Reize. She grabs the hand he offers to help her up with and pretty much does NOT let go, just plowing along wnext to him, cheer restored in a short enough matter.

Squawking in her own way she ducks to avoid the birds as one swoops overhead dangerously close. "Go away, leave us alone!" She yells angrily...

And powers flashes in that waving hand, without her usual huge aura sprouting up. It's not a big menacing assault on them, she simply projects a plume of fire up into the air and maintains it to try and chase the birds off!
Violet "Yeah, I think so." Violet answers, "but I do not think all of us are." Lily was hurt... not good.

Taking a breath, she dips her chin with a small nod in agreement. "Sooner we get out of here the better. No telling if there will be a worse quake that than, or if it will bury the shard." Hopefully not." Their path continues, quicker even with encouraged haste. And the birds... are rather intimidating.f
Reize Seatlan "Gah!" Reize calls out, "Shoo! Shoo!" He looks at the group, "Alright, we'll move fast. We need to get to the top. The Shard could be there!"

With the large zuus flying around, they keep cawing at the intruders. They swoop from each direction, seeking to intimidate the tresspassers. If that doesn't work, then they will attack completely.

However, the fact that they show resistence only serves to anger them.

Suddenly, fire. Plume of fire lights the air. This is where the birds decide to cut their losses and fly away from the group.

The earth rumbles once more. The rocks continue to fall from the ledge, which is thankfuly not within the reach of the group. However, something else is rolling along the route.

A large boulder is rolling towards the slope, seeking to bowl over the group.

"...That does not look comforting."
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks at the giant boulder, looking around for something to use for safety. She looks up... and thinks about something. She can use magic. Of course, she doesn't have a whole lot of time to think about it either, but worth a try. She holds a hand up toward a ledge a few feet above them, and shoots ice her magic. Blizzara, or Ice spells. She hopes to create a sword of 'ramp' using ice, which would roll it over them without stopping it. She doesn't think she can destroy it, so maybe this will save the group.
Deelel Deelel is just thinking this may be one of thsoe day the Zuus are swooping at them and she's going to duck out of the way of the birds she's not intent to kill wild life because it's angry about them stepping in it's turf after all. It's not a happy looking thing it's not a good looking thing. Nope it's not comforting at all to look at. The boulder is coming and it's time to get out of the way.
Violet Violet tries to ignore the birds. She really does try. But the more they become angry, the more difficult it was to ignore them and concentrate on following the path ahead of them. Glancing up at them to keep the birds in her line of sight, Violet blinks her bright eyes as she sees fire, followed by a large boulder following the slope of the mountain and aiming straight for them.

For the first time, she couldn't help a small smirk. "I think we are on the right path. Otherwise, someone would not be trying so hard." Violet takes a cue from the others and pushes off in a hard sprint in order to get out of the way of the boulder, but it only encourages rather than discourages their progress.
Lily That's quick thinking. Lily moves to help Serah, sending an extra frigid gale out herself to reinforce the ice ramp the moent she sees what the other person's up to. "Why does everything outside of cities want to hurty you?! Everything!" Again with the complaining. This time she's complaining at Reize though!
Reize Seatlan Boulder is rolling down.

Not good.

However, Serah proves her skills when she manages to cast Blizzara in front of the group to form a ramp for the larger boulder to take a sligh detour. Lily fortifies the ramp with her own ice magic, re-inforcing the sturdiness of the makeshift ramp of ice. This causes the massive boulder to launch over the group, rolling over their heads.

Instead of striking the group, it swoops past them and rolls down the hill.

A grin is given towards Violet, "You're right!" He looks ahead once the boulder is out of their way. "This is our chance! Everyone, let's move!---acckkkk!" It is then that one of the Zuus have taken he brave leader. The zuu flies in the air, swooping up towards the top of the mountain. After it!

As the group continues to travel upward, the mountains reveal to have their twists and turns. However...

Eventually, the group are able to make it to the top of the mountain. Hopefully, fatigue does not overtake the group.

Awaiting them at the very top...

It is a large, shadowy creature. It's presence is within the skies, just waiting....

The massive zuu looks different from the others. The strangest thing is that it has a jewel to its chest.

Meanwhile, another zuu has Reize within its talons.

"...Well, this is awkward."
Serah Farron Serah Farron phews as the boulder was redirected somehow. She smiles to Lily "Good teamwork, that worked great." She turns back on the path to continue the ascience... but when the giant bird appear... now that's not a good thing. It won't be a bit of ice ramp that will push that one away, likely x.x

And one caught Reize too! "Oh no!" She hands a hand out, aiming to shoot firey projectile at the bird's wings, hoping to clip it enough to limit its flight and force it to come back down with its catch before it can fly away too far.
Deelel Deelel time to move she scrambles after her companions she breaks into a run even as the magic starts to fly. However as they make it to the top there's something waiting there for them and Reize is grabbed. A knight in distress? How does this work? She doesn't know but she runs some coded comands and she gets ready it could be prett bad but how to get him lose without him getting ripped apart or thrown to his Doom.
Violet Making it up to the very top (thankfully in one piece), the shadowed creature loom above them. The first one that Violet's seen in this realm after her own world was engulfed by the darkness. Tensing, she exhales a short breath to focus herself, just as the Zuu catch Reize in its claws.

"Not in your life." Violet growls sharply under her breath, just before she dives at its feet to pry the thing off of Reize. After a short moment, she'll resort to pulling out her rapier and slash at it instead, hoping the pain would release him.
Lily "EVERYTHING." Lily grumps in a final fashion, hopping up behind Reize-- and then he's carried off, leaving her blinking heavily. Ack, ACK, what the heck?! "Noooo, get back here. Come back with Reize!" Sparks of anger - and just as quickly electricity - flicker about her. The previous control's mostly gone as a thin film of magical light kicks up around Lily, who quickly hops back to Deelel's side, a little bit behind her. "This big one's going to get in our way... but not for along."
Reize Seatlan Flap. Flap. The Emerald Zuu remains in mid-air, the eyes glowing as the emerald crystal along its chest starts glowing.

Reize, in mid-air from the talons, the boy sweatdrops. "Knight's Vow #83: There is no shame in calling for help." Pause. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!" Reize is flailing like mad. The Zuu shakes the boy a lot, dizzying the young adventurer.

The large zuu who has the boy captured notices the flames ignite its way. The creature swoops to the side while rising back up. However, the rapier does a good job in irritating the creature enough to drop Reize.


Reize is on the ground in this condition: @_@

He does woozily look over the creature, "...Buh...? Was that the source of the glow...?"

The creature gives off a hiss. Then, it starts flying away with the other birds. However, not without carrying another gem in its talons. The other zuu is following in suit, mostly to escape.
Serah Farron Serah Farron leaves Reize to the care of Lily, who seems to have... the soft spot for the young adventurer, she can tell by how she's reacting to what he says, and how angered she gets when he gets captured like that. He looks okay at least, nothing broken, not unconcious, and not brain damaged... at least, she thinks.

She spots the glowing thing in its claw as well, and keeps aiming fire bolts at its wing to further cripple it, and then shoots one at the claw to try to make it drop it "Hey, is that what we were looking for, maybe?"
Deelel Deelel watches with a bit of suprised and then concern. For Reize's well being he is her friend after all and she's now running for it and then he gets dropped she's now looking ove rher frien and she's got a potion from somewhere which she hands to him. "Take this... you had a bit of a fall."
Lily Lily hdashes up next to Reize. O rat least, she tries to, but she trips over her outfit at nearly the last moment and, in act, ends up crashing into him with a yelp, splaying out across him perpendicularly. "ooowrgh... ... mean birds.... I'll expect anything everywhere next time!"
Reize Seatlan Flap... Flap..

Serah manages to strike against the jewel in the bird's talon. It descends towards the ground, falling right into her grasp. She will find that the crystal is nothing special. Nothing in particular.

However, the Shard Seeker is going off. It points at the large bird, "...Buh? Was that what it was tracking?" He frowns, looking disappointed. He then turn towards Lily, who is running to him.

..And he trips on him.

As she sprays along him, the boy is face to face with her.

"Hi Lily."

He offers a faint smile, "...Thanks for saving me, everyone." He sighs, "It looks like that we did not find a shard this time.." He brightens, "But we did have one journey!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks as she catches the jewel. She hmmms, looking at it "Why was it carring it off then?" She wonders, looking at it through the sunlight to see if there's something inside. "... I got the feeling this is kinda precious somehow..."

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