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(2013-05-04 - Now)
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Maira Traverse Town wasn't the safe place it use to be. Sure, Heartless would show up from time to time, but since Garland...the place isn't the same. Not for her.

VALKYRI HQ was still her home however, and here, even during construction, she was comfortable.

Expecting Avira at least, Maira is making tea--completely non sinister at all tea! She's dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with a white heart and an SP inside of it. Something from Manhattan, obviously. Her usually clothes are being cleaned--besides, who wants to wear the same thing every day!?

Maira is humming to herself softly as she puts out some cups and places some teabags inside the cups, trying to arrange her thoughts in preparation.
Emi Dennou The Network (that is, Shida and Emi of the Network) have come along with Maira back to Valkyri HQ. Emi doesn't look it, but she's rather nervous. She hasn't really done much 'girl talk' before. She isn't sure what would qualify, for that matter. She might just have to leave this one to Shida, who seems to be a bit more of a natural.

She is sitting down with her sister quietly. She looks towards Shida after a moment and stares. She stares back. They exchange silent communication through their network connection.


"So..." Emi says.
"Shh." Shida says. "She is preparing..."
Kyra Hyral Well, there's half of a Headquarters left, so that's something! Avira has yet to really 'move back in' yet, though she COULD stay in the remains of the basement if she wanted to. The basement was perfectly safe!

Avira rolls in, clad in her usual adventuring gear. So when she arrives, she seems pretty surprised to find Maira dressed like someone from her original world! "Whoah, where'd you pick up that stuff? Er, well, okay, maybe 'when' is the question I really should be asking."

Stretching out, Avira unclips the belt holding her weapon from around her waist and drops it down on the half-burned table left behind. "Hello Shida, hello Emi." Seems Avira can...TELL THEM APART!? MADNESS.
Maira Maira is not making tea in the way Emi was so thoroughly informed by Artemis. She's never had that sort of wonderful tea. She drank whatever she could get and even if it was in a bag it was very fine to her.

She is wondering why Emi and Shida are looking at her like that thought!

Maira turns as Avira comes in, flying across the room to hug her in greeting. "Avira! Oh, these? Perci dug these up for me," she replies with a smile. It is also safe to say Perci is probably standing guard outside.

Burned as it is, this was still a mostly private place, and one where she wanted to be. "I made some tea," she says, motioning. "How are you Avira? Um...Shida and Emi wanted to join us for 'girl talk'," she adds with a sheepish smile.
Emi Dennou Emi whispers to Shida. "If that Artemis lady sees her making tea like that, she...may not survive."
"Don't worry, I'm sure that won't happen." Shida promises.

The two look up and smile at Maira, offering her a wave. They don't comment on why they're behaving strangely, however, they think they're in the clear.

"Yes! Let's talk about girl things! Shida of the Network is so very excited! Let's get started ASAP!"

Shida scratches at her cheek lightly. "Um. Please be gracious to this one." Emi adds awkwardly. "So." She says. "...Was there a specific topic in mind, Maira?" She glances back to Avira. Huh. She could tell them apart. She suspects it's probably because of their ... temperment. "We just came back from checking up on Isaac. He seems to be doing a lot better, The Network thinks."
Kyra Hyral "Did he now? Seems he chose well." Avira smiles slyly, "And he knew your size too. Veeeery interesting." Grinning, Avira sits herself atop the table, which creaks a little, but manages to hold her weight. Reaching over, she procures herself a teacup. "Oh, I don't mind if they join us at all! They're girls after all, which is basically the only prerequisite for girl talk."

She watches the Dennous chatter and, at that moment, she realize that these two have probably never experienced 'girl talk'. Well, time to educate them! Her lighthearted plans are put on hold for a moment when Shida mentions Isaac.

"He's doing better?" There's a look of guilt on her face, "Good. He's been...quieter than usual lately."
Maira Maira smiles widely to Avira, looking down. "Well, I had to take the shirt in a little but that wasn't so very difficult," she comments with a shrug. Whatever Avira is getting at is totally lost on Maira. They'd get to that.

Upon mention of Isaac, Maira nods. "He looks well. No infection or anything. He's going to be alright...we just saw him. He's um...going to look into helping me stay hidden for a little while, I guess, and see if we can't figure out how to know if someone is a princess of heart," she sighs.

Maira sits then, taking her tea and sipping it. "Um...particular topic? Well...heh. Often we talk about guys," she admits with a blush and a laugh. "Avira, how are things with Mercade? Are you happy?" she asks.
Emi Dennou "I think so." Emi says. "We had a talk after you left. And--well, he's coming up with plans again. He had that look in his eyes, you know the one I'm sure. The Network thinks he'll be back on his feet in no time." She smiles faintly. It was nice to hear it, maybe just talking about it helped? She shakes her head a bit, clearing her thoughts. "He had an idea. It is a good one, it might not get us all the way there, but there's a good chance it'll help."

She raises both eyebrows. Talk about guys? "hmm. Alright. We will talk about guys."

Though they were already talking about a guy technically speaking?!

"We have not heard much about that either, Shida of the Network requests all details regarding the current situation with Mercade." Shida jumps in, eyes wide.
Kyra Hyral 'He's going to be alright' but won't have an arm, Avira's mind immediately fills in. Such a shame. "Staying hidden doesn't seem to help." Avira advises, "That means running all the time. You don't want to do that, trust me."

But setting that topic aside, she seems much more willing to engage in this 'girl talk' stuff they seem to be so interested in. "Oh, things are fine." Avira grins, "He's really been good for me lately. With all that's going on..." she looks down into her tea, "His words of encouragement keep me going."

She looks to Shida and turns a little red, "Well we're dating, is the official line. Our dates might be a little unorthodox though."
Maira Maira can't help but giggle at Shida's words. Just the way it is phrased! It is so adorable and bizarre.

She is truly happy to hear that things are going well with Mercade, smiling warmly. "I'm really glad Avira...heh, unorthodox dates are the best dates! ...I think. Actually I have no idea but for you guys...yes, it makes sense," she snickers.

Maira looks at her tea then. say...where to start!?

" did you know that Mercade was in love with you?" she asks. Or any of the other guys who had been for that matter!
Emi Dennou Emi seems strangely not especially worried by the lack of arm but then, he didn't lose it on her behalf and she's a clone who thinks they could just grow one somewhere. But it's not like it's not a thing that happened either. She says, again, "He'll be fine. He's got a lot of tenecity, The Network offers again."

She nods along with Avira's words. They make sense, if Maira stays hiding forever, well, that would certainly if nothing else interfere with girltalk. Maira asks a big question and Emi speaks up on that as well. "The Network hasn't heard this story either. It seemed to already be a 'thing' by the time we joined the TDA."

"Tell us more about the dates!" Shida jumps in.
Kyra Hyral "Oh that's easy. He totally admitted it. Out loud and...stuff. I mean...sometimes you can see signs before him being so blatant but..." Avira shrugs her shoulders, looking into her cup. "I've never been good at reading them. No...not at all. I'd usually misread interest where there wasn't any and really embarassed myself."

Laughing a little, "Oh, the dates...welll...sometimes we just go out for a nice lunch somewhere. Or to a movie. But sometimes we pick a mark and go hunt it together. I...I've really taken a liking to those kinds of dates."
Maira Maira listens intently, nodding, her eyes wide, as if this is absolutely critical information.

Then, the information about their mark hunting dates. Maira laughs. That's pretty adorable, actually.

Then Maira looks into her tea again, as if expecting words to magically resolve themselves and see what she should ask.

But Maira is quiet, and as the silence stretches on the girl looks more and more stricken. Any moment now, she's just going to start flailing.
Emi Dennou Emi says, "That seems like an appropriate excursion for you, you both seem to be very adventurous in nature." She pauses, listening to the radio. Mm. Mm. Yep. Yep. Max is unhappy again. She doesn't know about what but she imagines it begins with a C and ends wiht irra and then continues on to begin with C again and end with onstantine. But who could that be?

She feels like she should contribute to girl talk too. Hmm. Hmm.

"Leida confessed to Imi." Emi says. "That was a bit unexpected." She looks over to Maira and adds, "..........................Are you dating anyone?" She looks to Shida. "How am I doing?"
Kyra Hyral "Haha...I know right? I I am at least. A year ago I couldn't imagine making a 'date' out of that kind of stuff." Avira laughs, sipping her tea with a satisfied grin. "I guess I'm weird now. Oh well. I regret nothing."

She too hears the rumbling on the radio. While she doesn't know French, Max sounded pretty displeased.

"Leida? Leida likes Imi?" Avira seems surprised. She for sure assumed that Leida had a thing for Reize, like all the other girls in his Shard Seeker group. It was actually kind of refreshing to be wrong. "Yeah, Maira, we need to sort you out."

She pauses as Maira suddenly spazzes out. "I don't think you are, by traditional definitions, Maira."
Maira Maira is a bit surprised that Leida confessed to Imi. Wait. Leida...Imi...Leida...Imi....Leida and Imi are both girls....

Her puzzlement is plain on her features as she tries to figure this all out. "Ooooh. OH! Oh I see!" she finally answers.

Of course, when Emi asks if /she/ is dating anyone, Maira pretty much just crumbles, wailing, "I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!"
Emi Dennou "Well," Emi leans back, "This one isn't sure Leida is the sort of person she would want to 'date'. The Network doesn't need to date. We have each other. Loneliness is not something we feel compelled to combat against. What's more, This One isn't sure...well, we had Imi experiment through Shard Seeker interaction, it seems to be something more akin to a game so we are not especially confident in such matters even so."

"Haha, don't be harsh. This one likes Isaac!"

"We know, please dissassociate the heartbreak from the rest of the Network that you are bound to uncover should you continue pushing along this angle." Emi looks back to Avira to add something but Maira is wailing.

She blinks a few times.

"You don't know? The Network can empathize, it's all very inefficient... You are lucky, Avira, to have such a comprehensible relationship."
Maira Maira can scarcely recover herself. She is so incredibly stressed out right now. One would /think/ this was the least of her concerns but it really wasn't! "Avira....Avira, Avira....this is all /insane/. you still have feelings for Angan? I would never ever--you know. And and...its he...UUUUUUGGGHHH. I don't think he--but he protected me and--and OH BY HOLY! I...I...I...Perci he....UUUUUGH!" she wails again, leaning down to slam her forehead against the table melodramatically.

Maira pauses and looks up toward Shida, momentarily composed. "Shida you like Isaac? Ooh....that's adorable..."
Kyra Hyral "...yeah I still have feelings for Angantyr. They aren't romantic ones now." Suddenly Avira sounds kind of surly and perhaps even a little angry. One leg crosses over the other and she looks over at Maira. "It doesn't matter now anyway. Angantyr has picked his side."

It's actually not so much of a surprise to hear one of the Dennous likes Isaac, "Welllll...Isaac is a pretty great guy. No matter what he says." She looks to Emi though, as if she too knew it was probably a bad idea to try and date the wizard.
Emi Dennou "Well yeah, he saved my life. Twice." Shida pauses and then considers the math. "Well maybe two and a half? Shida of the Network inquires of Emi which count and which do not?"

Emi thinks it over and says, "Well," She says. "The Network suspects the matter of Cronus to be more of a team effort, though he certainly helped. This one considers to be the deal with Hades to be perhaps the most direct manner which you can say without a doubt was his work." She shakes her head. "But the matter is simply that his heart belongs to another. This one suggests you don't push it."

Shida flops her head down on the table, puffing her cheeks out. "...Yeah..." puff puff. It's intently adorable.

The matter of Angantyr. Emi toes the ground a bit. "Angantyr helped us during that one adventure, the one with ADAM." She looks towards Avira for a moment and then adds, "...Is that the whole story? We feel we are missing something."
Maira Maira closes her eyes. She's angry with him. Of course. Maira is as well. But her fondness and terror for him outweighs her anger by a good bit. "Whenever I start to think of it...I run around in circles. Surely you're not giving up on him? Garland will take away everything that he is--until he's just Garland light," she replies.

This is not exactly the kind of girl talk the Network was likely expecting, but it had to be said.

Maira takes a deep breath then, looking toward the door. "....Do you think that....Perci uh, likes me? I can't really tell if the things he has said are simply because he is kind or..."

On Angantyr, this is quite a lot of story...a great deal of story. Do they even want to get into it?
Kyra Hyral "Whoah, wait, what deal with Hades?" Avira seems pretty alarmed to hear his name popping up.

These conversations are starting to grow real awkward for Avira. She gets the faintest impression of being put on the spot here. "Angantyr was a mercenary that helped me learn how to really fight after I awoke in Ivalice. I've known him for quite some time now so he's a very dear friend." Or was a very dear friend.

"Well I don't know what to do about him now. I'm not strong enough to oppose Garland and Angantyr is too grateful for Garland' instruction in controlling his darkness."

Percival, though. "Well...if he does like you, your species will not matter to him."
Maira Well that didn't answer her question at all! Maira leans down and rests her head in her hands. "I think....I may have feelings for him..." she admits.

At the mention of the deal with Hades, Maira remembers what Isaac said and waves a hand. "He gave Hades TV. Now Hades owes him information or something."

As for the rest with Isaac, she can't comment. She glances to Shida though, hoping she manages to give her a 'don't give up!' look.
Emi Dennou Emi wasn't sure what to expect from girl talk but she's easing into this conversation prett well so far, or so she thinks.

"That's not all!" Shida says, wagging her arms. "Shida of the Network was dead at the time so he adjusted the deal so for the TV Station he had Hades bring me back alive, Shida of the Network would not be here if not for Isaac and would instead be in Hades's realm where it'd be super horrible." She sighs and then flops her head on the table again. "...But this one stands no chance." The 'don't give up' look flies right past her because of DESPAIR


"It was also for 'a secret'," Emi adds to Avira. "We mentioned--that we never knew how he found out you were a Princess of the Heart, so..."

"Perhaps with patience, an answer will reveal itself, regarding Ang." Emi looks over to Maira. "But of course...this one should note...that Percival and Angantyr--do not precisely get along. Or at leats they did not when we last interacted with the two of them."
Maira Maira groans, likewise filled with despair! DESPAAAAAAIR! "Not exactly, but Angantyr doesn't get along with almost anyone--it isn't like I would try to date them both! Surely...neither of them. I don't know why I am worried about this. This is silly," she says, not raising her head.
Kyra Hyral "So wait, Isaac is why Hades has his own TV station now?" Avira sounds shocked-but honestly, she can't be too mad about this deal. Avira knows that there are much worse things a person could give Hades. Avira has been that person.

"Feelings for Percival, you say?" Avira grins. "Well I would certainly approve of him."

She falls silent. "Yeah I still have to wonder about that. I didn't exactly attract loads of Heartless or crazy Dark Knights. Angantyr excepted." Slowly, she shrugs.
Maira Maira looks shifty eyed at attracting Heartless and crazy Dark Knight, flushing with embarrassment.

She looks up though as Avira mentions Perci, blinking. "You would? Well, I guess why wouldn't you...he's...well he's just about the nicest person," she replies with a sigh.

"Does this mean that I am fickle?"
Emi Dennou Emi pats Shida on the shoulder. There you go, there you go.

"That is what he was using for our events." She explains to Avira. "He broadcasted the matches we had through Isaac's system."

"And I'm alive now thanks to him," Shida repeats. "So it was a good deal." She puffs her cheeks out, pauses, and then says, "Right? Shida of the Network is not going to cause problems she?"

"Percival is kind, a bit doofy, but not a bad gargoyle." Emi adds. "There are many eligibles for you, it seems." Fickle? Hmm. "Well," She adds. "The Network has been led to believe it's an important decision?"
Kyra Hyral "No, you just have crappy luck with men. Ivo, Angantyr..." Avira sighs, "Sometimes I wonder why. Guys are so much problems."

Mentally, she makes a note to thank Isaac again later for this deal he made. It is, in fact, the first time Avira's heard anything about this.
Maira Many eligibles?! Maira blushes furiously. "That is certainly not the case!" she responds. "...And Percival is /not/ doofy..." she adds, squaring her shoulders a bit in the defense of him.

Maira sighs heavily when Avira mentions Ivo. "For all I know, that man has fallen off the world. I'm worried...but also rather angry. Though as time passes with still no word of him its trending more towards worry," she admits.

Another sigh. "I wish there were clear answers for anything. I don't know where to go, what to do...well, I know I need to find the Dark Knight. He must be vulnerable. I fear he will march right back to Matthew--Er, Emperor Mateus."
Emi Dennou "What about Ivo?" Emi asks, having not heard this story before. She looks back over to Maira and hmms. "Fallen off...? This one admits to not have hearding from him in some time. This one wonders what happened. Well, it could be any number of things. He may be very busy now that Reize is no longer handling SHard Seeker Headquarters."

But that wouldn't explain leaivng Maira unflirted with?! Not if she knows Ivo! Maybe it is something serious...

"Well, perhaps you should keep an eye on him. What is his ... real name? Do you know it?"
Kyra Hyral "Maybe Reize knows where that guy ran off to. I have no idea myself..." And knowing Ivo, he definitely wouldn't tell Avira where he ran off to! In fact, he might have ran off just to avoid being around Avira. It was that bad between them.

"Oh Maira. I hate to say this, but there are no clear answers in love-oh, wait, you mean this Dark Knight thing."

Emi asks the question that's been on her mind for a while. The darkness-infested guy did not give a name. But this new person...?
Maira "Ivo was...I don't know. He was probably just toying with me, though I thought, there was this one time...he seemed very genuine," she sighs. "Ah, but I don't even--I worry for him, but...heh. Maybe I really am fickle," she sighs.

"The Dark Knight? I haven't gotten his name yet, but I hope to soon. We...have a connected linkpearl that he gave me while he was...well...still the Dark Knight," she admits with a small wince.
Emi Dennou Shida remains in emo mode, nobody said she wouldn't cause any problems 'later', after all, so now she's worrying. The idea that Emperor Mateus would call himself MAtthew however...

Emi starts snickering despite herself, clutching her sides in an attempt to be as nonchalant about her hysterical laughter as possible.
Maira Maira does a sloooooow turn toward Emi, blinking in confusion. "Whaaaat?!" she asks.
Kyra Hyral Avira finishes off her tea, "So where is this guy right now anyway? In hiding, I'm assuming."
Emi Dennou Emi snickers. "Emperor...Matthew. Just call him a 'Mat', heh heh heh..."

Shida continues to be depressed, staaaare.

Emi breathes out. "Girl talk is considered sacred, private ground, correct?"
Maira Maira shrugs a little. "I don't know. I'll try to get in touch with him though. He didn't even know who I was when--when I did that...thing that I did," she says. Perhaps Maira knows exactly what she did and is actually just to shy to say so. Because it sounds insane.

The girl takes a deep breath. "Well...lots of things to do I guess....thanks for making some time for me Avira--and Emi and Shida. Don't give up Shida!" she says, reaching over to put an arm around her.

Then, to Emi, she nods. "Yes, yes it is."
Kyra Hyral "Girl talk is talk amongst girls. So this doesn't spread to guys." Avira points out helpfully for the Dennou's benefit. For nowe, though, she reserves her thoughts about Ivo to herself. "Oh hey, don't think about it..."

She half smiles. "It's what friends are for, right?"
Kyra Hyral There is but one reason that Kyra has journied all the way out here. Strangely enough, it isn't to use the beach. Kyra was not much of a beach person, in fact, her pale (almost greyish) skin far too accustomed of the endless storms of Ramuha. The sun was not something she handled terribly well at all.

The heat was unaccomodating when it came to heavy clothing at the moment, so she has removed her signature moogle hoodie at the risk of sunburn.

Kyra's target is pretty easy to spot. She would know her little sister anywhere, even in the new dress made by Seloria. Pictures had been shared moments before, after all. The redhead strolls on up to her sister, a grin upon her face. "Alma! You look-" She stops, not only noticing Souji there amongst her classmates, but catching the tale end of him...complimenting someone!? Complimenting...ALMA?

Kyra is stunned into silence.

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