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A Game of Tag and Kidnappings
(2013-05-04 - 2013-05-04)
The students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
Sanel It is a warm bright day for the Southern Continent. The large field of grassy plains supports a variety of plant life exists out here. This area is well known to be a spot where the chocobos often inhabit for miles. Many of them are in different coloars, but the predominant color is yellow.

For the students of Alexander Academy, Jidro had likely given them a heads up of an assignment that was picked up that would be good for accumulating funds. Something that would be good for adventurers to handle. It also serves as 'community service' to get a bit more well-known by the locals. Billy was the point of contact at the ranch. However, the ranch isn't for a couple of miles away.

Laying on his back is a little boy, who is staring at the sky. He looks a bit dazed. The mass of blue hair covers half his face and he wears the overly large coat.

"Sanel tired."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is actually not too far off at this point. She's at the ranch, taking care of her own chocobo. She has to bring it back often for feeds and rest, so that's where she is, stroking the feathers of her chocobo with a brush diligently. For all the bickering she creates, she has a more quiet side too, mostly when she's alone, without any of those meddlers/annoying people around her.

Well there's kids at the ranch, but she'll spare them since they are taking care of her chocobo too.

She heard over the radio about an 'assignment', for whatever it might be. She figures she'll drop by. That's why she came early to handle her chcoobo's care first, then she heads out with 'Amour de Glace' over to the appointed spot.
Alma Hyral The Chocobo fields. Alma loved Chocobos.. And Moogles.

Which she totally just found out were real and not just plushie toys. SQUEEE /Ahem/

Anyhow, she jumped at the chance of having a community service assignment. As they traipsed down the road at a languid pace, Alma was one of the first to spot the smaller child in the fields. And so she broke from the group to go check on him. He looked entirely harmless after all, and so there wasn't even a hint of anxiety in her voice as she approached him. "Hello there, is everything alright? My name's Alma, Alma Hyral, what's your name?"

She then looked back over her shoulder to the group she had been travelling with. "Would you like to come with us? We were just about to have lunch, before tackling this assignment."
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom is travelling. But today, he's not just milling about doing various Artyom-esque things. Today, he serves as someone's bodyguard.

The colossus follows after Alma as she travels through the lands in search of her most favorite, white, fluffy critters. Not that she can't take care of herself, or anything. It's just that there'd be certain problems if she were held up in a cave somewhere by a band of brutal goblins or crow-men and someone were to have to go in after her.

Not that such a thing would ever happen to Alma Hyral, but it's always good to take precautions.

Artyom does not, however, see the need to chase after the younger girl at every turn. She goes running off, and Artyom does what Artyom always does when he's waiting around for something to happen. He sits, under a tree, arms pulled up to cushion his head against the trunk, and takes a nap.

In doing so, he surprises basically nobody.
Sanel The assignment was simple: Help Billy with the chocobo tending. People had brought in a lot of chocobos, and the task was a little too large for him to handle. He felt a bit bad, but Jidro reassured him that the other students would be glad to help out. If nothing else, the assignment would earn the group their own chocobos and a place to keep them.

Within the very field, the small child lies on his back, just gazing at the sky. The eyebrows furrowed.

"No snow. Stupid sun." Sanel grumbles. "Stupid sun. Stupid sun."

However, there are footsteps that he can feel through the ground. He blinks, perking an eyebrow before he lifts his head up. He rolls onto his side to see the person in question, then he falls onto a knee.

His single eye lifts towards Alma.


The boy brightens, "Sanel is Sanel. Sanel is happy to meet Almmy." He beams at the girl, and then his eyes drift towards the sight of the people. His eyes lift up towards the massively tall man. "Oooohhhh..."

"Mount Mount!"

And now, Artyom is designated a nick name.
Annia Leradine Well that certainly made it easier since she was already there. Instead of moving out, she stays there and starts helping out with the other chocobos. Other than her own at least. Fortunatly her own's tasks were completed, and she pets its mane quietly before moving on to the next stall. She can handle animals better than humans. Is that really surprising with her? At least most animals don't frustrate the hell out of her with their inept chatter, fake smiles and double-faced personalities when with high class. Something that grates her to no end really, despite that she does it just to preserve appearances just the same.
Soan Sagittarius Accumulating funds? Extra cash flows? Assignment? That got most of Soan Sagittarius' attention with only these few meager words.

Soan Sagittarius appears a little more later at the assigned ranch, for now spending most of his early time looking outside of the fence, observing for the moment, trying to get a good gauge on how things -- also get used to the smell. Chocobo smells quite a lot, it seems.
Artemis Eurus Fifteen feet /above/ Artyom, Artemis had been taking a nap IN the tree.

She stirs when she hears someone sleeping down at the base and peers down, a smile curving her lips.

The woman moves silently, simply dropping down to land in front of Artyom, dressed in greens and browns to blend into the landscape, her mask black, her sword at her side. "Boo."
Alma Hyral He didn't look much younger than her really. He was only a couple of inches shorter. But he certainly acted like a child, and so Alma couldn't help but treat him like one.

Alma smiled at him, even giggling, with a hand lifted to her mouth. "No, it's Al-ma. Al-ma. Sound it out."

She'd offer a hand his way, as if to suggest taking it, and following them.

She'd gesture with her other hand towards Artyom. "And that's Artyom Valodjn. Some people call him Frank."
Sydney Losstarot Sydney walks boredly through the tall grasses of the plains taking a moment to slash down a tall stem with his claws now and then boredly, heaving a sigh as he looks about. No people to manipulate. No templars to kill. What on earth is Sydney supposed to do? Maybe he'll go catch a Chocobo, that could be pretty useful for his stay in the World of Ruin. Oh, did I not mention? He's on a completely /different/ plain right now. Raising his palm, he summons a corridor of darkness, to the Chocobo Plains.

The exit point for the dark corridor rises near the group of people who seem to have gathered today. A steel leg pops out of the portal with a heavy PLINK noise, followed by Sydney emerging from the portal entirely. He looks at the group of people curiously, letting out a remark to announce his arrival.

Artyom W. Valodjn Being a very large sort of person apparantly means that you quickly become the center of attention. Being asleep means that you typically end up missing a vast majority of that attention. Artyom does not shift when Artemis drops down, almost on top of him. Though one eyelid does lift, revealing a rather groggy, golden eye.

Artyom stares at the woman in the tree, her black mask and her sword and her armor. Artyom's other eye opens, staring wearily at the mask. And then his hand presses gently into the root of the tree beneath him, and compels its branches to tangle up about the woman's ankles and pull her a few feet away, where she could dangle all she likes.

Because when you're a geomancer, you can kind of do stuff like that.

Artyom yawns once, then shuts his eyes and stretches like some great mountain cat or a colossal brown bear. The colossus gives Alma and the boy at her side a bit of a look, and then mutters something, before cosying back up against the tree- it is a rather comfortable tree.
Sanel Handling the ask of the chcobos is not too bad. It is just getting them into the sable, making sure that they are brushed, and that they don't run off.

Within the field, however...

The lamia is eyed by majority of the chocobos. They squint, cautious of her presence. However, they haven't gone into panic unless she shows signs of aggression.


There is a look of frustration as Sanel is trying to sound out her words. Alma -should- be a simple word to pronounce, right? Maybe, but Sanel likes the name he came up with better.

"Almmy! Almmy!"

Sydney's arrival through the dark portal earns a glance by the boy. In that very moment, the boy's hidden eye gives a red glow. Howeve, the gow is rather faint. He squints, but soon loses interest in favor of someone else.


As the girl's hand extends out towards his way, Sanel is reaching to take her hand.

...Unfortunately, that will involve getting yanked by the boy and placed over his shoulder. Alma may find that the sheer strength of the boy is likely to dizzy her.

"Sanel has a new friend! New friends! Sanel wants to play!"

And what does he do?

He is about to run off with the poor girl over his shoulder.

Sarafina Carenze An airship has landed nearby--a nice big field is good for it to take a break, and Sarafina has been leaning against the edge of the ship, observing the titan. It was... ... ... actually rather dull. He wasn't doing anything. Though considering what she has come to expect from giants, well, that is sort of unusual. A familiar face drops down by Arty and she looks at her for a few moments. One of those heretics. She wouldn't forget that whole masked warrior schtick she was using.

A cooridor of darkness suddenly appears?! WOWZERS. Sarafina jolts, her hand resting on her chainsaw when someone she has elected to label as 'Trouble' steps out and says 'Boo'.

Sarafina's eye twitches. Children. Sanel appears, he seems to be somewhat mentally deficient. An innocent young lady is--wow, one could have heard of 'retard strength' before but usually that wasn't meant to be literal?

She sighs. "Going down. Better make sure that Darkness User doesn't start anything." Or, at least, doesn't start anything she can't finish. She shoulders Wingclipper (see associated image of hugeass chainsaw) and hops off the ship, dropping down on the field to investigate.
Artemis Eurus As they have met before and on friendly terms, Artemis has no real reason to suspect he is being more than mischievous. She steps out of the roots with one leg, but is caught up by the other, laughing as she's turned upside down. She swings there, her hair falling to billow in the wind. "So sorry to interrupt your nap Artyom, but as I had been napping above you I figured it would be the polite to come down and say hello," she says, bending then to look over toward where Sanel has just thrown Alma over his shoulder. The samurai blinks. "Is that a friend of yours? I think she may be being kidnapped by a small, obscenely strong boy," she comments.

So, that must be Sanel.

Artemis twists another way as a dark portal opens. She gives Sydney a wave and a smile of greeting, still (happily) hanging upside down. She must be alright with this, as she could easily 'blink' her way on out of it. Instead, she is using it as an excuse to stretch. Then, an airship? "This place is becoming suddenly very popular."
Alma Hyral Alma would continue with her giggling at first. She couldn't be irritated that he couldn't get either of their names right. "Well it is very nice to meet you Sanel, come on, let's goooooooKYAGH!"

Her friendly words turned into a shriek of suprise and pain the boy yanked her hand so hard that she felt almost like he'd popped her arm out of its socket. She was a rather frail adolescent after all, having had a tendency towards being sickly in her youth.

At first there was a sort of stunned shock as she was hefted over his shoulder so easily, then some erratic flailing to try and dislodge herself, minus the arm he'd yanked on which was screaming with pain. "OHSWEETCOSMAWHATISGOINGON!?"

And then she'd try to calm herself and reason with Sanel, which didn't work given that she was terrified now, so her next statement still came out as. "SANELTHISISNOTPLAYTIMEPUTMEDOWNNOW!"
Nagetta Nagetta springs up a bit as she hears Syndey's greeting. She wasn't expecting that and turns her head to see the man and the dark corridor. Something told her that wasn't good. The lamia then turns her head to see the girl being grabbed by the boy not expecting that. "Maybe you should put her down..."
Soan Sagittarius Not that anyone noticed, but SOAN SAGITTARIUS, MILD MANNERED THIEF, is gone. He never was here. A thief, a good thief, he is.

Instead, there is a sudden heroic shout, followed by a shadow from around, a shout familiar to say.


Landing surprisingly without a thunderous crash into the ground, the mighty fully armored DRAGOON MAN lands swiftly before Sanel, lending foward an open palm to stop himn. "Immobilize yourself! Do you not realise that danger you are in, right now, for both you and her!?"

DRAGOON MAN waves a hand dramatically at the field. "You could slip and fall! It is written on the ranch's rules, right before entering the fence! Put her down, now!"
Sydney Losstarot Sydney looks about, raising his eye curiously. ...Just what the hell is going on here? He responds to Eurus with a nod, walking over to address her. "...Do you need help, Artemis?" He asks curiously, scratching his claws together as if to illustrate his point. "I have nary a doubt that that cannot be comfortable." He says bluntly. Turning about to look at Alma and Sanel, he remarks "That she is. 'Tis probably naught but childrens play." He says boredly, casting it off as nothing. And then "Dragoon man" appeared.

"...Who in the nine planes of hell is /that/."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn. Yes, hello to you too. But I believe I've not much chance to chat right now. Have thing to do." Artyom replies to Artemis. His gaze swivels over toward where little Sanel appears to be... Abducting Alma Hyral. Artyom's eyes narrow dangerously as he rises, standing at his full height. Under his feet, the land itself begins to tremble, before a rather massive sword launches out of the ground and into his waiting hand. He does nothing with it, except rest it against his shoulder.

"Boy," Artyom rumbles as he moves to intercept Sanel and his shoulder-thrown Alma. "Please let that girl down. She does not appear to enjoy being held over your shoulder. And I wager that you are likely going to hurt her, carrying her so crudely." Nevermind that little boys should not be able to carry around adolescent girls. This is just kind of weird.

With a grunt, Artyom throws his weight forward and hefts the tip of his massive, stone sword into the earth. His hand still rests along its hilt.

He still does nothing else. Yet. Nothing apparant, anyway.

Besides be massive. Colossal, even.
Sanel As opposed to Alma's cry of dispair about the situation, Sanel is in good spirits.

"Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Play time! Play time!"

Nagetta's warning is promptly ignored as the boy is carrying Alma over his shoulder and he sprints past her. When Sanel charges towards the exit, he finds himself stopped by DRAGOON MAN.

Sanel looks at the sign at the field. Then Dragoon Man. Then the field. And then back at the sign.

"Strange Costume Man is right. Sanel doesn't want to slip and hurt his new friend." Then, the boy beams, "Sanel will be careful! Sanel promises!"

Beneath the feet is a coat of ice. That ice is sinking along the field, covering where the soil used to be. In front of him is a trail created for the boy to start ice-skating past him and the sign.

...But not before giving a slight smack.

"Tag! Catch Sanel and Almmy! Catch Sanel and Almmy!"

Even Artyom, the massive mountain of a man's words fall on deaf ears as the boy is skating past his way with the similar tag. "Mount Mount is tagged too! Wheee!"

At the same time, the chocobos are now in panic. With the sudden activity of the infamous child amongst the animal kingdom, they are running around the ranch, likely serve as an obstacle that the current caretakers will have to dance around to get the boy and girl.
Artemis Eurus "Yes, I can see that," she replies to Artyom, then waves him off to go deal with the situation at hand.

Artemis twists then to look toward Sydney, shrugging. "I'm quite alright, this was a good stretch," she says, then disappears, reappearing below and on her feet, arms crossed beneath her chest. "Wouldn't want to hurt the roots of the tree. I assume Artyom was simply being playful."

Artemis looks toward Dragoon Man then, blinking. "I haven't a clue," she answers to Sydney's question. "I assume however, that the assembled company has this well in hand."

Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze is instantly convinced that DRAGOON MAN is not Soan Sagitarius or, more accurately since she doesn't know who Soan Sagitarius is, doesn't think he could remotely approach the Class of THIEF. Indeed, his stealth skill seems to be in the negatives. What an attention hog! Sarafina elects that maybe she better keep her identity of DRAGOON WOMAN secret lest he try to ropeh er into some sort of superhero teamup. She hasn't even said anything and is already feeling a headache coming on.

The Monster seems to be the most reasonable person so far so she says, "Aye, you should be sensitive to the feelings of your companion. If a stranger such as I can see she is in distress, it would behoove you to be able to do the same for your friend."

Is Sanel even going to understand this, she must wonder--but it seems that he 'gets it'.

"Excuse me, ma'am." She looks to Artemis. "I remember you from before. What did you say your name was? I am Sarafina Carenze, captain of the Red Chocobo." She jerks a thumb towards the airship. "Pleasure to meet you."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine grumbles on her side now. Why is there so many noisy people suddenly around here. guess its her schoolmates, those that are handling the assignment at least. She grrs and looks over the chocobo she's tending to "Hey, quiet down, you're going to make the chocobos excited for no reason!"

The chocobo she was taking care of seems ennerved by the sudden, closeby shout, but she quickly tends back to it, soothing it back down with brushing of the feathers "No no, its not about you, shhhh..." She doesn't know who's out there, but obviously not appreciating the extra company.
Nagetta Hearing a familiar voice, Nagetta notices Sarafina. It's been a while since she's seen her. The lamia feels a bit more at ease with the woman's presence. "Hello Sarafina..." At least there's one person who she knows hear now. She notices the other dragoon present and wonders if he knows her father, it couldn't to ask right? Of course she has to figure out how to approach him first.
Artemis Eurus Artemis turns toward Sarafina as she approaches, smiling and bowing to her in greeting. "Yes, I remember you, or your ship at least. You came to our aid during the battle near Mullonde. I must admit I owe you a debt. The least I can do is give you my name. Artemis Eurus, at your service Captian Carenze," she replies.

She will let Sydney introduce himself if he chooses to. He might make Sarafina fight him for his name after all. Or, maybe that was a pleasure reserved for herself.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Fine." Artyom says, as he kicks over his sword. "We will play," Artyom says as Artyom steps onto the flat end of his colossal weapon.

There is a gentle rumbling sound from somewhere vaguely downward. Artyom scoots his greatsword forward. Slowly, it begins accelerating. And then the acceleration itself accelerates. Underneath, the ground shifts and twists, forming waves and eddies of smooth crystal underneath the massive weapon. Its speed increases, moving faster and faster, as Artyom steadies himself on the blade, riding the earth-tide across the ranch. He weaves between chocobos and leaps over fences on crystalline bridges. His speed is... Actually rather impressive, though his handling could use some work.

As he moves, he deposits small, pale, flawed gems into the ground in his wake. For now, they do nothing at all. /For now./
Sydney Losstarot Sydney crosses his arms as he reviews the scene before him. Seems downright childish. Silly, even. But if everyone is making a deal of it, I guess he might as well. No need to get involved just yet, though. "A friend of yours?" He asks Art curiously as he leans against the tree. None of his business, though he does let out a half-laugh at the mention of her airships name. Apparently he finds irony in the fact that anything flying is named after Chocobos.

"...Perhaps that child may need help after all." He says tiredly, raising a brow curiously as he watches Sanel run around with her.
Soan Sagittarius Well, at least they are out of the fence, Soan thinks to himself, watching Sanel skate out with the poor screaming, flailin girl on his shoulders. Out of the fence before the chocobos begins rampagi--

DRAGOON MAN get bumped by one of the said not-rampaging chocobos, sending the armoured man tumbling foward into a roll, grunting out in pain. He launches himself back to his feet, glowing eyes staring wide. It wasn't a full out charge, but that certainly surprised him. "Geeze!" He grunts, looking past at the panicked chocobo. Something must be done before more are hurt!

Then he smell something. Something rather foul, a smell that DRAGOON MAN knows all too well. The stink of corruption, of darkness. Admist the chocobo, the armored man's eyes slowly turn toward Sydney, narrowing.

"Chaos spawn." He hisses under his breath.
Alma Hyral Given that Sanel isn't moving yet, she actually manages to calm down a little more, just enough to get out. "S-Sanel.. p-play time later, not n-now." She tries to make her voice soothing, soothing, so very soothing. While giving Artyom a look from over Sanel's shoulder of /PLEASE HELP ME./

And then Dragoon Man arrives. She was actually.. a big fan, of Dragoon Man. Few adolescent girls her age back on Chocobo weren't given his exploits. She might have tried to introduce herself without swooning, if she weren't currently the damsel in distress, so to speak. "D-Dragoon Man! Please h-help me!"

And then Sanel tags Artyom, and starts taking off on ice skates on his makeshift icerink, and Alma starts to shriek again. "NONONONOOOOOOOO!"
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man quickly blinks when Alma screams out. Oh. Right, saving the girl. The chaos spawn can wait. Saving the helpless is far more important. "HOLD ON, YOUNG LADY!" The dragoon shouts, leaping out of the enclosed space and chasing after Sanel. He don't want to hurt him. Buuut... maybe he can be reasoned with.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina murmurs to herself, "Are dragoons really superheroes in that world? So strange." She watches after him as he chases after children. It's downright comical but Sarafina is kind of a stick in the mud thus meaning she fulfills a different comedic role in such situations. She glances at Sydney, raising an eyebrow. She doesn't seem to get what's so funny about naming a ship after a bird that is only sometimes flightless.

But her focus remains on Artemis for a few seconds. "Nice to meet you Artemis," She extends her hand. "If you ever need a hand again, we'd be happy to lend a hand. That Church is, if nothing else, extending its reach too far." She doesn't really know about the whole demon thing but she doesn't approve of mass slaughter on the basis of ideology either.

"Where--" She begins, but then stops as the Titan starts running around. "..."
Sanel Annia manages to calm it down for a brief moment. It doesn't quite panic anymore. All is well, right?

For now, yes. However, Annia will have to deal with one of the paniced chocobos that come from outside. It runs into the stable, likely to cause a ruckus within her vicinity. She is not going undisturbed!

Sanel looks back to see Dragoon Man is chasing Sanel in the field. "Yaaaay!" He looks back at the name that the girl called him. "Draggy Man! Draggy Man! Catch Sanel, Draggy Man!" And Artyom isn't too far behind, riding on the earth-tide within the field. "Oooohhhhh!" It's ice skating against earth-riding. Who shall win the race?!


Deep within the Chocobo fields...

A behemoth is resting peacefully. The large, rough looking beast is snoring, grumbling about dinner. An eye opens...

It sees a very familiar boy in the distance.

... 'NOPE'

The creature quickly hides somewhere in the bushes, likely to remain out of th by's peripheral vision. The less that the little boy sees the Behemoth, the better.

However, it sees the approach of two other people behind the boy. A gigantic man and a man in armor. The large monstrosity is moving along the grass, and then it starts pouncing in front of them.

Lunch time!
Artemis Eurus Artemis glances to Sydney. "She is someone who has helped me in the past--if you would allow me to introduce you?" she asks Sydney before looking back to Sarafina, taking the offered hand in a firm, friendly grip. "I would be pleased to inform you more of the situation if you so wish Captain. As you interfered, you may well find yourself branded heretic as well. You should know what you may be getting yourself into."

Artemis releases her hand and watches Artyom in action, following Saraf's line of sight. "That's Artyom. Really something, isn't he?" she ask.

Then, suddenly, among the chaos of running chocobo, a Behemoth appears. Artemis looks less than concerned with Artyom and Dragoon Man on the task. Still, she wonders if she should interfere. "Ahh...this is...huh..."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine blinks as a chocobo charges through the stables. Well, that's certainly going to disturb the rest at this point. She quickly jumps on top of the small enclosure of the chocobo she was tending to, and as the chocobo runs past, she jumps right on top of it, bringing her arms around its neck, trying to take control of it. She tries to calm it down by talking to it, as she usually does, a soft, quiet voice that is very uncharacteristic of her for those that know her well enough, as she carefully strokes the feathers of the mane, making sure to keep enough grip so she's not thrown off either in the stampete.
Nagetta While Nagetta's vision in the light isn't too wonderful, she can smell and hear something coming from the bushes. Before she has a chance to warn everyone, the bememoth makes it's presence know. She's never seen one in person before but she's read about them. She lets out a bit of a squeak before drawing her spear, she wouldn't let herself get eaten without a fight.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney raises a brow at Artemis, tilting his head slightly with a bit of a frown. The kind of gesture that says "You /know/ the answer to that question." Still, just incase she doesn't get it, he's got a backup plan. "No." Artemis might hear resounding through her very mind, with no obvious movements made. Normally doing that would be more taxing, but its just one word, and he's not reading her thoughts while he's at it. As for Sarafina... "A church who dares reach not beyond its home, yet slaughters those within its short grasp with ease, does not deserve to have a sphere of influence at all." He says bluntly, not even bothering to look at her as he's too focused on the Behemoth.
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral went through all the stages of grief right in front of them.



Stage 3. Bargaining: Alright, Cosma.. I know you're listening. If Sanel let's me go right now... I'll never, ever, ever nag my sister ever again, even about her coffee.


Stage 5. Acceptance: IHOPEITASTEBAD

And then once she'd gone through all of that, she started to actually get a little rational, as she began to glow with a yellow radiance, a regeneration spell beginning to heal the screaming pain in her arm.
Artyom W. Valodjn Earth-riding is favorite pass-time for a great number of Titans! You find a good mountain, stand on a rock, and then surf right on down until you've hit the bottom. And then, if you're really good, you keep right on going! Artyom is no exception. He once tried to surf down from the very summit of Titan itself! This became a problem when he hit the first of the massive mountain's horizontal cities, but that's in the past now.

In the present is a Behemoth that seems to have become a bit too big for its britches. It's not even a black behemoth! Artyom is disappointed.

But he can use it to his advantage.

The Titanic's hand contorts into an occult gesture, sending a pulse of light through the earth itself. A blast of nearly liquid crystal erupts from below, solidifying into a ramp just in time for Artyom to launch himself into the air--

And then, onto the Behemoths head, up the curve along its massive back, and into the sky.

For a few shining moments, Artyom attains incredible air-time.

And then the crystal ramp surges forward in a great amorphous mass, rumbing into and around the Behemoth's feet before exploding skyward, blasting into the Behemoth's underside, to harden under the Titan's surfboard-sword. He rides it through the sky and also vaguely downward, descending like a colossal condor, casting a massive shadow, hot on the heels of the little strong-man.
Sarafina Carenze Artyam, Artemis. She can't call Artemis Arty when there's an Artyam.

"Strangely, that hasn't happened yet." Sarafina says. "It may be because I didn't strike at them directly but rather through an individual helping them known as 'Souji Murasame'. He was quite the fighter, let me tell you, but fortunately we were recently brought some mages onto our ship. Actually I was hoping you could tell me a bit about him."

Luckily for Sydney, Sarafina is from a medieval era where things like 'not murdering your own people' is still considered modern thought and not, you know, 'well duh?' She says, "I was not speaking geographically." She says frankly. "Do you have some problem with me, young man?" The wings twitch back as if responding to Sarafina's question.

But she does, a bit belatedly, give a small nod to Nagetta. "Sorry, child, was a bit distracted. How fares your search? Unfortunately, I haven't heard hide nor hair of him myself, I hope you've had better luck."
Soan Sagittarius Suddenly, a Behemoth. What the heck is up with these plains, that /rando behemoths/ just stand around in a plain full of chocobo--

Oh. Right.

DRAGOON MAN will not lift a finger against the Behemoth. He leaves that in the very capable hands of Artyom's talents, who is far more used of dealing with oversized creatures to begin with. The Dragoon, already in the air, watches with some interests the whole geomancy trick the Titan pulls off. Smiling behind his mask, the Dragoon gives Artyom a solem high-five, hanging in the air, until momentum demands that DRAGOON MAN falls back to the soft grassed ground.

Which he does, again stopping before Sanel, lifting an armored palm up.

"Hold up, my friend! I know you wish to play, but the young lady you carry does not seem so well!" He intones, frineidily, but still firmly. "You may be having fun right now, but she does not seems to be at the moment! In fact, she looks rather motion sick." His body leans foward, trying to NOT be menacing. "Please set her down. Alright?"
Sanel Annia is faring pretty well. Despite of the other chocobo entering and causing a ruckus. The chocobos around her ended up calming down; it start off with the one whose back she was on. It started to finally relax its muscles, keeping itself from being frizzled. As the other chocobo sees its counterpart calm down, it follows suit.

Within the ranch, outside of the slight moment of the chocobos going crazy temporarily, they calmed down.


The behemoth ROARS!

It's eyes drift towards DRAGOON MAN before it sweeps its attention towards the earth-riding mountain of a man. The blast of the crystal erupts from the earth and solidifies into a ramp in front of it. But then, Artyom launches int the air, onto its head, and the curve of its back.

...Into the sky.


However, the ramp becomes an amorous ramp and it rumbles under its feet.


The creature is high in the sky with a painful yelp. And it lands on the ground, on its back, with the look of x_x.

Unfortunately for Alma, Sanel is oblivious to her worries and grief. The boy is skating along while keeping her hefted over his shoulder.

And then DRAGOON MAN appears in front of him. Artyom is not too far behind.

"Ahh....!" Blink. "Draggy Man tagged Sanel!" However, he does mention about Alma, who is not looking to well. Sanel blinks, turning to see her condition.


Sanel gently sets her down, offering a bright smile. "Sanel set Almmy down! Sanel isn't trying to hurt Almmy! Almmy is new friend!" Next, the boy makes a face, "...Sanel was bored."
Artemis Eurus Artemis looks toward Sydney, her eyes widening slightly the only sign that she received his message. Otherwise, her expression is unchanged.

The masked woman turns her gaze back to Sarafina. "About Souji Murasame? I know little of him, I will admit. I know someone who may be able to tell you more of him however," she replies.

Artemis turns to bow some toward Nagetta in greeting, yielding the conversation to let Sarafina and Nagetta speak so she could look back to Sydney, giving him /quite/ a curious look now.
Nagetta Nagetta moves to attack the behemoth only to see someone's beaten her to the punch. It must have been the runt of the litter to go down so easily. She's kind of curious to how tastes now. Her attention turns back towards "I haven't had any luck..." She frowns a bit at that. "How are you?" She does her best to make small talk despite everything going on around them.
Sydney Losstarot And I responded in the same vein." He says with a blunt distantness to his voice. "But if you seek Murasame, I know where you may find him. There is a fiend known as 'The Dark Knight'. Murasame seeks to make him a puppet to his whims. Seek The Knight, and you may yet find Murasame." He says, before letting her go bug someone else. As for that look Artemis gives him... She only gets an innocent "Hm? Something the matter, Artemis?"
Alma Hyral Alma doesn't see the SKY HIGH BEHEMOTH, with her eyes suddenly shut very tightly.

She does however hear Dragoon Man admonishing him. Motion sick, she thinks indignantly, I'm not motion si...

Oh wait, there it was. /BLARGHHH/.

She loses the remnants of her breakfast in a most unladylike manner on the ground. As Sanel puts her down, she feels the world spinning, as she lays flat on her back, wiping off her mouth with the sleeve of her frumpy white mage robes, being the only thing she has on hand.

Her first thought: I'm alive! Thank you Cosma! I'm alive!

Her second thought: I hope I didn't puke on Dragoon Man's boots.

And so she stays on her back, hyperventilating with a hand over her chest. She tried to slow her breathing in an attempt to calm herself down. "S-Sanel... M-M-Maybe your p-p-parents should have a t-talk with you about h-h-how one plays with g-girls."

She wanted to get up to introduce herself to Dragoon Man, and to thank him and Artyom, but for now, she could only try to catch her breath.
Artyom W. Valodjn Stone sings along crystal as Artyom weaves his way back down to earth. He comes to a stop a few feet behind the ultra-strong boy, before hopping off his sword. He pops it up with a stomp of his heel, catching its hilt with one hand and resting the blade against his shoulder. The colossus sighs slightly, as he goes to gently help Alma back up onto her feet.

"Are you alright, Alma?" Artyom rumbles, concern obvious in his voice. "You are more or less unharmed, yes?" He frowns at the pile of... Blown chunks, and makes a sound of distinct disapproval. "We should get you cleaned up, mmn?"

Meanwhile, the Behemoth lands somewhere in the distance with a solid /thud./ It has learned a lesson! That lesson is 'always keep an eye on the ground.' Also, 'don't underestimate earth magic.'

Artyom inclines his head at Sanel, his face set into a heavy frown. "You must be gentle with ladies, young one. Even if you were bored, you must be more careful, and not treat others like toys. One can fix a broken doll, but not so easily mend a broken bone."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine phews as the chocobos calm down. That was a good workout even for her, chocobos that are excited might destroy the entire place down if they started to stampede. She quietly bring the one she's riding toward a free pen, and hops off it camly. She pets its peak a bit, and then decides to go check outside what's going on to excite the chocobos like this.

And then... behemoth roar. She slumps her shoulders a bit... "Another one? Didn't we capture one that was hanging around here not that long ago?" In fact, it was at the chocobo ranch too. She sighs, and looks around for it... noticing alot more people around here today. "What's goin on, some kind of party?" She highly doubts Choco Billy needs THIS much help to work the ranch.
Soan Sagittarius DRAGOON MAN's boots are rather immaculate. Good job, Alama, you didn't puke on his boots! Or anywhere else, for that matter. It is really fortunate for her, then!

The Dragoon solemnly nod at Artyom's words. "Indeed! It is always best to be mindfull of new friends you meet, to remember that, they, too are people with desires and dislikes, even if the look different!" He punches his fists into his hips, adding afterwards. "Talking to them first, meeting them is quite a better way to go! In the end, always remember, my young friend,"

Dragoon Man looks aside. Normally there's a camera everywhere in Chocobo. This actual living chocobo will, however, do. "Friendship is a bridge that goes both ways!"

His message spread, he turn his attention at Alma, looking then at Artyom. "I'll leave the young lady in your good care, my friend. And do be careful of that man with the clawed hands -- I can smell his Stink."
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina isn't terribly invested in the church and really gives no licks if they call her a heretic or not. The Church may have been a powerhouse before but its reach has significantly diminished with the World of Ruin. It could be a hassle, though, so she doesn't intend too be especially loud about her assisting the Heretics as it stands.

It seems Sydney is dancing around the edge of rudeness. Sarafina has dealt with nobility as a born commoner. She settles he hasn't gotten far enough, if he doesn't wish to say what his problem is, so be it.

"I am well," She tells the Naga. If only her own daughter was as sweet. Instead she's just focused on all this crazy Manhattan technology these days. She should have never bought her that smartphone. If you let the phone do the thinking, what will you store in your own brain??

but it was so wonderful taking one apart and seeing how it ticked...

"But I am sorry to hear that. I will keep my own eyes open as well."
Alma Hyral Alma Hyral eventually managed to get back on her feet with Artyom's help. She wasn't exactly all that steady yet, so she leaned against him for a time. "I-I'll be fine. T-Thank you A-Artyom."

And then on the subject of broken bones.. Not entirely true. She could fix a broken bone a lot more easily than a broken doll. It just hurts, a lot. Less so than when Kyra does it, but still it was hard to take the pain out of the mending process. And that reminded her, PAIN. Her regeneration spell had fixed part of the problem with the dislocated shoulder, but she'd still yet to pop it back in. Steadying herself, by placing a hand up there, she pictured how it fit into the ball and socket joint.. and with a sickening sound, pushed it right back in. From her mouth came something that was like a muffled shriek of pain, before that glow spread over her once more, doing the rest of the work.

And then once she'd fought back the tears from mending her shoulder, she'd speak shyly to Dragoon Man, "T-Thank you for c-coming to r-rescue me. I-It was very nice to m-meet you Sir."

She tried not to think about what sort of a wreck she must look like, this was /not/ how she wanted to meet Dragoon Man.
Sanel Blink.

Sanel is looking at Alma with sheer curiosity as she loses her lunch. He tilts his head to the side, not seeing much of big deal. Though, when she recovers and admonishs him about how to treat girls...

"...Parents?" Sanel squints, running a hand over towards his chin, trying to think. "Umm.... Sanel doesn't have parents. Sanel thinks." He pauses, "...or, Sanel doesn't remember parents."

In fact, one could see visible question marks around the boy.

"...Toys?" Though, seeing Artyom frown at him so seriously has Sanel frowning. "Sanel didn't mean to hurt Almmy." However, DRAGOON MAN's words were a bit more encouraging. "Okay! Sanel will be more mindful! Talk first!"
Nagetta "I'm glad to hear that..." Nagetta smiles a bit before her attention turns back towards the behemoth on the ground. "Is it dead?" She doesn't want to wake up all of a sudden and start attacking again. Her forked tongue comes out of her mouth as she smells it for any signs of life.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom does not visibly wince at the sound of Alma's shoulder being popped right back into its hole. The colossus frowns, sighing quietly. "Mmn. We will get you cleaned up. Get some drink in you to replace lost fluids. Everything will be alright, yes?"

He turns his attention back toward Sanel and inclines his head. "Mmn. Even if you did not mean to hurt her, that is what came of it, yes? You must be careful. Those who are strong must always be careful with their strength, or they will hurt ones who do they do not want to hurt. Please try to be more gentle with your power, young one."

Dragoon man is regarded with a respectful bow of the head. "Your assistance is appreciated, noble dragoon. I will... Keep your advice in mind," his eyes dart toward Sydney, before alighting again on the armored hero, "I hope the blessings of the Bahamuti continue to find you. Thank you again."
Alma Hyral While she was still terrified of Sanel, she couldn't help but to soften her stance at the D'aww moment. She sort of had a motherly instinct ingrained in her. "You p-poor thing..M-Maybe we could.."

She was about to offer for him to come with them, and then she remembered that the child had just popped her arm out of its socket at a faint touch, picked her up, and ice skated across half the Chocobo fields while an angry Behemoth chased the two, embarassed her in front of Dragoon Man, terrified her out of her mind..

And despite all that she still makes the offer, "...c-come with us. For l-lunch? M-Maybe to see the m-moogles?"

Oh wait, Sanel amongst the Moogles could be very, very bad. "...M-Maybe not the moogles."

And then still timidly, once again to Dragoon Man, she'd mimic what Artyom said. Play it cool Alma, play it cool. Don't swoon, don't shriek like some fangirl. "B-Blessings of the B-Bahamuti on you, S-Sir."

Oh she couldn't help but gush a little. "Y-You're a real hero!"
Soan Sagittarius The Dragoon gives Samel a look, Soan behind the mask frowning emphatically. "I see... an orphan. I am sorry, you and many have shared that dreadfull fate." He comments. Himself included, Soan muses bitterly to himself.

Dragoon Man watches White Magic in motion. It is... very much the same with his own powers of regeneration, altought to a lesser degree. It is still never pleasant, even if you feel better after the deed is done. The Dragoon slowly bows his head, a hand on his chest and lowering the upper part of his body. He's learned that exagerrated movements is a lot more effective when you have no face to convey emotions. "And it was a pleasure, Alma Hyral. Do be careful."

There is an audible chuckle at Alma's outburst, passively waving a hand at here. "No, no... I only do what I can and what I must, what any Dragoons would do." he says, humbly, before bowing again. "Thanks you. May the Light continues to brighten your lives."
Sanel There is so much that the boy doesn't remember. However, in a way, it is liberating. Sanel doesn't know is special about the past. However, he can only move forward.

Alma's offer is considered. It is the hand that is reached out to him in offering of joining the group. Sanel is about to accept...

...But then the behemoth is slowly rising to its feet. It rumbles, sounding pretty annoyed. It staggers, snorting before a snarl. It releases another roar.


The expression on the creature's face changes. What was previously rage and anger is now just fear and horror. The large behemoth is turning back to flee.

Sanel's attention is lost from Alma, and instead, focused on the fleeing behemoth. Sanel is skating after the creature, leaving the trail of ice behind him. "Come back, Bebe!"
Artemis Eurus Artemis shakes her head at Sydney. "No, nothing," she replies, watching the situation be resolved from afar.
Alma Hyral Alma watches Sanel skate off after the Behemoth with wide eyes. For some reason she felt really sorry for Bebe.

She continues to fangirl it up, by waving at Dragoon Man. She added another blessing, purely because she's afraid her Father would charge right out of the darkness to punish her if she didn't, "Blessings of Cosma on you, Sir."

It's only after he leaves, and she's walking back with Artyom to get some fluids into her that she realizes.. "W-Wait, how did he k-know my surname?"
Soan Sagittarius A mile in the air, Dragoon Man has the burning sensation that he made a terrible, terrible mistake in the last few moments.
Sarafina Carenze "Well," Sarafina says after a moment. "It was nice meeting you, Artemis. I'd like to get to know you better sometime." She urubs the back of her neck. "Mm...maybe over--" SHE IS GOING TO SAY TEA? "--coffee?" OH NO! She has made a critical error!
Artemis Eurus Artemis stands, blank-faced, for an excrutiatingly long time.

"I am a tea person. I will make you tea," she informs Sarafina.

Saraf may make the mistake of thinking this is an offer she can refuse without serious consequences.

She would of course, be very wrong.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina isn't nearly that moronic.

"haha..." Sarafina laughs nervously. "tea it is then." She slides a small piece of paper into Artemis's hand with her comm info on it. "Let me know when you have a moment free." WHAT WAS THAT CHILL THAT JUST WENT UP HER SPINE?
Nagetta Nagetta watches as the behemoth runs off. It must have just been stunned. "Lunch? What are you having?" She hears the mention of food. She wasn't unable to catch a chocobo and her other possible meal just left. The lamia was getting a bit hungry after all.
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods to Sarafina, smiling anew. "I shall. It was a pleasure meeting you, Captain," she replies, then would go elsewhere.

Because the scene is over.

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