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(2013-05-03 - 2013-05-03)
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Ramza Beoulve The trip to Archades had been.. suprisingly uneventful.

They hadn't had any trouble. They got part of what they came for, and they got out without being recognized. While there had been hints of how Ramza might have achieved one of their goals.. It wouldn't have been worth it. Taking the high road always had its price.

And so they'd moved on until the right oppurtunity would come to search Upper Archades. They'd arrived the day before near the Living Woods, set up camp and all of the various necessities. The night was peaceful, quiet.. as uneventful as the trip to Archades. It passed by lazily until the sun was about to make its morning debut over the eastern horizon. It was about that time that he rose, same as always...

Well nearly always. There were a few occasions where he slept in, but they were few and far between.

Once he arose, they had their morning tea ritual.. Without Omi. It was likely best to keep her, and her sisters away from Artemis for a short while. And then they carried their training swords over to a more secluded glade. Once they were there, he'd hold out a training sword for her, hilt out. "So, tell me about this hunting expedition you were on.. and the man you encountered afterwards."
Artemis Eurus Artemis takes her training sword, giving it a quick whirl. She'd been very quiet thus far this morning, likely lost in her thoughts. The past few days had given her a good bit to think about.

"It wasn't quite a hunting expedition. I went to meet someone," she replies. "As for the man...his name is Sydney. He's a heretic in that he opposes the church--I suppose the Church has good reason to oppose him. He complained about their black-and-white morality, about the silly dichotomy of how light is good and dark is evil. I cannot disagree, though his use of Heartless is unsettling," she replies. "He has some sort of tattoo upon his back, magic in nature I am convinced. He...also apparently has lost both his arms. He has....prosthetics, in their place," she informs him, falling into a fighting stance before throwing out a quick slash she is sure he will block.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve takes up two training swords. A shorter, and a longer one. He'd been trying to build up his endurance ever since the battle with the Dark Knight.

He still hadn't told Artemis exactly what.. went wrong. Better that she not find out exactly how close he was to death.

He doesn't flourish them, he just takes up a stance with the longer blade at a high guard, and the shorter at a low guard. "I think I might have seen him at the battle with the Dark Knight. He seemed.. obsessed, with whether I'd impress him or not. I know not what it means, but I care not whether I disappoint him. He did at least aid us in saving a civilian from death, so I give him that much..."

He'd tilt his head to the side. "But his use of the Heartless is disquieting, to say the least."

And with that, he'd begin their little game of chess.. with wooden swords. A swing with the longer blade, followed by a thrust of the shorter blade. He was already trying to anticipate what her overall plan was, so that he might raise the short blade to parry it in advance.
Artemis Eurus Artemis has no plan today, she's simply sparring, warming her muscles as Ramza does as well. On reflex she deflects the first blow and parries the second, bringing it high to step it and aim a quick jab to the solar plexus.

"When I asked his name he suggested we fight for it. I believe I earned that and more. We did not fight as we fight now--not to the death certainly, but I do not think we held back too much," she replies.

"Heh...have you no desire to ask who it is that I left your company to meet?" she asks then.
Ramza Beoulve He twists, side stepping the jabquickly, bringing both blades outwards, then trying to cross them over any follow up swing from Artemis, aiming a kick underneath the crossed swords. He's not quick with his kicks yet. Partially because his legs are usually more armored, and he doesn't use kicks often in battle, relying more on legwork and his fists if he needed to go hand to hand.

"He has a flair melodrama, it would seem. I'm sure he'll make his purpose plain soon enough..."

He'd grin as she asked that. "...I figured you'd tell me sooner or later. I am curious, but I wasn't going to pry if it infringed on your privacy."
Artemis Eurus As Ramza aims a kick her way, Artemis simply pivots and chambers her leg to block the kick with one very solid leg. She'll use her strength, gripping her katana with both hands to throw Ramza's crossed swords to the left before disengaging rather than following up the attack. Artemis will play defensive today, let Ramza see if he can make it past her defenses.

"Tch..." she begins. This is the real dance it seems. "You should ask occasionally, where a woman you care for has been. I went to meet Marius. He survived the fall," she replies.

If Ramza recalls, Marius was the man she had an affair with while at the Academy. "He heard rumors of me--likely, he spoke to Louis."
Ramza Beoulve She'd block as expected, then threw him off-balance, easily deflecting his crossed blades. Though when she finally speaks, it gives him pause, as he disengages himself.

He'd smile at her, chuckling. "Well I don't want to feel like I'm smothering you.. or acting like some sort of jealous fool. I certainly /care/."

He kept his expression perfectly neutral though when she spoke of Marius. "What has he been doing, all this time?"
Artemis Eurus "Tch...a man should show a bit of jealousy," she informs him.

Artemis sighs then. "Surviving. He is...a shadow of his former self. He has taken everything that happened very hard," she replies.

Artemis turns then, looking off into the forest. "I pity him...but I find that I do not love him," she answers. One question answered, so many more left to ask.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza chortles, as she states that, "You really think that I ought to be the jealous type?"

He'd look at her, searchingly. "The fall of our world was difficult for each of us.. it is unfortunate that many have been broken by it. If ever he desires our aid, he need only ask."

It wasn't a question he was even going to ask. But she answers it anyhow. He does appreciate that. After a pause, he'd decide to reengage her again.. switching tactics.

As soon as he presses in the attack, he vanishes. Reappearing behind her, he'd drop both blades, before stepping one leg around hers, trying to throw her off-balance with a trip.

But instead of actually letting her fall to the ground, he'd wrap his arms around her, allowing her to dip downwards, and him with her, holding her like that. Assuming she didn't react.. defensively. He'd lean over her for now, but not actually make a move yet. He'd murmur, "Mayhaps I am jealous, somewhere deep down. But if he had desired your affections once more, he might have had.. competition."
Artemis Eurus Of course Ramza would offer his aid. He is just about the nicest guy in existence.

Artemis frowns as he 'blinks' toward her, though she is ready to defend, only to have him drop his blades and trip her into a dip.


Artemis looks genuinely surprised, a smile curving. "Oh, he does desire my affections, but I do not love him. I will not lead him on," she replies, looking up at Ramza, her smile turning sly as she reaches up to grab him by the back of the head and pull him downward until their lips meet. She has a feeling he will not resist.
Ramza Beoulve No, he doesn't resist at all. Not, at, all.

He'd press his lips against hers affectionately. Hands trailing up her back as he leans in ever further.

In passing he thought that he might like to see her with the mask off, then he wondered what the mask meant once again.

Maybe it meant she was a witch. She had bewitched him after all.
Artemis Eurus Indeed, the mask can provide some difficulty in situations such as this. Artemis' mind races as she pulls back, looking up toward Ramza pensively. Does she love him? Maybe. Does she trust him? Most certainly.

Artemis takes him by the hand and raises it toward her face slowly before letting go. "Do it," she whispers.
Ramza Beoulve When she pulls away, at first he wonders if he'd done something wrong. He gives her an inquisitive look, trying to anticipate what she might say, or do.

Nope, he failed entirely, he didn't expect that at all.

When she asks him to, he gingerly starts to undo the knot in the cord untied beneath her hair, then removes the mask with a single hand, still holding her up with the other hand. And then he'd just stare at her for a time, before whispering something he read while he was in Manhatten, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty." And then he adds, "....but I never could have dreamed how beautiful the truth might be."

And then assuming she didn't resist, which he didn't think she would, he'd press his lips against hers once again.
Artemis Eurus Artemis stiffens slightly as he begins to untie her mask, but despite her hesitance she urges him to continue. Its time, after all. With all the privacy she's stolen from him, it is only fair.

Besides, she wants him to see.

Its true, her face is a pretty one, perhaps prettier than she would like. A delicately arched brow, well shaped eyes, the irises brilliant green. She had high cheek-bones and a nose that some might regard as a bit on the large side but fit her, only seeming to add to a noble bearing. Her skin is smooth, unscarred, only marred for the moment by the imprint of her mask and a vague tan-line.

When he speaks, she cannot help but laugh softly. "That was incredibly corny Ramza," she whispers against his lips, then returns the kiss is full force, no mask to be careful of bumping or knocking askew.
Ramza Beoulve In truth, it didn't really matter to Ramza what she looked like beneath the mask.

He still wanted to see anyhow, but it would have had no effect on his feelings for her. Whether she was ugly, or pretty, scarred or smooth, what mattered to him was the trust.

The fact that she was pretty, was merely a pleasant suprise.

She laughs at his statement, and he actually laughs sheepishly in return, "It was, but I still meant every word."

And then all words ceased as the two became lost in each other once more.
Artemis Eurus Artemis sighs into the kiss, her temperature rising with her need. She slips her tongue between his lips and pulls him closer, a hand trailing down his chest, lower...

She expects that he will likely stop her before that hand reaches its destination.
Ramza Beoulve He doesn't know what is happening at first, so caught up in the moment is he.

And then he realizes what is happening. It is.. tempting for him, to just let go. But he has to know.. and he doesn't yet.

Just as her hand reaches almost low enough, one of his hands touches her wrist ever so gently, not grasping it, but still..

He'd draw away, and whisper just two words. "Not yet.."
Artemis Eurus Artemis cannot hide her disappointment, especially without a mask to guard her brows. How strange it must be for him to see her expressions so readily.

She nods though, abandoning her quest in order to simply reach up and runs her hands through his hair before disentangling herself. "Very well. torture me," she says with a smile. Turning then, she begins to unbraid her hair, intending to find somewhere to bathe soon.
Ramza Beoulve He doesn't want to disappoint her. Farthest thing from it. He just has to stay true to himself. To his feelings. To his heart.

She seems to accept it readily enough without getting angry at him, but still he notes her disappointment. And he feels terrible about it nevertheless. Was he doing the right thing? Would she leave him if he couldn't sort his feelings out quickly enough.

He didn't know.

Still, he found that he couldn't take his eyes off her, as she unbraided her hair.
Artemis Eurus Once her hair is loose she shakes it out, cascades of flaxen hair descending down her back. She reaches into her pack then, pulling out a comb made from some animal bone and glances over her shoulder toward Ramza, offering him the comb. "Will you assist me?" she asks, eyebrows raised in question. Her mask still rests nearby, and she makes no move to retrieve it.
Ramza Beoulve His response to that was pretty obvious. "Of course."

He'd take the comb from her, and gingerly begin to brush it through the long lengths of her flaxen hair. He'd work through any tangles with a gentle touch, leaning in close to her as he does so.
Artemis Eurus Artemis has a seat, letting out a sigh of relaxation and pleasure. Having her hair combed is one of the most pleasurable activities she can think of, and for her it is an act of intimacy Ramza may not understand.

She is quiet for a long time, her eyes closed as she feels the comb move slowly through her hair. When she speaks, there is no segue. He's smart enough to figure it out.

"I look like him. To me, I do. The same eyes, the same brow...when I see myself I see him. I wear it not to hide my face from the world....but just from myself."
Ramza Beoulve He understood that the gesture was an intimate one. Perhaps he didn't understand the depths of the intimacy in the gesture with her yet, but he came to, as she spoke.

In the back of his mind he wondered if Louis used to comb her hair as well. He didn't really need to ask, he knew it almost to a certainty. It didn't give him pause though, as he continued to comb her hair, waiting. And then after a time, he'd finally stop, walking in front of her, placing a hand upon her cheek, as if scrutinizing, a smile plain on his expression.

"And yet I see none of the cruelty. None of the madness. There is not much of Louis LeBlue in your visage, not to me. All I see is Artemis Eurus, not Claudia LeBlue. Not Louis' little sister. Just.. you. And you are beautiful."
Artemis Eurus Artemis meets his eye, her expression unreadable until she looks down, sighing. "I fear you are blind then. I am still her. I am...more than I was, but I am still her, somewhere," she replies quietly.

"Thank you though...heh, though I fear you only don't know me as well as you ought if you think me sane," she admits with a smile.
Ramza Beoulve "You wouldn't be the first to call me a blind fool." He teases, "You certainly won't be the last, I think."

He'd shake his head, "And now you say I'm falling in love with a woman who's insane. Woe is me. Mayhaps I'm touched in the head myself. There are many who think so. But I think our sort of insanity is different from your brother's. The world needs our sort of madness. Am I wrong?"
Artemis Eurus "I am not sure you quite understand the depth of mine..." she replies.

However, then she looks rather surprised. "You...are falling in love with me?" she asks. She doesn't look automatically delighted. She looks cautious, perhaps concerned. "Ramza...I have a great deal of baggage I need to work through. You know this. Perhaps I have been a fool."
Ramza Beoulve "Then tell me, if you think it will actually change anything.." By his expression, she would realize that it probably wouldn't.

All he says in response to her final statement is, "Then we'll work through it all together."
Artemis Eurus Artemis sighs deeply, reaching up to pull him down to sit in front of her. "You are a good man, your heart is light, you wish the best for desire peace. I fear you will see the depth of my bloodlust and you will be disgusted," she replies. A very real fear. He has not seen her as she knows she can be.
Ramza Beoulve He sits down in front of her. And for a time, he was quiet. And then eventually he speaks up, "In my first battle, I told a group of Corpse Brigade, peasants holding crude weapons to lay down their arms or to die clutching them. That none would mourn their passing. My bloodlust suprised even myself. In time, I grew to hate the shedding of blood, but at first.. I revelled in it. I thought it was the fulfillment of my Father's dying wish for myself."

He'd pat the hilt of her sword briefly. "Artemis, if you'll be my sword, then I'll be your sheath. We'll find peace for you, together."
Artemis Eurus Artemis listened, nodding. "We are warriors...we would not fight if we truly hated battle. We would fight in other ways," she agrees.

At this next bit however, Artemis blinks. Then again. She presses her lips together hard, trying not to laugh, but it is hopeless. Her face begins to crack, her shoulder begin to shake...

Then she laughs, good and loud, falling over onto her back in a mad fit of giggles. "I...I think...I think you have it....wrong...AHAHAHAHAHA!" she rasps out between fits of laughter, tears streaming down her cheeks from the force of her amusement.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would nod with her, "Mayhaps, I would prefer that it wasn't necessary.. but unfortunately, the only way to achieve some things in this world, is the willingness to fight for them."

And then he'd look at her, puzzled, as Artemis resists the urge to laugh. And then she does, and then she continues to laugh. Then she's giggling with laughter and crying tears of amusement.. And then she'd say /that/. At first Ramza couldn't figure out what she meant, the innuendo lost on him. And then it'd come to him. Striking him like a bolt of lightning. And then he'd groan at his own foolishness, as he runs a palm across his face, his cheeks flushed bright red.
Artemis Eurus Still laughing raucously she sits up only long enough to grab him and pull him down into the grass, rolling herself on top of him, still helpless with laughter. "Ahahah...Oh Ramza...that was....eheheheheh!" she says, burying her head in his chest as she trembles with laughter.
Ramza Beoulve He doesn't resist, as he's pulled down, and rolled over so she's on top of him. He'd wrap his arms around her awkwardly, his cheeks still entirely flushed with embarassment.

"I was trying to be serious.."

For some reason that made it even worse. But then even he would have to derive some amusement from it, as he began to chuckle.
Artemis Eurus There, finally, he laughs. "I am sorry Ramza, but that was terribly hilarious, you have to admit. The sentiment is appreciated, it is. Oh but you are so innocent," she snickers, then leans down to kiss him, let him get some of his man cards back.
Ramza Beoulve And so he would, kiss her that is.

I don't think he could ever recover his man cards after that.

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