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(2013-05-02 - 2013-05-05)
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The Wildcat Cafe, its a nice place to sit. Take the load off your feet and just relax. Also great place to get some food, drinks, and whatever you perhaps may like.

In the case of one individual who is here, he is mostly taken a seat in the back corner of the cafe with a glass of water, some toast, and a bowl of hot cereal. Which he is mostly stirring around mindlessly and ignoring his slightly headache.

Many people are somewhat avoiding him and some are even given him a few funny looks. Minus the helm, the dark blue; near black hair individual with his red eyes reminds a great deal of people of those who had been causing trouble in Traverse Town.

Not only that but the very armor he wore was a even stronger indication to who he may be. That being a person known only as the Dark Knight. Which some passing through Traverse Town spoken of how the man actually could eat the hearts of people and had been running trouble in so many different cities.

Including a time shown up on the beach as well!

Yet Traverse Town gained many strangers and though a good deal of the people had a hunch to who this was, it didn't seem this man in his dark armor of black and gold, who simply wanted to enjoy his breakfast was yet to cause any trouble.

Yet being the optimal word.
Will Sherman Will Sherman knows a lady who needs to get out more when he sees them.

As such, after being taken to Souji's ship to have his insides put back inside of him, and eating their food, he decided to immediately grab Alma and go to the WildKat Cafe because he was more hungry, and Souji was cutting him off from another meal. The big jerk.

"See, I told you, just a Cafe, pretty neat place. Anyway, lets get some GRUB." he says, hands over head as he walks into the building. Oh hey, Dark Knight...who was totally just chilling and eating. Crap, he owes him a drink still...

Slowly he tiptoes towards the counter, motioning for Alma to follow suit.
Rena Laradyne A nice place for breakfast, the Wildcat. A slightly groovy joint in a town full of strange people and strange customs (and strangely, a penchant for being attacked rather frequently. Some of the shopkeepers appear positively shell shocked at this point)

Rena strolls calmly up to the Wildcat, reaching her hands up above her head to stretch out the kinks in her shoulders. The leather and scale of her armor creaks faintly as she raises up on her toes and yawns languidly, taking a look around with interest.

The shivan giantess scrunches her lips to one side as she takes a look at the jukebox in the corner. Her fingers slide across the outer casing as she looks down at the selections briefly before moving on towards the counter.. cocking her head to the side as she spies the two sneaking towards the counter. A sly smile breaks out on her face.

"Do they even /serve/ bacon pancakes here?" she asks incredulously to the air in general, (and loudly) as she strides towards the counter. Her eyes wander the interior of the cafe. When she reaches the back corner, her eyebrows raise minutely and she stares for a moment, that same smile quirked on her face before she passes on and turns her head back to Will and Alma. And of course... looking studiously at the menu in order to order a copious amount of food.

It was breakfast after all.

Breakfast is serious business.
Alma Hyral Alma definitely needed to get out more. She'd barely seen anything of the World of Ruin other than Cornelia and the Ame-No-Torifune. The seat of Souji's corporation.

Will Sherman had been friendly enough to her after she healed his wounds and made him breakfast. Something about the man felt.. off, to her, but not in a way that set her on edge, that grated on her. No, he just seemed like a friendly transient that had just been grateful for her services. So it shocked her when he asked her to come out with him for a meal she'd never heard of called /Second Breakfast/ Will had insisted it was a real thing. She still resented that Souji had tried to cut off her charity to the man, so she'd offered meekly to pay, if he wanted.

When they arrived at the cafe, her gaze swept the cafe, a smile forming upon her visage. "W-Well it does look like a nice place, M-Mister Sherman."

And then she noticed the Dark Knight. Something about /him/ immediately set her off, set her on edge, made her afraid. But Will was with her, and she didn't want to embarass him, so she followed Will over towards him, her hands crossed in front of her as she played nervously with the sleeves of her frumpy robe.

Spotting Rena, she didn't recognize her immediately, given that before she was merely a voice over a radio, but vague recollection caused her to recall that this woman had gone to the same school as her, two grade levels up. It was hard to forget a Shivan woman of that size. She had literally dwarfed Alma in those few chance encounters. And so it didn't take her long to figure out that it was Rena

She offered a smile to her, and a tentative, shy sort of wave. "H-Hi Rena. Y-You should ask M-Mister Sherman. He would probably k-know. Its very nice to meet you in p-person."

Every so often, she would give the Dark Knight a wary look, despite speaking to Rena.
Leida As if often the case of late, Leida finds herself wandering through the brightly lit streets of Traverse Town in the early morning. Even the harsh glare of the neon street signs and old-fashioned lamps was preferrable to the sunlight and here in the place the sun holds no dominion. For a creature ever growing closer to the shadows, such small differences are a blessing.

On top of this, the crush of bodies that floods the streets in the early hours in her new home of Manhattan is something that the princess doubts she'll ever get used to. The entire population of the castle town she used to live in would probably fit on one of the long subway trains that ferry people about and being trapped in a sea of unknown faces, each person rushing to begin their daily commute, is a little too much for her delicate nature.

The hood of her 'modern' jacket is pulled up to conceal the horns that protrude from her raven hair but this is more out of habit than actual fear of discovery. Ever since someone pointed out that she was infact overexaggerating the reactions people gave her out of intense self-consciousness, she's eased up a bit on avoiding public exposure but her shy and timid nature is unlikely to fade completely.

Leida slips into the WildKat with her head lowered, doing her best to be unseen without resorting to actually making herself invisible. In a strangely ironic way, people tended to notice shadows flowing about in unnatural ways more so than a random girl in plain clothes. Heartless have put even the common citizens on high alert in this regards.

She does not immediately notice the presence of the others, or rather the faces that belong to them, but her connection with the shadows means she is always receiving information. Will's voice is hard to mistake, however, and she peers up from under the edge of her hood at the young man in surprise. Ah but he hasn't spotted her yet and she doesn't want to make a scene, so she quietly slinks off to the side and takes a seat at one of the small tables.
The Dark Knight sitting over in his said corner, continues to stir the cereal, before he lifts up the spoon and watches it run off. It was like someone who was bored and wasn't really sure they wanted to eat what they ordered.

At last he started to actually eat the bowl of cereal about the time that someone new people walk in. He doesn't give much attention to them. His red eyes just staring off into space while he eats, before he blinks a few times and notices someone. Someone who /OWED/ him a drink standing with a lady.

He almost wanted to yell over, but instead he just takes a bit of his toast and glares at the back of Will's head. He may be a man with issues, but he did respect another man's privacy with a lady who was hanging to him so close.

Then he watches as an extremely tall woman walks in and seems to join them. Part of him swore she flashed a smile in his direction, but it only caused him to furrow his brows in uncertainty as he continues to eat his cereal and toast.%r Though he did wonder why the white mage with Will kept looking back at him. Then he remembered, this was a common thing to be happening.

Then Leida walks in and takes a seat at a table, he cants his head faintly. She is-- an interesting look person. Ah Wildcat cafe, so many different looking people.
Will Sherman Oh god he sees him, Will knows he sees him...why isn't he yelling at him?

"Bacon pancakes are NOT on the menu...they are heathens here." he says, with a sigh, and then...

"Hi Leida." Will says, looking back towards the young demon-girl-thing. He isn't unfriendly towards her...he's not one to uh...SIT on his high horse when he'd gotten a similar situation done to him. Not now anyway. Though what he's seeing now kinda makes him frown a little, but he doesn't say anything...or accuse anyone of anything.

Will looks at the menue..

And makes an order big enough to make people cry.

"Don't mind that guy in the armor...he's not bad anymore. Might be kindof a jerk...I also owe him a drink so uh...try to avoid eye contact and maybe he won't see us." he assides to Alma.
Rena Laradyne Rena inclines her head down to Alma and Will and a big smile breaks out over her face. "Well now. I am shocked and appalled, Hyral. So.. is this where you take /ALL/ of your breakfasts?" she looks mock indigant, balling up a fist and putting it on one hip, raised eyebrows in stern lecture mode.

"And here I thought I was being spontanious." she winks at Alma, face relaxing into a bemused smile as she looks over Will, tilting her head slightly. She looks at Will's order and clucks her tongue.

"I also see you bring friends whose appetites are as short as they are. A pity, this place has some decent food."

She turns her head and shoulder towards Leida and raises her eyebrows slightly but then turns back to the counter and orders the same, if not more food. The universe may in fact collapse from the weight of the combined breakfasts.
Alma Hyral Kyra had told her of the Dark Knight, but she hadn't described him. The tale had terrified her, but there was nothing in it that allowed her to recognize Leon. She had an ominous feeling that she should be afraid of him, but nothing more.

The girl in the corner in the hooded jacket gave her the same feeling. And so on instinct, she stayed close to Will sitting beside him. Alma truly was a timid creature by nature, and a pacifist at that. Will's joke about the bacon pancakes she took far too easily. "H-Heathens? What f-faith considers bacon-pancakes sacred?"

Alma orders a much smaller portion of bacon, eggs over easy, waffles, and biscuits. It wasn't a light meal, but she had a longing for a meal that would remind her of home,

And then Rena would make her teasing accusation, and Alma would manage a smile. "N-No, its just a coincidence. M-Mister Sherman is fond of this place too. I-I've never been h-here before."

The sheer size of Will's order would of course shock her, he'd seen what he'd done to her cooking! THE HORROR! Suddenly she her offer to pay didn't seem like such a good idea! "W-Would you care to join us, R-Rena?" She motions for her to sit with them. "A-And you're j-joking right? M-Mister Sherman has a huge a-appetite! M-Mister Murasame cut him off after we c-cleared out half the pantry feeding him." Half the pantry of a corporate office was not an insignificant expense.

And then Will would point out Leon to her, telling her to pay him no mind. She'd lower her voice to a whisper "W-Who is he? He was bad b-before?"
Leida The princess freezes mid-motion as she slides into her seat upon hearing her name called out. Well, so much for her stealth skills. With a soft sigh, she leans back and gives a weak wave at the young man and his new friends. Atleast, they seem distracted with food for the moment.

Leida's head tilts up and she allows her gaze to wander across the small crowd inside the cafe. A few of the faces are familiar to her now, other customers who make a habit of coming around at about the same time each day. None of them have seen fit to introduce themselves to her, nor she to them, so they remain strangers to each other regardless.

Instinctively, she allows her shadow to bleed into the floor and small wispy tendrils extrude themselves along the edges of the wall, hugging the corners to remain hidden amongst the other patches of black and grey. Each of them quietly makes its way to one of the nameless customers until it brushes gently against their legs. She does not touch them for long, knowing well that her probing can be sensed by even normal people if she delves too deeply, but even that brief moment of contact sends a flood of information into her mind.

Memories from the lives tumble into her in a jumble and she sets about sorting through the detrius to create rudimentary frameworks of each person and their personality. To her left an old man sits, his face seemingly twisted in a permanent scowl. Though he is always terse and dismissive to the waitress, she quickly surmises that his short temper is rooted in the fact that his own daughter ran off many years ago despite his wishes. The way that she does her hair reminds him of her and that brings back with it a sharp sense of regret.

Another set of images rush into her as she touches the mind of a pair of young teens who sit laughing and giggling about nothing. A quick search of their memories reveals things one might expect to find: loving parents with their own set of flaws, squabbling siblings, and flares of drama usual revolving around trifles that young girls tend to blow out of proportion. It is nothing amazing or unique but these every day exerpiences, for one who has lived her life, are a guilty pleasure she has come to indulge in each morning.

She avoids allowing her spiderweb of senses to draw near Will or his friends nor does she investigate the ominously armored man in the opposite corner of the cafe. Even without touching Leon she can feel his darkness and knows he would easily notice her intrusion. With her consciousness spread thin at the moment, Leida's eyes gloss over a little though the shadows of her hood do much to hide this.
The Dark Knight; Leonhart if someone was to ask his name just continued to watch people. His eyes glancing over at Will once more as he raised his glass of water, giving it a soft tap with his index finger, before he took a drink from it.

Yeah. He was doing the soft gesture way and not the rude in your face way like he could be. At least for now.

Though when the darkness starts to lift in the room, the former Dark Knight furrows his brows and places his hand to his head, he almost drops his spoon actually. That feeling. That pull. The sense of another force tugging at him.

He opened his eyes, his red eyes searching across the room to directly look at Leida. He stared at her for just a moment, before he gave her a puzzled look. He then returned to his eating, mostly now keeping a very close eye on her.
Will Sherman Will stares at Rena, "This is just an appatizer." he says to her, "BUT IT SEEMS YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE ME! ACCEPTED!" he says, and points at the people behind the counter...they know what this means.

Time to send Mercade more bad news...

Will, however, prepares for this by pointing at Leida's seat, so everyone will know where to sit. Because Will is just awful like that and because he's pre-Yup, the Dark Knight remembered. Will looks around, points at himself, and mouths, "who me?" before sitting down at or NEAR Leida's table because Will's player doesn't remember if this is a hipster cafe or a cafe with real seats.

"Hey guys, this is Leida. Leida, this is Alma, and SOON TO BE EMBARRASED BY MY STOMACH!" he says, and coughs, "Rena is her name, I just met her." he declares, and shrugs, "Also, Bacon Pancakes are a important part of Hobo Society!"
Rena Laradyne Rena grins predatorily at Will Sherman, raising her hand to tease a tendril of red hair behind one pale ear. She clears her throat softly, slowly settling down in her seat like a cat settling down into position. She tucks one boot behind the other that gently taps against the tiled floor. "Only half?" she chuckles deep in her throat. "Well. I'm sure Murasame can write it off as a royal incursion." she looks at Will and shrugs one shoulder gracefully. "Well. a ../minor/ concern, at least."

She peels her leather gloves and the articulated claw arrangement from her hands, setting each down beside her with a proprietary hand on them as she slides them away to make room in front of her. Her shoulders faintly raise and twitch, her expression ticing as if feeling something mildly unpleasant tug at your awareness but she shakes it off as easily as brushing away cobwebs.

"How about we make this more interesting." she slowly swings off the seat and approaches, laying a hand on the table and bending over it to look over at Will. "How about, once I tear your pride and feed it to you as a delicious piece of lightweight dessert, you not only owe /me/ a drink.. you owe the gentleman over there /three/." she tchs, raising her eyes to look at the man in the back corner with another glimmer of a smile, then back down at Will.

"Just.. a little paying down of debts, really." she grins at Will. "Nothing really lost anyways. I'm sure you'll soundly trounce me." she handwobbles as if to say she wasn't quite sure she believed that as she slides into a seat nearby.

"Hello." she inclines her head to Leida before sitting down.
Alma Hyral Alma had ordered coffee, which had just arrived. She'd put in a couple of packets of sugar, and pour in the cream.. As an astronomer, she often stayed up for long nights, and coffee was becoming a mainstay. It was even becoming a joke around the office that she was their unpaid intern since she was always willing to make coffee runs. Cook nun, had also been thrown around. She suspected that Helena started that one, or maybe Frank.

And then Will began with the boisterous challenges and yelling. ...suddenly she wondered why she needed the coffee. The man's excitability was infectious, even so, she took the coffee with her as she sat down at the same table as Leida.. across from the girl. Her eyes met with Leida's briefly, suddenly ill at ease. "H-Hi Leida. Its very n-nice to meet you."

And then she looks over to Will and Rena, managing something of a grin. "M-Maybe he can, Minette is a very skilled a-accountant. I-I'm sorry Mister Sherman, I'm going to have to cheer for Rena. S-School pride and all. So I hope y-you're ready to pay up W-Will."

She wasn't sure if she really believed that. The memories of watching the man eat would haunt even the most seasoned cook!
Leida Leida's mind snaps to reality as Will plants himself nearby. The girl gives a start, reflexively recoiling from suddenly having a person sit nearby but she manages to catch herself before falling out of her seat. The tenebreous feelers immediately retract into the girl's shadow and she slouches in her seat in dismay at the realization that these people intend to have their breakfast right here. Well there goes her mildly creepy plans for the morning.

"Ah... n-nice to meet you..." The princess timidly responds as introductions are made, her desire to be polite overriding her shyness for a few moments. She stands up from her chair and bows in Japanaese fashion to Rena and then Alma in turn, folding at the waist to tilt her body towards them.

It's clear that the group is already in the midst of some discussion so she quickly takes her seat again and goes quiet. Her hands fold nervously together in her lap and she stares down at them pointedly, trying not to make eye contact with any of them. Will might already be used to her corrupted appearance but there's no reason to go making a show out of it.
The Dark Knight continues to watch the group with some curious notion. They were louder then most people in here and drew a good deal of attention, though in no bad way. Yes, even his own.

Then Rena flashes that smile again in his direction while talking to Will. This causes him to raise an eye brow at last and tap the spoon on the bowl for a moment before he goes to finish eating what he had left.

Though what he could pick up on, there was some kind of 'bet' going on. Bets were always interesting between friends. He-- remembered back in Fynn making some bets with guys late night around the table. Stuff his sister would have scolded at him for if she ever knew; but she never seem to know about her older brother's late night games.

Probably a good thing.

Not that....

His eyes narrow slightly as the thought goes there, his eyes glancing over to the side with a gentle tsks in annoyance. He at last ran his metal gauntlet clawed fingers through his short hair gently before picking up his glass of water and downing it.

Maybe he should go pay that table visit as well...
Will Sherman Will was not too put off by Leida...not anymore.

Character development arch, gooooooo! It only required six months on a boat, facing his other self, and saving his world from Darkness. Okay, HELPING.

"Oh a bet huh? Alright, I accept." he says, confident, and looks at Alma, "OH you should cheer for her...she'll need all the help she can get." Will grins...they didn't know...THEY DIDN'T KNOW?!

Then the food starts coming. A full stack of pancakes for each. Will starts eating, talking and conversing as he does so, "How've you been Leida?" Will asks, cheerfully enough, "Been well? Getting enough to eat?" He asks, generally pretty even.

"You should get to know these guys...they apparently lost their world too." Will frowns, "Talked with a few of the others before. It's sad that it's becoming such a common occurance these days.." he sighs, "But you know, what can you do?"
Emi Dennou SUDDENLY...

A fishing hook (attached to a rod) dips down from above, angling towards one of Will Sherman's pancakes. It's trying to be sneaky. If this isn't stopped,it'll press into one of the pancakes, hook it, and suddenly swoop back into the air with it!? Who could be behind this chicanery?!
Rena-Proxy Rena turns her smile on Alma. "Yeah." she says softly. "We have to stick together one way or another, don't we?" she accepts Leida's greeting with grace and politeness, not pushing the shy girl and clearing away the cobwebs again as she looks towards Will.

She notices something odd and reaches over towards Will's plate, attempting to examine a gossamer thread with a hook attached to the end. "Is... pancake fishing a common sport here?" she asks with tentative puzzlement, her expression bemused. Having pointed out the odd occurrence, she goes back to her own stack.

Syrup floods over the tall edifice, chunks of chocolate, blueberries and other fruits entombed in the fluffy batter and freed only briefly by a shining fork before being summarily devoured. "It happened so quickly.. there was little anyone could do. This is apparently a common occurrence, no matter how powerful you are. King or civilian and anywhere inbetween. The question is. Do these lost places and.. people come back somehow?"
Alma Hyral She felt more at ease around Will and Rena, especially with Leida having moved further away. Enough that some of her social anxiety was melting away. "We do. Don't we?" A teasing smile was offered to Will. "We'll just have to see about that, won't we? Shivan appetites are as legendary as their hospitality. Maybe I'll throw in my own stake in the wager. If you best her, I'll cook for you and your friends for a week."

Wait, was she really not making Will not have to offer anything in return? This isn't how wagers work! This isn't how wagers work at all! Souji likely would have facepalmed.

She nods a bit more somberly as Rena describes the fall of her world, memories bubbling up of her last memories. Her mother and father fighting against tiny fiends known as the Heartless. She still wasn't sure whether they were minions of Chaos or not.. But no matter how she tried to look at the situation, it felt like they were in the midst of some grim apocalypse, with the fate of all creation at stake. "...I don't know. I'm told that one w-world was restored. But I don't know how it was done. Helena told me that a Keyblade was needed, and someone known as a Princess of the Heart, a survivor from our world. And then.. shards. Some of my research for Souji is looking into how we might l-locate these shards."

And then a fishing hook was drifting down to catch a pancake off Will's plate, and the girl could only gape in wonder and amusement.
Leida The princess winces visibly at the atrocious table manners but what can you expect from the hoboest of Hobos? She gives Will a disdainful look for a moment, his lack of class and the fact that he invited himself and his friends to join her without asking grating on her nerves, but she puts on her best diplomatic smile despite this.

"Y-yes... I have been well enough. Thank you for your concern, Will-san." She inclines her head towards him slightly but does not stand up this time. Her head turns towards Rena once more, listening to her view on the matter of lost worlds. Her memory flashes back to a glimpse of her own former home. "Yes... such tragedy the Heartless drag in their wake."

Leida's voice is soft and wispy, delicate and almost shadow-like in its nature, much as the rest of her personality. She nods at Alma, confirming her story. "Manhattan was restored, tis true, though how that came about, I know not. I was... otherwise occupied at the time, else I would have leant my own hand to the cause. I could do naught else when... the fault for its destruction lay at my own feet..."
Then they started to talk about 'world restoring', Keyblades, and Princesses of Heart. Things that Leon had never heard about until now. He didn't even /grasp/ this concept really, yet while he has been here he has heard a few people talk about the Darkness devouring worlds and leaving people homeless.

Which could be the connection. Could even be the connection with that bastard Mateus.

The Dark Knight then slowly goes to stand up. The armor itself really looked like it needed some repair work as he walked out from behind his table and over to the ordering area once more. It seem this time he was going to order something else now. If it wasn't for the dings, dents, and scratches in the armor, it look extremely elegant. At least the leather cape was fairing well.

It was also obvious he was limping just a tad on his right leg. Though he did get it patched up, it was still hurting like a mother. For now though he will continue to just listen in and not mind them to much attention yet, for now, he get some-- yeah-- some French toast.
Will Sherman Will looks at the fishing line...

He grins a bit...letting the pancake get fished away, "It seems my apprentace is here!" he laughs a little, looking up towards the source of the line. "Umi, care to join us, you get to watch your Hobo Master beat the nice lady." he says towards Rena, and continues to munch.

"...I accept such a generous incentive!" he says towards Alma, with a he /can't lose/ because she was actually pretty good at cooking...and the TDA needs a cook that isn't trying to shove nothing BUT veggies down their throat.

Then the talk of restoring worlds, "Uh...yeah, I've seen both. Destruction and restoration..." His frown deepens when Leida takes the blame...

He holds a hand up towards her, "No." he says, "It was not really your fault. I might have said that...but it was wrong of me to place the blame on you...I was running away from...what really was the issue, so please don't continue to torture yourself over that." He says, with a sigh, "It wasn't anymore your fault than it was any one defender." he mutters, perhaps a bit of guilt there, "BUT, it is restored. So alls well that ends well."

" restore a need to know what makes a world. Every world, has two things...a World Heart, just like everything else has a heart, and a Princess of Heart. The princess of heart apparently can change from person to person, baring some circumstances, and a world heart is the place that keeps the world...well, a world. Without the world heart the heartless drag the world into...some hellish landscape. I was caught in it when Manattan really is awful. Heartless everywhere...the city was distorted...sunken...mutated...devoid of all life." he shudders.

"When a world falls...and it's princess remains intact...the world splits into shards, how many or what kind are...varing on world. One world was caught in a recipe for ice cream, while another was decided into five shards. To restore manhattan we first had to find the Princess and a guy with a keyblade. I only know of two keyblade guys, a mouse guy who's a good guy...and Sora who's a bit of a goof, and young, but pretty cool." he shrugs, "Friend of another guy I know, Riku. I digress, but..." will is still eating, so this might be kinda disgusting.

"Anyway, the shard formed together to a light that opened up the dead world to us...we had to find the world heart, and then our princess of heart had to rekindle the light, and the keyblade weilder had to lock it away? Something like that, I don't know the specifics...but the heartless DO NOT want you to succeed...big guys, painful guys, small guys...everything they can to stop you. And then there are the Shadow Lords...yeah...powerful evil guys who can control the heartless. Stupid Jerks."
Emi Dennou The fishing rod pulls the pancake into the air with a faint whirring noise, ultimately pulling up into grabbing range of--yes!--Umi Dennou. Umi has affixed herself to the ceiling via static shock. Stealing food is even better than cheap food because you don't have to buy the former.

She hangs upside down, grinning widely as she stuffs it in her mouth, some crumbs spill out of her mouth but she catches them before they hit anyone, stuffing them back in her mouth.

"I will watch! Beware, young lady, but my Master has yet to lose an eating competition! Even when there is no competition and he's really just eating a lot!, The Network also greets Alma whom they remember from that adventure in the mines."

She drops down to the ground, landing lightly on a nearby table. "Howdy Leida, The Network greets as well."
Rena-Proxy Rena raises an eyebrow as she looks over at Leida. Her lips tighten and purse slightly as the shadow woman says her piece. She keeps an eye on her even as she takes another demolishing bite of the stack of pancakes.

"Well." she says, her voice sugary and cheerfully. "Names thrown around on the wind. Keyblades and Heartless and Shards and Strange cities. It must have been quite the telling. Maybe you will honor me with a accounting someday, should you feel willing to share it."

Rena clucks her tongue and takes a long drink of the bittersweet juice at her elbow. "Keyblade guys and dark cities and Stupid Jerks." she nods soberly, seemingly oblivious to Will's talking with mouth full-fu. She herself eats much slower and interspersed with pauses or speech.

"Of such things legends are made and used up and then forgotten." she chuckles, watching the pancake go to said Apprentice. "Every master needs an apprentice, I suppose." She looks fascinated at them sticking to the ceiling and delighted as well by the trick, laughing as they land lightly nearby.

"Well, we'll have to see now won't we? There is a first time for anything. But enough of such sad tales and frightening prospects. We live and live well." she teases Alma with a short aside. "Or at least we should, all things considered." she then swings the fork around, narrating her words as if with a baton. "That is all our families truly wanted for us sending us to Alexander. And we honor them by doing so wherever we are, even if it is lost to us.

She then sets down to the serious business of breakfast, arching her back before settling back into the seat behind her. "This." She says very softly to the table with a secret smile as she hunches over her plate. "--is obviously a derelict part of my education, however. Poor reputation or no, if I knew they made tinned goods out here that looked /that/ good in their armor, I would have jumped the span much earlier."
Alma Hyral Despite her Cosma Naturalis upbringing, Alma found the idea of being linked to all of her siblings wirelessly like computers..

So incredibly AWESOME.

So she rather liked Emi, and Umi. The two had been nice to her, and so she'd bonded a little with them in the mines. So they could use their electrical powers to cling to surfaces too? Even more awesome. So even she has to stifle a giggle as she watches Umi hanging upside down from the ceiling, dodging the crumbs. "Hi Umi! And I think you underestimate Rena."

Her expression became more serious, as she listened to Will describe the process of restoring a world. A frown became visible as Will described the landscape of a fallen world..

In her mind's eye, she saw vague glimpses, but it felt like it was a living nightmare, a dream sleepwalked through. They were fleeting, elusive, hellish. The only thing she remembered for certain is that she'd heard Kyra's voice.

Once Will is finished, she inquires, "How do you figure out who the Princess of the Heart is, for a world? And is there any easier way to locate the shards?"

She hadn't heard of the Shadow Lords before, but the very idea of them terrified her. Were they Chaos Cultists? Or something even worse...

She nods to Rena, smiling sheepishly in embarassment, "I-It's what they wanted. I'm not sure i-it's worked out as they planned. But yes, I'll be trying my b-best to honor my family.."

She only wished that Kyra felt the same way.

And then Rena talks about the strapped young man in armor, who was seated nearby. And she gave him another wary look. Well he was rather good-looking... And that brought some heat to her cheeks as she looked away.
Leida "You are too quick to forgive, Will-san..."

Leida starts to voice a soft protest to his quick dismissal of her claim. For one thing, she wasn't on the defender's side in that battle, still little more than a puppet to the demonic impulses from within and Garland's meddling. However, she feels a little bit relieved to hear him say that despite herself.

Her voice is cut short by the sudden pancake theft and the princess follows its path up into the air until it reaches the culprit. A hand goes to her face to cover her gaping mouth when she finds Umi stuck to the ceiling, a soft gasp escaping before she can cut it off. "W-what... how are you...?"

She doesn't manage to get the thought out. Umi's gentle landing only baffles her further and the princess leans back in her seat with a bewildered stare. She had no idea that the Network's strange powers were capable of such a feat. Upon being greeted, Leida blushes slightly and nods vacantly back at the other girl, still kind of confused by her appearance but hardly opposed to it.

She reaches up and finally pulls back the hood that covers her head, revealing the quartet of short knife-like crimson horns that just upwards from her skull. Long black hair spills out of the hood down to her waist and she takes a moment to run her hand through it to sort out the tangles that have developed while it was bunched up in the hood.

"Good morning, Umi-san."
Once he has French Toast, the former Dark Knight takes his seat once more to enjoy his new food. He still continues to listen in on the conversation and then he notices Alma looking at him again before she blushes as she looks away.

He blinks a few times, before a slight smirk comes to the corner of his lips. He gives a mild shake of his head as he continues to eat. At least the subject matter was interesting, even if he wasn't directly part of it.

Such good French Toast.

Though his attention was brought back over to the table as Leida displayed her horns. Curious. Munch much.
Will Sherman Will shrugs, "Maybe, maybe not." he says towards Leida, "Is life worth dwelling on what you can not change, instead of focusing on what you can?" Will says, using up his hobo wisdom of the day.

Instead now it was time to get COMPLETELY STUFFED! Will starts chowing, as ROUND TWO came out. It was haystacks. What do you mean you don't know what a haystack is?

Pancakes, topped with French toast, topped with bacon, topped with sausage, topped with scrambled eggs, topped with cheese, topped with buiscuits, topped with sausage gravey. Served with toast.

Will is already eating.

"Oh a story huh? Well...I think I can recount this...later." he says, sighing...he had to be truthful with the tale...but he wasn't entirely sure if he wants to go over being a god-ling towards basicly the entire world yet. It'd come out eventually, but he was sure some people would try and suck up to him or something. He just wants to be looked at as a human, because...if anything, he strongly wanted to remain with them. Fae were jerks for no reason, Humans invent new ways to be jerks! It was /interesting/ but also because the Fae can never stop being jerks.

Humans at least can love.

"I like you." he declares towards Rena, "You are a woman who know show to enjoy life...and I am always looking for more students to teach!" he grins at her, but he can assume that no would be a thing. She wans't Nik after all.

Spying the red thread he gives a grin towards Leida, "Anyway, hinesight is twenty/twenty. It's best to look forward. Something that jerkface said...dreams were meaningless without strength or whatever crap he was going on about. I say bah to him. Dreams are only as important and meaningful as you want them to be...big or small, important or whimsy. Always follow your heart, and you'll never end up wrong." he pauses...

"Now, safe or uninjured..or with all your fingers...well..." he grins, "Following one's heart is never...easy." Wink.
Leida Suddenly Leida's pocket begins to beep. She nearly jumps out of her skin at the sound but quickly remembers the cellphone she has stored there and with that memory comes the realization of the reason for the alarm.

"Ah...!" The girl covers her mouth with a surprised look. "I... I have forgotten something very important! I must leave now, thank you for the company." She hops to her feet and scampers out of the door with little reason given.
Emi Dennou Electricity briefly ripples around Umi's legs. Electrickery is more or less the name of the game with Legion even if thanks to the lands of Ramuh, they're not so isolated in that regard. She's not paying Leon much mind just yet, or maybe she's confusing him with Angantyr? Or some other Dark Knight? Or SIMBA?? It's a mystery. "Hehe!" She rubs the back of her neck. "Hey Leida-Chan, loosing in the hood? In /da/ hood," Umi parrots from some horrific source.

She is about to say more when Leida rushes off like woah. "Gosh, so busy. But ... energy is good! Heyo!"

She looks towards Will slowly, and then towards his hands, and then back up. "The Network inquires whether your loved ones make a habit of chewing your digits."

She glances to Leon suddenly, gesturing to her forehead as if to reach for her goggles which she is not presently wearing so she just squoshes at empty air for a few seconds. "Say Alma! We had something we meant to ask you."
Rena-Proxy Rena's smile dims and she becomes more thoughtful for a moment. She nods soberly to Alma, nodding slowly. "Maybe not really any of us truly got what we wanted, but we make the best that we can." she huffs out a short breath and settles back in her chair again. Rena uses Fork on Lordly pile of Haystack! It's Super Effective!

the metal scrapes faintly across the plate, clicking faintly twice. "Well. I--" she lets that sentence hang as Leida leaps up and bolts, looking faintly concerned before turning back to Will. "You know.. speaking of that right now. I think I will take you up on that, master Will." she gets up from the chair and walks over to the man in armor and his french toast.

"Hi." she says, and her voice is much softer and subdued than the boisterous chatter from become. "My name is Laradyne, Rena to my friends. My friends and I are a bunch of barely connected strangers, one of which is battling over something that could feed a small village." she says all of this with a playful lilt to her voice, although her face remains completely straight. "I thought you might be interested in the outcome, since it involves how many drinks you are owed. Would you care to come sit with us just until that wager is accounted for?"
Alma Hyral Alma watches as haystacks were brought out for round two. She takes a good long sip of her coffee. A good long one. Now she was beginning to become horrified as to her fate if Will won this competition. Not to mention that watching Will eat was a horrifying experience unto itself. While she was interested in what Will had to say about fallen worlds, and their restoration given that it had a great deal to do with her research, she did respect the man's wishes. "A-Alright, story time later."

Alma was actually parroting Will mentally. She already did like Rena. She was bold, courageous, and had no qualms about saying whatever she felt at any given time, damn the consequences. Alma wished she could be like that, less timid and reserved. It made her look up her immediately. "It's all we can do, isn't it? A-And work to restore our w-world. This can't be the end, after a-all."

She'd watch Rena rise from her seat, and ask Leon to join them. Already she was shrinking in her seat. Maybe he wouldn't notice her.

She'd nod at Will's statement on following her heart. She agreed, she just wished she knew her own heart as well as everyone else did. What she wanted to do with her life, what she wanted to be. Responsibilities and expectations made her so confused. "W-Well said, Mister Sherman."

And then Emi would ask her a question, and she'd give her an inquisitive look, what was she going to ask? Was it about.. Oh no. She hoped not. "S-Sure U-Umi, what do you want to a-ask?"
The former Dark Knight was indeed enjoying his French Toast until one of the ladies came over to his table and leaned on it. Those red eyes went up from his food, then slowly trailed up her till he met her eyes.

He finishes chewing with a slightly raised eye brow before he goes to speak. "How could I deny such an offer, even a wager on my behalf at that, Laradyne."

He then goes to stand up once more, taking his plate cause he was going to finish this French Toast by the gods. He /will/ finish it. He looks over at her, giving her a soft smile before a polite bow of his head. "My name is Leonhart, most just call me Leon. So it is a pleasure, Laradyne.." He then pauses before motioning to her to lead the way back over to the table. "..Or should I call you Rena as well?"

Once he is shown over he goes to place down the plate before joining the others at the table. His red eyes glance over to Will. "Good to see you again, sir." He would probably move the chair back in for Rena before he sits down, but that would depend on how quick she is to do that herself and if she gave him that air of 'don't you dare do that chivalrous thing with me buster'.

He gives a nod to everyone, stays quiet for the most part, though before he digs back in he speaks up. "Don't mind me, just the guest of the hour I suppose." Back to French Toast.

Because honestly, he like to chat, but he was /really/ hungry right now.
Will Sherman "Sup?" Will says, "I was wonderin' if you were gona join us, or if it'd take a pretty lady to do it. Guess I won that bet." But to WHO?!

He grins towards Rena, "Well, then I have to take you as a disciple now." he says, with a grin. The hobo is not choosey with his desciples, and encourges ALL to walk the path of the hobo. Of course, if he spreads this far enough, it might insight holy war with the Church rat, but he could take Faruja. He'd just need to get a picture of Skoll's sister...hmmm...he'd have to send Umi to the Shard Seeker HQ for a SECRET mission.

Will is already half way through the haystack, and he shows no signs of stopping. Not even a little.

"I haven't forgotten about your drink, either!" Will says, stupid dark knights and their stupid darkness.

"Also Umi, you need a coyboy hat if you are gona say Howdy." he nods once, this was just science.

"Uh...well, you see Umi...this is something for when you get older. Much older." Nevermind Will looks only seventeen himself. HOWEVER, she has to ask Alma something TERRIBLE. Will only listens with facination...because watching Umi was like watching a trainwreck sometimes.
Emi Dennou Umi looks to the left. Umi looks to the right. Umi hops off the table and slinks towards Alma and then whispers, "Are you /secretly related to Ramza Beoulve/?" Man she hopes so because then they could clear off that job from the queue lickety split.

She pauses, glancing to Will. "W-woah, if people chew off fingers I don't think I wanna know!" Seriously! She likes her lovely pretty fingers ;o;.
Rena-Proxy "You may call me either." she tells Leon quietly. "But choose carefully. Names are an important thing to have, and a terrible thing to mistreat." Rena goes back to the table and very graciously lets her chair be moved with an incline of the head in thanks. Apparently whatever air is there is not the buster air of 'you dare?!' Then she turns her attention back to the food.

Let there be a general cataclysm that falls upon the haystack. Let them flee in the little streets of grease and cheese that run down into the continent of plateville. Let there be an adding of ketchup to the song of sorrow raising up from the crispy and delicious host. Flee. Flee, gentle haystack. But know this. There is NO ESCAPE.

Rena stretches feet and calves, boots flexing as she listens to the conversation going on around her. She raises an eyebrow at the insinuation that a Cowboy hat was required to say 'howdy' as if she was in fact taking mental notes. She's about a little more than a third finished with her haystack and continues at the same slow, glacial pace interspersed with drink and conversation as before. Completely unchanged.

"Well. I am honored to be a disciple on the path of the Hobo. Are there any esoteric hat requirements? I suppose your temple must be respectable and not /entirely/ made out of anything edible or else you would truly give credence to the phrase 'eating yourself out of house and home'" she raises an eyebrow at Alma at the sneaky(?) question and then goes back to her haystack.
Alma Hyral When Leon joined them, she'd actually cringe visibly, but she didn't try to be entirely impolite, she'd state. "H-Hello Leon. Its a p-pleasure to meet you."

And then she thought about Rena's statement, and she was blushing again.

Rena's speed at eating made her wonder if she was witnessing a FOODOCALYPSE. Sweet Cosma. The two really were neck and neck.

Alma then wondered what a cowboy hat even looks like, she filed that away under the part of her mind that was keeping track of the cultural norms in this world.

Alma was dreading what Emi stated, until she asked the question, then she went from a whole spectrum of emotions, from hope, to bewilderment, to anticipated disappointment. "I.. Umi, I have an older b-brother named Ramza, but his last name isn't B-Beoulve. Are you s-sure his last name couldn't be H-Hyral?"
Emi Dennou Umi pauses for several moments.

He SAID his last name was Beoulve, she thinks, but that could be a pseudonym maybe?

"...No we are not sure!" Umi smiles widely. "No idea! He tells everyone Beoulve, however, The Network wonders if there is more than meets the eye to this mystery?"
Leon shrugs those armored shoulders slightly. The weight of them not even seeming to bother him. "Sometimes women are the key to ones heart if they know how to pull the strings," He then goes to take another bite of his french toast, pausing before he actually places it in his mouth. "and whom am I to say no to such a lady who has offered her own talents to a wager on my behalf."

For whatever the reasons that may be, but he wasn't going to question it. Free drinks were always nice. He could /really/ use some heavy drinks right now.

He goes back to eating his French Toasts, almost at last done with it.

Alma speaks up and those red eyes gaze up at her. There was indeed a great deal of life in them, but also a very deep sadness hidden behind them. Sadness and anger. He smirks as she blushes. "Also a pleasure to meet you as well." He gives her a playful wink. Perhaps trying to cut the edge from the air that he may be creating.

Oh, he was very aware he created an air of caution. He wasn't sure why or how come, but he knew people here seemed very skittish of him, so maybe he could try to break that up a bit now with a small social group like this. Show he isn't some big bad monster.

..The armor probably also didn't help...

He did ponder of what Rena said, about 'choosing' which to call her. Maybe he could call her /both/, or just one. Rena had a nice ring, so did the other. What to choose, what to choose.
Will Sherman Will grins, "Don't I know it." He says towards Leon, and BOY does he. If you all sitting in RP land think that Mel is just sweet and innocent...

Ha ha ha ha.

But Will loves her all the same, probably because of her mischevious side.

He eats as the NEXT dish is sent out. Yes, another one.

This time it is a various array of english muffin sandwiches, fried egg on them with a assort ment of ham, sausage and scrambled eggs. All with cheese. Also some sort of creamy white sause in's really sweet!

Will places one in his mouth and swallows it whole. Not unlike a snake.

"You'll understand when your older." of course he might just be messing with her.

"Ha ha, no, you will just need a hat, or some sort of unique equipment that you can use for some sort of TELL. That way, people can go 'Man I just got this great piece of advice from the hobo with the..." he grins, "With me it's hat, for Umi it's fishing pole." For Nik it's womanizing.

"And you meet whenever you can. Alleyways, in sewers...wherever hobos can gather in safety and mostly warmth to come around a bondfire made in a barrel!"
Rena-Proxy At the mention of brothers Rena looks sad and thoughtful for a moment, her fork tapping against her plate in a faintly rhythmic fashion for a few beats before a smile clears the sadness from her face like sunlight breaking through sudden clouds. It's small and much more reserved than before.

"I see. Well, I guess I will have to think of some sort of TELL then." she continues eating her haystack. When the muffins and saucy drenched sandwiches come, she takes one and uses it to spell the death knell of the land of sausages and cheese. She cuts one of them up into bite sized pieces, observes it carefully and then constructs another sandwich from the bits and pieces of one crammed together with haystack to form a super sandwich. She then almost breathes grease up her nose by laughing. One should never laugh while trying to eat ridiculous amounts of food. It's bad for your sinuses.

"Well." she coughs into one hand, wiping her mouth and nose. "That is /one/ way to pass useful stories around." Again the sadness for a moment. "..and a familiar one. A nomadic tribe also has just about the same acquaintance with soap." Rena chuckles faintly and takes another large bite out of her sandwich.
Alma Hyral Alma considered what Leon had to say on the matter. Interesting. She certainly never thought she'd be the key to anyone's heart though.. Poor girl was hopeless.

When Leon looks at her, she actually straightens up. Something about him just made her feelf.. sorrow. It tended to overwhelm any bad feelings she had about an individual. She gave him a sympathetic look, and a small smile.

And then to Will, she'd make a timid inquiry, "I-Is there any way I can, help your p-people from time to time? I k-know its a matter of pride and that y-you find enjoyment in the s-simple pleasures but sometimes it just seems so s-sad. F-For some at least, who are worse o-off than the others.."

She put a hand to her mouth, making a queasy sort of noise when she sees Will literally swallow the English muffin sandwich whole.

She'd look at Rena with curiosity evident in her eyes, smiling. "The S-Shivan tribes were always so f-fascinating to me. D-Did you live your whole life outside the dome, before you came to the A-Academy?"

And then in response to Emi, she'd give the girl a disappointed look, that didn't sound like her brother at all. It was probably a case of mistaken identity. "M-Maybe there is Umi.. I don't know. Please, if you hear a-anything though, let me know. If a-anyone else from my family survived, I need to get to them, i-immediately."

She'd watch the girl leave, her expression forlorn. Maybe Kyra and her really were the last of her family.
Leon just watching the food battle now, since he has finished eating. He glances between Will, then to Rena, then back to Will. His eyes then gaze over at Alma once more noticing she was seeming a tad nervous when he looks at her.

He then sits back in his chair as he picks up the fork he ate with and examines in, before placing it back down. There wasn't much he could say or add at this juncture. It was now just a waiting game and information gathering.

Man. He could use a journal right now to write all these people down in. Just to, well, keep up with who he has met. After all, it was sometimes easy to forget the important details.
Emi Dennou "Hm... Alright," Umi says. "Well--we're not sure, but he's been looking for his sister who uh--happened to be named Alma too. So... I don't know." Umi admits. "But--yeah hopefully it'll work out, The Network supposes?"

She actually coughs lightly at about this point into her wrist and adds, "This one's gonna step out for now, though ,have a good one alright?"

And then--she does just that?! FOR NOW. HOORAY!
Will Sherman Will fondly reguards Umi, a touch of sadness there, but overwhelmed by how headlong she ran at life.

And into buildings...people...attacks aimed for Will.

Maybe he should ask Omi about glasses for her.

Will listens, and breaks into a grin, "I have heard of this 'soap'" he says as if saying a word in a foreign language. "But my people do not need to be afraid or eschew this...just...sometimes you can't always afford it." of course the days with snoo snoo without the shampoo.

"It's been human tradition for sometime matter where you are from, or where you go...the best stories are ones sang at bars or taverns...with friends and strangers all wanting to hear tales of heros. Stories to capture imagination." He places another sandwich into his mouth...she was raising the ante so to speak.

To Alma, he grins. "It's easy really. Don't give money to Hobo's begging for change...ESPECIALLY if they smell like booze. Give them a meal and a ear, these are the ones that need both the most. You can't always reach them, but sometimes you do." he says, "Those who perform, listen, enjoy...and always drop a coin in for them." he continues, "You never know the history of a person you see on the street...hard times, or tragety force the noblest of people into doing...the dirtiest of things. Not all are bad, some are just down on their luck...Me? I am just...a rare breed of hobo."
Rena-Proxy Rena smiles warmly at Alma. "I almost did. The Hrimthur are... well, they were one of the remaining clans who stayed beyond the reach of the domes." she sighs very slightly. "It's a beautiful place, Shiva, but very treacherous. Rotten ice shelves. Glistening fields of ice needles that almost look like grass blown in by storms fierce enough to drive splinters of rock and ironwood into and sometimes through metal. Labyrinthine ice caves. Silent ironwoods stretching for hundreds of miles."

Rena shakes her head. "But.. sometimes the old ways are not the best ways. They are just.." she clicks her tongue softly. "Ultimate pragmatism. A world in which the simple pleasures can only be enjoyed if everything aligns properly. The people and the land and the gods."

she sets her jaw slightly. "..Occasionally they do not." she wipes her fingers off on a napkin before grooming her hair back. "Alexander was nothing like that. I will give it that. Wonders and handheld miracles and machines taken for granted. It was.. quite the experience." she smiles at Will's breakdown of the different types of Hobo-lads in the kingdom. "Oh. Goodbye for now." she says to the abrupt and slightly peculiar apprentice of Will as they depart with an energetic /zoom--/ possibly even a VOOSH.

Eventually she turns back to Will. "Always nice to find another who appreciates stories and those who tell or perform them. Even though he is /still/ going down like the rare breed of Odynar scrap dog that he is."
Alma Hyral Alma would nod thoughtfully, "I-I've never been. My p-parents never let me visit one of the other plates. I'd never b-been far from home until I went to C-Chocobo and the academy. I-It sounds very beautiful, the way you describe it. I-I wish I could have seen it before our world f-fell."

She'd look at Rena for a while, searchingly. In a way she could sympathize, but she couldn't truly empathize with her. Her family was ultraconservative, but they still had access to technology, and they'd spoiled their youngest daughter. "It sounds h-harsh, but still beautiful in its s-simplicity.. I'm glad that you managed to get a-away from it long enough to acclimate to the w-world."

And then she turns to Will, listening to his explanation. "A v-very rare breed indeed, I-I think. I'll t-think upon what you said, whenever I see s-someone on the s-streets."
Leon had been watching this contest between the two. He had been very fascinated in who could out eat who. In some ways, he thought at first Will, but then realized it could be also Rena, as she was a pretty tall woman. Actually--

He was very fascinated by the fact now that he thought on it that she was nearly as tall as he, if not slightly taller. It was hard to tell in the shoes he wore since he was pretty sure these armored boots probably increased his height maybe by an inch or two.

Which then brought the fact, he /really/ needed to find something other then this armor, but he didn't have much gil. He-- would eventually run out and he needed that for food and for the inn. Probably about this time, someone may notice that the dear dark armored guest was dazing off as his mind roamed all the future problems he could face.
Rena-Proxy "Yes." Rena finally agrees after a long silence (filled with eating of course). "Sometimes I wonder how things would have turned out if I had never left the unyielding glacier. Simpler, perhaps. But I made the tough choice to go while my brother stayed behind to take care of.. the company and the connections we had built once we moved to the domes." she chuckles very quietly. "We make choices and we live with them." she laughs easily and looks down at the plate in front of her and then at Will. "Right now being a case in point, I believe."

The contest goes on doggedly for quite some time, past savory and sweet dishes. Past ultra filling and carb loaded delicacies to savory meats and sauces. Eventually a halt is called on the proceedings, with the Shivan looking more than a little worse for wear but grinning so hard her jaws ached from doing so. She wiped off her gravy and condiment stained fingers and groaned very softly. She interlaced her fingers in front of her and sighs, looking over at Leon. It was then that she noticed his abstraction.

"Well.. I have heard bits and pieces.. but nothing that honestly makes too much sense looking at it now. How did you get here Leon? To this town of lost travelers and broken worlds and.." she looks with chagrin at the plates before looking back at him. "Haystack sandwiches? What world do you hail from?"
Leon snaps around as Rena draws his attention back. It seems the two are done. It was a draw. Guess that means he will have to bother Will later for that /drink/. This could turn into a running thing honestly by this point.

Those red eyes looked at her for a moment before clasped his hands on the table and raised up his thumbs and slightly out to the side before they came back together. He just stared down at the metal gauntlets. Now his mind was wondering what /if/ he didn't even have a body under this armor anymore. He wasn't even sure /what/ he was anymore.

Ok, well, he knew he /had/ a body, but it was that thing where he /really/ wasn't sure if some things were a dream or not.

"My home town is Fynn." The man says as his eyes seem to grow distance, the light in them dimming slightly. " least it was before we were betrayed and turned over to another ruling nation.." His hands then slightly start to tighten. "..To broken dreams and shattered realities." He closes his eyes, almost tightly. "..everyone burned in fires.. due to the traitor.. I saw his face /once/.. when I was brought before the new ruler of of our city.. because I failed in doing my job. I failed everyone I knew."

He then breaks into a very sad smile, almost laughing and places out his hands. "..and everything," He opens his eyes, they were almost glowing. "Is history. I don't remember what happened when I stared into those eyes. I don't know how I got to where I got or how I got to the state I am now in. I thought he would kill me. That is what I tried to force his hand to do. Apparently /death/ was not good enough."

He places his hands back down on the table. He looks down at the table, noticing those clawed, metal fingers trying to dig into the table. The darkness was starting to form out from his hands, before he suddenly retracted them. Watching the darkness slither back in. "...and I may never know what he did now..." He says softly, before he shakes his head.

At least, Leon was very open about his past. Then again, he was never a man that hid much. Yet he knew it was-- not a very smooth tale. Facts were missing. Information that he did not just drop onto the table. It was, painful to even think on it. To remember the screams. To remember the panic of the people. The sound of his sister calling his name.

Oh Maria..

I am sorry.

"I-- I am sorry." Leon whispers out before he raises his hand to his face. "That is a depressing tale for such a fun event this table is having."
Will Sherman Will stares at Rena.

A tie is what it will be called...

The resturant may just have been eaten out of food.

Will sits back, listening to the converation being held around them as...well Leon goes back into his past. Will frowns, listening and not talking, and instead shifts on his chair. "Yes, the strings bound you well...what is there now I can't rightly figure out...the darkness is something I can't directly fight like that. The bounds he had on your soul, however...well, that was a different thing all together." he shrugs.

"He's kinda a jerk, but have the power to shape your destiny again, so I suggest looking foward, not back."
Leon Rena listens, her fingers interlaced on the table.

She chuckles as Will stares at her, in a languid sort of sleepy rumble.

The sort a contented cat would give before dropping off to sleep. "The student bows at the feet of the master." she teases the Hobo king sluggishly and then turns her attention to Leon. Her eyes sharpen and she focuses on his story, her face listening and impassive through the tale. She reaches out a hand and lays it on top of one of the gauntlets.

"It's okay." she says, calm and utter certainty in her voice as she speaks. "We are all looking for answers. And sometimes we find answers, and sometimes they find us." she looks at Will and stands. "Thank you, your majesty. For a meal as grand as I have not had since I was a child." she inclines her head to him as she slides in her chair.

"Would you come on a walk with me, Leon? We may not find any of your answers, but there is a better chance of it than standing still." she extends her hand to him and simply waits.
Alma Hyral Heartbroken.

That's the best way to describe how Alma feels when listening to Leon speak of what happened in Fynn. /To broken dreams and shattered realities/. Her eyes are already misting up. Well that certainly overwhelmed any foreboding feelings for the man.

And then she felt it return to her.. in earnest. She saw the darkness in his hands. And a sort of strangled gasp escapes her lips.

She manages to smother down her terror though, once he takes back control. "I'm s-so sorry for what happened to you. I-It is small c-comfort, but even s-so."

And then she listens to Will, not entirely understanding what was going on, what had happened to this man after the tale he just told was done.

When Rena asks for the man to go on a walk with her... She realizes she isn't entirely sorry to see him go. And yet, she feels terrible for feeling that way. Her emotions going haywire. "I-It was nice meeting you both.."
The Dark Knight; Leon glances over to Will. Those red eyes looking at him for a moment, before he looks away. "." Silence falls over those slightly open lips before he looks away. He wanted to say sure, yet he wanted vengeance for his sister. To his 'family' lost in the war. He never did gain that. He never even gained death.

He was rather sure the only way his soul would ever be free is if he slay the man who not only did this, but also found his own peace in death. Tragic thought to perhaps many, but it was the only path he could see in his life.

Rena thought catches his attention once more when her hand comes to rest on his gauntlet. Something about her voice caught his attention in that fragile moment, causing his eyes to look into her own. He blinks his eyes once before he furrows his brows. He still remains quiet to only watch her stand.

Her hand is offered out to him and he stares at her hand for a moment. There was a snort of air from his nose as he smirks softly to the side. At least breaking his silence that held over him for this time. "Of coarse.." he hesitated at saying her name, but spoke for now how he felt, "..Rena."

He then takes her hand on the air of caution, unsure if the darkness was placed at bay or not. There was many things he honestly was unsure about. Like a young boy again not sure if he really wanted to kill a deer or not his father was trying to get him to fire the arrow at.

One had to eat. One had to fire the arrow.

Regret of such an action, could always come later, because you may find yourself more thankful, then living in the state of regret.

He stands up with Rena's hand in his, his red eyes glancing over to Alma, before he gives her a nod, then looking over to Will. "Sir.. You will still owe me that drink one day." That was said with a playful smile before he lets Rena lead the way.

This scene contained 55 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Leida, Rena-Proxy, Emi Dennou, Rena Laradyne, Rena-Proxy, Leon, Alma Hyral