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(2013-05-02 - 2013-05-05)
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Percival The Ame-No-Torifune. A magical summoned airship.

It all seemed so ostentatious to the Gargoyle. The ship's white mages had worked on him and Maira, and set them up in a guest quarters. Maira in her unconscious state was tucked in to the bed gently, while the Gargoyle himself stood near one of its viewports with arms crossed.

It never suprised him that man wanted so desperately to fly, only that they went to such lengths to try and prove themselves superior to those gifted with it naturally. Despite his truce with Souji, it didn't ease his feelings of contempt towards the man. He regarded knocking Maira out /for her own good/ as a cowardly ambush. Still, he was willing to tolerate it, given that the man met his conditions. He wouldn't have been in a fit state to fight, but it wouldn't have stopped him had he felt that Souji intended for far worse for her.

He hadn't time to reflect on the battle, given the immediate nature of his pursuit of Souji, but now was a time for quiet introspection.

No matter how he wrapped his head around it, he couldn't think of himself as aught but a monster.

And so he continued to stand near the viewport, his tail twitching in an anxious cadence, his wings furled, and his mind... elsewhere.
Maira Maira had slept for a full night and more. To no one's surprise, she had expended a ton of energy to break Leon from Mateus' hold--nevermind the head wound. That was better--whoever they had heal her, they were good!

Finally, she is beginning to stir, groaning softly as she turns herself over, eyes fluttering open to see the blurry form of Percival gradually resolves into clarity. "Perci....?" she asks, starting to rise into a sitting position, wincing as she does so. She's stiff, sore--she feels like she's been put through a wringer, the majority of her energy just drained from her. She looks alright, aside from tired, her hair a wild mass of red-gold that will not be tamed except by water and a very thorough combing. "Where are we...?"
Percival The Gargoyle turned around immediately, a wan smile forming on his expression. He could put aside all thoughts of what happened later. In the long run, one thing was certain..

He didn't matter.

And so when Maira awakened, he turned and walked close to her bed, as he sat at the foot of it, a decent distance away from her. "Are you alright, Maira?" A pause, as he answered the next question, "Souji Murasame's airship, or so I'm told. He knocked you out during the battle to... keep you safe, or so he says."
Maira Maira reaches up to feel at the back of her head. There is no lump anymore, but it is a bit tender. She winces, then sighs, annoyed. "He shouldn't have done that! I know I was...not exactly thinking clearly, but--" she sighs again, more heavily.

She looks at Percival then, everything coming back to her now. That distance he is keeping will not last. Maira scoots closer, reaching for his hand. "Are you okay?" she asks, her brow drawn together in concern for him.
Percival "No, he shouldn't have.." The Gargoyle grumbles. "...but I was in no position to stop him. One meeting is all he asked for, and he'd allow me to guard you... extracting you while you were out would have been too dangerous."

Maira reaches for his hand, and he allows it, but he doesn't look at her. He tried to keep his tone neutral as he stated the closest thing he could say to deflect the truth without lying through his teeth. "I'm fine, Maira. I appreciate your concern, but you should worry more about yourself..." He then looks at her, trying to smile again. It was entirely insincere.
Maira She knows even without asking that he is torturing himself. Maira sees right through his lie. Her heart clenches in her chest, heavy with sorrow for Percival. Maira stands then, moving to stand in front of him, reaching for his face, turning him to look at her and meet her eyes, filling with tears. "Perci you can't keep torturing yourself like were trapped, trapped in a waking nightmare. You're no more responsible than I am for--for burning things in my sleep when I have nightmares. But you woke up--when I called for you you woke up," she tells him. "You'll get through this. /We'll/ get through this, because I'm not going to let you do it without me."
Percival The Gargoyle's smile would disappear, as he listened to her. She would turn his head to look at her, only to see her crying.

....Crying was Percival kryptonite.

And so he immediately looked stricken, he couldn't stand the thought of making anyone cry. "Maira, please don't.. Please.."

And then he'd closed his eyes, heaving in a sigh. "It doesn't matter, Maira. It doesn't matter if I'm trapped... or not. I made the choice which led me to this situation. I made the choice to end a life. I may not remember the choice.. but the consequences were very real. I can't mitigate responsibility for it. To do so... it cheapens the boy's life. It cheapens everything I believe in."

He'd open his eyes afterwards, looking at her again. "I don't know if I can get through this, Maira. This isn't something that can be forgiven so easily."
Maira She can't help but cry, seeing him like this. It breaks her heart. She can't bare it, she just wants to soothe it all away.

Tears spill down her cheeks. "Perci what you did...I won't tell you it wasn't bad--but I can't accept that you should pay for it for the rest of your life. I can't even be convinced there wasn't something..something that made you lose it like that. It doesn't make any sense to me. You''re the kindest person I know, I can't stand to see you hating yourself because I--" she swallows hard, then just springs forward and wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

"Please don't despair. You have to get through this because--it's selfish, but--because I /need/ you."
Percival Oh <Goosehonk> CRITICAL HIT to his emotions!

He had absolutely no defenses against that, as he drew Maira in for a hug, his wings unfurling and refurling to wrap around her. He'd squeeze her close, his eyes shutting tight. "I'm not as kind as you think. I'm a spiteful, wrahtful and selfish fool. But I'll.. try, for your sake."

He just had no idea how he was going to manage it.
Maira Maira exhales in relief and pleasure to be drawn into his embrace. Growing up, she'd never really gotten a lot of physical contact--now she feels like she can never get enough.

Maira rests her head against his shoulder, crawling into his lap and tucking herself into the shelter of his wings. "Thank you," she says, closing her eyes for a time, her thoughts running circles around each other. Some of these thoughts make her cheeks flush a deep pink, her temperature rising slightly.

"He's free, isn't he? The Dark Knight? Do you think I did the right thing?"
Percival The Gargoyle's thoughts on the other hand were entirely innocent. "Any time, Maira. I'll always be here if you need me."

He had feelings for her, that much was clear but he felt like he didn't deserve anyone's love. All he could do was make certain she remained safe, and to help her find someone who could make her happy.

"I.. I don't know. When I came to, I saw Souji Murasame knocking you out. I was pursuing him immediately."
Maira Though he had been rather plain about it, she still didn't know if it was--if it was /that/. It is hard for her to grasp that he might be in love with her.

Maira takes a deep breath, letting it out slow. How did this happen? It isn't fair--not to anyone.

"I will have to try to find him. I can't that to him and then leave him on his own. And...and that /guy/ she says, remembering Mateus. "....Matthew....I had no idea...I thought he would be a friend," she sighs.

"I should call in to VALKYRI too. I hope everyone is alright..."
Percival He would give Maira a puzzled look, but still held onto her. "Matthew? Who is Matthew?"

He'd nod at that, "I saw Vespa fighting, but noone else from VALKYRI but you and I.."
Maira The man who had control of the Dark Knight. That was Matthew. I met him in Traverse Town, a street performer....unless Matthew has an evil twin brother, that was him," she replies.

" you have any idea what Souji wants?"
Percival "Not the faintest clue." Percival filed away Matthew the street performer under people that had earned his ire. This list was growing every day! "A street performer you say? What was he doing?"
Maira "Oh, he does that thing like the goblin king in Labyrinth with the crystal ball, and he juggles and does magic tricks and what not. We actually kind of did a performance together with out magic. It was...really cool," she says. "I guess he was just...getting to know me in disguise or something. Souji thinks that he will hunt me now, because of what I did to the Dark Knight."

Maira seems content to be held there, though she's still flushing. "Am I...too close? You have to let me know if you're uncomfortable, okay?"
Percival Oh so he was like /JARETH/ was he? For some reason that put Percival even more ill at ease. He'd seen the movie. And suddenly Mateus refuting that he was there for her felt like it was even more of a lie to him. "He might, but I won't let him have you, Maira. I promise. And even if he did get to you...."

He'd look her in the eyes. "I promise that the only thing that would stop me from coming for you.. is death, and mayhaps not even that."

The Gargoyle tilts his head to the side, physical contact wasn't exactly that taboo to his culture, and yet he wondered if it was /he/ that made her uncomfortable. "Are you uncomfortable, Maira?" He would relax his embrace on her enough, for her to get away if she wanted.
Ulharisk was on the move! Really he was.

He probably also get in trouble if anyone realized that something was following the airship from the air, but was using the very storm clouds to hide himself from being seen. Actually even as he got on board, he was being rather sneaky.

Ulharisk was good at sneaky in his 'human' form. It came from many years of goofing off with friends to do things, or get into things, you really had no business getting into!

But you did it anyways for the fun of it.

So when Ulharisk follows the voices and then he at last finds the two. He actually left the bags back at the Tower. Why? Because he could always fetch them later. However he walks in and raises up his hand, he pauses there. Blinks a few times and then kinda blushes. "Uuuh--" he then slowly takes a step backwards. "--sorry, didn't mean to barge in on you two.."
Maira She was uncomfortable only if uncomfortable meant that she really enjoyed it and felt...perhaps guilty for it. Oh gods, she needs to talk to Avira so badly!

But when Perci speaks so earnestly that he would do anything to protect her, would die for her, its just too much. Maira grips him tightly and looks up--

Then jumps up when Ulharisk arrives in surprise. "Ah! Ulharisk! No no come in we're just--well cuddling I guess!" she says, moving over to grab him before he can retreat, giving him a quick hug. "Come in, I'm glad you found us. How are you? Are you okay?"
Percival Ulharisk enters!

/Embarassing moment, GO!/

He'd clear his throat, smiling at Ulharisk. Looking just vaguely embarassed. "It's good to see you again, Ulharisk. I'm glad you managed to catch up with us. You're not interrupting at all.."

And then Maira says they were cuddling. Alright, that made the Gargoyle blush. And here he thought the gesture had been entirely innocent. It was, WASN'T IT?!

He'd rise from his seat on the bed to greet the Draconian. "I would have been pleased to have you at our side last night, but we managed to triumph.. somehow. It was a close call."
The Draconian doesn't know what to do and the term 'cuddling' doesn't help either. People who have under gone the Ritual of binding 'cuddle'. Not /friends/. Not even /family/. "No, I mean, I really--" Then Maira takes his arm and drraaaags him back in. His eyes wide and he looks like an animal caught doing something very wrong.

He then gives a sheepish look at Percival. He really, really didn't mean to interrupt them. Honestly.

Then she hugs him! This causes Ulharisk to only get further confused and he just carefully pats her on the back, still looking extremely sheepish. "Eh-hehehe..."

He gulps for a moment before he ahems and takes a few steps back from Maira. Culture difference?


"I-I am-am fine." Ulharisk says almost seeming a bit more stiff shouldered then normal. "I was, um, getting things together back at the, uh, tower." he does a few hand gestures before he looks off to the side.

Then Percival gets /up/ and he motions for him to sit right back down. "Please, don't, uh, get up on my accord. Reeeally." He clears his throat again and gives a quick little nod. "Yeah. I wish I was there too. Sadly it," Yes. Subject change is /GOOD/. "-- it seems that Mit'ir did not have plans for my aid, but it indeed did work out. Thank the sun for that." He smiles softly.
Maira Maira blinks. Alright, hug not welcome. She'll remember that. It was impulse!

She steps away, going to take a seat somewhere. Somewhere not on Perci.

"It was...insane," she replies to Skoll. "I can't even...but we got the Dark Knight I think. I think he's...a person now," she tries to explain. "I hope he's alright, I'll have to find him--find out his /name/...and Pete tried to kidnap me for some reason and Avira thinks I'm a princess and Souji wants to offer me work and and and--is there any water? Or food?"
Percival Percival didn't really think anything of it. Nothing was happening, right? It was just two friends, comforting each other. Simple physical contact like that wasn't taboo though in Gargoyle culture. Clans were pretty intimate.


He sees Ulharisk draw back from Maira, and seems to realize it right away. "Ah." He ahems politely.

Then he changes the subject. "There's plenty of water, and food. Once this meeting with Souji is over.. if we decide to part ways, I'm thinking that we should secrete ourselves in a quiet little town for a while. Somewhere where we're less likely to to be found."
Ulharisk crosses his arms over his chest thanking silently the subject change. He gives a soft nod as Percival explains things and looks over to Maira as she flails a little in her words. "Well, I agree with Percival. Once we are done with this-- Souji character, who does seem to be interested in many others." He reaches into his belt pulling out a card. Yep, it had Souji's information on it.

"Probably best we keep low for a time, just to be sure that this... Dark Knight.. is indeed back to normal. Though I am sure you like to speak with him Maira, it wont be safe. Let one of us scout him out and see if he can be trusted now."

The Draconian shakes his head. "There is no sense of placing you in further danger."
Maira Maira frowns deeply at this, crossing her arms, entering stubborn mode. "I think I know, I was the one who did it. I /felt/ it...I know I'm not very smart but I know he is not what he was!" she complains.

"Besides...I still need to look for Angantyr too. I'm not just going to give up on that. I can't just....send you guys to check on my affairs--and I want to see VALKYRI. I need to see Avira..."
Percival He knew better than to argue with Maira in this state. He was often considered a fool by many of his allies, so to him..? "Don't denigrate yourself Maira. Just because you're not booksmart doesn't mean you're not intelligent. If you say he's different... then I believe you."

That wouldn't stop him from socking him half a dozen times in the jaw, the next time he saw him. ..maybe an even dozen.

He'd run the back of his hand down his face, "Alright, we'll go back, and find Angantyr and Avira first. Then we'll move on once you're finished, fair enough?"
Ulharisk blinks as Maira apparently believes he is calling her dumb. He shakes his head quickly, placing up his hands. "No no, not at all ma'am. I would never think of you having the intelligence level of hatchling. Just-- concerned. Tis all."

Ulharisk sighs softly before letting his arms fall to his side. He gives a nod in agreement to Percival. Yeah, they can play it her way. Probably would be better for now. So odd for women here to be so.. /aggressive/ -- it was kind of attractive. Considering in their world, the men were in charge and the women followed, where here it seemed be rather equal footing.

Well-- then again, women also fought along side the men, but there was an order to things. Augh. This is why he never got involved in the affairs of courtship.
Maira Maira blushes, sheepish. "Sorry, I...for most of my life people have called me 'simpleminded'...and that's when they were being kind," she replies quietly.

Maira looks back to Percival, nodding, a smile reappearing. "Alright. I can agree to that I guess," she says, looking out the window then, sighing. She doesn't know what to do. Going into hiding? That will drive her mad. Maybe though..."Can we maybe go to Wutai? Heh...there's a hot spring."
Percival "Well, they're wrong. And that's all there is to it.." He waved it off. It really wasn't worth discussing meanspirited individuals like that. And then Maira suggests they go to a hotspring. He tilts his head to the side, giving her a strange look. "A hot spring?" ..Oh right, she really really liked the heat, and was nigh immune to fire that wasn't magical. "Well, Wutai is a location that this Matthew probably wouldn't think to look..." Right, like the goblin king wouldn't have magic, what could they do about that.. "Isaac. We need to go see Isaac too while we're searching for Angantyr and Avira. He'd have magic which could block whatever this Matthew can do to locate us."

As for Gargoyle culture, there was true gender equality. It made a sort of amusing role reversal in his clan, when they tried to adapt chivalric codes centuries ago. The female Gargoyles were just as like to court the male Gargoyles as human Knights had their ladies.
Ulharisk gives a shrug. "I am fine with where-ever, honestly. I do not know this world as you two do. I am just doing my job as I promised I would." He says with a soft smile. "Aiding your protecting, Maira."

He then shifts his weight to his other leg. "..and getting to know both you and Percival more, so, having the friendship is-- also nice."
Maira Maira nods in response to Perci, though at the mention of Isaac, Maira shivers, again reliving the fight with Garland. He'll always be tied to that now. " long as we're not bothering him...he needs to recover from what happened. Have you spoken to him? Is he doing well?" she asks.

Maira turns her eyes to Ulharisk, smiling. "Thank you, I am glad to have you as a friend Ulharisk. I hope that you can meet more of our friends. Maybe...maybe you could even join our group, VALKYRI," she says, smile growing. "You'll have to get to know Avira more, but I think you'd fit in quite well!"

Maira moves to get a drink of water then, she really is incredibly thirsty.
Percival He'd shake his head, no he hadn't managed to see Isaac yet.. he felt a little guilty about that, but there were other priorities at this time. "I hear that he's doing well, but I haven't spoken to him."

He'd cross his arms, smiling at Ulharisk. "Yes, I rather enjoy having a kindred spirit among us. And I definitely think Avira and him would get along famously. We should introduce him to Will as well... he'll give you headaches at first, but in the end, there are few people I'd rather have at my side in a fight."
Ulharisk smiles softly and raises an eye brow. "I remember meeting Avira when she came to check up on you while we were in the tower," He says to Maira as he looks at her. "Though I would not mind joining your noble group, I am not sure what good I would be."

Ulharisk frowns softly. "There is very little I still understand about these worlds and my own naivety could cost you and the others eventually." He then glances over at Percival, then back to Maira, "..but.. I will think on it cause, aye, I agree. It is good to have kindred spirit to relate with in the quiet moments."

Ulharisk gives a faint nod before he finds a place to sit down and just rests his arms across his legs. "...Though I admit--" He gives a sheepish grin. "-- getting a bit hungry myself. It was-- hard to get up here."
Maira Maira's stomach growls at the mention of food. Ulharisk would note after spending so much time with her that she too ate a great deal, and while she wasn't exactly skinny it was still a wonder where she put it all.

"Well, we'll have to check on Isaac...and we'll spend time with VALK, and we'll find, a plan!" she says with a smile.

Then, to Ulharisk she tilts her head. "What good would you be? You're a warrior, more than I am! You'd be a great help. We fight the Heartless, we need all the help we can get," she confirms.

"Now, lets see if we can find some food, huh? This big ship has to have a kithen!"
Percival "It does. We passed it on the way in. And don't sell yourself short, Ulharisk. Maira has told me of your skills in the battle against Angantyr. Another sword is always welcome, especially a skilled one. Even better when it is in the hands of a friend."

And so Percival would lead them to the kitchen. None of the employees seemed to be barring their access anyhow. Scrounging through the larder, he'd look for something simple to make them. "Anything in particular that I can make the two of you?"
Ulharisk smirks and gives a faint nod. "I will take your word for it, Percival." Then he follows to the kitchen!

As Percival looks around Ulharisk seems heavily fascinated by all the technology of the kitchen. Looking at his reflection in some things, pondering what he would do if he touched other items. He was very, very curious about it all. Actually it wasn't till Percival spoke up did Ulharisk snap his attention back.

"Huh-- what?" Curse these shinies. "Um. Whatever." He shrugs. Back to the shinies!
Maira Oh goodness, Perci was going to cook. Maira just takes a seat and smiles in her anticipation! "Oh anything! I'm starving, and everything you make is good!" she grins.

Then to Ulharisk, she'd giggle. She can't say she wouldn't feel the same if she hadn't seen them before. Maira likes shiny things too!
Percival Percival digs through the larder and refrigerators for a while, eventually deciding on something simple. He didn't know how much tolerance his host would have if he cooked something too terribly extravagant. He decided to introduce them to the glory of..

Pastrami and Swiss on Rye with ground mustard sandwiches.

He suspected that the two of them would like extra spicy mustard. Just... a feeling. He'd go about the process of pre-heating the stove, then grilling the pastrami, melting the cheese, then grilling the bread which he'd pressed a little olive oil into.

And then he'd serve. Simple, but effective. Why exactly was Ulharisk staring at light fixtures though? The Gargoyle decided it was a mystery for another time, as he put the plates in front of each of them, then went to search for a proper drink.
Ulharisk was indeed distracted by the shiny stuff, however when food started to cook he quickly moved himself to the table in anticipation for something greater then his draconian desire to be OCD with the shimmering of items. It was called FOOD.

He glances over at Maira. "So, uh. What was your home like?" Fun table topic or bad one?
Maira Maira watches Perci cook, the smell of cooking pastrami enticing her. "," she says, practically salivating.

She looks to Ulharisk then, blinking. ", it was--I grew up in a city called Midgar, kind of strange place cause most of the city was up on this like...disk thing we called the plate--but I lived beneath the plate in the slums. It was...dark..kind of messy...we didn't get much sunlight because of the plate above us--when I went up top it was pretty nice though. A lot of machines and things, cars and motorcycle and--best of all helicopters and planes cause they FLY," she replies, smiling. "It was...a lot like Manhattan, which is someplace you can visit now, cause Avira and everyone saved it."
Percival He watched the two as they started to devour the meal, just glad they were satisfied. He didn't make anything really all that filling for himself, just spreading some olive oil on pieces of bread, or dipping them onto a plate of it, with a few spices spread in for good measure. "You'd have loved our world then. We have all of that. Except... no plates over our cities. You can see the sky. And while there are more slums amongst humanity that I care to admit.. I still think you'd have enjoyed staying there. Spend more time in Manhatten, and mayhaps you will."
Ulharisk eats. He does indeed devour the food placed before him. In a strange way he seems to be almost looking for more as he eats. It is like suddenly energy reserves are very low and he needs to refill his tank.

Those violet eyes though glance over to Maira in some confusion as she speaks of machines, then over to Percival, then back to Maira. They-- lost him very quickly in this conversation. He swallows what he has eaten and hrms gently. "..I.. can say that I have never heard of anything like any of that.. or any of those.. machines?" He seems to even drag the machine word, as if he was unsure if he was saying it right.

"Yet to block out the sun.." he snorts. "...disgrace to Mit'ir that is." NOM.
Maira Maira smiles to Percival, nodding. "Yes, Manhattan feels very familiar to me. I'm comfortable there. I hope I get to spend more time there now that its back...heh, I really like to watch movies," she admits.

Maira looks back to Ulharisk, eats a few bites, then answers. "You see some machines here around this kitchen...or even this airship, its a machine of a kind. A machine is just...something built by man for a specific purpose--but its complicated, lots of engineering and smarts involved. Like in Midgar, we had lights the worked during the night, not candles...lights that could make your house as bright as day. And cars are carriages, but with no chocobo to pull them, they run on fuel--somehow. I'm not entirely sure how it works, hehe...they were always there so I never thought much about it!"
Percival "Machines, technology, electronics... whatever you want to call it. This ship is magic, or so I'm told. Though they use a lot of technology that may be even more advanced than what my world had.." Hand-waggles. "Technology doesn't always make life easier, just more convenient. It gives people more leisure time I suppose."

And then he'd grin at Maira, "I suppose we'll need to have another movie marathon in the future."
Ulharisk raises an eye brow, "Chocobo?" He cants his head. "..So a car is-- like a wagon you can push around, but-- moves on its own?" He was trying to visualize this and it wasn't going very well. The concept was-- extremely odd to him. This thing of technology that was so complex it took men of great genius to understand it. Where with his people, geniuses wielded the mana of the world in order to make things happen, like lights.

"..Movie?" He nows asks. Oh he has so much to /learn/. This realization makes him slink in the chair and nibbles on the sandwich now.

These worlds were so complicated...
Maira Maira smiles at the thought of another movie marathon, nodding emphatically. "That sounds great--maybe we'll have to go into hiding in Manhattan too just so we can have a movie night--and apparently bring Ulharisk. Oh! We should take him to a theater! His first movie should be on the big screen," she remarks, grinning widely.

"Once we get out of here, anyway. Where is this Souji guy? I appreciate his hospitality but..." she says, reaching up toward the back of her head. It doesn't hurt, but she remembers alright.
Percival Percival taps his chin, "I'm thinking that we should watch.. Excalibur, Dragonheart, and the Princess Bride again when we take Ulharisk. Mayhaps Flight of the Dragons too, if I can find a copy."

Maira literally couldn't get enough of the Princess Bride. No more Labyrinth though. No sirree, that movie was now on his taboo list.

"I don't know, if he's the head of a corporation though he'll likely make us wait. It's part of a game humans on my world played."
Ulharisk just listened to them and slunk down a bit more in the chair. Such talks only now made him realize really how little he knew and yet, he didn't want to be /rude/. It was educational, just-- he had nothing to work with.

So he sat and ate, cause it was all he could do.
Maira "I still want to watch Labyrinth, I'm not going to let that jerk ruin it for me," she grumps, crossing her arms now that she's done eating.

Looking to Ulharisk, she knows they have lost him. "Heh...we should talk about something else, we've totally lost Ulharisk. Perci...I wonder, what year were you born? The world was not like it is now when you hatched, right?"
Percival "Ah. I was born forty two years ago. My kind don't age while we're asleep, so.. in truth my age is closer to twenty one, in human terms. If you know the Manhatten Calendar, the year is nineteen ninety six. Thus I was hatched in nineteen fifty four. Laid in Nineteen forty four. One year before the great war was over."

He'd shrug his wings off his shoulders. "We don't generally celebrate individual birthdays.. since almost all of our kind hatch at the same time each year, we celebrate hatching communally. And no.. my world was much different then. Television had barely been invented when I was a hatchling. Technology of the time would seem almost primitive compared to these days. Most movies in the cinema were still in black and white unless they had a large budget. A different world. My clan adapted rather slowly to the influx of technology. Television is barely accepted now."
Ulharisk listens to Percival as he explains his past, yet his eyes seem to be glassing over, growing distant really. The words starting to just grow distant even to his ears.

Cars, Motorcycles, plates, theaters, movies, television..
Fuel, electricity..

Technology. Machines.

He suddenly cringed as he growled lowly, he then placed down what little sandwich he had before he suddenly shot up out of the chair. "Thank you for the food, if you please excuse me."

Suddenly the Draconian turned on his heels and started to leave. It was a very quick, but almost stiff motion as he did so. Not really saying another word as he made his way out of the kitchen away from both Maira and Percival.
Maira Maira listens to Percival, nodding. Strange, but she actually thought he was older than that! When she thinks about gargoyles, she thinks of great stone castles with moats and drawbridges. But no, he'd been born when I Love Lucy was on television. Maira liked that show. "Heh...did you sleep for a while then? Longer than just a night?" she asks.

Then Ulharisk stands and excuses himself abruptly, causing Maira to frown after him before she looks back to Perci. "I think he's...I think he's just feel overwhelmed. Poor guy," she sighs.
Percival He wasn't that old! He wasn't that old at all!

He taps his chin, trying to figure out the best way to explain it. "Call it.. maturity. For your kind, anywhere from fourteen to eighteen is the age of maturity given the culture. For mine, its typically double that, we're twenty eight to thirty six before we're fully mature. Since we're sleeping during the day, we're inert during half the hours, and we don't age during that time."

He'd give Ulharisk a sympathetic look as he left. "He's a man out of time, a man displaced from his world. It will take him.. time to digest all the changes."
Maira Maira nods, sighing sadly. "Yes, it will. Its a terrible thing to have to go through, and too many people have been through it," she remarks.

"Well, you are still older than I am. I wonder if I'm even eighteen yet...maybe. Suppose its close enough that it doesn't really matter, does it? Maybe I should just make up a birthday," she muses.

Now they are alone, Maira remembers where they had been when Ulharisk joined them and blushes slightly. That was incredibly awkward. "I wish Souji wouldn't make us wait...or at least that we had something to do for a while. Maybe we could go up top?"
Percival Percival would nod his head, as he dipped another piece of bread into olive oil. "We all had to. Just part of life in this world we now live in.."

He'd wag a talon at her. "Well, make one up then. We'll celebrate it all the same. Just don't make your birthday /today/. No time for me to make certain its a special day for you."

He'd rise as she suggests that. "Certainly, up on deck? I don't think his employees will try to stop us..." And with that, he'd lead her up top, until they reached the deck with the solar sail.
Maira Maira laughs brightly, standing. "Well, only if you do the same!" she retorts, then would follow him up deck, frowning behind herself at the leftover food. "You know, you should eat cook so well, if I could cook as well as you I'd probably be eating all the time--okay so maybe its a good thing I can't cook then," she laughs.

Maira rushes up on deck, running toward the side to peer out into the sky, her face lighting up with wonder. "Amaaaaazing...." she whispers, gripping the rail and staring off into the clouds.
Percival He'd walk towards the side as well, putting a single hand upon the rail as he peered out into the sky. "Are you worried that I'll starve?" His tone was definitely teasing. "I'll be fine Maira. I eat well enough, I just don't tend to cook for myself. Mostly for others."

On the subject of birthdays, he'd chuckle, "I suppose I'd have mine fall on the Spring Equinox, if I must pick a day."

He'd stare into the storm clouds that surrounded the ship. "Hrm. It feels like the skies around this ship would be treacherous to glide through."
Maira Maira nods a little, looking out at the clouds. "Yes, seems so...suppose you don't want to risk getting struck by lightning or anything--though it would probably be the least worrisome thing that has happened lately," she jests with a small laugh.

"The spring equinox....Oh, but that's already passed!" she replies, reaching over to jab him gently in the ribs. "You'll make me wait practically another year! Myself...I was thinking the summer solstice, heh..."
Percival He'd grin at her. "Sure, it's already passed, but it fits. Amongst my kind, that's the only day which.. well, females are fertile. Once every twenty years. We're all conceived on that day. And we all hatch around that time, ten years later."

He'd chuckle. "Fitting, you /are/ fiery like the summer solstice, in more ways than one."
Maira Maira blushes, thinking about female fertility! Only one day a year? No wonder there are not many of them--boy, that one day though, that must be really--

COUGH. She can't help but remember Skoll talking about his people dancing around naked with only masks on, etc. Some kind of wild hedonistic party!

Maira blinks. "Well, obviously the one way...heh. How am I fiery otherwise? Are you saying I have a temper?" she asks, then sticks out her tongue.
Percival If he knew what she was thinking, he might have clarified that it was only one day every twenty years. His thoughts on the subject were entirely innocent. It was something engrained in his culture. And no, no wild Bacchanistic style parties. His clan valued privacy between mates.

He chuckles as he looked sidelong at her. "Enthusiastic. You're refreshingly blunt in what you say. I prefer it when people tell the truth. And /yes/ you do have a temper, it just takes a little more stoking for that particular fire to ignite."
Maira Maira /is/ curious, and her curiosity might just outweight her embarrassment. "So...only once a years? But the rest of the time--you said gargoyles take mates..."

"Hey! I do not have a temper!" she complains, then flushes, proving herself wrong. She laughs then, looking down and shaking her head. "Okay okay, I get it," she replies.

"So...your clans...there are still some around? Do you ever adopt a non-gargoyle into a clan? Especially now that there are so few of you?"
Percival He'd give her a strange look, then realized. Oh, she's human. Their birth rate is much higher. "No no. Once every twenty years. And yes, we mate for life." Wait, what did she mean by the rest of the t.. Ohhhh. "Are you asking whether they... at all other times?"

Well now he was blushing. "Yes. Yes they do. The gesture has as much to do with love as conception for our kind."

He'd laugh light-heartedly as she proves his point, he doesn't need to say anything else, he feels on that issue.

"Not generally, Maira. But.." He'd lean against the railing, staring out into the sky. "...My clan has fallen into darkness. Right now, the Twilight Detective Agency, VALKYRI? You are my clan. Its more that I've been adopted into your people."
Maira Oh yes, that was an incredibly awkward question. As he blushes, she blushes deeper. "S-sorry! That was a really strange question! I was just curious, didn't want to have false information or anything--" she explains.

At that last bit though, Maira nods, smiling warmly. She can't help but reach for his hand, letting him know as always that she supports him. "Heh...we are a clan, aren't we? It's have friends, a family of sorts."
Percival He'd just chuckle awkwardly, deciding not to follow up on the subject and embarass /both/ of them any further.

When she placed her hand over his, he'd just smile. "We are. A clan is a family. For my kind.. We don't have to be related by blood.. to know what ties bind us together."
Maira Maira smiles, nodding and leaning over to rest her head against his shoulder.

"There was another strange thing...Uist. I think he has some connection with Matthew. It was almost like he recognized the man," she says, remembering then.
Percival This suprises him, but he wraps a wing around Maira, smiling.

"Uist did? With Matthew?" He gives her a grim look. "I wonder what it means?"
Maira "I don't know, but Uist is deeply troubled. He doesn't remember anything from when he was alive, but perhaps...I don't know. There is a story here--Maybe I will finally learn more about my near constant companion for these past...twelve years," she says, her heart aching. What did this all mean? Everything was changing.
Percival "But he remembers that...ominous." He didn't know what to say, so he just held Maira closer to him.

He couldn't talk to Uist directly, or at least... he didn't know how. "Mayhaps you will.. I just hope the answers are to your liking."
Maira Maira leans into the embrace. Here they are again...

"Heh, the answers never seem to be to my liking...the answers don't care what we want," she replies. "I just...I fear to lose him. I know that he /should/ move on...a spirit should be trapped in the world forever. But I'm so scared to be without him," she admits quietly.
Souji Murasame "I trust you both are feeling well."

Suddenly, from the thunderclouds comes a figure, as a blur rises through the storm without care. His arms are folded and he looks down at the pair for a few moments, as if searching for something, before he drops to the deck lightly.

Souji Murasame has arrived.

"I apologize for the delay in speaking to you, I had urgent business to attend to." He turns, putting a hand on the railing and looking down into the storm for several moments. "I trust Alma has seen to your needs?" He looks back up to the pair, expression intent.
Percival Ah human showoffs. Another pretentious game.

He'd release Maira, as he approached. Folding his arms together, as he regarded the man, his appearance was certainly sobering. "There's no need for apologies. Make your purpose plain and all else can be forgiven." He'd nod at that. "She's seen to everything."
Maira As Souji come out of the thunderclouds, Maira's eyes widen.

Man knows how to make an entrance!

"'s alright," she says, stepping back and clasping her hands behind her back, glancing to Perci for a moment, flushing.

"Yes I'm feeling fine--though really you shouldn't have knocked me out like that! That...wasn't very nice," she scolds.
Souji Murasame "Sometimes, I unfortunately have to be unpleasant to ensure issues are dealt with." Souji looks up, focusing on Maira. "You were panicking. Your mind was clouded and you couldn't make a decision on what path to take. The world could not wait for you to make that decision. The longer you stayed there, the more danger you and your friends were in."

Souji doesn't seem to be conscious of what Percival thinks of his appearance. Instead, he looks between the pair. "There are more powers in heaven and earth than our world could have known." He looks back out into the storm, putting his hands back on the railing. "Foreign magics and technologies, people who know and believe things those of my world have never heard of. But I keep hearing about these entities of the Darkness, the people who use such things. The Dark Knight was one such being that attracted my attention. I knew he had to have connections. You exposed those connections, to Palamecia. I know the Emperor of that nation. He is... driven."

He pauses, and looks back to the pair. "I wanted to make your acquaintence. I don't know if your actions will have saved the man or simply made him a better servant to the Emperor, but he is a man who keeps his own counsel. You may be needed to work against his power. But even moreso, that power you expressed... What is it? How did you do that to the man?"
Maira Maira sighs, nodding a little. "I can't dispute that. I was--I had to use everything I had to do what I did," she replies. Whatever the heck that was!

" that where he is from? He's the EMPEROR? W-well then. Street performer my BUTT," she says, crossing her arms. That he is driven doesn't surprise her, but that he is an emperor, and a shadow lord...and he's probably pissed at her...

As he asks her about her power though, she shrugs her shoulders. "I...don't honestly know. It's my....Light I guess. The fire, I've had that since I was young, but it has kind of...turned into something else, especially when those who wield the darkness like the Dark Knight did. With him though...I knew something was wrong, his /self/ was scooped out, but there was something left. The light in me just wanted to balance him, and he was drawn to me in turn--I don't know. I just...connected with him. I ...burned through the darkness and I found /him/ inside," she tries to explain.
Percival The Gargoyle would actually manage a wan smile. "The battlefield cleared in short order afterwards, her departure had little effect on that. I'd wager that it was more impatience on your part, than actual concern for the welfare for individuals you barely know..."

He'd make the motion of tapping a single talon against his forehead. "I know the beginning of a sales pitch when I hear one.. I do appreciate the information, it is invaluable."

Well Fynn was certainly checked off the list now.

He'd then fall silent, allowing Maira to explain, he didn't truly understand what she'd done himself.
Souji Murasame "Very metaphorical." Souji replies, folding his arms behind his back. "So you don't actually know how you did that." He says, simplifying the matter. "Do you know how your powers work at all?"

Souji looks over to Percival, and frowns. "If I wanted to purchase your services, I would simply say so. But a power you can't control is not much use to you, let alone me."
Maira Maira looks sheepish, shaking her head. "I don't understand what you want me to say. Are you asking if I can do what I did on demand? I don't think that I could. My magic is wild, but I can control it in some measure..."

"But what I did? It was a wild idea, an instinct. I don't know what it means, I really don't. I hope to find out, I have some people I need to talk to..."
Percival The Gargoyle would arch an eyebrow. "And if power was all that I sought, I might even /care/ about whether she was useful to me. But I don't. Her power doesn't interest me. What she desires for her own life is what matters to me most, and then her well-being would rank second."

He'd look sidelong to Maira, giving her a supportive look. "She'll learn to use, to control what she has, on her own time. But her power? It is for her, and her alone to decide how it should be used best, or if it at all. True power is the wisdom to know when power ought not to be used, or tampered with, Mister Murasame."
Souji Murasame "When I want a lecture from you, sir, I will ask you for it." He responds to Percival. Souji's tone strays into irritation. "I did not invite you for your moralizing. I invited you because I wanted to speak with you all about matters that /will/ concern us. I have a business arrangement with the Emperor to make use of his natural resources. I do not expect the Emperor to remain working with me in good faith, so I have been measuring his power and that of his minions, as well as developing countermeasures of necessary."

He looks to Maira. "I know little about the Emperor personally. But I will tell you that he is not a foe to be trifled with. If he chooses to come for you, I would advise you to prepare yourself... And not simply depend on your friends to save you."
Maira Maira looks to Percival, frowning slightly, reaching out to place a hand on his arm. She can speak for herself.

He's right, she does have a temper. Especially over this. Maira looks back to Souji, her brow furrowed. "I depend on my friends as my friends depend on me--but I do not /hide/ behind them. It was /my/ decision to seek out the Dark Knight and try to stop him, and if the Emperor comes I will try to stop him too," she informs him. "I'm not going to let people get hurt because I can't be brave--but if they want to fight against him for whatever reason I have no right to try to stop them."

Maira takes a deep breath. "Is that all then?"
Percival Percival would only grin at Souji. My, the gentleman wasn't quite as controlled as he made himself out to be. Elitist too.

"Then it's a good thing that I offer them regardless of your desires, sir." He waves him off with an idle gesture. "Oh we're already preparing ourselves. And the interesting thing about us, Sir, is that our friends.. are better able to protect her than all of these impressive resources combined."

Let's see, a Sorceror, a Hobo that could control fate. The two of them working in conjunction with each other would be able to bring something suitable to bear. As it stood right now Mateus could portal right onto Souji's airship, snatch Maira, and go before they even knew he was here.
Souji Murasame You'd think that, wouldn't you Percival.

Souji sighs, looking away for a moment. When he looks back to Maira, his eyes narrow. "Is that so?" He says quietly. He steps forward. "You throw yourself into danger. You have no way to guard yourself. You have no plan. You have nothing but your uncontrolled, uncertain power that /thus far/ has been enough to keep you alive... Or is it? I was there. I watched what happened in Fluorgis. I watched as a half dozen of your friends bled for you."

"Be honest with yourself. It is the greatest service you can do for those around you." He turns away, then looks over his shoulder. "As far as that subject is concerned, yes. I will not trouble you any more with it... And you make a lot of assumptions, gargoyle." Souji replies. "I was not offering to protect her. I was offering to assist in a mutually beneficial agreement. I can provide other services, as well. I have other questions regarding your knowledge of the worlds, but at this time it is not something I need to keep you regarding."

There is a silence for a short time. "I have no other questions. I can drop you off wherever you wish."
Maira "They would have kept bleeding! The Dark Knight would keep coming, not just for me, for anyone! Testing, always testing..." she replies.

"I don't want anyone to bleed for me. Why is everything I do the wrong thing?" she asks.

Maira takes a deep breath, clenching her fists, resisting the urge to let tears spill from her cheeks. "Whatever agreement...obviously you've decided I can't be of use to you. Sorry, to have been a disappointment," she replies.
Percival He tsks. "And we'd do it again. For any one of us. At any time. Shedding one's own blood in the defense of another...And she'd shed her own blood for any of us. It's what a clan does, for each other, Maira. We don't want each other to bleed for us, but we give of ourselves freely for each other."

He'd put a hand on Maira's shoulder, guiding her away from Souji Murasame. "Any mutually beneficial agreement with you, Sir, would be tainted by your own ambition. In the end, it would always be you that benefits more from it. If you have questions about our worlds, then feel free to approach us in the future. I'd be happy to answer your questions. Just try not to knock one of my friends senseless next time, or I won't be so polite."

And then he'd gently heft Maira into his arms. "You're not doing anything wrong. You're doing everything /right/. Maira, you don't understand.. Mateus wasn't there yesterday purely because he was angry..."

"...It was because he was afraid of the woman who can break his toys with such ease."

And then he'd start walking in the opposite direction of Souji, towards the edge of the Ame-No-Torifune. "...With that in mind. How could you be a disappointment, in any world?"
Souji Murasame Souji simply frowns. "As long as you refuse to become actually capable of standing on your own, and as long as you refuse to take responsibility for your actions, this will keep happening."

Souji turns to Percival. "You are beginning to aggrivate me, gargoyle. Your self-righteousness is like a stench that is following you around. You have spent long enough judging me. Be careful with your words, lest you be judged yourself."
Percival He'd actually look over his shoulder at Souji, smiling in a wan manner, "I judge myself far more harshly than you ever could, Mister Murasame. I do it constantly, and ever do I find myself wanting. Already do I find myself judged to be worthy of perdition for my sins. Look inward, before you simply label it as self-righteousness."

He'd flare his wings open. "Fare you well, Souji Murasame. When we meet in the next life, I'll echo back those words to you."

And then he'd step off the side of the ship. Letting the currents carry him down, below the stormclouds.
Maira Maira looks up toward Perci, a smile appearing through her unshed tears. Clan. They were a clan. Clans bleed for each other. She would certainly bleed for them. She would die for any of her friends.

Maira climbs into Percivals arms, look over toward Souji with a soft frown. "Do you stand alone, Souji Murasame?" she asks. "If so, I feel sorry for you," she adds, then wraps her arms around Percival in preparation to glide away.

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