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(2013-05-01 - Now)
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Evja It had been over a day since Evja had come out to search with the rest. At least, not having had his Chocobo whistled for using the whistle he gave Shiki, Evja had taken the time to simply fall asleep tucked underneath the Chocobo's wing and rested there with it for a good while. Catching up on lost sleep is always something one needs to do after all, otherwise it hangs on. Yet, now that he was awake, the Viera took a shower and put on a clean set of clothing that he'd brought with him, a simple White Mage's outfit. No armor at the moment, really, though he did have it in his 'inventory' rather than leaving it with his Chocobo to possibly be pilfered.
The moment would find the Viera sitting on the ground floor of the Hermits Library, feet hanging over the edge into the water where they swished lightly back and forth, eyes reading a book he had held in his hands. Of course, all the 'he' aside, Evja as always looked rather feminine and given his face was covered by the veil, none could really tell anything otherwise, with the loose robe he had on and his long, still wet hair hanging unbound behind him. Just a nice, relaxing day, trying to read a bit of the lore here to understand exactly what this place was.
Lenn Lenn has been training herself for the past several months, resulting in some improvements to the elven lady's waistline...

This doesn't mean a thing though, Lenn is still EXHAUSTED.

To that end, she's fallen into a cushion near Evja, a notebook in one hand, and an old book in another... This *IS* an artisan's library, and at her core, Lenn *IS* still an artisan.
Evja It wasn't an immediate thing, but eventually Evja did look up and peer towards whoever had sat down next to him. It took a few moments, but eventually he asked softly, "You are... Lenn, yes?" He was still getting used to the names of the various types here. He wasn't the /best/ with names, even of those in the Shard Seekers. At least, not of most. Some he recalled. Odd names, different names.
"Have you found anything of import to you or the others here?"
Lenn Lenn nods, "I've learned something very. Very important..." She sighs, still settling into her cushion.

"Moogles can inflict a LOT of pain when they want to. But It's gotta make me stronger for it, right?" She indicates the book. "I got this to try to see if I can learn more for my own crafting, though...
Evja "Heh. What made you think they could not? Also... why are you training? I thought it was Shiki who desired to find the weapons master to train under? Is he willing to train anyone for weapons?" That was an interesting thought, but really, it was just weapons. What could a single weaponsmith really do that would prove to be so amazing that they had to travel this far? "I still wonder what makes this fellow so... well, different from other smiths. Is it only that he can train you too?"
Lenn Lenn closes her book. "I see Reize leave on adventures... he comes back hurt a lot. Shiki travels a lot, and I worry. I don't WANT to stay home and worry anymore. So I have to make sure I don't hold them back. But most importantly... I AM NOT going to lose anyone else precious to me. Not ever again, and certainly not to no Heartless, noise, or mathmatical freak." If fire in eyes was literal, those books would be ash.
Evja Hm. Well, at least she was passionate about it. He knew the feeling behind that, but... was getting a weapon you aren't familiar with to train with really going to help? "So, can this fellow, moogle... make any weapon?" At the thought, though... he returned to something that had plagued his mind in the past. That Keyblade thing Sora had. How did it even work? Was it because it was key-shaped? Because he tried harder? Did it have some unique magic?
Ugh. He just... didn't know. "Perhaps I should speak with this Moogle as well to see if he can put an idea of mine into practice."
Lenn Lenn shakes her head. "I don't know what he can make, but having seen some of his work? I know for a *FACT* he's an expert. Novices don't make lines like those. He's at least as good with swords as I am with jewels, and probably better.
Evja "I see." Well, that was surprising. "And what do you do yourself? With Jewels I mean." Folding up the book that was in his hands, Evja turns a bit, feet still idly kicking a little in the shallow water around the edge of the area. He seemed faintly interested in the idea of working gems, but probably knew little of it.
Lenn Lenn says, "Well, for one, I'm a jeweler. Rings, pendants and things like that. For two..." She reaches into her everpresent belt-pouch, and retrieves a blue gem, which glows, before a small swirl of water appears in her hand... then goes into her mouth."
Evja "..."

Evja stared quietly for a few moments at the revealed trick before shaking his head and sighing. "Magic. Such strange, wonderous things that can be done with it. Though technology in the outside worlds still amazes me so. I would ask, however, how much you would charge if I asked you to make something for me. Well, not for ME, but for another I know. I had been meaning to get them a gift and... if I could find the materials for you, could you give me an estimate of how much you would ask?"
Lenn Lenn hmms. "Well, it would all depend on how intricate a gift you're looking for." She smiles. "If you provide the materials, it WOULD be a whole lot less expensive, though. Jewels can be hard to come by, sometimes.
Evja Evja nods to that. "Of course. I... actually do not know. Beyond that which I wear..." A hand is stretched out, a ring hanging there. It contains within it the symbol of Jylland Judges, and said hand also points to the kind of dangly, gaudy rings hanging from the Viera's tall ears, "...I know little of jewelry. I have always focused on other things. What... what would you suggest as a gift to someone I have known for many, many years who I know has also cared for me perhaps a bit more than I have cared for them in return? I want to thank them for not abandoning me after all this time and..." Evja fades off at that, uncertain how to make the point.
Lenn Lenn hmms. "A male friend, or female?" She gets out her notebook. "There's a lot I could do, but we should start there."
Evja "Female. She is a Gria, for what it is worth. You may have seen them from time to time within Fluorgis - they have wings and a dragon-like tail. Horns and such. Hard to miss."
Lenn Lenn nods. "Okay. Hair color, how tan is she, and can you sum up a personality?" She smiles.
Evja That question causes Evja to laugh softly. "If I told you of her personality you would think I was slandering her. So I suppose I will simply say she is... blunt, quick to anger, prickly. I... am still unsure why she ever began to care for me of all Viera, let alone any others. As for her hair, it is a light shade of red and she is... I suppose I am bad at judging a humes tone. She does venture into the sun, however, so she is by no means pale."
Lenn Lenn says, "If she's quick to anger... Probably not a ring... A bracer, then... Maybe a design like the wings, with Emerald and Aquamarine settings..." She starts to sketch."
Evja The logic of no ring for someone quick to anger confused the Judge faintly. "I must inquire as to why you would think a ring would not be suitable for one with the patience of a gnat? Of course, I shall trust your judgment, but... I am curious."
Lenn Lenn says, "Because if you haul back and hit someone while hitting the ring, at best, you'll break the ring. At worst, your finger." She keeps sketching."
Evja "..."

Suddenly Evja starts to laugh at that, feeling rather ignorant for having missed something so simple. "I suppose such is true. Mm... I wonder if it should be something fully themed to her, or perhaps more something of myself, to thank her. What would you suggest?"
Lenn Lenn says, "Well, that's actually something there, too." She smiles. "Aquamarine represents deep friendship, and a desire for that to continue. Emerald represents hope, and superstitions go that wearing it brings love, presence of mind, courage and foresight. In essence, 'you are a good friend, and I wish you nothing but the best'.""
Evja It was here that the Viera went quiet, unsure how to actually respond. Mostly because he didn't want to give her any finite message. Sure, he'd told Lia plenty before he was only interested in other Viera and even then... because of obvious 'in hiding' reasons he had no hope to pursue these things. But...
"I do not wish to hurt her by giving her an answer, so I would prefer nothing of the sort. At least for now."
Lenn Lenn hmms. "I think I see... Perhaps simple clear crystal eyes in a dragon engraving, the wings wrapping around the arm.
Evja "Maybe so. I shall trust you to that, then. Or maybe I am looking too hard into this and in the end she will not even know the difference. I cannot imagine her caring enough to know about such things either." On that thought... "So... how about rubies?"
Lenn Lenn says, "A DEEP red ruby might work, as it does represent passion, and in ancient times, was believed to be the blood of dragons. Which your friend certainly seems to resemble, yes?""
Evja "I shall find such, then. And... as for the setting, I have a material in mind already. It may be rather hard to work with however, as I imagine you have never had the opportunity to deal with it before." To show exactly what, Evja held his hand out and a large translucent crystal-looking sword appeared. "I was hoping for something that is made out of this material. Judges Steel. I... cannot get you very much of it, but I can obtain it."
Lenn Lenn says, "No, I've never worked with that metal before... I'd need to have a look at some of it to see if I can work what you want me to." She hmms. "Looks like a pretty hard metal, though...""
Evja "It is a type of glass-like crystalline metal that is as about as moldable as steel, despite being quite a bit stronger. It is one of the rarest materials in my world, found only in one place we are aware of at the moment. So... please, would you be willing to try? Or perhaps even you could work with this mythical weaponsmith and master who can do anything?" That last bit showed just a hint of the Viera's suspicion regarding the smith.
Lenn Lenn says, "I'm certainly not saying *NO*. I'm saying get me a little bit of the metal to work with, and I'll see about shaping it proper? A professional artist needs challenges to stay that way." She looks to him. "Of course, it does mean more work, so I'll have to charge for that. Just making sure you know from the beginning.""
Evja "Very well then."
And with that, Evja shifts and tucks her legs underneath herself before standing, looking around as if thinking about something. "It is getting to be about time I go check up on my Chocobo however. It is about time for his dinner after all and I imagine he cannot wait to enjoy the gyshal I have for him." She stretched and a spot in her back could be heard popping. "Is there anything else you need immediately to plan for such? I... have no excess of this material on me, so I could not give you any now. I only have my weapons at the moment."
Lenn Lenn nods, "I can wait until we get back home. After all, you know where my 'workshop' is." She smiles, brightly.

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