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(2013-04-29 - 2013-05-02)
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Faruja Senra As it turns out, getting a meeting with the Elder of Mysidia is far more difficult than originally forseen. Not completely surprising: the Church's reputation amongst some circles was less than sterling, and the Mysidians didn't seem for the most part to be a religious bunch. Then there was the Order of the Northern Sky as well. All in all, Faruja's diplomatic efforts here have gone horribly. If only a certain young mage was about!

After sending off another letter, Faruja has little to do other than to /wait/. Which happens to involve sitting at a bar and soaking up alcohol. Luckily, he's taking it easy this time, after his encounter with Zack. While still enraged by the actions of Angantyr, there's work to be done. Siip. Tail-flick. He pointedly ignores the dancing girl, some twitch of self-preservation (or at least, a loathing for the Pig spell), keeping him far away.
Hati While Mysidia may be a city of magic, it isn't a place that Hati would normally go wandering into. The mages did tend to be a little defensive, especially to outsiders. Never-the-less, it is a good place for her to inquire about various wares she might need for her potions, and to perhaps persuade a few lessons from the instructors who teach in the city who may not mind greasing their pockets a bit. Why bother asking politely when you can just pay someone off and not have to worry about someone saying 'no'? Clearly, some aspects of the wolf-girl still walk the line between good and evil.

It's by happenstance that she catches a familiar scent on the air, her head tilting and her mismatched eyes looking out from beneath the hood that covers her ears. She blends in here, rather than standing out, dressed more like a mage than one might expect. Then again, the girl /had/ been a spy for quite a long time, figuring out ways of going unnoticed would have served her well.

She hadn't really seen Faruja since after her recovery from the curse that had nearly killed her. Like most wolves, she'd preferred to handle those weaker days on her own. Either that, or she'd been trying to get some space to figure out just where her heart lies. Katyna had left to Shadow Lords around that same time, and she hasn't seen her best friend since then, either. Troubling turns of events. That's the problem with developing emotional bonds with others.

Still, soft footsteps don't draw much attention her way, as people come in and out of the bar. What might finally reveal her presence is a soft caress to one ear, a teasing sort of gesture that is probably meant to alarm the poor mouse, or at least fluster him in the process as she takes a seat beside him. She's easy enough to recognize, although it might take a moment with her ears hidden and her features in the shadow of her hood. "So..." A hint of a wry smile quirks her lips. "Would a brave knight be willing to let a lady buy him a drink? Or I could offer you some other service for saving my life..." She seems back to herself now - teasing, alluring, and the picture of the wolf who had suddenly kissed him those many weeks ago.
Faruja Senra The squeak Hati's gesture tears from the preoccupied ratling's muzzle is nothing short of embarrassing. Fluster and alarm mix briefly as his gaze casts about, nearly spilling his drink, before it finally lands upon the culprit!

Faruja Senra is utterly speechless. For a brief moment, all of his worries melt away at that quirking smile, and teasing voice, even as red settles in amidst his white fur. Slowly, he grins, before tilting his head and wrapping his tail about her own.

"My dear, mysterious Lady, how could I /ever/ turn down such a kind and generous offer!" Retorts the rat.

Beat. Beat. Faruja leans in beneath that hood, planting a long and slow kiss upon the wolf's lips. Vengeance! Not to mention, a certain Templar has missed the woman, practically /glowing/ upon seeing her in good health and mood once more. When he finally breaks, he straightens, coughing in embarrassment at such a vulgar display in public!

"I missed you Hati." Adds the rat, rather unnecessarily.
Hati The unknightly squeak that comes from the mouseling is enough to draw a soft laugh from Hati's lips, but it's a fond sort of amusement as she settles, raising a clawed hand to add in an order to the barkeep. At least here, she doesn't have to worry about getting carded when she orders alcohol, it's another matter in certain human worlds where her short stature sometimes has her mistaken for someone a few years younger.

Her own tail swishes once before it's caught, the end continuing the usual canine sway that comes with someone in a fair mood. "Well, you could... but then I'd have to give you the puppy dog eyes." She can do it, too! It comes with being a wolf, you know.

The moment that he leans in, though, all playfulness sinks into something sweeter. She meets the kiss gently, without the rushed, intense nature of that first time. She's changed a bit, this wolf, and her heart is just starting to learn what all of this is about, and coming to enjoy it. It's a contented sort of sigh with which she finishes that kiss, offering a small nuzzle of her nose against his muzzle before drawing back. "I know." She whispers, the shadow of the cloak failing to hide a hint of color on her own cheeks. It seems as close to a 'Missed you too' as she's going to get right now.

"I'm fine. Needed to get away for a bit. Wolves don't do well indoors." She rubs at one bare arm, the strange skin-crawly feeling catching her at the thought of the poison that had flowed in her veins. There's still scars from it, but they've faded to faint white marks on her wrists. "What about you? Nothing missing since last I saw you? Or should I make you strip down so I can check?" Yep, she's back to the teasing then, offering him a wink.
Faruja Senra Faruja manages a look of quasi-dignity at Hati's laugh, though perhaps marred by the smile he can't quite wipe away. A hand goes to his chest, even as he sips his newly acquired drink!

"Ahh, be still my heart! Whom could resist the gaze of such pure, sad innocence! Truly, thy eyes could melt the most cold and stout of hearts!" Dramatically proclaims the ratling, before reaching beneath that hood to tweak one of her ears playfully. If they were alone, he'd be sticking his tongue out.

The change in the wolfess is more than apparent to the Templar, and it warms his heart. The urge to push her just a /little/ harder almost has him teasing her at that bit of color, but he holds back, instead dragging her close for a small hug just to punctuate his feelings. Too much too fast would be bad for someone learning things so delicate and confusing.

Siiip. "Everything is in one piece...though not for lack of trying. Never a boring day, whether I wield pen or blade." Her words remind him of the troubles with his people, Ramza, and Angantyr, and he shivers. The weight of responsibility is nearly crushing.

"Mayhap out of my depth, however. Diplomacy has never been my forte, Hati, how ever necessary it may be."

A pause, and he leans in, a single digit poking her nose. "Now, now, now! Whom is the healer here, mmm? Mayhap I should be the one doing the 'checking' upon a newly healed wolfess." Returns the rat on a much brighter note, even as he folds his reddened ears. Not to mention quickly turning away, a handkerchief stifling a nosebleed.
Hati "Innocence?" Hati raises an eyebrow and gives him a skeptical look. "I think you may have forgotten who you're talking to." The bartender returns with the ordered drinks, and the wolf tugs one towards her before starting to flick off points on her claw-tipped fingers. "Let's see. Former servant of evil, check. Bloodthirsty werewolf, check. Hated by most of the world, check." And yet, with all of these things, she had managed to worm her way into his heart. It might have just seemed like a ploy, if it weren't for the fact that she'd seemed as surprised as he was.

She rumbles a little hrmph and leans in against him for that hug, and then shrugs her shoulders. Her ear twitches, then tucks away from his tweeking grasp. "If you manage to lose a limb because of a pen, I'm going have to ask you for the number of the shop you bought it at. I could use some new weapons of chaos and destruction." She's joking... probably. "I'm afraid I can't help you much with diplomacy. Not unless you need a little bit of agressive diplomacy." She drums her claws on the bartop once, and then raises the drink to her lips with a smirk.

Her nose wiggles, causing those mismatched eyes to go crossed for an instant before focusing back on him. "Do you really think I would lie to you?" Hati asks, reaching out a hand to give him an absent sort of scratch under the chin, her eyes showing mischief. "Then again, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to be absolutely certain." With another laugh, the wolf just beams, bemused at the poor mouse. She does offer out her wrist for him to inspect though. Those wounds had been quite deep, but they do seem to have healed well enough.

Some measure of darkness comes over her thoughts though. "I'm worried about Katyna. I haven't seen her since after the fight, and I know just how hard it is to struggle when all people see from you is darkness." She hasn't met Ramza yet, or even heard about the fact that her self-appointed sister has been traveling with him from time to time. "As stupid as it is, I'm a bit afraid to talk to some of the others. I worked with VALKYRI of my own choice, but what if they think I was trying to double cross them?" She growls under her breath. "I wish my brother hadn't told the world. Everyone thinks your actions have some other motive behind it, and you rarely get a chance to show them that you're not defined by one set of former allegiances."

Faruja had given her a chance, but even that had been a hard-fought sort of thing. Earning his trust hadn't been easy, either. Now, it's back to square one with the world at large.
Faruja Senra "Fine, fine, point taken!" He's quick to give the wolfess a good-nature shove at the shoulder, before giving a tired sigh.

"Far more likely than one thinks. Many a person has lost their head from bungled diplomacy, however, thankfully so directly. Nor do I intend to make such a hash-up of the job at any rate. Should I need any, ahh.../reinforcement/ of my points, I know whom to come to then." When it comes to the sake of his people, he's not above playing hardball.

His head tilts up, accepting the scritch and leaning against her lightly. A small smile lingers on his muzzle, glancing down to the wound. Taking a moment, he leans in, kissing it gently. "There we are, just what was missing from thy treatment." A wide smirk follows, now certain she's healed.

Katyna. A hand rubs his face's good side. "...She has fallen into the company of Heretic Ramza Beolve. Against my own counsel at that." Shivers run through him, the rat smelling uncharacteristically of fear.

"The Lord provides, Hati. Many are distrustful...and rightfully so, for have not these Shadow Lords been instrumental in destroying their homes and worlds? However, I believe that the good people of VALKYRI on the whole will be a bit more open than that. Ask for a chance to prove thyself. Or better yet, simply do so. Stay loyal to them, and show it. They have chosen their side, Hati, in this war that we are all caught within. A good show of action will more than handily dispel any thoughts of ultierior motives."
Hati "You make a better warrior than a diplomat. But your heart is what will show people the way, be it in combat or on paper." Hati's expression is more serious then, though certainly it has as much influence as any other compliment. She isn't one for flowery words, but sometimes she can speak to the heart of things, and the wolf certainly sees both the good and the bad of him. She doesn't see the world through rose-tinted lenses, but she does at least try to find the good in people as she would hope they'd someday find in her. "But you know my services are always yours." She inclines her head like some knight bowing before a lord, her smile returning.

It lingers when he kisses upon her wrist, "That's a type of magic I've yet to experience much of. Powerful magic, it seems. Maybe I should get hurt more often if I could beg tender ministrations from such a fine healer." She flexes her fingers, folding them back around the cup and drinking deeply from it, ice clinking in the process. It's likely the first time he's seen her drink, but she can probably keep up with him if it came down to it.

There is a thoughtful pause from the wolf, one claw clicking against glass. "You know I'm not the sort to condemn someone I've never met." Hati, herself, is no follower of the Church, and isn't likely to be swayed to it. She isn't likely to call someone an enemy unless she's seen their crimes first hand. "Katyna is impulsive, but now is the time for her to make mistakes, and to find out who her friends are. And I would be a terrible friend to abandon her just for making a few bad choices."

The wolf's tail sways, tugging his along with it in a slow rhythm. "I plan to go speak to them... to Avira if I can. I just don't know what to expect. I couldn't make up for what I did by helping to bring back their world, because I was lying in bed dying instead." She sighs slowly, the troubled look not seeming quite natural on her features. "I have to try, though, right? Can't run forever." She laughs once, then shakes her head.
Faruja Senra "Service I shan't squander. Nor misuse. I prefer those whom I work with to, at least on some level, be invested in the mission for the cause." It's why Faruja's never gotten on all that well with mercenaries.

A slow, long sigh, and a smirk quirks the rat's features. "...If only 'twould be possible to share more of it. And unfortunately, many seem to think of personal gain rather than the larger picture. Such is the way of the world." A pause.

The Templar has always ached to share his plans, his hidden desires. More and more, as he stares into those mismatched eyes, that ache grows. She's a woman, against all odds, that has earned his trust and adoration. It's only the many people in the room that stops him from blurting it out.

"Yet, mayhap, should the walls find less ears, trusted ones may know the full truth of things."

Finally, though, a smile comes back to him for a brief moment. "And I should like to sweep thee off thy feet at the slightest bump! Though I suppose one could simply dispense with the excuses, with such a fine Dame and...scout before my gaze." The compliment falls a touch flat, but he's not about to call her 'thief' or 'assassin' so openly.

Katyna. Faruja rubs his head. "...'Twas what I feared the most, that would come out of thy mouth. I barely know what to make of the man, nor his supposed 'truths'. He /is/, however dangerous. Even by association. /Especially/ by association. Be careful Hati. Do not let him draw you in, please. Silver tongues and hands stained with the blood of Cardinals is an ill mix."

A short nod. Faruja can't argue her point. "Mistakes are one thing. 'Tis her neck I fear for. I...want to give her salvation from mistakes of the past, not rope to swing from, yet I fear the Beolve was utterly correct. Katyna's heart is her own. However, mayhap thy own words shall be more swaying."

Sway, sway, sway. Shiver. The rat leans all the more heavily for a moment, before straightening up slightly. "Quite. Face her bravely, as 'tis in thy nature, my fierce wolf. Avira is a good woman. Mayhap a touch reckless, yet dedicated. Face her honestly, and she shall accept thee, though I would wager not immediately. Many humans are slow to trust in these confusing times."
Hati "I'm invested in you. I suppose that's something." Hati's reply comes with a wry look, shifting the hood back so that she can let her ears be free for a time. Though her inhuman appearance might still raise a few eyebrows in this reclusive city, she easily feels more at home with herself while sitting beside him. "While you know I can claim no allegiances to your church, you know that no matter what, I am on your side." She reaches those same near fingers out, laying her warm hand over his.

A bit of a wicked glint shows in those mismatched eyes, then a flash of her fangs. "I think I could easily steal your attentions if I wanted to. It isn't hard to distract you." Her hand comes up from his, tracing again along his ear in that slow, teasing manner. "Though sometimes I think you might need the distraction. You're getting tense again." She lifts one eyebrow, the little smirk playing on her lips working as sign enough that she might just enjoy easing some of that tension again.

She shrugs, though, "You can call me what I am. Seer, witch, hunter, thief." Hati would easily take any of those titles. Assassin doesn't quite fit, as she's rarely been the type to simply kill for money or power. "Yet Katyna is like a sister to me. She and I walked through the darkest parts of our lives together, and I owe her some measure of both my life, and my memories." Even before Skoll had broken through Serrak's magic, Katyna's influence had already begun to weaken the spells that held fast to Hati's past.

"I will speak with her, but... her path has always been her own." Hati tilts her head, nudging against his shoulder before offering a more genuine smile. "I don't always agree with everything you do. It doesn't mean that I care any less." The wolf has less worries over things like heresy and the anger of the church. She has been on the receiving end of hatred a time or two, and even with the power that the Glabadosians have, it's a far cry from the power of the Shadow Lords, or the greater reach of all the forces of light within the world.

As for speaking to Avira, that's a topic where Hati does seem to agree with him, nodding her head once. Unlike Katyna, Hati had never lied to the woman, or misrepresented her reasons for the things she did. She had never doublecrossed or actively worked to harm any member of VALKYRI, except perhaps for one who faced her before she even knew who they were, and perhaps she'd need to answer for that. "I fear I've gone too far into darkness to ever really come fully back. But I know enough of it to know how far I can go before I lose myself to it. Maybe that will come to help someone else..." She sets her hand back to her empty glass, clinking the ice together. "You wouldn't happen to be the one who sent that gargoyle my way, would you?"
Faruja Senra "More than I deserve, mayhap. Thank you, Hati. I shan't lead thee astray. 'Tis /your/ job, hmm?" A smile, and a wink, the rat chuckling.

Fingers intertwine, that flash of fang meeting a raised brow. "With thyself about, Hati, I think I may yet learn some tolerance of such distractions. Training, I should like to think. Enjoyable, at that!" Really, the rat can't help but love having his own feathers pleasantly ruffled. Slumping lightly, he nods. She has him pegged; the rat's stressed beyond belief.

"/Dame/, so far as I am concerned" retorts the rat, voice firm as he stands solidly on politeness.

Sigh. "Never would I deny thy care, nor that for Katyna. careful? I shan't think to lose thee by the machinations of that damned noble!"

Reaching out, he strokes the wolfess' cheek tenderly, some small part of him quivering at the risks. He's seen too many people bordering on, or named Heretics that he cares for. It's becoming more than distressing.

"...That, my dear, is the realm of Inquisitors, Priests and Holy Faram. Though somehow I doubt that I shall be seeing thee in a confessional any time soon." Comes the Templar with his go-to answer on matters of being too lost in the darkness.

Smile. "...Thy name may have passed my lips to the good Squire at one time or another. He is in safe claws. However, be wary of that wretched blade." Shiver. He's still half a mind to try to destroy the thing.

Pausing, the rat lifts his chin. "...Hati, I may yet have a task for thee. Up for a trip to Cleyra, by chance?"
Hati "Then you don't know what is deserving." The wolf lifts her shoulders, the fabric of the cloak playing against the bare skin beneath. "But yes, it is my job to be the vile temptress who uses her cunning wiles to seduce the young, handsome templar away from his duties." She returns his wink with one of her own, laughing softly to herself. "But in all honesty, I hope you never learn to ignore my distractions. It wouldn't make things nearly as fun." Hati wiggles her nose at him, clearly enjoying the line of banter.

It isn't often that she can let her guard down and be herself, and she can count on three fingers the number of people who have seen a true smile from her at some point or another. "You know, in other cultures that word doesn't have quite the same meaning." In her head, she's probably playing out some gangster flick from one of the human worlds, complete with some guy in a trechcoat waving a gun around and calling out: 'You dirty rat!' Interchanging Faruja into the picture... makes it that much funnier.

"I'll be careful." Silly thoughts aside, the wolf seems genuine enough in her words, "And you won't lose me. Nothing that anyone says about you is going to change what I feel. Rest easy on that." Where he might have come out and professed his own feelings, Hati still tended to be more reserved about it. Still, it's clear that she's quite fond of him, and it's a feeling that probably could be expressed in more concrete terms, if she could ever bring herself to admit it.

The idea of going to a confessional only has her giving another of those quizzical sort of looks, "I'm afraid you're right on that regard. You know I don't believe in sins, only mistakes, and I try to right mine in my own way. Consider that progress, though?" With a tilt of her head, she nods softly, "Trying to teach others about the darkness is a harder task, though. I refused to teach Katyna because I feared she'd use it to sink further herself... but Percival." She runs a few fingers through her bangs. "There's something there, and I intend to find out what it is."

When he mentions a task, though, the wolf's determined expression drops to one of curiousity as she looks at him. "For you, I could probably manage going a bit out of my way, why? What do you need done?"
Faruja Senra "And such a Tempress you are! Why, I have half a mind to drag thee upstairs for that promised bit of stress relief. Thy tail hath my arm encircled, my love!" Pause. He rubs his head, before sipping his drink.

"I /am/ stuck here until the dear Elder deigns to reply to a lowly Templar's letter." A frown creases his muzzle, the rat looking quite impatient. Given the state of Cleyra and the Burmecians within, it may be easy to see why.

Lean! He's quick to plant a kiss upon that wiggling nose, welcoming the distraction. "We shall see. Never would I wish to see such a beautiful wolf /bored/ with my presence."

Faruja's eye squints briefly, head tilting in confusion. Somewhere, in another universe, the pair of Hati and Faruja are the Bonnie and Clyde of their day, perhaps fighting the heartless as well as the coppers! Unfortunately, our dear Templar of this universe isn't quite so dapper. The rat smiles fondly.

"Mayhap I should be watching more of those Manhattan moving-pictures."

The tight hug that he wraps up the wolfess into might show just how much those words relieve him. "Hardly am I a paragon of virtue, none who wield a blade are. Thy trust in me, Hati, is one I shan't shatter. There is...much I must tell thee. However, not here. If I am to be thy teacher in these matters, 'twould be for the best to 'lay my cards upon the table' as the humans say. But not here." Laying out his plans for the Church, and the world at large in a bar would be a bad idea!

"Progress indeed. It gives me hope for the future. Nor can I rightly say that such confidence and strength in righting them is not both attractive and admirable."

On the Gargoyle, Faruja nods. "Let me know what you find. That sword is /vile/. Removing the blasted thing would be better than any 'teaching' in my opinion. However, I am biased." He'll leave that one to the expert.

Faruja's hands fold before him, reluctantly letting Hati go. "A man calling himself the 'Old Man'...aptly name, if odd...has taken it upon himself to whip up my people and their estranged cousins into quite the warlike mood. In and of itself, 'tis fine. However, from what I have discovered, he is both ancient and enigmatic. Nor doth he lay out /why/ he desires to assist us. He has passed on the skills of the Dark Knight to many of my people, with His Highness' approval. Frankly, the man is untrustworthy with such origins and actions. I fear he seeks to lead my people astray."

A pause, and a sip, then the rat continues. His tail sways within Hati's own, rather more rapidly and violently than before. "What I need to know is how far he pushes my comrades down that dark path. Observe them, determine to what extent Darkness touches them, and if 'tis possible, judge their strength...and whether or not his 'training' hath unduly tainted them. Excessive violence, aggressiveness, that sort of thing. While we need every advantage in the days coming, neither do I wish to have our people bent to the will of oursiders."
Hati The wolf rumbles her own amusement, "I'm not sure I could ever be bored. I have an entire list of rules to break, remember? I still need to find that rule book and start checking things off my list." Hati is teasing, of course, but she is likely not a good influence when it comes to the more stoic of Templar ways. Impulsive, and prone to simply enjoying the comforts of life, she certainly is a strange match for him.

Her hand reaches up to paw at her nose when it's kissed, her other hand nudging at her empty glass absentmindedly. She leans into the hug, though, letting her head nuzzle against his shoulder. The wolf-girl did tend to be better at showing certain emotions with physical touch than words. "Who says I want to be taught? Although if it's something that we need to be in private for you to show me... " She teases again, but then lets it drop after that. "Just tell me the place and leave a window open. I'll be there." She offers.

As for the task that he has in mind for her, Hati seems thoughtful for a time. It's unlikely that she would attract much trouble just by watching. Most people didn't even notice her when she actually attempts using stealth. Then again, if this is a matter of war, it might be something she best stayed out of. Then again, it's Faruja asking this of her, which makes it that much harder to refuse. "I can go, and look, and listen. Beyond that, I don't really think I should get involved. I've been too close to darkness lately."

She props her head on her hand then, giving him a small smirk, "You're going to tug my tail off if you keep being so irritated. I'd like to keep it for a while longer if you don't mind."
Faruja Senra "Clearly, then, thy claws hath not crawled through my dresser drawers enough, my dear." It's the pure opposites in lifestyles that attracts the rat, in addition to her more warrior-like ways. Not to mention her dedication to friends! The dark wolfess has certainly dug her way into his heart quite well by now!

A grin of enjoyment comes to the rat's muzzle at her nose-rubbing, sighting a small victory. Which he quickly loses out on, as her words quickly have his thoughts splashing and flailing about in the gutter for a good minute. The renewed blush, and feigned cough is a dead giveaway. He may just be looking for shadows when he next takes a bath! "You are the most scandalous wolf to ever grace my presence!" He can't at all dredge up indignity, only fondness. "...Nor would I have it any other way." Admits the rat, before sighing. No doubt a certain Inquisitor would berate him for it!

"My window is always thine own." Oh, why can't thieves use the front door?

Faruja's tail stills, the male taking a deep breath. "My apologies." That appendage has always betrayed his emotions. "'Tis far too beautiful a tail to have yanked off."

A small nod comes from the rat. "Understandable. Hardly do we wish a repeat of Traverse's catacombs. Observing them would be enough, the Church's own expert on the subject is...well, frankly, I do not trust her with matters of my people."
Hati "I've already seen you in women's clothes. I doubt there's much in your dresser drawers that would surprise me." Alas, poor mouse, he pretty much walked into that one. "Unless..." The wicked wolf's eyes dance again with some inner thought, "Mmm, nevermind." Abrupt subject change before he can figure out what thought might have been entertained in her mind in that brief moment. "Besides, I generally don't go rifling through other people's things unless they have something I'm after." This time, her tail sways over to swat him on the rear. "I've already got that."

She rumbles another chuckle, and then shrugs with some measure of mock innocence. "I am what I am, luckily you seem to tolerate my wicked ways well enough." As for why thieves always tend to use the window... well, there's a sense of style to it, afterall! Sure, a girl could just knock on his door, but there's so much more flare to coming boldly through the window like some predator out of the night. She might just be actually thinking about that as he's flustering through his own thoughts.

"I'll do what I can, though. I understand your people are important to you. I'd do the same for my kind if it were even possible for them to be saved." The sad truth of her circumstances is that so far as she knows, there are only three individuals of her race left. Perhaps there are a few more out there, but the fact is, her kind is simply going to go extinct. Perhaps that's why she doesn't have any qualms about finding companionship from those of other races.

"There's no rest for the wicked, I suppose." Hati sips the water that has formed at the bottom of her glass. "I'm starting to understand that old saying... promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep." She lets out a sigh, then looks over at him fondly. "Caring about people is a pain, you know that?"
Faruja Senra Faruja, all too conscious of those around him, lights up red. Several other bar goers stare at the rat, some chuckling and whistling at his expense. The Burmecian tries to melt into his armor in embarrassment.

Only to be drawn out by Hati, though the red on his face and ears stays. "And what ever do you expect to fi..." Thinking better of it, he shuts up.

Swat! The rat jumps, rubbing his bum! Not quite thinking, it's returned with a stuck-out tongue!

"My heart lies in capable and adoring hands! Such skill, to steal the heart of a Templar!"

Faruja's teeth grit. "I shall keep thy kinsmen in my prayers, Hati. Thank you, 'tis more than enough. Information can be as deadly as any blade."

"And should thy wandering soul need a bed, my own is thine, my sweet wolf."

A brow raises, and the rat smirks. "Troublesome, hmm? However, 'tis so much better than loneliness."
Hati Where Faruja might be a bit embarassed about his indisgressions as 'Fara', Hati doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Teasing him is part of the fun, but if she's actually bothered by such things, it doesn't show in the least. Seeing him try to sink into his armor, the wolf leans in and whispers in his ear, "You're still attractive, no matter what you wear." Then, she nudges his cheek with her nose.

The wolf isn't about to give away her secrets, though, so she says nothing in regards to the contents of his dresser drawers. Instead, she just beams at him, chuckling at the playful flash of his tongue. "I'll steal much more than that if you let me." She waggles her fingers slightly, then winks. Evil temptress.

She has nothing to say on the matter of prayers. Like so many other refugees, her world is gone, but it is not lost just to the darkness, but to a far more destructive force. Maybe some others might have survived, but without a home... it's only a matter of time.

"Mmm, now who's being the tempting one?" Hati replies in turn after his offer of coming to share his bed. It's possible enough that she might take him up on the offer, sooner or later. Wolves are social creatures, afterall. "But you're right. I just wish it wasn't so hard sometimes." Hati pushes herself to her feet then, abandoning the cup of ice and throwing her hood back up over her ears.

"I should get going, though. Maybe I'll stop in some night to take you up on your offer, and then you can fill me in on your thoughts." With that, she steps behind him, puts her arms around his neck gently and hugs him back against her, laying a quick kiss to his cheek. "Stay safe... " His ears get a passing stroke form her fingertips when she steps back, leaving him with just a smile and the sight of her cloaked figure heading out.
Faruja Senra Hati's words soothe some of the worst of the embarrassment, her soft whisper causing him to lean into the woman's nudge, returning the affection with a pet to her ears.

"My dear, dark angel, it seems I may do well with a lesson in tolerance and /care/ from thee." Indeed, the wolf-woman has proven more than a match for many so-called Priests in that department.

Which, of course, lasts for all of three seconds. At least this time, his embarrassment is playful indignity. "Hmph! Think me lacking in my own defenses, do you? Mayhap I shall take that as a challenge!" Gauntlet thrown, oh wolfess!

The hug and kiss are turned with a hug with the Templar's tail, a bright smile pushing its way to his muzzle despite all of his problems. "You as well, my love. Many spend their lives seeking answers to their heart, their goals, where they not force it, however, do not dally either. The world we live in now keeps a keen blade at our throats, for all its opportunities, waiting for an opportunity to cut when we drop our guard. " He watches her leave, the Templar overall looking much happier than before, albeit much more red.

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