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(2013-04-28 - 2013-06-17)
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Will Sherman Central Park..

The sun was shining, the bee's were buzzing. Spring was in full bloom, shaking off the last remains of winter that tend to dig in their heels in Apirl. The hobo king was sitting on a park bench, as ducks had surrounded him. He had brought some EXTRA bread today, throwing it out to his minions who adored him as thier bread champion. They had just arrived in the city after their flight...

Will wondered, where did the ducks migrate to now?

He blinks a few times, and shrugs, he just guesses Traverse town, everything seemed to migrate there.

He puts his head in a palm after disbursing the last of the bread. He was officially fired today, he'd had a date later, but right now, he was enjoying the hard fought sunshine again. Even though darkness was around the bend, he wasn't afraid of what it might bring.

He sucks in a breath, "Ah..."
Riku Proxy Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways. For exactly, if you think /really/ hard. 'Wow, I really hope I don't run into Will Sherman today' this pretty much works as well as randomly wandering off into a direction and bumping into Reize.

And sadly. Today is sort of a inaugural day in which all old things are new again and as such...

THUD. SMACK. Crash.. "Oi.." a faint groan of someone falling out of a tree. Riku spits out leaves and twigs as he shakes his head back and forth. He pushes himself up to look around for a moment, and then thumps back down with a grunt. "..damnit."
Will Sherman "You know, for hating trees, you fall out of them alot." Will says, looking out from his seat.

Will stands up, walking over to Riku and helping him to his feet. Brushing Riku off...Riku will realize that Will has taken a bath. He doesn't smell funky, and while his clothes are still...yeah, they are rather cleaned and taylored too.

"I thought you mastered those things?" Will says, motioning back to the seat he was at. After all, Riku might need another sit.
Riku Proxy "I..." Riku sighs and then laughs. "..I don't even know anymore." he pushes himself up onto his feet with Will's help. He brushes down his clothes and looks at Will funny for a few moments as if just realizing something.

He blinks once or twice, then looks to the bread. He sits down on the bench. "It's.. stopped working right. I got so used to doing it perfectly that.. now I'm sort of really confused." he sighs with exasperation but no real anger.

"Share some of that bread? Maybe those ducks will come back if I stop falling out of trees. Which yeah.. I do seem to do a lot don't I? Trees. Fountains. Buildings. Maybe I should make a list."
Will Sherman "Better than falling down stairs." Will points out and sits down, handing him a piece of bread. It is sort of stale, but that is what you feed ducks!

"Hmmmmm..." Will says, "You SEEM more upbeat than normal!" Will declares, "The last time you grumbled for a whole hour, instead of laughing it off right away. MAYBE YOU have been INFECTED with..."

Will pauses, dramatically, "The cheerful."
Riku Proxy "OH /no/-- I better go run off and break something or else I might turn into Sora."

Riku says with mock terror in his voice. He shudders. "Or Reize." he snorts to himself as he leans across to get the stale bread. He relaxes back against the bench and throws a little of it in a short crumbly arc of duck food, looking suitably aggrieved.

"Promise to shoot me if I lose so much of myself that I start acquiring a small group of ragged but earnest adventurers and can't find my way around my own apartment, let alone the worlds at large."
Will Sherman "Or are followed by a large number of girls under fifteen." Will says, with a laugh, "Eh, I don't think THE CHEERFUL eats your IQ." Will says with a nod. "At worst you'd turn into Mercade. There are worse fates." Will says with a grin.

"And yes, I promise to shoot you if such a thing happens." he laughs, "How have you been Riku...besides falling down trees? How is Arcadia treating you?"
Riku Proxy "No." Riku says quietly. "Not a bad fate at all." he snorts. "Except for having to put up with you and sundry others." he pulls another fragment of the stale bread and casts it out in front of him.

"It's.." he pauses for a long time, uncertainty coloring his expression that gradually softens into a bemused smirk. "It's.. going pretty well actually. The investigation is over. My lessons are going well, even if I get my ass regularly kicked. It's.. it's good." he looks over at Will.

"..How about you? What have you been getting into?"
Will Sherman "Hey now, I am nothing but helpful!" Will gets indignant.

"Hmm...sounds fun." Will says, with a face that says it doesn't sound like fun, IE: getting your butt kicked. "Well, if you get kicked too many times, you'll find it hard to sit down, so watch that!"

"I've been alright...we've been...hounded by a guy named Garland. Apparently he's trying to show Avira and Mercade a lesson by going after everyone around them. I haven't encountered him yet, but...yeah." he shrugs, "Right now though, I'm fired for the day."
Riku Proxy "Ppft. Helpful. Yeah. We're all so very lucky." he grins and shakes his head. "Fired.. for the day?" Riku takes a breath and then lets it out very slowly. "Eh. It's actually no fun at all." he sweatdrops.

"Man. It's hard on the ego when everyone else you know is better at swordplay than you. Or.. pretty much any weapon, in some cases." he shakes his head and slumps just a little into the bench, throwing another piece of the rapidly dwindling slice out to feed the ravenous quacking hordes.

".. so it's today, huh?"
Will Sherman "You remembered." Will smiles a little.

" is. I'm gona go visit later, but right now, I am joy enjoying the nice day. I have a lot to tell her this year...a lot has happened." he shakes his head.

"I have a feeling even more will happen next year, so I might wana geta drink." he grins.

"Oh you could always be like me and not use a weapon! It's pretty great to beat someone up with your bare hands," Will grins.

"'re doin' something now, and even though it's hard you seem to be really into it. That's good. Get stronger, Riku, because I fear we're all gona need that strength.." he says, shaking his head, "Me too, I'm testing out the limits of my new power too. There is a lot out there..."
Riku Proxy "It wasn't strength I needed."

Riku says very softly, he aims a 'if you say this to anyone else I will punch you.' look at Will, raising his eyebrows as if to emphasize the point as he continues. "..I needed a place to belong. A place where I could find.." he pauses and then continues. ", I guess. I.." he chuckles. "I tried and failed with the TDA because Maleficient and her merry bunch of /jerks/ were weighing over my head every second of the day. And.." he sighs.

"And for a long while I couldn't trust you. It's hard. You are damn confusing, Will Sherman. You are the only immortal I know, and so my perspective is sort of skewed in that regard." he shrugs and splays his head. "..but I realize I don't care anymore. You fixed it. Whatever it was. It's.. that feeling of unease isn't there gnawing on my head anymore. And now that it's gone, I need to tell you something."

Riku pauses and throws the rest of the slice, cleaning off his fingers. "I.. don't know if it's going to make things better or worse, but it might as well be now."
Will Sherman Will listens, 'If it's I love you' Will thinks 'then this is going to be ackward.'

Will takes a breath, taking everything in stride, "I can't blame you really," he says, "Given what happened and how much of it was my fault." he shrugs, but what is done is done, and what feelings there were...they seemed to be eased now, he doesn't ask any questions, letting Riku get it all out..and now...

"Alright. Lay it on me."
Riku Proxy "When we were on that boat. And.. time wasn't the right way around, and that still gives me a headache to think about. I was wandering around that house. That house at the end.. before.." he pauses and swallows.

"Before .. he.. showed up and I turned into a jerk dragon and.." Riku shakes his head as if just saying these words reveals the unlaying unreality of the whole situation.

"I mean.. I was just wandering around and. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to do anything. Say anything at that point. It was just too painful."

He pauses for a long time, as if gathering the shreds of his thoughts together into some cohesive form.

"I remember it because it was just so stark. All the memories. All the pain that I'd seen with you and.. with myself. There was almost a fuzzy edge around it, like dreams while still awake. And suddenly... this lady. Is looking /right/ at me. Not through me. Not into the distance or from wherever that memory came from. Looking /right/ at me."
Will Sherman "A lady?" Will asks, frowning, "Was it Hel?" that was the only one he remembered being down there. A lot of things happened, but well...

"Uh yeah...sorry about that. I didn't even know what was going on with it...I think it was that place we ended up messing with us. It can make memories and stuff come out." Will wasn't sure about it himself.

"The dragon was basicly a jerk though."

"So what did this woman look like?"
Riku Proxy "Yeah. I was." Riku agrees with a nod. "About as close as I can reasonably come to beating myself up about something in a literal sense." He laughs quietly. "I can do you one better. I promised myself.. I wouldn't forget this. Because when we came out. You were still." he shakes his head. "..set wrong. Whatever set right with me didn't stick the same way with you. It.. helped, but it was still in my head. That disquiet. That waiting. For.." he trails off. "Nevermind. So when I stopped freaking out. I retrieved my journal and wrote it all down, and.. there is a picture here because.. I was never sure if you'd believe me or not. So. Let me go find it again."

He laughs. "If even THAT bit can work right. If I don't pull a mousetrap or some singing frog out of my pocket." He shakes out his hhand and reaches into a pocket. He draws out the black journal and sighs with obvious relief. "Good. At least that still works."

"She told me a lot of things. Most of them will cause me to slip a COG if I poke at them too hard. But.. she said you'd need a friend. And she said.. even then. That you wouldn't listen. Because you only listened to everything negative. That you just.. filtered it all out." he snorts. "..she's also sort of a smart-aleck." he flips the pages of the black journal, looking for the right page.
Will Sherman Will laughs, "She wasn't wrong...I wonder who it is..." Will frowns. Again, when the answer is right infront of him, he doesn't always get it. "Maybe someone I knew in the past? Though why would they interact with you specifically...this almost seems like they weren't part of the memory.." Hmmm...

Will isn't sure about this, but the girl sounds cool enough...being a smart aleck can be funny sometimes.

"I dunno, a singing frog would be funny right now, it can even sing showtunes!" Will thankfully doesn't start singing 'Ragtime Gal'. He waits, leaning back in his seat and waits patiently.

"Yeah...I was. It's uh...still weird and stuff, I mean, it was weird. It is less weird now...okay, no I am still pretty weird, I am just the good kinda weird?" he shrugs, "It doesn't make sense.."
Riku Proxy Riku just laughs. He rubs the back of his head and laughs.

"Yeah. A singing frog actually would be kind of interesting. Showtunes would serve me right, seeing as Manhattanites apparently break out into song at the drop of a hat."

Oh.. geez. He didn't know this would be so hard. The Will Sherman wall of Ignoring The Obvious was something he was just going to have to scale though, and see what eventuallu would happen when he did.

"It's the good weird." he pronounces finally. "At least from this end, anyways. So. Continuing this story. I don't know. I'm thinking some sort of.. fae answering machine. I'd say /singing fish/ or something but I think I'd get whacked from across the universe." he chuckles. "Her name, as far as I can tell is Sigyn, although she took different names over time.. It's an immortal.. fae.. thing I think. You might be familiar with one of them.." Riku snorts. Yeah. He can't help taking a poke at the wall of obvious. Even now. "--and.. she said after you had sorted yourself out, that you would go find her. And see everything for yourself.. and hope you would understand why she had to leave."

He finally flips past behemoth images and distant landscapes and unfinished sketches to a picture of a blonde haired woman. Melody. Sketched by a semi-competant hand. At least enough to be easily recognizable.
Will Sherman Will laughs a little too, "Singing fish? Now you're stretchin'! Maybe...I don't know the other fae very well. Puck was interesting, and so was Coyote. They generally seemed like people I could be bros with, if know, for us all apparently needing to be jerks to each other...or I wonder if that only applies if you're related to them." He shrugs, not knowing.

Will shakes his head at the rings a bell, it rings a bell deep inside him. He feels...sad suddenly, it is...inexpicable. He looks down for a brief moment...a single tear escaping his eyes. He wipes it away, "Huh...I think Loki did know her.." he says, it ususally is the reason why he feels odd emotions.

Then he looks up. The sketch catches him off guard completely. He sucks in a breath, he stares at the picture for the longest time without even saying a word. There are so many emotions flying through his eyes right now...sadness, anger, love, relief...and then back to sorrow. Will is shaking and it's a good thing they were already sitting, shaking his head once more, "How...did you...please tell me this isn't a joke? Tell me one of them didn't set this up? Tell me that this...please tell me this isn't a joke Riku.." he says, trying not to break down.
Riku Proxy "No, Will." Riku says softly. "I think.. you know me better than that. If anybody would." he sighs very quietly.

He reaches over and gets another piece of stale bread. He leaves the black journal on that page and looks away, leaning against the bench.

"Those ducks are starting to eye my shoes." he comments dryly, pulling off a section to throw towards the milling waterfowl.
Will Sherman "...Yeah," Will closes his eyes, something burns in his heard that he hasn't fully felt in a long time. He puts the notebook down, and wipes his eyes. He laughs a bit at the waterfowl,'s hard for him to smile this time. Something has reached in and grabbed his heart. She was...she IS alive...

And she...

"...Sorry, I just...Mim did this to me too, but...this's real." he says, "I dared not believe it."
Riku Proxy "Mim?" Riku asks, and then shakes his head. "Yeah. Whoever they are. That's a jerk move." he smiles at Will as he starts to pull himself together and lets out an internal sigh of relief. He.. wasn't actually sure how this would go.

"It's okay. It's pretty weird even for the life I seem to have carved out for myself. That's why I wrote it down. She.. or at least whatever she left behind to do the talking.. made me feel better when I just felt like my head was going to explode like a mine. Just.. shatter. Everywhere. So when I stopped being crazy and I took a look at it. Yeah. It's still crazy.. but it's the actually true sort of crazy I think."
Will Sherman "She good at that." Will says, "She's...kind." Will is trying to get his head on straight, this was...this was a bombshell to him. He's not surpressing it, he's not...rejecting it, but he is having a hard time put his feelings together...which is to say he's handling it like a normal person!

Funny that!

"I...Damn it..." he says, "She knows you were going to tell me today..."
Riku Proxy Riku thinks about it and then nods.

"Yeah.. probably. We.. both sort of have our heads twisted on the right way. There is bread. It's.. a thing that's been nagging at me the last couple of days. I couldn't really pin down what it was, and then I decided I'd go talk to you." he chuckles.

"Easiest way to do that is the old trick of reverse psychology on the universe."
Will Sherman Ha ha ha...

Will laughs a little, it is...happier, but also at Riku's luck. It is...kinda funny, he shakes his head...

"This" he says... "" he just says, "Wow.." he is cheerful...whatever happens...she was alive... she was alive!

"I think I should go, Riku."
Riku Proxy "Alright." Riku swipes another slice of bread. "I'm going to stay here for awhile. I've got to get used to the idea of /walking/ everywhere again."

he tsks and sighs in chagrin at himself. "..oh the horror." he smiles at Will and raises a hand in farewell.

He then sits back.. closing the journal and stuffing it back in his pocket, and settles in to feed the ducks.
Will Sherman "You need to just put one foot infront of the other." Will says, with a grin, and runs off. Litterally, runs off.

Will's fast.

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