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(2013-04-28 - 2013-04-28)
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Sydney Losstarot Its a dreary day in Goug. ShinSec has finally finished repelling the heartless that were plaguing the town like a swarm mere hours ago, but the superficial scars of the battle still remain. There are large craters scattered throughout the town, signs of an aerial bombing. The civilians all have a somewhat dreary attitude, fearful that something like this might happen again, at any moment.

Plink, Plink, Plink.

The cold, clanky sound of metal upon brick echoes quietly throughout the mostly empty streets, its source clear thanks to a large portion of the populace remaining in hiding. Sydney Losstarot walks down the street, a fiery, angered determination to his eyes as he turns his head to investigate every single alleyway, intent on not letting a single heartless escape his grasp.
Megavolt Megavolt heard about the Heartless attack, and seeing a perfect time to strike at the heart of the oppressors, has chosen to do so. In a nearby shop, closed because of the attack, an alarm goes off along with a shattering of glass as Megavolt lobs a brick through a window. He steps over the broken facade, his rubber boots crunching the glass, as he peers about inside. A spark lights up the inside of the store, as Megavolt begins grabbing toasters, and shoving them in a large sack. "Don't worry, friends! I am taking you to freedom! From sea to shining sea, let freedom ring!"
Sydney Losstarot The sound of glass crushing underfoot rings as Sydney crushes his foot against the ground, intent on making his presence clear to the theif now that he's arrived.


Sydney announces loudly, clapping his metallic hands slowly, and metallicly. "Tell me, what on earth are you trying to accomplish by stealing such trivial garbage?" He asks curiously, more confused than furious with Megavolt
Megavolt Megavolt pauses as he hears Sydney clapping, and wheels around to face him, blinking dumbly behind his goggles. Then, as he hears his words, he bristles with rage. "Garbage!? GARBAGE? THESE ARE MY BROTHERS!" he cries, shaking the sack full of toasters. "Do you know what humans DO to them?! They're forced to labor as slaves, all to make human food burnt! DO YOu NOT SEE THIS HIDEOUS EVIL!?" he asks, his free hand pointing at Sydney with a crackle.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney purses his lip curiously when asked what humans do with them. "Well, I shall admit I'm no expert...but I believe humans put breads in them. And then they cook them. If those machines had even the slightest bit of consciousness, don't you think they'd refuse?" He says, scratching his daggerlike claws together menacingly.


Sydney sighs, shaking his head. "I see no hideous evil, save for the rat who saw a time of great pain for the city to be ripe for revolution." As the hand rises, electricity crackling from it, pale yellow eyes open up inside Sydneys shadow, rising out and peering hungrily at Megavolt.
Megavolt "Refuse? REFUSE?! CAN YOU NOT HEAR THEIR HORRIBLE SCREAMS?!" Megavolt shouts, seeing the electricity coming out of Sydney's hand. He begins giggling, then chuckling, then laughing uncontrollably. "You're right! The revolution is on! Machine versus man! The Heartless are only the beginning!" He drops the sack of toasters, then steps around them and swings his hand at Sydney. A snap of lightning crosses the store, booming loud as the alarm fries its circuit and goes out.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney sighs, shaking his head. "The only screams I here are yours." He says, a slight, unsettling grin forming across his face. "Or perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself." Sydney says, raising his hands above his head. A shockwave of Dark Magic reverberates over Sydney, creating auras of enhancing magical energry around him. Three alternating ones, of the colors red, blue, and green.

"If you want to be a revolutionary so bad, I shall assist you. For what is a revolution without a martyr?" He says, a grinning foully.
Megavolt "Yes! YES! A martyr!" Megavolt notices Sydney's aura, narrowing his mismatched eyes at him. He sticks his hand out again, gloved fingers spread out, before he yanks his hand downwards. The ceiling above Sydney explodes, as a large lighting fixture falls out of it, directly at Sydney's head as it sparks and rattles. "Make me a martyr for my people! I AM NOT AFRAID TO DIE! I am MEGAVOLT!"
Sydney Losstarot VWOOOM.

There's a quick flash of blue, and suddenly Sydney is gone. After a splitsecond of being gone, Sydney reappears a few feet away, out of the range of the attack. "Hmph. Was that aimed at me?" He says mockingly. Sydney raises his hand, above his head, and a large ball of darkness appears. Rows of text in an ancient, unreadable language appear. They swirl about, leeching darkness from the ball, before breaking away and flying towards Megavolt like some kind of blizzard of darkness.

"Hm. Perhaps I've misjudged you, rat. Anyone willing to die for what they believe in..." Sydney brandishes his claws menacingly. "will make a worthy-enough opponent."
Megavolt Megavolt is struck by the sphere of darkness, send flying backwards into the depths of the shop. He hits the cashier counter, and goes flipping behind it. He rises back up to his feet, his fingers crackling with voltage, and he slowly raises his arms. "Alright, alright, you're pretty good with the voodoo. Let me LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE! HAW!" He thrusts his hands forward, a huge arc of lightning snapping out.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney disappears in a flash, the bolt of lightning shearing through nothingness. He barely managed to disappear at the last second, as he could feel his hairs standing on end before the warp. When he reappears, he's simply shaking his head. "Master of electricity. Impressive." Huh. That one was actually said without the cynical snarkasm to Sydneys voice.

The source of the pale yellow eyes within Sydneys shadow becomes clear. Three shadows rise forth from Sydneys...shadow, peering forth at Megavolt with heart-hungry eyes. Sydney doesn't say anything. He simply lifts a clawed finger, pointing it at Megavolt. The three heartless leap forard with skill and coordination not seen in regular shadows, though something about them seems...different. They've each been branded with a Blood-Sin.
Megavolt The shadows swarm around Megavolt and slash at him with their dark claws, as he crackles with electricity and screams in pain. He clumsily climbs up onto the counter, before he jumps at Sydney. "Have at thee, demonic overseer!" he screams, attempting to grab Sydney and clobber him with his little but sparking fists.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney warps once more, evading the attack masterfully. He reappears a few feet away once more, grinning. "I have the devils own luck, It seems." He says with a foul grin. He raises his hands above his head, and a spear of light falls out of the sky onto Sydney. When it hits him, a shockwave of holy energy blasts the area around Sydney, shattering whatever unbroken glass might remain.

"Tell me, rat. Why fight for machines?" He asks curiously in the quiet moments after the attack.
Megavolt Megavolt leaps to the side, and the holy blast barely strikes him, sending him spinning into a wall. He climbs to his feet, and explains, "Ever since the tragic accident that gave me my powers, I have been one with machines! I know how they suffer! I know how they dream!" He plugs one of the toasters into his chest, and he begins crackling with electricity, rising up into the air as the electric current fills the store.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney shakes his head. "Tragic indeed. Loss of ones sanity is never a pretty thing." Sydney raises his palm, and summons another shockwave of holy energy. There's a VWOOOOOOOOM noise to go along with it, sounding somewhat...inhuman, even for a holy spell.

"Though, I must admit. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps these machines /do/ have voices, and I simply can't hear them."
Megavolt Megavolt is sent flying back, but recovers before he hits anything. Still floating in the air, electricity illuminating him, he laughs insanely. "Yes, yes, you see? THEY TALK TO ME! THEY TELL ME WHAT THEY WANT! And I...Do...Their...WILL!" He claps his hands, a flash of voltage flying out for the darkness wielder.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney decides to attempt a much more...physical attempt at dodging, making a sudden roll to the right as the lightning goes soaring by. Pulling himself to his feet, he raises a curious brow at Megavolt. "And what is it they want?." Sydney raises his palm, and the heavy weight of darkness condenses in the air. Motes of dark energy begin to swirl in the air, spinning faster and faster until they begin to react with the chemicals that make up the air. They quickly condense into a small object, and then expand rapidly with a blinding flash, creating what can only be described as a dark-elemental really small nuclear explosion, combined with an ultima spell.
Megavolt Megavolt is blasted out of the shop by the huge attack, flying through the air off into the distance. There's a distant thump, and then silence. Looks like the electric rat is down for the count.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney turns, shaking his head. "Pathet-" ... Sydney pauses, and sighs heavily. He looks pitifully at the small sack of appliances the creature left behind, and pauses, deciding what it is he wants to do. Grabbing it, he walks outside to the mouses unconscious body. Soon, security will be converging on this position, so Sydney has to act fast. Picking up the body of the rat and hoisting it over his shoulder, Sydney disappears in a flash of blue, reappearing a small distance outside of town.

"Perhaps it was wrong of me to judge so quickly. I'm no hero, and I'm certainly no town guard. It is not my place to end a cause I have no way of knowing is just or not." He says, laying Megavolts body and the sack of appliances in the grass. "Farewell." He says calmly, before turning and walking towards the town he just warped out of.

This scene contained 19 poses. The players who were present were: Megavolt, Sydney Losstarot