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(2013-04-28 - Now)
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Shiki Misaki We finally made it!

At the central point of the island's water flow, in a cave in front of a huge lake, is the Hermit's Library of Daguerreo. Having been journeying here following their violent encounter with Sho, the group will likely take some time to rest or explore the surrounding area.

The entrance to Daguerreo is lined with torches, leading to a mostly central location that branches off into several different sub-locations. The ground floor level is covered in a shallow layer of water-indeed, water is everywhere, flowing all over the place. A central statue of a dragon god seems to be the source.

This water doesn't seem to interfere with the many, many, MANY shelves of hundreds of books all over the place. Archways and corridoors lead to workshops and lecture rooms and there are many scholars and adventurers, especially on the upper floors of the area.
Evja Much as the Viera had ever been doing, Evja had made it a habit to, once he felt strong enough to manage under the weight of his own armor again, get onto his Chocobo and keep a vigil regardless of where they were at the moment. As ever Priel had her napping/lounging spot if she wanted it, Evja wasn't the type to care about such. Plus it did give him an extra, though possibly half-asleep, pair of eyes as he slowly wandered with the group.
When they finally got to Daguerreo, however, it may have been obvious that the Judge was starting to get tired. This could mostly be seen in that he took off his helm and hung it on the saddle and could be seen nodding off slightly. Yeah, probably hadn't gotten much rest at all during the journey here, though his attention did wander towards the various books and such, a bit of interest showing on his face. "I wonder why... the water does not damage the tomes."

This scene contained 2 poses. The players who were present were: Shiki Misaki, Evja