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(2013-04-27 - Now)
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ExDeath Goug Machine City. A city built on ruins and a burgeoning mining and technology industry. Something is off deep within the underground, but that's not the main concern to the surface dwellers as of the later afternoon when the sun is near the horizon and the sky is starting to turn orange and yellow.

Like a massive amount of Heartless that are swelling up from the ground and trashing the city. Fires have broken out among the weeds covering several of the buildings, and a variety of the monsters are out in force: the regular shadows, of course, as well as a small squad of NeoShadows. There are also a number of Heartless unique to the area: clockwork soldier heartless with steam powered fists that get red hot, clockwork flyer heartless that drop bombs, and one angry looking steam tank Heartless with a humanoid upper body and tank treads for his lower body.

Goug's defenders are no slouches, and seem to be engaged in intense fighting with the creatures, they can't stand up without a little help. It's up to you to fight these monsters, contain the damage, and figure out who is leading them. Because there is ALWAYS a leader.
Tifa Lockhart Despite not spending a whole lot of time in Goug recently, due to lots of bar business around the neo-world, the barmaid is there sometimes. And she definitely isn't pleased with heartless. Sure, she hates Shinra, and this is pretty much their town, but she hates the Heartless even more, and the fact that innocent people are caught into that is enough to put her into action.

She pushes some kids away to safety, as the heartless drop their bombs around them "Go, run away quickly, we'll handle those things."

As she pushes them away, 3 of those heartless suddenly jump at her. Not even looking at them, her hand closes on a steel bar next to her, and she swings it around, intercepting them midflight and slugging them 'out of the park' pro-style. "Enough fooling around, you're on my turf this time." She huffs, pushing some loose strands of hair away from in front of her eyes.
Kim Possible Kim Possible doesn't like Shinra either, given what she's heard about them and all that. In her opinion, they're totally uncool and not the type she'd want to be friends with. Of course, if there's one thing she hates even more, it's those Heartless who are the epitome of uncool, and she's not going to let them cause any problems whereever they might be. So she arrives in Goug in her usual secret agent style, literally dropping in from nowhere and landing in a crouched position.

As soon as she arrives, she spots TIfa, and then the Heartless. Kim tightens her gloves and cracks her knuckles, while glaring at the Heartless. "You picked the wrong place to mess around, so we're gonna have to teach you what we do to uncool beings like you!"
Kyra Hyral Kyra Hyral cannot catch a break.

She stays in Corneria, the Dark Knight comes to harass those of light. Okay, fine, so that particular city wasn't the safest place to be after all. Therefore, Kyra decides to move for a little while. Unfortunately for her, Goug was her next choice, picked because it was at a mercifully higher technology level than Corneria.

But now it was also covered in Heartless that swarmed everywhere. Not only that, there were Heartless of types she hasn't seen before.

As people start to panic, Kyra gets to work directing a group to safety as she quickly unzips the front of her hoodie to give her access to her myriad of weapons and mixtures. "Come on!" she calls out to the civilians, "This way, follow me!"
Montag Goug was no longer in control of it's orginal masters the breaking of the worlds had landed the Shinra here and they had taken control in qick order. They had been hanging on to power here and they are already the forces of Shinra Security are deploying and even combat drones are noe stalking the streets combatting the heartless. After all not being alive nor having hearts means the loss of a drone does not feed the ranks of the Heartless.

No SOLIDER has appeared eyt but the Shinra Secuty troopers are there and Montag has taken nominal command of this mess. He's already barking oders over the tatical net ordering them to use the drones to brunt the wave of heartless and pick off the incoming horrors.

Montag is contactly talking and barking orders over the comms as he raises up his grapple to get himself a good perch on the enemy fores. Heartless need a summoner normally, kill the fool controling them and you can break their forces easily enough. The problem was finding the deranged soul that was conttoling it.

"There's one that what? Got it, I'll deal with it."

Montag gets his grapple and launches himself up from the street to get to a better perch to make his shot.

"Damn, this was my day off too."

"Beta team form up and head down Chocobo Drive, meet up with Gamma, see what you can do there. Delta focus on getting civilians clear."

Kyra would find a few armored soliders with optical helmets mocving along with the civilians that Kyra is calling to safey and turning to open fire on the heartless.
Sydney Losstarot Bah. When he heard the name "Goug" Sydney got his hopes up, thinking that this might be the town spoken of in Valendian legends. If not for that, he wouldn't dare waste his time in a town like this. He lets out a heavy sigh as he rubs his metallic palm against his face. Please don't make me play the hero, he thinks to himself.

Sydney steps out of the building he'd been sheltering himself in, taking a quick second to look towards the skies. "Arise, fiends. I have use for you." He says, looking towards his shadow. Three heartless rise forth from it, each branded with a blood-sin marking it as Sydneys. The fiends leap forth into one of the groups of shadows, ripping and tearing about as Sydney watches from behind.

"Leave naught but smoke and ashes." He commands, folding his arms impatiently as he watches. This is gonna be a long day.
Fran For a city so devoted to the study of advanced technology, Fran finds it mildly irritating that no form of structured docks exist. While she is quite used to the downside of her infamy making it difficult to find safe harbor, the simple fact is that formal docks provide things like shelter from the elements and safeguards against burglary that are rarely found elsewhere.

As such the "Strahl" is currently moored in the sheltering depths of the nearby forest, safe - she hopes - from prying eyes and the worst of any bad weather that might come along. The viera herself was moored at the local prominent bar, a fairly upbeat little place called Seventh Heaven, when everything started to go to hell. She let out a tiny sigh as the first explosions started to rain down in the distance, knowing full well the sound of trouble in the making.

She mutters, pushing the half-empty glass of some barely pallateable liquor back down the bar. It slides freely across the polished surface at an angle, upending its contents and then itself into the open sink on the far side as the pirate pushes to her feet and scatters a handful of munny on the counter.

She steps out into the street, taking her time and doing her best to convince herself not to get involved. Nothing good ever came from playing the hero, best to just pack up and make her way to the...

Fran's thoughts are interrupted as the street ahead of her detonates with pyroclastic fury. She reacts instantly, throwing herself to the side and pressing up against the wall of the bar as shrapnel and fire flies in every direction. "The gods are mocking me," she says to no one in particular in her usual dour tone.
Faris Scherwiz Faris is often in the Goug Machine City area, as the young Pirate Princess has reason to be around. She likes hanging around the bar - specifically, Seventh Heaven with Tifa, mostly because five times out of eight, someone from the Twilight Detective Agency is there, and the other three out of eight times, it's Gilgamesh.

Faris looks around as she hears the commotion, looking down at her dress, the fact that she has no Gilgamesh, and she sighs. "Sword." She demands, firmly, of her pirate-helper. He looks nervous. "M-ma'-"


He hands it over. "Go." She shoos him off, kilting the skirt around her knees as she ditches her heels in the middle of one of Goug's various streets. "Of all the bloody things to happen in this bloody city of course it's /Heartless/ on my day out."

She then starts running, aiming towards where she can find the biggest mass of heartless. Princess or not, she's deadly in a skirt - and she always goes straight for the biggest mass, and thus where she suspects the leader is. Watch out, runaway Princess.
ExDeath The Heartless around Tifa and Kim stare blankly at them, though Tifa's handling of a few of them with the steel bar gives them pause. Most of them are the Shadows and Clockwork Soldiers, who bang their red-hot fists together as several lunge at the two of them to strike.

Kyra and Montag's soldiers manage to herd whatever civilians are in the streets into a semi-organized line as they head for safety. Now that Shinra troops are here, there's no need for them to try and fight back on their own. Of course, now the Shinra troopers have a big ol' tank Heartless to contend with, as it rounds a corner and starts firing shells at them. Sydney and his little lackies get some loving attention from it, too!

In the center of time is a massive ball of darkness that is hard to miss. It is likely the best thing to head towards if one wanted to find the source of this mess.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is better with her firsts, but she can use a variety of weapons. The basic is the same after all. And that steel bar did its work... although that's not what happens to the next ones. They were watching the bar, instead its a round kick that meets the Clockwork soldier, sending him flying sideways into its companion, wether they are friends or not.

"As usual, they are more about numbers than actual strength, just being countless pests. We need to find who summons them, because otherwise its going to be an endless fight, and its not hard to know who's going to tire out first."
Kim Possible "They're pests all right. They're beyond uncool!" Kim replies to Tifa. "Whoever's summoning them had better watch out, because we're gonna kick their butt good!" She assumes a mock fighting stance before looking around, staring down the Heartless in general. "And as for all of you, we ain't afraid of you!"
Kyra Hyral "Oh good." Kyra sighs in relief as she takes note of the Shinra troops coming out of the woodwork to organize and escort the defenseless out of danger. "Authorities." Having no authority to speak of herself in this city, Kyra gladly cedes the task of moving people to them as they are no doubt much more familiar with this city's layout. Perhaps there was some kind of shelter these people could be guided to.

Certainly not counting herself amongst the defenseless, Kyra slips both a strange-looking gun from one of the gun holsters strapped to her. A set of three test tubes follows, each containiing a luminous glowing red mixture within. With each shot, an explosion follows and Kyra uses her napalm to clear her way ahead of the numerous Heartless spawning in town.

Through this, it isn't long before she comes upon the massive ball of darkness spawning in the center of town. "Hmm, a portal perhaps." Kyra shifts one of her over the shoulder bags around so she can unzip it and plunder its contents before her. "Well we can't have /that/." From within, she starts to pull out several block-like objects that also have the same ominous red glow as her previous mixture.
Montag The trooperas are moing fast to get the people out as it's their own asses on the line too. Still they do get paid for they as a group can keep the lesser heartless at by more or less it's the big one that's the real problem and Montag's moving into postion for that he's now perched up on a building sercureing himself and staring down the thing in the scope of his rifle he stares it down the barerel a moment logner and takes his shot at the Tank.

One of the Soliders take a look at her for a moment "Portal...awe hell it's just like back during the Seige." One trooper comments to the others. "We're damn lucky we're ordered to baby sit the civilians...ya." With SOLIDERS Ranks decimated it's really been falling on the faceless troopers of Scurity's shoulders to get things done.
Sydney Losstarot BOOM.

Sydney disappears in a flash of blue, reappearing in a different spot a few spots away. He grasps at his side, having been glanced by the shell. And when its a shell you're talking about, a glance /hurts/. "You...are regret that." He says in a low, irate tone. turning his attention towards the tank. Raising his hands aloft, a large ball of darkness begins to float above Sydneys head, surrounded by lines of text in some ancient language. The lines of text quickly seperate themselves from the ball of darkness, blasting towards the tank like some kind of magical book-blizzard of darkness.

Lets not forget about the heartless! Disappearing into blots of blackness on the floor to avoid the brunt of the blast, they slide over to the tank. Leaping out of the ground, two of the three heartless leap forth from the ground, hacking and slashing at the treats of the heartless tank furiously.
Fran With her main route of egress currently in flames, Fran glances back down the street in the opposite direction as she weighs her options. The majority of the citizens are fleeing from the Heartless, running about with little regard for safety or common sense, as panicked masses are want to do. The soldiers do their best to herd them up into an orderly group but when the fear of... whatever it is the Heartless do when they get their hands on people, she isn't actually clear on that part yet, makes that a challenge.

The chaos does provide an adequate screen for her movements, however, and the vieran pirate makes good on her opportunity. Her weapons are retrieved from their fastenings, a hefty mace and a sturdy shield to go with her reinforced armor. The close quarters of urban combat were oft unsuited to archery but she sorely misses the greater speed her less encumbered outfits provide at the moment.

Several Shadows rise up in her path as she rounds the first corner, flat inky pools of black drifting across the ground in an effort to encircle her. Fran wastes no effort except where it is needed, lashing out with a powerful leg to punt the first of the creature to rise aside. The next gets a solid whack from her mace and a burst of magical flame reduces it to naught but cinders in the blink of an eye.

She takes off at a dead run again with the way cleared, leaving behind several of the bouncing insectoid monsters. This scenario is repeated atleast half a dozen times over the next couple of minutes as Fran tries to navigate the twisting maze of streets with little success, steadily drawing closer to the heart of the disturbance without realizing it.
Faris Scherwiz Faris puts up a darn good fight as she struggles to make her way to the center. not being in her normal pants, there's a limit to her normal acrobatics and evasion tactics, and she takes a few hits for it, but her mythril sword shines as she dives back into the fray repeatedly.

Pirate grog does amazing things to keep a woman moving.

When she can, she just flat out runs - when she can't, she fights, always struggling to that middle of everything. When she's not tripping over a heartless.
ExDeath Tifa and Kim's synergy allows them to make quick work of the Heartless menacing them, even the customized ones. They all burst into wisps of black smoke upon defeat, as the two gradually carve out a path. Meanwhile, Kyra causes a light show with her napalm down one side street as Heartless are blasted to smithereens. Kyra reaches the portal, a huge black orb of nothingness that hums in a low drone. It is not something you'd want to stay near for very long.

Montag takes his shot, blasting a good sized hole in the tank Heartless' torso. It roars, lifting a chaingun arm at him to fire back. Then, Sydney happens; his magical blizzard freezes it solid, rendering it immobile...for now. It looks like a very angry piece of statuary covered in frost. Sydney's Heartless make sure it doesn't go anywhere even if it unfreezes by tearing at the treads.

Fran cuts an inspiring figure as she smoothly kicks and slams at the Shadows and Neo Shadows, and her path takes her through Goug's side streets until opening out into the main plaza where the black ball is. Faris similarily makes it out in time. A single laugh then echoes through the entire city, even audible for those not at the center. It is deep and slow, each utterance booming in your chest.

Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart kicks and slices through the heartless. She figures that if there's more of them that way, its should be where they come from. Its a long way though, but its not like her force combined with Kim's, and supported by Faris, isn't doing mincemeat out of them either.

"They are good in numbers, but not very strong one on one... but they will tire you out if you let them overnumber you constantly. That's why we need to find the source."

And eventually, that's where they stand, near the portal, which looks like a giant orb of darkness "... I'm going to wager that's it."
Kim Possible The heartless are no match for Kim and her Kim-Fu style of fighting. "No matter how many they are, we won't let them win!" Kim replies to Tifa. "As long as we find the source, we can..." Kim trails off as she spots the portal, and goes wide-eyed for a moment before nodding to Tifa. "Let's go!"
Fran As she goes deeper and deeper into the city the resistance begins to grow more fierce and Fran struggles to maintain her hurried pace, lest she get bogged down in a pitched battle. She suffers a little for her rush, sustaining a few nicks and dings that she might normally have managed to evade or parry as the Shadows and their strange machine-like ilk continue to harass her at every step.

"There is no end to them," she says outloud, though none are nearby to hear her lamentation. Her mace swings a deadly arc through the air to ward off a pair of leaping Shadows, smiting them apart with pure brute force and rendering them into naught but momentary wisps of black smoke. Bringing her shield up instinctively in a defensive posture, the viera is surprised to find that the others have fallen back for some reason, leaving her by herself for the first time since this fiasco began.

Fran narrows her eyes and scans all around her, checking the doorways and windows for signs of some trickery or ambush, but after a moment she is certain that no other threats lurk in the smoke-filled streets for the moment. She lets out a small stoic sigh at this minor reprieve and works a quick spell of healing to mend the bruises she has sustained thus far.

Hoping to capitalize on the moment, the pirate turns tail and begins to run once more, only to find herself staring into a massive orb of darkness as her path spills out into the center of the city's main plaza. Fran skids to a halt, her spiked heels biting into the paved street with a loud screech of metal. Her gaze shifts to the side as Tifa and Kim both arrive a moment later but they are merely noteworthy. The real worry is that thing.

"This is the call of a terrible power," she chips in as the deep voice echoes throughout the city.
Kyra Hyral Kyra briefly pauses to look up at the sound of the laugh and involuntarily shivers. If that was any indication...

...she clearly didn't have much time. Kyra moves quickly and places one of the glowing bricks on the ground. From her bag, she withdraws a long coil of silver wire. One end is jabbed into the brick and strung out along behind her as Kyra begins to circle the sphere of darkness.

Another brick is withdrawn and placed upon the ground about five feet away along the circumfrence of a perceived circle around the darkness. The wire is strung out further and pinned against the brick, which seems to give a little under pressure. Anyone who touches the bricks will find them actually rather soft and warm. Working quickly, Kyra sets out several more such bricks around the sphere. Each one has more of the silver wire strung between them, stuck on each with pegs. Once Kyra has finished surrounding the entire portal, she stretches out the remaining wire as far as it can go until she runs out-which turns out to be a fair amount. Kneeling, she unshoulders her bag and sets it out in front of her, withdrawing one more thing: a plastic set of goggles.

She slips them over her eyes, "Alright everyone! Stand back."

Kyra licks her pointer finger, then taps it to the wire, sending a spark of magic down its length. The entirety of the wire suddenly lights up white, which is the only warning any onlookers get...

...before the bricks explode.
Faris Scherwiz Faris stumbles when she hears that voice, her green eyes set wide in a combination of both utter terror, dread, and sheer, flinty determination. She skids in behind Kim and Tifa, looking o ver at Fran for the barest moment as her brain frantically, unhappily places that voice.

"Oh goddess, no."

She takes a stead ystand, her eyes watching the circle of darkness.
Sydney Losstarot "Hmph. Good work. You've earned a rest." He says calmly, and the shadows disappear into Sydneys...shadow. Their presence is almost unnoticable, if not for pale yellow eyes opening up on the ground now and then. He turns towards the soldiers who were assisting him in taking down the tank, even if they didn't actually communicate, they did Sydney gives them a nod of thanks. And then that creepy laugh happens...

Sydney sighs, rubbing his metal palm against his temples irritatedly. Nonononono. /Please/ don't be some darkness/heartless-addled psychopath bent on world domination. Sydney doesn't like cliches. Not much time to think about it, though, as he's gotta hurry to the...rather obvious source of that laugh. He doesn't say anything else, but there's a cold determination in his eyes as he runs through the streets, paying little attention to the heartless, and having his heartless act as decoys when he can't just walk on by.
Montag Montag is about to get in a whole bunch of trouble, a whole lot of trouble really. Thankfylly someone else acts fast and he's able to get to anotehr perch buut there's smething else comming. Also a laughing like out of a movie or something. Montag groans inwardly for a moment before he moves on making for the voice. That's likely the source.
ExDeath The bricks explode, and when the smoke settles, the portal orb has shrunk, though hasn't closed off completely. It's progress, at least. Of course, something else happens.

A second portal opens up from the ground near Kyra, a bright blue one that appears to be a circle of magic runes. Then, abruptly, the source of the laugh appears, rising up from the ground as if it was water.

Twice as tall as a good sized man, clad in ornate armor of sky blue and orange and other highlights, the figure's face is completely obscured by his helmet. One hand rests upon a massive curved sword like a cane, his elbow sticking out. He other hand rests on his hip. He practically radiates power, some eldritch energy not seen in mortal men.

"Little creatures of flesh and bone, scurrying with their toys to unlock the secrets of ages past," he says with a deep intonation. "Such productive little ants! I am almost sorry to destroy all of it. Almost."

He turns slowly to face everyone else. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Exdeath, Warlock and WarLORD. You obviously don't want my Heartless swallowing this industrious city, come forth and fight me! I want to see how mortals outside my world defend themselves! WA HA HA HA HA!" He seems to be just letting them make their move now.
Gilgamesh "Don't forget me, my master!"

The massive red-and-grey thing falls from the sky like a comet; a huge green thing falls with it, a portal sealing in the air behind it. The great red thing impacts next to Exdeath; it rises, crossing two grey arms over its shoulders.

The green thing lands next to the red thing, straightening onto four legs and throwing back its head for a loud and powerful roar.

"Your greatest general, King Of Swords Gilgamesh, has arrived with his faithful companion Enkidu, Master Exdeath! Enkidu! ACTIVATE...DREAD SECRET MEGA-FORMATION X!"

Enkidu barks, leaping up as Gilgamesh's arms spread wide above his head. "E!"
He crosses his arms over his chest. Enkidu leaps onto two legs and crosses his paws. "X!"
Gilgamesh bends to the side, arching his arms next to his body as Enkidu straightens up next to him. "D!"
An E formation with two of his hands! Enkidu lays down at his feet! "E!"
The two of them press their hands/foremost paws together! "A!"
Gilgamesh lifts Enkidu over his head; Enkidu spreads out like he's flying. "T!"
The two of them high five, pressing their hands together in the center. "H!"

"EXDEATH! You pathetic heroes may as well surrender this instant; Master Exdeath and I are not even at a fraction of our true powers!" Gilgamesh swings out a blade and levels it at Princess Sarisa/Faris. "So bow down before my master, or prepare to perish! BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Kyra Hyral "Woo!" Kyra cheers as THINGS EXPLODE. When the thick, foul-smelling smoke of the explosives clears, though, her cheer diminishes a little when she sees that the portal still there. "Hmmm, I hypothesize we need /more explosions/ to get rid of that." She starts to dig through her bag with a frown. "Damn, that was all of the solid napalm though. Maybe there's something else in this town that-"

The hair on the back of her neck stands and she turns to look as the second portal opens. She continues looking very, very up. Her face falls. "ANOTHER ONE?"

Scrambling, she slings her now mostly-empty bag over her shoulder. The plastic goggles on her face are now mostly forgotten as she makes a mad grab for her vial-launching gun once more, which she had slipped back in its holster under her left arm while she was busy setting up her explosives.

"I see there's no shortage of villains who live to subjugate towns to draw out /responsible/ people." Kyra scowls, slotting an orange-glowing vial onto her gun.

Then Gilgamesh shows up and she abruptly freezes. "Wait...what...that's..." slowly, she turns to stare at the grey-skinned swordsman, "By Cosma...he's...he's REAL?!" Scrambling again, Kyra works the main non-bluetooth piece of her Ma Belle free and takes a picture of the epically posing Gilgamesh.

Stuffing the phone back in her pocket, Kyra lifts her weapon, fires, then...

...runs like hell, circling around to the other side of the portal. Brave her words may be, Kyra has no desire whatsoever to be anywhere within reach of the massive armored man and his saber. Though he is a warlock which Kyra knows that he'll be capable of ranged attacks, magic is something she'd much rather be dealing with instead of physical pain.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks at the explosions, shielding Kim a bit with herself, turning her back toward the blast, an arm in front of her face. "What just happened?" She wonders about the smoke... but then the apparation of ExDeath makes no doubt "Well, there's the source of heartless."

She takes a step forward, toward the walking mass of armor "Don't think you chose the right part of the neighborhood to drop into." She cracks her knuckles now...

And then Gilgamesh.


She's met him a few times, and everytime its another show, another groan-worthy moment. She facepalms, and looks over to Faris "Is he talking about you?" She can't be sure with him, honestly.

She charges up her magic, spreading some defense and offensive power to herself and Kim, opening the hostilities.
Sydney Losstarot PLINK. PLINK. PLINK.

Sydney emerges from the alleys into the general area of the portal, sighing heavily. "That was great. Lovely, really. I was under the understanding that this was an invasion, but clearly its just a circus that takes itself too seriously. Bravo." He moves with little urgency, sighing heavily. Not since Merlose has he seen incompetence of this level. He raises his hand, a ball of darkness charging, when...He looks to his side, noting that he has allies. "Bah. It seems I belong in the background for now." He says, taking a few steps away. He looks about, trying to calculate which ally would be the most advantageous to buff.

Sydney shrugs uncaringly, deciding it matters not. He lifts a palm towards Faris, since Gilgamesh appears to be focusing his attention on her, and begins to cast as much buffing magic as he can get out in a round.
Faris Scherwiz There is a silent moment when ExDeath appears in front of the group, and Faris can't help but shudder - and she shivers visibly in her dress. She flexes her hands wrapped around her Mythril Blade, even as there is a swoosh of noise as Gilgamesh and Enkidu promptly show up.

She looks at him, her green eyes beseeching. She can't do this. He can't do this. She doesn't WANT to do this, but... she has no choice. She closes her eyes, hitching up her skirt further as she takes a couple of steps further towards ExDeath, even as she takes a deep breath.

"I, Princess Sarisa of Tycoon, acknowledge your existence, ExDeath, evil of the worlds! You know me better as the Light Warrior, one of the chosen four, chosen by the crystal of flames, the Pirate King, Faris Scherwiz!"

"I have defied you time and time again, and I will do so for my lifetime, for I fly my flag of freedom for my land, my friends, my ships, my worlds, and /you and your General will not defeat me!"

There is a last somewhat-panicked look on Faris' face, even as she whirls around to face ExDeath, her green eyes gleaming. "/And I will not let my flag fall!/"

She ignores Gilgamesh, the blade gleaming in her hands as she dives towards ExDeath in a fast movement, the blade glowing red as she attacks out at him, a burst of flames arising from the ground as well as she strings together a combo of who she is - flames and fire - on him.
Kim Possible Kim doesn't mind being shielded by Tifa, and the magic seems to really increase her abilities. It's strange but it works all the same. She nods to Tifa and then says, "We're gonna have to take this thing down!" Before turning to face ExDeath. "You think you're so big and tough, but I'll tell you right now that you're one of the most totally uncool beings I've ever seen!"

Kim rushes at ExDeath, attempting to start things off with a cartwheel into him, before following up with a swift specially timed kick.
Fran The powerful explosion sends a wave of pressure washing out from the dark portal and Fran is forced to shield herself with... well, her shield, and the burst of air sends her long unkempt ponytail afluttering. When she manages to look back and the smoke clears there is little more than smouldering bits of rubble and... the portal is still there. Smaller, which proves that the tactic was sound in theory, but still there.

She gives a small dissatisfied look to the reckless girl responsible for the fireworks but her displeasure has no time to be given voice. The shimmering rune-portal cuts off any scathing remarks she might have been about to give and the viera's eyes widen considerably at the figure that rises from the very earth itself. As a pirate, she's traveled the lands a plenty during her ??? years of life (wouldn't you like to know), but this... this is a first.

The name that the armored figure speaks gives her pause and Fran's head lowers a moment as her mind races through the accumulated data of decades until it finally comes upon the bit she requires. "Exodus," she says with a hint of awe in her voice.

"'In vain glory they arose, shouting challenges at the gods. But prevail they did not, their doom it was to walk the mist until time's end.'"

She hesitates at the thought of fighting a being of this calibre, should her suspicions be true. If there was danger in aiding this town before it has increased exponentially in the last few moments. Gilgamesh's arrival, however ridiculous, does little to bolster her courage, nor her bets on their odds at victory. However, she recognizes Tifa as the bartender of the small tavern which she was a patron of not but minutes in the past.

A faint smile comes to her. "It would be a shame to allow such a fine establishment to fall, lost in the darkness." The reason is rather plain, quite ridiculous, one might even say, but it is a reason all the same. Pirates are fickle like that. Fran shifts into gear, lifting her mace as she channels protective magics upon herself.

"Time to send you back to the Mists."
Montag Montag is preparing for the attack, he knows the thing can't be talked down and he has no want to he does have something to day.

"Lt Montag Montag Shinra Security. I'd ask you to surrender but I know you won't. So I'm just going to put you down like the animal you are."

he snaps off a shot from his grapple to get to a good point and fires a bit of a wild shot as he does so as he prepares for a really big fight.
ExDeath Exdeath just stares as Gilgamesh does his little pose. Like Sydney, he slowly brings his palm to his face, then slides it down with a sigh so deep that dark mist emanates from his helmet slit. "Yes, thank you General," he says; it sounds like it's through gritted teeth. "You have always...served my loyally."

Exdeath pretty much ignores everyone else to address Kyra. "You have me wrong; 'subjugate' is not what I do."

He whaps her shot away with a single hand, the magical shot dissipating against him harmlessly. "All roads lead to destruction, little mortal. I will see this town, and its people, erased from existence. Simple."

Then, Faris proclaims who she is. This is enough to interest him. Very, very much. "WA HA HA HA HA." There is no mirth in his laugh, ever. It's...wooden, you might say. Forced and brutal. "So, Princess Sarisa. You show yourself. Good, I've been looking for you. Your forebears defeated me once...but you are a child. I'll flay you alive, roll you in salt, then throw you to my demons."

He folds his arms as his sword begins telepathically floating in front of him. "Humph. No one here is worthy of my full power. I think I'll take it easy this fight." The sword then flies forward and splits into SEVERAL swords, each slicing and slashing at those present.
Gilgamesh Faris's attack comes screaming in, but the grey-skinned general flings himself in the way; the huge grey man takes the flames and the blade without pause, his white eyes flashing as they slash across his body.

Numbers flash above him. His body also flashes. What's up with that?! No blood or anything! Boring.

"Master, just you wait! Once my turn comes around, I shall unleash upon them one of my fearsome blades of legend, and make them regret standing against you and your immortal puissance! Have at thee, mortals!"

Kim's swinging, spinning kicks come in; her acrobatics strikes are fierce, but Gilgamesh's hand-to-hand skills are apparently more impressive than they look, and he parries each strike with a strange and huge blade! A huge, long hunk of metal with a letter in an ancient alphabet scrawled across it...

And then he hurls the sword outwards at Faris, Tifa, and Kim; the massive weapon goes spinning outwards as though controlled, slicing through the air as though controlled by magic, but there is no magic in this strike, only skill! Unnatural skill, to be sure...but skill nonetheless.
Kyra Hyral The excitement of Gilgamesh starts to fade a little as Kyra starts to realize that this jerkwad Exdeath guy apparently commands him or something ridiculous. "Maybe this is a different Gilgamesh."

The White Mage grits her teeth as Exdeath smacks away the vial, which shatters on the ground and releases a small cloud of toxin that nearby people would do well to not breath in at the moment. "Well that is just as bad and completely unacceptable in my book!" Kyra howls from the other side of the portal. For a few seconds, she's frantically slipping more napalm-type vials free.

For the next few seconds, she's slipping around Exdeath's telekinetically manipulated swords. She comes out mostly unscathed, save for the moogle-bobble on the top of her hoodie. That is, tragically, sheared off as she ducks beneath a blade that would have speared her through the heart.

Once she has a free hand, she yanks her hood back completely, letting her red hair hang free.

"So as I see it...we need to erase you /first/ to save this town. Hah..!" Kyra fires off three of her napalm-containing vials, each aimed at a different spot on the massive and armored man. One goes straight for the chest, one for his pelvis, the last for his head.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney sighs. "Impressive." He remarks with a brow raised as the blades all fly out. As they approach him, he teleports in a flash of blue to a spot a few feet away, scoffing. "But not impressive enough." Cocky, but he barely teleported in time. He looks about, sighing. Better to take care of himself before his allies. That way he might actually stand a chance of helping them all, instead of one. He raises his hands above his head, a green aura bursting forth from his feet, followed by a blue one, and at last, a violet one. Syds turning into a rainbow man! Breathing deeply, the tattoo on his back begins to flare with the Dark, creating an almost sickly aura around Sydney.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart demonstrates her athleticism with the summoned blades from ExDeath. A step back, a hop, a vaulting handstand, and she managed to dance around the swarm of dark metal nimbly. Landing back down a few steps away, it wasn't fast enough for her to be able to intercept Gilgamesh's attack. But seeing it coming, she brings her fist right under his elbow, deflecting just enough of it so that the sowrd glances her rather than a clean cut.

She slides back to safety afterwards, a hand over where the sword nicked her "Well, I should have known you weren't completly clean, Gilgamesh. How about I take you down first before I handle your master?"

He should enjoy that at least, a brawl with the barmaid, that he even got a kiss from, for what its worth. She sends a flurry of punches and kicks his way, aiming to throw him off balance some more as she uses her arsenal of moves. Its the first time she gets to fight him, although he's seen her tossing Gaston out of the bar. He knows she has enough strength hiding in that small body.
Fran White and blue walls of pure energy manifest about the viera, bolstered by motes of golden light that seem to adhere to their surface and make them more solid and stable. Fran spins the mace in her hand with a quick flourish, a bad habit she picked up from Balthier that serves no purpose really but the man did like to show off. What's a good partner to do but play along.

She braces herself, preparing to rush in and aid those present with bringing the juggernaut low but his own aggression gets the initiative. The elaborate blades whirl apart, one scything through the air like a murderous boomerang in her direction! Fran throws herself to the side, smashing the sword away with her shield and the combination of momentum and evasion push her clear of its deadly curve. The impact rattles her body, however, bruising the flesh beneath the metal wall of her shield which serves to add a healthy dose of respect for the power this man, or fallen angel, or whatever he may be, wields.

Renewing her attack, Fran comes in from the opposite side of Exdeath than most of the others, hoping to catch him off guard from the flanks. Her heavy mace swings in with more power than the slender rabbit-woman's body seems like it can muster, as the Viera uses her skill to compensate for raw strength. Her weapon pulses with a distorting ripple in the air as time slows down upon impact, infusing the magical energies directly into the wound.

A second strike follows as she rides the rebound, spinning about in a full circle to whip the bludgeon once more against the heavy platemail with a violent burst of fire. She then leaps back and mutters arcane words and a swift wave of her hand sends a geyser of thick black oil spewing upon the ancient horror, adding literal fuel to the fire.
Kim Possible When you're a secret agent like Kim Possible, you learn how to improvise in the most dangerous of situations. In this case, as the sword comes flying at her, Kim fires her grappling hook at a nearby object and swings at Gilgamesh, attempting to avoid the sword and kick him to show she means business. The bad news is that Kim misses and she gets cut by the sword. The good news is that it's only a flesh wound.

Nevertheless, Kim drops to the ground and rubs at the spot where she was cut. "Oww, that was really uncool." Kim says as she looks at Gilgamesh. "But if he's the one who wants to take me on, then I'll gladly show him just how badical I can be!" Kim leaps into the air, attempting to fly at Gilgamesh with a swift kick, follwed up with a series of hand-to-hand strikes, and then finally a specially modified uppercut.
Faris Scherwiz ExDeath and Gilgamesh both lash out. While faris is good, she's not good enough - but it is not to ExDeath's blades that she gets damaged on, but Gilgameshs', and that says enough in her mute reaction to the bruises she gains - which is to say she struggles to her feet. She lists to the side, slightly, mumbling something.

That done, she twirls her hands around, the left one dipping into her skirts to pull out a pair of daggers, one flaming red, the other one plain, as she shifts her weight and then launches herself at the pair again -

This time, at Gilgamesh, instead of ExDeath.
Montag Montag has experiance in these things he's pretty experienced all thigns consideed he's got nothing to say really to Exdeath at this point what does he have thart woudl be oth saying to this cacklking armor of doom. Who seems to ahve the powerto back up his ego but he manages to shift out of harms way before he's hit and snap off a shot, he loads some new rounds and takes aim again liking up a shot then pulls the trigger.]
ExDeath Exdeath summons a rather complicated looking lounge chair made entirely of vines, leaves, branches and other natural elements. Somehow they seem twisted, though, by some eldritch energy. The huge knight floats up and then reclines on it while his sword goes to work. He gets hit by Tifa's counter punch and Montag's shot beforehand, but it doesn't do much but slightly discolor his armor. "Perhaps I will see what is on Chaos and the Darkness," he remarks, as a large cup of steaming liquid and a salad appears.

He watches Gilgamesh tank everything for him. "See? He's good for something." The swords converge and spin around in a circle, then suddenly fly out in all angles to come at the fighters again, vicious in their attempts to cut them all up into tiny chunks.
Gilgamesh "It is not by my hand that I was once again given coolness!" Gilgamesh replies as Kim smashes her foot against his face (the number 254 flashes above his head helpfully). He flashes a bright white color again, the Bluster Sword disappearing as it returns to his hand. Gilgamesh's hand snaps out in front of him, a much, much longer blade spawning from his hand. Much, much longer. Like...super-long. Like a super long katana.

Like a super long katana an ordinary person couldn't even lift, with a black hilt...

Gilgamesh brings the katana around into Tifa's strike; it glances off her punches and kicks, parrying them effortlessly as numbers continue to flash above his head (37, 27). He brings his blade around again to stop Faris's strike; unfortunately, it leaves him open to Kyra's vials, which splash against his face and explode, lighting him on fire. Fran's strikes come in as he burns, coating him in oil and lighting him on EVEN MORE FIRE.

He doesn't scream. He doesn't even twitch in pain! But a lot of numbers flash up above him, and his body flashes white a whole bunch of times...and then Gilgamesh vanishes in a flash!

A message window appears.


0EXPERIENCE: ...0...?
Sydney Losstarot Sydney laughs. "Your little tricks are cute." Sydney once again warps to the side, barely fast enough to avoid being skewered. There's a small, open cut on his shoulder, signifying that the blade struck. "Hmph. Playtime is over." Sydney lifts his hand above his head, a large ball of darkness forming above it. Three lines of ancient Kiltian text begin to float around it, growing larger and larger as they absorb the excess darkness. The lines of text break apart, and swarms of letters begin to fly at ExDeath, followed by a debuff, hoping to catch him off-guard as the swarm of dark letters attack.

"Playtime is over. I've seen more advanced magic from Grimoires written by children." He says mockingly.
Faris Scherwiz Gilgamesh disappears. Faris looks at Exdeath, even as she brings the Mythril Blade up, parrying what she can, where she can, how she can, but it still leaves her knocked around and stunned. She grits her teeth silently, looking down at the ground, angry tears streaking down her cheeks.

She shudders, turns around, and walks off. She feels shame, deep down in her heart, but tonight is not her fight. She disappears silently into the shadows.
Kyra Hyral "Hey wait, what are you doing! Gilgamesh! Get out of the way!!" Kyra starts screeching once she sees the grey-skinned swordsman slipping in the way of her shots. Of all the lousy...

The blasts nicely set him on fire which, turns out, makes Kyra feel kind of horrible. "Wait, no! Come back!" Now she grabs a glowing green vial from one of her bandoliers and runs after him, "Hold on! Hold still! I CAN FIX THAT! PLEASE!!!"

Too late. Gilgamesh flees and doesn't even have the decency to give some EXP! Kyra wasted three good mixtures on that! Just as she reaches where Gilgamesh was, Kyra meets the business end of one of those flying swords...right through the gut. With a yelp of shock, she staggers backwards, then acts quickly. The potion vial she had pre-loaded on her gun, meant for Gilgamesh, is promptly turned upon herself.

"Oooh that son of a <goosehonk> can't even be arsed to come fight us for real...I'll show him."
Montag Montag gets a feel for what soet of commander that Exdeath is, one who has no value on his minion's ives. Gil ends up in the line of fire and that might end up hurting pretty darn bad all things considered. WAit what the heck just happened there he's not even going to ask,. he's caught in the counter attack from the swords he's cut but it could be worse he's forced to move again and he's now on a new perch before he's shooting away again at the lounging baddy. This has actually topped the stuff he ran into with the AVALANCHE which is pretty suprising.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart couldn't get her attacks go through Gilgamesh, but somehow he was taken out still. Looks like she distracted him long enough for the others to get their attacks in. So it wasn't completely wasted, even if she thinks he managed to block her easily.

Its been happening too much recently, she needs some serious training sessions.

But the main bad guy is left as Gilgamesh runs away. She tightens a fist, looking toward Exdeath...

And realizes he's just lounging there. She sweatdrops. And wanders over to him. Is he watching TV? "Is that some sort of soap opera?" She wonders. She likes those stories if only for the romance, even if its pretty fake and ridiculous at time. Maybe she's just a normal girl outside of bartending and brawling.

But then she realizes "Why am I trying to small talk with him anyway!? >_<#" And then she launches her attacks. She combos unto him to try to find the weak spots in that armor. Other than discoloring it at least. Why is that armor so flaky, is it fingerpaint or something?
Fran Despite her advantage of position, the speed of Exdeath's capable(?) general makes a mockery of her attempts to get at the massive figure. Her flames erupt about his multicolored body, catching easily on the excessive amount of cape that adorns Gilgamesh and the oil that washes over him moments later turns him into a bonfire. With a flash and a weak excuse the large man disappears, having naught even the decency to grant them a few xp for their troubles.

The vieran pirate rebounds from her unexpected new target and is immediately put on the defensive again as the magically controlled swords come in for another pass. Again the massive blade crashes with her shield, deflected at the last moment. A shower of sparks flies as the two metal objects grind against each other and Fran is forced back a few inches before she manages to gather the leverage to throw her arm wide, flinging the blade back at its master.

"A troubling foe, this is," she growls. Atleast one of their threats is gone and much faster than she expected at that. Perhaps they are not the fearsome creatures that they seem. But she isn't going to be letting her guard down any time soon with those swords flying about.

Waiting for an opening, she repeats the attack as before, this time sure that her efforts will see the villainous lout wounded himself. Her mace hums with magic as she leaps into the air and drops upon Exdeath, borrowing a little extra power from gravity. The first strike erupts with a cacaphonous peal of thunder, raw sound and deadly sparks bursting from the head like one of those wierd little science balls that shoot bolts out at your fingertips when you touch them.

A second follows as she hits the ground, using her powerful leg muscles to hammer into the mass of branches and twigs like a flaming meteor. And as before she adds a bit of oomph to the pyre with a gush of oil that splatters wetly over the juggernaut from thin air.
Kim Possible Kim uses her secret agent skills to use her lipstick laser to give herself some space while evading ExDeath's incoming attacks. At the same time, Kim realizes that it might be time to pull out all of the stops. "All right, you've proven to be too uncool! I'm gonna finish you once and for all!" Kim then attempts to go in to deliver a series of punches.
ExDeath Montag's shot pierces through Exdeath's shoulder, causing the couch to dissapear and Exdeath to take a standing position. He folds his arms, as he raises a magical barrier to block the incoming attacks. First there's Tifa's swift kicks and punches that manage to actually dent his armor in several places, but the blows are softened somewhat by his barriers. He shoves her back with magical force, sending a sword out to stab Montag as a counter.

Fran comes in, and her mace connects with his barriers hard enough to send a shockwave through the air. The magical power of the weapon does actually manage to hit him, though, the bolts of lightning shooting through his body and causing him to stagger back. "Hrrrgh..." he growls. That had some bite to it. Fran hammers into him with her meteor dive as a finale, setting him partially ablaze. But of course, we can't forget KIM POSSIBLE! Her punches blow past his barriers and actually cause Exdeath to stagger from the power behind him. Still, he doesn't seem to be too banged up yet. He laughs again. "WA HA HA HA. Good old fisticuffs. You all like to get right to it, don't you, little mortals?"

Then Sydney hits him with magic, dark runes flowing over him. Exdeath turns slowly, less bothered by the damage and more by his words. Congratulations, you finally have Exdeath's attention. "I'm sorry. Is that you bleating? Forgive me, little sorceror, I couldn't tell your power apart from the Shadows you command."

Exdeath then raises his left hand, as he summons three enormous balls of darkness. "Almagest," he whispers, and they converge down on Sydney, swallowing Sydney in a singularity where he will experience the most intense crushing force to exists. Then, it all explodes outwards in a massive singularity that cracks the air and temporarily deafens anyone that doesn't plug their ears. It can be seen for several miles in all directions.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks a bit at the fireworks, as they concentrate on a single target. She doesn't know the guy either, but he was wielding shadows. There goes the theory that they automatically work together something. Well right now they had a common opponent anyway...

And despite the huge pyrotechnics of darkness. Sydney seems to just walk out of it without a scratch. She blinks, impressed, but worried a bit... What if she had to fight that guy next?

But right now there's a bigger one in front of her, that thickly armored guy. "How about you get back from where you come before we manage to open up that tincan of yours?" And she demonstrates by using the full brunt of her own power. Her fist glow with her ki energy, sliding down into position to launch herself. But she doesn't move. Or so it appears, as she instead fades out of sight, that glowing punch suddenly meeting straight into ExDeath's chest, to sending him flying backward. But as soon as she impact was felt, she was already gone. And before ExDeath managed to move even 10 feet away, its a double hammer of glowing fists that crashes into his back, hurtling him back forward instead, as she releases the explosive energy right INSIDE of the armor instead, since the outside would probably not do much.
Sydney Losstarot VWOOM. There's quick flash of blue, and Sydney just...dissappears while the attack works its magic. He reappears once the attack has finished, waggling his finger in the air. "I must give you credit, warlock. That was quite the grand attack. If only you had the skill required to aim it." He says, a wry, mocking smile forming across his lips. "Some of us know better than to reveal our greatest attacks so quickly." He says.

Sydney pauses to look around at his allies, his tactical mind making quick decisions over who his abilities would best be reserved for. Tifa and Kim. Hm. Two people who most definitely aren't mages. Good, he wouldn't want to waste a physical buff like he did on Faris. He lifts a hand, and a red aura attempts to surround the pair, followed by a dark, smoky shroud.
Kyra Hyral Ignored, thankfully, for now, Kyra does the sensible thing and puts some distance between herself and the self-proclaimed warlord with a bone to pick with that clawed, shirtless guy. On the move again, she circles around to the other side of the spawned ball of darkness and puts herself out of normal sight from Exdeath.

A warlock of his power, though, could no doubt sense magical energies being gathered, right? Such is the case from the out-of-sight white mage. Those magical energies are wild and, as time passes, steadily expanding into "immense." The observant would see that, in spite of the strength of the magic being summoned, it was also very wild-perhaps even uncontrolled.

But for a lucky few, it's also quite soothing.
Fran Fran carefully backs away from the towering figure as his stoic resolve hardly seems to waver under their punishing attacks. They are hurting him, she can see that plainly, but the sheer power that seems to extrude makes her wonder if they are merely scratching the surface of something horrible.

Her answer comes as Exdeath finally seems to show some anger towards the man who has been constantly barking up his tree (pun!). The massive balls of darkness cause her to raise her shield instinctively but it seems that their raw destructive power is meant for no one but Sydney.

The viera watches with a look of slight concern, about the most emotion that she seems capable of showing in a single expression, but the shirtless man weathers the apocalyptic surge of darkness far better than she would have expected. "The devil's own luck, that one."

She turns her attention back to the rather colorful bastion of darkness and gets her game face back on. There's not much of a change. Fran watches, patiently waiting for her chance to move in. With so many combatants tied up in close range she dare not use her more powerful magicks for fear of catching one of the others in the blast. The Mist here is also corrupted, polluted perhaps, by the terrifying presence before them which means that her Quickenings could be risky.

Instead she merely lunges in when the opportunity presents itself, bringing her deadly mace against that solid wall of metal armor that encapsulates their foe. She hammers at him several times, striking with years of practice and natural grace at the places where her crushing blows will be the most effective.

The final attack is puncuated with a burst of blue light that solidifies in a curved spike of ice turning her weapon into more of a pick than a mace. She drives it in towards the goliath's chest, hoping that it will penetrate his armored shell and disperse the glittering motes of frost into his body.
Montag Montag has been ignored by EXdeath, this could be bad for him, Montag is able to get a call in to some of his comrades and there's the sound of a helicopter for those that know of such things above. Montag knows what he has to he switches a switch on his rifle and a laser pointer would find it's way right on to EXdeath it's harmless but what he's not spotting in is anythhing but the Heligunner swoops down and unleahses a salvo of missiles at Exdeath before it pulls back and Montag's already on the move again.
Kim Possible Kim grins as her attack lands, and then she steps back a little, noticing some other creeps within the area. She decides to focus on them to cover her colleagues.
ExDeath Tifa comes in with a huge punch, creating a boom as it smacks against his chestplate and bounces off. However, he's not easily moved, and goes forward only about half of what is intended. Same with the attack to his back. He grunts, turning to strike at her. This leaves him open to Fran who blazes past the barriers and starts to dent his armor all over with the mace, magical flashes of energy flying off with every hit in the setting sun.

Montag's missiles explode all over him, and when the smoke settles, he is standing there, a bit singed. "Admirable effort, but useless. Heh heh. I think I'll give this one to you. I think I've shaken up Goug quite nicely; you all fight with a spirit I like in you mortals. Keep up the good work! I hope it works out for you all..."

He then slowly sinks into one of the teleportation spell rings, laughing all the way.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart phews as her energy gives up. She's glad that he's retreating. That mass of armor and darkness... it was bad news if he stuck around for longer after all. She might not have been able to hurt it seriously, but that he gave up is victory enough. She pants as she leans down with her hands on her knees now, catching her breath.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney laughs, shaking his head. "Pathetic." He says, scratching at the light, singular wound he got from the entire fight. Sydneys confident they would've won if he stuck around...not because of skill, or anything. We just had a whole bunch of people to throw at him. 'Course, Sydneys been wrong before...

"Is everyone alright?" He asks boredly, taking a moment to look about at his companions. They'd been useful enough in thwarting the enemy, and they've earned at /least/ that.
Fran Fran feels the impacts of her strikes reverberate throughout her body, telling her by the subtle differences in the vibration and the dull ring of metal which ones are solid and which the armor merely turns aside. She feels a slight hint of satisfaction when the prior is more common than the latter though the sheer resilience of this foe is unlike most she has encountered. It almost feels like she's hammering away at the armored surface of a combat airship for all it gives under her strength.

And then there's missiles. Technology in Ivalice isn't terribly advanced to the point where such things are commonplace but she knows a dangerous projectile when she sees one. The pirate throws herself to the side at the last moment, holding her shield up the entire way as fire and sharpnel detonate mere feet away. The blast knocks her well clear of the destruction but she ends up with several new bruises as souveneirs of the close call.

When she finally skids to a halt and looks up, Exdeath is already sinking back into the ground, laughing haughtily all the way. They hadn't even wounded his pride. The viera allows herself to sink back against the surface that caught her for a moment. They were lucky that whatever that was had been merely toying with them.

Fran takes a moment to look around, noting that despite the danger, none of them had suffered any devastating injuries. "A lucky break, that," she comments to herself. Rest time can come later though. She gets back to her feet and heads /quickly/ for the nearest exit out of town. She's had more than enough trouble for one day.
Kyra Hyral Exdeath...disappears.

THE DAY IS SAVED! Kyra is going to assume he ran away because he could detect the incoming magical nuke she was about to fling his way. It actually takes some effort on Kyra's part to make the magical energies disappate. "Well, I'm alright, if a little..." Kyra wiggles a hand, "Well, I'm not sure how to put it."
Sydney Losstarot Sydney scoffs. "I'm sure confusion is..." He looks about, watching the devestation that befell the town with intrigue. "acceptable. Rarely is such incompetence given such a grand playground." He says with a smirk. He sighs heavily, rubbing his palms on his temples. "...We're going to have to clean up what remains of the heartless, aren't we?" He sighs, turning his attention towards the street he came from. Walking away impatiently, the last sight one might see of Sydney before he disappears into an alleyway are sickly yellow eyes, gazing forth hungrily at the group he left behind.
Montag Montag lowers his weapon and calls in an all clear. "Montag here, target has fled, area secure for the moment. We may have seveal defence bounties to hand out." He notes before comming down from his perch. HE's got so much papwer work.

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