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(2013-04-26 - 2013-04-27)
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TRON TRON has been lying low since the incident at VALKYRI HQ, not out of fear of the increased DPS presence, but to give himself time to recover. By now, after much time resting and more than a few potions, most of the damage has been fixed... except one thing.

His Disc.

He has no idea how to explain it. He has had his original silver Disc damaged before, but never had it backlashed and caused errors. But when Angantyr had struck his newer chakram Disc back at him, what he /felt/... it can't be put into words, certainly not to Users. And it isn't fixing itself.

His vocal capacities have been compromised, forcing him to reroute speech through his modulator, and there are other minor system errors that are aggrivating but little else. But since no amount of time or User-based healing seems to be working, he sent a message to CADUCEUS to have them meet in the Traverse Town church--neutral ground, and a place of spiritual healing. However, TRON himself is nowhere in sight within or around the premises.
CADUCEUS The sound of a lightcycle whine is heard outside as CADUCEUS finally pushes the doors to the church open, coming in with a worried gaze. He had been busy treating people who were injured and when word came TRON needed him, the program worried and he holds his disk in hand as he enters. "Tron?" He calls out, concern in his electronic voice.
TRON "<Here.>"

The distinctly modulated 'voice' of the Security Program in question echoes somewhat in the airy church, and a figure moves out from around one of the support pillars. Flickers of bluish-white light trace over his form as the black suit becomes white and the helm disappears, and TRON offers a rueful smile as he lifts a hand in greeting.

"<I am zorry to call you in like thiz.>" CADUCEUS would notice that TRON's mouth isn't moving and his voice hasn't de-modulated as usual. "<But I need your help.>"
CADUCEUS "By the users..." CADUCEUS says as he approaches Tron, looking him over and offering a shoulder to learn on should the security program need it. "I tried to keep others safe, but had I known the damage was this bad." He says as he moves his disk over the program now, green light flowing from the disk to scan the program, going over his status. "What happened?"
TRON TRON still shows signs of the battle, little more than minor fragmentation here-and-there at this point if the occassional bandage doesn't occlude it from view. He even seems to be standing and moving relatively well, considering.

He does, however, take a seat on one of the pews so CADUCEUS could get to work. "<VALKYRI Headquarters were attacked by forcez of Darknezz. We ztopped them, but there waz...>" His 'voice' trails off for a moment, his brown eyes glancing away. "<The main attacker waz a good friend to zome within the group. The apparent betrayal hurt worze than the attack itzelf.>"

CADUCEUS would quickly note the truth of his condition through his scans. Physically, TRON is doing well enough post-battle, but there are core errors and fragmentations that don't quite make sense by just scanning. TRON himself undocks his Discs, putting aside the silver one and holding out his white chakram Disc to the medic. "<Thiz iz the core problem.>"

Sure enough, the surface of the Disc has long but shallow gashes on its surface on one side. "<The aggrezzor ztruck my Disc during the fight.>

He pauses for a moment, eyes flickering blue, then he attempts to speak normally. "S-s-s-s-o I-I-I-I--" His voice sounds like it's skipping and stuttering, like a sound track that can't play properly. He stops suddenly, shaking his head with a grimace, then the modulated 'voice' kicks in again. "<Zo I tried to give it time, but it iz not going away.>"
CADUCEUS "Damage to a data disk, no matter how minor is still quite serious, Tron." CADUCEUS says as he puts the disk away to take Tron's white disc and looks it over with a serious gaze. He then puts his disc against Tron's and green light locks them in place. "Going to use a special type of Repair code I developed for programs in the games, some would come back with massive chunks missing from the discs, I developed a self regeneration code which should restore the damage done, however it requires you to not use this disk or it may make the damage worse." CADUCEUS warns as he begins the process, the green disc beginning to flood the data disk with specialized code meant to find and repair the damage done. "If you rather it be fixed quick, I can do the repairs manually as the code finds them."
TRON TRON shakes his head at CADUCEUS' rebuke. "<I know. I have zeen it myzelf. But I also know you have your own dutiez to focuz on.>" His gaze shifts towards the doors, his mouth pulling down to a concerned frown. "<And there are otherz that are still hurt very deeply indeed... But no amount of healing can repair the heart.>"

He almost visibly considers the options at hand as he watches the medic work. "<I have no intention to uze that Disc,>" he motions to the chakram Disc in CADUCEUS' hands, "<in battle again unlezz I muzt.>"

He folds his hands on his lap, closing his eyes and not quite hiding a faint grimace as he can /sense/ the repair code beginning to work. It's not painful at all, but it's a very odd feeling. Again, beyond his ability to describe. "<I would rather let the code work az intended. I am in no rush to return to battle. But you are the medic, and I will follow your directivez.>"

His head cants faintly. "<Thiz remindz me. How iz your baton concept coming along?>"
CADUCEUS "I believe I have made it capable for use in combat outside controlled testing. And as a doctor I would recommend rest either way. However, as a Medic I believe I can do some fixing right now which should hasten the process and have the code do a double check over any mistakes I may make." CADUCEUS says calmly. "I am tired of sitting on the sidelines, healing the injured knowing there are still people going to hurt others." He says calmly. "I know I am designed to not be used in combat but I am so tired of seeing others get derezzed when it could have been prevented." He says as if it happened before.
TRON TRON smiles reassuringly. "<I truzt you. If you can at leazt reztore my voice to proper parameterz, I will be zatizfied to let the code fix the rezt on itz own time.>"

He rubs his chin and mouth thoughtfully with one hand as he absently begins to twirl his silver Disc in the other. "<CADUCEUS, you /are/ fighting. Yez, you are not involved directly in battling thoze who would cauze harm, but your work iz a battle againzt unzeen forcez. Dezpair, hurt, lozz, that which deztabilizez from within and without.>"

He shakes his head. "<Combat iz not the only way to fight. There are warz of information, battlez of will. Phyzical fighting iz zimply the most obviouz and eaziezt.>" He offers a lopsided grin past his hand. "<And zome of uz know little elze.>"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS watches the code and begins to flick his fingers at more pieces of light. "I may be able to repair the damage to your voice, but you will stutter until the code is completely done." He says calmly as he continues to push buttons. Tron may feel a slight tingling as well a slight greenish hue as the medical program tries to restore his voice.
TRON TRON keeps the visibility of is discomfort to a minimum, but one eye is held a little more closed than the other. His throat feels like it's itching, or like he's a step away from coughing, but he locks down the sensation the best he can. He does note that his programming-lines have shifted to a bright teal color, though does not seem alarmed by it.

In reply to the medic's explanation, he simply states, "<Underztood.>" And from there, he falls silent to let CADUCEUS fully focus on his work with minimal interruption or distraction. He's still twirling his silver Disc, however, weaving the circular object between his fingers as if it was an oversized poker chip.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS continues his work for a few moments and finally he unlocks the disk. "Lock this back into position and you should notice the repairs and the code healing." He says as he hands the program his disc before looking to his own. "How many other people were injured? Do I need to see any of the group your with?"
TRON TRON accepts his white Disc back and immediately redocks it onto the spindle between his shoulder-blades. His body automatically stiffens ramrod straight as the new code is uploaded, his eyes flashing white before he relaxes once more. "<Confirmed. The repairz are now a background procezz.>" He still does not open his mouth despite the continued audio, though his program-lines return to their standard bluish-white color.

Only now does he rub at his throat, trying to ease the strange itchy feeling, and audibly clears his throat to boot. "<I will continue routing my vocal procezzez through my modulator until the repairz are complete.>"

His eyes narrow as he thinks back on who was also present fighting against Angantyr. "<If there are, they would ztill be in our temporary lodgingz in the inn acrozz the ztreet.>" He stands up and redocks his silver Disc over the white one, completely occluding it from sight. "<I'll lead you there.>"
CADUCEUS "Alright. I will give everyone a look over and tend to any injuries there are. As for the battles, I was designed to be on frontline conflict applying aid. I believe I will test those procedures in the coming cycles." CADUCEUS says as he follows allongside Tron.
TRON TRON nods once and smiles as he starts walking. "<Any aid you can give iz alwayz welcome, CADUCEUS. Never believe otherwize.>"

As he walks, his program lines deactivate and his suit shifts to black. His helm rezzes over his head, occluding his face once again to give him the appearance of an unidentified Program. "<We need all the help we can get.>"

This scene contained 15 poses. The players who were present were: TRON, CADUCEUS