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Fearless Leader Fears Water!
(2013-04-26 - 2013-04-27)
Reize and Violet are at the beach together. However, she learns of the brave adventurer's fear of water.
Reize Seatlan The sun is never around. It had been long ago abandoned by the eternal night that is Traverse Town. Nevertheless, the beach is still a wonderously beautiful area, even if it had not been visited too often.

The sound of the sea feels rather refreshing, even if there is sparseness of seagulls about. Nevertheless, there exists a moon that is wonderful to see beyond the shore and through the ocean.

This eternal night is a great way to spend the beach. The sand has sand castle nearby. It was one that had long been beaten, but part of it still remained.

Reize, who had once visited the beach to mull over his fate, is now taking the moment to relax and bring a friend with him. His attire is, as always, his adventuring one. He had finished an exhibition match at the Colisseum. So, it is the matter of waiting for his next match.

But here he is, able to enjoy the cool wind.
Violet Beaches were a new thing for Annalise. The girl known as Violet. The sand is soft under her bare feet as she runs ahead, giggling to herself as her feet shift weirdly on the sand with each step, feeling herself sliding almost. And the ocean sloshes up on the beach as if outstretched fingers for a long pause before the waters retreat back into the ocean itself.

The warm night air sweeps through her long sundress as Anna reaches up to brush back the hair from her face as she glances back over her shoulder at Reize, smiling. "I have never been on the edge of the world before. The most I have seen is a pond or a lake."
Reize Seatlan It's nice to see such a smile on Annalise's face. Reize had been glancing at her for some time, watching her play along the ocean. It's like a kid to be running ahead.

Finishing his writing on the journal once more, Reize straightens and he runs after her, grinning while she remains at the water.

...At least, until... the painful memory comes back.

...Reize is curled into a ball, comical tears running along his eyes.

"... Water. Bad. Ocean. Bad. Waterfalls. Bad."

And the brave adventurer is fear-stricken.
Violet The water tickles as the waves lap at her bare feet, her toes wiggling through the thin white foam as the water recedes once more. As Reize stands to run closer to where she is, her smile grows, though it pauses in her features when the boy abruptly comes to a stop, curling himself into a ball.

The sudden drastic change was alarming. Just what had happened?

Her shoulders tense as Annalise pushes herself towards him, the sand clinging to her wet feet as she kneels in front of him. Was he crying? Concern washes over her features as she lifts a hand out to brush the dark hair from his face. "Reize?..."
Reize Seatlan Reize's current status: Q_Q

"...Water. Water bad."

The brave adventurer, who could face any challenge from monsters to temples of doom. His greatest match that would easily defeat him: Water. Rivers, oceans, ponds. All forms of water.

"I c-c-can't swim."

Reize remains curled in a ball. He is safe right here. Definitely safe at the distance from the water. No need to jump in.
Violet Annalise blinks her bright crystal blue eyes at Reize for a moment before her expression softens with some understanding. So that's what it was. He couldn't swim. What could happen that scarred him that much though?

Brushing back his hair once more, she smiles lightly, "Its alright. You do not have to go into the water if you do not want to. But, if you are this scared why choose the beach, hm?" she teases gently, her smile growing subtly.
Reize Seatlan Grunt.

"Ooii! It was a good idea at the time!" Reize puffs his cheeks in response to Annalise's questioning. The young boy offers a grin, then he stands up. He was slowly becoming himself once more. "Well, you see.. I came here a month or two back. I was in a bit of a rut... and I came across someone who was building a sand castle." He muses thoughtfully.

"Ahh... nevertheless. I find it a relaxing spot. Besides, I am trying to remain nearby Traverse! I have a couple of more matches at the Colisseum!" He grins, "I will win a small medal. I have been competing a bit and this is a nice place to relax."
Resting his head back along the sand, his arms move to the back of his head. "It's relaxing."
Violet Annalise gives him a mildly flat glance, but the smile lingers on her soft lips as the naturally wide grin returns to his features. "Sand castle?" she leans back as Reize uncurls himself, tilting her head. "How do you make a sand castle?"

The pale-headed girl lifts a slender brow with a brief, skeptical glance. "You find it relaxing until the point you curl in a ball with fear?" the teasing note hints at her voice again. He takes a seat again and Anna loosely wraps her slender arms around her knees. "You know, you could always learn how to swim. Take baby steps?"
Reize Seatlan "Very carefully!"

There is a bit of tinge of smart alecky in the boy. Nevertheless, he does keep an eye open to read Annalise, "Well, it involves getting the sand together and shaping it. You could apply a bit of water, but not too much. You can make a sand castle with a lot of time anddedication."

And then her skeptical teasing earns a twitch of the antenna hair. An eye widens "---Err.. as long as I stay away from something as silly as that, I should be fine!" The boy brightens, hiding from that fear of the DREADED WATER!

....Learn how to swim?

That look of horror returns.

Cue Reize curled into a ball with him sheepishly replying, "...Uhh.. maybe some other time! Yeah! Ah hah hah hah..."
Violet Maybe she shouldn't have suggested learning to swim, but Anna couldn't help but tease him at least a little bit. "What, not even a puddle of water?" Anna grins, reaching out to poke at his stomach. "You are the fearless adventure. I know you could conquer this. I believe in you." Even if he doesn't have any in himself.
Reize Seatlan Puffing his cheeks, Reize grunts towards Annalise. He runs a and over to the back of his head, even as she teases him a bit. He gives a sweatdrop, the he offers the woman a faint smile.


He offers a smile at the woman, then he raises a fist in the air, "Yes! I can do it!"

....Curling into ball. "...Another time!"
Violet For a moment there Reize looks like he's returned to his old self, punching the air with a fist. Until he curls into a ball again. Exhaling a small breath, Annalise smiles gently and turns just enough to take a seat beside him, nudging his side with her hip. "Show me how to make a sand castle."
Reize Seatlan Good luck on getting Reize to brave the dreaded water! The boy's deep seeded fear. The young man is rising his hands in the air, then he brings his head over the back of his head.

He lifts his eyes towards the sky.


As she nudges his side, Reize gives her a grin and he lifts his body up. He looks down at the sand, then he turns about. He kneels beside her, he starts making some space.

Reize is gathering up a bit of the sand, looking over at Annalise. "Alright, let's begin building. Let's gather up a good handful of sand." Already, Reize's hands have scooped up the sand and then he pushes it to the center, right between the two.
Violet Annalise blinks her crystal blue eyes at Reize when he stands to his feet, turning about to kneel with a bit of room between them. Listening, her expression becomes thoughtful for a moment or so. The girl leans forward and cups both of her hands, as instructed, to begin scooping sand with her fingers to push it towards the middle. Just as Reize did.

Getting her hands dirty. The very thought. Anna giggles to herself but doesn't stop her scooping.
Reize Seatlan There is a bit of kinship or closeness in the midst of the two kneeling together. They are in this beach together, scooping together the sand to join them closer.

While the gathered sand is meshed together, the young man's hands begin to scoop around the bulk. As the bulk joins with the rest, the young man lifts his head up to gaze at her.

It is nice, seeing her enjoying herself. She is doing the same activity as he is. His smile grows. When he gathers a large amount of sand together, Reize pats a bit more of the sand. As his hand pats along the sand, it rests over Annalise's hand.

"So, now we've created the bulk and we want to proceed to define its shape!"
Violet Anna watches Reize as he begins patting down the sand to make it more sturdy. She sticks her tongue out at the corner of her mouth with a look of intent as she begins doing the same, taking the lead as she uses a finger to make a little indent where a window could be. And after she beams to herself with some amount of accomplishment.

"This is fun! It reminds me of shaping clay even. Not that I was allowed to do that or anything..." Still, her bright eyes glance up at him as his hand pats over hers. "Like, with towers?"
Reize Seatlan "Oh?" Reize lifts his head up, grinning towards Anna. "We didn't have sand in our village." He sighs, giving a look of lamentation, "But, we did have dirt. So, we tried making some hills." Thinking back upon the attempt, Reize squints while he mutters, "...I don't think that went well, upon realization."

And then, Anna is looked over once more, but Reize gives her a growing smile. "It's a good bit of freedom, isn't it?" Reize, however, doesn't realize that his hand was on top of hers.

...Until now.

There is a bit of silence from him, but he coughs, "Yeah, the towers. We will define the features with towers."
Violet Whatever hills he was talking about in his village didn't do well evidently, and Anna smiles to herself as she lifts a brow at him curiously. Oh well. Maybe one day she'll learn more about those hills.

The girl chuckles and lowers her chin with a small nod. "Its like, making whatever you feel should be there, with the sand as a medium." Her crystal blue eyes glance down at where his fingers touch the back of her hand so lightly, almost as if it wasn't even there. Reize breaks the silence first and a small bit of color rises in Anna's cheeks. "This is nice." she murmurs. "I kinda wish everyday could be like this."
Reize Seatlan With the silence broken and the two muse over the day, Reize finally lays his head back over to the sandy ground. His eyes now focuses up towards the sky. His eyes lift up, gazing towards the stars.

He holds onto his pendant briefly, thinking about the wishes that have been accomplished so far. The jewel glows briefly. In the end, there is much he doesn't know about. Not only that, but there is the fact that people are suffering in this world. Many events have gone by.

For now, Reize can only muse about the good. Just to enjoy the day with Annalise. "...Yeah. Let's just enjoy this day for today."
Violet As Reize looks up at the stars in the sky, her hands pause as Annalise looks upwards as well, her expression softening with a smile and a look of something wistful. "Yeah..." she agrees with a breath, brushing off her sandy hands before reaching up to tuck a few stray pale moonlit locks behind an ear. "Well, I think the company always has a big part of that. I mean, the days you wish you can keep with you. It would not be the same otherwise."

Anna shakes her head to herself. What was she saying? She felt like she was just stumbling over words to fill the silence. The air was so comfortable before. Why did she have to ruin it? And when did she get like this? She breathes another silent sigh to herself, feeling more awkward now that she ruined the mood. Or whatever it was that was happening.
Reize Seatlan Turning to face Annalise as she speaks, the boy listens to her well. "...Heh." He gives a bright smile, both eyes shutting. He maintains that relaxed state.

"You're right. Sometimes, it does help when you have good company." He offers a grin, but his expression softens. "Thank you for spending the day with me, Anna."
Violet "Yeah,..." Anna murmurs again, her crystal blue eyes returning to him. Maybe he'll realize one day, but now they just have times like this to enjoy. That's enough for her right now.

Smiling, she reaches out to take his hand again, simply holding it as she looks back up at the stars and unfamiliar constellations over her head, the warm air salty from the ocean as it gently washes over the beach with a comforting rhythm. Hopefully, for more days and nights like this.

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