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(2013-04-26 - 2013-04-27)
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Helena Celba Helena is terrible.

So tonight, Helena picked up her two dates, of course using a bit of extra money she had set asside to do by carrage. Even with it's own driver, the group would be taken to Costa Del Sol, where she found a LOVELY sea side resturant! And she LOVED seafood...well, mostly.

Helena was waring a rather form fitting dress, Gothic Lolita in design, short to expose her legs, with stockings and high heels. The dress was also low cut, showing cleavage and allowing much of her back to be seen. Besides that, it was very frilly and elegant...Her hair was without the normal headdress, instead allowed to flow behind her, which is not often something seen...she never lets her hair down.

"Ah here we go..." the resturant looks like a local affair, not a chain or anything, which has two floors and a outdoor balcony looking over the ocean.
Alma Hyral Alma is gullible.

That's all that went throughout her head throughout the entire carriage ride. Her gullibility had gotten her and her sister caught up in a date that she didn't want to be on. She actually hadn't even been on a date with anyone at all. And now her first was going to be with someone who teased her relentlessly at the academy. She didn't speak at all during the entire carriage ride, though she did mouth 'sorry' to Kyra twice. Otherwise she was subdued.

She wasn't wearing anything different. Traditional white mage robes with red triangular trim that almost looked homespun with how old-fashioned they were, a stark contrast from the fashions of Ramuha and Alexander Academy both. Her cowl was down, showing her hair up in its usual unattractive bun. Once they arrived at the restaurant, she disembarked from the not-so-fairy tale carriage, nearly tripping as the hem of her robe got caught on one of the steps. While she teetered and stumbled, she didn't actually faceplant in the sand before catching herself.

She actually liked seafood herself, so she decided to be polite at least as she regarded the ocean side restaurant. The view looked like it would be exquisite. "How did you find this place, Helena? It looks.. very pretty." She had to restrain herself from appearing too enthusiastic, and so she reined herself in from being too complimentary. She had to be careful lest Helena pounce on her for a single misspoken word.
Kyra Hyral Helena is SO terrible. Normally Kyra would just avoid the perky goth girl entirely...but...

Alma. Alma was innocent and SO much of a pushover. She would never survive an encounter with Helena with her dignity in tact! That is why she elected to come along. As much as she was not happy with her family, she still felt that urge deep down to shield her little sister from Helena's predations.

Much like Alma, Kyra hasn't elected to wear anything else unusual. Not 'that dress' which was THANKFULLY destroyed with the rest of the world. No, she rolls up in her usual hoodie and skirt and oversized boots. All of her piercings are in, the metal studs and hoops glistening in her nose and ears.

"Alma." she confides in her sister quietly as the carriage pulls up and before they board, "Please tell me. Please tell me this isn't your first date."

The whole carriage ride, she slouches with her hands buried into the front pockets of her hoodie. She even pulls the hood up over her head as she glares at Helena from across the carriage.

"Hmm, Costa Del Sol. I'm a little surprised." she sits up, "This place isnn't a chain at all from what I can tell."
Helena Celba "Noooope." Helena says, "It is a local joint...the people that made it made it after the world of Ruin opened up...a interesting thing, because a lot of different types of people flooded to the city." she says, walking forward. She frumps slightly...the sisters..two different personalities...two different horrible taste in clothing! And Kyre was so /cute/ in that dress....she'll have to make another one for her...and then blackmail her into it...but Alma...oh Alma young.

"Well no time like the present.." he says, and leads the two girls to the top balcony and sits down. Sitting next to Alma, and across from Kyra, there is no changing this order.

"Drinks!" she says to the waitress, "Something FRUITY for the ladies, and myself!"
Alma Hyral Once she was out of the carriage and Kyra asked the all-important question, she'd be looking at her feet. She'd whisper to Kyra tentatively, her voice embarassed, ashamed to admit it. "It is.."

Her sisters and brother had always been the more popular ones in school. She was something of a pariah. Ultraconservative, frumpy, and timid she didn't really have any friends even if there were several that would jump to her defense when she was teased and bullied.

And she wouldn't be caught dead in that dress.

After they were seated, she cringed when Helena sat beside her, hunching up in a defensive position. "Non-alcoholic, right?"
Kyra Hyral Slowly, Kyra palms her face. Poor, poor Alma. Her first date ruined like THIS.

So the game begins.

Kyra is familiar with this game. It's called "who gets the drunkest and passes out first" and in all cases where Helena is involved, Kyra aims for it to be the perky necromancer. In this game...Kyra has an unfortunate amount of experienced, garnered where her family could not see.

A shudder overcomes her as Alma asks if the drinks would be non-alcoholic. "Alma may be a little young for that." Kyra patiently notes from her seat, considering future plans to break up the current seating arrangement, "Regardless, we will all need plenty of water as well to stay hydrated throughout the night." she notes for the waitress's benefit.
Helena Celba "Yes, water..." She turns towards the Waitress, and winks.

And slips her some extra Gil.


Turning back she scoots CLOSER to Alma, "Well! Girls, what have you both been up to...besides not doing anything?" She leans over towards Alma, looking right at her, "Just staying in that one city." She frowns, "Too much time cooped up in a new world!"
Alma Hyral She actually gives Kyra a grateful look when she mentions that she's too young for that. She definitely didn't find it patronizing in this context. She'd never had a drink, and the thought of her getting drunk around Helena horrified her.

She flinches when Helena scoots closer to her and then leans with that leering look in her eyes. She spoke timidly. "I-I've been trying to find a telescope, but Cornelia doesn't have any. And n-no. I don't intend to explore unless I have at least some maps, some idea of where I'm going.. I don't want to bother Kyra she has.. better things to do than look out for me."
Seloria Delacreaux The waitress gets yoinked into a dark corner. There is a soft scuffle, something like the noise of a thing of brambles getting dragged across tile (like fingernails across a chalkboard), before the waitress steps back out of it again. There is little to no difference, except the dress is a bit too long, and she now has green hair and glasses.

The pockets get looted, too, even as Seloria grabs the drinks.
Kyra Hyral Of course, whether the waitress listened to Kyra pointing this out or Helena's money was up in the air at this point. If she sided with Helena...well, Kyra had a bit of painful 'Plan B' hidden under her hoodie for the occasion of a drunk sister.

As Helena scoots in, Kyra starts to move in too, sliding her chair towards the side where Alma is currently seated. "Give her a break, Helena." she says irritably, "Alma appeared mere days ago. And I for one have left Corneria! Multiple times. To do what, I will not reveal to you."

She folds her arms over her chest. "Furthermore, that Dark Knight made a visit yesterday so Corneria isn't as secluded and shielded as we had assumed."
Helena Celba Helena looks towards Kyra, and shakes her head. "Dark Knight? There are Dark Knights around, they'll have to be more...detailed." she says with a shake of her head. She grins at Kyra, "Oh...? Was it...secret meetings with Nik? Did he remember your name this time? Or just knows you by size?" she teases, and scoots in closer to Alma, "Aww...well, I GUESS we'll have to get your meeting with Souji, so you can get supplied and help us get these groups of people moving in a good direction." She says, and leans over.

"We really could use your help, you were always such a hard worker...but so stuffy! No need to be stuffy anymore...we're free!"
Alma Hyral She's kind of leaning over now, with her arms crossed in front of her abdomen, just over her legs. Even more defensive as the two just crowd her. Kyra didn't mean to, and was defending her, but Helena was coming uncomfortably close having already crossed the line of invading her personal space long ago. She was trapped, and she knew it. No escape.

She was anxious, and nervous both, on the verge of panicking, but she tried to calm herself, she didn't want to embarass her sister. "N-Nik is a good person, Helena. I'm sure it isn't like t-t-that with him."

Well he wasn't here to defend her, per his promise, but.. he didn't know, she wasn't foolish enough to hold him to that. It wasn't like he was going to pop out from behind the bar and join them to rescue her.

She'd nod her head vaguely at Helena when she spoke of meeting with Souji and getting supplied. While she had some ideas of perhaps joining Souji's company, that wasn't the real reason she wanted to see him.

And then she leans in so close that they're almost face to face. And she whispers in reply anxiously. "You don't u-u-understand, this is just.. w-who I am."
Kyra Hyral "He didn't give a name, he was just -the- Dark Knight. More specifically, he's apparently been going around, studying the light in others, and tracking his observations. When we re-encountered each other yesterday, he referred to me as 'Light One.' Like I was some sort of sample name! Tch." Kyra looks quite heated and indignant.

But that is redirected when she sees Helena scoot in closer to Alma. She makes motions for Alma to scoot back. "No, it had nothing to do with Nik and all to do with business."

She falls silent, giving her younger sister a steely look. "...are you /sure/ you want to fall in with Souji of all people."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, Waitress in Design, walks over to the table, dutifully serving the alcoholic drinks to Helena and Kyra, and a very non-alcoholic one to Alma.

She then turns and bows her head, pulling out a pad of paper and a pencil. "Are you ready to order, ladies?"
Helena Celba Helena is not easily escaped from. She looks up as drinks are served and takes a sip of hers.

"Hello Seloria." she says, finally, "Trying to mess with my plans?" she says, with a bored tone... "Nice try, but you need to hide your hair better.." She says, and gives the Waitress a nice LONG hug. "Nice to see you are not fish bait though!" she sits down and leans back over. "Well...a strange dark knight who assigns names to people. Weird." she shrugs, "Well you kicked his butt and sent him packing, good for you!" she says, and then shakes her head at Alma, "Because you WANT to...or because you think your family would only approve of you if you dressed and acted this way? Why let the chains of your family hold you down...we're free now!" she stretches. "Enjoy it!"

She also, when nobody was looking, swaps her drink with Alma's.

"Souji is a good man, and you should give him a break. I know all you know is rebelling, but he IS trying to help you all."
Kyra Hyral Yes! The perfect time to strike!

When Helena gets up to hug Seloria, Kyra makes her move. Specifically, she practically launches herself over the table and steals Helena's seat, strategically positioning herself next to Alma and leaving the across-the-table seat open.
Alma Hyral The conversation of the Dark Knight made her uncomfortable, it disturbed her that there was so much darkness still present in the world, even after escaping the darkness. The idea of the forces of Chaos being present in the world terrifies her, as she equates nearly all darkness with Chaos.

When Kyra motions for her to scoot back, she tries to scoot away whenever Helena is distracted by the waitress. And then it turns out to be Seloria! She gives the girl a shy smile, she didn't know her all that well from their time in school. "H-Hi Seloria." And then to Helena. "I like her hair. Its very pretty."

When Helena mentions asks her whether her lifestyle was only because her parents wanted it or not, she honestly didn't know the answer, but she wasn't going to tell her that. There was a sense of uncertainty in her voice, but she still affirmed that this is what she wants, "Because this is what I want, Helena. My parents have little to do with it."

Then Kyra mentions whether she wants to get involved with Souji, and Alma actually gave her a resolute look in reply, and while her voice was soft, it was decidedly less timid. "It's what Tira would have wanted. For us to support him." At the same time, Helena switches her drink, and she reaches to grab it, taking a sip.

And then Kyra launches herself, taking Helena's seat, and she'd breathe out a sigh of relief.
Seloria Delacreaux "Not really." Seloria says, cheerfully. "I just want the tip at the end." Plus she knows that if she's serving them, she can try to save Alma's rear end a little bit better than she could from the back. She happily(!) enough returns the hug, even clinging on a bit as Kyra launches herself over the table.

"I see you're playing seat switching! So much fun."
Helena Celba Helena, kicks her leg out, kicking the seat back and out of the way of Kyra's way. She grins, waiting to see if she falls over herself! "Hey now, I know you get Jealous, Kyra...but no need to throw yourself at me!" she teases, with a grin. and picks up the non-alchohalic drink. She takes a drink and places it back down and looks back at Alma, "You don't sound too sure there.." She says, BUT nods at her other statement, "I can get behind that.." She knew the girl, she was after all addopted by the Murasame family, and was LIKE a sister to Souji. She isn't blind, she knows the changes that happened...but she can't say anything about it.

Those who are really perceptive can possibly see her frown and look away.

Then she nods towards Seloria, "A tip you say..." She grins, "Alright."
Kyra Hyral "Is it really." Kyra doesn't look convinced and is, in fact, a little peeved when her dead sister is invoked.

0He should have protected her. "Like he's supported us?" she says dryly.

She tried to get that seat. Instead, Kyra crashes to the floor almost on her face. She lets out a huff of anger before climbing up to her feet. "I am not jealous!" she blurts out angrily. "I-" -am trying to keep you away from my sister! Is what she wants to say. In practice, though, it's much harder. But at least in practice, so far, she has yet to touch her drink.
Alma Hyral She'd just stare at Kyra as both her and Helena question her. Pushing up her glasses with a single finger at the center of the frame. She replies stubbornly. "Yes, really. It's what I want. You've made it perfectly clear in the past that what you want, is not what I want." She wasn't quite certain she believed that herself, Kyra and Tira had been her heroes after all. When one rebelled and the other died, it was akin to having her heart carved out of her. Before Tira had died, she'd been on the cusp of relenting herself, to perhaps emulate her older sister, but afterwards she'd thrown herself entirely into her family's traditions.

Alma didn't have the expectation that Souji should have protected her, she had a simple belief in the goodness of others. Souji as he was now, she only could see it as a result of Tira's death, she didn't blame him for it. If he'd been there, she was certain that he'd have done all in his power to stop the creature. "That's not fair. He's a good person, Kyra. He just.." She didn't seem to be able to finish her statement, picking up her drink again to take yet another long sip. She wasn't certain what was in the drink, but it was /good/, and allowed her to take her mind off the grim subject for a time.

And then after Kyra had tripped and fell over, she'd had risen to try and help her up, but Kyra preempted that. At Kyra's outburst, she stayed quiet, just regarding her with a sense of helplessness.
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria stares at the floor, even as she goes to push the chairs back in, having to keep up the act. Then, with a straight poker face: "How about I come back when you're ready to order, hmm?"
Helena Celba Helena SUDDENLY glomps Kyra, "Oh it's so CUTE when you're so indigant." She says, knowing that her EVIL plan is working on the younger Hyral.

"I know what I want!" She says, "I'll take the special, a extra order of hush puppies, and a salad." She says, with a grin.

Still holding Kyra by the way, "And he is a good man." Helena says, "You need to learn how to stop being so bitter." She says, and looks at Alma, " you want to be in a frumpy dress and be socially ackward? You DON'T have to be, you know that?" she says, with a grin.

"And you blaming him for this is not fair to him." She says, sternly, "It only adds to him more, taking your blame and your hate. That's not fair, because he already works so hard for everyone."
Kyra Hyral "I've made it clear that what I want is not what my -family- wants." Kyra clarifies carefully, looking her sister in the eye, "What I want is not what Cosma Naturalis wants." There's a faint hint of triumph in her voice since, well, Cosma was clearly no longer a thing with their world dead. That is unless Alma took it upon herself to keep the tradition alive.

Cripes, she could very well do that, couldn't she? Given enough sway. If she ever broke out of her shy, bullied shell...

Kyra gives her sister a look as she stands. A sort of 'get away while you can!' look. It's clearly too late for her though as Helena latches on. "Gah! -the sea bass please-hey, let me go-" She squirms, but to no avail as Helena holds on.

She seems to clam up about the subject of Souji and Tira though. Judging by the expression on her face, she clearly does not appreciate being lectured to, especially by Helena.
Alma Hyral Alma would give Seloria a timid smile. This was beyond embarassing, and this was her first date ever. It wasn't even with a boy she liked, but a girl that tried to tease, prod, and torment her. "I'll have the clam chowder soup and the lobster salad with the vinegarette dressing."

Even despite the fact that it wasn't a real date, she still was fretting about in her mind whether she'd ordered the right thing. Had she?

And Kyra was right, she made it pretty clear that it was rebellion against her family, not her. Even so, the distinction was sometimes lost on her. She'd still frown, deciding to offer a compromise. "Even if you're going to turn your back on Cosma Naturalis, do you really have to turn your back on Cosma herself, Kyra? I.. I believe in the doctrine of our faith, but it wouldn't hurt so much if you didn't reject her entirely. Sometimes it feels like you're just.. that the rejection of /her/is purely, to spite us."

To spite me. She took a long sip of her drink after that.

As Kyra gave her that look, she'd sidle her chair away from the table, eyes wide as Helena keeps Kyra in a death grip. "H-Helena please. Let her go. Look, let's just.. drop the subject of Souji, please."

She knew that Kyra was still hurting over Tira's death, and despite everything she wanted to say to her, she really hated to /hurt/ her sister by prolonging the conversation.

And then Helena brings up the subject of her dress, and her demeanor, and she can do little but blush and look down at her hands and feet. It was all so tempting, to be given the oppurtunity to fill in the holes in her life, and yet.. "I k-know that Helena. Still, its what I've chosen."
Seloria Delacreaux "One special, an extra order of hush puppies, and a salad. The sea bass meal for Miss Kyra, and the clam chowder soup and lobster salad for Miss Alma." Seloria bobs a quick curtsey, then scampers away. Flee!
Helena Celba Helena sits back down in the chair...WITH her prize.

"Aww...but she's so soft." She says, with a grin. Not immediately letting go of her prey.

However, she lets her go, the subject was a bit depressing, and she shoos Kyra back to her side of the table and proceeds to lean back towards Alma.

"Did you?" She says, "Or are you trying to live in someone's shadow?" she asks, "You're not exactly the pinnacle of social graces...or preaching to the crowds..." She continues, "Refusing to live the life that is out there doesn't do anyone anygood...especially yourself." she says with a small frown.

"I'm not askin' ya to turn into Nik, though that'd be /amazing/, but..."
Kyra Hyral She didn't want to turn her back on her little sister. But right now, hearing things like this-being preached to about her decision to turn away from Cosma, made her reconsider. Kyra grits her teeth a little, not looking at Alma. "Does it hurt to see me like this? What if I was happier this way? Would you be able to accept it?" She wouldn't refute the spite thing though.


Likewise, she didn't want to think about Tira's death any longer than she needed to. Souji had become an unfortunate victim, caught in the crossfire. (Nor does she stop to think that Alma's words at this point might be under the influence of things OTHER than her love for Cosma).

Practically dragged into Helena's lap, Kyra squirms uncomfortably until she lets her go. At that point, she's all too happy to walk around the table and reclaim her seat-but seconds later she's bristling to see Helena leaning into Alma again. "Alma will never be /Nik/, don't be ridiculous."

Finally, she takes a sip of her drink. Kyra's no stranger to alcohol at this point (no thanks to Helena, in fact) and as she sips her drink, she watches Helena for signs of intoxication. Strange, there's nothing yet, except she's sure Helena's been drinking.
Alma Hyral She was starting to feel tingly, lightheaded, flushed. She was tipsy, but not drunk, and she'd never experienced the feeling before. The subject of the conversation didn't help, with her emotions running haywire. Was this really what she wanted? Why did everyone have to pick and pick at the choices she made? Could she really be anything other than what she is right now, even if she wanted to change? She didn't know. She took another sip from the drink.

When her sister tried to refute her point, she'd bite her lip. The words sprang forth without much of a filter between her mind and her mouth. "T-then I'd still l-love you, even if I didn't like your c-choices. You're my sister, how could I do a-anything but that? I'd p-probably love you even if you were a..." She couldn't say it, but it was on the tip of her tongue. /Chaos Cultist/.

Either way, Helena hit a sore spot even if she meant well, and she was already looking a bit tearful in her less than inhibited state; as she removed her glasses to rub her eyes with a cloth table napkin, sniffling. "I a-am what I am. I made the choice to f-follow the precepts of my f-faith. If you think my c-choices make my life a w-waste, then its my life to waste, not /yours/ to d-dictate how I ought to l-l-live."

And then she'd rise all of a sudden, putting the cowl of her robe up to hide her face, still sniffling, as she tried to flee to the restroom, with her head bowed. "E-Excuse me.."

Only for her to unceremoniously trip over Kyra's former chair, and topple over onto the floor with a yelp. Then sobbing, she'd quickly rise again, and continue her flight.
Helena Celba Helene is a selfish monster, but under the RIGHT circumstances she isn't such a horrible bitch.

Being related to a certain Hyral is one of these conditions...while it is ususally midigated by the being a Cosma cultist...

Henela suddenly reaches out to catch Alma as she falls, and with sudden quick reflexes and probably being way stronger than her, brings her right to her chest in a tight hug. "Hey. Hey. Stop." she says, with a sudden soft tone. "You can't go running off crying on your fist date." she tries to sooth her. "Come on sit down...have a drink with us, calm down. You know your sister loves you right? And for all the crap I give you I'm not trying to be ABSOLUTELY horrible at you..."

"Just a little." she grins seepishly. "You're still the kid sister of a woman I liked, and a woman I /do/ like...
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria watches Alma break down and gets Helena'd. She sighs and murmurs something softly into her Ma Belle, then murmurs something else, waiting for their food to come out. Per rules, it will only come out when the waitress won't be interrupting.
Kyra Hyral At this point, Kyra doesn't press. She doesn't stop to fill in Alma's words even though she knows what they would be. Alma was accept her even if she worshipped Chaos.

Her studdering, Kyra thinks, seems to have become worse than usual. Then Helena really sets her off and she gives the girl a dirty look. Alma runs off.

Kyra quickly rises, sensing a moment that she did not want Helena taking advantage of. "Alma...Alma wait." She pursues her sister, reaching out to intercept her before she runs off to, say, lock herself in a bathroom.
Alma Hyral Alma is caught even before she hits the ground by Helena, being brought in for a hug. At first she really freaks out, trying to pull away frantically even if the gesture was meant to be calming and to save her from an embarassing fall. But then gradually, she does calm down, her body being wracked by choked down sobs, which becomes a sort of pathetic sniffling eventually.

Its uncertain what does it, whether it be Helena's words, or something over the radio by a mysterious benefactor.

She relaxes in her arms, almost limply. She gives her a plaintive look. "I k-know, I-I know. S-s-sorry. I'm so sorry H-Helena, K-Kyra. I'm just a m-mess, an embarassment."
Helena Celba Helena is surprising soft for the moment, giving her a nice hug.

"This is why I am trying to get you out of your safety net, you're not an embarrasement, you're just not used to..." she shrugs, "Freedom." she tries to best explain it. She sits the young girl down back in her chair, "Come on now, food will be here soon." she says, grabbing a napkin and drying her eyes. "Have another drink." She says, encourgingly, "This is about having fun."
Kyra Hyral DARNIT, this was not the distraction that Kyra was hoping for! Were she a more heartless individual, now would be the perfect time to flee Helena's grasp. But she couldn't leave Alma here, especially like this. She pauses when Helena reaches Alma first and actually lingers by their table.

Reaching over, she picks up the glass of water that Alma was sipping and sniffs at it. To her chemist-trained nose, she senses the distinct difference.

Her eyes narrow, but she puts down the glass before Helena looks back and steps forward to join the pair.

"And consider what you've been through, Alma." Kyra says gently. "It's only natural to be upset." She too reclaims her seat, though she has dragged it a little bit closer to her sister.
Alma Hyral She'd just nod her head wordlessly at Helena, removing her glasses to finish the job of wiping her eyes again after she's sat back down. Trying to calm herself, she takes another sip from the glass, oblivious to the fact that Kyra had looked into its composition.

She was feeling even more.. light, the longer this went on, but at least she wasn't tearful anymore. "N-No, I suppose I'm not u-used to it.. but.. I'm not sure that f-f-freedom is what I want. Not freedom in the same way you mean i-it."

And then Kyra would try to join in on calming her too. She'd give Kyra something of a smile, before her head starts to loll backwards.

Then her head would snap back to attention. And then loll again.

Unlocked Achievement: CHEAP DRUNK
Helena Celba Helena grins a little, oh man...she's only had ONE fruity drink.

She gets more ordered because she is awful.

"Well..." Helena starts, "I think you need to start thinking about this stuff now...I mean.." she looks out, "It's a brave new world." she says, and takes another drink. She grins towards Kyra, "Enjoying your drink?" she asks, with a evil grin.
Kyra Hyral Uh oh.

Due to...experimentation and lack of judgement in the past on her own part, Kyra recognizes what's going on. In fact she should had realized sooner when Alma got so emotional about their words. Well -no wonder- she was getting so upset.

Kyra glares archy at Helena for a moment, "Alma, you might want to slow down a little before you...pass out. I think you've become a little too excited." Beneath the table, Kyra tries to slip a hand inside her own pockets, searching for the 'Plan B.'

"Oh, it's fine." Kyra says simply, "Though I /don't think it's what I ordered/."
Alma Hyral Alma murmurs something along the lines of "Maybe, but if it is, why are you here?" to Helena. That probably sounded a lot meaner than she actually intended.

She takes another long sip from the second glass.

Kyra suggests she slow down, and she stares at her blearily, not understanding still that what she's drinking is /alcoholic/. "S-Slow down with w-what?"
Helena Celba Helena grins at Kyra, and then LEANS on Alma, "Aww...don't be like that...your words are hurtful! Why are you so mean to my affections?" She fake pouts, "And looks towards Kyra, "Aww...ruining the fun..." she giggles, "We got the fruity drinks like I ordered, I just sabataged Selornia's sabataging."
Kyra Hyral "Waitress~" Kyra calls out pleasantly, "I think we need a round of water for everyone." With a sigh, she lowers her voice and she looks to her younger sister. "Yes, it is as she says, I'm afraid you've unwittingly had your first alcoholic drink, thanks to Hele/na/."

Her last syllable is pronounced aggressively as she sees Helena lean upon her little sister.
Alma Hyral She took the news that she'd been tricked into getting drunk in stride. Nodding her head with a sort of vague acquiescence. And then she looked shock all of a sudden at Helena, which turned to horror instantly. She'd yell straight in Helena's face. "How COULD YOU!?"

One moment she was sitting in the seat, yelling at Helena, the next.. they'd see a brief flash of radiant yellow light.

And then she was gone, no longer in her seat, as the two would feel a rush of air.

On the beach below, any onlookers would be treated to the sight of the girl in frumpy robes, kneeling in the surf, puking her guts out, her hair a mess as it spilled forward into the gently lapping waves and sand, a yellow aura still faintly glowing around her person for a few moments before it faded entirely. Luckily there wasn't much in her stomach, as due to the power of plot rules, their food had never arrived. So she'd continue to kneel there on the beach dry heaving and wiping away her mouth with the sleeve of her robe.
Helena Celba Helena was surprised by this turn of events.

"Wait what?" the suddenly gone screaming Alma turned into a gust of wind. She looks around...

"...Man, that was fast even by my standards." She says, though not understanding what had even just happened, she looked oddly towards Kyra, raising a eyebrow.

"Geeze, seriously? It was just a harmless drink. This stuckupness is really starting to drag on this."
Kyra Hyral "Welcome to the rest of my family." Kyra says dryly, frankly quite unsurprised by this turn of events. Now the warp she hadn't expected-the purging? Yes, yes she saw that coming. Kyra stands up in her seat and walks over to the balcony of the patio, peering out until she spots Alma kneeling in the surf.

"She's very devoted." Kyra says softly. "Much like my parents were." She turns away from the balcony to face Helena, folding her arms over her chest. "Now what's it going to take to make sure you don't do this to my little sister again?"

She dies a little on the inside-but she cannot deny the Cosma virtue of self-sacrifice in this case.
Alma Hyral And then she's on her knees in the sand, tearful again, begging for forgiveness in the middle of the beach.

She truly thought it was a grave sin to use her magic like that.
Helena Celba Helena is silent for a time...that magic puts her ill at ease...she frowns...and then looks up at Kyra.

"Sickening. She refuses to live /her/ life." Helena is...offended by this. It's so frustraiting, and they would call her a cultist...tch.

"Hmmm...I can think of a few things..." she says, suddenly sweatly... "They will involve a new dress...or a lack of one maybe~." she says, "Anyway, I'm out. This has gotten seriously unfun. Do whatever you want with her...but I'll come collecting later~"
Kyra Hyral Kyra is also silent for a few moments at Helena's words. The feelings the necromancer was bumping into right now were similar to those she felt years ago as she experienced Alexander Academy after over a decade of being sheltered by her parents. She's almost about to confide this in Helena. Almost.

Fortunately, Helena reminds Kyra that she is Helena and the white mage shudders. "...very well." she says uneasily and waits a few more moments as Helena slinks out.

Kyra, after leaving behind some money, heads down to the beach shortly afterwards to collect her poor sister.
Alma Hyral Kyra would be able to lead Alma away quite easily. She offered no resistance whatsoever, oblivious to what her sister had to promise to have Helena never do this to her again. She was still a bit tearful, believing she'd done something terribly wrong. "I-I'm s-s-so s-sorry t-that I e-e-embarassed you K-Kyra."

When she woke up the next morning, she had the most absurdly sickening hangover possible for not even having had two drinks.
Kyra Hyral Kyra, notably, does not make any mentions of promises to Helena when she comes to help Alma. Gently, she rubs her little sister's shoulder as she leads her away to one of the local inns. "You're forgiven, Alma. Just treat this as a...learning experience."

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