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(2013-04-25 - 2013-05-10)
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Count Valos In Mullonde, the one known as Gidarch Valos strolls through the city, making his rounds, doing what he does best- nourishing himself. The fact of the matter is, where most people eat food, this dark elf simply absorbs nutrients and mineralized matter from the ground upon which he walks, yet.... like most organism, his diet has varied needs, and he can't just assimilate one kind of stone, or rock, to keep him healthy, he must have multiple kinds.

Thus, when Valos peruses the ancient metropolis, he has a specific route that he always takes, due to the fact that he's memorized precisely where the particular kinds of rocks he needs, are located- all he needs to do, really, is to walk atop them, and stand there awhile to siphon some of the substance into his system, on a very small level, to the degree that it'd be hard to notice the impact due to his ingestion. For right now, Gidarch is sitting on a stone wall, with his feet touching the ground; both his feet and posterior make contact with the earthen matter, so through both regions is he able to eat.

Therefore, in light of the fact that Valos has a bad reputation in this town, if someone randomly walked by him and said 'Up yours!', he'd probably say something to the effect of 'Please don't rush me, I'm doing so as fast as I can, good sir!'.
Rosemarie Rosemarie, meanwhile, does not sustain herself on rocks and minerals, which is why as she makes her way through Mullonde, she's eating a loaf of bread. She's been a bit hesitant to come here, considering her first exposure to the Church and the approach Inquistor Senra took to dealing with 'witches' (a term not unfamiliar to Rosemarie). Still, he did not decidedly call her one, even if she was suspect.

Today she's dressed in her traveling clothes: a pair of durable, rugged pants and a "pirate" blouse--both of which are presently concealed partway by a cloak. Nominally, she could always disguise herself by use of magic--but that seemed like a worse idea than being a dark elf in Mullonde. She spots a familiar face atop a wall.

"Oh, hello!" she calls out.
Count Valos Valos hears Rosemarie before he sees her, and before she speaks, for that matter.... his ears are his eyes, and he can just barely hear a person's heartbeat from a few feet away- but a couple meters and he's out of luck. Nevertheless, because Rosemarie doesn't take him by surprise, he isn't alarmed, and prompted to retaliate due to the suspicion of a surprise attack! Undoubtedly, Rosemarie is more interested in attacking the local bakeries, restaurants, and where-ever else consumable food was located, but that didn't stop Gidarch from wondering, which can be attributed to his distrustful attitude towards others, especially those he's only met a few times.

Apparently, Mullonde doesn't hate /all/ dark elves, because Valos has been convicted of a few violations, and yet he still roams the interior without being harassed too heavily by the authorities; it goes without saying, Rosemarie, being utterly innocent of perpetration(that anyone knows about), won't experience too much blatant discrimination, even though there is probably some going on that's far more subtle.

Gidarch peers down at the female elf, and nods, "Salutations, Miss Rosemarie. Although it is a reasonably statement to make, to say that I didn't expect to see you here, I might also convey the notion that there are very specific entities who I would expect to see here, since I know not the affairs of others'. Regardless, I did not expect to see you here....."
Rosemarie "Of course," Rosemarie says pleasantly. "It is kind of an odd place for me, isn't it? I came to check in on a few things since I'm at least vaguely aware of some of the goings-on around here. Inquisitor Senra was kind of enough to instruct me a little in the teachings of Faram."

Rosemarie says this pleasantly enough, as she's not so foolish as to say something inappropriate about the teachings of Glabados in their holy city regardless of how she feels about them.

"I can't say that I expected to see you here, either. Do you have business you're attending to?"
Count Valos Gidarch listens to Rosemarie speculate as to how odd of a place it is for her, and he rubs the side of his temple confused. There are still a few burns on his body from the assault that befell him courtesy of Kuja's rage, but they were minuscule and practically healed, by this time- this becomes more apparent when he raises his arm to poke the side of his head, while thinking, because underneath his armpit, just around the area of the serratus anterior, these marks are visible. Finally, after considering her question, Valos remarks, "I cannot tell you if it's an odd place for you, since I've scant comprehension of your person, depending on what qualifies as 'you', I would venture to say."

There's an unconventional statement, 'what qualifies as her', as though it wasn't obvious who or what she was? But he always sought to be as accurate as possible, so whatever his reasoning was, that little amendment to his otherwise ordinary question must have cause. Despite this, it's probably not that important to ask about, unless Rosemarie is an especially inquisitive being. Refocusing on her next remark, he admits, "Hmm.... I don't believe I have met Inquisitor Senra, but hopefully he will help you in your quest for knowledge." This is true, of course.... because Faruja's rank is of the knightly order, and technically, he isn't an Inquisitor like Ophelia, so Gidarch has no reason to believe Rosemarie /might/ be referring to the Burmecian. However, at least Rosemarie has more tact than Morrighan, who blatantly defies Glabados in Mullonde itself, by randomly making derogatory disparagements about the nature of religion, or corruption of zealots.

Gidarch then nods to Rosemarie, "I do have business that I am attending; but that is nearly an obsolete statement on my part, since I am never /not/engaging in business of some kind. I do not believe in recreation, yet, it could be argued that recreation has relevance to one's survival, in that for people who take delight in frivolous activities, it serves to reduce their levels of stress, thus prolonging their existence. I do believe that business refers to some manner of pursuit that pertains to assisting on one's ability to maintain their time in this life, yes?" Gidarch is satisfied with his answer..... but the question is, does Rosemarie see his words as worthy?
Rosemarie Rosemarie listens carefully because she's still getting accustomed to the Count's manner of speaking. She takes another bite of her bread loaf in the meantime, since she's not using her mouth for speaking for a moment. She is polite enough to not be eating when she gets ready to answer him however.

"I'm not sure of that, though Sir Senra seems well-intentioned enough." She thinks back to the Burmecian and his visit to the shop, wondering how much authority the church actually has outside of its realm. She doesn't vocalize those concerns, at least, not right now and especially not here.

"Ah, so a pleasant walk, then, in the interest of good health. I can certainly understand that."
Count Valos Gidarch shook his head, "A pleasant stop. The walk itself has little relevance in the matters of my health, so much as it allows me to get to my destination, from my origin- were I to possess teleportation powers, I would have used those to position myself here, or at the other junctures wherein I had prerequisites for my continued health."

He nods, thinking this also makes sense.... though, in all likelihood, Rosemarie has no idea what he's talking about; how could sitting on one's fanny result in improving one's health, especially if it was upon a hard, stone wall? He doesn't see a need to elaborate, since the female hasn't asked, but Gidarch isn't one to force information about himself down others' throats, but to be a good sport, he decides to ask her a question, since it's customary to give and take, "Pray tell.... Out of random curiosity, what exactly has enticed you so much about the teachings of Ajoran doctrine that you have come hither to acquire its knowledge? I would say that in the World of Ruin, there's a plethora of advocates striving to encourage endorsement, and yet you chose this institution in particular; did you find Inquisitor Senra to be.... charming?"

He tilts his head, wondering -why- Rosemarie is in Mullonde, instead of the Hollow Bastion- certainly, even if she weren't to enlist as an actual Shadow Lord, someone like Malificent could see seducing Rosemarie into her domain, to transform her into a sevantile minion, such as a paltry Heartless....
Rosemarie Rosemarie listens quietly and nods until Valos asks her about the reason for her visit. She gives an almost dismissive wave coupled with a chuckle to show it's in good humor.

"Oh, no, it's certainly not that. If I was so readily convinced I'd have certainly been swept off my feet by some gentleman caller by now." Rosemarie smiles. "I was curious to see the home of a faith that spreads itself so eagerly to other worlds despite the dire situation of many of them. I was curiously, mostly. There was nothing like this in my world."

"And I did need a bit of exercise for the sake of my figure." Rosemarie adds, quietly.
Count Valos Gidarch seems content to take Rosemarie's word for it, when she suggests that she wasn't 'charmed' into coming to Mullonde- although the taller sylvan might've expected some reason other than that, anyway, it didn't hurt to ask.... besides which, being a person who doesn't quiz others that often, it took a bit of a stretch to even think up a query worth asking; Rosemarie might've even noticed that Valos' facial expression exhibited a sense of uncertainty, or apprehension, when asking, since it is not instinctual at all for him, and necessitates a conscious effort.

Gidarch shrugs a little and says "I suppose then, that you have had plenty of proposals within the span of your life....." since she said that she would've been swept off her feet 'by now', for.... without exposure to courters, there's no way to be courted! One thing piques his interest; the fact that Rose has associated exercise with having a bearing on importance, in regards to maintaining a particular figure. He taps his fingers on the wall, beside himself, taking in the sight of Rosemarie.... who, to his eyes, looks just fine, if not more than fine- being a female drow, there's going to be at least a mild attraction from Valos' end, even if he represses it, "You.... 'need' a bit of exercise for the sake of your figure.... yet, why is it that you need to have the figure that you have; is there somebody you are trying to impress?"

The nobleman leans towards her a little more, as if inspecting more closely, "Unless you are trying to appease a specific person with a palate consisting of women who have an average physique, or around that territory, the only other contingency that I can fathom is that you're trying to conform to the cultural norms of some realm that also deems average-framed women as more acceptable, which would in turn, mean....." He glances upwards for a moment, as if contemplating, then peers back at Rosemarie, "....That you not only allow others to dictate what is acceptable, but you actually aspire to appease them, so as to receive preferential treatment in your society of choice." The grey-skinned elf folds his arms over his chest, "Unless..... you are just making a jest....."
Rosemarie "Oh yes, several," Rosemarie says, drawing out her fan and unfolding it before her face. She fans herself slightly, but mostly uses it as a social gesture. "Though most were in a different time and place."

She chuckles a bit. "Well, it's more than I like my figure now and I fear if it I don't exercise a little bit I might lose it. I have a hearty appetite, Count Valos." A pause. "And it would mean resizing my wardrobe again, which is a highly inconvenient endeavor."

Though in truth, it's probably more for the fresh air. It's not entirely clear even to Rose whether she'd actually put on any weigh, normally, due to certain...enchantments.
Count Valos
Gidarch nods to Rosemarie, and folds his arms over his chest, not at all dubious that someone like Rosemarie has had plenty of suitors- she is good-looking, even if she doesn't have the idealized physique, as what is defined as ideal within many cultures that cherish those who are on the slim side. Not feeling much of a breeze, he raises a brow at the fan being unfolded and its powers applied prompted by its opening.... not that the grey elf was particularly sensitive to coldness or heat, but he couldn't imagine that Rosemarie was actually in need of cooling. Squinting at her attire, which looks on the mildly lavish side, Count Valos furrows his brows as he studies her appearance carefully, ".....It would seem an inconvenient to have need of an abundantly sized wardrobe just to start with, to the thought processes of a highly critical mind." He swishes his hand in the air in a forsaking fashion, "....Though, if you truly /insist/ that your figure has nothing to do with conforming to the standards of those around you, I shall simply have to take your word for it- and mayhap a grain of salt, to boot..."

The Count is merely doing things the mathematical way; she says her figure is only a means to an end, but to what end does the purpose serve in dressing in a manner that isn't utilitarian, such as Valos himself does- certainly, if her wardrobe's importance hinges on an inclination towards pleasing the naked eye, then by default, that which branches off as a consequence must adhere to the same purpose. Then again, he's unaware that she's heavily interested in the fresh air, but that still would've have explained the sophisticated nature of her garments, even if it was yet another keystone to the riddle behind Rosemarie's travels.

He shrugs, "On the other hand.... I've not known too many a person to be forthcoming and earnest about their frailties.... rather, their insecurities; commonplace is the tendency to skirt topics that can be used to rattle one's foundations." The lofty dark man looks upwards, "....And yet, all who do not strive to do naught, inevitably strive to do, or to be.... and in doing thus, do they enable fear to govern their faculties to even the mildest extent, for no entity contained inside of this expanse that believes itself to be separate from the whole can /ever/ escape the aversions which stem from the contingent that their present form may not be acknowledged by itself, at some eventual juncture...."

The stoic drow turns to gaze at Rosemarie, "....Would you not agree with this assessment?"
Rosemarie Rosemarie takes a good, long while to consider her response. She thinks about Gidarch's words and their meaning, as well as their overall place in his assessment. She tilts her slightly, scratching the underside of her chin with her long, claw-like nails in consternation.

"I suppose regardless of what I say I do have some other people's considerations in mind," she chuckles slightly, her face still partly obscured by her fan. "In honesty, I suppose I have certain inbred standards to uphold to be happy with myself--I am, mind you--and having an extensive wardrobe if a matter of taste." Rosemarie smiles. "Something left over my travels and past experiences. I do enjoy having some nice things, perhaps that's part of why I decided to pursue my business."

"And to be fair, I don't believe I've been able to detach myself and observe society as you do, Count. I'm very much embedded in it, for better or worse. It's a necessity, you might say, to operating business--even if my perspective is probably a bit different than most of my clients, if I were to ferret a guess."
Count Valos The Count nods to Rosemarie, and remarks, "I am not saying that I do not have, to some degree, others' considerations in mind, as well- for why else would I be using the common tongue if I were not subject to their rule?" He casts his gaze downward, "....It is a presumption I employ whenever I invest focus into attempting communication, by way of wordplay that is in my mind, bound to resonate as meaningful to others, else I'd've endorsed my own personal brand of gibberish, if I catered exclusively to myself; furthermore I'd've then been of the belief that others would be mandated to decode it, rather than utilize a mutually conceded language, if I felt so egocentrically inclined."

The grey one turns to Rosemarie, "A necessity.... You say.... Yet...." He smirks, "...Lest you be a psychic, you can only gamble as to what will oblige the whimsicalities of others, aesthetically, and thus, necessity is in your own mind, based on statistical probabilities that you've gathered over your lifetime." He points to his own forehead, "Do you not know that you are merely catering to what you /imagine/ others want to perceive when they enter your shop, as opposed to what they actually want to perceive? Everything is guesswork." The misanthropic dark elf shakes his head, "....However, since they do not even know themselves, they do not know truly what they want to see, ergo.... even if you /could/ read their minds, it'd be to no avail, since they've not even trekked through the recesses of said realms, so as enable them to genuinely acknowledge that for which they truly long."

Gidarch almost feels tempted to cackle, but suppresses it, then he retrieves a solid silver axe from his backside, where he usually keeps it, and extends it towards Rosemarie. The thing surely weighed at over two hundred pounds, but he didn't seem to care that he was casually handing it off to her as though it were a sack of fruit, though because Valos almost never misses a beat, one might wonder if he was doing this to test Rosemarie's strength, or whether he was over-estimating it to humiliate her via relative comparison of physical prowess to his own, "If you ever come across a woman by the name of Morrighan Alazne, please give this to her, as compensation for the inconvenience I may have caused her during my lifetime." He nods, "I will soon be no longer part of this world, and I have no need for it; on that note, I insist that you not only keep the down-payment I gave you for that potion some weeks ago, but also the potion itself."

He shrugs his shoulders, "I do not leech off of others, so I will assume that the funds I've given you prior, for which I now expect no reimbursement, will suffice as being far beyond adequate payment for delivery of this weapon to Miss Alazne?...." The axe, being pure in argent, would no doubt fetch a hefty price. Evidently, Count Valos is unconcerned with worldly desires, or.... so it seems?
Rosemarie Rosemarie smiles pleasantly enough. If she's offended or belittled, she hides it well. "Fair enough," she says, "Forgive me for making a presumption." She listens as he continues to explain, elaborating a bit on the matter of mind-reading and trying to make assumptions about the minds of others.

"Oh, of course," she concedes, "it's always a matter of guesswork. Sometimes it's convincing clients that they want something that's mutually beneficial for myself and my client. I try to be honest and fair in my dealings, but there is always a need to sell and to convince my customers that they should use my services. I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out what they want--or think they want--and helping them get that. It's a good mental exercise."

Rosemarie appraises the axe, looking it over carefully. She reaches out to take it and, as is probably expected, nearly drops with the axe as she tries to hold it up. "Oh my," Rosemarie muses, not embarrassed so much as surprised. "It's quite heavy. I'll manage it, though. It's simply a matter of ingenuity." She looks back up at the count when he says the name. "Ah, yes. I recall I've met her once before. If I see her again I will be glad to pass it along to her." She quirks her brow at the further statement. "I...see," she says, considering the gravity of that statement for a moment in silence.

"Oh, most certainly. It is entirely generous and I could not ask for more. I'll have one of my attendants deliver a message to her, if need be, but she'll receive it one way or another."
Count Valos If Gidarch did manage to offend Rosemarie, he's not seemingly worried about it- but since she doesn't show any blatant signs of offense at what he's said, there is even that much less reason for the grey elf to beg any pardon from her. Compliant enough as she is, the taller elf nods as a token of gratitude towards her willingness to assist, and he listens to her words for a few more moments, before preparing to be on his way, "I admire that you aspire to increase your mental ability through exercises of the cranium...."

He watches her nearly lose her grip on the axe, though she's probably still stronger than someone her size normally would be, cluing him to the fact that Rosemarie is hardly a pushover, at least.... in a combative sense, "You may also inform her that my presence here shall likely expire in the near future, thus alleviating her from having to deal with me further, if you would be so kind, since I can only bet on the notion that she still harbors animosity towards me." He says this without any sort of sign that he expects, or even /desires/ any type of sympathy, or affectionate smothering and reassuring, indicating that whatever his reasons are, he believes this course of action to be for the best- but what exactly does he mean by 'expire'? Whatever the case, Valos doesn't elaborate on the topic, and quickly moves on to more relevant matters, "Before I go on to do what I must do.... Do you have any questions for me, that you feel I can help you with? I would feel as though I were being quite on the crass side, if I did not provide you aid, if I may indeed be of service, since you have humored me by indulging my wish to have this armament ferried."

Indifferent about the whole affair, it's probable that he won't feel offended if she chooses not to make any inquiries- but if she does, he'll probably assist all the same, and offer what information he can, if she thinks he knows something from which she could stand to benefit..... Gidarch has nothing but empathy for others who are on a quest for knowledge, as he was.
Rosemarie Rosemarie considers Valos' statements about his presence likely expiring, and the message she should relate to Morrighan. "Mm," Rosemarie muses, "Unfortunate, though what do you mean by 'expire', if I may pry? Age doesn't seem to be an issue for you, certainly, but I could be mistaken."

Rosemarie thinks about questions too. She's certainly not one who is quick to ask a lot of them, but it seems rude to pass up the opportunity if it is being offered. She stays quiet for now, at least, when it comes to questions.
Count Valos Gidarch nods, and raises a finger, "Ah.... that is simple."

He nods, and opens up both hands, as if holding something in them, "I will allow myself to be destroyed." The grey elf elaborates, "I have been, for a good while, preparing an incantation of considerable magnitude which will be akin to my technique that allows me to conjure a miniature Black Hole...." Then Valos lowers his hands, "I believe that this vortex that I intend to open will consume, and annihilate my spirit, leaving behind an empty husk..... thus, there will be no chance for rebirth, resurrection, or any other means of revival, for the body requires a spirit to operate. I will not end up in the underworld, or anywhere else.... I will be consigned to oblivion."

He nods, "I will be inviting several people to witness it, so they can benefit from my example, and see that fearlessness is indeed attainable, and that the natural addiction to existence is resolvable. Do you wish to attend this ceremony?" He doesn't say whether age is an issue or not, but unbeknownst to her.... her suspicions are nothing but true- his longevity would, if uninterrupted, yield eons more for his existence.
Rosemarie Rosemarie considers this for several good moments, contemplating the signficance of it. At first, she seems a bit surprised-it's not often talks about such things, much less talks about them casually. She ponders this for a while, thinking about the significance of it, then comments.

"Very interesting," she says. "I suppose you've considered this for quite some time. It's ironic, I believe, that so many people desire long or eternal life and then those who have it look for an end to it. Though I suppose in your case it's more of a philosophical statement--I'm not terribly familiar with concepts like 'nirvana' but I've heard of them."

It's not entirely clear whether the idea makes Rosemarie uncomfortable. Perhaps that's part of why she has the fan there, instead of just as a habitual gesture. "I suppose I could attend, though as you've probably guessed, I do keep quite busy--not to offend."
Count Valos Valos turns to Rosemarie, whose heartbeat, at the range that she's at, can quite easily be felt by Valos, who in turn senses her rhythms change slightly- what does this mean? He's not altogether certain, but it /seems/ as though she's a little more nervous than usual; it could also just be that she has something on her mind she's thinking about intensely, that has nothing to do with Valos' statements. He shakes his head, "Attend if you wish. Do not attend if you do not wish."

He shrugs, and remarks, "No.... most people do not desire eternal life. They desire eternal life, if that state of being has a sufficient quality to it." He bobs his head side to side, "If you were to say.... fathom the idea of being strapped to a table for the rest of eternity, and you were to be electrocuted by cattle-prods every waking moment of that eternity, do you want to bet me a single coin of munny against the idea that you'd eventually retract your claim that you'd wished for eternal life, without any extra conditional statements..... or for that matter, that someone in that particular position I described which I'd theoretically assigned to you, would change their viewpoint?" He raises a brow, testing to see if Rosemarie is willing to entertain this query of his.

Valos seriously doubts Rosemarie will assert that she'd be in favor of such a state of survival, but just to be /certain/ he administers the question all the same, because.... as a logician, it is irrational to disqualify certain possibilities as factually untrue until they've been investigated. That is the scientific method at work.
Rosemarie "We'll see," Rosemarie says, "if you provide me with a time and place I will decide when the time comes." She fans herself, lightly, and listens as Valos corrects her. She handles it remarkably better than Morrighan likely does, or at least, puts on a better pretense. "Of course not," Rosemarie says, "The fear of one's mortality makes one wish for such a thing without considering that an endless lifetime is still a lifetime, with both good and bad. I'm almost certain I've lived considerably fewer years than you have, and even then it's grown tiresome at points."

"Which is why I must keep myself occupied. I think I will attend your ritual. It is not as if I cannot make time and that I don't have several dependable workers to handle the store in my absence."
Count Valos Gidarch nods, as Rosemarie accepts his 'lecture' as having validity, even if the erudite has time and again corrected her- but inwardly, he finds it quite admirable that she can shelve her ego enough to tolerate his criticisms, something that very few people are apt towards.... thus, he emits a very subtle grin, displaying his approval for the she-elf.

Valos pushes off the stone wall, and gazes over at Rosemarie, confirming that he intends to take some responsibility for his offer, "I will provide you with the necessary information. You may come or go as you please, and even upon arriving at the ceremony, you may depart prematurely if you wish, or stay to excess.... I will merely give you information that'll allow you to acknowledge what is happening, where, and when.... so that you are availed the liberty to attend, if you choose." The gigas of a drow rotates his body slightly to face hers, asking again, "You may have already observed this, Miss Rosemarie, but I am a perfectionist. Ergo.... I have determined that nothing is perfect, thus.... to be perfect, one must be nothing."

He leans in ever so slightly, as if peering at her intently, trying to get a better 'view' of her, like she were being evaluated closely, "....I just wish to ask you one question.... Miss Rosemarie.... if you would be so kind as to.... indulge me...." He draws back to a regular, relaxed stance, and folds his arms over his chest, almost smugly, but not quite, "Do you believe that I have you accurately pegged, to a fair degree?"
Rosemarie "I believe so," "Rosemarie says, "I have many layers, but I think you've done a pretty good analysis." She puts the fan away, grinning a bit toothily. "You've got a knack for it, I would say, though maybe it's simply plenty of experience working in your favor."
Count Valos The Count's lips twitch in a temporal grin which lasts but a moment, as he tries to maintain poise, despite the flattery that would normally unbalance the undisciplined, and he takes a step back, "Then.... if you believe my perceptions have merit, I think it is possible you may benefit from witnessing my demise."

He raises a finger, punctuating his next statement, "If.... I were younger, more instinctual, and more compelled to submit to my natural impulses, I wager that I would be one of your suitors, Miss Rosemarie. Your intellect and ability to abstain from succumbing to anger when patronized attests to how transparently powerful your willpower is, and your government over your own mind.... which is the most formidable adversary that anyone could ever face." The grey one turns his body to the side, facing towards another part of the city, apparently readying to take his leave, "I feel compelled to go, shortly...... Do you have any further questions that I can help you with, before I exit this location? You are free to accompany me, if you wish, of course, to my next destination- but whatever the case, I cannot remain in this location for too much longer."

His body is pointed away from her, but Gidarch's eyes are still on the woman, showing her some courtesy as he awaits her answer, rather than disregarding her entirely, which he's been known to do in the past.
Rosemarie "Hm," Rosemarie considers, "I do have one question, if you'll humor me. Do you keep a memoir of any sort? It might be worth having as a catalogue of how you came to the conclusions you have about the world and existence in general." Rosemarie considers this for a moment. "I find it appropriate that one leave some sort of record, but then again--"

Rosemarie shrugs slightly. "That might be directly against your desire with this ritual in the first place."
Count Valos Gidarch continues to stare quietly at Rosemarie as she asks her question, and he remarks, "I have some inscriptions of my ideologies documented..... how I came to realize them is less emphasized in my accountings, but.... that is detailed to a small degree, as well."

He finally faces away from her, and takes one step forward, before he stops, ".....Seeing that you're the only one who has been brave enough to truly want to come to comprehend my way of thinking, to the effect of wanting to read my writings, I would be willing to bequeath them to you before my passing. I warn though..... there is an ancient saying, that those who increaseth in wisdom, increaseth in sorrow." He faces her just once more, "....when you come to acknowledge what I have acknowledged, you will assimilate no other conclusion than the one I have reached, and you will very likely follow my footsteps...."

The grey drow nods, "You will not be able to tolerate a substandard existence, once you realize that nonexistence is superior- but it will require courage to know that you will have to face the ultimate fear, to try to seize the power I seek....." He grins; this time, a real one, not a phony, half-hearted, inhibited one, "The unknown."
Rosemarie osemarie manages a pleasant smile. "Of course," she says, "but if I read it immediately or do not--someone needs to preserve that knowledge, yes? I've always been a keeper of such things, Count, and pride myself in knowing--even if it comes at a cost."

Rosemarie seems amused that Valos genuinely smiles. "Of course, that will depend on what I learn, but you have been very right thus far. I wish you the best, even if that best is, as you speculate, nothing."

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