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(2013-04-25 - Now)
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Maira On her way out of Cloud Nine, Maira moves like a zombie toward the hotel, where a few more people are recovering from the attack. The attack by Angantyr. the attack by Garland. Or was she just too stupid? Too stupid to let go?

Maira reaches into the pouch she wears, pulling out a hi-ether. She uncorks it and brings the bottle to her lips, drinking it down. It restores her energy somewhat, but she is not exactly working with the best health at the moment. She has drained herself, rested or drank a potion, then drained herself again. There were only so many times she could do this, but she had to keep going. There were not a lot of people who had access to curative magic it seemed.

The young woman has dark circles beneath her eyes, her hair is disheveled, ashes smeared on her cheeks, arms and legs, and she reeks of smoke. There are others who are hurting though, and they needed her. Then she could sleep maybe. Somewhere that wouldn't burn.

Maira trudges into the building, hoping to see Faruja, Katyna, and Ulharisk to check on how they are doing and give them another boost toward recovery.
Katyna Katyna had been resting at the hotel for several days after the attacks. She had been badly injured by Ang during the battle, perhaps moreso than the others. Afterall, he always did have a particular hatred towards Kat for some reason, and while Kat once understood that anger, she could no longer comprehend it. Was he simply attacking blindly?

Still, she did remember the promise she had made to him, to never linger on that path towards the light..To never betray, or hurt her friends again. Honestly, she did not care to help him in the least, although she was starting to realize that their situations, although different, were similar in many ways too.

Afterall, they had both been corrupted and manipulated by the darkness..

She is in the main lobby, enjoying a warm cream of mushroom soup and hot tea as she tries to take it easy for a few days. Her body is heavily bandaged and bruised and she's trying not to move around too much. Although there were no broken bones, there were a lot of cuts on her body.
Emperor Mateus Matthew the street performer had spent the day evaluating the damage to District Three and VALKYRI HQ in particular. The assembled force of DPS had kept him from getting too close, but what he managed to see was more than enough for him. With a look of concern bordering on worry, he quickly made his way through District Two in order to find where the group was staying, only to catch sight of Maira staggering towards the main hotel.

"Maira?" His question of uncertain recognition is clearly not heard, as the poor girl disappears into the hotel without a second glimpse.

Matthew picks up his pace and jogs inside to try and catch her before she disappears again. "Maira, wait!"
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra as well is covered in bandages. Par for the course, but the rat is sporting several more now, mostly in the chest area. The Templar is sipping on a cup of tea, laying back on a small cot as he actually takes things easy for once. A broken Templar is useless, orders given to him after the gruelling fight in Traverse.

"...Maira." Mutters the rat. What does one say to a woman who's been so thoroughly betrayed? Words don't come. They couldn't heal the poor woman's newly made scarrs. All he can do is sit up as the woman enters, noting the ashes and disheveled look.

"You should sleep." Maira looked /terrible/.
Maira Maira is through the door when she hears her name called, turning to look over her shoulder to see who it was. Oh! Matthew, the street performer who looked like the Goblin King! She'd enjoyed his company last they met, so he was a welcome sight today. She is relieved to know he wasn't harmed by any heartless when Garland came. "Matthew...?" she asks, turning to face him. "I was just coming to check on some of my friends...well, you might as well come and meet them if you want," she says, her exhaustion evident in her voice as well.

Maira turns and looks to Katyna and Faruja, the ghost of a smile on her lips. "Hey, you are you feeling?" she asks, but before she can even get it out Faruja is telling her to sleep. Maira takes a deep breath through her nose and lets it out slow. She must look really terrible if people this injured keep insisting it is she that needs to rest. "Not here, Faruja..." she say, reaching up to brush some of the ash from her cheek. She catches sight of herself in a mirror and almost gasps. Oh, she /is/ a fright, isn't she? "I look worse than I feel, honest I do," she says.

"Um...Faruja, Katyna, this is Matthew. Matthew, my friends," she introduces, heading toward Katyna first. She begins to inspect her, chewing her lower lip. Katyna has been hurt very badly. Angantyr was still taking out his anger on her. "It isn't much, but..." she says, then conjures a small green flame to hand, pressing it into Katyna's back gently. The flame of magic is absorbed and the healing energies go to work.
Katyna Katyna closes her eyes briefly, enjoying the company for Faruja, although they haven't really said much before Maira joined them. Faru looks like he's taken quite a beating from Angantyr as well, and Kat feels bad that she knew no healing magic to aid him better. However, it felt good to fight alongside him as his ally, rather than his enemy..At least for now..

When Maira comes in, she glances over at her and smiles brightly, "Maira!" very slowly, very awkwardly, Kat climbs out of her seat and moves quickly towards the other fiery girl, wrapping her arms around her in a warm hug. She had wanted to comfort her after the battle, but at the time had been too wounded to even maintain conscioussness for long.

Now however, she can still see the pain in her eyes and in her voice, and she just wants to be there for her. "Thanks!" She beams when she heals her, feeling the pain subside a little. "Umm, how're you doing..?"

Glancing over at Faruja, Kat makes a face. "You look like y'need more rest to me, Faru. Take it easy, hey?" She grins and winks, before glancing back at Maira's latest friend. "Hi, nice to meet you, Matthew! What brings you here?" She quips friendly enough, although she still seems pretty tired. Moreso than she usually is at least..
Emperor Mateus Matthew catches sight of Faruja and Katyna a moment after Maira recognizes him, and gives them all a sweeping bow in greeting. "Greetings to you all. I am Matthew, a wandering street performer and aquaintance of Maira. Forgive my intrusion, but I heard about what had happened in District Three and became worried. Seeing Maira in her current state gave all the more reason for my presence."

He surveys their injuries, a frown wrinkling his brow. "I fear I cannot use healing magic, but I do happen to have potions if that would be of any help."
Faruja Senra Faruja favors Maira with a light frown, far too used to the healer mindset to not put her own health before his own. However, the rat eventually nods and sighs. "Please, do not overtax thyself. 'Tis been far too much as it stands..." Oh, Faram how he just wants to take the woman into his arms and hug the pain away, as much as he knows it wouldn't work.

Already the rat, however, moves to grab a handkerchief. Wetting it, he'll walk over to Maira, offering it over to help with the ashes.

"It shall take far more than a single Here..." The Templar cuts himself off, glancing to Maira. "I am fine, Katyna." Stubborn rat is stubborn!

Matthew's bow is returned, though the rat notably winces from the action. He's quick to sit down. "Well met. A performer, hmm? This town could use a touch of cheer, Ser."
Maira Maira returns Katyna's embrace weakly, but she manages a small smile. The question though, she can't really answer. She can't bring herself to answer it. She can't say she's fine, and she can't say she's terrible. Neither would come up without tears and she's so tired of crying.

When Faruja offers her a handkerchief (such a knight!) she takes it it to her face, giving a good scrub to remove the ashes and salty remains of shed tears. This would do at least, until she could have a bath. Such things are not really even on her radar right now. "Thanks Faruja," she says, then looks toward Matthew again. "I'm glad you didn't get caught up in was--it was really--b-bad," she says, beginning to choke on her words as she starts to think about it again. Maira takes a deep breath, wringing the kerchief between her hands.
Katyna Katyna winces a bit as she moved too fast and probably pulled out a stitch or too. "Aaahhh!!" She cries as she flops down tiredly on the soft, squishy chair again and chuckles. "Hah, I probably shouldn't move so much! It still huuurts!" Kat makes a face at that, trying to lighten the situation. Still..She cant bear to see Maira like that.

"Anything we can do? Faru's right, we've been through a lot and you should..Rest.." She lowers her eyes a little. "I....I wont forget the promise I made him.."

Thankfully, there is a newcomer to distract them. She glances curiously towards Matthew, beaming when he mentions being a street performer. "Ooh? Performer huh? So like, what kinds of stuff do you perform? Are you a dancer, or a gymnast or a magician? Ooh, I used to do some street performing way back when..It was fun! Can you give us a demo? That'd be really cool!"
Emperor Mateus Matthew smiles warmly and motions for Maira to sit down with the others. "Of course I could, and it would be my honor if it would lift spirits laid low. I can do a little magic, a little juggling," he claps his hands then spreads them out before him, vials of potions conjuring in front of him before floating to each of them in turn. "And a little slight of hand as well."

He covers his mouth with one hand and exhales, something glimmering as his hand slowly moves away, then a deft flick of his wrist reveals a crystal orb resting on his fingertips. He weaves the orb over his hand as it twists in a figure-eight motion (the Labyrinth maneuver, if you will) for a few moments, then it spins around his arm despite seeming to defy gravity to do so. Those magically inclined would note that there is no magic being used there.

It eventually comes to rest on the center of his forearm, which has swung in front of his chest. He lifts his other hand, tiny bolts of electricity dancing from fingertip to fingertip, then he touches the orb. It lights up brilliantly like a lightbulb, then he lowers his arms and spins the glowing orb on his fingertip as one would spin a basketball (albeit the size of a baseball).

He then resumes the Labyrinth maneuver, this time with the opposite hand, as the glow slowly fades and the orb becomes transparent once more.
Faruja Senra "It would have been far worse had the civilians been about..." Mutters Faruja thoughtfully. He needs to have a little chat with Avira.

Faruja is one exhausted rat after the fight. Watching that orb spin about, and little bits of electricity's hypnotic, almost, and soothing. Laying out on the bed, soon enough, there's the sound of tiny squeaking snores coming from the Templar.
Maira Standing on the edge as she was, Katyna's words about her promise completely undo her.

Maira sits, but she's not near a chair, simply sitting down on the floor. "...Not a monster, not a monster, not a monster...." she chants, shaking her head as she hugs herself, trying to breathe--just breathe. If she can do that it will all be okay...just breathe...

Maira looks toward Katyna, her eyes filling with tears. "...have to find him."

Matthew draws her attention, the juggling of the orb and the magic he summons seeming to hypnotize her, her eyes following the ball. "He's the goblin king," she informs Katyna quietly, without looking away. Behind her, Faruja has fallen back to sleep. Sleep must be nice. She wonders if he has nightmares too...
Katyna Faruja seems to have fallen a sleep and Kat shrugs, looking back to Matthew's magic trick. "Oooh, wow, that's awesome! I'm such a clutz at juggling! Is he really a goblin king?" She laughs and claps, but it seems Maira is still having a hard time. She frowns, glancing over at her. "Are you...Really gonna go look for him?"

Kat wants to support her, but she's not sure she'd go that far..
Emperor Mateus Matthew smiles as Faruja is eased into sleep quite easily, turning his full focus to Maira and Katyna. Concern darkens his expression momentarily upon seeing Maira's distress, and he walks a little closer without pausing the weaving motion of his hand.

"No, no, no," he chuckles lightly. "I am no goblin king." Another orb appears in his free hand out of nowhere and the orbs race along his arms, crossing over his shoulders behind the back of his neck, then stop on each shoulder like a proverbial devil and angel.

He sighs gently, then clasps his hands together so that fingertips touch the underside of the opposite wrist. "Please. Put aside your troubles, your worries." He slides his hands apart in an instant, as if releasing something hiding within, and a group of butterflies take flight and scatter like flower petals, all of different pastel colors. "Rest. Heal your bodies and your hearts. Let tomorrow come on its own time, and simply--"

He shrugs his shoulders, sending the orbs back into motion down his arms, and spins them in his hands. "--Enjoy the moment."
Maira Maira looks back to Katyna, nodding. Yes, yes she really is going to go looking for him. She doesn't expect anyone else will go with her, or that anyone will approve. She's going to find him. She needs to know.

Maira reaches up as a tear spills down her cheek, quickly wiping it away. She hears Matthew's pleas to put her troubles aside and looks back to him, wishing she could. That sounded very nice. Her eyes are so very heavy.

She gasps softly as butterflies are released into the air, her golden hued eyes following them as they flutter around the room. The something could be so beautiful now was absurd.

"...I can't fall asleep. If I fall asleep...I'll burn..."
Katyna Katyna laughs a bit at the term 'goblin king', although she's starting to feel dizzy from all the drugs and pain meds, as she falls back down into her seat, tiredly. "Ehh.Doesn't look like a goblin t'me, those are good tricks though!" She sighs, staring up at the butterflies, reaching up a hand to try and touch them as her eyes start to feel heavy.

Kat did notice Maira's assent however, even in her sleepy state and she frowns. "Maira, that's too dangerous..He nearly killed us all the last time..Dont do it! It's not worth it...."
Emperor Mateus Matthew closes his eyes and brings his hands together, combining the two orbs into one with no sign of damage. "Let go. Do not fear the dark, nor the unknown. Tomorrow is a new day, new hope. You shall deaden your heart, kill yourself, if you continue this path."

His voice softens to a near lullaby, "~You can't choose what stays and what fades away.~"
Maira Maira can't stay awake. She's expended too much energy and there are no potions that are going to keep her awake now.

Maira flops over on her side, drifting into sleep.

It isn't long however before she begins to dream, her muscles twitching, her eyes darting about beneath her lids. She wimpers, mumbles...then burst into flame.
Emperor Mateus Matthew allows himself a moment to dispel the butterflies and the orbs, what with none left to entertain now that everyone has fallen fast asleep. He disappears into the bathroom for a moment, running the bathtub for a few moments for some reason. He's gone for about the same amount of time it takes for Maira to start dreaming, and even he is momentarily startled when she bursts into flame.

Fortunately, since he had actually believed Maira's last spoken words, he found a bucket and it's now full of water. Hence the trip to the bathroom.

Quickly, and really having no other alternative without disturbing the others, he moves to Maira's side as the bucket bobs next to him. He flicks a hand at the bucket, which promply upends itself and dumps the lukewarm water over Maira's sleeping form.
Maira Generally throwing water over someone is a sure fire (hah) way to wake them up. This is true for Maira to a point. She wakes up, but she's still obviously disoriented and distressed.

Absolutely miserable, Maira gets up and wanders to the bathroom, where she has every intention of sleeping in the tub.
Emperor Mateus Matthew rubs his chin, a chagrined and concerned expression on his face, and decides to clean up the mess he'd made while Maira staggers to the bathroom to sleep. There has to be a better way...

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