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(2013-04-25 - 2013-05-05)
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Cornelia a place that is of light, merriment, and really love their swords. This place does have a history thought as all cities have. Such as it is said that warriors of light once came here. That great darkness moved over its once stone walls.

Many tales. Many stories. None of these though are what have brought the Dark Knight here. Instead with a passing over of an airship was the first thing the people see. The next thing they suddenly see as the Airship starts to leave is suddenly a massive cloud of dark smoke that swirls around before sudden a figure walks out from the dark smoke which seems to pull itself into the very dark armor.

Dark mist moves down each of the pieces of armor. Red eyes glow brightly from the pitch blackness of the eye slits in the dark, horned helm. The black cape barely moves with each step with the inner lining being that of blood red. With each step darkness falls upon the ground. Darkness that swims out in dark tendrils, until the foot moves up and the darkness seems to pool back into the very ground once more.

His hand gracefully moves out to his side as people start to step back, some even running. With his hand extended the very darkness that flows around him suddenly stretches out into the air creating the very blade he uses. Creating the curved blade steel of the weapon known as the Soul Blade.

People start to run indoors and the Dark Knight continues toward the fountain before he suddenly sweeps his blade and slashes it across the horizon as it glows brightly. Several slashes of dark energy scream across the sky, slamming into building across the way. Causing the very stone structures to crumble down. People were now running and screaming.

He turns around and then slams his sword into a rune on the ground as several crystal swords streak down from the sky slamming down into the the different roads to block the people inside. Only one way in and only one way out. He then points his sword to the people whom are trapped. "Scream louder," He says with a cold, calm voice. No emotion in his words, only the methodical nature that comes with it. "Let the heroes of light come and save you. Scream and let your cries be heard. For if they come.. I will spare your lives."

So he lets the people scream and cry. He lets even a few beg to him. Yet his crimson eyes do not pay attention to the people, he only looks down the one road that is open and he waits patiently.
Serah Farron A city that likes his swords? She must have taken the wrong turn somewhere. Still hunting down for a bow, the pink haired girl is still getting lost navigating this new world. Not 'lost' lost, as in cannot read a map. More like 'lost' as in she doesn't really know where she should be going either. She's been shown different directions whens he stops, the girl is cute after all, people are ready to help out. But information is easily skewed over time and distance, and ends up being misdirection instead.

So the girl was sitting on the fountain side, with a hot bread half-peeled out of its wrapping. She needs to eat after all. Wouldn't want to be any thinner than she is.

When the dark skies appear, followed by the dark knight, she figures that a shade just been cast over her day, pun entirely too intended. At least she didn't say it outloud. She tosses her bread aside, a very lucky three-pointed into the nearby thrascan that she didn't really aim that carefully for honestly, as she stands up, rolling her eyes a bit "Heroes of Light? What is that guy talking about...?" She wonders outloud, but that talk about sparing lives doesn't really please her. why are all the bad guys so generic anyway? "What's up with you? Why are you threatning and entire village for a handful of people you didn't even put the effort to learn their NAMES first? Or will any random hobo stumbling to you saying 'I'm a hero of light' will do in your state?" She even mimics the shambling hobo, adding a slur to it. Yeah, she's kinda mocking him too.
Kyra Hyral Is this a TEST? Kyra is GREAT at tests!! She is especially great at tests in the arts of science and mathematics!

Now given what Kyra Hyral has heard about Traverse Town as of late, she's pretty glad that she and whoever else (sister included) is holed up in Cornelia. This place at least seemed safe. Dark forces didn't typically roll up to its door and make a mess of not in the time that Kyra had been here. Turns out Kyra was wrong.

She's actually indoors when the airship flies overhead, brewing a storm in its wake. If she hadn't known better, she would have assumed that it was Souji's airship, which brought stormclouds with him wherever he went. As the moments pass, she starts to get the distinct feeling that something was very wrong. This is confirmed when she hears screaming from outside and people suddenly shove their way into the door to the inn she is currenly sitting in the "lobby" of.

The corner of the building suddenly explodes inwards, dark energy rending the structure. Kyra's quick to shield the laptop she has out on the table she's sitting at. As she looks up, she sees outside a familiar face (so to speak) making pronouncements against the lives of those in the city.

Resolute, Kyra reaches up and drags down the zipper of her hoodie, revealing twin bandoliers filled with test tubes and two holsters holding two very different guns beneath. One of the guns-clearly not a normal handgun-is withdrawn and a red-hued mixture is attached to a slot in the top.

The white mage picks her way over the rubble and exits through the newly created hole. "Hello again!" she calls out, flicking the safety off the mininature tube launcher she had constructed weeks ago. "Are you looking for round two?" she levels the weapon at the Dark Knight. "Because I'll happily give it to you!"

He doesn't get a chance to respond-Kyra fires on him. When the glass smashes against his dark armor, the mixture contained within quickly explodes.
Will Sherman Will's been looking into things!

Specifically, because he heard that Garland just suddenly came out of the blue once to Cornelia, and assaulted the prince. The Prince was in some sort of sleep thing...and Will hasn't had a chance to look at him and find out why. You know, being a hobo and all didn't get you invites to the Palace. However, he'd been talking with people around the street...and nothing of importance was found. Then again, he hadn't gotten the chance to say much of anything before SOMETHING came down. A dark power comes down, destroying things with a dark figure at the behest of it...

"Is this Garland? Seems to fit the bill.." he says, with a grunt. Will decides that, well, it's time to go all out. He stands out from the ally and starts walking right towards Leon. He has the body of a small sixteen year old child...easily confused for normal street rats...except that he is marching right towards Leon with a purpose.

"HEY YOU!" he shouts pointing right at him, "You've hurt my friends! I'm here to /make you pay/ for that!" he says, his hands crackling. Those that can see and sense magic notice that the magical field around Will /explodes/. The hands channel strange red magic, litterally channel...he was like a walking ball of mana...he didn't just use magic, he was channeling it like it was a force. His eyes sharpen, and he glares right towards Leon, his voice modulating between two different voices. "Time to make you pay for what you've done Garland."
Jack Skellington There's what seems to be a black mage. Clothing drags on him, worn robes and rags holding on so very barely. Unwraveled at bits, unstiched and seemingly dragged across the ground, under a rather large straw hat as well, the very 'being' of this 'person' seems to be shrouded. The darkness that surrounds him is different than the darkness of many.

The thrill of the fright, the dark of the night, the knowledge that at any moment you can be thrust into a world of terror. Yet it is a very different kind of terror before him. Bone chilling, life threatening terror. He no longer understands, how could he?

"My, what /wonderful/ terror!" Two bony hands clasp before him, the 'mage' standing upon one of the spires of the city as if he was a ninja. Skeleton Jack finds something enthralling about the fear the many people show, that the man positively inspires! "How enlightening! It's positively enthralling! Bravo!" He declares, though leon may not hear him.

It seems the dead do not know fear of Leon, despite his history amoung the living.

Yet the small pixie of a boy is unfrightened by that dark knight. "...Very peculiar! I just /must/ see what happens!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason had found her way back to the city where she first woke up in this strange world. It really was a strange place though it was also seemingly the home of four great heroes. If they still lived and were just too old to be of aid to fighting the darkness, or had they passed on she did not know. What she did know was their memory still inspired all the people of this kingdom and even byond. She'd just happened top have been there this day coming to see for more information or even if more strays from her world had appeared hear given the majority had it was wise to check this place out from time to time after all.

It was all going so nuce untill a Dark Knight appears and calls out a challenge her reply is simpled.

"Diablos spawn...if you wish that then I'll be happy to give you what's the term for the pirates here? The black spot."

She's already drawing both her magitech pistols as she closes with them.
The young pink haired girl attempts to taunt the Dark Knight. She tries to give him sass. The best she gets his eyes gazing over to her with steel calmness. It would seem her words were not even rising any emotional response from him beyond him looking directly into her own eyes with his glowing red ones.

His voice deep and reverbing within the helm. It almost gives it a inhuman sound to it really. "If the Rambling Hobo happens to have a heart bright enough. I may take key interest in them." He says with an easy tone in his voice. "..such as your own heart." His eyes stare at her for a long moment. "..and by your actions it would seem you are indeed one of those I seek."

Then he hears a voice from up high. His red eyes gaze in that direction, but his gaze moves away. It would seem Jack is not registered in his eyes for now as a threat or someone of interest. Yet the words, though hard to make out, were a curious one.

Though when he hears Will's voice yelling 'Garland's' name. He turns to look who calls him such a name. How strange he be compared to the one known as Garland which he knew from reputation and had the honor of seeing only recently at work. So the ideal of being compared to such a man or even confused for him was a perhaps for one who had emotion-- a compliment-- though for the Dark Knight, it was something to file down for further examination later. "Then come. Show me your strength of your vengeance for your friends. Let me see how much they mean to you."

There was a another fact about this man before him that was /highly/ curious. His heart. His Heart was-- different. He almost wanted to reach in and pull it out. See if not his eyes play tricks on him. Was such a thing possible?

Yet it was all distraction enough for Kyra to show up and unload her weapons toward him. Yes. He remembered this one. He marked her down as Light 1. She was one of the first ones he had faced when his mission started. He also was able to give those of alchemy something to research over from the vial he took from her.

The vials explode on impact and send the Dark Knight off his feet. He flipped in the air, before landing on the ground. His cape bellowing out from the wind that remained for a bit as his boots skid across the stone ground and his claws scrapped across the metal ground.
The darkness around him wisped outward before it suddenly swirled around him as he stood up. He moved his blade out , before lifting it to the air. As he did so the crystal swords blocking the way suddenly shattered into sparks of dark blue flames allow the civilians to flee freely. Yes. He kept his word.

"I am glad to see one of you has come to challenge me again. Perhaps this time I can gain your name, Light 1." He addresses directly to Kyra as he readies himself now for battle. His eyes drifting over to Myla before he tilts his head. "..interesting choice of words.."

The darkness continues to swirl around him, repairing the sudden surprise attack done by Kyra. It would seem the Dark Knight was waiting now for all of them to come. Not just one. He stood in ready, his red eyes gazing at each one of them. "Come, children of Light."
Serah Farron Serah Farron didn't really think that taunting would work anyway, if bad guys could be turned around with a few words, the world would be a much better place, wouldn't it? Or for a song maybe. Prisons would be alot more empty.

But that's not happening here. She shakes her head "What would you know about hearts, you don't seem to have one of your own, to waltz in and break stuff like a kid throwing a tantrum over a toy." She huffs at that.

She turns over when the other people appearing just throw the attacks in. Well, it seems like they will need to resort to force to toss this guy out of town, so let's get on it. "Let's just make this clear..." She pulls her hand back, making it glow with magical energy. She doesn't have a weapon yet, but she can still use magic. She's still getting used to it though, so she's not entirely sure of the effects, but its worth trying out anyway! She's not along at least, and many strengths form a larger one together. She throws a salvo of shimmering energy orbs at Leon, finishing her sentence "I'm not a child!"
Kyra Hyral Already, Kyra is reloading. "The name is Kyra Hyral." she is all too happy to offer. "Commit it to memory." Her big black boots jingle as she steps over the rubble, ignoring the screaming, fleeing people around her. A part of her is actually glad for the panic since it meant she could flex her experimental healing techniques a little later. Once this man has been -taken care of-.

"So I'm curious. What is your purpose? Why do you seek to test the light so much? I admit, I like a good rousing -experiment- as much as the next scientist, but your methods leave something to be desired."

The vial she withdraws this time contains a faintly green glowing substance within. Casually, she loads this into her gun, then flicks what looks like a barrel built into the side. Along the length of the gun, a syringe suddenly slots into place. Very casually, Kyra pushes up the sleeve to her left arm...

...and turns the gun upon herself, injecting that strange substance into her. It's difficult to tell what, exactly, its prupose was, but it doesn't seem to sicken Kyra at least.
Will Sherman Will's eyes stare at the man before him...

"You bet your <GOOSEHONK> I will!" he says, his hands drawing up into a fighting stance. The eyes...they look through the armor, at the man inside. The twisted fate, the recurving on itself...broken strings and spiral dark strands...he is only a hair from a heartless...this means his fate manipulation might actually be effective after all...they tended to not like that!

Will then just runs right at Leon, head first, and aims to punch forward. His hands move, litterally grabbing at the strings that surround Leon. They are visible for a brief moment, before he TEARS at them, aiming to weaken them. Bad things are more prone to happening...luck turning against the dark knight, should Will be able to deliver the pain!

Will ducks aiming to strike at the man's knee's first, aiming to try and soften him up a bitm, before rolling behind him. Again, Will works the weaker parts of the human body first, before going for the gold.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Leon and pushes her goggles up a littl there is a bit of a gold glow from her eyes hinting at the use of black magic in the young woman's life. Though it could curious why does look like yout typical black mage. Either way she's got her guns up and she seems to be priming something on the under side of each barrels as she opens fire there's a flasha nd something might happen she's never quite sure this magitech dvice isn't the the most reliable thing in the world. Either way she's opening fire.

"Hr's here to fight or slaughter. He's clearly lost himself we don't have time for talking! I'm right with you" She calls back to Will and she fires the moment he's clear.
Soan Sagittarius Admist all the chaos, it may be easy to overlook the sound of a man falling. Normaly, when a person falls from high places, they scream, usually in terror at the ground coming up close. Dragoons, on this, are very different. Seeing the ground accelerate faster and faster, bigger and bigger, is instead a sign that their mark comes increasingly close, shouting battle cries in their wakes.

DRAGOON MAN is no different.


DRAGOON MAN's voice booms through the air just as he drops, spear first, into the general direction of the Dark Knight, seeking to slam him into the ground, while launching himself further upward, landing comfortably with one leg on... a small flag displaying the direction to the nearest inn. "You show yourself again, Dark Knight!? What are you intentions in attempting all this!?"
Jack Skellington It's no surprise he sticks around, sitting on one of the sharper points of architecture, watching the many crash down upon the few! The odd darkened mage watches even as many come from the sky to the ground to face him, from above and below! It's quite the sight that such fear is responded to with such courageousness!

"How peculiar, to have fright responded to like this! Terror to bring such fearlessness out!"
"Perhaps you are correct and maybe that is why I will take yours when this battle is over." The Dark Knight states with a methodical sound to his voice. Still no true emotional response from him over, just cold eyes staring into Serrah's own. No more words are spoke as she starts to cast her spell. Instead he suddenly moves from where he stands in a 'blink' of dark smoke right nearly on top of Serrah. Her magic sailing out for him, his blades seeking out her very magical energy to rip it apart as the tip of his sword takes on a corporeal form.

Yet the magical impact was enough to destabilize his ability to make a clean strike, seeming to strike to far out from her, as he steps around her. His eyes turn to look upon Kyra. "Kyra Hyral. Tis a pleasure to know your name. Yet have you learned how to control your magic?" He asks with a quizzical curious sound in his voice. He almost sounds as if he is a professor taking down notes for a future study himself.

The the man named Will rushes in. It was hard to not sense him coming. Such a strange feeling that comes from him. Such a strange, strange strong heart. As will attempts to reach for the very threads of fate. The Dark Knight's red eyes peer right into the man before he asks with a curious tone to his voice. "/Who/ are you?" Then he breaks away with a blink before Will can tamper with the threads of fate.

Then as Will attempts to strike in. Not only does the darkness act as a block, but the Dark Knight uses his free hand to move the blows away. Those red eyes continuing to look into him. "/What/ are you?" Then he attempts to bring the sword around. Trying to slash Will with the suddenly ghostly sword. Yet the man was quicker and the Dark Knight was unable to make contact with his blade.

Sadly Jack goes missing in all this. Perhaps a good thing for the man from the world of Halloween. Yet for a moment the Dark Knight seems to look where Jack once was. Curious.

Then as Myla speaks of taking him out quickly, because he is lost. His red eyes peer over in her direction. There was no reply to her, instead as soon as she fired her magical bullets slammed into the darkness. It stirred around in dark mist, before pulling itself back together, yet with a blink of dark mist he bright the ghostly blade to slash through her before seeming to blink to another location. Just in time to see Dragoon Man's lance coming down for him.

As the lance comes, he quickly pulls from the pool of darkness starting to gather at his very feet. He moves his hand and the darkness follows his motions acting like a barrier which the lance strikes. Yet it does not let go of the lance. Instead the very darkness itself seem to slam the lance into the ground next time. Attentional it seems the Dark Knight places it there. "Dragoon Man. I see your light still burns bright as ever. Excellent."

The Dark Knight then sweeps out his hand and suddenly the pool of darkness grows and rapidly the tendrils of darkness slam outward, ripping out to catch those who are not quick enough and suddenly, in attempt to pull them directly to him. He then seems to move with 'speed', though instead it is the same blinking art as before. His sword becomes a ghostly blade as he attempts to seek out to slash and stab into the very essence of each of them. For their magical and physical ties. Attempting to weaken them. Attempting to cripple their abilities to fight.

"Fight harder." Is all the Dark Knight seems to advise to them all.
Will Sherman Will dances around the tendrils of darkness, seemingly one step ahead...he ducks and moves before the tendrils and darkness lash...sometimes he even FALLS seemingly at inoppertune moments, but the fall avoids painful damage. Will flips back to his feet, back in that fighting stance as he stares down Leon. "Dark Knight? Wait this /ISN'T/ Garland? Damn." he says, "Well, still, you suck!" Will says, switching stances..

"Dragoon man?!" he says, and grins, "Well, now just became unfair for evil! Oh well! They don't fight fare, so why should /we/!" Will moves in viciously again, striking at those strings, aiming to tear them away as his fists move to punch into the chest of the dark he's good at guarding his weaker areas, lets see if he's bold enough to challenge his punches right across where his armor is thickest! Will rolls back, quickly, making with only a few light punches and trying to stay out of the way of that sword.

"Will Sherman, King of the more no less. There isn't any reason to say more...but I /fight/ the darkness. I defend people who can't fight...and I /really/ hate jerks who think they can push people around! /THAT/ is all you deserve to know!"
Kyra Hyral DRAGOON MAN shows up. Kyra squeals with delight and whips out her Ma Belle with her free hand, promptly taking a picture as he poses balanced on a flag.

Crippling Kyra's physical abilities to fight doesn't really do much, it turns out, and the Dark Knight will definitely get that feeling. Magical abilities...well, there seems to be something actively countering his efforts to lower it-specifically in the form of the substance she just injected herself with. Even then, she seems a bit adverse to the feeling. "Control my magic?" she asks, her face flushing bright read, "W...what do you mean? Of course I'm in control of my magic-"

Though she doesn't really enjoy how his dark magic seems to be picking away at hers. Discarding the now empty vial on gun, she grabs a different pair out of her bandoliers. These seem to contain liquid with a black squiggly shape in them. One is loaded, then stuck up against her skin.

The second is loaded and shot over at Myla. When the glass breaks, the creature within is released-some kind of leech!

The leech latches onto Myla and more or less sucks out the dark magic corruption the Dark Knight spread. Yes, this actually hurts a little. The same thing happens to Kyra, though she doesn't seem to mind the pain her own genetically engineered creation inflicts upon herself.
Serah Farron Serah Farron managed to knock the counter out of the way with her magic, but the next attack took her by surprise. She had the reflex of jumping up to avoid it, but it still caught up to her, sending a wave of darkness over her body.

Time seems to slow down, although it doesn't really last for more than a second in reality. The dark knight's ability to see into hearts might catch the glimpse of hers. Its a bright heart, the kind that is prone to attracting the same heartless, probably why she's being chased around so much by them. Inside the heart? Dreams. Not the ones that you want to become a police officer when you grow up, but rather something more person. A world where she'd be back with her sister, and her fiancee, and her friends, everyone together and happy. It could be a wish, but its stronger than that, considering her situation, and this world.

As time seems to take its course, she's slammed back down by the invading darkness, oofing as she rolls forward as she hits the grass, and springs back to her knees as she finishes her slide "That's no way to treat a girl!" She doesn't know who this Garland is that the hobo is talking about, but she just hopes she doesn't get two of those at the same time. She could feel the pressure it put on her heart. Not unlike when she nearly had it ripped out of her entirely by the heartless.

She extends both of her hands toward Leon, sending another salvo of her magic to try to mellow him before for the others to strike in "You should learn better manners, dark knight or not."
Soan Sagittarius Last time, the battle with this Dark Knight went well. They've been harmed, there was damage, but he still seemed like he was testing them, just poking and proding at their defenses. This seems to confirm his suspicions on the matter as he tries the /precisely same gambit again/. Originality is either not his forte, or he just subscribes to stick to what works.

"And I could still smell your Taint from miles away, Dark Knight." The Dragoon Knight replies, leaping up in the air to counteract against the pull of the darkness to bring him to the ground, swapping to another ground. still, the coat weakens him, gritting his teeth beyond his immobile mask. "Will Sherman! Kyra Hyral! Myla Mason! Stand strong together against this foe! He stands no chance!" His spear is lowered at Leon, bellowing further. "Are you merly testing us, Dark Knight!? What do you seek!?"

He takes a deep breath in, then unleash out a cloud of flames, ice and lightning, stuck into one terrible gestalt of elements down at Leon
Myla Mason Myla Mason isn't sure who this guy is other than he's a Dark Knight who seems to be well just out for nothing but carnage. Then Daragoon Man arrives in this dark hour. Even though their world has fallen one of it's greatest champions still lives and so there's hope. It's amazing what a little spark of it can sdo and she presses the attack oepning fire on Leon as Kyra remove much of the tait that had been inflictd upon Myla. Some of the shots catch fire others explode and might knock the Dark Knight into the air where Myla will try to shoot him and knock him back down.
Will is quick. This is noted by the Dark Knight. How he moves. How seems to be aware of things before they seem to happen. Perhaps this was the effect of what he sees within the man. Such a curious man this one named Will Sherman.

This time the strings are snatched which is enough to nearly freeze the Dark Knight in place. It was enough for Will to strike his fist for the armor, which finds itself having to fight into the very dark mists that protect the armor. Yet it was enough to knock the Dark Knight back. Enough to free himself from the strands being held.

He can't see the dreams within a heart, but he does note how bright it is. Her actions were also speaking proudly for her. She was not a direct attacker, but a passionate magic caster. So many of those here right now. So many passionate hearts.

Her magic impacts into him as he stares at her, almost ignoring Will for a moment. Those red eyes locked onto her. The very magic attempting to seep in past the darkness. The very poison of it trying to eat in, battle with the dark mist that provides his armor protection. That makes him such a troubling foe. Then suddenly as he twirls his blade he takes one more step forward. Then he blinks nearly directly in front of her. The tip of his blade with a ghostly clear, trying to disease her very being within. Before he steps around her after the strike his eyes peering at Dragoon Man now.

"I test for the same reasons we last met, Dragoon Man. To see how strong the light is." Then the Dark Knight actually charges for once. No blinking, just a flat out charge. The elemental attacks swarm over his armor, swarm over the darkness that protects him. It near peels away the darkness by its power, but the Dark Knight suddenly blinks by with his speed caught in the rapid teleportion to move around and slash the ghostly tip of the blade at the dragoon on passing.

The Darkness then attempts to regain itself, the dark mist slowly curling and seeking to rebind with itself on the exposed plates of armor. His red eyes drifting as the next attack comes in from Myla. The bullets ring the air and slam into the Dark Knight, kicking him into the air, but he splays out his free hand toward her. The very darkness around him gathers up and strikes out like a whip. Moving to grip a hold of her and then pull himself right back down to earth once more.

He spins around so close to her, yet he seems to just blink away. "Let us see your resolve." he says softly as his red eyes glow brightly as suddenly the area starts to become cast in foggy darkness. The very darkness so thick that you maybe only see as far as your hand can reach, at least for those who allow themselves to become susceptible to it. To those who can see beyond it, it will seem not as thick and only just annoying mist over the ground.

Soon crimson red rune seems to appear on the ground, the very darkness attracted to it, it would seem. Before the figure of the Dark Knight at last appears. The bright glowing blue blade held in his hand. His boots slam into the ground and his blade into the very rune. Soon the crimson rune with all its darkness slams into the sky paining the heavens high above crimson blood red.

Then from the sky falls crimson crystal swords. Each of them seeking for those here who face the Dark Knight. Each of them seeking to seal them within on impact like corporeal blades that become solid. Then with the raise of his sword each of the crimson blades suddenly spark with dark purple electricity that fire from each blade into the glowing blue soul blade attempting to strength the darkness that had been lost to the coarse of the battle. To refuel the Dark Knight's own strength once more.

Once it is done the Dark Knight swings his blade which whips the hazy darkness away and the crimson red swords shatter into sparks of red, shimmering light. While the Dark Knight takes a stance once more for battle.

For those the blades missed they should be thankful and perhaps may get a chance to catch the Dark Knight off guard; or they can hope.
Serah Farron Serah Farron acks at the swords that rain for the sky. Not really good at dodging in this state, she tries to move away, but several of the blades find catch, planting themselves through her muscle and skin, making a loud cry escape her lips in reaction. Such intense, dark pain! She's not a fighter, she's barely learned to use magic recently, and she's not tough like her sister is. She doesn't give up easily, but she's not shielded against his kind of abuse. She sprawls in the grass, her eyes looking at the blade sticking out of her arm in front of her, almost in disbelief. And the crimson flow of blood that seeps out of it. She doesn't dare looking at her other limbs, where similar pain is emanating from right now. Not the best of feelings.

Laying like that in the ground, she could easily just let the darkness take her over. But some part of her keeps urging her own, fighting it back. Looks like she can't pass out that easily. Maybe she's not that weak after all. But she'll argue that with her own body later.

Laying on her stomach, she reaches up with her other arm, holding her wrist, as she lifts her arm up just a bit, enough to aim it toward the dark man... and sending more magical energies out of her hands, this time sending thunder fromt he crimson skies above to strike the metal armor of the man. An armor might protect against swords and clubs, but not against electricity. At least, she hopes.
Will Sherman Will moves to try and roll under the Dark Knight...but something happens, something unexpected. Images flood his mind, for a moment the resonance of a heart flows into him. A woman with raven colored hair and a bright smile. Around them, green lush fields surround them, as she reaches out, "Come with me brother, come and see this.." she calls out. Will experiences this from the position of the brother.

Will takes the blast of swords to the chest. He bleeds, he might be something different, but he bleeds like everything else. He looks painfully up at the dark knight...and he growls. He breaks the swords touching him, shattering the weapons..

The image in his head distracted him, at the critical moment...he shakes his head, and blinks...pain courses through him, but he doesn't shout. What.../was/ that...


Something isn't right here...

His eyes narrow, hands coming up as he dives RIGHT for him again, this time, aiming to try and punch RIGHT through his defenses, trying to break them down, so that he can rain something devistating soon. "You won't win!"
Kyra Hyral It is the nature of Kyra to observe and learn-she was a budding scientist after all. And as a scientist worth her salt, she remembered. She remembered the pain she felt the last time those swords descended from the sky and trapped her in that magic. Yes, she recovered, but avoiding the stressor in the first place was highly preferable to the alternative.

Kyra is patient. She waits until the last second before leaping out of the way, letting the magic smash down upon the ground in the spot she once stood in. Why, her preparation even allows her to keep ahold of her specially engineered vial launching gun! "Hah! As expected." That gun is holstered for the moment.

Dragoon Man was here. So she had to impress him-not only him, but this Dark Knight that dared insinuate that her magic was out of control. She doesn't want to admit that he's right, especially as she comes to this realization halfway through her spell, as her hands are raised skyward.

As she calls down bolts of holy lightning upon the Dark Knight. They are devistating and will also hit anyone else unfortunate enough to be close-but their power is no doubt undeniable. The ground shatters and leaves craters behind each strike of the unyielding light from the heavens.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just keeping up the shots for a moment longer and thatproved to be a mistake as Leon again unloads the darkness upon everyone. She's caught in it it's effect and she's almost seemingly downed. Still? Drowning for one of her people isn't a comon way for them to die she pushes on through and opens fire sending several shots from her pistols along with closing in before she'll holster one and pull out a strange knife from her boot and lunge at the dark knight!
Soan Sagittarius These crimson crystal swords, Dragoon Man remembers them well. They took quite a while to heal, even with his accelerated regeneration from the last time. However, he is ready to face them. His only regret is that he couldn't help the others that has got hit by them -- they are strong, however. They will be fine.

"I see." Dragoon Man intones back, spinning his spear into a windmill and deflecting away the crystal blades headed his way, ending with a leap from the blasts of darkness coating the ground, plowing straight into the crimson, shimmering light, his armor merly chipped in the process.

"So you test us, our resolve, like a moth attracted to light. Why, Dark Knight? Are you merly gathering data for your fell masters?" Dragoon Man lets out, going for a direct slam against the Dark Knight, whenever he hits anything or not does not change the fact that he leaps back up high, breathing down another pillar of flames.
Serah goes to cast her Thunder magic. Oh yes. It was powerful, however the Dark Knight's 'creator' did not only pull the darkness forth from the heart by also placed a seal around the armor to give it the extra protection before his own darkness must step in to take its place.

This very thunder magic slams into the magical seal of darkness. Crackling against as the Dark Knight peers right at Serah. Those red eyes almost narrowing at her. "Hm." Is all he seems to emit out from his voice. The Lightning continues to play around the darkness, stripping it away yes, but never getting in deep enough.

However it was enough of a distraction that Will get his turn.

The punch connects and it connects hard. His focus, all his focus to command the darkness was to protect form him from the thunder spell. So Will's fist nearly knocks the Dark Knight back. Then if another punch is swung, it nearly knocks him right off his feet.

The Dark Knight has to quickly correct himself and blink away in order to try and pull the darkness back around that remained to now protect the slight cracked armor. The Dark Knight cants his head at Will as he speaks calmly. "Impressive, Mister Sherman."

Then as Kyra starts to summon magic, this catches the Dark Knights attention. The sheer holy magic starting to be summoned. This could get bad quickly now for the Dark Knight; yet he did tell them to fight harder. He was hoping for it.

This left him open for Myla to move in. Her shots unstable him, but they do get his attention. Her knife goes to slash and cuts away the darkness. New darkness creeps out from behind the armor. He narrows his eyes at her in annoyance as he goes to blink back. His red eyes cast a glance over to Kyra. They sky was starting to burn bright. It would be soon now.

Then Dragoon Man goes to rush past him. The Dark Knight raises his arms and allows Dragoon Man to leap right off his gauntlet arm into the air as he tries to spin around for the darkness to attempt to claim him. To pull him back down to the ground once more. Yet the pillar of flames head down and the very darkness collide, wrapping around one another before they explode in the air. The sheer wind pressure causing the Dark Knight's cape to move in the wind as his red eyes stare up at Dragoon Man. "The answer still remains the same."

Yet the next part he will have to respond to after he deals with the holy lightning getting ready to come down. He quickly tries to gather the darkness around him, in him and he tries to blast it skyward, nearly stripping himself. The Darkness, does not like the Light. The Light shreds the Darkness, yet from Great Light Darkness can be reborn from its shadows. It was a gambling bet.

A Gambling Bet that perhaps protected him, only in part.

The bright lightning strikes down. It slams into the darkness, casting it aside like a rock impacting the water. It broke past the defensive barrier and slammed right down onto the Dark Knight under. The sheer Light slammed into him and once the light cleared from the area the dark armored man was knelt down. His armor smoking, seeming to almost sizzle from the sheer powerful force brought from Kyra. His eyes seeming to be missing as he remained still.

Yet from the bright light, casted upon the word even darker shadows and from those shadows the very darkness that slowly started to be summoned back over the dark armor of the Dark Knight. It slowly started to seep out from his armor as he start to slowly rise back up with no sword in hand. It slowly started to build once more as he rose up. Yet his eyes were still not to be seen.

His form fully stood up, almost like a puppet with the strings broken, before the darkness wisped around and he spoke very softly. Very methodically with coldness dripping in his words. "It seems. Kyra Hyral. You progressed since the last we fought." His eyes suddenly snap open. They were almost gold in color with orange at the very tips. They were staring directly at her. Directly into her.

The darkness continues to rebuild before his clawed armor fingers stretch out and then clasp tightly in a fist and he slowly starts to walk toward her. "Let me congratulate you."
Serah Farron Serah Farron grunts as she plucks the blade out of her arm. This is painful, but she can't stay pasted on the ground like that forever either. She can still do something, help out the other fighters to take that man down. She slowly stands up, still with a blade sticking out of her leg, but not too serious at least. "What do you want with all of us, what reason do you have just to attack people out of the blue? Just trying to prove your own strength?" That's a ridiculous and dangerous way of living alright. She bring a hand in front of herself, palm wide open, as if using it to aim toward the dark knight.

She brings her first back, reeling it, and then striking the air in front of her, releasing a rain of pure white arrows, zooming straight on the armored menace. Its like the holy counterpart to his crimson blades, striking all around him, as it giving him no escape.
Kyra Hyral If anything, her control has improved over the last time they fought. To this, Kyra actually blames the enhancers she injected herself with near the start of the fight. Better living through chemistry indeed though she could feel that it wouldn't last very much longer. If it ran out...well, she's not sure where she'd be.

Once she feels her control over the magic fade, she lets out a long breath and lowers her head. "Many a time I have encountered Chaos spawn but you, Dark Knight, clearly have the market cornered on darkness." Her eyes narrow as she watches the knight, watching his power smoke and drift off of him and apparently /intensify/. Goodness, did she just make it worse.

"Admittedly, I am quite pleased you have noticed. You are a very observant man, Dark Knight, though I am also, at the same time, a little concerned that you are making data out of all of us." Kyra makes eye contact with him and shudders just slightly.

He starts to walk to her and quite calmly, she takes hold of several vials from her bandoliers, holding them between her fingers of one hand. Standing her ground, she throws the vials...

One to Dragoon Man. One to Myla. One to Will Sherman. "Drink these!" she calls out.
Will Sherman Will narrows his gaze at th Dark Knight.

"I'm not here to impress you, jerk." he says, "I'm here to free you, it looks like!" Will says, his hands burning. He looks, those strings...where were the strings binding his fate. He didn't know the story, but it didn't matter...and then he looks creepy towards one of the girls. Oh no no no.

Will dives infront of Kyra, his hand grabbing the drink she threw towards him and downed it. Will then rushes, aiming to try and shove both hands forward, aiming to break through the man's defenses...

And then he swings a foot, aiming to try and heel drop him down to the ground, and then flips off of him...

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" he shouts, before the foot swings down, firing a beam of FATE right towards the man, before he lands, both hands coming forward...

The FATE BEAMU aims right for the strings that are NOT supposed to be there, aiming to burn away the darkness stands.

And then Will brings a single hand back...and drives it forward, trying to SEAL it away.
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man grits his teeth behind his mask as he lands, witnessing his pillar of flames ineffective. Yeah, that guy is just as good as he was before. This is problematic, he's not sure he could take him by his lonesome. It would be a pretty tough fight, anyway, his darkness is pretty strong. However, the Light is better. The Light shines. The Light /lives/.

The Dragoon lands, spinning his spear and holding it prepared toward Leon, his body language visibly telling that he's not quite sure what to make of that sudden shift of attitude, toward Kyra. To be honest, he's also rather annoed at Leon for another reason. "You know," Dragoon Man comments. "Being vague does not make you mysterious, it makes you annoying."

His glowing eyes darts over to Kyra as she delivers her speech, snatching the potion out of thin air. He knew she wouldn't fall for a trap like that, for all her rebellious streaks, she still have no love for the spawns of Chaos. "Thanks you!" He replies, downing the potion(without removing his face plate. It's CLEARLY a superpower at this point!), flinging the potion upward as he dashes for Leon, his spear bought up at the ready, braced under his arm going for a full charge.

"Let me get one thing clear for you, Chaos Spawn!" Dragoon Man intones as he leaps up in the skies, light condensing aroun his feet, trailing in his wake as he soars above the flagpole. He soars much like a rocket, up, up all the way to a flock of birds with his speed desaccelerating. Gently, he somersault, twisting his position, just enough to touch the feet of one of the seagulls, defying gravity for a few previous seconds, then launches himself downard with frightening speed. The bird, despite being weirded out by this strange armored guy, is not much harmed.


Dragoon Man drops like an humanoid ICBM, whatever he hits making him bounce again, then throwing himself downward into another attack, punctuated by an explosion of light.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is pushed up against the wall she knows how much she can take and how much she can't. She might have fallen back to recover normally but something just pushes her a bit too far and she's going to press the attack. "Thank you I am in your debt and now Diablos spawn. You will drown to the tides of my world! So long as one of my people surive the oceans of our world still exist."

And she calls upon the water in the near by sea summoning it to her it flows about her envliops her for a moment she hovers there in the sphere of watyer before riaing one arm towards Leon.

"Now face the tides!"

She'll attempt to evelop him in the water, try to drown him and also crush him with the force of the pressure she's bringing to bear upon him. Given what he is it's very unlikely to be fully successful but it will not be enjoyable in all likelyhood.
Jack Skellington Yet the battle rages on!

"Was this not about terror? Was this not about fear?" The odd man asks as she peers from beneath the hat, the hat of the King of Pumpkins. He leaps a tad closer, easily he finds it, as he stops on the edge of a cut and broken building. "Why, could it be? Was it never at all? Simply a test? Yes, I know many fear tests, but they do not. The darkness causes them to retreat at a drop of a hat!"

There's a bit of a tune behind it, actually.

"Oh, it's not even the first time! How fine! A reoccurring fright? A reouccuring fight?" He asks of himself, peeking behind Kyra as she hands out such vials. "He's coming close can't you see! Or do you know more than me! About this darkness that he wields! The nightmare that reaps this human field!"

He vanishes afterwards, slipping into the shadows, created by Will as he appears when he dives forwards. He appears not far from Serah, "Or do you not know, just as I! Trying simply not to die!" With a smile, this mage sings, whisking between the warriors and battlefield faster than a mage should be able to manage. Especially not one so very boney.

Atop a building, not far a way, is where the Skeleton seems to stay, momentarily! "Something here I'm not quite getting, though I try I keep forgetting. Like a memory long past. Here in an instant, gone in a flash! What does it mean, what does it mean!"

Down besides both Will Leon, he appears, the opposite side of Kyra. The grinning skeleton, "Even though he's far too strong, you keep fighting because he's wrong? How simple of a fact, the man seems to have a pact! Even if you'll likely die... you're not too frightened to still try?" A ponderous look passes his face. He's even leaning against Leon, for a split second. "Keep it up, you're still on track! I've got a secret here to crack!"

Vanishing in the darkness that is easily swollen off of Leon, the skeleton moves once more about. Just as Soan comes down like a lance of fire and light, the skeleton seems to vanish out of sight.

"Even from under the sea, he doesn't let you all be? Not just fear but a grudge, something so focused you will not budge?" He appears above Myla, atop the wall she is forced to.

"Or is there something more, something you must fight for?"
The holy arrows crash down and pierce through the darkness slamming into the heavy armor. It causes the Dark Knight to stagger from where he walks and yet even as the arrows try to imprison him. Serah learns the trouble with a man who can move long as his line of sight is not blocked around such barriers.

He reaches up as he is stopped and rips the arrows from his armor. His hand sizzling, seeming to burn from the bright light but his golden orange eyes were locked onto Kyra. He does answer Serah however. "I seek the light. I find the light. I test the light. That is my purpose." He rips out another one to free his movement once more, before he steps forward 'blinking' through the barrier that he was at first locked in.

Then Will decides to play hero. He moves to protect his the one he want. He moves in his way. The Dark Knight narrows his eyes at Will. The physical attacks come in. Each blow quickly being blocked away. Each physical strike being met by the dark Knight, including avoiding the kick trying to move himself back into position to get Kyra.

He seems very determined to get her. Yet what he does not expect is the sudden grab for the very threads. Or at least a beam of designed to rip away the very threads. It sheer beam does indeed impact through him. It slams into those very threads. The very threads created by a deep lock on the heart. The deep lock on the memories. It slashes across them causing threads to splinter, fray, so close to breaking. So near to breaking.

Yet they do not give.

It does however cause the Dark Knight to reach for his helm and almost cripple down to his knee. Though with a shake of his head he rises back up on his feet. He blinks around Will, denying the man another chance to attempt such a fate. His eyes gazing at last at him for a moment. "Your time will come soon enough." The Dark Knight warns. Yeah. It seem though Will may not been able to physically damage him. He indeed hit a 'nerve' somewhere in there.

Then Myla unleashes a tidal wave. The very water crashes into him, attempting to drown him. It pins him in the watery surface and the darkness flares out, like whips attempting to latch out to pull himself free, Yet the darkness vanishes into a misty swirl.

It would seem for a moment the Dark Knight may have indeed drowned until suddenly his appears above the raging water in a poof of dark smoke. This however leaves him right into Soan's own attack. The dragoon slams him down into the ground.

The very lance slams him hard including the sheer light which sparks across the ground including with the very metal. The very armor being slammed hard and the light for a moment paralyzing him to the ground. Yet he slowly rolls up. He hears a voice and almost feels a presence about this time. He was /sure/ it was the one from before. Yet once again the sight of this unknown presence continues to allude him.

"I do not battle to prove. Only to see the results. Each time your strengths together have shown to be powerful." He narrows his eyes. "..I have to yet to see if this stands true if you are alone. Perhaps in time." His voice still remaining very calm as his eyes glance over to Kyra once more. He looked ready to move. He looked wanting. Those orange eyes almost becoming gold. There was suddenly a break look away. The gears turning in his mind.

To leave or continue the fight. He would continue it.

His hand stretches out summoning the Soul Blade. "For now though. Let us continue your display of power. Each of yours as a group. Since it seems you all do group up to protect one." He then suddenly swings out the soul blade, while it glows with blazing blue flames. Each sweep sending out a spiral of dark energy wave. Each one meaning to clip and slash into them. Dig deep into them to try and taint them with darkness.
Myla Mason Myla Mason makes note of what Leon is saying and wonders if he finds the light and tests it? What or whom does he serve? She doesn't know and isn't sure if she'll like the answer she's not sure if she'll like the answer at all her friends keep pressing even as it seem sit's not enough. She gets a feelling this is some sort of twisted magical lab prohect when she thinks about it. She's caught in Leon's power she's hurting she's in pain but she's still santing even as the blue flames fade away from her. She's in no condtion to fight at the moment she's too hard up from all the residual tait from Leon's attacks. She's got to purge it and in the end water can clean all things or will it?
Kyra Hyral Why not run, Kyra has to wonder. Perhaps she should run as this Dark Knight was definitely approaching her with unpleasant intentions. However, in close quarters she felt she was a lot more slippery than the Dark Knight realized. Not only that...

All these other people were here. Dragoon Man was here. The Hobo King was here. They wouldn't let anything happen to her, right? "I can give you some more light to test." Kyra says in a low voice, bluffing her way through the fact that her mana was actually quite low at the moment. "Thank you." she adds, murmured at Will's back after he has flung himself in front of her and procedes to...well, Kyra can tell Will is manipulating something, but she has a hard time divining what, precisely, it is.

But beyond Will, she looks at the Dark Knight, this time in rapt fascination as she notes the changing color of his eyes. Slowly they started to look golden-golden like those Heartless creatures that destroyed their world. Not good.

Jack pops in behind her, rhyming away, and Kyra suddenly breaks her gaze to whirl around frantically to look at him, "What! Who are you!?" That taunting spirit, that rhyming-a gasp escapes Kyra, "It's a fae! Look out everyone!"

NOW, Kyra moves-not really to get away from the Dark Knight but moreso to help out Serah over there-with healing.

By 'healing' we mean 'injected hi-potion via syringe'.
Will Sherman Will rolls, back and forth trying to avoid that sword. The darkness flares, but Will knows the technique....


Will, even though he is three hundred years old, can YOUTH ROLL just fine.

He leaps up, the blade narrowly missing him as he dives behind Leon.


"...Uh. Heeeeeey come on man, no dancing in the boss fight zone! That's distracting." he complains to Jack, "You should at least throw candy at us next time. I could go for a jaw breaker."

Then back to Leon "You can't kill me..." he says, with a grin, and then a frown, "You don't seem to get my existance...I've been doing this longer than you think. It isn't just luck that saves me, but knowing how to use it." he says, and then dives in, once more trying to CATCH that armor, trying to break through the defenses...and then he aims to trip, aiming to drive his hands into the falling Knight's kidneys...

"GO DOWN!" he shouts, aiming to swing a fist into the fallen Dark Knight...and a beam firing from the end of his fist.
Serah Farron She's not a good dodger, not in her state at least. With the earlier blades that pierced through her, further reducing her mobility, she can only try to move out of the way, but it doesn't work well. The swings slice through her, sending more darkness into her, searing pain that goes over the threshold point, and make her pass out.

But as she's laying there in the grass where she fell, something seems to tug her back up. She opens an eye. Needles...


NEEDLES! ACK! She jumps up sitting up as the potions he injected straight into her still made its effect, closing up some of her wounds. She rubs where she got prickled. She's not a fan of needles. "T-thanks.." as she gets back up. She doesn't know her, but she can appreciate being saved at least. She looks back to the dark knight "He's also wounded though..." She can tell that he's also fighting with the last of his energies at this point, despite looking this confident. She throws another salvo of enfeebles, as she lacks the strength to do much more in her state.
Soan Sagittarius Things are getting a little nuts. Dragoon Man watches carefully Leon as he creeps closer, lowering his spear after he recovers from his onslaught. That damn Dark Knight is way more hard than he has any rights to be! He listens to him, his glowing eyes narrowing dangerously. "You're not doing this only for yourself, are you?" He mutters, dangerously, his eyes widening again at the incoming attack. With a spin of his spear, he tries to deflect most of it, but he still get hit rather dead on bit it. More of his armo chips off by it.

He lets out a real snarl, much similar to a dragon's would utter when Serah goes down under the onslaught of darkness, swinging his arm to clear himself from the smoke. "Who do you work for, Chaos Spawn!? ANSWER ME!"

The Dragoon leaps after Leon, swinging his spear up high then dropping down on him with another thrust of his weapon.
Jack Skellington A fae? No way! Of course not, Jack would respond, but the woman leaves immediately to help save the day. "I wonder what a 'fae' might be, but I certainly don't think I'm whatever it is." Jack speaks to himself, before glancing to Will. "You could go for a jaw-breaker? I'll be sure to provide a few next time!" Of course, he doesn't quite know the difference between them.

He might get 'rock' candy.

To let Will and the others focus, and to ponder as well, the Pumpkin King returns to a perch far up high! "And they're even falling, they know they're barely hanging on. Hmmmm.."
The Dark Knight's own darkness was starting to regrow once more. Those gold eyes, slowly starting to return to orange, yet they were not red. Not yet. A struggle within perhaps. A struggle that the light wielders, or perhaps, something that even Will had done.

He watches each of them, shaking his head gently. Impressive they were. Yet they failed to understand just what this was truly about.

Will decides to add his own remark as he moved in to strike. The Dark Knight raised up his hand. His fist slamming into a barrier of the regrowing darkness. Those orange eyes looking into Will's. Then moves with the trip over, before rolling out of the way before the beam fist could strike down, allowing it to slam into the ground while the Dark Knight stays kneel moving his sword in as a jab motion into the man who is far older then he seems. The blade glowing bright blue, almost corporeal. Yet somehow, the blade itself doesn't actually seem to make the jab, but rather the darkness extended from it.

"I have no desire to kill. That is not why I am here." He then removes the blade and goes to stand up, moving away from Will. "You all assume my reasons." He says with a calm voice. Not seeming to display just how badly harmed his body is within. How bruised and battered it really is. "Yet. Kyra is correct. I test. I collect data. You are all samples to be tested. To see whom is the strong and whom is the weak."

Then the one he did knock down seems to have been helped up by Kyra. Serah's light magic slams into him, knocking him back as she tries to open up the reforming darkness. This leaves him open to Dragoon Man who declares to know answers. Yet the Dark Knight does not answer. He only swings out his blade with the dark energy. However the dragoon was quicker and the spear slams into his armor, it actually breaks right through. The lance going through and nearly impacting the armored man to the ground. Those orange eyes trying to slip back to gold but being fought back.

Blood though. Blood comes the wound that Dragoon Man gives him. Blood of a human. Once the spear is removed though the darkness seems to quickly cover over the wound, seeming to absorb the very blood. The Dark Knight though does not get up. Instead a dark portal seems to be summon under him. "A clue. I hope to meet you all there." Then he seems to fall back into the dark portal, before it closes behind him.

Left where he laid, in the only small bit of blood left behind by the darkness lies a simple kunai jabbed through a colored, crystal orb.

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