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(2013-04-25 - Now)
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Seloria Delacreaux The Bright And Cheerful Costa Del Sol is a place of warmth, beauty, and lots of girls in swimsuits. And guys in swimsuits, too! The other half of it is that Seloria Delacreaux hasn't left the city in ages, having fallen into a large pit of marine biologist and scientific sidequests.

Leading to her to stay in a very tiny inn room by the beach. Niklas will have found her there, face down, snoring into her blanket, feet on her pillow. To say things are a disaster area, is well... an understatement.

There are bottles and such, and candles, and some clothing tossed over everywhere. It seems that Seloria's been keeping herself going by her creativity skills with clothing.

Speaking of Seloria... someone is snoring.
Niklas Dragonius Costa Del Sol is a far cry from a muddy swamp. It's warm, it's bright, it's cheerful, it's sunny, it's sandy...everything the swamp isn't, verbatim. But Niklas Dragonius isn't here for recreation, per se. Specifically, he's not here to go swimming or anything like that; he's here because, ultimately, Nik is a nice guy.

Nik sits down next to Seloria and pats her on the back gently as she snores. He doesn't really want to wake her, but he doesn't want to just let her sleep all's not healthy. The room is a complete mess, too, and he's kinda curious about that.

Actually he's curious about a couple things related to her well-being.

He's too nice a guy sometimes.
Seloria Delacreaux Nik's always been a Nice Guy, the varieties of Nice just depends on who exactly he's talking too. After a few seconds of Nik just gently patting her, Seloria sits up with a yawn, her green hair standing up on ends in a halo around her head.

"Wuughh?" She manages to spit out, rolling her green eyes slightly as she finally observes Nik is sitting there next to her. Oh. /Oh/. She slumps back down the right way, head into her pillow.

Niklas Dragonius "Morning. You alright?" Nik frowns. "You sounded kinda...out of it last night. Like bad out of it, not just no-sleep out of it. And..."

He casts a look around the room. "Also this. This know, this is at best...uhh...this is kind of a disaster area."

"Are you okay?"
Seloria Delacreaux "I'm fine!" Seloria proclaims, finally pushing herself up, staggering to her feet. "I've been on a science and clothing bender lately." She grimaces, wobbling there as she looks at him for a minute. "Sorry about last night." She mutters, her eyes unfocused as she briefly listens in on the radio.

She looks around then starts cleaning up - she's fairly well organized when she's not half out of it, pulling out small baskets from under the bed that contain most of her supplies.

She wobbles then, flinching. Ahh, post-crash headaches. "/Fine/."
Niklas Dragonius t "Youuuu've...been on a science and clothing bender." Nik surveys the room curiously, looking at the...well, the clothes and the bottles strewn about. He considers this for a moment. Really, it wasn't any of his business what she wanted to do with her life, no more than his life was any of Murasame's. On the other hand...well, it was for her own good.

Nik's shudders visibly at the sheer anger of the thought and stands up off the bed, moving to help her clean. "Are you sure? You're kinda wobbly. What happened last night?"
Seloria Delacreaux "The clothing pays for my lifestyle, the science is my natural curiosity about marine animals and plants and the biology inherent within the different planets and their worlds that make up the oceans of this multiverse." Seloria says patiently, watching him shudder.

"You thought of something. I don't want to know what."

She raises her hand to forestall him. "Energy drink crash." She points to the collection on the nearby table. She then smiles tightly at him, saying nothing for a few more minutes before it finally is clean, disregarding the bags of trash to be taken out.
Niklas Dragonius "No, you don't," Nik agrees. No, she really doesn't. The thought he just had was a foul one, after all, a foul and black thought that made him visibly and physically angry. He exhales, releasing his anger again, and then cracks his knuckles before swinging the trash bags up onto his shoulders to carry them out.

He get back in and sits down on the floor. "Listen...I'm...not gonna tell you how to live your life. I'm not him," Nik's face goes very dark for a moment, "But I am kinda concerned. This can't be good for you."
Seloria Delacreaux As Nik takes the trash out, Seloria makes the bed, before she wordlessly drops back into it when he comes back into the room. She looks at him for a long while, her round face pale - which is admittedly, normally pale a lot lately. She only gets her flushed happy color after a good round in the ocean or she had a creative burst.

"It will do." Seloria says steadily. "I didn't tell anyone this, but my life on Levitani was not normal." She smiles, grimly.
Niklas Dragonius Nik closes his eyes and grits his teeth, because he's about to make a suggestion that he's going to hate for the rest of his life on every conceivable level and literally *never forgive himself for*.

"You...should go work for Murasame."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria looks at Niklas for awhile, her bright green eyes darkening til they're within a shade of her green hair. She presses her back ramrod straight up against the wall, covering her mouth with the back of her hand as she attempts to comprehend why.

"I can't." She finally whispers. "I won't!"
Niklas Dragonius "But you should," Nik sighs, and it's probably the hardest thing he's ever had to do. His head sinks into his hands, and he shakes it angrily. No, he had to give her the advice. The alternative was this, and he could already tell that this was going to hurt her in the long run.

Even admitting it to himself is painful and humiliating. It flies in the face of everything he's ever believed ever about anything related to Murasame, but in this one, specific case...well....

She's hurting herself. And friends are more important than convictions, except for the convictions about helping friends.

"You should work for Murasame, because he can get you the money to support whatever research you're doing without driving yourself crazy or hurting yourself or...doing what you're doing. He can help you get where you want to go, even if you don't think you should."

Nik shakes his head again. "That's how you play the Game. You use the people who have what you want to your advantage, and when you're done needing them, you find somewhere better. Your folks probably didn't throw a lot of parties, I dunno, but mine did - the Dragonius family was involved in a lot of affairs because we were martial arts teachers to a lot of important people. We had to play the Game to keep what we had."

"It's dumb. It's a holdover of the stupidest things. It's..."

"It's the best way to get what you want."
Seloria Delacreaux "Game?" Seloria echoes Nik, absolutely clueless even as he goes into a description of what the Game is - how it's using other people and things to get up on the good end, and how it's the best way to get what she wants and needs. She tilts her head to the side, like a very confused puppy. Sadly, she... really is.

"Nik, I don't get it." Seloria says plaintively, relaxing her braced posture against the wall. "My mama and father never threw any parties... my Mama and I were left on Levitani year round while Daddy worked on Chocobo." She shrugs her slim shoulders. "Daddy would come back in the spring for a couple of weeks, but..."

"I mean, it's in my name... the Delacreaux family ... we're not important, like the Murasame families, nor do we do neat and interesting things like your family does. We don't really owe allegiance to anyone, like some of ... Soujis' people do, nor are we particularly attracted to wealth or power, like Annia is with Jidro."

"We've never had to play a game to keep what we had, because it was our own hard work that got us to where we were." Seloria's voice falters. "I never saw daddy, and he only just really got started in the world. It's because of his promotion right before the winter holidays that I even got into the Academy. He wanted big things for me."

Seloria's voice rises, now bitter. "I was HAPPY on Levitani. I could swim for ages. I learned what I wanted. I'm not dumb. You know that. But daddy was so sure that no one would want someone without a proper schooling. That they wouldn't want someone whose greatest joy was the seas she swam in, not the fact that she could call upon, talk too, and maintain the very second gods, the Divines!"

"It was always my magical powers and abilities that got us risen up in the world. I am not surprised if it wasn't the very sheer power I wield that finally got us our status raise in the world." Seloria pulls up into herself, tucking her legs against herself as she rests her chin on her knees.

"So this game that you're talking about... I never had to play it. I don't want to play it, I don't need Souji, I don't need what he can give me. I can get back on my own skills, my own powers, what I can do. I don't need /anyone/."

"I never needed anyone."
Niklas Dragonius "Yeah, well." Nik runs his fingers through his hair and stands up. "I hate to say it, but the asshole has a point. We're not in the old world anymore. Even if you've never relied on anybody before...maybe things need to be different. You're working yourself to death. You had an energy drink crash - you literally stayed up to get enough money to keep going. Do you know how bad you sounded last night?"

Nik puts his hand on her shoulder. "Look. Do you seriously think that *me* of all people would say this otherwise? Me? The guy who thinks Murasame's biggest character trait is that he's the biggest asshole on the *planet*? But you need help. You can' like this. You can't do what you want to do like this, Selly. You're not getting what you're just being stubborn."

"C'mon. Just...say something to him."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria shies away from his hand on his shoulder, her voice muffled as she continues talking into her knees. "No one knew who I was, what I could do before I went to the academy. Who is even going to notice if I fade away into the background? I know how Murasame works, and I don't want any part of it at all."

She peeks up over her arm, her green eyes focused on him. "You can't make me do this, Nik."
Niklas Dragonius "I'm not gonna make you," Nik replies wearily as he lays out on the bed. "I just want you to be okay, that's all."
Seloria Delacreaux Considering the size of the bed, and Nik, he practically ends up on top of her as she gives a half-muffled squeak as he manages to curl up around her slim frame.

"Why are you so worried about me, Nik? You never cared about all the other girls, even if they were your friends."
Niklas Dragonius "That's not true. I help my friends whichever gender they are, /and/ regardless of how close I've been to them physically in the past." Nik lays his arms behind his head. "It's just...most of my friends have never needed that much help, and I usually don't sleep with my friends."
Seloria Delacreaux Seloria, irregardless of the discussion, leans forward to practically flop on top of Nik as they talk, having calmed down now that they've gotten off of the topic of Souji and how much Seloria hates her life(ves) that she's had so far. "Mmmh. I guess I get that point." That one, specifically. "So, does that make a special 'it' so far?" She asks, referring to last nights conversation.
Niklas Dragonius "I guess. I dunno. I guess I also just feel bad about it for no real reason." Nik shrugs. "I mean, I know I have no reason to, but I do anyway. This is why I don't sleep with my friends, usually. Always winds up coming to bite me later."

"...also most of them won't let me."
Seloria Delacreaux "Nik..." Seloria sighs. "You're lucky /I/ still sleep with you." And with that statement, she gets comfortable on top of him and burrows into a box on the side for food.

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