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(2013-04-25 - 2013-05-17)
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Emperor Mateus Castle Palamecia has been prepared to receive invited dignitaries from Alexandria, with banners unfurled into the wind and the entire land brought up to their best. Soldiers and officers take their posts while the townsfolk go about their business, and even the Emperor has seen fit to dress in his royal black-and-purple robes for the occassion.

The procession would be led through the castle right to a pair of large doors that swing wide open upon their approach, revealing the throne room. Brightly lit by torchlight, guards stand at attention while the Emperor of Palamecia sits upon his throne with perfect poise, his lavender gaze focusing on their guests without a single change in expression.

The Palamecian crier calls, "My Emperor, presenting Advisor Kuja of Alexandria, on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Brahne of Alexandria."
Kuja His entourage was small, and consisted only of himself, and two of his creations. Black mage dolls, with their conical straw hats, and soulless yellow eyes, examples of his artistry. One of them was carrying a scroll case, and looked like a strange sort of herald for the flamboyant diplomat, the other had a velvet pillow, upon which was an ornate wooden box, barely larger than a man's hand. He'd arrived at the Castle at the appointed time, had awaited his audience with the Emperor patiently.

Kuja actually appreciated the classical architecture of the Palamecian castle, it reminded him very much of Alexandria. What it lacked in a certain flair, it more than made up in its less pretentious opulence. Brahne had no sense of subtlety about her.

Once he was announced, the man would thread the corridor of guards as he entered the throne room, at a deliberate pace. Once he was close enough, he would cross his legs, before bowing with one hand across his chest, and the other spread out behind his back dramatically, remaining bent at the waist as he greeted him. When he spoke to him, there was nothing derisive in his tone. Kuja rarely spoke in this way to anyone, other than Garland. Even to Brahne's face, he was sometimes subtly mocking. "Your Imperial Majesty, I would like to express what a great honor it is to be granted this audience. It might be presumptuous of me to say so, but I hope that it might be the first of many between us."

And then he fell silent, waiting for the Emperor's leave to speak again.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus' gaze is keen as he watches Kuja enter, evaluating everything from the man's appearance to every single move he makes. It is not hostile or judgemental, but the look of one who never ceases to learn.

He inclines his head gracefully in return to Kuja's greeting, a small smile playing at his lips. "'Tis not presumptuous at all. I have been extending the hand of diplomacy to many lands, and if this is but the first meeting, I look forward to future encounters." He motions for Kuja to straighten and relax in his presence. "I have heard scant news of Alexandria even on this distant land. I know you have held an alliance with Baron, though I know not if it still holds. I have also heard rumors of war beginning to build, but that is a topic I would like to hold for a moment."

He folds his hands on his lap. "As before I progress further, I fear I know little of your people and of Alexandria itself. Would you grant me the honor of enlightening me?"
Kuja Once the Emperor motions for him to straighten, he does so without hesitation. Even so, the man appears to be flamboyant in demeanor and dress, using his hands expressively with each point. "Of course, your Imperial Majesty. But first, if you might indulge me, I would like to grant you.. two boons. One which befits the power of your station, and the other.. wisdom. Wisdom for your eyes alone." And at that he gestures theatrically to both members of his entourage. Both Black Mages would totter forward, standing in front of Kuja, but still at a safe distance from the throne that their approach would not be regarded as hostile, each holding up its gift.

While he waited to see how the Emperor might react, he did answer his question. "Certainly. Alexandria is a realm of great beauty, ruled by her majesty Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVII. It was founded over eight hundred years ago from the wars that tore apart our progenitor nations, and has grown ever since. Our military is led by General Beatrix, a warrior who has never been bested in combat, or so it is said. Recently we found ourselves beset by treasonous plots by the sodden rats of Burmecia, and the crafty machinists of Lindblum. We extended our hand in friendship, only to find that our allies were vipers in disguise. They set into motion a plan to kidnap the realm's only heir, Princess Garnet til Alexandros. It was only right and proper that we avenged this slight by invading.. And then our world fell, but that is a tale so common, that I do not think I need to bore you with it. In the aftermath, her majesty realized that we require new allies, and indeed, we did extend our hand once more to Baron. It is an alliance that we hope will endure throughout the ages."
Emperor Mateus The gaze of the Palamecian Emperor falls heavy upon the black mage dolls as they toddle forwards, his eyes narrowing as he scrutinizes them. Such strange creatures these be, with faces of Heartless yet so... controlled. How so very intriguing.

The explaination of Alexandria and their world is met with an understanding nod. "I understand all too well, I fear, as my dynasty stretching back generations beyond measure also fell victim to such a fall. My distant holding of Fynn borders Baron's lands in this world, and I would rather not make an enemy out of a neighbor and any they call ally. I must admit, the rumors of war as of late have made me rather uneasy."

His focus next turns to the offered gifts, to the scroll case on one side and the ornate wooden box bedded on the velvet pillow on the other. His hands seperate and unfold, palms upraised as the two objects float into the air more equal to his own eye level for further scrutiny. "You have intrigued me, Ser Advisor, to offer power and wisdom in equal measure."
Kuja He would continue, by placing a slender hand to his mouth, with a single finger crooked up to his lips. "Alas, war may become a grim necessity. Already the sand rats plan to move against us. I can promise you that we have no desire to bring war to the borders of your empire. Our allies in Baron feel the same, and will not trouble your holdings in Fynn. Unfortunately there will always be.. dissenters, even in a realm like your own. Mayhaps an alliance by marriage might be considered, now that the heir to the throne has been returned to ensure the continuation of your dynasty."

And then a cordial smile would be upon his lips, as he sweeps his arm in the direction of both suspended objects. The two black mages totter back behind him, then grow still at attention. "It is only befitting that his Imperial Majesty receive such regal gifts. I only pray that they will be to your liking."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles softly at the suggestion of marriage to cement their alliance. "You are too kind, Ser Advisor, to honor me to such an extent. Perhaps such a discussion is best left to another time, once I have gained a greater appreciation for this world we both find ourselves in."

He unlocks the scroll case first, the scroll itself unfurling to reveal its cursive writings. For just a moment, the Emperor's eyebrows rise before his chin dips as a pensive expression settles in place. Wordlessly, the scroll is returned into the box and set aside, only for a staff to suddenly conjure into being just beyond his fingertips. With a quick flick of his wrist, the staff leaps into the air before touching the floor between throne and Advisor, a purple magical circle encircling Advisor, black mage dolls, and a measure of floor around them.

Emperor Mateus himself rises from his throne and levitates down to the floor, settling within the circle himself with the ornate box still hovering over his other hand. "I shant maintain this long." His tone has turned quiet and gravely serious. "Speak quickly and frankly, Ser Kuja, for I do not wish to invoke the ire of Lord Garland unnessisarily."
Kuja Kuja would straighten as he casts his spell, the purple circles not perturbing him in the slightest, his expression suddenly becoming more true to form. "Then let the curtains fall, for while dramatic irony has its place, I think an audience would be stifling in this case."

He would actually grin at Mateus, a sort of macabre gesture that the Emperor would likely know too well. "...we're barely out of the prologue. Let us speak now upon the denouement."
Emperor Mateus A magical dome forms over the group, the throne room falling silent as a conversation is held away from prying ears both physical and arcane. Minutes follow more minutes, until Mateus leaves the magical circle and floats back up to his throne. He retakes his seat and waves his hand, dispelling the staff and the magical circle it has generated, and interlaces his fingers in front of his face in deep thought. The ornate wooden box floats whimsically next to him, almost bumping one of the 'horns' at his head.

"There is much to consider. Much yet to discuss. I would appreciate some time to clear my thoughts before we continue." He leans back in his throne, hands still interlaced in front of him. "There are quarters prepared for you and yours, Ser Advisor, and a meal besides. May I be safe in assuming your long trip has left you wearied?"
Kuja "The hospitality of his imperial majesty is legendary, I would be grateful for both repast and repose." His hand would be placed upon his chest, as he bows low once more.
Emperor Mateus Hours pass as Kuja's entourage is given the opportunity to rest and relax from their long trip, even receive a meal. Any reasonable request is granted, and it is quite clear that the waiting staff of Palamecia has been given standing orders to tend to whatever their guests need without being obtrusive.

Meanwhile, Emperor Mateus has retreated back to his private quarters to evaluate matters. To examine the gift, to survey a map drafted in the time since the World of Ruin was formed. Pondering option and expectation alike, usually staring out the window that happens to overlook the Palamecian village far below and towards the distance.

News like this is troubling, even in the best of times.

The meeting had originally taken place in the late morning, and it is not until the sun is nearly completely hidden by the Palamecian peaks that Emperor Mateus returns to his throneroom, his expression pensive but unworried. "Messenger," he states as he retakes his throne, interlacing his fingers under his chin while pressing his thumbtips against his chest. "Please pass word to Advisor Kuja that I am ready to resume our conversation at his earliest convenience."
Kuja The rest of Kuja's entourage.. would likely be unnerving in any other country. They didn't speak, they didn't take repast, or repose. But sometimes they stared.. with those soulless yellow eyes, the rest of their visage darkened by the shadows of their conical straw hats.

Kuja was the very picture of a model guest while in Palamecia. He made idle small talk with the retainers, was suitably witty when he desired to be, charming at other times. He was well practiced at the game in Court. He just found it insufferably boring most of the time. Especially when he was a guest in a country where he couldn't at least allow his narcissistic tendencies to show, even a little. It felt stifling.

As always, he kept his eye on the prize.

And so when he was summoned once again to stand before the Emperor, he answered immediately. Approaching the throne, the flamboyant 'Alexandrian' diplomat once again bowed, bending slightly at the knees, one hand over his chest, the other outspread behind his back. It had all the theater of an exaggerated courtly bow in it, but didn't appear mocking. He let the flowery words roll right off his tongue, "Your Imperial Majesty, I would like to express once again what a great honor it is that I should be summoned into your presence..."

And then he would remain in his current position, waiting for his leave to rise.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus inclines his head and parts his hands just long enough to motion for Kuja to rise. "You honor me greatly, Advisor Kuja. No need to bow your head a second time, as we are merely resuming where we had left off, are we not?" A thin smile graces his lips, honest and warm but restrained. He has little love for pomp and circumstance himself to this extent, but decorum must be maintained for all sides.

"I have thought carefully of all you have brought to my attention, from your generous gifts," a hand rises to the side, producing the small wooden box from earlier, "to the wealth of information you have shared." His other hand rests on his throne's armrest. "My personal goal has not changed: I still wish for an alliance that would make allies of us all. The news you bring of pending war, however, is very troubling to hear."

He leans back on his throne, his tone serious but not unfriendly. In fact, it is almost casual, as if Kuja is his own advisor. "I have spent much time and effort stablilizing not only this continent in particular, but also rebuilding my manpower and resources to even a fraction of their former glory. T'would be a pity if such work went to waste, yet I despise the thought of spurning your goodwill visit however unintentionally."

His head cants to the side, his keen lavender eyes focusing solely on Kuja. "I would like to hear your thoughts on such matters, Ser Kuja, if I may be so bold to ask such a thing from an esteemed guest?"
Kuja "Your Imperial Majesty is most gracious.." And with that, he straightened his back so quickly that it was like he had never bent it in the first place. After all, Emperor Mateus wasn't a fool, he knew the game that Kuja was playing.

"I wouldn't consider it bold at all.. merely prudent. War is on the horizon. And while her Majesty has no desire to make enemies of Palamecia, I admit to the possibility that war might come to your borders, inadvertently. Baron is still in alliance with us and it's borders are perilously close to Fynn.. Our enemies are numerous, and who can say what strategems they might employ in their misguided attempt to lay us low?"

He would place a hand to his chin, one finger curled upward to his upper lip, "If your Imperial Majesty has no desire for such an alliance which might drag you into our conflict, then I believe I can speak for her Majesty to say that she will be disappointed, but that does not mean she need withdraw her offered hand of friendship. I recommend that you further secure your borders. If you'd like, I can even.. offer you my aid, in that. Several regiments of Alexandria's famed Black Mages can be delivered to Fynn.. suitably altered so that you need not worry about recognition of Alexandrian forces in your midst. They will obey the commands of your Palamecian Knights without question. Consider it another small token of my..." The flamboyant diplomat would smile once again, "...gratitude."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus listens carefully, his gaze unwavering and evaluating every word spoken as it travels the air between them. It is neither hostile nor neutral, the warmness in expression more of a casual after-effect of earlier conversing. His expression is not so much unguarded as simply... well, is. No trickery, no signs of visibly hiding anything, but there isn't really much there to read into.

He keeps his silence until Kuja finishes, a low but thoughtful hum barely keeping an utter void of sound from falling between them in such a large room. "Indeed. The situation of Fynn's placement prevents me from turning a blind eye to the war front, and rebellious forces both within and without may unnessisarily destabilize my last foreign holding."

He closes his eyes for a moment, long fingernails tapping thoughtfully on the armrests while the wooden box continues to pensively float and spin at about his own eye-level. "Palamecia is a prideful land, and we do not take advantage of such generosity as Alexandria's without returning the favor. I shall accept your gift of Black Mages to support my troops in Fynn, and in return I will issue support to Alexandrian and Baron forces to the best of my abilities if it is required. Given the circumstances for the both of us, and with the understanding that my country is the least technologically advanced of the three, 'tis the best I can promise with matters as they stand now."

He folds his hands over his abdomen. "Would this be pleasing to her Majesty?"
Kuja Kuja wouldn't even try to read into Mateus' features. Right now.. this was all a superficial game. He hardly cared about the movements of a few regiments of soldiers. He didn't even care if they were ultimately betrayed by Mateus, even though he didn't think the Emperor of Palamecia would...

The entire war effort was just a sham after all. A master plan by a demigod of Chaos to cause maximum destruction, to reap the greatest number of souls for his twisted plot. Garland would likely be displeased that Palamecia would have little role in the coming conflict, but what did Kuja care? He could simply say to Garland that Emperor Mateus was not so easily tempted into war.

The advisor would stroke his chin briefly, feigning deep consideration of this request, before eventually smiling, to mark him coming to a decision. "Her Majesty would be greatly pleased by this token of Palamecia's good will. Were our situations reversed, we could only offer the same, Alexandria is a very proud nation as well.. and in return, when the City of Lindblum.. sees reason, we shall send some of it's greatest engineers and architects to Palamecia. That should rectify the problem, if it pleases your Imperial Majesty to allow such advancement as a result of our good will?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles softly, a soft 'fufufu' sound that may end up being his trademark sooner than later. "I would certainly be willing to consider such an offer once events fall into place accordingly. Self-sufficient my people may pride themselves on being, but there are limits. To be left behind by allies and enemies alike due to narrow-minded foolishness is a grave error I refuse to allow."

He rises to his feet, easily plucking the box out of the air and beginning a slow descent down the stairs one step at a time. He knows quite well this entire conversation is just a show, a private song-and-dance play to appease unseen masses, but he has proven to be an adept actor as of late himself. Besides, if none else, this has proven to be quite refreshing, as diplomatic theatre has been few-and-far between as of late.

"If we have ourselves a concord, perhaps you would like to join me for an evening banquet to celebrate?" He smiles warmly, holding the box in his hand as if it is made of fine glass. "I believe an opportunity to enjoy friendly company and unwind would be welcome after such stiff discussion."
Kuja It already is his trademark, courtesy of the battle of Traverse Town! Kuja even watched the whole thing on Mognet with an expensive glass of brandy. ...He had a feeling that bringing up the Luso Clemens kid in response to his /fufufufufufu/ was not the greatest idea. It was an entertaining thought, to be shelved in the back of his mind.

"I'm quite certain they will fall into place sooner, rather than later. It is only a matter of time before the...Ooglop Regent acquiesces." And then there was soft laughter coming from Kuja's throat as well, as he raked a hand back through his perfumed locks of hair.

"Your Imperial Majesty, is gracious as always. I accept, your offer, and am most honored and humbled by the oppurtunity to dine at your table..."

Kuja would smile as he looked at the Box. The two of them knew that..more than anything else, that might be Mateus' greatest weapon in securing his borders, should the need arise..

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