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(2013-04-25 - 2013-04-25)
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Shiki Misaki Funtime!

Shiki has been furiously working on stuff. Which is odd, because she hasn't actually BEEN around the HQ for a couple of weeks. Now, though, she's come back, set out all manner of maps and sextants and bills, and she's emptied out her tote bag and started raiding her room for things. Seems like someone's going on a journey?

She hops off the couch and rolls up a particarly crusty map, then triumphantly shoves it in her bag. Somewhere, an archeologist cries.

"Lily~! Lenn~! Come over here! I've got something to talk to you about~!
Lenn Lenn is working in her little workbench, loupe in her eye, as s
Lenn Lenn is working in her little workbench, loupe in her eye, as she puts the finishing touches on a ring. She looks up, removing the magnifier, as she turns to her fashionista friend. "What is it, Shiki?" She gets up to go check what she's going to show them, curiously.
Lily "Huuuuah?!"

LIly's ponderous reply echoes down from the girl's doms, and soon so too does the sound of her footsteps as she bomes barreling out of them and into the room with Shiki. Standing in the edge of the hallway through, she raises a hand, waving over at Lenn and Shiki. "Something you wanted, Shiki? Hi Lenn!"
Deidra Deelel had been bouncing a lot between the HQ and Manhattan given so far as anyone understood she was from there it wasn't to be unexpected. Still she'd just been checking back in and she was suprised to find sever people she'd not seen in a while as she calls out while heading over.

"Greetings, users! What are you up to and Shiki good to see you home."
Evja Unrelated to, and not actually paying attention to, the sudden flurry of girls and ladies heading towards Shiki, another figure seems to be slipping in from the Garden area. Probably familiar to most, though how long it had been since some last saw Evja who knows. Regardless, the Judge, not currently wearing armor so much as a long black frilly-looking dress and white cloak atop, seems to be walking towards where the kitchen is with whatever goal in mind she had.

Likely food, given that's the case.
Shiki Misaki Shiki puts her hands out gently just in case she needs to stop Lily from crashing into her. Fortunately, it doesn't come to that! So she just smiles at her instead. She leads both of them- hey, and Deelel while we're at it- over by the hand to the big table covered in stuff.

"Check THIS out!"

Shiki practically squeals as she picks up one particular map- a /very/ newly printed one- and points out what appears to be a mildew spot off the coast of Cleyra.

"I have come into the possession and knowledge of something very interesting. And kind of related to world shards? I don't know! Maybe?!"

She looks around, eyes going >.> and <.< as she glances at everyone.

"I am going on an /adventure/."
Lily Oh heavens. THAT WORD.

That profoundly worrisome word.

Now Shiki's infected by it too!

Although she very nearly DOES crash into Shiki, that word, 'adventure,' stops her dead cold in her tracks, leaving a mystified look in the white-robed girl's eyes.
Deidra Deelel for a moment and looks doown at the map for a moment "World shards I'm into it and you know just being here is techinally an adventure for me." seriously her gods are made of meat that's still a rather suprising revlation for her. "So a map I take it?"
Lenn Lenn smiles to Shiki. "Good luck!" While Lenn's been working on her physicality (resulting in a couple visits to Shiki to take in the waist of her dresses), Lenn doesn't consider herself adventure material yet.
Priel Aylin While the girls were busy talking about their plans and upcoming adventures, the door to HQ opened with a bang! In came a certain familiar redheaded dragon girl afterward. Slung over her shoulder was a bag of likely ill gotten gains, but hey! No one knew that for sure, yeah?

"Hey losers! I'm baaaaaaack~"

And of course, she had to announce her return from absence in all the glory possible. And of course that meant interrupting their discussion with all the grace of a raging typhoon. Priel giggled to herself as she strode into the main area of HQ, looking about to see just who was here. "Aha~ Well, look who we have here! Reize's girlfriend number one, two, three, four, and five~! What's up?"

...She didn't specify who was who.
Evja Having just walked out of the kitchen with a bushel of carrots, Evja could be seen to have one hanging from her mouth from beneath the Veil she had on as she paused at the greeting and remark, then answered simply, "I hope you are not insinuating I am number five. I barely know the boy, let alone why anyone would agree to be number four three or two." It was a simple enough comment as she moved to take a seat on one of the recliners that was here and crunch a chunk of the carrot off.
Shiki Misaki "Oh, nonono," Shiki says, waggling a finger. "Nono, nonono."


She likes saying that word, apparently. When Priel comes in, she pauses for a moment, looks at her quizzically, and then adds in, in exactly the same tone, "Yesyes."

And she continues without a beat. "See, this is an adventure, and it's a big adventure, and it's an adventure I don't-want-to-go-on-by-myself."

She flumps down on the couch, and begins leafing through the paperwork again, trying to find something.

"I've been going around by myself for like... a while now? Like, a couple months? Well, sort of by myself, I guess? Like... I was sort of, but Lily was there sometimes, and I met up with some other people and made new friends, but I like... started to miss you guys? And I found out about this and I thought, I /knew/ you guys might be interested in it! And if you weren't then I would ask you to come anyway because you're my friends and you know, solidarity, yeah!"

She waves her arms and gesticulates a lot as she does this.

"It's an adventure to... the lost library, on a forgotten island... a sodality of artisans and craftsmen and weaponsmiths named..."

Lenn Lenn 's eyes widen a touch. "Artisans?" NOW you have her undivided attention, Shiki. "I wonder if they'll have some lost jewel-cutting techniques?" She hmms... "Yeah, that's definitely something I'd like to go... If you don't think I'll slow you down?"
Deidra Deelel is paying attention here Shiki doesn't wnt to be on her own and she gets it. "I would be it might be worth out time to look into this. If only to get us out of the city. " Then she notes library. Information that gets the program's rappted attention. "You have my full intrest now." Gold? Money? Gems that means little to the basic other than a means to get supplies but information now that was something worth chasing.

"I doubt so Lenn and your abilities would be of use on such a adventure. Given how hostile the native life of this world can be."
Priel Aylin Friends?

Well, Priel had nothing to do with that now. Striding past them, she set her bag of loot down onto the table and plopped down by Evja, eyeing the carrots that the Viera was in the middle of eating. "Hmn...wouldn't you rather have those cooked in some form?"

Seemed like she wasn't going to answer the girlfriend question. Not if the amused smile on her face was any sort of indication. Then again, it could just have been the sight of a rabbit-like creature consuming the very food that they're stereotypically known to eat. Sure, she could hear the discussion about lost libraries, forgotten islands, and treasures and such. But it seemed like she wasn't going to have anything to do with it!
Evja "Well, yes, but I am lazy and sore and would rather not stand and cook such." Though at the thought of Priels cooking again the Vieras stomach growled softly and she gave a little coughing ahem. One could tell she was listening to Shiki and her gaggle, though. Daguerreo? Hm... not a place the Viera had heard of. Another bite was idly taken before Evja offered it towards Priel as if she might like some. "I would happily offer you money for another bowl of that lovely soup of yours though, Miss Aylin."
Plus he was faintly worried there'd be another Malboro. "You do not... plan on sticking your arm down a Malboros throat again, do you, Shiki, was it?"
Lily "Half of those words you'll need to explain, Shiki!" Lily calls out, a bit frowny all the while. "Soda lights?"
Shiki Misaki "(Psst,)" Shiki says to Evja, sliding over clandestinely. "Girlfriends one, two and three," indicating herself, Lenn and Lily. "In no particular order, of course!"

"And no, that is not a thing we are going to do. Not since the last time!"

Reize's harem and proud of it, no matter how bad they smell.

"Ac-tually," she says, sliding back over to Lenn with just as little effort (heck, she probably did it literally, cartoon-style). "Now that you mention it."

"I've heard stories of this place hanging around the guildhalls."

Cue sepia-coloured sketch montage of images.

"I've heard that Daguerreo is a place where a lot of wise and learned people squirrel away working on what they're good at. People who make weapons and items, art, books, but also..."

"I've heard that somewhere in Daguerreo, there's a weapon master. Someone who makes unique weapons and trains people in using them. A wise guy... and rumor has it that since returning to Daguerro, because maybe someone discovered its world shard?, they're looking for new students who are pure of heart and willing to learn."


Shiki sits back a little. "Since I'm thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, and because people have told me that I was good at the adventurer's life, I wanted to go to Daugerro. I want this weapon master to teach me how to fight."
Priel Aylin "Oh?" Priel's ears twitched and her tail flicked a bit as Evja mentioned money. Money for soup. Well, that had to be the easiest job she'd ever been offered! "Weeeeeell, if you really want it, then I guess I don't mind making it again~" That said, the redhead reached out, taking the bunch of carrots from Evja before standing up.

"Carrot soup coming up. I'll be just a bit then~" And with that, she strode off to the kitchen, putting on an apron before beginning to get to work, the sounds of running water and carrots being chopped could be heard emanating from the kitchen then. While she began her work, she couldn't help but listen to what was coming from Shiki.

Still utterly no comment on her issues though. Seemed like she really was not going to involve herself. A weapon master didn't sound very valuable anyway. Not to her.
Deidra Deelel can get romace and such but it's more of a companionship thing for her kind. They don't have the biological drive screaming in their mind all the time like users seem to so she doesn't get this thing. Still she's more listening with intrest abotu where they mighrt be going for this lost storehouse of information.

"This sounds like it's a plan i'm into this, when do we get started, Shiki?"
Lenn Lenn looks to Shiki, nodding. "Maybe he'll teach me, too." She smiles, brightly. "And she's got the right question. When do we go?"
Evja "I see."

Such a suspicious thing. A harem indeed.

Most certainly not Evja's thing. But this was interesting to the Viera regardless. "A weapons master, you say? But why go so far on an adventure to find it when you could find someone to teach you much closer to home? What possible weapon are you searching to find a master of anyways? If it is a polearm, I could teach you myself. If it is a projectile, I've a friend who could much the same."

A light sniff is given towards the kitchen. Yes, Evja is /waiting/ for the food. Waiting. Like a cat circling your feet when feeding them.
Lily That didn't really answer anything, but Lily seems to brighten at the mention of learning how to fight better. "That... that sounds really useful. I'm really tired of getting hurt all the time myself, Shiki! ... does he teach anyone and everyone?"
Shiki Misaki Shiki shakes her head... a little.

"Most of what I know is rumors from where I've been travelling. This weapon master is looking for... certain people. Like I said, 'pure of heart'. They have... very discerning criteria, apparently. And they've turned people away before. A lot of people. They won't help people unless they prove they're something special..."

"That's, uh..."

She scratches her head a little. "That's why I thought that even if we don't get this person's attention, it might be nice for you guys anyway. Daguerreo is full of other craftsmen, and it's a huge library, too... full of really old stuff. Maybe we could find out something about you there, Lily. Or the Heartless. Or the world shards... and if all else fails there's great big Adamantoises there! Which we could beat up. For loot."


"And..." she looks at Evja, and fidgets a little. "I want to go to further and further places, rather than just staying close to what I know. If I don't push myself... see all kinds of strange and faraway places... then... I feel like I'm missing something."
Priel Aylin "Hmmmhmhm~" Priel's humming could be heard from the kitchen as the smell of...carrot soup wafted out into the main area. Evja's apparent anticipation does not go unnoticed by the dragon girl who only took amusement in the fact, shaking her head to herself as she went on with her work. "Just a little bit more. I hope you're prepared to pay now~"

Well, it was more tame than charging people for their love letters back. Ah, Faruja still wanted to run her through for that, didn't he? Not like it mattered to her anyway. A bit longer and eventually Priel turned the heat down, deeming the soup quite finished. "Annnnnd done." A tentative taste to make sure and then Priel took out a bowl, filling it with some of the soup before stepping out of the kitchen and bringing the bowl to Evja. "Here you go~"
Shiki Misaki "You know, you're almost tolerable when you're doing things like this, for people," Shiki says snidely to Priel. "Maybe you should consider doing it more often. Guild soup-kitchen matron... I think it'd suit you!"
Priel Aylin Priel paused at Shiki's words, tail freezing as well. "......." And then slowly, she turned her gaze over to the girl, her eyes flickering slowly between normal blue and a feral slit yellow. "Excuse me?" The redhead asked, smiling pleasantly despite her eyes.

"I could have sworn you just said. 'Please Priel, add my meat to your soup!'" She raised a hand slightly, flexing her talons and producing cracking sounds. "Well there's no need to be shy, you know? If you want to feed your friends that badly, I'm more than willing to make good on your heroic sacrifice." She chuckled then and added. "The soup could use some human meat after all~"
Shiki Misaki Shiki Misaki and Priel possibly do that thing where they stare at one another for a few seconds and a bolt of lightning crackles between their eyes.
Evja A certain sound is made in response to Priel mentioning it wasn't much longer. Of course, that sound is cut short, the sound of SQUEEEE, when Shiki remarks as to why she wanted to go. "If such is the case, then by all means seek out whatever you wish. My offer still remains, though. Unless I cannot help you with such. For all I know you are looking to craft a giant button to throw at people like a shield and want to learn to fight with it."
That was a joke. Meant as a joke, anyways. He didn't actually KNOW anything regarding Ten Pen or Tin Pin or Ten Pin or whatever it was called. Brain was too filled with thoughts of carrot and soup, to which he gratefully reached into his cloak and pulled out a pouch to offer to Priel. "Take what you think appropriate." And then his attention was on that bowl of marvelous-smelling soup. That bag he gave Priel actually had a lot of gil in it. A /lot/. Like... a months salary gil in it. Though he did tell her to take what she thought was fair. And the Viera had always been quite nice to her. "Tolerable?" Evja asks with a mouthful of carrot soup, quickly stuffing it beneath the loose veil over his face, careful not to get anything on it. "Beautiful more like it, any who can cook this well." Or he just really likes carrots.
Lily "Pure of Heart?" Just more unfamiliar terms for Lily to ponder over. She draws back, bringing a finger to her lips and thinking on what that might mean with all her brainpower, troubled. "... I've no idea what that means. But there must be a reason to be picky. What does it have to do with weapons?"
Deidra Deelel looks over to Lily for a moment and smiles at her friend for a moment "Getting yourself upgraded to better handle things is never a bad idea Lily." She smiles at her friend for the moment. Evja still has got nothing out of her, and prehaps won't. It may be for the best either way Lily's got hat attention and she shrugs a little bit. "I'm not sure myself Lily."
Priel Aylin Taking her eyes off of Shiki then, Priel took the pouch offered by Evja, opening it to have a look at just how much the judge had. ...It was a lot. Now, nornally Priel would have taken the whole thing and laughed all the way to the bank. But...well, the Viera had been pretty tolerable in all their encounters.

Unlike certain members of this group.

Therefore, only a couple coins were taken from the pouch and into her palm before she secured it and set the pouch back down onto the table for Evja to take back into her possession at her leisure. "You can have the rest of this back now~"
Shiki Misaki "Iunno," Shiki says. "It's... one of those things. I think people who are really serious about fighting... they have a certain sense of purpose to it all. They're dedicated to it, just as dedicated as I am to like... y'know, fashion! They make weapons like I make clothes. And they have to be inspired, and they have to have inspiration to make a really special product.

But it's the comment about being pure of heart that makes her stumble a little. In fact, she squints.

"That's weird," she says to herself. "You know! It's about like... being a pure maiden...! With kindness, and innocence, and hard-working attitude! You know!"

She quietly whispers. "'Not like Priel'."
Priel Aylin "Says the one willingly in a harem." Priel casually said out loud in response to Shiki's whisper, looking over her claws nonchalantly. Yes, those ears were not just for show now.
Evja "Ladies, ladies."

Evja mumbles mostly to herself as she stuffs another spoonful of carrot soup. "If the two of you get into a fight I swear I shall card you both. Besides, being a pure maiden is not all it is cracked up to be. I think being a good, honest person is much more important than being pure. The pure types don't get to kiss and do fun stuff like that." Evja might have made a kissyface beneath her Veil. Might have. Hard to tell given it was between chewing and the likes. Though to hear Shiki liked, or was good at, making clothing...

"What type of clothing do you enjoy making, Miss Shiki?"
Lenn Lenn nods, "I would hope I'd qualify... Despite... well, the engagement, and how that happened." She shrugs. "I guess it's worth a try, if nothing else for the rest of the library, hmm?"
Lily Lily glances over her shoulder at Deelel, nodding excitedly. "Right. No more getting beat up all the time. That hurts!"

Shiki's explanation just confuses her more... until the last words come out. Then... then she nods enthusiastically. "Ah.. I thiiiink that makes a bit of sense. Be nice!"
Shiki Misaki "Oh pff," Shiki says, waving it off. "Just because that one thing happened! And it was like eight months ago! You're fine," arm around shoulder. Looks at Priel.

"I have wonderful friends who care for me enough that jealousy isn't a thing that comes between us, and a guy with a heart big enough for three. I don't see anything wrong about it."

And all of them protect me from you, she thinks.

"Anyway! When do we start? We can go right now! Well, you guys can pack some stuff if you want. But we can get an airship to go there!"

"I'm in such a good mood I wouldn't even mind if you came along, Priel. You can spend the whole adventure trying to annoy me or eat me and never succeed. It'll be fun!"
Priel Aylin Priel just rolled her eyes at Shiki's rationalization regarding the harem situation. Hah, if it was her, she'd want someone just for herself! These girls were crazy! ...Not that she was actually interested in anyone anyway. That sort of put a damper on the whole thing to begin with. "You people and your love and friendship never cease to make me gag."

The mention of coming along caused her to raise an eyebrow however and she took a moment to take off the apron that she still had on before addressing it. "Me? Come with you? Please! Now why exactly would I bother to waste my time watching you all flail about uselessly and cling to your lives in the great unknown?"


"Actually, that does sound wildly entertaining now that I think about it." She grinned then, fangs clear to be seen. "I just might have to tag along for that alone now~" Because that was the only real reason Priel would ever accompany these people anywhere.

Evja "I... suppose I can come along, if for no other reason than to help keep the lot of you safe."

Surely the Viera couldn't have their own reasons, right? Nah. Surely not to just go and lay around and read herself to sleep. Nope. Not in the least. So many books at such a place, so it would seem *.*
Deidra Deelel looks at Priel? Harem she still would not grasp a good many things the more she thought about it. and she kinda slunk back and she listened for a moment. "I see so it's more of an artform than just simple production of gear?" She asks Shiki thinking she now has an diea of what's up. This ontop of there being a Library has her intrest. Deelel does seem a but uncomfotable about certain things however. "As I said I'm in."
Lily "I'll come with you, Shiki! ... Just, let's TRY to be careful, alright?" I"m going to stop being beaten up all the time. Not to get beaten up on the way there!" Lily chimes in with only a hint of wariness in her tone shining through. She reaches out to grab Shiki's hand and squeeze happily, showing her certainty on this!
Lenn Lenn nods, "Exactly, All for one, and one for all, right girls?" She nods. "I'd like to have some time to prepare a whole bunch of crystals, though, if that's okay? I have a feeling we'll need them." She indicates the pouch always on her hip.

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