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(2013-04-25 - 2013-04-26)
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Count the days. Nine days. That how long he has been mostly trapped up in the DPS HQ because they were unsure how his code would react to the changes. Would it /honestly/ stick or would suddenly one of these two different codes built by two different men slam into one another for another war front of competition.

So far, it would seem it has stuck and so far the two code bases were working in harmony as they should have done to begin with. However it isn't easy to move what was a targeting program to a drone AI program with a trigger finger. So now the question was, if we stuck him out in public, would something bad happen?

Besides, CHIEF need to build up some credibility with the people of Traverse Town. He attacked so many districts when he first came here. Gave everyone a scare during the elections with a Grid Tank he brought out of Wise OS, and then be caught by the DPS. Then-- something changed. MCP /changed/ something. He started to become less of a threat to the population. More in control of himself. Hell, he even saved Traverse Town from Negaduck blasting the shadow lord right out of the very place. Yet confused many by why he was suddenly having to be tazered. Reasons would have to be asked - yet none have done so.

So now CHIEF is back out in the public, but oddly he is now alone. No Blackguards following him around and none even watching him. Yet what was odd about the program was though he had his green lines that glowed gently, he also had on a black leather duster, pair of biker boots, and a pair of classy aviator red shades over his eyes.
Yet those scars over his right eye, those two scars for those who knew him, had changed. They had splinted just slight and there was a very soft tinge of red to them.

It seem CHIEF was examining over some box orders that were at a store front, talking with the store owner. Something about VALKYRI HQ supplies? Or something like that.
Blackbird Blackbird was. Well given Manhatten hadn't actually been back that long she was busy telling friends she was moving back t othe big island. Call it personal weakness but she liked the fact you occasionally got sunrise out of the deal. While doing that though she decided on a little shopping. Why not? She had favors and coin. Time ot cash a few in and.. .Oh hey somebody glowy lined and whatnot. This caused her to raise an eyebrow. Nevermind how odd her own outfit might be (today it was cobalt blue skinsuit with a black stitched bird in flight both on the left breast and a larger one on the back. It was very flattering but it didn't have pockets. Which is why she oe a jacket over the ruddy thing and a toolbelt of varying items (mostly traditional tools but there was a soldering iron, cold 1911 with a pair of spare clips, and more than a few power bars and squeezebottle to balance.
Deelel Deelel has been a bit off since the attack on VALKYRI she was not there but she'd became aware of it and she knows one thing strange didn't happen. DPS didn't get involved direcly so far as she knows. She's strange to some but she has been around the town for almost half a year now so the locals have gotton used to her however today she's been out pretty fall and is coming back into town on her first gen light cycle the strange engine noise is hard to miss and CHIEF would know instantly someone from DPS or one of the otehr stray Basics were coming through. She'd been gathering supplies bringing them to the Arcade in Manhattan in preperation for certain things as TRON had a heck of a plan she liked and she was going to do eveyrthing she could to help. She also had grown more wary of DPS and it's master as well th strange cyle now comes to a halt and then the bike starts to vanish int o glowing grid lines Deelel becomes visable and sonn she's now just holding a rod.

CHIEF was unaware of the woman with a toolbelt. He was busy writing on a pad and looking over the boxes. Some of them were kinda small. Some of them were kinda large. Some even short by extremely long.

One of the men actually scratched his head. "How do you plan to even get this over into District 3?"

"Going to use a loader." CHIEF said very calmly as he checked over something on the list. "If we got a Loader. If we don't, then we will do the old fashion way." He almost grins at that. "Man power." He then actually laughs before signing the paper and then handing it back over to the man. "Keep it here for now. We should swing out around later."

Things were so much easier in the data space world when it came to construction. At least in CHIEF's experience from where he comes from which is a far, far different place then the Wise OS.

Yet the voice of a familiar program cause CHIEF to glance over his shoulder. He wasn't sure if the Greetings was directed at him or at someone else. Yet he does look and gives Deelel a nice big smile. "Hey there Music!" He raises up his hand, which has a pen in it for the signing off on all this crap. Though about then he notices Blackbird. Then the tools they have. He does quick sign off on one of the papers and holds up his hand for a moment.

Then he whistles at her. "Hey there little lady," he motions to Blackbird. "Come 'ere."
Blackbird Blackbird watched Deelel drive up after the noise had caught her interest. Then she saw it. Blink. Blink Blink. She just looked at it not quite sure what to say. Parce damned you. Parce!

This process has crashed and is using valuable system resources. Hit any key to restart and send a bug report.

Damnit where's the anykey? *mental smash* Bing!

REboot finished. Report filed.

Blackbird snorted at the bike and smiled at Deelel. "Nice bike" She bit her tounge on the thousand and one questions she wanted to ask about how it worked but the curiosity still was fairly clear in her eyes. "How hard is it to steer? I mean no offince or anything but tires that wide you end up having to throw your whole body around to get it to do anything." To say nothing of the fact there hadn't been a visible pivot for the front wheel. "Thing you brought from home Deel?"

Chief whistled and she turned her head to smile. "Something on your mind tall dark and ravariffic?" She chuckled at her own bad joke but the fact this guy and Deel seemed to know eachother was interesting.
Deelel Deelel pauses wait did Black Bird just BSOD? She kinda stares for a moment, unsure what to think. Useers could crash? This was a new bit of information she mentallty files way. "Thanks, and you seem curious to put it midly. It's suprisingly easy to handle to be honest it's like a second nature atthis point for me."

Oh hey it's CHIEF, she never hated CHIEF she was aware of him from his behaviour had broke and now it seems someone had fixed CHIEF given he'd been far more stable as of late.

"Good to see you too CHIEF, seems your out and about..."
CHIEF smirks at the 'flirt' remark. He just rolls with it. "That depends, little lady if you are packing what I need." Somewhere - there is an ECHO probably seething and preparing a boot mango or maybe she will never know! After all, if she can /flirt/ with a cube, he can flirt with a user. Two can play this game woman!

He places out his hand, "The name is CHIEF. I am wondering if you ever done construction work or be interested in helping with it? One of the user structures here has been heavily damaged due to Shadow Lord activity and we are trying to gather the man power to aid in restoring it."

CHIEF glances over to Deelel about then. He smirks. "Yeah. Nine days of being cramped up in a base. You have No~ idea how good this feels." He grins before his attention returns to Blackbird and yes, those red aviator glasses are indeed reflective with a mirror like quality and make it impossible to see his eyes behind them.

And they are also wrap arounds. No peeking!
Blackbird Blackbird blinked at the User remark. She frowned a bit since there was something going on she didn't quite get and she /hated/ that. "Not much on straight up building other than unsklledd. Now once yo uget to the point where electrical and networking need doing I"m your girl." Then her head tilted the other way, "But why, if you're with City, aren't you going with their contractors" She understood part of why. After all Traverse was effectivly under siege and got refugees constantly. Take help where you can find it because the backlog is twenty deep if not more. "More to the point glowstack. Why even ask if you don't know if i"m qualified? I could just be wearing this," Toolbelt jiggle, "Because I think it looks neat." Nevermind the records, applications, and qualification certificates in networking, electrical engineering, and a few dozen other related sub-fields were on file if anyone cared to look.. She just liked playing hard to get sometimes.
Deelel Deelel will someday prehaps tech echo the find art of the rolled up news paper. For now Chief is savfe from that fate just boots or mangos for him. She is unaware though id just what CHIEF is doing. "Ya, VALKYRI got hit pretty hard by the Heartless and seems I'm heaing some oths where there." She looks at Deelel for a moment

"Try me I been in SARK's Gaming pits so I have some idea of how it feels to finally get out."
Deelel Deelel says, "You wouldn't be logically carrying tools you didn't know how to use unless you were delivering them honestly. Right Blackbird?""
CHIEF cants his head. He stares at her. "Well. If you /want/ us to pull up records. I am sure we can do that." He then leans in and grins. "Though trust me, ma'am. You probably don't want us to pull up records. We may be able to find your dirty little secrets." It was hard to tell if he was playing or being serious.

Though he does laugh afterwards. Man. Messing with users was /fun/. He could get really use to this. "But be in truth, my dear, we don't give a damn about the contractor part until we get to more of the nity gritty. Right now everyone needs to work together during this crisis because this is not the first time Shadow lords have come here nor it will be the last."

He then shrugs his shoulders. "So we are looking for anyone who can. Even if its just helping in lifting." he then smirks. "Besides, tool-belts look sexy on a lady. It may gather up more men to see a lady at work." He then raises his eye brows a few times before chuckling.

Deelel then speaks up and CHIEF gets reminded how sometimes lower bit rate programs make his head hurt. It was like always tugging at his codex of old language terms. Not that there was much a difference in user space, but he has gotten kinda spoiled by some of the members in DPS, that though a lower rate, being pretty up there with the word dex.

"Deelel." He says softly. "They are a user. I doubt honestly they will know anything about the Grid." He rubs his forehead with a sigh. "So names like SARK and such are not very useful in this context." he shakes his head before looking over at Blackbird. "Sorry about that. Deelel here comes from an area much like the security here, including who I work for, so kinda like in your cultures, we sometimes forget that no one is up to snuff with what we know or we are not up to snuff with other user cultures. Urm.. right.. Users..."

That is when he realizes he is kinda doing that. "..and we call you people users, cause we come from the Grid. Good times... and if you ask what the Grid is. I am not at liberty to say."
Blackbird Blackbird frowned and filed away the thing with Stark as something else. Gladitorial games. Ick. "I could make a case that humans at our core are irrational creatures." He looked over to Deelel and smiled sweetly. "Not sure of your own history or how much i ncommon you have with 'stock' humanity but yea. Ther'eve been all sorts of silly fads and fashions ranging from wearing clothes backwards, to wearing twenty seven belts, pancake white makeup with black dye everywhere, to leather and chains everywhere."

More of this Grid nonsense. Blackbird smiled warmly to Chief. "Fine.." Then she turned to Deelel. "Alright. call it schmuck bait but I'll bite. What's the grid?"

"Lets just say you users effect a good deal of where I come from." CHIEF remarks softly though when Blackbird turns to speak to Deelel he does the quick hand moving past neck motion. For whatever reason, CHIEF doesn't seem to want this talked about or maybe it was someone MCP side? Who knows.
Deelel Deelel nods to CHIEF about working together "With how chaotic this enviorment is, you have to be able to flex a little bit or nothing will get done." She's learned that much about a place like this. She gets a odd look on her face for a moment looking right at Chief but she lets it pass. Prehaps she's getting more comfortable in user space and slipped back into old habits. There is something she knows that CHIEF doesn't know about Blackbird.

"Sorry force of habit more than anything." She doesn't say more on SARK

She looks over at CHIEF for a moment and she's looking at her. "It does get strange yes, that's the best way to put it. It's home." She knows CHIEF is in with DPS and she doesn't want to get into trouble right now but this raises more questions in addtion to the attck on VALKYRI.
Blackbird Blackbird shrugged at the non-answer. "Eh. I'll do what i can to help but no matter how good i"ve been told i am I"m just one person. This's a whole flippin city that needs constant upkeep." She had remembered a few odd murals around here and there. There was reports of a tank that fit well with what a pranoids tank looked like. She had her ideas and wasn't sure if she liked it or not.

"So. Anything you two /can/ talk about or is everything hush hush sealed you don't have the required permission levels move along stuff?"
CHIEF rubs the back of his neck with a sheepish smile. "Everything else beyond the Grid?" He admits. "Nothing personal mind you, but there are some things left better unknown. Mostly for either personal reasons or safety. This case. For safety."

"I could care-a-less for personal." CHIEF says with a snort, before he brings out a cigar from-- somewhere and its already lit. He takes a few steps back and then gives it a little flick before he places it in his mouth puffing on it a few times as he stares at the shipment. So /many/ boxes.

He then looks over at Blackbird and Deelel. "I do thank you for the cooperation. More hands the faster we can help out Valk. We would have been there to assist during the attack, but we were keeping people out of District three during the time of the battle." He then takes then pen out from behind his ear before he motions for the last of the papers that needs to be signed.

"DPS is willing to aid when we can, but we can't always be there due to reasons." He love to state those reasons, but he doesn't have the rights too. "So thankfully, the damage was kept to the area and beyond those in the conflict from what I heard, no one was hurt." He looks at Deelel for confirmation on this. "..or so we are being told."

"Next time though, I plan to stick a rifle right up..." He doesn't finish as he stares at the order. "One sec.. Hey! Where are those two by fours?!" He then steps over a few boxes, looking at the man guy who is prepping all this.
Blackbird Blackbird snorted. "I'm no fighter sir. I just go in after and clean up the mess." Yea. And she learned all those handy attack spells for no reason at all right?" She quirked an eyebrow at the cigar and pulled her phone out of a jacket pocket and started flipping through messages. Anyone able to see the screen might note the battery indicator showed it was plugged in and charging. Odd. Very odd.
Deelel Deelel has chosen not to say much more on the subject of the gird though CHIEF's sudden not wanting to talk about it period was odd. It's not like some users had not become aware of them. There'd been a few but this change of affairs had her wondering what's up with chief and the expliation he gives about what DPS was up to was almost perfect barring one thing which only made her ask more questions.

"So far as I hear no deaths, no lot of injuries on VALKRI and their allies part though."

She pauses as CHIEF cuts off mid thought and changes gears to wood? Okay back to BB for t he moment, as for their murals BB had already found out who was behind the scatteed art of that style acros s the world.

She does look her over while she's checking her messages and the like what's up with that battery indicator though?
Percival The Gargoyle was walking. It was an activity he was enjoying, the simple pleasure of travelling as landbound races did. It had a sense of freedom to it that he always enjoyed, which the humans he called friend found peculiar. He rather liked feeling his talons clack upon the cobbled streets of Traverse Town, the enjoyment of not being in any rush of getting to where he's going, and especially the knowledge that he didn't stand out like an elephant on a bus.

When he encountered the programs going about their business, he considered not stopping, for several reasons. One, he'd nearly gotten in trouble with the DSP recently when Isaac's magic had transported him from Hades' dread realm to a ladies room in a restaurant with Maira's unconscious body. He was hoping that he hadn't been identified during his flight from what followed. And two, he'd embarassed himself during the tournament a few months prior by .. losing it, while fighting one of the programs present.

It was his shame at the latter that gave him enough pause, that he turned towards the trio. "Greetings to you all. I'm not sure we've met, but my name is Percival. I'd be pleased to make all of your acquaintances.."

And then he turned towards Deelel in particular, singling her out, his expression sheepish. "I'd like to apologize for.. what happened at the tournament. I don't believe I ever had the oppurtunity."
CHIEF was busy looking over the stuff now. The man said it should be here, so he was hunting for those planks. He almost trips over one of the boxes but quickly catches himself. It was enough to loosen the glasses nearly off his face. Which he glances over the ridge as Percival introduces himself.

Huh. He was one of those winged users. Gargoyles? Yeah. Gargoyles.

CHIEF's amber left eye and glowing red right eye stare at the gargoyle for a moment, before he corrects the shades and gives a smile. "Pleasure to meet you. Heeey-- I heard your race is pretty strong on some reports I read." He then chin taps. "We are trying to get as many as we can to help with some man power in moving this stuff to District three. Think you be willing to assist. By the by." He pulls out his cigar and huffs a bit of smoke as he speaks. "The name is CHIEF." He then places the cigar back in his mouth before rolling it over to the other side as he signs off on the last piece of paper... FINALLY!

No wonder no one else wanted to do this.
Blackbird Blackbird blinked at Percival and stared for a moment before grinning wide. Gargoyls she'd gotten familiar with thanks to her time in Manhatten. OK fine they were a rare sight there too but the idea was less alien than when the worlds weren't all mashed together. "Well hey there." There was a mix of confidence and excitement in her voice. "Enjoying the city of night eternal?" She didn't /know/ Gargoyles were stone during the day, but since you only ever heard of them out after dark two and two make a rational answer. something about daytime made them stay put.
Deelel Deelel looks to Percy, it would be a lie to say Percy hadn't terrifed the young basic beyond reason. She'd dropped into her full out GAME PIT style to just try to stay alive. Given she's pretty sure Percy might have gone too far in that state. Thankfully no one died, right? She tilts her head for a moment and nods a little bit.

"No you haven't had the chance to."

Deelel had also been avoiding the strange other species of user as well cause she'd not run into something that primal before in her life. She looks to Blackbird for another moment and "Oh blackbird we may need to catch up I may have some small work for you later actually."
Blackbird Blackbird sighed when her phone beeped at her. "Look I'm sorry guys but i gotta bail. See you." And without waiting on anyone she started jogging.
Percival The Gargoyle hadn't heard of CHIEF, and certainly didn't know of his destructive reputation. He didn't know anything of the culture of programs in general, nor their attitude versus users.

And so when CHIEF introduces himself, the Gargoyle has a guileless smile on his expression. They all definitely seemed normal enough that he didn't think to treat them as anything other than humans. "I might be able to swing that. CHIEF was it? A pleasure." With the cigar in CHIEF's mouth and his overall appearance the Gargoyle thought he looked like a general out of one of the films of the great war. Bending over, he'd place his taloned hands around the bottom of one of the crates, and attempt to heft it.

When Blackbird made the quip about enjoying a City of Night, he'd give her a glance, with yet another sheepish smile. "I like the city, but the eternal night? Its never felt natural to me. The lack of a cycle about it just.." He'd shrug his shoulders, his wings actually rising off of them for a moment. He still hadn't caught her name, but decided not to press the issue.

He then nodded back at Deelel. "I hadn't, and so I hoped to remedy that. My apologies for my.. loss of control. If ever there is anything I can do to make amends, you need only ask."
CHIEF watches the gargoyle lift it up and gives a nod. "Nice. Excellent. We will probably be moving this stuff later to the outside of Valkyrie HQ." He motions in the direction with his hand. "Though I am gonna have to talk to a few restaurants soon and see about maybe setting up a nice big table to feed everyone as we work."

"You users need a ton of energy to keep functioning for long periods." He notes softly mostly to himself as he motions that Percival can place the crate back down. He then looks over to Deelel. " you know that tool-belt swingin' user?"
Deelel Deelel watches Blackbird head out she'll catch her another day it seems as for Percival bringing up about eternal night she just smirks for a bit but says nothing. It being all the night all the time ever was normal for her. The sun was creepy still at times.

"I'll keep that in mind and take you up on it if I ever need to.

She nods to CHIEF about user energy intake it was huge compaired to their kind. "Yes, I do. She's proven to be an all right sort."
Percival "Right, right. Just call me when you need it. And you have no idea. Having wings.. they require a lot of energy, or so I'm told. I'm not a biologist, myself." He'd put the crate back down.

He'd nod his head to CHIEF. "Huh, that's very generous of you. VALKYRI will certainly appreciate it. They're a little down after what happened."

And then to Deelel he extended his apology. "Good. I'm just hoping.. well I don't know what I'm hoping. I'm sorry that I wronged you so grievously."
"DPS would have assisted in the combat, but we were making sure people did not go into District three during the battle." CHIEF remarks as he takes out the cigar and taps the ash off it before placing it back in his mouth and walks away from all those evil crates and boxes.

"Civilians could have been injured and we don't need that. Not with those damn heartless."

"And good to hear it." He replies to Deelel. "Hopefully she remains that way, because I still don't trust 'em." He then trails his view once more to Percival. "..even if not all of them have done wrong."

CHIEF then gives a sigh before he starts to walk away from the group. "I'll probably catch you people this evening. Ton to still do and idle chatter isn't gonna get it done. You two take care." He places up his hand as a wave before he walks on.
Deelel Deelel is not going to press the issue and nods. "That would make sense a lot of life seems to require a rather high amount of energy just as ground based bipeds." Let alone wings and flight? That would be a whole of energy now that she thought about it. "To terrifed me to be honest." She looks over to CHIEF for a moment "You take care CHIEF I should be getting going shortly my self."

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