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And Then A Hobo Appeared
(2013-04-24 - 2013-04-25)
The strangest things happen when you stop in Traverse Town for a coffee.
Souji Murasame Welcome to your doom!

If your doom takes the form of a street cafe, or perhaps some kind of a socially pleasant and clean plaza. Very dangerous.

Souji Murasame can appreciate an environment like this. People need cities. They need safety and they need to have a place to create and live. Traverse Town is particularly important in this respect, as it is a central hub of travel through the worlds. Souji sits at the cafe, drinking some coffee as he watches the passing people, waiting to see if anyone attracts his attention. It will happen eventually.
Annia Leradine That's when a pile of paper drops in front of Souji on the table. Like appearing out of nowhere, the Dancer of the group pulls a chair back and sits in it, knocking her legs up on the next chair over as she crosses her arms. "Fancy that you're not on your golden chariot, Murasame." She's talking about the airship of course. While she comes off as aggressive most of the time, she hasn't shown to be any real kind of danger at least. Just highly abrasive to be around.
Will Sherman Will goes through his usual routine, now that he is back in Traverse town from his time of ADVENTURE. Hangin' with the Heretics was fuun, but he's come back to deal with buisness with Garland. But, right now and until Isaac is awake. So...

He's going to get some coffee with with the money he's managed to scrounge up by putting his hat upside down on the street and playing a harmonica.

Will is increadibly bad at the Harmonica. People litterally pay him to stop.

He sits down, and orders a nice tall Mocha Latte, because he likes them. And also a small plate of various patries...which is...actually a large plate. People really pay him a lot to stop.

His head pops up, looking over the two students. Hmm...
Souji Murasame Souji is in the middle of drinking his coffee when the paper drops. Souji blinks for a moment, arching an eyebrow as he completes his sip. He puts down his cup, smiling faintly at Annia as he folds his hands before him. "The Ame-no-Torifune doesn't require me to pilot it, Leradine. And I have a little time before my next appointment. I don't need it to ferry me across the world right now."

He glances down at the papers and back to Annia. "So what brings you here?"

Will, meanwhile, gets an eyeful. Sometimes, the Mystic Eyes of Fate Perception don't give you what you expect. Souji doesn't seem to care about the current presence of Crouching Hobo, Hidden Prankster at the moment.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine points at the papers "Information. I believe that's what you sent Helena around for. So those are some of my findings." No need to go in extreme details here of course, but there's lots of things picked up from travelling to the 5 continents on her own, well with Jidro. Things about Baron, rumors, crystals, legends and artifacts. "Most of those are unverified, but I've learned enough on my own to figure that even a rumor can be born from concrete in this world. Not disregarding anything, even if its a mislead at first."

She reaches to her boot, sliding it off and looking at the sole of it. Apparently there's a rock that got stuck there.
Will Sherman "Adventurers?" Will asks, looking up from his seat. He takes another sip of his drink...he can see into Souji's VERY is a bit frightening, but there is something there that strikes at Will's own heart.

Will remembers. Over eighty seven years ago now, he remembers that day, it was the saddest of his life...well maybe the second saddest. Manhattan was...

"I'm a bit of a traveler, maybe I can help you kids out." Says the sixteen year old looking boy.
Ulharisk was talking to the man at the food station. Mostly seeming like he was trying to find perhaps means to get food. However the strange humanoid was frowning as the word 'munny' came up and it was pretty obvious quick that this concept and perhaps lack of understand what was, got him waved away.

So slowly the humanoid walked away from the food station, rubbing the back of his neck in a grumbling frustration. He had slight scaly skin. Violet eyes that almost glowed gently. Ears that were almost elf like, but something was off about them. Then those clawed toes and feet.

He wasn't really looking at anyone or anything. Completely oblivious and he almost ran into a woman before he quickly apologized. Giving a gentle sigh before sagging his shoulders as he continued walking murmuring softly to himself. Mostly something about how do you get munny and something on food.
Souji Murasame Souji reaches out to the sheaf of papers and pulls them towards him, paging through them idly as Annia speaks. "Interesting. Celba put you up to this?" He says, glancing up for a moment, before looking back down. He drinks more coffee (black, for anyone who cares), and nods. "This mishmash of worlds has born a great number of... very odd legends." He says, as he looks back up to Annia. "Were you looking for anything in particular, or was Celba not being specific?"

Will arrives, approaching them and causing Souji to put down the papers. "Kids, eh." Souji says flatly. He pauses, and then gestures. "This is Annia Leradine. I am Souji Murasame, of the Murasame Family." He nods to the hobo. "We've been looking for ways to recoup and recover since the loss of our world to..." He pauses. "Well, some called it the return of Chaos. Others call it the Heartless. It's a bit muddled on that respect."

Souji turns his gaze, squinting slightly at the strange elflike being walking from the cafe, but saying nothing at the moment. What does he care that some odd person has no money?
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand "Not specific, but I had the feeling she'd be hounding Jidro for things like this. I didn't want to had this to her. I didn't want to hand this to you either, mind you." She's upfront at least, she's never been much about lying just to make someone feel better. Except when she's at formal, high class parties. Then she's lying to herself more than to other people.

"These are copies, I kept my notes." She produces a notepad out from a pocket from her pants, flipping it up a bit before sliding it back down in place.

She looks over to the other arrivals. She shrugs "Haven't needed any help since I got here." She's managed pretty well on her own. She has a chocobo parked nearby even. That's why she's travelling light, chocobo is holding most of her things right now, within visual distance. "Heartless been a pain in the butt no matter where I went."
Will Sherman Will looks back towards Ulharisk. Aww.

He holds a the plate of pastries towards him, before turning back to Muramasa and Annia.

"Yeah they will be." he says to her, "They are attracted by the light in there." he points at her chest. Specifically, her heart. "So be careful about that." He says, and muses... "Hmm...recently, right? I think I met one of your friends. Has a large black sword? Kinda a derp? Oh, and Dragoonman? Ring a bell?" Man Dragoon man was so freekin' sweet.

"Yeah, I think I told your friends about what probably happened. I've seen a world...get eaten. It's not...a great experience. But yeah, it was probably the heartless. Though Chaos seems to be connected to it? I dunno, I'm not a sage of these things."

"Anyway, I was being rude, Will Sherman, King of the Hobos."
Ulharisk was just walking then suddenly ---

Plate of food! ..of some kind.. BUT IT WAS FOOD!

So the Draconian stared his eyes looked between Will and then at the food, then at will, then at the food and he carefully made his way over, before he did the look again. He cleared his throat, sheepishly smiled and then spoke with that slight British, tenor accent, "Um, do you mind if I have one of those, sir?" Yes. Sir to a sixteen year old from a guy who is probably in his late teens early twenties.

Sir was polite!

He then blinks as he hears the next part of the conversation. Worlds devoured. Hrm. He stays quiet for now, since this was being discussed between them and it would be rude to interrupt their conversation beyond asked for some of that-- whatever it was. Though he did raise an eye brow at Souji. Why was he looking at him?
Souji Murasame "Come now, Leradine. Do you really find me so loathsome? At least I give your boyfriend a steady job." Souji replies, shaking his head. He does, however, pick up the notes and pull them out of reach before Annia can do something precipitous, tucking them out of sight. "Black sword... That would be Steel. And Dragoon Man." Souji eyerolls, sighing. "The man is a buffoon. Whoever he is." He shakes his head, and suddenly squints at Will. "King of the hobos?" He asks. "I wasn't aware that they had a king. They seemed too shiftless to accept that kind of organization."

Ulharisk gives Souji and eyebrow. Souji looks back at Ulharisk. "Where are you from?" He asks, without preamble.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine stands up at that, putting her feet back in her boot with a hmphs "You don't get it do you. Its not what you do, its you. I can't stand you. That's all there is to it." Mind you, she can't stand most people, she barely tolerates some of them. "Make sure to keep your little dog in heat on a leash." She's talking about Helena of course, she's biting back using worse words, which would be sooo easy to use right now. Another one she can't stand.

She lifts a hand as she starts to walk off "Send a word if you find anything from those rumors. Wouldn't want you to get off your throne too often to get into dirty caves" Always so pleasant.
Will Sherman "It's a pretty loose position." Will admits, "It's more of a title of respect, than really has any power behind it. However, it is a kick<GOOSEHONK> title." He nods once.

"Hey, don't knock Dragoonman, dude helped us restore Manhattan. Man is a hero." he says, crossing his arms. "He is infact, why I'm being so forward with stuff I know." of course, Will might be less forward now. Souji is kinda a jerk, but well...he knows why, he decides not to say anything on that though.

"Eh? Oh yeah, go ahead. Eat up." Will says, stealing a bearclaw off the plate, but leaving the rest for poor Ulharisk.

Will pauses when Annia goes off on her rant. He pauses, then he speaks full well knowning she can hear him, "What a <GOOSEHONK>." he says, "Seriously, someone as cute as you should scowl'll get wrinkles faster."
Ulharisk takes one of the pastries off the plate, he gives a sniff, before a careful bite. He chews it around a bit, before he raises both eyebrows at the taste, and then swallows what he ate. He watches Annia leave as he takes another bite off the pastry trying very hard to not just super chow down.

He learned that was not a smart idea. He could make you choke. That isn't good. Nope.

His violet turns over to Souji as Souji asks where he is from. He was chewing on the bite of food he had in his mouth and waits until he swallows to answer the question. "I am from-- well-- not here." He says with a sheepish grin. "..I suppose it is another world. I have yet to piece it all together." He frowns softly. "Suns have gone by and all I have gathered thus far is that the creatures unleashed on where I came from most likely devoured my home... and everyone I.. knew."

He then takes another bite of the pastry, he finishes chewing and then places out his hand to Souji - the clean hand. "My name is Ulharisk, sir. Son of--" He stops himself before he gives a sad smile. "..nevermind. My name is-- just Ulharisk."

If Souji shakes his hand, he waits to get it back before he offers the same to Will before he bows his head respectfully to Will with a soft 'thank you'.

"Also.. was that young miss a friend of yours?" He looks at them both before he decides to eat some more of the pasty he had in his hand. GNOM.
Souji Murasame "I don't need you to like me, Leradine." Souji replies. "You can hate me as you like, but much like I just told Dragonius, I need you to understand that I am acting in the interest of our class and the remnants of our world. I don't need your acceptance. Just your cooperation."

He looks away, smiling faintly. "Why not ask Celba to behave yourself? Are you truly so powerless that you can't handle her?"

He shrugs at the request, and gestures. "I will let you know, of course... When I am not killing Behemoths, establishing a worldwide manufacturing conglomerate, and preparing to rebuild our school. It's amazing the things you can do from a throne." He smirks a little at that. "And you should pay attention to the king there. His advice is good for your situation. It wouldn't do for Jidro to marry someone who is all wrinkled from stress."

Will causes him to glance over to the Hobo King. "If one is going to be something, may as well be the best, eh?" Souji says. "That's respectable enough... And you don't know as much about Dragoon Man as I do. He might have helped you, but he keeps his own counsel."

Ulharisk causes Souji to nod. "Very well. So you have lost your home, much like we have. It looks like a lot of people hold this in commmon."
Will Sherman "It is possible to restore the words, though." Will says, and nods at Ulharisk. "Your welcome! Eat up. I can get ya something with more meat later." Will says. Will takes care of his own, the homeless and the needy.

He turns back towards Souji, and frowns... "Yeah, well. You might be doing all of these things, and they sound real great and it sounds like you might even have the interests of your peers at heart...but when you only wish for their cooperation, not their respect or acceptance...well, it never works out. Especially if..." he pauses for a moment, looking at Souji, "Esepcially if you lost something important to you. Closing out others doesn't fix the hurt, it just makes it grow." HOBO ADVICE FOR THE DAY.

"Also, of course he keeps his own counsel. He's a super hero. This is how super hero's work man! They might get a side kick, but typically it's just them." Will nods. This is just science. "Anyway, I was saying, you can restore depends though. Though you got really really bad dudes out there that wana stop it. The Shadow Lords are pretty much complete jerks."
"I see. So it is true that those dark creatures of Whe'ir are world eaters. Tsk. Monsters. No wonder they are called heartless here." Ulharisk sighs and rumbles softly.

Ulharisk continues to eat away. He mostly just listens for now sadly none say their names, so he doesn't even press for that. He does give a nod to Will when he says eat up and some meat later. Meat would be great. He likes meat.

After he finishes the one pastry he goes to reach for another, but pauses as Will says 'Shadow Lord'. He raises an eye brow before he picks up a donut off the plater this time. "Shadow Lords? Are.. are they the cause of.. all this?" He places out his hands toward Traverse Town before he starts to nibble on the donut.
Souji Murasame "Oh yes, it is possible... If we can find the Shards of our world. If any survived. Amidst the shards of all of the other worlds who were destroyed in the same way." He gestures. "I can only imagine the hundreds, perhaps thousands of worlds that suffered the same fate for us to even have this much left. I've seen the worlds... They look like a patchwork. We will try... But I will not be holding out hope. I won't mind being pleasantly surprised, however."

Will then begins giving him advice. Souji's expression hardens significantly. "I will take your advice under consideration, Sherman." His voice is as cold as ice. He says nothing else, allowing Will to elucidate to Ulharisk if he so chooses.
Will Sherman "I dunno." Will says to Ulharisk, "I think there were heartless before the Shadow Lords, but the Shadow lords are actively using them to destroy worlds. What for...? I dunno." he says, "But Manhattan fell in such a way...and was restored."

"It is a bit more involved than that requires the shards of your world, your Princess of heart to have survived...and a keyblade. The keyblade can restore the world, or rather, show the path of restoration. Restoring a world from darkness can be simple...or hard. I have no idea what controls these things."

Will nods once to Souji, there is a look to him, a stare that betrays his age. "Kay." is all he says. Mercade's lessons had been getting through that much at least.

"As for the worlds...well.." he shrugs, "Yeah. They are still in the state they are in because of...some reason. I don't know. Our world is just one city, it used to be much MUCH larger...pieces seem to be around, patchworked...but..." he shrugs, "There is still a lot we don't know."
Ulharisk gives a soft nod and listens closely to what Will has to say. He almost stopped eating due to how closely he was listening. Taking in all the information he could. Yet more questions just came up from the answered question. More questions he wanted answers too.

But it seems even this one doesn't have them all.

Ulharisk gives a final nod before a soft sigh follows. "I see. So this has been going on some time and my own world was picked for whatever reason.. and the only one to have that reason would be the one who did it." He then stares at the half eaten donut in his hand.

"..Keyblade.. Princess of Heart..." He rumbled those words before he growled gently and shook his head. "..Maybe such a princes survived.. I.. I don't even know. I don't even know who that would have even been." He admits with a look of despair in his eyes, before he tries to pull it back.

"My people though are strong. If I can make it-- so can they.. I am sure somewhere out there, there are others too." He looks up at the sky. "I am sure the great one of Light would not abandon us all." He then looks over to Will, then over to Souji. Time for subject change maybe. "I do owe you for the food. It is a custom of ours to give aid in return when aid is given to us. We give as much as we take, if not give more for very little." He smiles softly. "So, perhaps I can help you," His eyes look over to Souji, "..maybe try to restore your world? Maybe even-- find the other locations your missing of yours?" He then looks at Will.

"I would be honored to be of assistance." He then gives a soft bow, before he goes back to nibbling on the donut.
Souji Murasame Gradually, Souji's expression relaxes. "If our world had such a person..." Souji looks away. "She is gone now." Something seems to have made him clam up significantly compared to before.

When Ulharisk makes his offer, Souji looks over to him. "You wish to assist a total stranger with the restoration of his world?" He pauses. "You are noble, I will give you that... But I am not working to restore my world. I am working to move recreate portions of it in the world we've been given. If you wish to assist with that, then we may be able to work together."
Will Sherman "...Huh. All for some donuts." Will puzzles out. "Well, alright. I'll accept your help when the time comes. The more the merrier!" he says, with a nod and a grin.

He looks sideways at Souji. He doesn't push it right now, he hardly knows the man...and such wounds run deep. Part of him want to give him a clap on the shoulder and some words...but...perhaps it is not wise to let on knowing more than he should.

"I'm sorry...I know what it is like to lose those close to you." Will just blurts out anyway. Damn it! "Annnnnyway, nice to meet you, Murasame....Ulharisk." he says, and offers them both a card. It's for the TDA. "Whenever you need detective work, or general heartless kickassery."
Ulharisk glances over to Souji before he gives a warm smile. "I do what I can to assist. It is a job as a Guardian to place others before myself. If I was to not hold true to this, I would be a horrible example of Ixen's blood, to my father, and to my people as their leader." He-- slowly frown as he looks away after saying that. His gaze slowly looking up at the sky as if searching for something that is no more.

He softly sighs and gives a nod gently. Falling very silent for a moment as his thoughts run off. He would have maybe rebuilding in areas as Souji wanted to do, but that moment was lost on him as his mind wondered.

It wasn't till Will suddenly handed out the card did Ulharisk snap back attention to the world he was standing in. He stares at the card in curious fashion before carefully taking it. He raises a brow, rubs his finger over it, and seems highly confused by it.

"What is-- this for?" He peers at it, attempting to read what it said. Yet even though he was able to read, he know the numbers would mean nothing and even perhaps the address. It was something was attempting to comment to memory however.
Souji Murasame And then Will does it again. Souji frowns, the mask coming back up. "Do you?" He asks. He takes the card regardless, and puts it in his suit. "I will... Keep you in mind." He says, before e looks back to Ulharisk. "It's a card with the name and contact information for a business on it. It is used so you can contact them should you need their services." He pauses, and then stands. "If you wish to join my corporation and assist with my work, you will first need to understand it. Come to the World of Ruin, and seek out the Ame-no-Torifune, my airship. Watch the skies for the storm it rides upon. We can talk more there. Ask for Souji Murasame." He turns away. "Farewell, both of you." He leaves some money to cover his bill, and heads out.

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