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Heart of Power
(2013-04-24 - 2013-04-26)
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Zargabaath No-one has been allowed in Draktor Laboratories for at least the past day or two, save those who are directly under Doctor Cid's command. The behemoth had been transported deep within and the staff have been hard at work, but there have been no news since all non-essential personnel were ejected from the Laboratories, from the lowest technicians to the Judge Magisters themselves.

Judge Magister Zargabaath had returned to the Alexander momentarily for some well-earned rest in his quarters... only to find that a scale fragment he had kept from the Eclipse Behemoth had crystallized. Rest was completely forgotten and he hid the fragment before departing once more, giving no reason why he returned to the elevator area in Upper Archades to wait.

Ever since then, he has stayed put, silent and still in apparent everlasting patience. His helm rarely shifting away from the elevator doors, his arms crossed over his chestplate and occassionally leaning back against the wall for momentary support.
Riku-Proxy Riku had not been happy when he had woken up.

However.. he hadn't exactly had any say about it, nor really remember much. Unconsciousness had descended on him like a hammer and only woke up later in his room with another foggy spot in his memory and a headache to go with his aching shoulder and arm. It had healed enough by now for the wrappings to come off but an ugly scar was still livid across his shoulder and part of his arm. A momento of a moment's inattention.

Riku had gotten himself together and had descended on ALL and sundry until he had eventually ended up here. He doesn't say anything to Zargabaath for awhile. Rage cools to curiosity which ebbs back to worry and he just vents his frustration by kicking a nearby wall. He growls very faintly and then paces back and forth a few more steps before just leaning against the wall and crossing his arms.

He took a deep and steadying breath and very lightly knocked his head back against the wall.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath doesn't speak to Riku, letting the silence stretch longer and longer between them. The emotions flow readily from the Judge Cadet in contrast to the Judge Magister's still stoicism, and the boy's restless motions only serve to heighten the differences.

The Judge of Reason can't help but appreciate the uncanny similarities between Riku and Gabranth in this moment. The Judge of Ambition could rarely stand still himself, even in more recent times.

He still does not move, barely seems to even breathe, but his helm dips slightly upon Riku lightly tapping the back of his head against the wall. "Indeed." That one word holds understanding, sympathy, agreement, and perhaps no small measure of strained patience.
Riku-Proxy Riku stops what he was doing when he hears the word because he realizes that he's not going to end up with anything but MORE of a headache. He has no way to vent his doubt and impatience otherwise. He shifts his focus multiple times but can't seem to get a hold on keeping himself calm.

The thought that he almost /doesn't/ want to hear anything almost as frustrating as the lack of it. He doesn't want to hear that... but he also doesn't.. Riku lets out an explosive sigh and wrenches his attention somewhere else. "How did you do that? Knock me out. I didn't even see it coming. I'm morbidly curious."

There is a thread of anger there but after so much silence and with so much worry occupying his mind, being shut off like a light because he refused to leave Gabranth's side hasn't had a chance to terrify quite yet.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath only turns his helm to regard Riku without fully losing the elevator from his range of vision, and he does not budge beyond that. His tone, a far cry from his stoic stance, is surprisingly lightly conspiratorial. "That is a trade secret." You can almost /see/ his eyebrow rising behind the helm. "I could demonstrate it again, if you are so eager to find out."

He could bring up the fact that Riku /clearly/ needed the rest, as it has been almost a full 48-hours since then, but that would be rubbing salt in a very open wound. Very petty, and not at all helpful.
Riku-Proxy Riku closes his eyes and laughs at himself as he opens it to start shouting. He lets out an exasperated sigh and rubs the back of his head. "Okay. Yeah. I deserved that." he murmurs quietly and then resumes pacing back and forth.

He glances at the ceiling and around at the surroundings as if only actually seeing them for the first time, rubbing one hand along his arm with agitation before he goes back to leaning up against the wall.

He takes in one breath after another, slowly calming his breathing as he closes his eyes and focuses on just taking in a breath and letting it out and nothing else.
The elevator could be heard starting to come up. The door opens and Dr. Cid himself walks off, correcting his glasses on his face with a grin on his face that he always carries. He then walks very casually over to his table, before picking up a former scale from the Behemoth that has become crystal now.

"It is very fascinating of how by having the knowledge of turning Magicite into Nethicite has become very resourceful. Pity that we only had that one shard. I could only dream of the marvels Archades could have advance to in order to further humanity into a knew age if we had the chance to uncover its deeper secrets." Yet the dear doctor seemed alone, though he did glance over his shoulder. "..and yes. It would seem that was the last shard by reports. I am sure with your help we could have indeed raced ahead."

Cid scowls for a moment in annoyance at this. He almost seems to be ignoring Riku and Zargabaath, before he at last looks at them. The light reflecting in the glasses as his gaze crosses over to them. "Ah yes. About Judge Magister Gabranth..." He then twirls the green crystal scale between his finger tips. "He can be quiet the brute when he is covered in fur. He nearly tore apart several imperial soldiers who were trying to hold him down. Tsk tsk."
Riku-Proxy Riku opens one eye and glances at Doctor Bunansa. Enough distance has been made between his impatience to keep him from simply attempting to shake them until the correct response falls out.

He knows better than that, hearing the tones of glee and abstraction that.. well.. he had heard a time or two before. So instead he goes very, very quiet. His hands spasm until they start to cut into his hands and he lets them relax, putting a foot up on the wall and looking at the floor rather than anything is.

"Are they alright?" He was not going to lose his temper. No.. that was not an option he had right now. Riku thumps a fist against the wall rhythmically.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath lets Riku make his attempts to relax without further word, positive or negative, and returns his full attention to the elevator.

Thus, his implied gaze almost physically sharpens on Doctor Cid makes his exit past those doors speaking to the Mysterious One (as some have taken to calling the unseen apparition that the dear doctor has taken to talking to every waking moment). He remains silent throughout the one-sided 'conversation', his shoulders twitching incrementally at Dr. Cid's subsequent launch into the usual theatrics.

Riku's inquiry to the soldiers' condition breaks the building tension, and the Judge of Reason huffs ever-so-softly as his arms finally lower to his sides. "I must assume, since your speech is quite cavalier concerning His Honor Gabranth, there is at least some good news despite your apparent negativity?"
The dear Doctor was about to speak until suddenly the elevator went back down. His eyes darted over in that direction for a moment before he turned it back to the Judge Cadet and the Judge Magister. "My my. Such impatience. After all do you really believe that, I, inventor of so many fine things that has made Archades the super power she is would not come through with something?"

He almost acts if he is insulted before he laughs gently, then displays the crystal scale. "Including how /close/ he had become to be like that rat over yonder," He points the crystal scale at the crystal rat on his desk. "Though I do admit. A behemoth would make a /horrible/ paper weight."

He looks over his shoulder before he huffs. "Everyone is such a critic." He then throws up his hands, yet catches the scale with easy as it comes back down. "Yes. Yes. I know. I should not continue to tug at them. Yet surely they must not believe that I.."

As the Elevator doors reopen a voice speaks out from it as the doors start to open. "Doctor Cid. Though your research is always appreciative, sometimes your constant babbling can become rather old." Yes. That was indeed the voice of the very Judge Magister who stepped out of the Elevator in his more civilian cloths, with a bag swung over his shoulder. Swords at his hips as always, and helm under his other arm.

The dear doctor turns to look at Gabranth with a huff. "Always know how to ruin the fun, do you not Judge Magister Gabranth?"

Gabranth looks at Cid for a moment before he looks away, giving the doctor no reply before he looks at Riku and Zargabaath. "Judge Riku-- Your honor Zargabaath. Good to see you again."
Riku Riku blinks very slowly, brow furrowing in puzzlement as he looks towards the reopened elevator. He raises a hand to his face and rubs his eyes, using the gesture to cut a quick glance against the other side of his vision.

The voice clicks something over in him like a single domino falling from a great height into a long and sinuous line that clatters over in his head into a very tangled and complicated knot of emotions that he can't really even begin to start sorting out.

His fingers tremble minutely and he almost gasps from the sudden surge of.. something. He blinks hard and turns his head slightly to side and down, as if trying to listen to a far away sound.

Riku coughs faintly and a numbing flood of relief hits him, as if every penned up emotion simply flutters down around him like a rain of paper and he can only futily grasp them as they fall pass and try to make any sense of the conflicting demands.

He swallows and folds his shaking hands tightly against his chest to stop him shaking. This only leads to the youth almost literally viberating against the wall. The only thing that keeps him from panic is that none of the scattered emotions seem likely to trigger.. further problems.. in fact, that part of him seems asleep, almost disappearing into the background noise.

Anger burns away to happiness which explodes in his hands into wariness which melts through his fingers into relief and he honestly doesn't know what to START doing, let alone make sense of any of a dozen more emotions slamming together and fighting for his attention.

And then suddenly.. everything seems very straightforwards.

He knows he shouldn't do this.

He knows even that maybe it was the wrong thing TO do.

Riku doesn't care. Let them interpret it however they wished.

He hopes.. just for a moment. In a small and unflickering and unguarded moment.. and that hope bends reality into letting him be a kid for just a few moments.

"Gabranth!" he laughs with relief and launches himself off the wall, attempting to close the distance in a few strides and hug the judge magister.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath emits a low, long-suffering sigh at the Doctor's continued dramatics. He almost considers interrupting again, only for someone else to do it for him.

The man of the hour himself.

The Judge of Reason cants his helm incrimentally up and down as he evaluates his fellow Judge Magister. He advances forwards in slow neutral steps, pausing briefly in front of Dr. Cid while Riku bolts in to glomp Gabranth. "Thank you, Doctor. And to answer your inquiry, we never doubted your abilities." Only if they were in time. "I look forwards to reading the full report, and please send a copy to Her Honor Constantine as well."

He walks past the Doctor, leaving him to his inane ramblings once more, and plants his fists on his hips. "Gabranth." He shakes his helm. "The next time you make a birthday wish for a behemoth, perhaps you should be more specific on the manner of delivery?"
There was a gentle narrow of his eyes. Glaring at Zargabaath in that moment. "Your honor, I assure you a Behe--" Gabranth was not expecting the hug. As soon has Riku connects with the hug. The Judge Magister seems to suddenly stop whatever thought process he was about to remark back at Zargabaath regarding the remark of Behemoth was interrupted by the critical hit of a hug.

Gabranth looked down at Riku and very slowly with his hand came to rest it on the youth's back. He gave it a gentle pat, keeping the helm tucked under his arm the whole time. "I am.." pause before a smile almost creeps over his face. "..I am glad to see you as well, Riku." He then reaches up and actually ruffles Riku's hair a bit. "I don't remember much-- but I do remember seeing you somewhere.. in all that mess." He then slowly creeps more of a smile on his face before he ahems and tries to cover it over. "Thank you."

Cid however just leans against his table with his arms crossed over his chest as he watches this, before he gently ahems. "Oh. Yes, by the by." He twirls the scale between his finger tips. "I do have some information that I will need to be frank over. But do continue to be merry for the moment. It is-- amusing."

Gabranth cuts his gaze over to Cid for a moment. If the dear doctor wasn't who he was...
He then looks over to Zargabaath. "..Her honor.." He pauses, raising a brow. "..Cirra Constantine was made Judge Magister?"
Riku Riku bristles almost visibly at the doctor's comment of 'amusing' and it's almost painful to stuff the emotion back down his throat. He vibrates with a moment of unbridled anger and laughs very dourly to himself as the flash passes and leaves him with the ashes of what can very laughably be called his dignity.

He ducks his head, staring very pointedly at the ground for a few moments before he looks up at Cid flatly. He grinds fingers into his palm, focusing for a few moments as his breathing calms and the aura of embarrassment ebbs before it can crackle into open flame.

"Yeah. It's.. been about a month since.." he snorts and finishes with slightly grit teeth. "since you've been reported missing."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath nods once to Gabranth. "Indeed. She was promoted to Judge Magister in your absence. It will likely remain so until you are cleared for full duty and are able to return to your post. She has performed her duties quite admirably."

He turns his helm back to regard Dr. Cid. A faint hand-motion is given to Riku and Gabranth, barely perceptible, but indicating them to relax. "Doctor Cidolfus, please do not hestitate on our account."
Cidolfus smiles faintly as he looks at Gabranth and Riku. Amused by how both of them about the same time it almost seems get upset, yet he does stare then directly at Gabranth, looking directly over the rim of his glasses.

Cid then raises up his index finger moving it side to side. "Tsk tsk. Temper temper. We don't need a live demonstration now do we?"

Yes. Gabranth was indeed grinding his own teeth. Those blue eyes taking on a gold hue as his hand holding the bag was clenching tightly. Yes. Perhaps he let his guard down. Yes. Maybe he should have stopped Riku and told him to save it for when they were out of this lab. Yet-- Cid was a killer for just a moment of enjoyment.

The the Judge Magister closed his eyes and rumbles softly in annoyance. Staying quiet, before moving away from Riku and shifting the bag over his shoulder. The sound of armor was obvious in the bag. His eyes looking anywhere but at the dear doctor it would seem.

Cid then raises a brow before he gets a slightly serious look on his face. Serious Cid. Oh dear. "Well. Then I will explain in some very important details." He then takes out a rolled sheet of paper from his pocket before he goes to sit at the table, taking a pen and starting to write on it. "Gabranth has a very interesting problem. Even though his honor was brought back to use with out horns and a tail, he is very capable of regaining those if he is pushed hard enough."

The dear doctor continues. "In order to counter act the shards within his body, the very shard that created his problem had to be used to reverse it. I call this new creation a Chryscite shard. It is a white shard which he must have contact with him at all time. Oh no. It is not placed into his body, but he is wearing around his very neck you see."

He then dips the ink pen into the well before he continues. "This Chryscite neutralizes the effects to the point of allowing Gabranth, so long as his emotions are in check, to have complete and utter control over himself. Yet-- if he can't keep control, if he snaps, he could go right back to a the massive beast he was until he calms down." Cid doesn't even explain how he /knows/ this. Instead he just continues along. "I did not place this inside of him, because it is /very/ possible that putting this into him could have had a extremely negative effect on him. Such as possibly become very ill, death, or even maybe complete loss of memory." He shrugs softly. "The effects of such are unknown. I knew that it be better to go with the.. safe.. direction." Clink clink. Write.

"As such until Gabranth can make sure he has complete control over himself and that he wont loose himself to some emotional display. Which, thanks to beast within a man being awoken-- could be far more likely to happen-- he will have to go under some focus training once more and be kept from duty."

Gabranth blinks and then peers over his shoulder staring right at Cid. "..what?"

Cid just continues. "If he was placed on duty to soon, he could possibly not only endanger himself, but those around him." He then peers over the top of his glasses. "..and we don't need an episode, now do we?" His eyes directly looking at Gabranth now.
Riku Riku's expression becomes one of pained recognition as he listens to the doctor lay out, in no uncertain terms, what is to be the arrangement. He turns away from the doctor, starting to walk back away from the elevator.

He feels like he could just KEEP walking. He almost does. His eyes unfocus as he stares into the distance and around the corner and.. anywhere. Anywhere but here.


Riku takes in a breath and lets it out shakily. The light in his eyes has died back considerably after the explanation. Not anger. Or anything so poisonous as pity. Just understanding. A silent and very unpleasant understanding.

Riku eventually just goes to lean against the wall again, hands lightly pressed into wall palm down. He would just.. wait this out.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath listens very closely, committing every word Dr. Cid speaks to memory. Every inflection, every glance, every casual motion is carefully analyzed and stored away. The very fact that Dr. Cid truly ceases with his theatrics for the duration of the explaination is a major indicator of the seriousness at hand. So it has been contained. Not cured, merely contained... with a very loose top, at that.

"I understand, Doctor." Uh oh, the calm rumble of an impending thunderstorm. "With the facts laid out so plainly, it is the most logical option. Please pass word to all concerned parties that I will personally oversee His Honor Gabranth's remedial training on the Alexander."

He turns slightly to regard the Judge of Ambition, hands still resting on his hips. "This will not impede my duties nor my outstanding orders, and it also gives us much room should matters escalate... and ensure proper incentive to avoid escalation to begin with." The iron will deep in his voice is a hard reminder of his one rule: Never harm the Alexander nor those in it.
Gabranth looks over at Riku. Frowning a bit and then his gaze turns over to Zargabaath. He listens to the Judge Magister speak on the fact of he would take him in on the Alexander for training. Gabranth can only let out a sigh on this and then rumble softly. "..Understood.." Before he starts to walk for the doors. Seems where Riku froze, Gabranth decides he doesn't care if he gets barked out. He /is/ going for a walk. At least get inside the elevator to get out of this laboratory of hell.

Doctor Cid watches Gabranth for a moment before his eyes peer over at Zargabaath. "I will make sure to add such notations, your honor." He then writes some more. "The only possible way to perhaps /cure/ this, would be to remove the shards entirely. However in examining the rat that died. The shards attach themselves into the bone and muscle. Becoming part of the body. To remove it.. would mean removing the organs, muscles, bones, what have you." He murmurs softly. "..if only we had more time.." There was almost a glare of annoyance in his eyes.

"You are all free to leave. Shoo shoo. I have work to be done and you all cluttering up my Lab only makes the work harder. Be off with you!"
Riku Riku looked infinitely relieved to be given an /excuse/ and ..pauses for a moment, and makes himself say it first.

"..Thank you." whether he says it for his own benefit or for a reason, ANY reason to never think about this place again is left for debate.

The 'good' doctor came off to him like any other.. Riku shakes his head and glances at Judge Magister Zargabaath for a moment before going to catch up with Gabranth.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath rests one forearm across his chestplate and bows to Doctor Cid. "As you will. Good day, Doctor Cidolfus."

He straightens, executes a sharp about-face, and strides after the already-departing Judge of Ambition and Judge Cadet with no apparent hurry. There is nothing more to say--not here, at least.
Gabranth waits for the others to get on before he hits the button. He would cross his arms over his chest, but he has stuff he is carrying. Very heavy stuff. He wasn't even sure on all the details which he does rumble softly. " you ever get the feeling that /wasn't/ everything?"

He glances at Riku, then over at Zargabaath. "..As if something was being held back?" He snorts softly. "..unable to control my own emotions.." He rumbles once more, sounding perhaps a hint of being insulted. He tsks and then catches himself in realization as he rests his head back.

"Next time.. I decide to poke something odd. Please take a hold of my cape and yank me back. I don't even know what the bloody hell I was thinking-- Nay. I was not /even/ thinking." He then peers at Riku, "..and has it really been a /month/?"
Riku "All the time." Riku grumbles softly. "Why do you think I started doing it to other people?" he stays quiet until the subject of cape comes up.

"Oh. That's right." he says very softly. "I had a list." he snorts very faintly and looks at the judge magister. He looks at them consideringly for a minute and then looks back at where they were walking.

" can wait, I think." Riku nods in agreement. "It's.. been about that, yeah.."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath seems content to walk just behind Gabranth and Riku, folding his hands behind the small of his back under his cape. "At least you realize that, for all the good it does you now, Gabranth." That rumble of an impending storm has not yet left his voice.

His implied gaze cants over at Riku, the rumble turning dry in an instant. "A pity. I was looking forwards to hearing what you had compiled."
Gabranth walks once the elevator allows it and his crew right behind him. This containing Zargabaath and Riku. Yes. It was his /crew/. Even if it wasn't the right term. He doesn't care mentally. It was his people. Grr.

The /not on duty/ Judge Magister shifts the bag on his shoulder a bit as he walks. He actually have to go to his apartment for once. He hasn't stepped foot in that building in some time. It was probably dusty by this point. Maybe even had cobwebs to clean. Great. "A list?" He cants a glance over at Riku. "I fear what you may have written on it." He does turn his gaze to Zargabaath when the Judge of Reason makes his retort.

Yet those blue eyes are drawn to where Zargabaath's hands had gone. His eyes for only a moment meeting where he know Zargabaath's were. It was just for a second if not less and his gaze breaks away. There was a sneer before his hand tightens softly on his helm. "Your honor," There was that etiquette at last. "You do realize I know where your hilts lie. I just hope the walk is one of calm air and not one of readiness."

Gabranth then sighs softly shaking his head gently. "And aye-- I realize it now and aye, it does me little good.. Your honor." He cuts another glance over his shoulder. "..I know this places me on civilian rank and thus you placing yourself on the line if something goes wrong." He then looks away again. "..I will owe you a great deal once this is over.. as always.. like before.. perhaps.. like forever." He grunts gently.

He then looks to Riku. "Remember this. Judge Magister Zargabaath will forever have you in his debt. He is worse then tax collectors." This was indeed a playful joking jab.
Riku Riku is just about to expound on the virtues of having a great amount of time on your hands to compile such a list while wandering through strange forests where roots jump into the way of your feet when the change in tone strikes him across the face like a slap, and then again when it shifts back.

He glanced to Judge Magister Zargabaath, and then back at Gabranth. It reminded him, perhaps a neccessary reminder.. that he was the outsider here. Anything he might think or believe would just have to be confirmed over time.

He was just very good at guessing. Or very lucky.

...Speaking of.. he tried, for the first time in awhile to work out what day it was. Something was nagging at him about the day but he couldn't immediately put his finger on it.

Riku shakes himself from his thoughts, smirking at the judge magister. "..aren't tax collectors a form of law themselves? If you start insulting yourself, I won't have any new material."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath pauses mid-step. For just a moment, the air around him has that distinct /feeling/ of a lightning bolt primed to strike, and the Judge of Reason visibly bristles.

"You..." His voice actually hitches, words strangling in his throat, and he still has trouble speaking once the blockage eases for a moment. "You honestly... believe..."

The lightning strikes alright, one hand snatching the bag clean off of Gabranth's shoulder while the other simultaneously grabs the Judge of Ambition's collar to spin him around and pull the shorter man close. "You. DAMN. /FOOL/!"

Here comes the storm.

"After all this time." Indignation shakes his voice, a small measure of everything he has held back from the time this whole mess first started for the sake of everyone around himself. "After the unknowing. After finally GETTING YOU BACK. You would /imply/ that I would /cut you down with your back turned to me/?!"

He just stands there for a moment longer, hidden gaze doing its best to pierce Gabranth to the quick, then he simply releases Gabranth's collar only to immediately round around and slam a gauntleted fist into the nearby wall with a furious roar. His leather cape lifts and furls at the sudden movement, revealing just for an instant that there /are/ no sheathed blades hiding beneath.
Riku Riku actually takes a step back from the force of the storm pressure being released all at once. He blinks once or twice as if trying to comprehend what he's seeing since, at no point.. and under a considerable amount of duress, did Judge Magister Zargabaath so much as raise his voice, let alone lose his temper.

And suddenly there is a spike of envy tangled up in the shock, because now that he knows that Zargabaath is not some sort of machine (he was sort of starting to wonder, considering the technology of the empire) that he could master it so completely. His expression is just numb shock and then quiet wariness as the shock starts to abate because the storm is not directed at him.

Riku takes another step back, stepping into the shadow of an alleyway as he watches the exchange silently and staying out of the way of both parties, having no right to intrude. He slowly clenches his fists unnoticed as he looks inbetween Gabranth and Zargabaath.
Gabranth laughs softly as Riku brings up that taxes too are part of the law. "Mm. I suppose that is true now that you point this out." He says with a minor hand gesture. Yet fun and games come a very quick end. There was a button pushed. It said 'hit this to start the storm'.

The bag was jerked and the collar snagged. It the quick tussle around, the very necklace Cid spoke about came into view. The white shard suddenly glowing very brightly almost like a light-bulb. The sudden shock of it all. The sudden, unexpected snap was enough to cause Gabranth to almost lash out back. Almost bare his own teeth in anger and it was showing in his eyes.

Yet perhaps the only reason rage failed was because it was also the quick realization and line had been accidentally stepped over. Zargabaath was never a man to make snap easily. He was never a man to loose his temper. Not unless you did something foolish. Gabranth did something foolish. He knew it. His word choices were bad form, where he thought nothing of it-- he realized Zargabaath did.

The punch to the wall only proved this, including the crack left behind. It was enough to cause Gabranth to freeze in motion once he was released a soft 'tsk' to escape under his breath as he lowered his head. 'Way to go' he told himself. 'You really know how to break the return ice.' Words to himself. Never to another.

His hand gripped tightly on the helm. Tight enough the leather against the metal could be heard crinkling, perhaps even the metal trying to even resist the very hand threatening to bend it. Words tight in his throat. His eyes glancing to the side. Riku was missing. His eyes slowly following back to Zargabaath. Looking to the wall, looking to the man's fist, then looking at the man himself.

Silence. Silence for the long moment before Gabranth. He could not blame Riku. If he was younger he would have hide or even bolted. He wanted to bolt, but that isn't what he did. That isn't what he was trained to do. He was not called the Judge of Ambition without reason.

"Nay. I did not mean to imply nor do I honestly believe you would." Gabranth manages to state, though extremely quiet for his normal tone. As if trying to retain some sense of control and not act emotionally to any of this. "If anything.. I.." His words choke again, he grimaces as his head lowers. "..I would rather you have your weapons on you.. as I do.. not trust myself." His shoulders tense up now, trying to force his hand to relax before his gaze shifts away for just a moment, before he forces himself to stand up straight. To stand as he always has as a Judge Magister. "..and my actions now have proven that Doctor Cid is correct. I am not suited for duty at this current time. For under normal circumstances, your honor-- my friend--" He pauses before he continues, "Zargabaath.. I would not do this nor say what I did."

"You have the right to bring your anger upon me, for I would have done the same. Though I would have striked you-- and not the wall." His eyes gaze over at the wall. "Forgive my arrogance," His eyes then shift back over to Zargabaath. "..and my lack of faith in the one who trained me.. and the ones," Yes he included Riku in that line, perhaps even now Cirra. "..who risked their lives to recover me. It was improper and each deserve an apology from my lips."
Zargabaath For a full month, Judge Magister Zargabaath has had to face the possibility of losing yet another comrade of the exclusive brotherhood of Judge Magisters to unknown circumstances--or failing that, being too late to save them. He has stood firm in the face of darkness, alleviated the fears of others while swallowing his own, and has been at the forefront of the investigation for the sake of another.

But this... /THIS/ was simply too much.

His gauntleted fist remains planted on the wall, the directly impacted stones cracking from the remnants of force. "Do you think I have not the means nor the ability to deal with you in such a situation without my swords?" Zargabaath bites the words out harshly, the edges of control frayed and raw but still there no matter how barely. "But I believe you, Gabranth."

He shoves himself off of the wall heavily, his arm limply falling to his side. "You spoke out of distrust. Fear. Expectation of the worst." Slowly, reason replaces rage. Neutrality supercedes indignation. "Reasonable given the circumstances. Your restraint speaks well of your existing control."

He shakes his helmed head slowly, almost wearily. "Save your apologies for later, Gabranth. 'Tis time enough for that once we have our wits about us again." He slings the Judge of Ambition's bag over his own shoulder. "Though this I shall keep until we reach the Alexander. You are still recovering after all." Was that a faint attempt at humor?

He turns and bows deeply at the waist towards where Riku had gone, even if he can't see Riku himself. "Forgive me for my display of temper, Riku. 'Tis unbecoming of one of my age and station."
Riku Riku murmurs quietly. " do not owe an apology to me." from where he is standing. He has not bolted, but the idea crossed his mind when he realized just how out of his depth he was here.

"..and you already know why." he pauses, then looks at Zargabaath. "It's already started. The 'good' doctor saw to that. He set a good deal of careless dread into his dry words." Riku frowns ominously. "I would very much liked for him to eat them." he snorts and then leans against the wall.

"It just... doesn't go away until you know how far things can be pushed. Nothing feels safe anymore." he shakes his head. "It doesn't excuse saying /stupid/ things, your honor." and this time a flicker of a smile. "..but I think I know why they were said." he chuckles very softly.

"..or at least I am arrogant enough to assume." he looks at Gabranth. "..I can never tell."

He looks distant for a moment and then smiles mischieviously. "Well.. since I feel so left out here." he tsks. "..I guess I'll make myself useful." he attempts to wrench Gabranth's helmet from his hands. "See you back at the Alexander!" he calls back over his shoulder whether he succeeds or not, bolting.
Gabranth rumbles and huffs softly. "..I think I would rather have your swords encase I try to eat you.." He muffles out with a slight cough. "Yet I am glad to see some of your old training still holds true even now with me." He then falls silent for the most part until Zargabaath takes the bag. "..Now just wait a moment.."

However before he could attempt to argue with Zargabaath. Riku then shows up! "Hm. Perhaps sometime soon I could.." Then YOINK the helm. This Causes him to hold up his index finger. "Oh. I see what this is about. I see /exactly/ what this is about."

He stares at Zargabaath and then starts to watch Riku run. "I may not be able to /bark/ at him. But I can you--" He then is about to chase until he pauses in a hop step and then his arms slump over as he just stares at Riku running. Most likely stands there until Zargabaath passes. "..No.. no I can't bloody argue at all.. or chase... or even bark.." He then slams his hands into his pockets. "..I hate being a bloody civie." He grunts before he just fallows in place.

Though he does yell in Riku's direction. "I will find the means later to get you!"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath just pats Gabranth's shoulder as he passes. "Do not worry. I am certain Judge Riku will take good care of your helm until you have been cleared for duty." He can't help but chuckle at the antics, some measure of normalicy seeming to be restored in the process. Thank Faram for that.

This scene contained 33 poses. The players who were present were: Riku, Zargabaath, Riku-Proxy, Gabranth