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(2013-04-24 - Now)
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Percival He'd heard what happened.

It felt like a poor excuse, that he'd turned to stone at the most inoppurtune time, while making his way to Traverse Town, but these things happened to his kind.

He just wish it hadn't happened that night. He hadn't been able to keep his promise to protect her. And so in the aftermath, he'd been told Maira had run off.

A few questions around town had been dropped to the right people, and with small bits and pieces of information in hand he knew where to go to search for her. What she wore was very distinct after all, few forgot that they'd seen her.

In the Crossroads, he'd never glide. Something felt /wrong/ about gliding here. So instead he ranged around East and South, trying to fan out and locate her.
Maira Maira had rested for a little while, simply passing out in Avira's arms outside of the much scorched VALKYRI HQ. That part, was her fault. She'd lost control. Her heart had broke and fire had roared out in defiance.

She'd made such progress, gotten her magic under control. Regression.

Maira got up and wandered, wandered long and far until she'd finally passed out in the Crossroads. She lays on what was a grassy hill, the grass around her completely burned to ashes. Her mind is wrapped in a nightmare, her magic reacting even as she lays unconscious.

Wimpering, a prisoner to her dreams, the inferno blazes.

She should not be difficult to find. Just follow the smell of smoke.
Percival The Gargoyle's first clue that something was wrong was the acrid smell of smoke in the air. As he turned eastward, he saw wisps of it rise into the heavens. Dropping to all fours, he picked up pace as he ran in that direction.

From a distance, he beheld what she had wrought, even in her sleep. It was as if this were a holocaust, and she were a sacrifice to some fell god. At least he knew better now, it was difficult to burn Maira. Nigh-impossible in fact, unless one had /super god powers/ like Hades; otherwise he might have dove right in to try and save her.

As he closed in, he'd examine her more closely. She was apparently in some sort of fitful dream, and he didn't know whether it was because of the affect the Crossroads had on people, or.. if she simply had strong dreams, and that the events of last night had caused her emotions to run haywire.

Moving as close to the edge of the blaze as he dared, he cleared his throat, which was becoming raw from breathing in the smoke. And then he spoke, not too forcefully, but not too softly either given his distance from her. "Maira, its time to wake up!"
Maira It is difficult to burn Maira with normal flame or her own magic, but smoke? Smoke can very much harm her.

When she hears her name called she wakes up, sitting bolt upright, gasping--then coughing. She look around herself, the fire raging, and Maira winces. This again...she hadn't done this in so long. She /would/ get this under control though, now that she was awak.

Maira takes a deep breath and the flames blow inward toward her, as if she's breathing them in. They grow smaller, smaller still, until they snuff out completely, draw back inside of her and shoved down deep. She gets up then to see Percival standing now far away and looks toward him, not sure what to do.
Percival It wasn't very difficult to know what to do. Once the area is clear of her flames, he'd just walk up to her, and wrap his arms and wings around her in a supportive embrace. He was entirely uncaring as to whether she had even cooled off enough for him to do so or not. Let him be burned again, he didn't care.

He didn't even say anything, as while he could guess, he didn't pretend to /know/ how she felt. He knew she loved Angantyr, or at least thought she did. While he knew what it was like to be hurt by the ones he loved, he couldn't fathom a betrayal to that degree.
Maira Maybe she loved him. Yes....Maira loved without restraint. She may have loved him more than a friend--but first he was a friend and he had stood against them. He'd come to destroy. To TEST.

Maira slumps in Percival's arms and begins to sob. She'd thought she'd cried all the tears she could possible have in her, but still more came. She didn't even know where she was right now, but the arms of a friend were around her and she just couldn't not weep again.

"I don't know--I don't know--it's always the same--it never makes a difference! Nothing I do makes any difference at all! What good is this Light....what good is it!?" she screams, her rage and sadness seemingly unfathomable.
Percival He'd just hold her for a time, as he considered every word that she spoke. He stared forward, beyond her for a time, as he watched the ever-changing sky of the crossroad dance in a myriad of colors.

After maybe a few minutes of silence to contemplate his words, he finally spoke in a calm, measured tone. "What good is light, Maira? I can tell you that much..."

He'd look down into her eyes to regard her, as he lifted her chin gently with one hand, his smile a touch sad. "...light is what causes wretches like me to strive to become something better than what they are. Sometimes we stumble, and fall. Sometimes we turn away from it. But it is always there, waiting for us, shining as a beacon in the darkness that encompasses this world. That is what you are. One of those people that makes this world a better place to live in. You may forget that sometimes, you may think your light is dimmed by the troubles of the world. You may be constantly disappointed by the failures of others..."

He tried to /will/ his smile into being warmer, just to try to support her. "....but you mustn't give up. As a world without light would be too terrible to contemplate."
Maira Maira clutches at the fabric of his shirt, moistening it with her tears. She listens though, and allows her chin to be lifted--oh but she looks incredibly miserable. "But it is their failure or mine? It's mine too...I'm never strong enough, or smart enough, or--I don't know. It's seems to do nothing but bring trouble to me and those around me," she says. The sobs have stopped, now she simply sounds drained.

"Angan...I don't understand. I need to find him..."
Percival The Gargoyle breathes in deeply, his chest expanding outward for a moment, then retracting as he held her close. "You shouldn't blame yourself for the failures of others, Maira. You're a genuinely kind person, and you think that you can save everyone. But people have to want to be saved, from themselves, from their uglier natures. You can't change the nature of a man. You can only be an example to spur them onwards to desire change. But if they don't want to change? If they can't make the decision to take that leap of faith forwards into the frightening unknown? It is their fault, not yours."

And then his eyes would narrow at her. It was obvious that he wasn't angry at her though, despite the sudden conviction in his tone. "I don't ever want to hear you say those words again, Maira. You are a strong, intelligent woman who is better than this world deserves. And I would weather every trouble that this world might throw at me, just to be your friend."

He'd look her in the eyes for a time, before nodding. "Then I'll help you find him, if that is what you want.."
Maira Maira watches Perci as he speaks, her brow drawn together in thoughtful sadness. The intensity of his eyes and his tone. She flushes, embarrassed. She can't deal with such compliments, such praise. She doesn't really believe it. Still, she nods, if only to stop him from saying such embarrassing things again.

Maira takes a deep breath, reaching up to wrap her arms around him and hug tightly, nodding. "I think I need to. I don't know if it will go well but....I need to. I need to see him and see that he's alright--and know. I just...I need to know," she replies. "I don't know where he would be."

Maira takes a deep breath. "The Dark Knight was there. He was watching...he...he gave me a linkpearl so he could contact me. I know I should have just thrown it into the sea but--" she says, reaching toward her ear. "I couldn't."
Percival He'd tilt his head to the side, his tail swaying anxiously as she speaks on those matters. Deep down, some part of him really didn't like Angantyr, and he couldn't put his finger on why. If it were just that he's the sort of man that could have attacked VALKYRI headquarters, and had hurt people he cared about deeply, it wouldn't have bothered him. But it wasn't that... it was another reason, that he didn't care to admit to himself. So when Maira states that she needs to see him, he chokes on any thoughts of saying something self-righteous, and just nods to her. "We'll find him."

And then the Dark Knight, he just didn't understand why she was so intrigued by him, and yet he couldn't fail to support her here either. "What did he say, Maira, that upset you so?"
Maira "He said that Darkness would always overcome the Light...I told him I would not give up, and he said 'good'. He was intrigued that my magic worked the same on Angantyr as it did on him," she replies quietly, apparently content to remain sheltered by arms and wings.

"There are so many people I need to see...but I just want to lay down and sleep for weeks--but only if that sleep could be dreamless. Garland...oh god, Garland....he ripped Isaac's arm off..." she says, beginning to shake once more as a new round of terror begins to grip her.
Percival "He's wrong." And that's all Percival had to say on the Dark Knight. It disturbed him that the Dark Knight was the only person that he didn't just desire to kill, but believed he would act on it if he had the oppurtunity. Even Royce, the dread necromancer had not evoked such a reaction from him, he'd stayed his blade in the end to spare her.

He definitely wouldn't tell Maira that though. He knew what she'd think, he knew what she'd say. And he truly didn't want her to think any less of him than she already likely did after telling her his tale.

And then came the subject of Isaac, and Percival's expression would become grim. "I can.. I think I know a way that can help you ease your sleep, if you'd like. Isaac.. I don't know Isaac very well, but he's stronger than any of us know. I don't think we need to worry about him, though we should try to support him, and make certain he's alright, yes."
Maira Maira nods slightly, so tired, so worried. "What could ease my sleep? I have potions that I've tried but they just make it even harder for me to wake when something is wrong," she says, looking backward to the hill she'd scorched with her flames. "I...will you watch me? I'm afraid I'll burn down things in my sleep. I...I burnt Valkyri HQ. I was out of control. I think I burned Sarafina too..."

"Would Isaac go to Manhattan? I think...I think I'd like to speak to him first."
Percival He'd look down at Maira, nodding. "Have you tried something that isn't magic? Maybe.. well maybe potions which are magical just are having adverse reactions because you're so magical. I could try medicine from Manhatten."

And he'd smile once more. "I'll watch over you, I promise." And if fate were kind, he wouldn't turn to stone while he was.

And then he'd screw up his face in sort of a contemplative look. "I'm not certain. He'll either be there, or in Traverse Town but he's a private sort who keeps mostly to himself. I can call him, if you'd like."
Maira Maira nods again. "Yes, if you could call him. I'd like to see him and give him some healing if he'll accept it," she comments.

Maira leans up against Perci, closing her eyes. "I'll try whatever...I'm just so tired..."

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