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(2013-04-22 - 2013-04-22)
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Sydney Losstarot Its a rather average day(?) in the city of the lost, Traverse town. The eternal night that keeps the city ever-shrouded in a layer of ethereal blackness is as present as it always is, not that one would care, thanks to all the bright streetlights in the town. The people are of course, a rather diverse lot, but there's a character that stands out, even among them.


The heavy sound of platemail upon brick echoes throughout the street as Sydney Losstarot makes his way down the street. He's looking about curiously, this being his first time being directly inside the town. He's quite the odd site, walking around bare-chested as if it weren't the slightest bit odd, and waearing platemail around his legs and his arms only. On his back is a symbol Agrias may have seen before in some vein or another, The Blood-Sin. A major symbol of the Glabadosian Church. Except turned upside down.
Agrias Oaks Striding down the street, Agrias is in the middle of one of her occasional information gathering trips to Traverse Town. Any time they pass a portal, she tends to take advantage of the chance. She's not familiar with these worlds at all, and who knows when Ovelia might show up? So she comes to see if anyone had heard or seen anyone resembling her princess. Agrias wears platemail on, you know, the important parts. Her upper body. And has a simple longsword sheathed at her hip. Walking behind Sydney, she notes the symbol, and it doesn't catch her attention at first, then she looks again, and she frowns. Studying the man as she trails along for a moment, she stops, one hand going to the hilt of her sword, and she calls out loudly, "Excuse me. Are you a servant of the Church of Glabados?"
Sydney Losstarot Sydney cranes his his head over his shoulder, studying the woman behind him for a minute. Platemail. As opposed to the strange outfits and TRON clothing he'd seen in his time here. Well, thats a mildly good sign. And then she had to go and ask him /that/ question.

"So their foul influence reaches even beyond worlds..." He mutters under his breath, scowling. He looks to Agrias, his eyes narrowed cruelly. "If you so much as /try/ to rope me into that filthy church of Lucavi-Worshippers, I will leave you smouldering in the ashes." He says angrily. Though normally he might've had a little more tact, the realization that he hasn't escaped the clutches of the church just yet is an infuriating one.

"Hmph. I finally meet someone who looks sane, and she's one of /them/." He says under his breath, a disdainful venom tinging his words.
Agrias Oaks Agrias looks intent on drawing her sword for a moment as the man turns to face her and begins speaking, and then she blinks. She stares at the man, "What did you just say? I do not seek to draw anyone into anything. I seek to bring light to a dark time." As far as she is aware, only she, Ramza and a few others know the truth of the church and the Lucavi. She shifts her grip on her sword's hilt, but doesn't draw yet, "Are you implying that you are no ally of the church, then?"
Sydney Losstarot Sydney raises a brow at Agrias, considering what she'd said. Such a naive thought, bringing light to the dark. But better to be naive than his head. "I am no ally of those who seek to veil the masses, for naught but their own gain." He says, smirking. Funny how someone from the future speaks like he's from the past, isn't it? He raises his hand, looking at the sharp claws jutting from his fingertips. He scratches them together, making a small amount of sparks as he considers his words. In the end, he remains silent. This woman might be one of them, and Sydney dares not waste his words on a churchie.
Agrias Oaks Slowly, Agrias removes her hand from her sword, though she frowns at the sparks, "Forgive me, then. And might I suggest not wearing their symbol. Not that there are many who know enough or are willing to fight them. It draws attention to you." She sniffs sharply, eyeing the man dubiously as she asks, "What do you know of the Lucavi? I did not believe anyone else knew the truth of them. And we only know because we were attacked by and forced to kill one of the nightmares."
Sydney Losstarot Sydneys next words are said with a characteristic distantness to his voice. "They are liars. Cheats. And murderers. Is it a leap in thought to assume they are thieves of more than lives, but of symbols as well?" He says, explaining himself boredly. When Agrias mentions that she knows what the Lucavi are though...that catches Sydneys attention. And its quite visible in his features. He hears Agrias's story out, chuckling to himself as he hears it. "Hmph. So you really managed to kill one of the fiends, did you?" He says, raising a brow, as a mildly unsettling smile forms. "Impressive...most impressive." He says. Knowing that he's speaking with a fellow heretic, Sydneys disdain drops, but he's still speaking with that condescending intellectualism he often carries. "All there is to know, child. Ask, and perhaps you shall recieve the knowledge you desire." He says. Oops, looks like Sydneys found a new game to play!
Agrias Oaks "I am not certain it is dead. But its host died, yes," Agrias comments in a guarded tone, eyes watching the man. She frowns at his tone, arms folding over her breastplate as she thinks for a moment, "If you know so very much, I would hear all of it. How much of the church is part of this? I know it is not the entire church, but it appears to be the ones in power. What experience do you have with the Lucavi? And -how- do you have experience with them?"
Sydney Losstarot Sydney grins devilishly. Perhaps this girl could be an ally in his campaigns. And if not an ally, a pawn. "'Tis good to have those who would hear such stories, without cries of heresy." He begins, still smiling unsettlingly. "It is a long tale, going back to the time of the Ydoran empire." He begins, clacking his claws together as he thinks. "A demon was born to human parents. One of great power. One who had surpassed simple things like mortality...or so they say. That child was Ajora Glabados...but unlike most demons, he was not content with spreading mere destruction. He had more ambition. He sought to perform the cruelest deed those of foul intention could..." He says, smirking to himself for a minute. "And thats convince the world that they are those who would seek to help it. Ajora was nothing more than the leader of the unholy zodiac, given physical form." He says, smiling to himself as he thinks of all the uses this woman could have in an army like his. "The fault lies in the entire church. For even those who would know no such tales of demons and fiends, yet would take part in the burning of those who speak out against it..." Sydney clacks his claws more furiously now, making another slight burst of sparks. "Are just as those you would call a demon. As for how I know these due time, child. In due time." He says with another devilish grin.
Agrias Oaks Listening, Agrias nods slowly as the man references St. Ajora. She frowns near the end and shakes her head, "The entire church is not guilty of such. Though I agree those who do become part of such things may be at fault, regardless of what they are and are not aware of. But that is between themselves and God, unless they get in my way or seek to keep Princess Ovelia from me." She purses her lips, studying the man, "And what do you know the current Lucavi? Where they are, anything?" She's not offering any information, or bringing up the Auracite zodiac stones bearing the sealed lucavi, wanting to see what the man knows and doesn't. For all she knows, he's some trick from the demons. "What is your name? I am Agrias Oaks, Holy Knight and bodyguard of Princess Ovelia."
Sydney Losstarot Sydney lets out a discontented exhale at Agrias's response, clearly in disagreeance. "Those who would kill others, simply because they don't fall in line with a certain ideology...what becomes of them is not between them and god, but between them and a fire, so that they may see the pain they create." He says bluntly. Or as blunt as one can be when talking about cooking people. "If I recall right...the Lucavi have been dead for millenia now." He says with a grin, simply adding to the enigma of whoever this man is. "Though I don't doubt your tale. Isn't that right, Agrias?" He says, his voice shifting to a very familiar tone. That of Ramza Beolve. His appearance shifts as well, his whole form appearing identical to his for a second, only with Sydneys unsettling smile on his face. "Tell your lord I send my regards. I might even drop in to say hello to such a...devout heretic." He says, whilst beginning to back away into an ally. There's no characteristic flash of light from the alley, nor any sign that he teleported. But no matter how hard Agrias checks, she won't find any sign of him in there.

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