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Drop the Sis
(2013-04-22 - Now)
Kyra just wants to work on her latest Mogstep piece but finds herself faced with interruptions.
Kyra Hyral Simple town, filled with simple people...

Compared to other places in the World of Ruin, Corneria has been met with very little suffering lately. Heartless never ventured into the town and the outskirts were kept clear of monsters by a number of adventurers. The dangerous eclipse behemoth had ventured nowhere near the citizenry. Honestly, though, what could possibly be gained from the harassment of such a peaceful little place?

Business at the local inn is modest, serving as a stopover place for people on the way to more interesting adventures. There are, of course, a few exceptions to this: namely those of Alexander Academy who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time here despite the drastically lower level of technology. Still, some could manage in spite of this, undaunted by the challenges-or working around them completely.

Such was the case with Kyra. As she sits on the first floor of the inn, she has claimed a table all to herself and strewn her laptop and other mixing supplies across the surface. Mixing supplies...for sound that is. So far she had yet to procure proper laboratory space but she was certainly working on it. Tonight, such things were not in her mind as she sits at the table with a set of high quality Ramuha earphones upon her and several sound programs strewn out before her on her screen.
Alma Hyral In the World of Ruin, its a common enough tale. When the Heartless consume a world heart, the entire realm becames shrouded in darkness. Those with strong hearts are eventually called out of the darkness. Most wake up in an random location, remembering nothing but a few images of the end of their world. Few remember anything of their time sleeping in a realm of absolute calignosity, or their journey to escape.

Alma has been asleep for a long time.

Her heart, while it is stronger than most residents of her fallen world, has had its resistance ebb away by the desolation of the realm. The armor of her heart had cracks it in, as if it were made of dross. Tira's death had put her in that state of despair which made her vulnerable. It wouldn't be much longer now, before she gave in entirely, and became a heartless.

And then came a murmuring in the dark.

A soft susurrus, that caused her to stir, then grow still once more. And then it became more urgent, louder. And then the girl's eyes began to flutter open, as she stated in a drowsy tone. "Kyra?"

Recognition came slow to her, as her first impression was that this morass of darkness was but a dream. The rest of the journey was but a blur, a sort of sleepwalking out of the dark, and to the light.

The next true memory she had, other than her voice, was of her stumbling forward staight onto the cluttered table. Her head struck the edge of the table, before she collapsed onto the floor, stunned. All of it still seemed like a dream, as she squinted, to adjust to the sudden lights and sounds of the inn. Her voice still sounded quite timid, as she worked up the courage to ask the question. "W-Where am I?"
Kyra Hyral Kyra squints intently at the computer screen, the rest of the world literally nonexistant to her. She has reached that sweet spot those engaging in any task of intense concentration call "the zone." It is at this point where time ceases to exist and creativity flows freely. Her fingers dance across the keyboard to her laptop, interspersed with grasping for the mouse at her right. Those near enough can hear the clicks and stuttering of music.

Her creation was well underway. There was nothing else on her mind. Not the terror of Helena having survived. Not the irritation of Souji being Souji. Just pure unbridled musical bliss.

Suddenly it is interrupted. Well, not suddenly. She feels the table jolt and sees her screen move but Kyra doesn't actually react to it until a few seconds later as she, with an annoyed expression, peers over her screen. Seeing nobody there at first, she removes one side of her headphones and starts peering around until she peeks under the table.

Her heart stops as she sees Alma lying there, scrunched up on the floor. ".../Alma/?" she asks in an incredulous tone. In a flurry, she slips her headphones off and runs around the table.
Alma Hyral Kyra was in the zone, creating one of her mogstep videos. Were Alma conscious of what she'd done, she'd have been horrified. She knew how irritated her sister got at her when she interrupted her from the /zone/.

Instead, she sat on the ground for a time, rubbing her bruised forehead with a trembling hand. She'd always been rather frail, and darkness had taken its due from her after spending so long within it. When Kyra did bend down to see to her, she didn't look her way at first, still in a daze. But eventually she turned in the direction of her voice. It /was/ Kyra.

In mere moments, all the timidity drained from her at the adrenaline rush of relief. She was up in a flash, and moments later she was embracing her. Shortly after the tears started to come, and she welcomed them. "It is you! Thank the goddess! I don't know what happened to me, it was all like some appalling nightmare! Mom and Dad..."

She choked back sobs, unable to put into words what she saw happen at the end of their world.
Kyra Hyral So it WAS Alma. She should be mad under these circumstances-and indeed, a tiny part of her is, not only because her flow was interrupted, but because she thought that she had gotten away from all of -this-. It was nice to, mentally and physically, be free of the family.

Now Alma is here. Alma is here and hugging her and all she can really do is stand there looking stunned. Who else would follow?! What if their parents come? What if-

No, they wouldn't get their reins on her again. She was done. All of that is put aside and, gently, Kyra pats Alma's head. "Yeah...yeah I know...I saw it all too. Our world was..." she hesitates a little. Normally she'd just switched to that detatched, scientific means of looking at the situation but here, with her sister crying into her hoodie, she can't. "...sent into the darkness."

She looks down at her, concern in her green eyes, "What did you see?"
Alma Hyral Had Alma had even the slightest inkling of Kyra's true thoughts on the matter, she might have been horrified.

But for now, no matter how cold or detached she might seem any comfort to her was enough, whether it was genuine or not.

It is only when Kyra asks, that she finally manages to compose herself enough to relate it. "T-they were fighting these... terrible little fiends. They were like nightmares from the tales, that we were told of Chaos. And then everyone was screaming! And then everything was a mute stillness..."

Her lip was quivering, as she looked up in her eyes. "...I just remember feeling only despair. I wanted to sleep forever. Then I heard your voice..."

Her eyes were shining now with tears, but genuine admiration, like a sort of worship that only a younger sibling can give to an elder. "Its your words that gave me courage. They became my light to guide me towards the right path."
Kyra Hyral It was a cruel point of view to take, but at the same time, it had offered itself as a coping mechanism. She couldn't feel bad and grieve if she didn't miss her family to begin with-and she was well on her way to being disowned anyway, right?

Alma, though. She was a different beast altogether. Young, vulnerable, pampered. Unlike Kyra herself, she hadn't survived the transition to the "real world" of Alexander Academy. While Kyra believes she was adapting to her new situation well, she had to wonder now if Alma would be capable of doing the same.

For now, she listens patiently as Alma explains what she saw-of the creatures she'd later learn to be called as Heartless. As she speaks, Kyra gently pets her little sister's head. " heard /my/ voice?" she says with disbelief.

Kyra didn't hear a voice guiding her.

Alma looks up at her with that...look on her face. She starts to crumble on the inside and hugs her a little bit tighter. "W..well I'm glad they did." she's clearly trying to keep it together herself, emotions running haywire.
Alma Hyral Alma on the other hand, adored every member of her family. Even Kyra. /Especially/ Kyra. Which is why it hit her just as hard as their parents when she began her rebellion, just for different reasons. Her hero had become the family pariah. She'd never known that Kyra was jealous of the differences in how they were treated. Alma had been a sickly child, and the baby. She had never known the difficult choices that her parents had made in regards to Kyra's /condition/ and how it affected their treatment of her.

She hadn't taken to Alexander Academy well, but she'd put up with all the challenges that had been thrown at her, not only because of her parent's expectations, but because she wanted to be just like her elder siblings, proud graduates of that august academy. When Tira died, and she'd been withdrawn from the school, her soul had been crushed. It felt like all her dreams had died with Tira.

She was calmer now, she was even smiling, as she nodded her head a fraction into Kyra's shoulder. "I did, I'm sure of it.."

And then she'd stand up a tad straighter, to regard her. And it was only then that she realized that her sister was in full out rebellion, from the way she dressed, right down her sound equipment and computer on the table. Some of the warmth drained from her when she realized that her sister hadn't changed from the last time she saw her. And yet another part of her told her that she was a foolish child for expecting otherwise.

Relief, and the draining experience she'd had in that dread realm caused her to swallow her pride for now. She was just too glad to see her sister again to start nagging /immediately/. But still, did she really have to display a Diabolos patch /openly/? Did she have to have so many piercings...? And those clothes! ", where are we? Did anyone else from our family make it?" Her voice was timid again, as if she were afraid of the answers she'd receive.

It hadn't been fair and it took her a long time to realize that where Alma was pampered, Kyra was stifled. Smart as she was, she was quick to come to the conclusion that her growth had been stunted so much. Now, in all her glory, she had broken away from Cosma. Alma has certainly noticed. Kyra is actually glad for this since it no doubt confirms whatever disparaging things her parents had said about her.

Kyra seems comfortable, dressed as she was, embracing the unusual. "This is a place called Corneria. It's like...villages of old here. Everything is really rustic." she unwinds an arm from Alma and gestures around. Alma's next question makes her pause. "No. I haven't seen anyone else of our family since coming here. But there are many others from Alexander Academy."

Yes, she hears that timidness in Alma's voice. Well too bad. Kyra is going to tell it like it is.
Alma Hyral "I..I see."

That was perhaps the extent of Alma's reaction. For some reason, she'd already anticipated that answer in regards to her family, and it put her in a state of numb shock. To her credit at least, she wasn't sobbing anymore.

Despite all that had happened, her parents actually hadn't said anything all that disparaging about Kyra to Alma at least. Perhaps that was because she was their baby, and they didn't want to expose her to such negative commentary about her older sister. Or maybe it was because their mute disapproval, their silence was far worse than any sort of punishment they could inflict through vehemence.

Either way, the girl was oblivious to how Kyra felt on the matter.

And then she responded to the lesser, far less important question to her. "Corneria?" A look around the inn confirmed what Kyra had said. Kyra's tech seemed so anachronistic in this inn.

While Alma likely at least knew most of the people from the Academy through brief contact, or reputation if not that. She had no friends from that place. Noone she truly wanted to ask about whether they'd survived or not. And.. she'd been withdrawn. If she'd been a in poor circumstances before, she felt that she'd be in even worse now. So instead of asking about any specific people, she'd instead inquire. "What are all of you doing?"
Kyra Hyral One small miracle at a time. Kyra couldn't stand seeing people cry. She couldn't put her finger on why, but it just bothered her so very much. The worst part of crying like this was there wasn't something she could throw a potion behind or a bone she could splint. It was all that messy emotion, which behaved so irrationally!

"Corneria." Kyra repeats. "This is another world entirely. A world, near as I can tell, patched together from other pieces of other worlds." she wants to go on further, but Alma seemed a little distracted now. No doubt she was experiencing the same shock Kyra went through so not all that much would get to her, would it?

"Just...trying to figure everything out, mostly. We've learned a lot since then and want to rebuild what we can." There's a sad look on Kyra's face. "Preserve what we can."

Though she had heard from the others that there were ways to restore worlds-that seeking out shards of their world was the path to go, she doesn't choose to mention this yet. Not after the huge shock that Alma went through. In time, maybe-who knows, this place could grow on her little sister!
Alma Hyral She would remove her glasses to clean them. They just seemed so filthy. And then she realized she had nothing to clean it with, other than the sleeves of her frumpy robe. She'd sigh, cleaning it off briefly, before putting them back on over her nose, adjusting it by pushing them up.

"There are other worlds then? And they all fell?"

This seemed to put the girl even more in a state of melancholy. "Creation itself is being torn asunder by the forces of Chaos."

She tried to digest the thought. It made sense to her hyperreligious mind. Though it seemed like some sort of grim apocalypse was occurring, and they were both in the middle of it.

And then like a lightswitch being flipped, she sounded /enthusiastic/.

"Then, can I help? Please, I'd like to help rebuild...and preserve." After all, she was an idealist. The thought of doing something, /anything/ gave her hope.
Kyra Hyral Oh frumpy little sister. Though maybe not all was lost. Maybe Kyra could get Alma to see things her way and abandon Cosma worship entirely!!!

Solemly, she nods, "They all fell, some much earlier than Galiandia did." Kyra falls silent, as if giving those from her fallen world a moment of silence.

Then Alma veers into manic enthusiams and for those few seconds, kyra KNOWS that they are most certainly related. She herself is guilty of that same enthusiasm. "Well yes." she says, almost uneasily, unsure what she would set her little sister to /doing/. Healing aside. "But you have to promise that you'll be careful."
Alma Hyral That seemed passing unlikely. Her parents had hardwired her brain to be a diehard Cosma worshipper, and they'd only reinforced that after Kyra's rebellion and Tira's death.

She'd nod solemnly when she reinforced that their world fell, giving her own moment of silence to the thought of Galiandia's demise.

So, she /did/ care about her. That made Alma inordinantly happy. They'd barely even spoken for the past two years. So even though it might have seemed like a harmless sibling gesture to the younger girl, her voice became filled with even more enthusiasm. "I promise! Don't worry about me."

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