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(2013-04-22 - 2013-04-22)
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Zidane Having easily secured the disguise from one of the Knights of Pluto (Seriously, do they ever even train these guys? Rusty should be ashamed) Zidane found himself easily able to slip past what little security he couldn't hide from and snuck his way into the lower recesses of the castle first, in search of the captured Garnet and Steiner. They were captured, so they would both be in the prison. Makes perfect sense.

As he enters out into the open area, he notes Rusty's cage swinging lightly as it dangles him over quite the height. He takes a note around to search for any further guards before walking casually toward the cage, a wide cheerful grin on his face.
Adelbert Steiner Rusty IS ashamed of his men being unable to actually be competent on a full time basis. They're good at what they do, just not at what everyone else does. But we digress!

The Captain of the Knights of Pluto is hanging in his cage sell, rattling at the bars and yelling out at the top of his lungs, "I am Captain Adelbert Steiner, humble and loyal servent of Alexandria and Queen Brahne! Let me speak to the Queen! She will see reason! HELLO?!"


Zidane With a sigh the disguised monkey thief turns on his heels to stop and face Rusty's cage. He's on the edge facing him directly now, eyes still shrouded by the helmet.

"Well well well, can't leave you alone without you falling in to trouble, can I?" He holds his hands behind his head as his smile returns. "Now pipe down so we can get outta here."
Adelbert Steiner Steiner blinks a little bit at the familiar voice, and when the faux guard reveals himself, the captain finds himself filled with an emotion that he hadn't felt in a while. Unmitigated annoyance.

"YOU!" A finger points accusingly at Zidaine, as he growls, "What are you doing here?! How did you get into the castle!? What did you do to Mullenkedheim, I recognize his armor anywhere!" Yes, he's able to identify which pluto knight that suit of armor belongs to.
Zidane Zidane suddenly jumps across the gap and latches himself onto the bars, holding himself up from his tail as he begins to pick the lock.

"Just keep it down would ya? I might need your help getting the princess outta here. I take it she's not down here with you?"

*clink-tink-clank-clink* Zidane works away quickly at the lock, not at all thinking about how Steiner is going to get from the cage to the path with all that heavy armor on.

"And Mullen-kuh-whoever, will be fine, maybe a bit bruised but fine. Now are you coming or not? Because I've almost got this lock."
Adelbert Steiner While it would be nice to get out of the cage, Steiner has a duty to the law, and being that he's stubborn by nature and has opposed Zidane on every matter without actually fighting him after their first meeting, the Knight glares and says, "I can only assume the Princess is in the Palace proper, speaking to the Queen, though that Kuja character's presence fills me with unease. As soon as I speak to the Queen, she will see an end to his madness."

He then push's Zidane's hand away from the lock, "Until then, I cannot, and will not, break the law by breaking out of prison, however unjust my imprisonment may be!"
Zidane "Hey! Whoa-a-ao-oo!" Zidane startles as he is spun around on his tail as his hands are pushed aside. "Rusty! What'd you go and do that for? I almost had it?"

He crosses his arms and stares inside, "You can either sit down here all by yourself while I can go get the princess and we'll get out of here without you. Or you can let me open this cage."

He holds up his tools and goes toward the lock again, "Now come on, we don't have time to argue. Someone's going to see us!"
Adelbert Steiner The Knight in Rusty Armor continues to glower, though he doesn't stop Zidane from getting back to work on picking the lock. "Listen, unlike you, I do not have the luxury of shirking my duty to the Royal Family. I've sworn an oath to serve and protect them, and if I am to remain in the cage until the Queen sees me, then remain I shall."

He turns about and paces in the cage, "And besides, the Queen would surely listen to the Princess, and see the madness of Kuja for what it is! There is no need to break the law until then."

He turns back around, "And even should I decide to go along with your plan, how PRECISELY am I to cross the gap between the cage and the ground? I cannot exactly jump like you!"

Though Steiner has shown an astonishing amount of speed in the past, he kind of has a point where gravity is concerned.
Zidane *CLICK!* That was it! Zidane swings the door open and hangs off the side of it causing the cage to rock a little.

"That's it!" He looks over his shoulder toward the side where he jumped from and begins to rock with the cage. "Quick! Rock the cage, Rusty! We'll swing it over to the side!" That is, if Rusty can hold on in there with a wide open door and a now swinging cage.

It's clear Zidane hasn't been listening to a word the armored oaf has said to him and is instead focused solely on finding the princess.
Adelbert Steiner "Did you not hear a word I've said!? Typical criminal!" However, being that the cage was now unlocked, and there was technically nothing keeping him from escaping, there is a moment where Steiner considers simply refusing to leave.

But if he didn't go with, Zidane could put the princess into risk AGAIN. Plus there was the issue with Kuja that he was still not entirely certain about.

With the cage rocking, Steiner growls, and yells out, "Oh alright! But after this is over, and the Princess's safety is ascertained, I'll turn myself in for my escape!" With that, begins to rock the cage back and forth, gripping onto the bars with all his might. It's a slow swing at first, but he soon manages to get some momentup, and it starts swinging like a pendulum! It eventually reaches a height and speed which he determines would give him enough of a distance to leap from the cage to Zidane!

That was not a good sound, and Zidane would see that it would not be a good idea to stay where he is, as the cage finds itself hurtling towards him, with no sign of swinging back.
Zidane "Of course I didn't" is all Zidane gets a chance to respond, as before he can respond to Rusty's next line of nonsense he's leaping from the cage back to the safety of the landing as he hears a terrible snap and turns to watch and see if the Knight makes it through all right.

Man, he doesn't want to have to tell the princess that Rusty bit the dust.
Adelbert Steiner The Cage crashes into the ground, skidding a little bit and rolling some feet before finally stopping, looking quite wrecked from the impact. For a moment it looks like Steiner is down for the count, before he groans out, "I'm... Okay..."

He shakes his head and pulls himself out of the wrecked cage, and shakes the cobwebs loose while he regains is footing, and mutters, "The entire castle must have heard that... Guards will most certainly be on their way."
Zidane Zidane peers over the edge and downward towards the knight and his large pile of wreckage. "Well, start searching for her! You catch up with me once you evade the guards."

That's all he sticks around to say, you don't have to tell Zidane twice that he's about to get busted if he doesn't scram. And he's sure now that Rusty's free he can catch up with him in no time!
Adelbert Steiner Steiner blinks as Zidane sprints off, and proceeds to run after him, "Wait! The Princess was taken into the palace proper!" He yells after him, before muttering, "This is ridiculous..." And so he CLANK CLANK CLANKS through the dungeons! There is certain to be puzzle solving, but puzzle solvings would take too long to cover in this little story!

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Adelbert Steiner, Zidane