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Enter The Draconian
(2013-04-22 - 2013-04-22)
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There was a light, but when you reach for it. It seems to fade away. A voice. A voice calling from somewhere. From the light. It is from the light!
...No. I wont give up.. I will fight on!
Mit'ir! Great Xur'shio! Give me strength!


Something came dropping down from the sky out in the horizon. Only a silhouette for a moment may be noticeable for those looking in the right angle of path. If you blinked, you most likely missed it.

The humanoid plunges into the ocean waters below. His body sinking, before when he tries to gasp for air and only finds water. Flailing suddenly with his lack of strength he fights himself up onto the sandy ground. Being rolled by the waves as he fights he way up to gasp for air and cough out the water.

Another wave crashes down on him, trying to pull him back. Those violet purple eyes glowing softly as he fights with all his strength to pull himself once more to air and trying to get some traction. Stumbling, falling, wave crashing-- pulling him back with the tide. Fight some more.

Eventually he pulls himself up where he just staggers over and nearly crawls his way up the wet, mushy white sand. His claws fingers digging him up slowly. He can see the lights in the distance of something. The words to blurry. The sounds far off to garbled.

To tired.

The humanoid then collapses onto the dry sand, his eyes closing as he just lays there. Unmoving. Exhausted. Falling asleep.


Time has passed, though how much is unknown as no sun sets or rises here. A place always in twilight. Perhaps by human's own clocks, maybe an hour or two. Either way the young humanoid lays there. His tan brown skin covered in salt and sand.

His blue hair matted by the same with even the red streak seeming to be slightly peppered with white thanks to the sand and salt. His cloths socking wet and its was hard to tell if he was even alive. Very possible by this point someone had seen him and very possible someone went back to the town to see if anyone could get someone.

If not, then by some chance, someone will eventually run across this poor sap left on the beach. That is, where the adventure really begins...
Zeke Zeke was walking the beach with his mum. Ever since he'd got her out of Tortuga he'd been trying to include her a bit more in what his life was up to.

"No mum it's...complicated." This caused the greying haired lady to laugh. "I don't exactly buy into their song an' dance but they offered me a ship an' plenty o' leeway in how i conduct m'self."

The lady patted his arm affectionately. "Yer a grown man now Zeke. You don't need to excuse everything you've done. Just-"


Both peopl saw the splashdown and the subsiquent washing onto shor. Zeke sprinted towards who or whatever it was. Sure it could be hostile but c'mon. Last thing he knew of that came out of the water ended up pretty darned amicable. Plus it's likely hurt. What might have been an hour could just as easil ybeen ten minutes thanks to just how ruddy large this beach was and the whole eternal darkness thing.

"Eeey!" He yelled. "HEY!" He hoped to get the attention of others since his medical knowledge was... Sketchy at best.
Serah Farron Serah Farron hadn't been very far away either, but she missed the splash. She was just too taken by her own thoughts. She had checked on her house, but it was quizzically intact, as if they hadn't left but a few days before. Well, maybe a few weeks, but still, she half-expected it to be in shambles. Although it kinda makes sense since the beach bar is still there and all too, so maybe there wasn't that much time ellapsed since her crystal sleep.

But the yelling on the beach gets the attention as she was walking back to the pier to relax. She jobs over more quickly, wondering what's going on. There isn't a crowd yet, so maybe someone's in need of help?
Maira Maira is that help. Well known as one with healing knowledge and white magic as well as a knowledge of potion making, when someone spots the stranger on the beach they run to fetch Maira at VALKYRI HQ.

Maira quickly jumps up from pretty much just putzing around, grabs a bag full of medical supplies, and hurries down to the beach with the young boy who'd come to fetch her trailing behind, wanting to be right there so he can tell all of his friends what happened.

Maira has eyes only for the injured as she drops down beside him, leaning down to press her ear to his chest, check all his vital signs, etc.

Upon discovering that he is alive, Maira looks up toward Zeke. "He's alive, help me turn him so I can examine him?" she asks even as she begins to summon her healing magic, a greenish white flame that does not burn, but rather soothes appears in her hand. She holds it like something precious, then places it down upon the young man's chest. It should be absorbed, giving him a kick of healing.
Myla Mason Water seriously you ask like you wouldn't find Myla about it at some point in any given day if it's possible. There are reason's she's been mistaken for a mermaid posing as a human after all. So here she is just out for a swim. She's done her swim and coming in to shore as she sees Zeke and Maira standing over somehign she exits teh water shakes off a litle and calls out.

"Hey, did we get another?"
The strange humanoid doesn't really move even when they go to roll him over or try to move any way. He just breaths softly. However when the magical fire touches his skin and is absorbed. It causes him to cough a few times and then grit his teeth a little, which noticeably the canines are a bit sharp for just a mer human.

He looks to perhaps be in his late teens maybe early twenties. Though thankfully, beyond the wet cloths, isn't all that heavy.

He groans softly, trying to open his eyes once more. His vision staying blurred as he tries to focus on the faces around him. Though his eyes start to close again as he goes to speak with a soft whisper, "..where.. is.." He then tries to come back around, his eye brows furrowing down, before he tries to open his eyes once more. It is about then he starts to notice the twilight sky and the stranger around him. The difference of their skin from those of his people. Their eyes, their hair. It causes him to actually freeze up and just stare, before whispering gently. "..wha.."
Maira Maira looks up to Myla, nodding. "Looks like it," she answers. This one is of a different race, but that is no longer quite so surprising to her.

When he wakes, she lays her hands gently on his shoulder. "Sshhh you're safe. This is called Traverse Town. You're alright," she tells him, reaching for her bag to drag it closer. "I'm a healer, okay? My name is Maira. Can you sit up?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron sees the man laying down, and moves over to kneels next to him. He doesn't seem injured, but maybe a bit of healing magic will help? She would would, but there's other healers nearby it would seem, so she lets them work up first. "This is Traverse Town, Bodhum neighborhood..." Its a long story, that she doesn't know everything about yet. Something about world merging, darkness, heartless... it'd be hard to give a precise tale considering she doesn't understand it much yet.
Zeke Zeke was at first quite happy that these people were crowding. Then he heard Myla's question. "Think so.!" He'd looked up and over at the water witch. "Mind swimmin' bout make sure there innt anythin else? Saw th'poor lad splash down yonderway." Vuage directional motion.

Then he knelt down as the lad started trying ot speak. Shh now lad. Yer safe fer th'moment." He looked about in case the uiverse wanted to prove him wrong. "Easy now I'm sure Miss Maira here will put ye right but that was a danged long fall to take an a swim t'shore besides. Rest.."

then he looked about and stood, straghtening his coat in the process, "No games o twenty questions just yet. Not til he's on his feet anyhow."
Myla Mason Zeke has asked about Myla's clothing and now he might see an ans2er as she moves to recover it it's very swiftly put back on attching to what she was wearing swimming. She's wrt but she's clothed up pretty quickly as others start to give teh strange new arrival. "Come on give him a bit of space he's been through a lot. This is why I go for a daily swim to be honest in part look for people didn't see anyone else while I was out there."
Easy there. Seems to be the common statement being sent around. Easy and calm. A healer and so many unknowns. His violet eyes were trying to dart around to each of them, his eyes looking up then at the sky. "..How did I... Where is.." His voice becoming more clear. It was indeed in the tenor range, rather smooth actually, almost a slight British accent to it. His eyes suddenly dart beyond them. Nothing was write. There was nothing like this place he was sitting on where he came from. Lakes. Yes. Rivers. Yes. Beaches?

His hand lifts up the sand, as he slowly sits up, watching it slide through his finger tips. His violet eyes darting out across the sea, watching the waves roll in. He stares for a long time. Blinking a few times.

Traverse Town?

" the great Xur'shio..." He whispers out softly as he then just stares down at own hands and the sand that remains in one of them.
Maira Maira finds a healing potion and uncorks it, holding it out to Ulharisk. "Here, can you drink this? It's a healing potion, it should help, as well as wet your throat with something besides salt water," she says, flashing him a kind smile.

"You will have a lot of questions, and I bet I can answer some of them, but lets get you settled first, alright?"

"What's your name?" she asks next, giving him time to process everything. Of course she's seen this before. She's lived it before. Many of them have.
Serah Farron Serah Farron tilts her head a bit. Poor man looks lost and confused right now. Pretty much how she was feeling at first too. She's not even completly sure of what's going on still. "Take it easy, one thing at a time. I'm sure it will be all very confusing, but even if you rush it, it won't change anything or make it easier." She smiles kindly, giving the man time to get up on his own.
Zeke Zeke stood back letting the healers do their thing. So that left him with time enough to just sit and watch Ulharisk's obvious cluelessness and bewilderment at the ocean. Hm. Inlander. Check. Then his attention turned to Myla and smiled warmly to the lady. "Long time no see."
His violet eyes look over at Maira. The very thin slit pupils expand out slightly as he examines her closely . They were almost reptilian like really. He then stares down at the potion bottle. Then at her. Then back to the bottle.

He carefully extends out his hand. Alchemy. He knew of this. It was what his own people would do if they could not weave the mana of the world. His clawed fingers gently take the bottle and he sniffs at it gently. Narrowing one eye at it. Then he takes a sip and then another, before licking his lips for a moment, then he just downs the bottle. It was indeed better then the salt in his mouth.

The humanoid takes a moment as he stares at the now half drank potion bottle before staring at it again, then at Maira once more. "..Hm." He then looks over at Serah as she speaks to him. He examines her features next, before seeming to compare Maira and Serah to one another as he eyes dart between the two of them. "Mm."

He then goes to finish the bottle. Seeming to be indeed taking his time to answer Maira's question. Once he finishes the bottle, he carefully hands it back to her. "..Thank you, ma'am. My name is Ulharisk. Son of Chaltiu.. and blood of.." he pauses as he goes through it. His mind slowly realizing this means probably nothing to them. Nothing to them at all. Why would it? They were not even Draconian.

Yet they had similar features, yet not. What were they?

That brings his lips to say it, with great confusion in his voice and the puzzlement on his face, "..what are you?" He then looks at them both. "..All of you..?" His head goes to look at each here. "You are not of my people.. and.. this.. this place is indeed not of my lands.." He then tries to stand up. "..none of this is of my lands.."

Though he finds himself just sitting back down when he feels the rush to head head. Hissing softly through his teeth at the sudden headache. "..bloody hell.." He then narrows his eyes sharply before he growls lowly. "..that bastard most have.." He then clenches his hands tightly. "..damnit.." then he sighs. This was all pointless at this juncture and he just slowly ran his hands through his hair. "... I am.. I am sorry..." He whispers softly lowering his hands. Quickly recollecting himself. "..just.. realizations.."
Percival He'd never get used to it. Just /walking/ around a human town. But that's what he was doing in Traverse Town today. The city was always shrouded in endless night, and yet it always felt strange, wrong. Unnatural that the darkness covered it all day, rather than half a day. The darkness always seemed deeper, and the stars dimmer to him, and yet it might have been his eyes and mind playing tricks on him. He'd packed a lunch for Maira and himself, and had made his way to VALKYRI headquarters, only to find that she was gone. There was a man there that had directed him towards the beach.

Perhaps he missed the urgency in the man's voice, as he sauntered down from the path, to the sands, a ball of one foot ahead of the other. His wings were casually at rest upon his shoulders, with one joint hooking them to each other to make it look like some sort of membranous cloak.

They all appeared to be gathered around a demihuman of some sorts, but since he was seated, the Gargoyle didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong. As he got closer though, he'd note their concern for him, as he gave Maira a questioning look. "All right Maira. Is something wrong?"

He'd observe Ulharisk at that point a little more closely. A vaguely British accent, that he'd pick up. There was something that looked reptilian about him. The Gargoyle still had a nonchalant air about him, he was used to encountering people from different worlds that were in some ways similar to his home. Still, he'd watch the man with a cautious expression as he spoke erratically. He was still in shock from his displacement, it appeared.
Maira Maira's eyes are sympathetic, her hands gentle, voice soothing. "Well, nice to meet you Ulharisk," she says, working up a smile.

When he moves to stand and wobbles, Maira reaches out to steady him and ease him back down again. "Looks like you got tosses around by the sea a lot, just rest for a bit.

Now, he has questions. He'll have lots of them. Maira smiles again. "We're called humans, generally. Or at least I am, and I think they are at least," she says, motioning to Zeke and Serah.

"I know you must have a story to tell, and you don't have to do it now. Take some time to get your mind together....what happened to you, similar things have happened to some of us. I know how this goes, some," she replies, hoping that might reassure him a little.

The mage turns her head as Perci approaches, flashing him a warm smile. "Yes, alright. We a new arrival," she explains. That ought to be explanation enough for now.
Zeke Zeke looked the not-human over carefully. "Ah. Yes sorry Traverse is sortof a crossroads. Portals," Beat. He looked to see if that word held any meaning. "Holes in air, or earth or anywhere that take yofrom one place to another. This place tends to be where many lead to. Sadly if you've ended up here Heartless are on your world, or have claimed a chunk of it." Then he started rattling off diffrent names for the heartless. Shadow People. Daemons. Outsiders. And so forth.

"Any of those names look familliar son?" This from a man barely in his twenties.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is thinking the new guy may need some food so she's going to shuffle off to a certain fish and chips vendor that's near by. Seriously she thinks the guy set up where he did due to the string of people washing up. She shall be back shortly.
Serah Farron Serah Farron puts a hand on her chest, nodding "I am a human. At least, its what we call ourselves. Its a general term for humanoid people, its not representative or country or planet. Its like a species." Its hard to explain, but considering this world has bipedal ducks too.
"Humans." Ulharisk says back, rolling the word on his tongue, before his eyes blink slowly. He then ends up pulling his knees up to his chest, now staring up at the ocean once more. It was beautiful. The sound was soothing. "..humans.. are the native species then..." mostly toward Serah's direction this time it would seem.

Somewhere in that Zeke spoke up and yet his words were slowly falling on deaf ears. Ulharisk's eyes almost looked blank until he said 'Any of those names look familiar son?'. Ulharisk furrowed his brows. He didn't respond right away, instead he just closed his eyes. Inhaling deeply through his nostrils before he spoke. "..I don't even know what they are.." He murmurs out gently.

"My people.. are known as Draconians." He says softly, looking to Maira, then to Serah. "We are children of Mit'ir.. and our emotions granted to us by.. Whe'ir." he almost growls as he says the last name. "Not-- that those would mean anything.. here.. I suppose." Another long sigh, once again. Realization sinking in hard.

" for what attacked.. I do not know their names.. just when they came, the monsters from our mountains and our dark forest also came. We were out numbered. We guardians could do nothing. Our sun was being blocked out. The light from Mit'ir. Slowly Whe'ir was ruling over our lands with these creatures. the battle.. I was knocked unconscious.. I don't know what happened... then I was here." He extends out his hands.

"..I guess that be the blessing of Xur'shio..." He murmurs softly, not registered Percival yet. Though he does at last lower his legs once more and leans back on his hands. That is when he glances over at notices the Gargoyle. He just /stares/. Stares for a long time before he blinks a few times. He stares at the tail, the toed feet, the clawed hands, the facial features, the clasped wings.

Ulharisk then slowly squints his eyes. Brows furrowing. He went from 'humans' to-- something that was /like/ their kind, yet was far more monstrous in appearance. Not like /he/ probably had much room to talk. Though he knew one of their names. It was probably the only reason he didn't try to do something foolish. "...and what is.. he?"
Zeke Zeke shrugged. "Duck, Merfolk, Werewulf... we all do be bound by situation and chance alongside common enemies." Zeke's tone was thoughtful."

"Draconians... Hm." Zeke shrugged at the name. "New one on me lad but ours is a great variety. Ye no likely find overly many barriers here." Thumb Jerk to the Gargoyle. "Case in point that guy."

Then his attention turned to Percivle. "How goes manhatten? Haven't had a chance t'visit since it got returned to its rightful self."
Percival His wings raised from his shoulders unconsciously, unfurling to their full span. There was something about his demeanor which just made him wary. He'd bend down just low enough to set the basket with the packed lunches down. On his person, Ulharisk would see two weapons. An ornate rapier hilt sheathed in what appeared to be a scabbard carved from oak, and another upon his back, with a hilt of blackened steel. Behind that blade was the glint of a shield which he wore at rest upon his back. And yet he made no motion for either weapon.

He stared the Draconian man in the eyes, appraising his intent. "My people are known as Gargoyles, we're guardians, protectors there are not many of us left."

Well he hadn't attacked yet, that was one point in Ulharisk's favor at least. In his own world the first time he had revealed himself to humans to save a young woman, he'd been shot in the back for his trouble.

"Draconians.. I can't say that I've encountered any of your kind yet. You may be the only one left.."

The discussion of the deities of Urhalisk's world was interesting, but he decided not to speak on that. People tended to be touchy on the subject on religious belief, and if he said the wrong thing, he might set him off.
Myla Mason Myla Mason returns now with a thing of fish and chips as she looks over to the group and looks right at the new guy. "Here I figured you might need this." Maybe he doesn't but it doesn't hurt to offer food right she's listening and she looks at Zeke "I keep telling you I'm not merfolk really." She's realy not she's just a step away from it, really that's all. Percy gets a bit of an eyebrow raise and nods to him. "I heard of your people in passing and Draconians that's a new one up there with people riding madponys on several worlds."
Serah Farron Serah Farron moves a hand to her ponytail a bit, fluffing it back on her shoulder. At least he seems to be doing better now "There's lots of different type of people here, different races, but as he said, its the cause that links us, more than races."
Maira Maira blinks. Draconian? Mit'ir, Whe'ir, Xur'shio!? These are indeed words that mean nothing to her other than they mean something to Ulharisk. "You didn't see the Heartless then? There are different kinds, but they are made of shadow and have glowing yellow eyes," she informs. "Draconian...thought I heard that word somewhere before..." she mumbles to herself, pursing her lips.

When Ulharisk sees Percival, Maira smiles. She also sees the picnic basket and 'oooou's'. Healing is hungry work! Then Perci goes all...wing spreading and into vague intimidation mode and Maira almost facepalms.

"Oh look! Some food. You should most certainly eat, that'll help. Just eat slowly and we can try to answer any questions you have. AND, I will find you a place to stay here in town."
Ulharisk looks at the fish and chips. He stares at them and blinks his eyes a few times. He gives the food a bit of a sniff, before he takes it and then proceeds to chomp down. Yep. He was indeed hungry. He actually just kept eating even as others spoke around him. Seeming very focused on what he was given.

Somewhere in all that eating he gives Zeke a very puzzled confused look. Kinda like that, 'I don't get what your saying', though he does give Serah a nod of his head.

It wasn't till he nearly chocked on some of the fish did he actually /slow/ down. Yep. That is what you get for not listening to Maira's words! Then gave a hard swallow before giving a sheepish look, scratching the back of his head. "Thanks, uh, for whatever this is. It is really good."

"..Heartless.. gold eyes.." Ulharisk says softly. "..I think so. Actually. Yes there was. Many different types that were black with gold eyes. There was also a human like figure. I think. They used some type of mana weaving I never have seen before... They.." His voice trails off. He doesn't finish. He just takes another bite of a chip. His eyes seeming to grow distant for a moment.

Then he at last notices Percival expanding out those wings of his. Those words of guardians are not lost on Ulharisk. Yet the action caused him to almost growl softly. Did he just? Was this a challenge?! Those violet eyes stare right at Percival, as he then sneers softly and goes to stand up. There was no weapons on Ulharisk. Yet the wind started to pick up and Ulharisk's body, if anyone was to touch it right now was suddenly far warmer.

"I am /not/ the last. I will find the others of my kind!" His voice raising a few octaves toward Percival. His stance becoming one of agitation and his eyes locked right onto the gargoyle. "Now, Guardian.. as you claim yourself to be.. Stand down.. If I was to harm any here, I would have done so already. For I am also a Guardian of my people. Blood of Ixen and leader of /my/ people."

Yet so young was Ulharisk...
Serah Farron Serah Farron sighs a bit on her side "I've been chased by too many kinds of heartless myself. Their numbers seem endless, and everytime a new type pops out of nowhere." She's not very pleased by her knowledge of heartless either. But survival is primordial.

She offers Ulharisk a hand "My name is Serah. I'm pretty much newly arrived here too, so I have much to learn, but I know that people here are nice."
Maira Maira does caution him to slow down, shooting him an "I told you so!" look when he chokes. He's alright though, he doesn't need someone to save him from a remarkably inglorious death >.> unlike some people.

"It's fish and chips. The fish is battered and fried in oil, as are the chips which are made of potato," she informs him. "Delicious, right?" she adds with a bright grin. Ouu she was hungry now too, but if she reached for a fry he might just like, lash out or something! Besides, it looks like Perci brought lunch.

Maira stands aside as Ulharisk stands, apparently feeling challenged by Perci's presence. The young woman groans. "I'm sure you are not the last of your people, I am sure you will find more. I am also Percival means no harm," she says, giving Perci a repremanding glance.
Percival It wasn't a challenge, it was just... caution, readiness. He understood how his gestures might be interpreted as one. While he had pride, he wasn't the sort of creature that got his kicks from meaningless challenges and pointless battles against the unknown. Not anymore at least. Not after that day..

And so cooler heads certainly did prevail as he slowly furled his wings back into their position of relaxation, as a cloak about his shoulders. The Draconian was agitated now, so he made the gesture very deliberate, with no sudden motions. "A guardian of your people, you say? I can respect that. My name is Percival, esquire, might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?"

Maira didn't even have to reprimand him, he truly did mean no harm.
Percival Its roast beef sandwiches with cheese on a baguette served au jus in little sealed ramekins on the side. Nothing all that fancy, though he did make the portions rather large.
Ulharisk seems to settle down when Percival does. The wind also seems to die down, yet his raised body temperature remains. He wasn't even aware he was kicking up the wind honestly. He gives a nod to Percival. "Well met indeed then, Percival. My name is Ulharisk."

He then looks at Serah as she extends his hand to him. He stares at her hand and then gently takes it in his before he gives a soft kiss on the back of her hand. "I will keep that in mind, Serah. So far, hehe, it seems your words are echoing true." He then releases her hand once more.

He then stands back up to his full height, inhaling the air deeply with his eyes closed. His body seeming to now cool down. He watches Maira go through the basket Percival holds. Making note in his mind what she said earlier about what they were made of.

Ulharisk rubs one side of his head gently. Still feeling the effects of the mild headache from earlier. " said about a place to stay earlier.. Maira-- was it, ma'am?" He asks looking at Maira. "That is seeming like a nicer option." He then glances up at the sky once more. "...that and.. where is the moon and sun here? I do not see either in this sky."
Maira Maira is giving Perci a look that is almost worshipful as she takes a bite of one of the sandwiches before she looks back to Ulharisk, swallowing before she smiles. "Yes of course. There is an Inn, free even. As for the moon and sun....we don't have them here, but there are other places you can go that will be less...bizarre," she assures him.

Maira looks to the boy who had been hovering nearby and smiles to him, asking, "Could you show Ulharisk to the Inn?" she asks. The boy nods and grins, practically bouncing. "Yes! Follow me, guy!"

"I live right in District 3 at VALKYRI HQ, okay? If you need anything you can come find me," she says, before taking another bite.
Percival A slight smile curves upon his lips, as he certainly does relax. "A pleasure, Sir."

And then he'd reach into the basket, after giving Maira a bemused look, taking out roughly half of his sandwich wrapped in paper, before walking over to the man. "Take this for later."

And then came the question that always troubled him as well. "In Traverse Town.. you cannot see the moon. And daylight never comes. It is an.. unnatural darkness, as if the town were seperate from the cycle."
Maira Maira nods to Perci. "It's a place between worlds. A crossroads, yes," she replies. Maira lives here, it is her home, but even she needs to get away sometimes, feel the sun and the seasons. It had perhaps been less difficult for Maira to adjust to Traverse than most. She'd never seen much of the light under the plate anyway.
Ulharisk gives a nod though a confused look on his face, "Free?" He tilts his head. Seems the concept of payment is lost on him. "..Oh, you must mean there is no trade of work, right?" That has to be what she means-- isn't it? "..and no sun or moon.. how concerning.." He says softly, almost to a whisper as his eyes hunt the sky once more. A frown slightly on his face. "..must be difficult to tell the suns apart."

"..and District 3.. Valkyrie.. I will try to remember this he says softly." Watching the young boy bounce over and try to get him to come along. There was actually a warm smile that crosses his face for the first time here. Perhaps some semblance of normality in seeing such a happy child.

He then takes the sandwich from Percival, before bowing his head respectfully to the Gargoyle. "Thank you." He then glances it over, studying the paper that surrounds the food within. It smells good from what he can pick up of it. "..and yes.. I am starting to get that sense about this place. For us we count the passing suns from when it rises to when it falls. We stay indoors during the moon rising and falling. For the sun is when we work, while the moon is when we rest." Ulharisk explains a bit before scratching the back of his head.

"We base everything by the sun and moon you see. Perhaps though, that is explanation for another sun." Ulharisk gives a smile, noting the child probably calling over to him at this point. He gives a sheepish smile, before placing up his hand gently in a wave. "It was honestly a honor to meet you all.. and hopefully we can meet again soon."

Yes. He would try to find these others. Including this place called Valkyrie. He needed more answers and honestly bumbling around wasn't his best way to get answers either. Even if perhaps people here were use to outsiders. He for one, was not use to /being/ an outsider. That concept was-- odd.
Serah Farron Serah Farron uhms "That's something about Traverse Town, its always night here. But other worlds have sun and moon and days." She points toward the west "There's a portal that reaches to other worlds there. Its a bit complicated, but you'll get used to things... There are many worlds interconnected, and it seems this place is a bit in the middle of all of them."
Myla Mason Myla Mason nods "Name's Myla by the way." She tilts her head sizing the strange being up for a moment and also giving Maira a nod. "Just more and more world's being consumed. It's like something out of a bad nightmare to be honest."
Maira "Nice to meet you as well! I'll be around! Take care!" she cries, waving goodbye.

Maira looks to Myla then, sighing as her eyes move out over the ocean. " is," she agrees. She still has nightmares almost every night about the destruction of her world.

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