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(2013-04-21 - 2013-04-21)
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Avira It is dark. The strange effect that kept Traverse Town in the perpetual state of night extends even out to here. Where it ends and normal cycles of day and night began was clearly somewhere beyond the rolling hills. It was this strange state that was the strongest indication that this spot of reality was somehow closer to the darkness than others. In turn, it would aptly explain why was it that so many people who had found themselves without a world, flung through the darkness, ended up here.

It became a home for those without one. It served as a nexus for those exploring the broken worlds.

A faint breeze stirs the rolling hills of grass as a lone figure walks along the footpath, heading back to town. She doesn't dare try to conceal herself, no longer having any need to do so at this point.

Why Avira choose to travel on foot this time is a mystery. The short woman walks with a hand resting upon the hilt of her weapon, a swordlike implement named the Spine.
Sydney Losstarot "Ungaaah!"

A loud, pained grunt echoes through the air as Sydney stumbles along the footpath not too far away, loud enough for the grunt to be heard, at least. He's stumbling about with almost no sense of direction. Does he even know where he is?

Sydney drops to a knees, letting out another loud yell as his metal hands grip at his skull, spasming about like a mental patient. Most would simply disregard this as another person in pain, and perhaps go to get help...if not for one thing. He appears to be made up of multiple forms, limbs interchanging with those that clearly don't belong to him, every aspect of his appearance changing rapidly between those belonging to people Sydney has met in the past. The Blood-Sin tattoo on his back flares up violently with dark magic, trying desperately to regain contact with its master through the Darkness between worlds.
Lancer And wherever you find places in which so many show up, there are always those things that would prey on the lost and the confused. However, the only prey that was sacrificed here was perhaps Good Taste because in a strange twilight world, a day-glo T-shirt stands out even more obviously.

A man with golden brown hair that is perpetually messy wears a black bodysuit that is sleek and incongruous to the completely BIZAARE concoction of pinapples, bananas and .. oranges? that are picked out from the loose and breezy shirt over the bodysuit. Red lines of light silohuette the form but they are very dull, almost invisible until he moves just right.

He notices Avira and starts to wave. He's out in the hills flipping a glowing baton from hand to hand and dropping it as there is.. A.. thing.. in the hills. The man blinks, his face losing all expression except of fascinated confusion and maybe a little terror as he takes a step backwards.

"Boss..? You are gonna wanna see this." he says very quietly to the air. He puts a hand to one temple, frowning slightly as a second, then another few seconds. He then nods and continues to observe, picking up the baton they dropped in the grass.
Avira If Avira was looking for solitude on her way back, she wouldn't find it tonight. In the darkness of this place, she can easily pick out the painfully colorful shirt of a certain Program roaming out in the hills. Reluctantly, Avira waves back to the friendliest of Blackguards.

A grunt pierces the night and Avira reacts quickly by first slipping the Spine from its sheath at the small of her back. That there were noises to begin with was at least a 'good' sign, as Heartless noises were rarely that loud. A sound such as that immediately drew conclusions of distress from the mind of the huntress and she whirls around, looking back upon the path that she came from.

With a short sprint, she's upon the new arrival, reaching out, "Are you okay-?" she starts, only to gasp and jerk her hand backwards as he sees his form warp and split. "W-what the-!"
Sydney Losstarot "Ge-Get back!"

Sydney shouts, throwing his arm towards Avira in a 'Get away from me' motion. While not intentional, those claws /might/ make contact, and it might hurt. His body continues making a mosaic of itself as Sydney struggles furiously to regain control of the Dark. The Blood-Sin continues to flare violently, Dark Magic rising off it like common steam.

"I-I can't control it!"

He shouts desperately. Sydneys very confused. He's never lost control of the Dark before, but its acting very strange without Lea Monde.
Lancer There are some times where you just really need a sniper.

Even if they fill the radio band frequency with elevator wait music while attempting to get their attention. LANCER calls to Avira.

"Get back, Avira. They might be crashing." he looks.. decidedly ill, but also helpless because he has no idea how to handle this situation.
Avira Avira's quick to stagger backwards when even this mysterious man himself cautions them to stay back. Her hand retracts completely and she stares in wonder as he writhes and squirms and...changes. "What's going on?! What's wrong with you!" she calls out to him, edging back until she bumps into LANCER. She's quick to sidestep around him afterwards.

"Users aren't supposed to crash!" Avira exclaims, staring in horror.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney continues to struggle silently with whatever internal demon is plaguing him, spasming about violently for a few more seconds until his body finally goes back to normal.

"Get away, Peasants! I am not well!"

He says, sounding as if he were outright threatening the pair in order to get them away from him. He'd hoped he'd be able to hold onto himself long enough to wrangle the Dark under control while they fled...but he had no such luck. A seeping, charcoal-esque blackness begins to taint his skin, rising up from his feet until it has consumed his entire body. Even his eyes glaze over with it, peering emotionlessly at the group for a few seconds. He raises his palm, breathing deeply.


A small shadow, one of the weakest breeds of heartless bursts forth into existence, rushing forward as it attempts to maul at Avira.
Lancer "Well." LANCER tells her"--And you aren't supposed to really exist and there's only supposed to be one grid and there's like more than a hundred flavors of ice cream.. yeah. I could go on." he puts himself inbetween the anomaly and the adventuring user, tapping the baton against his leg twice before putting it in one of the voluminous inner pockets.

He shrugs the extremely bright shirt off, folding it twice before putting it in the grass nearby (Otherwise he'd potentially lose a very important part of his persona. Heartless are hell on Hawaiian shirts) reaches back to detach something from behind him and underneath the shirt.

There is a faint click as a chakram comes away in his fist, the dull red lines of his suit powering up to a brilliant crimson as a helmet forms up from the neckline and covers his face in less than a second. "Engaging Anomaly." A featureless glossy black faces the creature as it forms up and he is suddenly in front of Avira, forced back a step or two by the mauling claws.

He reaches forwards, bringing the razor edged disc down on it's head with an almost sound effect worthy. 'BONK' before kicking it away and slashing the disc straight across it from one side to the other.
Avira "What do you mean, I'm not supposed to really exist?" Avira huffs at LANCER.

Holding back, Avira waits, watching the mysterious man writhe like some kind of eldrich trainwreck. There is still concern in her eyes, but the more she watches, the more she seems to notice the dark-aspected bits of energy that crawl over the man.

When he seems to be back to 'normal', Avira approaches again, "Are you okay-" she starts again, only to be interrupted by his harsh order. Then LANCER steps in front of her as the Dark overcomes the young man and he summons a Heartless upon them.

Though this is the first time she's seen LANCER in combat mode, it's quite a familiar sight. In the back of her mind it strikes her as so similar to TRON's black suit, especially with that completely smooth helmet. She'd have to admire this more...later. Discontent with just standing behind the DPS agent, Avira quickly slips around him, her weapon already in hand.

She doesn't come at Sydney head-on, striking at his flank with one of the flat sides of the Spine. She aims the tri-surfaced "blade" carefully to minimize the tearing from the serrated edges.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney doesn't respond to the attempts at calming him, nor does he so much as notice the fact that he's being bludgeoned with a sword. The Dark is in control...for now, and its major concern right now is wiping these two off the face of the world. Sydney lifts his palm once more, a heavy weight of Darkness falling over the immediate area. It could even be described as unsettling, to those who aren't prepared to handle it.

Shadow quickly moves out of the way of Lancers attacks, avoiding them with better dexterity than most Heartless would possess. It doesn't continue its attack, though. When Sydneys palm is raised towards the group, it disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sydneys body spasms once more as he tries to regain control. He doesn't manage to get ahold of himself long enough to call off an attack...but he does manage to help. Just a little, in the form of a buffing spell
Lancer LANCER's voice is buzzing and distorted as it comes out of the helmet. "Whoa. Eh. Updating combat profile. That things fast."

He moves away to cover another angle of attack when the oppressive darkness hits. A long crackling line of static, almost a steam kettle like burbling hiss escapes the helmet as they attempt to shake it off and refocus, the disc raised to assault the shadow again when it turns into a poof of smoke and vanishes.

The faceless program stands completely still for a moment or two as if confused. "Anomaly redefinition. Shadow Lord. Uncontrolled."
Avira As darkness descends upon the immediate area, the reaction of Avira to this turn of events is pretty obvious. She begins to sweat and trembles just slightly, the act triggering memories of both occasions her world was destroyed. To a lesser extent, it also felt like those dark corridors which she has had the displeasure of moving through.

Still, she steels herself and moves around Sydney, keeping herself as a mobile target in case the Dark chooses to lash out at her. Much to her surprise...something DOES latch out at her, but it doesn't hurt. Maybe that was the worst part, in fact, as it fills her with a beneficial surge of power. It might not be damage, but temptation was still quite a danger and in this form, it made her feel slimy all over her.

"If he's a Shadow Lord, then..." she hesitates behind Sydney, then brings the handguard of the Spine down upon the back of his neck. "We should knock him out, right?"
Sydney Losstarot Sydney takes the hit at full force, sliding back slightly. Not due to the strength of the hit, of course...Sydneys just a lightweight. He grunts inhumanly, narrowing his eyes at the group once more. He raises his palm upwards, and the purpose of the Darkness in the air becomes clear. Though benign before, it presses down with incredible force on the area, as if gravity itself were attempting to crush Lancer. Not just externally, but internally as well. If the attack hits, Lancer may find a small trickle of blood (Data?) roiling upwards and out of his mouth. Sydney isn't done there, though. Once the gravity has finished, a pillar of light strikes downards from the heavens, searing all it touches with holy energy. A sadistic grin comes across Sydneys face as he watches his machinations in play, hoping to strike the program down.
Lancer "That's the idea." LANCER agrees with her on that point. There is a disturbance in the hills surrounding the outskirts. A faint light trail of red that cuts through the twilight gloom. Surely that is not reinforcements of some kind but a transient blur of movement that is gone as soon as it is noticed.

Lancer is unused to attacks from such a force such as a manipulation of gravity and so topples over with a grand SMASH like the tin soldier he is. He coughs, obviously in pain just in time for the spear of holy energy to sideswipe him, leaving seared patches that bleed and glow luminously. They crack and bleed further as the program pushes themselves slowly and laboriously back onto his feet.

Not trusting the laws of physics is something that really throws them off, so they advance on Sydney. He dulls the cutting edge of the disc in hand, driving it down at Sydney. It's BONK. The return of the sound effect (and possibly bludgeon damage)
Avira Perhaps Avira should have hit him a little harder than that. It definitely didn't knock him out. If anything, it just made this shirtless man angrier as he unloads a serious combination of gravity and holy magic upon the Program. She can tell it was pretty severe due to the glowing, pixelated wounds left upon him. The effects are no surprise to Avira as this definitely wasn't the first time she's seen a program "bleed."

Avira continues to move, remaining behind Sydney, suddenly striking when he seems most engrossed in smiling sadistically at the program. Suddenly, she springs into action, striking him from behind and hurling him forwards. She seems to be trying to set LANCER up for that bonk! Though it might have helped to tell him that beforehand. Oops.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney moves about lithely, and it might appear as though he were some sort of masterful, speedy warrior. Of course, anyone who's paying attention can see the truth. Sydney just seems to be /really/ lucky today, as its hard to dodge when you're 50% Metal. He pauses, breathing deeply in an almost zen way, before opening his eyes and peering directly at Lancer once more.


He shouts as he casts a wave of dark magic upon himself, attempting to amplify his senses once more. Perhaps he thinks he shouldn't be relying on luck so much...
Lancer There apparently is some major miscommunication going on because the set-up to the bonk is failed! Abort. Abort! LANCER swings to one side and continues to flail at the air, the bonk has been well and truely denied.

There is a weapon change. (And someone has to laboriously go through the menus and re-equip) and a shock baton appears, materializing first as wireframe then filling in as it's retrieved.

And now. The baton is brought down toward's Sydney's ribs. The aforementioned puns about electricity are skipped by pressing X at the correct time.
Avira Abort! Abort!! Quick, press triangle to dodge the lunging Avira!

Fortunately, a collision between Avira and LANCER is averted due to the agility of the pair as she veers away from the Program. Spinning on her heel, her hair swings out behind her, and she lifts the Spine upward. This time, she doesn't elect to get into close quarters with the strange man, electing to remain at a distance.

Her reasons for doing so quickly become clear with a quick swipe of her sword that unleashes a cutting blast of air at the man. She swings it again and a sharp crescent of ice follows instead, followed up by a second of the same.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney quickly slithers out of the attack with nothing but the closest of near misses, turning about with a face that entails but one thing: Rage. He lifts his palm, his metallic claws clacking against eachother threateningly for a few moments as he chants under his breath. A large ball of dark energy rises above Sydneys head, thousands of tiny little scrawls of text in some ancient, runic language floating about it. Sydney breathes deeply, honing his concentration...


With an almost unearthly noise, the wall of text blasts itself off, flying furiously towards Lancer like some form of Dark-Book Blizzard. As the fight drags on more and more, the Blood-Sin continues flaring, rapidly spending off the excess of energy that created this monstrosity.
Lancer Lancer practically ends up shocking /himself/ with that one. He stumbles away several steps and there is a sound effect of a mournful loon as he swings and misses so hard the 4th wall collapses temporarily for that sound effect from looney tunes to leak through.

The program wheels around for yet another try and gets a face full of book for his troubles. Book, being the most deadly of all paper materials knocks him backwards several yards and thumping hard across the terrain several revolutions before coming to a stop. His bodysuit and helmet are a territory of slashmarks and glowing fissures. (Some of which look like pancakes that look like elvis from a certain direction)

LANCER seems like that blow up clown that just rocks back onto their feet when knocked over because he slowly gets back up and again takes the distance approach as Avira does. A wave of stunning electrical force shoots from the baton with a smell of ozone and burnt toast.
Avira Syndey definitely does not like the program! Avira's actually quite glad the dark energy is not being turned onto her since she's never been able to really handle such very well-for reasons that are obvious to a handful of people at least. Though her magic misses, she continues trying, keeping at a distance, but moving now to the opposite side of LANCER. By varying their attacks and striking at different angles, this SHOULD make it more difficult for the slippery man to dodge out of the way. Surely he'd only be able to pay attention to one of them?!

This time, Avira forgoes the ice, sticking solely to that strange wave of silvery force she 'throws' from the Spine.
Sydney Losstarot DZZZZT

Sydney spasms violently as the electricity dances through his body, falling to his knees for a splitsecond. When you've lived your entire life in something that equates to "The Dark ages but with magic", a stun-baton is a whole new thing entirely. A bad thing. Sydney hadn't been on his feet for very long when the force hits him, throwing him down once more. Sydney pushes himself to his feet, dusting himself off patiently as he turns his attention to Lancer, scowling at him angrily.

The weight of darkness becomes heavy in the air once more. Small flecks of darkness in the air begin to float down like snow, beginning to swirl around violently. The particles set off a series of reactions in the air, culminating in what could best be described as a dark-elemental, toned-down, Nuclear explosion. All aimed at Lancer.
Lancer "Oh.. hey." Lancer notes as he watches the telemetry on his HUD go almost solid black with darkness energy readings. "..That's going to suck." and perhaps this makes a fitting epitaph because suddenly DARK elemental ULTIMA completely wrecks whatever is left of the space LANCER is in. The Dark Ages with Magic indeed have won over Future Times and Snark.

The lines on his silohuette flicker and go out and he falls bonelessly to the ground, still smoking from the darkness burst.

Somewhere in a Bat Cave not too far away. Alarm systems blare and squeek. DPS Officer Down.
Avira "Alright, we've got him down-" Nope, Sydney is getting up again. Avira's momentary elation is quickly dashed. Though she herself is not focused upon, the increasing darkness upon her brings further distress. The tiny glimmer that remained of her heart struggles against the oppressive feeling and she gasps as she sees this palpable darkness called down upon poor LANCER.

She shrieks as she sees the DPS agent fall to the ground limply like a puppet. It was some small comfort that the Program wasn't derezzed immediately (something which Avira had yet to witness), but how much longer would his body hold?

Avira leaps into action-quite literally, a faint silvery glimmer clinging to her much like an aura. The effect is certainly light aspected-a Quickening drawn from the very heart of the Huntress. She comes down on Sydney from his left flank, leading with a heavy two-handed blow from the serrated weapon she wields.

She recoils her first strike quickly, followed by a second, the light wielded like a fine knife as she somehow brings a horizontal slash against the man. The grip of her weapon had become inverted, enabling her to drag it, one-handed with her right hand. This motion gives her a spin, the momentum of which is used as she rotates and stomps out her left foot at him, down upon the back of his knee.

For a split second, she lands, then leaps up again, raining down a fast flurry of blows and jabs with her weapon. Up close and personal, Sydney can see the girl is clearly fully exerting herself, sweat pouring down her face-yet her breathing remains controlled.

She sidesteps in front of him, placing herself between him and the fallen LANCER. "GET BAAAAAAACK!" she yells, lunging, but in a twist not striking with her weapon, but with a fist encased in ice magic. The blow is aimed low at his gut.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney approaches his kill, standing over it victoriously like some war-lord from ages past, as he considers what to do with him. Its a lucky day for Lancer, because on a day without an ally around to take care of first, Sydney would be tearing into him bit-by-bit (Get it?) He'll take care of you later, program.


That one hit /hard/. Sydney falls to the ground in a heap, looking as if he's unconscious. Apparently not, as he violently struggles to his feet, putting every bit of effort into rising. The Dark plaguing Sydneys mind right now knows its not going to walk away from this...without more lucky dodges, at least, but its not quite sane enough to give up. Raising his clawed hand towards Avira, Three pillars of pure holy-energy fall from the sky, each attempting to run her through.
Avira "Stay away from him." Avira growls as she pulls herself away from Sydney, ice flaking off her curled fist in the wake of her final strike. Though now facing him head on, which isn't the most advantageous of positions, she remains where she is, serving as the barrier between him and LANCER. She's pretty certain that other DPS agents would be coming soon enough to help their fellow Program-but until then, this madman needed to be pacified.

She doesn't try to dodge the pillars, vastly preferring the scathing light to the oppressive darkness of earlier. As the light sears her, she still keeps trying to strike back, sending a blast of ice aimed at the man's feet, trying to root him to the ground.

She stabs her weapon into the dirt before her, giving her access to both hands so she can continue hurling her ice magic at the man.
Avira Avira narrows her eyes and rips her weapon from the ground, taking a step foward. The darkness grows heavy around her again, though unlike before, she is actually at the center of the maelstrom, the Dark pounding down upon the glimmering light left inside her. Avira's face scrunches up in pain and each step she takes becomes slower and slower as she fights against it.

The spear of light strikes and it seems to act like a whip that propels her into action, within striking range, where Avira can bring her hand across Sydney's face. She does it once, then repeats the motion, smacking him across the jaw with the meaty part of her palm.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney moves out of the way carefully, watching the fist soar past his jaw unceremoniously. You can have the luck next time, because it looks like Sydney just isn't done with it quite yet. Sydney doesn't directly address Avira despite the close proximity between the two. Instead, he cranes his neck towards her, and stares emptily, his mouth forming an unsettling smile on Sephirothian levels.

Sydney raises his palm (Gee, Again?), forcing the heavenly pillars to fall from the sky once more. Except this time, there's only, attempting to spear Avira in the form of a V. Trying to take advantage of whatever confusion that will bring, Sydney forces his heartless into existence, leaping at Avira with an intense flurry of scratches. Once its done, it'll disappear into a poof of smoke.
Avira If anything, it's clear Avira has no problems working in close quarters with someone so demonstrably dangerous. But when he unleashes that creepy smile, she finds herself wishing she had space between them. Avira attempts to gain just that, only to be speared to the ground by intersecting pillars of light. She folds forward, coughing up a splatter of blood upon the ground.

As she lifts her head, she sees the Heartless coming for her. Panicked, the Spine rises and a silvery blast of her own light peels off the weapon, slamming through the Heartless as it leaps upon her, bisecting the creature and continuing past that.

Struggling, she drags herself forward. "Get ahold of yourself!" she pleads breathlessly. "Please!"
Lancer The red trail turns out to not exactly be an illusion but rather a vehicle which ALL of a sudden is almost on top of the group within a second or two. Apparantly, the cavalry? They have arrived.

The sleek motorcycle dissolves in a wash of gleaming red light as another black bodysuited figure, this time the armor configuration different and pulsing slightly with an irridescent shimmer stands up from the loose roll.

The black face looks down at the smouldering form of LANCER and huffs, their buzzing and neutral voice managing to sound acidly sarcastic through the filter. "Haven't had to do /THIS/ for awhile." The DPS agent looks around, noting the charred remains of a hawaiian shirt and a scorched and battered landscape. He then looks towards Avira and Sydney. "And this is new. Hn. Alright?" the single word directed at Avira.
Sydney Losstarot Sydney drops to the ground unceremoniously, joining Lancer in the "People who got whooped today" pile. The blackness that overtook his form moments ago fades away, seeping back into the Blood-Sin. After a few seconds of looking like a dead man, Sydneys eyes shoot open, his consciousness barely retained thanks to the myriad of attacks he's been hit with today. As most of the ones that struck him were magical in nature, he doesn't seem to be furiously bloodied, though he is obviously injured. His chest rises with steady breaths as he struggles to remain awake.

"...You have my gratitude, peasant."

He says unceremoniously, and weakly, looking up at Avira curiously. Peasant doesn't seem so much said as an insult, as a literal, archaic title he is applying to the pair. He hasn't even noticed the bikers converging on their positiony yet. He's that out of it.
Avira "Managing." Avira says in a pained voice as the second Blackguard shows up. She doesn't seem too worried about his presence as she does the still-raging Shadow Lord before her. "LANCER needs help!" she says, gesturing behind her, though not stopping to think that DPS probably already knows that.

Sydney falls in a heap on the ground, yet Avira remains armed and on-guard as she watches him. Fear starts to seep in as she worries that she might have actually killed him, which was never her intention, but gradually he begins to stir.

Then he speaks. Avira frowns. "...are you..." she hesitates, "...are you a Shadow Lord?"
Lancer "Yeah. We've got an 'Offline' indictator already but uh.. always glad to have redundancies."

The DPS agent snorts, their voice crackling with static as they reach down, pressing a patch of some sort to several of the worst pieces of damage. The light flickers into the vaguest semblance and LANCER twitches awake with a groan. He's helped up onto his feet, sagging in the grip of the featureless security program.

"Look buddy, you knocked over a nullwit. Don't let it soak into your head that you can try that within city limits, alright? You've been flagged. Which means we'll be watching you if you.. well. Pretty much just consider yourself watched. We.. /don't/ take kindly to rowdy guests."
Sydney Losstarot Sydney continues to breath slowly on the ground, his mind almost blacking out completely once more. He eventually struggles to lift his neck, and peer at Avira curiously. "I'm but a man in the shadow of Lords...but I am no lord of shadows." He says, eventually struggling to sit up. He'll refuse any help to his feet. Darkness begins to radiate from Sydneys Tattoo once more, and he rises to his feet. With a swirl of darkness, another Sydney steps from outside Sydney. And another, and then another. Soon there are a small group of Sydneys, each talking in unison with eachother. They'll attempt to form a line, so that if any attacks are made, there will be many targets. "I'm afraid I have better things to do than be lectured by glow-in-the-dark guards. First and foremost of which being, where in the Glabadosian hell I am." He says, narrowing his eyes.

"Lets keep it civil, children."
Avira "Is he going to be okay?" she asks, looking over her shoulder at the fallen LANCER. Hey, she likes that Blackguard a little. He's funny. Of course, she might also be a little biased since he does act a lot like a user every now and then.

She falls silent as the other Blackguard delivers his warning, as he should be doing as official protectors of the city. At this point, she inverts her blade and sticks the point in the ground in front of her.

Sydney's answer is a curious one indeed. "Well that's good to hear at least..." she says cautiously, "But you seem to be able to summon Heartless...sort of. Your darkness was out of control." But seconds later, he demonstrates that to not entirely be the case as he summons more of himself. "Oh jeeze-" she grasps her weapon and takes a step backwards to the Blackguards.
Lancer LANCER snorts. "conga line.." he mutters dazedly. "..Shrike.. why is there a conga line?" SHRIKE makes a crackling static sound again that sounds like a modem is trying to eat a taco salad. "Feh.-- don't have cycles to expend on this. "

SHRIKE doesn't make any movements to protect Avira but maybe because that's because he's not getting in her way like some people do in cycles of thoughtlessness. "As 'normal' as he usually gets." the helmet then turns towards Sydney.

" You done grandstanding? Because from the backup feed, you didn't exactly start this scenario with an intent to damage. This is the only reason de-escalation is still being sought. Stand down."
Sydney Losstarot Sydney narrows his eyes furiously Lancer. "A more intelligent group of people would've simply answered my question so I can be on my way, and rid myself of your presence. ...Sadly, such a blessing is one the world doesn't enjoy granting me. So I'm going to ask /again/. Where am I." He says with a sigh. Clearly he's exasperated by the presence of the strange men. And mildly confused.

"Please. Don't make me laugh. How can I stand down, when I've not yet raised a finger against you, Lancer? If I choose to make such a decision, you won't be able to second guess it." He says, casting a foul smirk as he narrows his eyes at the group.

" do have my apologies. It was not my intent to injure bystanders." He says, mildly condescending. Thats as close as an apology as Sydneys gonna give.
Avira "You're on the outskirts of Traverse Town." Avira sighs, gesturing in the direction where the town itself resides. Much like SHRIKE, she seems very interested in de-escalation. She's still hurting quite a bit herself from that fight with the Dark-infested Sydney.

Her eyes narrow a little, "You just went nuts and fought us both. Don't you remember that?"
Lancer SHRIKE gets a baton, snapping it into activity so that a gleaming wireframe appears that coalesces into the same motorcycle of gleaming lines that he road into the conflict. "Right." the DPS agent says with a snort. "Another guy that's all--" "wait."

LANCER pushes himself unsteadily to his feet. The other DPS agent shoves him hard into the bike."That doesn't make any sen--" "Get on." "But--" "NOT our problem. File it." LANCER teeters back and forth on his feet and then he gets on the bike with the other agent.

"Oh. Right." SHRIKE calls over his shoulder as he starts the bike. "Welcome to Traverse Town. The city of the lost. Any /other/ questions before you get right to STAYING lost?" "SHRIKE?.. you suck at de-escalation." "So shoot me." "..No.. is your job."
Sydney Losstarot With a quick flash, all the Sydneys reverberate back into a singular one. Not for any -specific- reason, its just really hard for Sydney to keep up illusions after having his <GOOSEHONK> kicked that hard by Avira. Aaaand Lancer. (Barely.)

Sydney turns to address Avira. "Barely. I recall..." Sydney pauses, smirking. Its all starting to come back to him...and he's somewhat proud of himself. I mean, he wiped out that lightning-stick wielding glow-in-the-dark weirdo. Sydney sighs heavily, aware that this isn't really a good first entrance. Without a word, he turns and begins to walk towards the town, regarding the pair with little more than a discontented exhale, and a "Well. If thats all, I have no more use for your presence."
Avira Judging by the banter, LANCER's definitely going to be okay. Any thoughts of him getting derezzed slowly slip away. Times like this makes her forget that he is technically TRON's enemy. That other guy, though-SHRIKE-he seemed like kind of a jerk.

"I have to agree with LANCER here..." she murmurs, "This definitely isn't de-escalation." She suppresses a sigh when the program more or less tells Sydney to get lost.

Ah, so he did remember. Him smiling like a creep about it didn't exactly put Avira at ease. The leather of her fingerless gloves creaks as she grips her weapon a little harder. He turns to go and Avira lingers, choosing not to follow for a little while.

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