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(2013-04-20 - 2013-06-05)
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Evja It had been a while since Archades had any real contact with a certain Vieran Judge, though they had finally showed back up and seemingly tried to get involved with something. Specifically? Trying to figure out where Judge Magister Gabranth was. Evja hadn't been able to get a straight answer from anyone within the ranks of the Judges and poking House Solidor didn't do much either other than being told to speak with Zargabaath. Thus...

That was Evja's goal at the moment. Ascertain where Zargabaath was and try to get ahold of him.

At the moment the Vieran Judge wanders through the capital in full armor, helm on as well, making her way down towards the Airship docks in hopes that the Flagship was there or at least someone who knew where he was. Or perhaps someone along the way may be able to trade information. This city was good for such after all.
Riku The city is a lively and busy sight, with the Leviathan in port if not the Alexander. Amongst the bustling crowds and the constant airship traffic there is a somewhat familiar face sitting on a small terrace overlooking the port and people watching.

He looks restless as he looks back and forth along the long stretches of avenues. He seems to notice Evja eventually (although it takes a few times to pick him out of the crowd) and raises a hand in greeting, his smile tight.

"What business sees you around here?"
Evja Ears perking slightly at the sound of someone speaking, even if it was blocked from being seen thanks to the helm, Evja stops and turns to look towards the source before seeing Riku standing there. Right, they hadn't had a chance to actually speak since the Manhattan incident, and passing words possibly during the Eclipse Shard mission. Taking a few steps towards Riku, Evja vanishes and reappears beside him before turning to look towards where he had been. "I have been searching out information on Judge Magister Gabranth, but I have heard nary a thing. Solidor has simply enough sent me to speak with Zargabaath and otherwise I've heard nothing. Do you know anything, Riku? Or is it Judge Riku?" The tone was more indicative of 'Since you never did tell me that yourself', but who knows if he'd pick that up or even care.
Riku Riku blinks, startling slightly at Evja using the snapping flash teleport in the middle of a crowded port. He laughs, although there is a thread of anger in the sound as he gestures Evja over to sit down. "I think, since we're both judges, we can just use names. At least, that's how I.. think it goes. I used the 'your honor' bit honestly because a little butter goes a long way."

He smiles and the expression is acid but the anger does not seem to be directed at Judge Evja at all. "As to his honor, the search continues. We are preparing to follow a lead that leads into the Mythril Mines, where the perpetrator of the attack has been spotted." he sighs and then continues.

"We're supposed to capture the beast involved because it might be one of the only links we have to whatever is behind this."
Evja "So you still know nothing of where he is? Damn... that does not sound like Gabranth at all." Evja more mumbles to herself than towards Riku as she thinks about the situation. Capturing a beast, however, may not be easy. And with them not having told Evja anything, especially as he had been there at the time of the incident. No matter... "Do you need any assistance with this capture? I should be able to assist with at least that much, given I still worry what would make Gabranth vanish for so long without a word to anyone. I cannot imagine him being killed by a simple beast."

Evja did have a good opinion of Gabranth, especially more in recent times due to inflating it a bit for having defended him verbally.
Riku "Believe me. It's much more frustrating over on this end." Riku says with a sigh, grumbling as he rakes a hand through his hair lightly.

"And yes. We need as much help as possible. Anything we can learn from this, we can put towards never having it happen again."
Evja "Perhaps so."

Evja wasn't in any position to argue who had it worst, and didn't really care to have it worst anyways. He was simply worried and trying to make things right. "And what about you, Riku? I thought you were dead, what, with vanishing as you did after Manhattan. It was only during the mission that I even came to know you weren't, and at that you were a Judge. Did... I fail to protect you during that ordeal with the Heartless? Or did something else happen?"
Riku Riku snorts. "I did do that, didn't I?" he sighs. He shakes his head. "Believe me, I used to be a lot better at this. But I've been dropping a lot of threads lately searching for Gabranth. He's.." he pauses then adds. "a friend." he hops off the seat and gestures for Evja to follow him as he moves slowly away from the port up one of the broad avenues.

"Besides. Alot of those questions deserve answers. I just can't really explain very well." he continues to walk, hands in the pockets of his duster as he makes his way through the crowd.

"As for Manhattan? I.. pushed too hard at that last surge. I pull the vanish card sometimes when I get really hurt or I've got to get out of a situation. I was knocked out cold for a few days, and not really good company afterwards.

I never got to properly thank you, actually. Right then.. you were probably all that stood between me and.. not a pleasant fate."
Evja Following along wasn't a terribly hard thing to do, so there was no opposition from Evja about Riku wanting some semblance of privacy, seemingly. Though as he talked, Evja listened and processed it before finally saying, "You do not have to thank me, and I did not intend to make you say such by asking what I did. It was the right thing to do. Something that... so many people seem to ignore these days."


"You are better now, however? At least I assume you are?"
Riku Riku snorts, grumbling something caustic. "Well. When this investigation is over I'll... probably be better." he moves towards an outdoors market which is bustling with activity.

He takes a piece of fruit off a stand, paying for it as he asks.

"..what about yourself? I'm curious as to what you've been up to."
Evja "Dealing with idiots." It was a simple enough answer, even if a bit overly simple. He did take a moment to elaborate on one topic, however. "You are probably aware, but there is a rogue Dark Knight who has taken it upon himself to assault Judges. He seems to have somehow convinced members of VALKYRI that at least I am evil and deserve nothing short of death, and he has made it clear he probably thinks the same of Gabranth, and other Judges simply for existing. You should be careful. I would not say he is overly powerful so much as a coward who would take advantage of a Judges devotion to keeping others safe to attack them and gain an upper hand."

Evja buys several carrots and lifts the visor to her helmet a bit before chewing idly on one stick.
Riku "Ah. That sounds like Scary Armor the lesser." Riku snorts as he takes a bite out of the fruit in hand as he leans against a nearby wall. "I've fought with Angantyr before." he sighs.

"He has a legitimate grievance against Archades but he's just so wrapped up in vengeance that he doesn't see nothing good ever comes from charging into things blindly."
Evja "A bloodthirsty savage who struts around with a false sense of immunity and self importance because he has somehow managed to convince otherwise good people that he is just that. Grievance or not he is still without his mind and violent to boot." A slight grumbling sound comes from Evja before she looks up towards the sky. "I do not like how things seem to be going. Two I considered sensible people, possibly even friends... are now angry at me and I cannot imagine why. At least, in one case. The other simply seems indignant that I actually called out her faults. I fear there are less and less in this World of Ruin who have the common sense the Espers gave a goat. Tell me, have you ever heard of Spheres? They seem popular in the city known as Luca, especially something called Movie spheres, or Memory spheres."
Riku Riku looks like he's trying very hard to choke down the laughter as he coughs and snorts. "Well. Common sense isn't. Especially around adventurers. and yes." he nods soberly, still trying not to smile too hard.

"I.. once or twice used such devices to umm.. haze, the Shard Seekers when I used to associate with them" he looks nostalgic for a moment, or maybe just thoughtful as he stares off into the crowd.

"So yes. I'm familiar with the technology, to answer your question."
Evja "It was my understanding that they could record things... like writing in a book, but for all to see. Things around... sometimes, even things from your memories. Is this true?" Something within the Judges voice seemed hopeful. Perhaps overly hopeful, actually.

It was news to Evja though that Riku ever associated with the Shard Seekers, but then again, Evja only recently began to associate with them himself. And still has yet to have a chance to truly sit down and discuss things at length with the boy Reize.
Riku Riku thinks about it. "Well. I know they record images and sounds well enough. I don't know if the regular versions record thoughts. They might." he frowns a little.

"Although that can probably get tricky. Thoughts are.." he shakes his head. "Well. Probably could ask around Luca since that city is the place where I've seen them the most. Can I ask why you rare so interested in them?"
Evja So it was true, then? That they could do things like that? What wonderous technology... "Amazing that some world came up with something like that. To think it is possible to do that... why, it could turn into a form of storytelling like books. To capture plays, capture stories being told..." Evja wasn't one from one of those worlds where those things were common after all. Then when the question was asked, Evja said simply, "I am tired of being treated like a monster."

As if that would explain it, he started not to expand upon it, then turned and said, "If they can indeed record memories like I was under the impression from my brief time hearing about them in Luca... then all it would take is to put my past into these Spheres. The points of conflict where I am accused of things I have not done. So others can see from my own eyes that I have not done them. To see what that arrogant barbarian truly is... that I did not choose to be forced to kill Mercade... that I am a good person." Self-serving, yes, but the Viera did have hopes.
Riku Riku goes very, very quiet as Evja explains. He looks down into the fruit and then back at the judge with a considering look. He takes another bite and then folds his arms across his chest. "It is amazing isn't it? Although.. People are going to believe what they want to believe." he says very softly, his voice only barely carrying over the bustle of the marketplace.

"--and a sphere is going to have a tough time convincing them otherwise. But.." he sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "I've actually got a recorder like that. A memento of a trip that seems long ago now. If you think it will help you.. I am willing to do so as well. With a single caveat." he raises a finger and then points it at Evja.

"If this sphere gets used for blackmail, revenge or petty spite? I will take it out of your hide." he pauses and then takes another bite, finishing off the fruit. "Standard warning, really. I can... understand not wanting to be treated like a monster. Believe me. I can. So.. give me a reason, as you have continued to give me reasons.. why I can trust your noble intentions and honest wishes for understanding. Alright?"
Evja "..."

Evja stares towards Riku as he is pointed at before shaking his head a bit and saying softly, "So you do not trust me, then? Even after I have risked my own life to protect you? Fine, feel free to come along yourself to Luca. I... do not know how to operate such a machine regardless if you are in possession of one or not. So in the end I would need to go to Luca and ask someone there, perhaps at that giant dome near the harbor. Or mayhaps I can even seek information from the Maester I spoke with, Seymour I believe his name was."

Further yet Evja places a hand on her hip and stares down towards Riku, "Or... is that not enough for you boy? Would you hear why it bothers me so to be treated like this? I seek not praise or thanks, or even recognition... I simply abhor being treated as something I am not. As a liar, or some madman. ...madwoman, as it were, if the expression extends that direction."
Riku Riku smiles and shakes his head. "I don't trust anyone, Evja. Not even myself. Or.." he corrects himself very slowly. "..very.. very few. It is a difficult concept for me." He seems completely oblivious as he drops his hand and looks off into the distance.

"And none of your overreacting is really neccessary and so." he speaks softly, and calmly, the threads of anger sluggishly crackling underneath his voice again as he explains.

"So I would not have offered if I did not wish to know, or understand, or trust. So please.. do not put words and actions into my mouth, alright?"
Evja Evja grunts softly before growling out irately, "And I am not overreacting. I was having a casual conversation with you and you brought up blackmail and other such, as if a Judge would ever stoop so low, let alone me - one who is trying to do their best to clear their name. I should depart regardless, I need to tell my traveling partner what I shall be doing and see if she is willing to let me do such without her there as well and make preparations for the hunt."

The Judge started to turn to depart, but stopped, "When and where should I be present to accompany?"
Riku Riku opens his mouth and then closes it. He thumps a palm into his forehead and grinds the palm into his face as he desperately attempts to cling to the remnants of his temper. "I.. right. Forget it. I apologize." he shakes his head.

"It was wrong of me to jump to conclusions. Which is probably why that sphere would be a good idea." He contains himself and takes a steadying breath. "Have your partner and yourself meet me around here in another few hours and we'll make our way over there." he shakes his head.

"And if your trying to clear your name, it might help if you stopped pissing off everybody you met!" At this snapped remark he moves off into the market proper, anger practically crackling off him.

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