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(2013-04-20 - 2013-04-20)
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Caran Steel stands in an unused black magic laboratory of Alexander Academy. He has spent a /lot/ of time here over the past few months, well, here and the library. Studying and working to prove himself. He has had great successes, but not without setbacks, he thinks, as he looks at his hands. They're healing up nicely, except for, well, looking like some kind of monster-hands. Covered in bronze-colored scales, and tipped with claws. Fortunately, they still retain the dexterity needed for everyday tasks, swordplay, and magic. He wraps fresh bandages around them, then clenches and unclenches his fist. He takes a deep breath. and lifts his gaze, looking across the room to the target.

"Are you gonna do it now, Caran?" The white winged cat looking out the window flies over, alighting on a counter next to him. Caran simply nods. This is it. He has learned much, these past few months, working harder than he ever has in all his years of schooling. Some might point out that if he had just taken all this possible effort and applied it to his /classwork/, he'd be doing fine, but... That's not the way he thinks. His experiments with lesser dweomers has gone well. It has all been preparation for this. When he masters this spell, he will prove to everyone that he's not just a slacker. He takes another deep breath, and holds his hands out before him, as if holding an invisible sword. This is it.

BGM: (Seriously, could it be anything else?)

ansi(hx,'Darkness beyond blackest 'Vast all-consuming nothingness, colder than the coldest ice! The great power of destructive magic, wielded by my hand!' A crack seems to o'I call you forth, by the power of my will! Make my desires real, and destroy the fools who stand before me by the power I posess!' The sword grows, almost as if struggling to writhe loose and escape, or turn on him and bite him. All the while, he doesn't hear the distant screams, or notice that the sky outside the window has already turned black.


The black lightning grows, ten fifteen, twenty feet long. Surprised, Caran holds it at a distance... no! He has to focus it on something, anything! He SWINGS it, like a massive blade, black lightning tearing up the cieling as it swings across the room and then discharges into the target, completely vaporising it!

Caran stares, empty-handed now. Ketan stares too. "I did it. ...I did it, Ketan! I--"

Finally, he turns and sees the window. The darkness creeps in. It has eyes. No... it's full of shapes. Monsters with eyes. Swarming around them. He can only look around in confusion as the darkness overcomes all "...I did it." He repeats, with growing dread. Ketan barely has time to leap onto his shoulders...


Waves lap at a red shape lying in the sand. A young man in hat, cape, and jacket of red.
Will Sherman Will never knows where he might end up from day to day...sometimes he stays in one place...others he does not. Right now, he follows the fates, and right now he is actually sitting on the beach...why? He hates the ocean, he really hates the ocean...but here he is.

And here a young boy washed up on the shore. Will, with a piece of wood also washed up from the water pokes at the body, trying to determine if he is still alive...well, no, he knows he is. His eyes do not lie, and the boy...rather distressed he guesses...and possibly confused, is being poked by a young hobo lad.

"Hey? You alive? Come on, wake up. You're liable to get your stuff stolen if you lay here too long now!"
Soan Sagittarius Overseeing it all, away from the beach directly, is a towering, shadowy figure. It stands on top of a particularly tall building in direct view of the beach, close to the walls of the city, one of their guard towers. Standing there, looking around, DRAGOON MAN spots movements at the beach. He's rather certain that it's not a random swimmer that washed up there. He's also certain that he recgonise the figure of the young man rushing to the aid of the presumed drowned.

Perhaps he should do something about it, then. He do not recognise who the refugee is precisely, however... he have a feeling. Tapping the rear of his spear into the roof of the tower lightly, he thinks this over. A look around shows no trouble. The time is quiet, at this moment.

One moment the figure was there. Now it's not, as Dragoon Man takes to the skies.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is a child of the seas given her hertiage and often comes down here to swim, she honestly thinks better any day she's gone for a dip and she's just happening to be wading back out of the water and pauses to see Will Sherman over someone at the beach and she stetches looking over their way. "Another one?"

She wades theough the water and seems to be a bit suprised at what she sees.

Caran Steel Caran is not alone in the blackness. There is a terrible monster here, but there are also allies. His family, dressed like him in the trappings of fantastic heroes (unlike in real life), in brightly-colored armor and robes. He charges it, sword ready, and sees his eldest sister attacking from the other side. She was always the one who called him out on not making something of himself. But now she's smiling. He made something of himself at last. He's a great hero. From the sides come his other older sister and brother, staying back to hurl fire, ice, and lightning at the demonic creature. It roars and raises a giant claw to strike him -- and then he feels a hand on his shoulder as his little sister steps up, raising a magic shield to deflect the attack! The monster is caught off-guard and staggers, allowing them the chance to pull off their ultimate attacks -- dashing around it with a sword from every which way, flare, ultima, and holy... and at last, the Gigas Rave strikes the monster and cleaves it in twain, and it begins to disintigrate into sparkles that rise into the air... and then he falls, or rather sinks with a splash, the ground below him suddenly water, and he cries out for his siblings but it is reduced to meaningless burbles, and he is cold and alone...

And then he hears a voice. And then...

...He wakes up. "Unghhh..." He opens his eyes and glances around. Sand. A beach? What? Why is he not in bed? /that/ thought brings him to full alertness, and he quickly stands up, hand going to the hilt of the blade as he turns to face... A hobo lad? A hobo lad with good taste in hats! He blinks. "Where am I? Who are you?"

And then it comes back to him, his face goes white with horror, and his hand drops to his side. "Oh no... Oh no, oh no, I..." He DESTROYED IT. He destroyed it all!

But... if he destroyed the world, then where his he now? It sure /seems/ like a world...
Will Sherman "Your world is gone...the creatures of black attacked suddenly...the world became darker and darker...until you were fading into darkness with it...but you ended up here?" Will says, with a sad look, "Yeah...I heard this story before. Many times. I've suffered through it myself." He says, and stands up, aiming to help the man to a sitting position. "Will Sherman, King of the Hobos. Friends call me Will though." He says, with a gentle smile. "You are at Bodhum beach, with is in the Traverse area...Traverse Town to be specific. It is where those lost to darkness end up at first. It is sort of a crossroads of sorts..." He says, "Lots of refuges these days..."

"The heartless are here too, the creatures that no doubt ate your world. They are small, they can be large...they are tenacious...and not a lot can stop them."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man is not an especially stealthy mean. However, perhaps thanks to his abilities as Mild-Mannered Soan Sagittarius, he do have quite a basic in the notions of stealth. Without much fanfar, the fully armored man lands on top of a particularly tall wooden plank, driven into the ground vertically. Perhaps the remains of a ship, in this case, that broke ashore. Whatever it might be, however, it creaks a little in his smooth landing.

"I'm afraid the young man is correct." He intones from above, a feet flattened against his ankle as he balances on the pillar on one foot, arms crossed with no spears in sight. "You being here, however, is good news. You have not been consumed by the Darkness." He looks down at Will and Myla, nodding firmly. "Altought he may be injured. I am glad to see I was not the only one to spot you, my friend."
Myla Mason Myla Mason comes up to the toung man who seems to be reaking out. "He's already answered your questions." She nods to Will for a moment as she close it would be hard to miss her style of dress or her tatoos at this point, it would be easy to tell she's a Levitani from Caran's world. " EAsy let get you up and see to any injuries you might have suffer...." She pauses stares for a moment "Dragoon Man?!?"
Caran Steel Oh Bismarck this kid is a MIND READER, Caran thinks as he just stares. So other people ended up here, wherever here is, and this boy must be one of them. The red mage just sort of nods, dumbstruck, at the exposition dump. Until something clicks. "'My' world? You mean... you're from somewhere else?" /What?/

And then he catches sight of the approaching Myla. Hey, he knows that girl! She's from his class! "Hey, you're--!" He stares at her, trying to remember her name.

Suddenly, his hat moves. And then lifts up, a little white furry face peeking out. "Caran! Caran, you destroyed the world!" "Ketan!" Caran shouts. These people did /not/ need to know that! At least, not yet... But Ketan continues speaking. "What are we gonna do?! Wait, how are we alive?!" and then he looks around. "Where are we?
And then OH MY BISMARCK IT'S DRAGOON MAN. "Dragoon Man?! You're here?!" Caran turns to stare at him. On the one hand, he is totally a fan! On the other hand, since he destroyed the world, he's a criminal for DRAGOON MAN to bring to justice! "I... I didn't mean to do it! It was an accident! I just... I just wanted to show I could... show I could do great things..." He trails off and kind of slumps, staring down at the sand.

Great, he gets to meet DRAGOON MAN just as he's outed as basically the worst villain EVER. Well, it's not like it's THE END OF THE WORLD, since that ALREADY HAPPENED. So, can things really get any worse?
Will Sherman "Dragoon Man!?" Will calls out!

"Oh hey!" He pauses...he see's the strings...these people are all connected it seems...interesting, "Eh? No not a mind reader...I see fate, but I didn't need to see that to see what had happened to you." He says...and then..

"...Yeah, no you didn't." Will says, "First off, you don't use darkness. I can see those that do, you're heart is clean, no strings of black at should keep it that way." Will says, with confidence, "Second, to destroy a world, the heartless need to get to your world's heart...once there...well you can't help it. If what I said is right, and you've told me it wasn't you. I guess you did something just at the wrong time. Fate is kinda a <GOOSEHONK> like that. She is fickle."

Will knows fate very well.

Will looks back to Myla, with a nod, and then to Dragoon man, "You've been scarce of late! I never got the chance to thank you for your help managed to save our world, or...I guess helped in it. Or tried to...and that means a lot to me."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man lets out a brief hearty laugh, shaking his head. Here he was, thinking that he was about to explain all of this to a new comer, but ends up that the student is actually someone he knows! Well, as Soan, anyway, perhaps less as Dragoon Man. However, this is an student of the Alexander Academy. Of course Dragoon Man knows about him. "It's as he said: I doubt, whatever you've been doing, you caused the tragedy that has befell on our world. It did not come from withing, but from beyond, an invasion. I am glad to see that there is more from our fair Galianda that survived our darkest hours. What's your name, my friend?"

He remains on his perch. He likes being on perches. It gives him a good field of vision of what's going on around him, after all, always on the watch. However, at Myla and Will, he turns his attention to, head tilted just faintly in their direction to show he's paying attention to them. For someone without facial expressions showing he's learned how to express himself more visibly with his body and posture. "You are welcome, my friend! I've only done what I do: aid people in need and heroes with a noble cause. Restoring your world is, indeed, a grand cause. The least I could do was lend my strength to your dream."
Myla Mason Myla Mason lets will explain things he knows it better than she could he sadly has more experiance. She just hangs back for the moment looking to Dragoon mana nd trying to figure out this new comers to this float stram of a city.

"Your help is appicated Dragoon Man."

She looks to the new guy and grins a little "Well you proven your too much for the end of the world to finish off at least and you can find help here."
Caran Steel And then Will anticipates questions and interprets reactions and sees all the tropes and neatly untangles everything with simple explanations. SITUATION: DEFUSED. CARAN: CONFUSED.

"I... buh... wha? Darkness? My heart? I... but I cast that spell..." he kind of stammers. He has LITTLE IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON, it hasn't really all HIT yet. He blinks at DRAGOON MAN. "Uh... I'm Caran Steel, Behemoth Class. And this is Ketan." "Hi!" "You... wait, you restored his world? Can we restore /ours/?" Suddenly, a ray of hope! Whether he was responsible for its destruction or not, bringing it back would be a great thing! How many people didn't make it out? What about his family?

Too much for the end of the world to finish off? He looks briefly at Myla. "That's... the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me in awhile... I think..."
Will Sherman "Yeah...I'm sorry about cutting to the chase? I really like getting to the heart of things...I mean, we could sit here and I could pretend to be surprised by all of your questions? And we can sort of just stammer here for hours...but I think you'll want to eat, before too long. And drink. Probably drink alot." He nods.

Will looks back at Dragoon man, "You are a good man." he says, "But also a hard man to give a hug. But some day, Dragoon man, you will not be above us, but on the ground, and I will provide you what you deserve." THE HUG! Will grins, he was happier than he had been in a long time. Ah..

But the million dollar question.

He sighs. and he gathers up some firewood, he hands Myla a credit card, "Hey go get some food from the food place close by? We'll build a fire here, and we'll eat while I explain restoring a world. It's kinda a big thing...and I'll have to explain some things better...I've seen a world fall, and a world restored...some people might want to keep this close to their hearts, but I think you guys deserve to know..." he says with a nod, "I can see it, you all lost your world, and you want it back..."

"And because of Dragoon man here, we got our chance. I can't rightly NOT return the favor."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man lets out another laugh, his head tilting back exagerratedly. It's a thing he learned to convey emotions when you don't have a face to show: amplify your movements. It works more often than not. "That day may arrive sooner than you might think! Who knows what the future holds!"

And just like that, the mood changes, Dragoon Man straightening up again to look down at Caran, bowing his head a little. Well, what do you know, he actually DO know this guy. Heard about him, anyway. He asks the question right away that's been burning in his mind ever since... well, ever since they've been here, honestly. "Well met, then, Caran Steel and Ketan! I hope you will be glad to know that there is more students of the Alexander Academy that have been found."

His glowing stare turns at Will, nodding. "I must say that I do, as well, wish to know how it works. Any information you can give us, Will, would be greatly appreciated."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Should have figured and no you didn't trust me. Myla Mason, it seems we got another stray form our world it seems." She tiolts her head for a moment and she smirks. "Come on you look a bit like a drowned chocobo at the moment. We should get you somewhere you can get dry and sure Will I can go get some food." Knowing her she'll be back with sea food in some point.

"I'll be back in a bit." She wanders off to go find some food as requested.
Caran Steel Caran shakes his head at Will. "It's alright. There wouldn't really have been any point in dragging it out." He listens to the dialog between them. Huh, Will has a point. Caran is suddenly aware of how cold and wet he is. Ketan leaps down onto the sand and shakes himself dry, spreading his wings (!) and then looking expectantly up at Caran. Caran looks down at him, holds out a hand with his index and middle, and ring and pinky fingers, together, muttering, 'I summon a force to perform prestidigitation.' In the space of several seconds, Ketan is dry, and begins grooming and preening himself. Caran holds his hand over himself, slowly moving it up his body as his clothes and skin are dried.

So. There are people here from many worlds. Some sort of dark force has been taking one world after another. But they can be saved. There are heroes here to save them.

And Caran is here. One of a few survivors, apparently, from the same school. Classmates of various stripes, and DRAGOON MAN, have been thrust into a strange multiverse where good and evil clash and the fate of worlds hands in the balance. After mastering dangerous magics and serendipitously surviving the loss of his world, Caran has been offered a Quest.

Caran recognizes this pattern. He knows what this is. This is an epic adventure, the kind he's read, watched, and played countless times. And this time, he's one of the heroes.

And he'd better do a good job, because the innocent bystanders depending on him in THIS story hinclude his family and what few friends he had.

The red mage looks at Dragoon Man. "If there's a way to save our world, count me in. I can help! I've learned powerful magic! What do we have to do? Do we have to fight an evil monster? Find a lost artifact? Fulfill an ancient prophecy?"
Will Sherman Will helps gather up wood on the beach, "I always forget what this stuff is called...I hate the ocean," Will says, shuddering. "I never liked it...bad memories." he says, with a nod, and makes a good pile of wood. With a bit of effort...and a bit of manipulating luck, a fire is going. Those sensitive to magic just note that Will seems to almost be like a bondfire of the stuff. Mages Channel magic...Will seems to be a waypoint of mana.

Sitting down, and when the food arives...Will nods..

", first off, I have to explain. Everyone has a heart. It is the source of light in all of us...what makes us a person...without the heart, we become a heartless. Those demon things. Each one of those used to be a human...a human that lost their heart to Darkness."

"Worlds too, have hearts. Now...sometimes these hearts are focused on small areas of the same world...sometimes larger sometime smaller. This world is seperated into two main worlds...Phantasia and The World of Ruin. Phantasia are worlds similar to mine...infact ours sit inside it. The World of Ruin, seems to be more like yours...Chocobos instead of Horses, a blending of magic and technology...from where I am from, magic is rare...only a few beings can cast it naturally, and special rituals come to natural practicioners..." he shrugs, "It is not the same of all the Phantasia worlds."

"Anyway...when the heartless find the heart of the world, they all come for it...until enough of them get inside...and it falls."

Will holds up a clump of wet sand. He clenches the first, and the sand crumbles.

"Worlds also have something called Princesses of Hearts. As long as the Princess of heart is alive, and uncorrupted by the darkness...the world can be saved...even if the world heart is taken. However...if both the World Heart, and the Princess are taken...the world is lost forever, even if the shards are recovered."

"That is the other thing, the lost world splits into shards. The shards....have to be found, and the world can be split into any number of's really random! For Manhattan, it was based on the classic elements...Fire, water, earth, air...and then Spirit to connect them all together. Your might be different...who can say..." he shrugs, "I can see shards, with my eyes if I am near by, but...again, it's hard to find them, even with my eyes. The Shard Seekers have a device they thing finds's not really good at this. Infact, I think it only ever found /one/."

"Supposedly, there is a metal in the World of Ruin that naturally detects them...we haven't gotten the chance to find it and mess with it. However, once you get the shards...your princess of need a keyblade. A Keyblade is a weapon that is naturally the bane of the can actually free their hearts, and perminate destroy them. It can also unlock the hearts of worlds...seal their hearts so that the heartless can't get to them...and also restore lost world shards. Also...Keyblade's are...particular. They chose their weilder...don't let anyone else use them, and there are only two known...King Mickey, and Sora. Luckily, I know Sora pretty well, he's a good friend of mine. Bit of a goof, and still new to this...but he's not bad. King Mickey is pretty awesome too...but he's...well, he's much like Dragoon man here."
Myla Mason Myla Mason returns she has fish and chips is there any real doubt of what she brought back at least she's got a good eye she found the best fish and chip wagon in the c ity from the works of it. She listns and east some of her own world. "Seriously worlds were people ride madponys is still pretty crazy to me. You know the 'horse' on our worl were crinvores?"

She chomps part of a fish fillet out of existance. and goes quiet. "Damn shame there's so few, I wonder if there were moere with what we do know? Maybe there were and they were holding back the heartles sbut it wouldn't suprise me if the Shadow Lords somehow killed most of them. Then again some of them seem like they walked out of a damn comic book." She's likely talking about Pete.

"Oh Dragoon Man brought enough for you if you want some."
Caran Steel Caran walks along, and once he's finished drying himself, he gathers wood up as well, telekinetically calling the smaller pieces to his hands.

- The Heartless
- Horses?
- Magic is rare?
- Princesses of Heart
> Shards?

"Shards?" Caran asks, and Will's ready with more exposition! "What do the shards look like? How do we know if we find them?"
Soan Sagittarius Sometime during this whole exposion, Dragoon Man took the time to jump down from the post, down to the very same ground as everyone else, to lean against his previous perching point. In a lenghty conversation like that, it's a lot more polite to be somewhere where people can look at you directly instead of stretching their neck trying to look up at up.

"As expected, reviving a world is no easy task. Few things truly worth doing really are easy." Dragoon Man muses outloud at the end of it all, pushing himself off the block of wood, looking at Caran. "This is not a job for merly me, my friend. This is a duty for all childrens of Galianda. Hopefully, we will find allies in this scrambled series of worlds. We seem to be on good track of that, as Will helped us imensely by showing us the path."

At the question about Shards, Dragoon Man grabs one of the styrofoam plates with a grateful nod toward Myla, holding it in his hand as he say. "I see, so that is what you were looking for that day, shards... and I presume that woman, which was shaped like a winged humanoid lion, like these... Gargoyles, they're called? She was your Princess of Heart?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Gargyoles heard of them. Interesting there's a monster race that will live side humans gives me some hope about some things my mother userd to say." CHOMP more fish! There's never enough of it, relly. "Not sure honestly never seen a shard but seen enough heartles. Got more of them than my mom had stories."

She looks to Caran and notes "There's about a dozen or so of us left and we banded together for the most part so your not alone at least, right?"
Will Sherman Will takes a breath, "Shards...well, the issue here is...Shards can look like almost anything, if there is a signifigant enough value attatched to it. I don't know why...but with Manhattan, they looked like small crystals. YOu could hold them in your hands. The first shard we found, to restore New Orleans...which hilariously became important to restoring Manhattan...was attached to Old Scrooge McDuck's recipe for Sea Salt Ice idea why!"

"Which is why a shard Detector is eyes in a pinch, but you can't grab my legs and hold me like one of those rods you use to find money on the beach."

"Huh? Oh! Avira...she's not like that anymore. Her issue was...complicated. She's human again, and yes she is..." he says with a nod.

"Gargolyes are not...okay.." He takes a breath, "In Manhattan, there are three races. The First race, are The fae...they are...SORT of our gods? They are stupidly powerful...and honestly? Real jerks. The Second race, are the Gargoyles. The third race, are humans. Or maybe that is reversed...anyway, it's not important. Gargoyles are not monsters, they are people...just really rare in my world anymore."

"Like I eyes can see Shards, but...well, I can't look /everywhere/ for them...and my eyes are falible..." he shrugs, "I can look at a found object and confirm if it's a shard, and if it's yours, it should have a string to you. There is that metal that supposedly can find them, in the World of Ruin...but we haven't found it yet. IF you wana look for that, we'll help you...we meaning the TDA, er Twilight Detective Agency." Will pulls out a card, handing it to Myla and Caran. Dragoon man needs no card, he knows where to call...and contact. There are offices in Traverse Town AND Manhattan.

"Also, watch out for the Shadow Lords...these guys are...pretty awful. They destroy the worlds, and actively try and prevent their restoration. I dunno why.."
Caran Steel FISH?! Ketan is ALL OVER THAT, digging into one of the fish fillets. OM NOM NOM!

Caran nods, and drops wood on the fire. So Shards can be anything...

A world with intelligent monster races... with other /species/, or are fey more like espers? It's kind of unclear, but this sure /sounds/ like the fantasy stories from home... Even people riding weird things instead of chocobos. They call madponies horses and RIDE THEM?! And he thought those stories where someone rides, like, a giant wolf or cat or something were crazy...

Caran takes the card, glances at it, and puts it in his bag, as he mentally notes keywords like Gargoyles and Twilight Detective Agency. And Shadow Lords. "They're the bad guys. Do they need a reason? Maybe we'll find out." He absentmindedly observes.

> The Heartless

"So... those... monsters... they were once people? So, we could be out there fighting... what used to be humes from our world?" Man, this story is DARK. "Is there any way to return them to normal, or are they already lost? Even if we restore our world... well, what about the people in it?"
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man gives a vigorous nod, his head tilting just faintly to give a glance over at Myla. "Indeed, they are not monsters, I have met a few of them in passing already. Valliant and brave warriors, I've found them to be. They are also not the only intelligent race that lives in this world: keep your minds open. This goes for you as well, Caran." He says, turning his head at the new comer, nodding once. "It is not like Galianda. They have no idea of what being a Levianti or a Ifriti means. There are other races, with all the potential that we have for good or evil."

His attention retuns back to Will, nodding slightly again. Yes, he knows that she came back to human form, he saw it happen right before his eyes, thanks to the POWER OF LOVE. "That is good to hear. I hope that man didn't squander that kiss that turned her to normal afterwards." He adds, followed with a brief chuckle. At the mention of the Fae, the armoured man looks upward at the sky. He would be frowning now if it was visible. The Gods... the Dragons. He'll keep searching for them. His frown would deepen even more at the mention of the Shadowlords.

"I am not certain I have met one, but I have fought many that had the stink of Chaos within them. I could smell their corruption from miles away, as well as so many of them. It was rather disconcerting." He admits. At Caran's last questions, he falls silent.

The fish and chips seems to be half eaten. Eating food without removing his mask: Another one of Dragoon Man's super powers!?
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "No idea can't let more get dervoiured. If we can find a away we will find a way to do so. We have to keep fighting that's the way it is. "Reason they seem to be power hungry interested in their own gain at the expernse of everyting else pretty much makes them sciopaths too." Munch more fish. "I heard a bit about them Will. Sounds like most of this fair folk could use a truck load of humble pie."

She looks at Caran for a moment. "I have to give the Gargyoles this if you can't swim flying a not a bad option as a way to get around." She's biased really and shnot even hiding it. "Still don't like the waters here they don't feel quite right always unsettling really.

"So it all comes down to Chaos and Diablos spawn? Wonderful..."
Caran Steel "Oh yeah. Flying's great. If you ever get wings you should try it." Ketan observes, and then goes back to eating.
Will Sherman "If...they became a heartless because of the world falling? Yes." Will says, "The world is retored to what it was BEFORE the heartless came." he continues.

"Ugh...swimming...water...ugh." Will hates Oceans. He really hates oceans...and large bodies of water...

He listens...yeah...he's...not human, he doesn't say it out loud, but he's quiet. Tellingly quiet.

"The can't kill them. You can hurt them, but they can come back...not right away...but the only thing that can actually free the heart of a heartless is a keyblade. The heart goes up into the air...and...I don't know. Something..." he shrugs. Will looks down, "The heartless look for those with strong light in their hearts, and those with great darkness can even control the Heartless." he continues. "Heartless come in all shapes and sizes...from weak to increadibly powerful. NEVER underestimate them. It will cost you your heart, if you do." He says.

"Anyway...if you need a place to stay, tonight, we can put you up at the TDA until you get a place."
Myla Mason Myla Mason loves water as much as Will hates it. She must admit she's now done her food and seems sad the fish is gone and she looks over to Will nodding. "Might be for the best, It's too late to get back to where I'm saying either. Though I'm likely going to crash on the docks somewhere sleep better near water even strange tides like this place."
Soan Sagittarius Dragoon Man, when looked at where he was, is no longer there. Only a small kick up of sand tells that he wasthere, as well as a shadow leaping off into the distance, soaring high to the clouds and vanishing there. Things are handled here, and he said his thanks.

There's a lot to find, now. A lot to do.
Caran Steel Caran looks relieved as it's explained that no, he won't be killing innocent people when he fights these things. "The heartless shouldn't underestimate me, either." Black energy briefly arcs over his body before fizzling out on his clenched fist. "...But I'll be careful." He doesn't wanna be that guy, that guy who just established how strong he is, and then is taken out like /nothing/ by the threat of the day to show how badass /it/ is.

"Thank you. It was good to meet you, Will Sherman." He extends a bandaged hand to shake. "And I'll take you up on that offer."

This scene contained 31 poses. The players who were present were: Will Sherman, Myla Mason, Soan Sagittarius, Caran Steel