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On a Pier in Bodhum
(2013-04-19 - Now)
Serah finds Bodhum, but its not quite like her home. Agrias comes in looking for her princess, and relaxes at the end of the pier for a spell.
Serah Farron There's a girl pacing around the sandy beach of Bodhum. She's finally found it. Its her home. Well, in her world at least. In here, its quite different. Its always night, among other things. But its not so bad. At least its familiar. The bar is even there. But right now, she decided to just sit at the end of the pier, legs dangling down toward the water, and thinking about things. Things that happened since she got here, things that happened in her world before she left... so many things.

Pink haired girl sitting along at the pier, it might attract some attention.
Agrias Oaks Clad in simple platemail emblazoned with a symbol no one in this place will recognize, Agrias finds herself walking out to the beach after a few hours of traversing Traverse Town in her hunt for information, which, as usual, has turned up nothing. Shaking her head slowly, the blonde knight's expression is solemn as she walks down the pier, deciding she just wants to listen to the ocean for a time, hoping it might help her clear her mind. Half-way down the pier, she belatedly realizes it isn't empty of people, but she continues onwards, eyes on the girl now. As she nears the end of the pier, she calls a quiet greeting, "Greetings, my lady. Not interrupting, am I?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks up to the knight lady, offering a smile. Well, for a moment the silouhette kinda reminded her of her sister, but that didn't last enough to really think it is at least, not enough to even cause a surprise. But it would make sense that she'd find her sister here too. "Oh, hello. Not at all, I was just... thinking I guess." She offers a smile, pulling a leg against her chest.
Agrias Oaks Agrias smiles down at the girl, it seems a bit forced. She nods at her words, "I understand. I was hoping to do a bit of the same, myself. I hope you don't mind if I join you? It seemed a good place to do so.." The knight looks out over the water as she continues speaking, "Get away from all the noise for a bit, so you can think in peace. So you can remember things. It's hard to find much quiet in these times, always more trouble around the next corner."
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles, nodding a bit as she waves to the spot next to her "I don't mind. This place is for everyone to enjoy. I just used to come here often to look at the sunset. But its always night here, so its a bit different now. Its okay though, its still relaxing. Its the closest point to the center of the lake here, without having to use a both or a hoverbike." She smiles, swaying that dangling leg under the pier a bit.
Agrias Oaks Hoverbike. Must be something from one of these other strange worlds. Agrias doesn't even bother asking about it. She settles to sit next to the younger woman, moving relatively easily despite the encumbrance of her armor. "Many things are different. Too many things." The blonde shakes her head slightly, then says, "Even in the dark, it's a lovely view." Trailing off for a moment, Agrias waits before asking, "The name Ovelia doesn't mean anything to you, does it, my lady? There is a dear friend I am hoping to find, I've had little luck."
Serah Farron Serah Farron scratches her cheek a bit as she thinks about that "I can't say it does. I haven't met anyone of that name at least. I've been a bit lost myself, and looking for people that I know in this world, but without much luck. " She sighs softly, but smiles, keeping spirit despite everything. "But I guess making new friends is not that bad, although those heartless have been trying to make buddies with me a bit too much." She holds her fingers together thiiiiis close.
Agrias Oaks "I imagined not, but it can't hurt to ask," Agrias smiles a bit. "I wound up here with a group of friends..but there are still others I am praying to find. We can't give up hope, after all." She nods at the younger woman's comments, "You are right. There are many new people to meet and forge friendships with, but we shouldn't forget those we knew before either." The knight purses her lips, "Foul things, aren't they? Pure darkness from what I can tell. Fairly weak alone, but I think perhaps more foul than some of the demons I have encountered." Looking back to the girl, Agrias studies her a moment before asking, "You are a warrior, my lady?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron shakes her head "I'm... a student, actually. But I can use some magic." Its a long story for that, one she's not sure about sharing right away with someone she just met, but she does look at her hands "A bit of healing magic, protective magic, and then some offensive and enfeebling magic..." Not a huge repertoire of spells, but she can manage with those at least. "I had to fend off a few of them..."
Agrias Oaks "Ah, a mage." Agrias nods easily, then frowns. "Perhaps you can find someone here in this town to travel with you? It seems the kind of place bound to draw a number of adventurers and other types, surely one of them might be willing to accompany you during your travels." She doesn't press the girl for information, and nods at the last bit, "It is good to know you can take care of yourself if needed though, my lady." She blinks, then shakes her head, "And do forgive me. I am Agrias Oaks, a knight of my homeland."
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles, sliding her hands along her upper arms "I'm Serah. Serah Farron. I don't suppose you heard about my sister Lightning either?" She asks up, exchange of non-information here, really. "I was actually looking for a weapon. My magic alone might not work well. I was looking for a bow, but couldn't find one that suited me yet. But I'm still looking." She has the idea that maybe if she can combine the magic with the bow, it would work well. But she hasn't gotten the chance to yet. "I travel once in a while with some fighters, some friends I made, or rather travelling companions I guess. I can't say friends just yet. Niklas has the habit of hitting on just about every girl he meets too."
Agrias Oaks "I am afraid not, my lady," Agrias answers when offered the name, "And it is good to make your acquaintance, Serah." She hmm's quietly at talk of a weapon, and a hand taps at the hilt of the sword sheathed at her hip, "A bow? I am no archer myself, but I'd hazard a guess we have an extra or two in our camp, if you're just wanting a regular bow. The Braves are a diverse bunch." She nods as she listens to the girl, "That is good to know, especially in these odd times and places. I can't imagine it is wise for anyone to spend much time traveling on their own."
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks around, nodding to that "Yeah, travelling alone for me was mostly running away chased by Heartless. Not very pleasant." She sighs at that, shaking her head. She looks over to the hills "My house used to be over there. Well, in my world, but this one is different. The area around Bodhum is different now. I'm not even sure my house is there at all. But I wanted to go take a look tomorrow, who knows." Maybe that will give her a clue on how long its been. Maybe she's been asleep for thousands of years.
Agrias Oaks "It is safer here in this town, I hope? I admit, I've not spent much time here as of yet, just the occasional visit to look for information," Agrias responds before turning her attention to look in the direction indicated, "I wish you luck, then, and pray that your journey is a safe one." The knight rises slowly, "It was a pleasure to meet you Serah, but I should be getting back before too long." She smiles down at the girl, "I look forward to running into you again."
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles, nodding as she waves to the Lady Knight "It was nice to meet you as well. You take care of yourself. I will... stay here for a bit longer. I have a room at the inn waiting for me."

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