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(2013-04-19 - 2013-04-20)
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Carnus Sirin The forest was a lot bigger than previously thought, the ever jovial spellsword soon discovered. Carnus had been following sight after sight, having been distracted from his journey of practicing his craft and searching for others to defend Traverse Town. But, such is the way for him.

He'd found a nice little clearing where the sun shone perfectly through a hole in the trees and had warded his sword before laying down to enjoy the peace of it all. Go figure, he's taking another nap.

Chest rising and falling, he dozed off peacefully into a light sleep.
Helena Celba Helena was on her way through the forest...there was something of interest here for House Murasame, and she had come to check it out.

However, it was a disappointmet, and the Monk was in no hurry to report back...not because she was afraid, but because she LOVED wondering! She strides through the forest, moving quickly and lithely...barely a sound heard as she moved. She had a dancer's grace, and a keen eye...her ears, however, heard the snapping of branches.

She leaped up, grabbing the branch of an anchient tree and pressed herself to it's bark, trying to hide herself above the oncoming sounds...

There be bandits everywhere..and it was always so much fun to get the drop on /them/.

She giggles to herself quietly! She was just getting bored too!
Royce The British Forest, like many of the grand expanses of untamed woodlands that spread across the various worlds, is filled with an incredible variety of both flora and fauna. Mighty trees of oak and yew tower high overhead, their branches mingling together into a leafy canopy that allows sunlight to stream down through the cracks in thin rays. Within the depths of the wood what light is allowed to breach this protective covering grows more sparse and the atmosphere becomes dim and quiet but not overly dreary. The verdant greens and browns of nature still abound, merely subdued by the lack of excessive sunlight.

Here and there wide clearings could be found in the thick growth where woodsmen or bolts of lightning have brought down clumps of the tall trees. Fallen logs litter these areas and their moist rotten corpses are primse realestate for moss and fungus. In a place like this there is little danger to be found, however, even the most harmless parts of nature have their thorns.

Royce moves through the dense forest with single-minded purpose. A large basket hangs from her hand, filled nearly halfway with trimmings of various plants and bits of mushrooms or moss that seemed interesting to her. Her hood is up, concealing the snow-white hair that usually hangs down to her waist as well as the eyepatch decorated with arcane symbols that concealed the Eye within her skull. To those who have not yet encountered the witch, she looks like a fairly normal young woman; that is until one takes in her attire.

The wicked blades and spikes that protrude from her metal boots are hardly something a typical villager might wear, nor would any of the locals brazenly expose so much skin. The runic tattoos that encircle her stomach stand out quite clearly as well though to almost anyone besides another mage from her own world, they are entirely alien in their nature. Royce's left arm seems to have a strangly mis-colored pall to it as well, too pale for healthy flesh with even a faint tint of blue around the veins, almost corpse-like. This odd coloration terminates in a solid line around the middle of her bicep, making the phenomenon even more bizzare.

The witch moves with little regards for stealth, striding casually to and fro as she picks her way through what alchemical components the forest has to offer, which thus far has been quite a meager selection. Her path carries her slowly towards the clearing that seems fated to be the meeting place of those present, though what the outcome of this encounter will be, has not yet been decided.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin twitches his ear slighty in his sleep as a twig cracks in the distance. His body doesn't move however, as it probably seems to just be a natural reaction. His chest continues it's slow rise and fall with the sound of the forest all around him

You know the noises, chirping birds, insects buzzing, that sort of thing. Oh and the converge of many different people to his sleeping frame all at once.
Agrias Oaks Striding through the forest, Agrias has been walking away from camp for a while now, an hour or more, she suspected. But, she wanted some solitude, and the walk was good, familiarizing her with the terrain. Gloved hands swinging at her sides with the motion of her steps, the blonde knight continues onwards. She moves with little stealth, branches snap and leaves crunch, either deliberate or incapable of moving silently in the woods. She unknowingly nears Carnus' clearing, seeing the small break in the trees and heading towards it. (re! needs to go up a couple poses)
Agrias Oaks Oblivious to ninjanecromancermonks hiding in the branches, Agrias strides towards the clearing a short distance off. Crunches and snaps sound beneath the soles of her sturdy boots. Low lying branches and bushes scrape against her platemail as she moves, a gloved hand reaching up to tuck the lock of hair on the left side of her face behind an ear. One particularly feisty bush in an overgrown patch decides to try to steal her sword. Or, well, get stuck on the crossguard of her sword anyways, and she pauses, yanking her scabbard free with a loud rustle.
Helena Celba Agrias gets close...

And then suddenly Helena drops down on her, placing a finger right to the back of her neck.

"Oh ho! Trying to get the drop on an innocent little girl!" she giggles, "I wouldn't move, or I'll make the blood POP," combined with a popping sound, "Right out of your body!" she giggles.

"Now ususally I don't mind highway me-...I guess women in your case, but we're a bit far from the highway, yes?"
Royce The contents of Royce's basket fail to increase noticably as she works through the forest. Most of the plant life to be found here is mundane and not particularly useful to the sorts of experiments that a necromancer attempts. Some of the poisonous flora she snags for generic purposes like creating weak potion or mixing with other more potent things to increase their adverse effects.

Hnngh... tell me again, girl, why it is that we waste our time in such a place? This land is far too... /wholesome/ to provide the sorts of reagents that we require to advance our research.

The word comes out harsh and insulting in the witch's mind as her eternal companion rumbles to life for atleast the third time in as many hours. The nameless sentience that resides in dark recesses of her consciousness was never one for patience despite the fact that he claimed to be thousands upon thousands of years old. If progress was not being made at the rate which he desires then she found herself burdened with his grumblings.

"It is peaceful here," she responds out loud in her soft monotone. "And I am still recovering from our last attempt to acquire the treasure hidden within a vault that may or may not even exist." As if on cue the flesh at the point on her bicep where the colors changed churns ominiously, tiny pockets of fetid gas and unstable magic shifting as they attempt to bind the life of the stolen limb to her own.

She had been careless to allow that girl a chance to sneak up behind her and her arm had been the price. Ofcourse, to a necromancer as powerful as the Necromonicon, replacing a lost limb was just a matter of time.

Voices from nearby snap her out of the short conversation and she tilts her head towards the small clearing in the distance, a bright red light burning within her lone eye. "I hear something..."
Carnus Sirin "Can you keep it down?"

The voice of the sleeping spellsword carries out suddenly, his body still perfectly still and giving the illusion of sleep to any who had not just heard him call out.

"Can't even catch some sleep in a forest these days. What are the worlds coming to?"
Agrias Oaks Agrias displays very little fear or surprise aside from a sudden tensing of her muscles as Helena drops behind her and places a hand against her neck. She forces herself to refrain from reflexively drawing the sword which she already has her hands on and relaxes slowly. She makes no movements as the woman, girl? behind her giggles, and she takes a soft breath before speaking in a calm tone, "I am not looking to hurt anyone, m'lady, I am just walking. I do not wish any trouble. Remove your hand, please." The blonde, platemail-clad knight remains still, waiting to see what the girl is going to do. The sound of another voice causes her lips to twitch into a small frown.
Helena Celba Helena considers this for a moment, now better able to get a grip on the situation.

"Hmm..." she says thinking, noting the armor and weapon...pretty well in shape too.

Instead of moving her hand she drapes on the woman, "Oh alright, sorry about that, I was worried you might be a bandit! It is so dangerous for a young lady to be out here alone! But alas...duty calls." She giggles again, and looks up to the trying to sleep warrior mage.

" many people around here. Why would you sleep in a forest? They are pretty noisy!" she doesn't de-hang herself from Agrias...

"I guess with the armor and weapon as in good of shape as it is, you are not a bandit. That's good for me, at least..." she pauses...

Royce isn't exactly quiet, "Though I think I hear someone else coming.." she whispers.
Royce Royce makes no attempts to hide her approach and steps out into the open sunlight of the small clearing. The hood draped over her head casts the upper half of her face into shadow from which the single burning point of light that is her eye shines forth ominously. The slender curve of her jaw remains set firmly and her lips are little more than a thin line, no trace of amusement or annoyance to be seen in her blank expression.

The witch surveys those gathered here, starting with the man resting out in the open, taking note of his toned physique and armaments that clearly paint his as a soldier of some sort. Her gaze then makes its way over to the mismatched pair of women. Agrias she has little trouble figuring out at a glance, clearly also a knight, perhaps in league with the man nearby. However, Helena bears the distinct appearance of a mage. Her light robes and slender build are not suited for front line combat and the strange hat that she wears bears symbols of magical origins.

It is this woman that Royce's eye lingers upon longer than the others, though she makes no attempts to introduce herself or draw nearer to them, merely content to watch and see what scenario unfolds. Their response to her presence will likely allow her to determine how she proceeds from here.
Carnus Sirin Eyes flickering open, Carnus stares into the warm sun pouring down on him and his nice soft patch of grass. How could he not sleep? It was the sound of nature on a perfectly warm day.

"Only when other people show up." He moves his hands from behind his head and hold them over the hilt of his sword, as he incants something it glows for a moment before the light fades. His then reaches back to rest his head on his hands and dangles one leg over the other, kicking it gently to an imaginary tune. "So why has fate brought me two..." a pause, as he turns and remembers the third voice. "No, make that three women?" His lips have parted into a smile and his tone is warm and inviting.

"Come, enjoy the sun and relax." He nudges the ground with his foot and invites them down. "It's perfect weather to just enjoy the sunshine with. Of course..." His eyes flash suddenly a much more serious sharpness to them but the smile remains, "Someone's come to pick a fight? Because if that's the case, I've been meaning to get a warm up before this Garland guy attacks."
Agrias Oaks "I understand, my lady, it can be very," there's a pause as the girl shifts from holding a finger to Agrias' neck to draping on her back, and she finishes her statement after a soft sigh, "dangerous to travel on your own." Making no move to dislodge Helena, she asks, "Is there a reason you are clinging to me, my lady? I am no bandit, I am a knight of the Lionsguard, sworn bodyguard of Princess Ovelia."

The Holy Knight offers a dubious glance towards Carnus before her attention is drawn to Royce, thanks to her backmonkey pointing out the woman's approach. Agrias looks to the third woman, studying the cloaked figure for a moment before she glances back towards the clearing and asks loudly enough for everyone to hear her clearly, "We are all come here in peace, I pray?"
Helena Celba Helena is comfortable here! She presses her chest against her back again, just trying to get comfortable...

And then the new girl appears.

Carnus gets a small stare, but she shrugs, "Oh I rather enjoy /people/ than the sun! People are MUCH more enjoyable.." she winks at Agrias, "Wouldn't you agree, Lady Knight?" she finally detatches, and looks towards Royce with her full attention...and she looks...bubbly...too bubbly. She walks slowly towards the young woman...her steps are lithe, graceful...she might be a mage, but she isn't apparently too physically inept.

"Oh my, you just look.." she looks at the arm, "Ohmygosh, it looks like you were injured recently!" she pauses... " you mind if I look at the injury? I am /fairly/ good at treating things..." she says, with a grin, "Especially with the type of magic you used here," she whispers.
Royce In stark counterpoint to the overly energetic advances of Helena, Royce is a stoic statue that does little besides stare quietly at the other woman. She does nothing to stop her from approaching, however, when Helena draws within arm's length the witch turns her head sharply to stare into her eyes. Her epression remains blank and empty but the burning ember within her crimson eye flickers dangerously within the shadows of her hood.

"Keep your distance, girl."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin jumps to his feet quickly as he senses tension, his smile becoming a full-blown toothy grin. "Well now, looks like not everyone wandering alone in the woods is a friendly people-person. Go figure." he chuckles softly.

His hand rests gently and instinctively on his hilt as he looks over to the two women, remaining silent as he watched.

Perhaps he would finally get some action he so desired. He loved a fight, but would never pick one needlessly unless it was a friendly spar. And most people don't like friendly spars with someone who fights using explosions.
Agrias Oaks Agrias probably doesn't have the most comfortable back, what with it being covered by a plate of steel. She glances to Helena as the girl addresses her, expression mildly confused, "I enjoy the sun, and the company of people on occasion, yes." She watches younger woman bounce her way over towards Royce after getting off of her back, settling her sword back into place, having been interrupted after rescuing it from the vile bushthief. Studying Royce again, the blonde shakes her head and she glances to Carnus, nodding slowly before she addresses Helena, "Please, leave her be if that is her desire, my lady, there is no need for there to be trouble here, I hope." The knight's hands hang loosely at her side, not reaching for her sword.
Helena Celba Helena siiiiighs, it is long and dramatic.

"Don't be like that. Really...the flow of energy is..wrong." she points out.

"Come on, five minutes at most...besides, it's not too much to ask to stay in such a cute and perky girl's presence for so long, is it?" she smiles, the smile of someone who isn't very pleasent herself.

"Besides, your technique is curious, and I have a few questions...come on, a trade for a trade, yeah? Besides...I don't make it hurt, unless you like that!" she giggles again.
Royce Pah! This little harlequin believes that /I/ would make a mistake? I, who conquerered the secrets of life and death?! I should have you rip the skin from her flesh and make it dance about her like a marionette for that. We would see how she thinks of my work then! Hnnng... but it would be foolish to pass up the chance to see what magic she knows. Be wary of revealing too much, girl.

Royce stares unmovingly at the other necromancer as the voice hisses its anger into her mind. She is used to such venom pouring from the book, it does not take kindly to being questioned or challenged. It takes only a few moments for its decision to be made but eventually the witch offers a nod and holds her arm out for Helena to inspect.

"Glean whatever knowledge you may but know that I shall extract payment in full."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin gives a small shrug as he notes the encounter with the Royce and Helena doesn't seem to be advancing any further beyond some spell trading. And it sounded like healing of some description, he wasn't interested if it wasn't a fire related. He plops back down on the grass and leans back to bask in the sun once more. His smile becoming as warm as the rays beating down on him. "So what are you all doing out here? Enjoying the sights as well? There's so many amazing things to see with all these new worlds."
Helena Celba "Oh...I was out doing something for my boss. Nothing came of it, so I was enjoying the walk back...sadly, no excitement...personal or otherwise..." Helena says with a soft sigh, "Oh wait! Yes, you mentioned Garland, did you not? What can you tell me about this...Garland?" She asks Carnus.

Helene kneels over and ginerly takes a look at Royce's hand...she frowns.. "Ah there we go...the chi flow is blocked here." she says, and presses a finger to the spot...and using a jolt of her own necromatic ability, she moves to try and revitalize the flow. It will cause the hand to start responding, and also stop any attempt of rejection, instead of brute forcing was a more efficient method, if noting else, forcing the body to use it's own healing systems.

"I am curious to how you even got it attatched in the first place...I haven't been able to do such a spell yet, or is it a cominbation of Alchemy?" she asks...probably noting the basket in hand. "This is so INTERESTING..." She says, with a giddy expression, "And don't be so scary...I pay my debts in full, thank you very much." she says, "There is no need to be cooooold..."
Agrias Oaks Agrias watches the other two women curiously. She's not entirely sure what is going on. Magic here is somewhat different than what she is familiar with. She studies the pair and glances to Carnus, "I was out walking, hoping to reach the edge of the forest." Not a lie, but not the entire truth perhaps. Her code of honor doesn't mean she need carelessly betray information which might harm her friends. Her eyes turn back to the two witches, and she inquires of Royce, "How did you injure yourself, my lady? Trouble in the forest?" Her lips draw into a thin line as she listens to the odd conversation.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin shrugs to Helena before flopping back to fall back asleep, obviously still quite tired and needing more of a nap. "Go ask Avira for details, I just know the name and that he's coming to attack Traverse Town next week."
Royce "Chi... you use the ancient techniques of the Orient." Royce observes carefully as her arm is examined and manipulated by the smaller girl. She watches her hands in particular, making sure no harmful magic is worked nor hidden blades, needles, or even discoloration on her fingers are present. Having lived for thousands of years, the book has witnessed quite a number of ways that a person can die and his experience is transmitted into her as a sort of template behind her conscious mind.

She takes note of the exact movement of Helena's fingers and the places they touch, knowing that the knowledge will be transcribed into the pages of the Necronomicon for further study later. Pressure points and accupuncture were considered by many in her world to be the stuff of hokey foreign films and ancient legend but Royce knows better. Unfortunately, the secrets of such techniques are often zealously guarded by those who would rather take them to their graves than share with the likes of herself. She has obliged that request more than once in the past.

Royce's gaze does not shift when Agrias speaks to her. A slight slip of attention is all that it takes for an assassin to do their damage. It may be entirely unlikely that this random encounter in the forest is an elaborate plot to see her dead but she has not survived this long by taking chances.

"A battle," she states.
Helena Celba Witch? WITCH!? What a nice thing to say!

Carnus seems to give him a name...and Traverse town. Hmm... Interesting.

She focues on the arm, "There you go..." she giggles, And stands back up, "Now, I paid my due, how did you manage to work the reattaching?" she asks, firmly wanting to know how that worked. Royce is being secretive...and it's just so ALURING to her. She looks back at Agrias, "Oh, don't be like that. I am sure we all have secrets...I mean, just a few moments ago you were giving inspecific answers!" she says, with a giggle, and then back at Royce. Uh oh, she's got you in her sights!
Agrias Oaks Agrias arches a brow in response to Helena's comment to her, "What, my lady? We should be made aware if there are threats in the forest, I believe." The Knight shakes her head slowly, not entirely certain what is going on with that pair. She gives Carnus a dubious look as he appears to go back to sleep and then reaches to pull a waterskin from its spot hanging upon her belt, taking a sip before inquiring, "Is there aught that either of you ladies require?"
Royce Royce withdraws her arm and peers at it a moment longer, watching for any signs of after-effects that might be sutble or attempt to slip past the unwary. When nothing noteworthy is forthcoming after several seconds she allows it to drop back to her side and peers over at Agrias finally.

"There is no threat to be found here. My battle was many days prior to this."

Setting down her basket on the grass, Royce reaches over her back and unchains the massive cannon hanging from her shoulders. The weapon is easily as tall as the woman herself but she lifts it as if it were little more than a trifle. The barrel of the artifact is planted into the soft earth at her feet, sinking down like an anchor until only about half remains protruding upwards.

Upon the stock of the gun is a large book bound in what appears to be leather hide. A large eye is fixed to the center of the cover; not ornamental in any way, the very organic and alive organ tilts to peer with a lidless stare at the other two women. Royce waves her hand and the book flutters open as if by its own accord. Pages ripple maddeningly, hundreds of them filled with dark scrawls and uninterpretable notes. Finally she lowers her arm and the pages stop.

"You may study this page. It will reveal what you wish to know."
Helena Celba Helena looks quite interested by this...

The Gun sinking, the book itself. She stares at it, quite...interested in this. Forbidden knowledge and the like is something she intensely loves. Despite the look and act of Helena, there is a intelligence that lies beneath it all. She studies the page, putting a finger to her chin as she looks over the various formula and other notes written...thankful that the book is magic, and makes it so she can read the pages.

"I see..." She says, after a few moments. "I WAS lacking reagents..." she ponders a bit more, thinking...

"A bit...brute forceful, but I see the general principle. Okay." She says, after a moment, standing up!

"Thank you!" she gives Royce a big old hug. "I'll have to find you in the future! You seem pretty smart, and knowledgeable. We can trade stories! <3"
Agrias Oaks Agrias shakes her head slowly as she watches the pair, eyeing the cannon for a moment as it sinks into the ground. She purses her lips as she notices the book, "If you ladies will excuse me, I believe I shall continue my walk. I pray that you both remain in the light." The Knight looks as if she thinks the pair needs watching, but for now, she's happy to continue on her walk, so turn and walk she does, in the same direction she'd been headed originally.
Royce Royce steps back to allow the other girl to easily access the book. She is not afraid of Helena attempting to glean more knowledge than she wishes her to see. The magical nature of the book allows it to reveal to her only what it wants and the Necronomicon is very very stingy with its secrets. Once she is finished it snaps shut with a resounding thump and the chains binding it to the cannon rise up from the ground on their own and lash it back down.

The witch does not return the hug she receives, instead staring down at Helena with her empty eye in mild confusion as she sees no reason for such an exchange of physical contact in their short verbal contract. After a moment, she gently but firmly pushes her away and retrieves her weapon from the ground.

"Our exchange in complete. If you have need of knowledge in the future and bring sufficient payment, then I shall allow it."
Helena Celba "Paaaaayment you say?" Helena says, "Oh I am sure we can trade...though sadly, you don't seem to be interested in what I want to trade..." She sighs.

"Alas...well, then I will have to contact you in the future then...we'll trade secrets and do each other's heair!" she grins, and proceeds to walk off.

"Oh...and we chased off the knight..." she shrugs, "Light be with us, huh?" She giggles, "Oh tiiiiime." she says, "Oh and...the name is Helena. Helena Celba." And if Royce gives her name or not, Helena takes to the walk again!
Royce The witch merely bends down to pick up her basket, ignoring the departure of the holy knight and the strange suggestions of her fellow necromancer. Before she leaves, however, she does offer up a terse, "Royce," in response to the unspoken question.

Despite the odd interruption, she still has much energy left to burn and is not yet in the mood to return to her secret hideaway to process and test the reagents she's gathered. There might also be night-blooming flowers and those tend to be the best components for such things. As such, Royce turns in a different direction than the others and heads deeper into the forest.

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