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Resource Acquisition
(2013-04-19 - 2013-04-19)
Souji negotiates a deal to land in the wilds of Palamecia in order to harvest their resources. EXTREME NEGOTIATIONS ensue.
Emperor Mateus A Palamecian military outpost at the foot of the mountain range has been busy as of late, preparing for a diplomatic meeting--or so their Emperor stated upon his decree. It is not their place to question, only to enact his will, and they do so gladly.

Knights hustle and bustle to-and-fro, preparing a balcony room for the meeting proper while straightening up the facilities such as the horse stables and other locations within the small base. The officers oversee the process, only occassionally barking out orders, but the process is surprisingly efficient.

By the time the Emperor arrives for inspection, the base personnel have already returned to full duty and are prepared to receive their guests however they plan to appear. In this new world, they have grown used to events not nessisarily occuring the way it did before the Fall.

Emperor Mateus stands in the middle of the front gates leading into the base, wearing his royal black-and-purple outfit while holding his staff in one hand at his side. His lavender eyes scan the general area, the very picture of patience as he awaits their guests, rather curious as to their manner of entrance.
Souji Murasame His guests, in this case, arrive to the sound of thunder.

A stormcloud draws throguh the air, crackling with lambent lightning as the airship broaches them much like a ship would breach the waves. The ship appears to be crafted of black steel and neon blue highlights, a sleek two-prong design flanking the main deck. Spikes attract and absorb the lightning of the cloud, recycling the energy back into its systems in the Ramuha fashion. The deck sports a large glowing energy sail to complement the thrumming engines on the rear, the aft holding the cabin wuarters and belowdecks access. The side of the ship bears the Murasame Family insignia, as well as the ship's name:


The ships pauses once it draws near, hanging there in the air as a figure descends, stepping down from it as if the air itself were steps for him to walk upon. The figure is a male in his late teens, dressed immaculately in a suit and holding a briefcase.

Once he reaches the ground, he steps forward and gives a deep bow to the Emperor. "Greetings and good health to you, Emperor of Palamecia. I am Souji Murasame, of the Murasame Corporation. Thank you for choosing to meet with me."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus smiles as the great airship descend like a thunder god to hover over the edge of the plains just beyond the outpost's walls. An impressive display, especially of apparent technology that could make his Dreadnought seem like a wooden raft by comparison.

How so very intriguing.

His attention immediately focuses on Souji Murasame as the young man descends from the airship on invisible steps. His keen eyes watch this with visibly detatched interest, but his magical senses are already scanning everything within view concerning the Ame-No-Torifune, attempting to determine what magics are at work and mentally lining up comparatives with his own airship.

But there is time enough for that later. Business comes first, after all.

He returns Souji's bow with a regal sweeping bow of his own, holding his staff to his side and slightly behind him. "Well met and good fortune, Mr. Murasame. Come, a room has been prepared for our discussion." He motions for Souji to walk beside him as he turns and moves back into the outpost, the Knights on duty alongside the gates saluting them as they pass.
Souji Murasame The Ame-no-Torifune is a beacon of magical force. The airship is clearly a magical construct and is actively being maintained by the efforts of mages upon the ship. A great deal of the energy appears to be spent keeping it in existence, which has its own benefits and drawbacks. It would be formidable in combat through its likely mobility, but who knows how well it would stand up to a concerted effort to destroy it...

Souji follows along behind the Emperor, observing the surroundings as they proceed. "I have been looking forward to this meeting with you, Emperor." Souji mentions casually. "Your demesne holds great possibilities, and I wish to assist you in making them achieve their full potential."
Emperor Mateus The entire layout is in view as the two men walk through the outpost. The stables are to one side of the outpost, about half of the stalls occupied by varying shades of bays and blacks, and what is likely troop barracks has been built on the opposite side. The center holds a well but is otherwise clear, yet the ground is well-packed by many feet and hooves. Hardly a place of technology, but it is clean and well-kept.

Knights continue to salute as they pass by, but they do not voice their acknowledgement and return to their attention stance once they have passed.

Emperor Mateus smiles as he sweeps towards a modest tower closest to the mountain at the rear of the outpost. "Indeed. I look forwards to what you have to offer, Mr. Murasame. I am certain an agreement could be reached that will be beneficial to us both."

He enters the tower and steps onto a platform in the middle of circular stairs heading upwards, waiting for Souji to join him before tapping his staff on the platform's surface. There is no screech of metal or groan of machinery, only the platform levitating upwards to the uppermost floor at a pace equivical to a standard elevator.
Souji Murasame Souji continues to follow Mateus at a pace that allows him to keep up with the Emperor. He's not going to keep Mateus waiting. He looks over the men, the resources, and the facilities present. He has no apparent opinion on them as he steps into the tower. He folds his arms behind him on the platform as it rises. "That won't be a problem at all, Emperor. Profit all around is the intention... After all, it's hardly a deal if one side gets nothing out of it."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles softly. "Your words hold truth. This shall be a good discussion."

The platform slows to a halt and the Emperor of Palamecia steps forwards first into the circular room. It is almost stereotypically medival, with black shields emblazoned with a red bird-of-prey hanging on the stone walls and crossed weapons behind the shields. Three balconies seem to be the main windows out, each seeming to be placed at compass points relative to the center with the stairwell apparently being at the fourth point.

A table has been set out with some food and drink if anyone happens to need a snack, though nothing particularly extravagant (and certainly nothing that would lose flavor or palatability should it get cold). Emperor Mateus himself only takes a goblet as he passes, moving on to the balcony directly across the room from the stairs. The view here overlooks the outpost, the Giza Plains beyond, and an edge of the mountain range.

Emperor Mateus sets aside his staff, having no need for it now. "Feel free to take your time if you wish, Mr. Murasame, but if you would rather we begin," he motions to a nearby table with two chairs, "then by all means."
Souji Murasame Souji again pauses to look over the room, observing the accoutrements intently. He doesn't seem to have a problem with them. Souji acquires some wine, and moves out onto the balcony with the Emperor, setting the briefcase upon the table as he passes.

Souji looks out over the spectacle below them, the landscape beyond dominating the sight. He sits down at the table, and nods to the Emperor. "I wouldn't want to waste your time, it is no doubt valuable." He pauses, and then continues. "The world I am from had fallen, been devoured by these Heartless creatures. The issues of such occurring aside, I am seeking to reestablish my corporation properly. To do so, I require large amounts of raw materials. Materials that can be used for fabrication and ongoing operations. Your land is rich in these... But your land is also wild and untamed. We are in a position where we both can profit. I can establish mining, forestry, and other operations here, clear areas to do so, and harvest these materials. We will use them to manufacture and sell goods throughout the worlds and beyond. We would, of course, ask that you assist in basic security for the area as it is on your land... And in return, we will of course provide the taxes you would no doubt ask."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus inclines his head and takes a seat without further ado, sitting somewhat less-than-straight. He rests one elbow on the armrest of his chair to hold his goblet up at about eye-level but off to the side to not obsure his face nor eyes. It is not a sloppy posture, but certainly relaxed just enough to indicate a lack of percieved threat.

He watches Souji as he speaks, noting every inflection of the voice, every shift of body language no matter how slight. His gaze is keen from intelligence, but not a hostile look. Considering the offer, measuring the information, gauging the honesty.

He rests the goblet on the table, letting his arm relax on its surface as well. "I see no fault thus far," he replies easily. "I can easily provide a squadron or two of my forces as protectors of your facilities, and I could even offer this very outpost as a significant trade checkpoint between your company and my country."

He straightens slightly, his eyes flicking outwards as if gauging the surrounding land. "The Giza Plains are open so long as routes between here and Carwen are not impeded. The majority of mountain ranges would also be free, though I request care be taken. Palamecia itelf is protected by these very peaks, and tunnels criss-cross thoughout the range."

He taps his chin thoughtfully with a finger, the long black nail settling over his lips. "There is also the matter of Guadosalam to the north beyond the range, as they may find the onset of technology so close to their home... bothersome. They may even go so far as to deem it heretical, as they seem to condemn the use of machinery--or 'machina', I believe is their term."
Souji Murasame Souji shows no signs of dishonesty. Whether this being because he sees no dishonesty in Mateus, or if he is holding to certain schools of negotiation, one might not be sure.

Souji remains businesslike, attentive though pleasant and relaxed. He nods. "I've performed surveys of the area before arriving to this area as a conclusion. Those routes are fairly intact, and I see no current threats to them other than the typical monster or bandit incursion. This might change as events progress but I am confident that the situation should remain stable."

The mention of Guadosalam causes Souji to think for a moment, and then nod. "I think I can work around the... prejudices... of our Guado neighbors to the north. One of my retinue is an accomplished geomancer, and I may be able to operate alternative designs that are more... palatable to their tastes. Complications are a fact of life. We can overcome them and succeed with will and forethought."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus sees no reason for dishonesty as a general rule, and even less so when in the midst of negotiations. After all, anything built on lies will never last long enough to be of any worth to anyone.

He nods slowly, a smile lifting the corners of his thin lips. "I shall leave the matter of the Guado in your hands, then. But as to what pertains solely to Palamecia, I have no complaints nor concerns beyond what has already been raised and summarily resolved."

He takes a moment to sip from his goblet. "I wish to return to the matter of compensation for a moment, if I may. I have little use for money by itself, as my country is largely self-sufficient and thus self-reliant. May I thus make an alternate offer?"

He folds his hands on the tabletop in front of himself, straightening to sit more akin to Soji's own posture. "Instead of purely monetary taxation, would you would be willing to allocate a small percentage of the materials you glean instead? There is much rebuilding to do in Palamecia, lives to rebuild, and my people are capable of processing materials themselves."

He chuckles softly, perhaps a little ruefully. "I admit, my land is not nearly as advanced as most others on this world, but there is a certain pride in forging and building. It would do much to lift my people's spirits and endear your endeavor to them."
Souji Murasame Souji rubs his chin at the counteroffer, considering. It's clear he was hoping this would be solved with purely money. "All right. How much would you consider a small percentage of the material? Some of it is more useful to my work than others. I would be happy to do so, of course, it's just a matter of establishing amounts so we can ensure no disagreements arise later. Over time, my work can bring comfort and efficiency to your people. They will be able to work harder, with more effectiveness, and enjoy their lives under your rule. We all gain from this."
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus chuckles warmly enough, though it doesn't breach the business-like decorum. "Yes, indeed." He tilts his head faintly in consideration. "You said you have done research on the available resources you could use in the vicinity, correct? Do you happen to have a list on hand?"
Souji Murasame Souji reaches for the briefcase and opens it, facing away from the Emperor, and removes some papers, closing it back up afterwards. He shuffles them a bit, looking for the ones he wants, and removes a sheaf, offering it to the Emperor. "This is a list of all of the identifiable materials we could find with our current survey capabilities."

The pages appear to list out potential amounts of ore in percentage form compared to stone and other resourcesin the area. There are listings for iron, copper, tin, gold, various other common metals and gemstones. The final entry is for 'Unidentified Material'.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus accepts the paper and reads over it carefully. He would usually make notations and mark such things, but this is Souji's property and would probably need to be used later. Instead, he rests the paper down on the table and orients it 90-degrees to both of them so they can both read it easily.

He taps a nail on each entry as he identifies each point. "The two metals, iron and tin, I will have need for and will be my primary request. Coal, gemstones, and a few of the lesser metals are also acceptable." His eyes narrow in deep consideration. "Though I admittedly question what you have classified as 'unidentified material'. Without an image, I cannot gauge possible importance."

He turns the paper to fully face Souji and lifts it off the table's surface to offer it back in the manner it was first given. "I hope to not be unreasonable, as obtaining these materials for your company is why you are here. I understand that exact amounts of a given ore will fluctuate due to supply and demand, as well as how much is actually found."

His eyes close and he falls silent and still in thought for a few moments. Considering an offer that won't seem terribly unreasonable compared to Souji's generosity in even considering this compared to straight money. "Would five percent overall be too much to request? I have named the material I need, and I care not how much of each ore is allocated within the percentage, as all will be used one way or another. It will also allow you a great deal of leniency."
Souji Murasame Souji watches the Emperor look over the paper, and nods, considering the words of Mateus as he rightly points out the problem of unidified materials. "These are materials that, as mentioned, I cannot properly identify from my geomancer's survey. They could be anything from unusual alloys, to mythril or adamantite, to man-made materials like one might find in ruins, or worthless dross. As we discover them, I can keep you informed of what they are. It would, after all, be only fair."

He takes the paper, and nods, putting it back into the briefcase. "Your requests are not unreasonable at all. I will be happy to furnish the requested amounts as soon as we have set up our operations and have what you desire." Souji smiles. "Five percent is quite acceptable." It seems Souji was expecting a higher first offer. "Are there any other issues that we should address at this time?"
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus seems satisfied with the explaination pertaining to the 'unidentified material', only indicating an agreeable dip of his head in immediate reply. In fact, he seems content in general, very pleased with the proceedings indeed. "No, not that comes to mind immediately. I will be sure to contact you should that change in any fashion, and I look forwards to further communication and continued teamwork."

He chuckles, a soft 'fufufu' sound. "Shall we put this to writing and solidify our agreement, then?"
Souji Murasame Souji smiles. "Let's." He raises his glass. "To mutual profit, and the health of the Empire." Today is an excellent day.
Emperor Mateus Emperor Mateus can toast to that, and does, lifting his goblet as well with a warmly honest smile. "Indeed."

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