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Hello Doctor
(2013-04-18 - 2013-04-21)
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Eclipse Behemoth
Ah, Draklor Laboratory. The most advance place of Archades culture. Where many tools of the trade have been created and a great deal of funding goes here. New parts for better Airships. New styles of weapons. Anything that Archades needs to be researched, improved upon, or dreamed up can be found here.

The man in charge of all this delicious findings and putting Archades' tax money to good work? Dr. Cidolfus 'Cid' Bunansa, that is who!

Today he is, as he is most of the time, up in his main lab. Looking over what is known as the Eclipse Shard. A strange Artifact that was brought to him from the floating island for research. Along with on the table was 'Freddy' the lab rat. That was actually rather large for a rat and his muscular structure was very noticeable. We can assure you, Freddy was not always like that.

The dear doctor seems to have his attention on his magnifier scope, using a pair of tweezers and muttering something to himself as he looks over, whatever it is.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath does not like to come here, in all truth. He appreciates all of the hard work Draklor Laboratory makes and the results that benefit all of Archades, but it is well known that Doctor Cid is a little... strange? Not all there? A little too involved in his work?

Well, that last one could apply to any Archadian worth their chops.

He raps on the door with gauntleted knuckles, waiting to be acknowledged before stepping inside. He is in full armor from helm to boots, and his gait is purely militarily professional. He does not speak, since Dr. Bunansa is in the middle of an experiment no doubt, and takes the time to look around the main lab while maintaining a healthy distance between himself and the subject matter.
Cirra Constantine Cirra isn't unfamiliar with this lab, in fact she visits it quite often.

In fact she comes out of a small room off to the side as she untucks her hair from a black shirt she aparently just put on and fastens the top buttons.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Cirra returns to Dr. Cid every few weeks for a check up after the experiment, after all something could go wrong, even if it hasn't before. "Doctor I'll be leaving no-" Zargabaath opens the door and the Judge (temporary Magister) straightens up in salute.
Eclipse Behemoth
The dear doctor glances up as Cirra addresses she is about to leave, only to see Judge Magister Zargabaath enter the room. He stares at Judge Magister Zargabaath. Whatever he was rambling about to himself comes to a quick halt.

"Hm?" He raises an eye brow slightly. "Oh. I see. You are here concerning that artifact are you, Judge Magister Zargabaath?" He then looks over to Cirra. "You may stay if you wish, Constantine. It could be very fruitful for you as well. Oh yes. I do believe so."

He adjusts the microscope a bit more and then motions for Zargabaath to come over. "Come, come Judge Magister. I assure you, both of you, my equipment will not bite. As you may seen in my letter, or not, this piece of hair is very interesting, but not only the hair, but the slow process of the very flesh!"

Cid pauses and glances over to his side. "Yes. Yes. It is very odd how it has become such in nearly twenty four hours after death.. It is indeed something I am looking at closely."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath bows his helmed head to the Judge of Wrath in respectful greeting. "I am glad to see you well, Your Honor. It has been some time since we have last met."

The Judge of Reason shifts to move over to Dr. Cid, his steps firm but unhurried. "The artifact, as well as receive the results of the various tests I have requested since the Behemoth first appeared."

He removes his helm and tucks it under his arm before leaning in close to peer through the microscope. His eyes narrow as he tries to understand the apparent process in full view. "It is..." he straightens and moves aside in case Cirra wishes to look as well, "...crystallizing?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra is still getting used to this 'magister' thing, temporary as it maybe - and she's convinced herself it IS temporary - "Yes it has your honour." she nods in agreement.

Cirra raises an eyebrow as Cid seggusts she stay and turns to watch the proceedings as Zargabaath looks into the microscope, then takes her own turn, looking into the apparatus.

"Crystallizing?" she stands back up, a worried look on her face.

"My information says the Behemoth was teleported after it was last sighted to a place with a large forest, as it should have been it's natural habitat."
Eclipse Behemoth
"It is indeed, Judge Magister Zargabaath." Cid says as he walks over to the rather large rat. Looking down at it closely. He opens the cage very closely, before dropping down a hunk of cheese into the cage and just watches the rat devour the cheese as if it was a predator trying to eat meat.

Cid turns to Cirra, "Ah, but you see Judge Magister Constantine, is it-- is it really?" He has that look on his face. You know that look of 'I know something you don't know'. "You see, oh you see, this Eclipse Shard," He places his hand around the artifact, which glows softly to his touch as he lifts it up in his hand. "Has strange element of properties. As you can see with Freddy there." He gestures to the rat.

"I do believe the power of this artifact requires a catalyst. A catalyst I have yet uncovered. Until-- oh yes, until perhaps now." Cid places the artifact back down. "See, the flesh of the dead rat, is not only crystallizing, but it is becoming Magicitie!"

Cid then spins around, suddenly revealing one of the scales that Zargabaath had give to him. "This very scale from the Behemoth has very small traces of crystallization as well. Yet the scale has yet to transform. But the signs. Oh the signs are indeed there!"

He waits for Cirra to finish looking before he swaps the dead rat samples with the scale. He makes a few quick adjustments to the scope. "See, see for yourselves!"

The scale looks like that of a mix of metal fragments and with those metal fragments and slight bone structure, is indeed signs of slight glow of magicite specked around.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath ignores the almost manic flair that Dr. Cid delivers his information, and peers through the scope once more. One hand flexes as he moves away to let Cirra have another turn, but his expression remains stone-faced.

One could clearly see the gears turning, information running into more information. "I tracked the Behemoth to the Chocobo Ranch in the Southern Continent, where we were unable to capture it," he explains to Judge Magister Constantine. "Judge Riku has been tracking the beast ever since."

He falls silent for a short time. "Doctor Cidolfus." Uh oh, he's using the dear doctor's full first name. "Have you run the test on the behemoth scales as I requested? It would be the one searching for any trace of Darksteel."
Cirra Constantine Cirra looks into the microscope and then stands up again quickly, "Magicite." one hand wraps around her arm, as if feeling the nethicite coursing in her veins.

"Doctor." she says, and looks at the man, then at Zargabaath levely, "Your honor. I feel as though I am missing pieces of this that both of you know. I'd like to ask you both to start from the begining of this situation."
Eclipse Behemoth
Dr. Cid stares at Judge Magister Zargabaath before he looks off to his side, then back to the Judge. "So impatient, isn't he? So very impatient indeed." The dear doctor sighs softly before adjusting his glasses. "I will get you your results in a moment, Judge Magister Zargabaath. After all, I have been also having to keep up with the Senates request."

The doctor then walks over to one of his other desks looking through some papers, he peers over his shoulder, "I do believe, Judge Magister Zargabaath has more answers then I, Judge Magister Constantine. Perhaps while I seek for those result notes, you may peskier him for his knowledge."

The Doctor lifts up an empty vial; or was it?! "After all. I just make the world turn."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath pinches the bridge of his nose, rubbing the inside corners of his eyes. This is why he does not come here if he can help it, for patient though he is, he is not /this/ patient. "Very well, Doctor."

He turns to fully face Cirra and bows deeply at the waist. "Ah. Forgive me for my oversight, Your Honor. I neglected to bring you up to speed once you were granted the title of Judge Magister. I shall amend this promptly."

He straightens and rests his free hand on his helm tucked under the opposite arm. "As you know, we were sent to that strange floating island to retrieve an artifact--what is now referred to as the Eclipse Shard, I believe. Though we succeeded, His Honor Gabranth was heavily wounded in the process. As soon as he recovered, he took part in a training exercise with the 9th Bureau--which was interrupted by the spontaneous appearance of a behemoth."

He shakes his head faintly. "I took up the search and tracked the beast to the Bare Desert, which is where the adventurers had teleported it to the Targ Woods. The Behemoth then attacked a Chocobo Ranch, apparently hungry, and the subsequent battle drove it away. Judge Riku followed it and has been tracking its movements since, reporting updates directly to me."

He nods over to Dr. Cid. "I have a theory, but until the dear Doctor concludes the requested tests, I am hesitant to speak it. But what has been displayed for us both today does not ease my concern that we are running out of time." Especially if the behemoth will eventually become Magicite...


The Judge of Reason focuses solely on Cirra as a new thought crosses his mind. "Your Honor, do you remember those crystalline beasts we fought on the floating island?"
Cirra Constantine Dr. Cid is as capracious as ever, sometimes Cirra wonders how she got through the experiment.

Cirra turns to look at Zargabaath, letting Cid do whatever it is he does. "Then I am sorry to say my investigation has lagged behind your own." she tilts her head up "I do remember the beasts, the escape was rather narrow yes."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's head tilts down and to the side, his expression turning pensive. "What could you sense of them, if anything? Were they mere crystal or living magicite? I fear that between the Mist and my own lack of magickal senses, I cannot extrapolate their true nature from memory alone."
Cirra Constantine Cirra adopts an equally pensive expression, "They were...magicite. Alive, I suppose." she sighs.

"Depending on your definition of living."
Eclipse Behemoth
Cid has been busy finding the papers. Though something else may have been watching this entire time. Including whispering in his ears. Though the dear doctor keeps his voice down. His eyes peering over his shoulder from time to time.

He makes a soft click sound with his tongue, before he pulls out the sheet of paper he was searching for. Then casually walks over to the two Judge Magisters. Even if one is perhaps temporary. "Now mind you, it was hard to get a good sample from that scale." Doctor Cid states as he hands the paper over to Zargabaath. "But you will find the results most fascinating!"

"As you can see, the scale comprises of not only metal materials, but also that of bone, leather, and crystal. It is extremely dense, though highly light. Compared to a normal Behemoth's scale which is mostly more closer to bone. This scale from your Behemoth is very sturdy."

Cid then turns on his heel gently. "I was also able to run that blood work for you. However during the mixture, the results somehow got messed up. So I fear the data was.. incomplete. There does seem to however be a mix of possible human DNA within the very blood. Though how much, I can not say."

The dear doctor walks over to the lab rat, getting down the rats level. "Perhaps the very artifact maybe is a summon device. Mm. Yes. Perhaps it has the ability to summon creatures from worlds beyond. Now wouldn't that be a treat."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath accepts the paper and reads over it, thoughts churning behind his eyes. He seems to ignore Dr. Cid's verbal analysis, but in truth he is listening very closely. His primary hope doesn't seem to pan out, but other data seems to collaborate...

Oh, this is not good.

He offers the paper to Cirra so she can read it as well. "I think we are going about this the wrong way," he says slowly. "How could forged metal and tanned leather be a part of otherwise-natural scales? Furthermore, it is impossible for human blood to be mixed within behemoth veins..." his hands clench for a brief instant, "unless the behemoth was once human."
Cirra Constantine Cirra takes the paper and looks it over, "Bone, human blood, leather, metal-" she frowns.

"This is steel. Steel doesn't happen naturally, it's formed from iron poured into clay caskes over hot coals."

Cirra looks up at Zargabaath. "Are you proposing what I think you are?"
Eclipse Behemoth
"Mm. Perhaps one of Judges got infected by a curse? Perhaps even one of the soldiers?" Cid gently pokes the glass. Which causes the rat to run right at that side and slam into it with a loud *THUMP*. Its massive rat teeth then trying to scrape at the glass.

It has become extremely violent it would seem.

The other answer could be staring him in the face. Then again, the dear doctor may be very aware of the answer, but for some reason has decided to perhaps hold back the answer? Then again, with the House wanting to know what the shard could do, anything was very possible; Even more when dealing with this mad scientist.

"After all, this world, is, yes, indeed filled with-- Hmmmmm... Great surprises." He pokes the glass again, watching the rat become more angry and frustrated. "Would not be the first time, oh no, that something strange hasn't taken place."

"..Look at Freddy here. A normal lab rat. Given a sliver of that Shard and look what it has done to him. Turned him into a killing, blood hungry, giant rat." Tap tap. "If you had the proper catalyst, perhaps it would even become something far more deadlier. Oh.. like magic.."

Cid glances up slightly at the two Judge Magisters. Right over the brim of his glasses. "After all, would not magic, which is a property of magicite in some cases, not feed the effects of the shard?" He the stands up straight. "Oh yes. Yes it would." he looks over his shoulder. "I am rather sure of it really. Magic may indeed be the Catalyst. That is why the sliver, yes. Yes you are very correct. Oh so correct indeed."

There goes Cid talking to himself again...
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's sharp gaze falls upon the rat as it attempts to break itself free of its containment. "Yes. I am," he replies flatly to Cirra, without looking away from the rodent. "I truly do believe that Judge Magister Gabranth has become a behemoth."

He holds up a finger at each point he makes. "One, we know that His Honor Gabranth had shard fragments within his body from the explosion of the Eclipse Shard that rendered it to its present state, fragments that had to be removed by medical staff before he was released back to duty. Two, all members of the 9th Bureau have been accounted for, whether they be alive or dead, except for Gabranth. And three, there has been no sign nor word of him since despite extensive searches for anything at all."

He paces a little bit, still staring at the rat. "Dr. Cid may have a point. We know His Honor Gabranth is a Dark Knight. If he used his magickal abilities in the training exercise, it is possible that it sparked the transformation." His mouth spilts in a rueful smirk. "A pity we cannot repeat the hypothesis. Do you not agree, Doctor?"
Eclipse Behemoth
Cid eyes slowly look over to Zargabaath. Then he smiles and his eyes trail over to Cirra. He is giving you that look woman. You probably know that look. Its that look of 'Oh, I have an idea', and he is staring right at /you/!
Cirra Constantine Cirra looks between the Judge Magister and the Doctor, and the expression on her face changes from pensive to annoyed, bordering on restrained anger.

"I'll thank you not to be coy about any suggestions that involve /mutating/ a person."
Eclipse Behemoth
The Doctor almost laughs. He flat out almost breaks into a laugh. To the point where he slides down and gently taps the lab table from his heavy laughing. Then with a quick sweep over his hair, correction of his glasses, with a soft ahem, he seems to regather himself.

"Yes. Yes. Though humors as it is. You, ahem, do have a point."

He then looks at Cirra. "No no, my dear Judge Magister Constantine. I do not wish to experiment on you nor on Judge Magister Zargabaath. After all, you already have stepped up to the plate for one thing. Much like another. Yet!" He walks over to her motioning his hand to the rat. "What I would like for you to do, my dear girl, is to simply use some of your magic on the very lab rat. Very, very simple task really."

He then goes to walk by her while rubbing his chin. "If the hypothesis is correct, then the rat should become some-- mini-behemoth." he says then waving his hands. "Thus proving to us all the true start of the Emperor's beloved Judge Magister.. and.. I will then have to report this to the Senate.. and.." He slightly trails off in mutters, before giving a sigh and then waving his hand in another direction.

"No. No. I am not that upset by it. Just I wish I could have had more time. Yes. I am aware that this is nothing like, but think of the possibilities!" Ignore him.
Zargabaath Zargabaath grunts, his expression returning to impassive. "Your Honor, please do not misconstrue my statement to Dr. Cid. Sometimes the dear doctor requires a stern reminder to his duties and the process therein. Though his immediate reaction was... unforseen, if perhaps expected in hindsight." He lifts his free hand in a rather helpless gesture. "My lack of magick is well-established, thus I cannot prove my theory on my own. Otherwise, I would do so myself." A momentary frown marks how much that is grating on him at the present moment.
Cirra Constantine Cirra closes her eyes and sighs, she wishes people would speak plainly. If they had just /said/ so in the first place. "I can cast some spell on it, but we should be ready in case it is not so... 'mini'."

Steps over to the rat's cage and lifts up a hand. She thinks of what Gabaranth might have cast that would trigger a transformation and frowns a little.

In a moment, cirra begins chanting, and casts adark sphere of energy around the rat in an attempt to move it's life force.
Eclipse Behemoth
The rat squeaks loudly in protest. It tries to escape, clawing at nothing. Moving around or attempting too at best. By this point Cid's attention has turned away from his babbling in the corner to actually watching.

The rat suddenly bends over, attempting to claw at the ground. Soon its rat like pawed hands gain massive claws, as the fur grows out slight along its backside and tail creating a mohawk. Its size slowly start to increase where its back bumps into the top of the cage.

Its ears extend slightly in size and its rat like teeth start to become razor sharp with rows of just equally set sharp teeth. Its eyes glow bright white and it suddenly starts the thrash around. Almost beginning to crack the very glass.

It even has little bull like horns!
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath strides towards the glass containment as the spell is cast, hands disappearing behind his back but not yet drawing his weapons. Not unless the once-rat actually breaks out of its containment, which has not happened... yet.

"By the Dynast-King," he murmurs barely above a rumble, not quite accepting what he's seeing as the rat continues to become more behemoth-like. "Your Honor, Doctor... do you see this as well?" Certainly it was one thing to suspect it, but to actually watch it happen... It's a whole other matter.
Cirra Constantine Cirra lowers her hand as she stop s the spell and watches as the rat turns into a minature behemoth. She steps back, not frightened, but more disgusted.

"So it's true." she folds her arms. "This Eclipse shard takes whatever it encounters and manufactures Behemoths. But for what purpose or reason?"
Eclipse Behemoth
Cid smiles as he walks up to what was the innocent lab rat and is now an angry behemoth rat. He walks around the table eying it. "Simple really." The doctors states as if he has already heard its tale. "Why not construct something that can give you the power of great creatures of the world. Though you can not become the stuff of legends, but you can will the very power of monsters at your fingers tips!"

The doctor looks at the shard, then at the rat. "With this shard, Archades could find the means to control this process. We could perhaps find the means to make it more of a useful tool then a wild invention."

He places his hands on the table once more, seeming highly fascinated. "We could bring the power of dragons, behemoths, and other mighty creatures upon our enemies. You see, that is what its purpose always has been. To contain, control, and gift those willing to be vessels of great power!"

The doctor however starts to actually frown a bit. His eyes becoming a tad dim in light. "Yet-- yet the civilization destroyed themselves, didn't they? Yes. They would have. They misused what knowledge they were given and destroyed themselves. They could not find the proper means to control it. To greedy. To ambitious." Cid sighs before he slides his hands off the table, placing them behind his back as he walks away over to his boards with many notes written on them.

"Perhaps, not even with away to return what has been done back either. At least, not by what they would have known. Because they could not hear you or the others, could they?" There he goes again.

Yet while Cid speaks the Rat Behemoth suddenly seems to hiss and its fur bristle up. It starts to make a hacking sound suddenly, before it tries to claw. Tries to break out. However something odd starts to happen. The small scales on its body start to glow, becoming a gentle aqua green. Soon it stops fighting. Hacking again, before its whole body actually starts to crystallize.

Before Cid can say another word he has already spin around to start to see the process, whispering softly, " word..." It seems the dear doctor was taken back as suddenly what was a living rat behemoth had now, in that very moment become a magicite crystal remain. "..That happened far to quickly. How could that be? ..How?" He slowly walks up toward the cage, his hands reaching out to pick it up. "Is it the stress? Was it the anger?"
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath's shoulders noticeably tense and hike the longer Dr. Cid speaks. He already sees the implications of what the Doctor could be suggesting but is holding his tongue despite having half a mind otherwise.

And then, the behemoth rat crystallizes, negating any cross word the Judge of Reason had been holding back.

"Be careful, Doctor. I know not if it may yet be animated, such as the crystalline beasts we have made mention of before." That is the only reason why he has not removed his hands from behind his back. This new series of events proved his hypothesis, alright, but a far graver truth is staring them in the face.

He looks at Judge Magister Constantine, his brow drawn togther and a momentary glimpse of concern on his face before his usual stoicness washes the expression away from view. "So it is proven. There is a great possibility that His Honor Gabranth is the behemoth, and time is now of the essence."

He straightens and rests his hands on his hips, still ready should something else happen. "We must find a way to undo this transformation... at least stop the crystallization. Something must be done to set matters back to right."
Cirra Constantine Turnign to watch Dr. Cid, Cirra has sort of gotten used to his eccentric moments. Though they can still be off putting.

"Entire society capable of transforming themselves into beasts. Or perhaps... forcing the transformation on others. Perhaps that is how it back fired on them."

Whenthe rat begins to hack and crystalize, THe Judge of Wrath turns on it and watches it turn into a statue and gazes at it with a piercing critical gaze.
"Magic, or Mist... Theres no longer any in it's body after I stopped the spell. But Gabaranth would have much greater reserves then a mere animal."
Eclipse Behemoth
Cid carefully takes the cage. Even with Zargabaath's warning. His eyes trains on the now crystal rat as he starts to walk it over to another one of his desks. He seems to have suddenly become very quiet at this moment. Which was rather shocking considering this a man who holds conversations with himself.

He turns to face the two. "It will not come to life, because I believe it requires another form of activation in order to do so. Something we may not have, but yes, yes, caution will be kept..." He then walks over and picks up the shard in his hand. "Or as Judge Magister Constantine stated. It doesn't have enough magical energy within it to cause such a reaction, even if, there was something to trigger it." He sounded rather sure the rat was safe.

The doctor gives it a close examination in the light of his lab. "I will speak to the Senate and his Majesty over the details They will become aware of this-- problem and I will see to what the House wishes to do."

Cid then turns to face both of the Judge Magisters. "Yet, if it is possible from either of you. The best we can do now is attempt to capture the Behemoth." he then looks away. "..For if the rat was any indication.. it is not the crystallization you will need to fear.." his eyes glance around the room. " is his mind.."

The Doctor then looks at hem both once more, "The Rat became more aggressive before the transformation. It killed the other in that rage. Then as a Behemoth, though for that short time, it acted as the creature. Now-- take that same creature and give it the mind of a man."

He places out his hands. "A Behemoth with all the wit of us, but with all the aggression of a monster. His mind is slipping I am sure. It will eventually give in to the beast. Then-- he could be..." Cid doesn't finish as he lowers his arms and starts to walk over to the table with the shard. "Yes. I will speak to the Senate regarding this. I will speak to them and see where to go from here. They, yes, they will get us the Behemoth," He then look at them once more, "Correct? One of you /must/ do this and it can not be fatally harmed. Because any wounds the Behemoth takes will carry over to his honor Gabranth once he is cured. This I am very sure of."

Cid then starts to write on one of the papers. "It is his mind I fear for. I fear for it greatly." The doctor seems to now be ignoring the two Judges, which could be their queue to leave; Thankfully for them this means less doctor ramble.
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath just nods once, a sharp move of the chin. "I understand, Doctor Cidolfus. Thank you for your assistance on this matter." That was about what he feared, but to hear it from another...

Well, at least he now knows what needs to be done, a clear goal instead of aimlessly searching.

He looks over to Judge Magister Constantine. "It seems our path is now clear." He steps back, sweeping down to grab his discarded helm from the floor--likely dropped in his haste when the rat started to metamorphose. He does not move to leave until the Judge of Wrath does. "What do you think, Your Honor?"
Cirra Constantine The aggression of a monster and the wit of a man, huh? Cirra looks pensive, but then shakes her head. She decides to leave Dr. Cid to his ramblings. "I'm leaving now." she says just so Cid will know for certain even in his ramblings, thats how it's always been.

At the door, she waits for Zargabaath but steps through the with him. "If it really is His Honour Gabaranth, we will have to devive a means of capture that will incapacitate without killing him. I cannot think of a method to do so."
Zargabaath Judge Magister Zargabaath nods thoughtfully. "I agree, and I fear I do not have a clear plan yet myself." He emits a low but thoughtful rumble. "I will call Judge Riku and check on his status, and I will keep you informed. My fleet is prepared for whatever is needed, no matter who leads the mission to recover our errant Judge of Ambition."

He smiles faintly. Wearily, perhaps, but a smile nonetheless. "I look forwards to working with you, Judge Magister Constantine."

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