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Loss of Me
(2013-04-18 - Now)
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Garnet The last several days had been a complete blur to the runaway princess. Ever since Kuja recaptured her and placed her in a deep sleep, she had yet to awaken. Whatever had happened betwen the rescue of the Rat King and now was a complete blur to her, although she had suffered frightening nightmares throughout her fitful slumber, often screaming out in the middle of the night but never really waking up.

Some servants had passed it off as the side effects of the battle, of which she had no doubt been affected, a young, delicate princess who had never left castle walls before. Surely it had shaken her to see so much violence, and before that was the kidnapping by the Tantalus group, which no doubt had taken advantage of her just as the rebels who sought to capture their rebellious Rat King had.

And so they mostly left her alone to recuperate. Surely she would awaken in her own time..Right?
Beatrix Doing her usual rounds of the castle, the general doesn't neglect stopping by the room to check on the princess. Whatever Kuja had done had yet to be undone it seems. That sleep spell is rather tenacious. She is a bit worried about the princess after all. Her task was to bring her back, but she has no idea of what happened after that. All she knows is that the princess was left sleeping in her room, and several days too.

Opening the door, she steps in, checking on the state of things, while asking to the guards to be left alone. The guards have no reason to distrust the general of course. Beatrix moves over to the side of the bed, a hand reaching through the hair of the sleeping princess, shaking her head. At least she's home right?

Although she doesn't understand why Kuja had to do this... Garnet was home after all, even if she was throwing a fit over it.
Garnet Princess Garnet continues to shift and murmur in a fitful sleep even as Beatrix steps in and touches her hair. Indeed, she seems to be so deeply asleep that she barely even notices the general's presence.

"No...No stop! Please..Let me go..The Eidolons..What are you...." she gasps in horror at some unknown thing, and suddenly jerks straight up in her bed, screaming out in horror. "No!"
Beatrix Beatrix frowns at that. Looks like the princess is having nightmares. She strokes the soft hair a bit more. Damn you Kuja, just putting her to sleep was not enough? You had to give her nightmares too? The general is getting quite fed with what that man is doing around here. He might not be ordering the queen around, but she's getting more assured that he's having a hand in the decisions nonetheless.

She closes her eyes, concentrating her curavite energies through her hand. Let's try to break that spell. And the application of 'Bless', to get rid of spell effects, should be just what she needs here. She concentrate a hand against her forehead, and then releases the energy as she lays a hand on the princess' shoulder.
Garnet Garnet continues to cry out as if she were in some sort of pain. It would seem that the Princess would just as suddenly fall back to the pillow and lapse into deep sleep once more, but when Beatrix uses her magic to cleanse some of what has happened to her, Garnet seems to relax visibly within her graps..And then..

Slowly her eyes open as she awakens for the first time in a few days. "What...What is going on? Miss Beatrix...What has happened?" She gasps, sitting up again, "The Burmecian King! Is he safe? What of the others? Steiner..Is he here..?" Yes, she has a lot of questions, but even as the Princess seems better than before, she still seems terribly weak, and with a pained gasp, Garnet falls back upon the pillow again.
Beatrix Beatrix pushes your shoulder down gently, just leaving you there to rest "You need to rest more, you are still weak. You were under a sleep spell. Do not worry about the king, he was saved and brought back to his country. Kuja had no need for the king." What the Queen though, she doesn't understand it either. Queen said that to get the princess back, using the king would be necessary. But why couldn't she just depend on the general and her own army instead of cheap tactics?

"Steiner is currently kept in prison for interrogation. I trust he will be released soon, once his innocence in the matter has been proven. Steiner is many things, but I highly doubt he would do anything to go against the Queen.
Garnet Garnet looks relieved to know that the King of Burmecia is safe. "I am relieved that he is alive and well, however, I wish that Kuja did not use him to get to me. I planned to come back on my own, however, I need to understand some things first. Such as why my mother was attacking other countries, and why she allied with the heartless? I...I cannot sit idly by while innocents are killed by her own hands!"

She sighs, "As for Steiner, please do not be too harsh on him. He was dragged into this unwillingly, and only came along in order to protect me. It was not his fault that we were separated in a heartless attack. He has been a very good body guard up until that point. I hope you will take this into consideration."
Beatrix Beatrix looks away a bit, thinking about that "If it was only for me, he would already be released. But it befalls the queen to decide of his implications. I vouch for his loyalty if anything. I do not think he did anything but protect you either. I will take your word as well, and convey them to the queen."

She stands up "Would you tell me your story princess? Why did you leave the nation, why did you come back only now?" She wants to hear it from the princess herself right now. She's curious about what happened, and now that she's home she wants to hear it all.
Garnet "Beatrix..Will he be alright? I...Am uncertain how the Queen will react towards him. I thought I knew mother, but lately..She is like a stranger to me. Furthermore, I believe that Kuja is having a strong influence upon her. Kuja says otherwise, but..."

She sighs again, staring down at the covers and her trembling hands. "I fear for Steiner's life..And for my own.." Afterall, did she not 'betray' the kingdom by teaming with rebels?

Finally, Garnet glances up at Beatrix and nods. "I..I left because I was worried about mother. She has been acting strangely ever since Kuja came into her services. I could not put my finger on it at first. IT was subtle, so very subtle. But every day, she changed a bit more, becoming greedy for power, agreeing to expand her army with the black mage dolls..And with the heartless."

She closes her eyes for a moment, wishing the dizziness would go away. "Zidane came to kidnap me, but I went willingly so that I could travel to Lindblum with him and discuss my worries with Cid. I believed I would be safer in Lindblum than here. Shortly after, Burmecia was attacked by Alexandrian forces. They were innocent, not once did they pose a threat to Alexandria, and yet the queen ordered the destruction of that peaceful kingdom."

Why? How many more will die at the hands of Alexandria? Furthermore, I hear they are now allied with Baron, and are using the heartless. How could mother condone such a thing? Are not the heartless the enemies, the ones who destroyed most of our world to begin with?"

Tears stream down her eyes now, all that bottled up emotion, all the anxiety and danger and stress coming through in this moment, along with her troubled dreams. "For all I know, Zidane could have been swallowed up in the darkness as well..."
Beatrix Beatrix shhhs, and puts a hand on top of your head and hair lightly, comforting you a bit, not much she can do mind you "I do not understand the queen's orders either. I will bring it up to the Queen myself when I can." She listens to the story though, all the way through "You are worried about him, are you not? I shall be lenient toward him. He did kidnap you, but it sounds like you would have ran away even without him."
Garnet Garnet nods. "It is true, I came with him willingly. He never once hurt me, and in fact he saved me when we crashed into the evil forest..He rescued me from the jaws of a man-eating plant. For that alone, he should be commended. Of course.." She smiles, "Steiner was also there to help save me. I guess..Sometimes they make a good team, even if they do not get along very well most of the time."

Garnet pauses as a thought hits her, frowning softly, "When will Steiner be judged? And..What about myself? Am I to be..Punished..As well?"
Zidane Having figured it worked once before, why shouldn't it work again, the monkey-tailed thief has acquired himself the armor of one of the Knights of Pluto. He hadn't hurt them, obviously, just knocked them out and stolen their armor. He'd have to be quick before the knight was found and his cover was blown, but he had to do this.

As he approaches the chamber where he heard the princess is resting, he hears voices coming from the inside and stops at the doorway to peer inside. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he sees Beatrix is already in there. He hadn't forgotten the thrashing she'd given him last time they met, and wasn't too excited about the fact she was here.

However, this wasn't about to stop him as he enters the room and offers a salute to Beatrix, hoping that the helmet would hide his face enough. "Ma'am!" He says quickly, eyes shifting to Garnet and a relief washes over him. She was alive, this was good.

"I have a message for the princess."
Beatrix Beatrix turns around, frowning. She ordered to be left alone. Leave it to the Pluto Knights to disregard orders. But this is also highly uncommon. The princess is not at ease enough to get visitors, she's still partially detained after her actions, even if she's in her room. "This room is prohibited. What is your business here, Knight?" She doesn't recognize him, no, but this is highly peculiar.
Garnet Garnet also glances towards the knight as he enters. Strange, his voice sounds..Odd. "What is the message?"
Zidane Lowers his hand and moves closer to stand next to Beatrix and Garnet, looking down at the princess with a smile. It'd been far too long since he'd seen her last. He'd searched worlds and countless cities looking for her, and yet here she was back where he had helped her escape from. Mind you, he would have taken her with or without her consent, but that's besides the point. "Already told you Beatrix, I have a message for the Garnet." He seems to be getting lax in keeping up his deception thanks to the relief of seeing Garnet again.

He pats the familiar dagger he kept at his side so as to be recognised by her, the same one she had used to make the decision of her new name. "A promise is a promise. And they ain't about to give up on keeping it. Not ever. Just ain't the type to ignore a girl in trouble."
Beatrix It takes only a moment for the general to have a sword out and pointed at the guard, glaring at him "... You have the guts to come in here after all that happened?" Not to mention the way he addresses her like that. She should skewer right away. But the princess is right there, and she did say she owed him much. She just keeps her sword like that instead "... What is your message." She states flatly. As far as she knows, the Queen still thinks of him like a danger to the princess, and her loyalty really is that important it seems.
Zidane Zidane backflips away from Beatrix as her sword is drawn and pointed his way, his over-sized helmet falling off and clanking against the ground in mid-air. "Woah!" He pulls his daggers out and holds them at the ready. "I ain't here to fight you, Beatrix. I just couldn't let the princess thinking her hero wasn't going to come rescue her."

His eyes shoot quickly to Garnet as she lays there, "Sorry it took so long to find you. Got a little lost in all these new worlds."
Beatrix Beatrix shakes her head "You think of yourself as a hero, but she does not need a hero right now, she is home, and that's where she decided to go back to on her own. Are you here to drag her out again? I will not let you." Basically, she needs no rescue. At least in the eyes of the general. And if 4 of Zidane's allies couldn't take her down, what would he do alone?
Zidane Zidane lowers his weapons a bit as he shifts his gaze back to Beatrix. "Oh? doesn't she? Then why is she being held captive here? And why is Rusty in a prison cell? Looks to me like she needs more help than you're willing to admit." He flashes a smirk, "And I'm not an idiot, I can't get her out of here... yet."

He glances toward the door and then back to the general. "You'd skewer me before I could get anywhere and set the whole castle on alert. But..." he gives Garnet a thumbs up. "I'm going to get you out of here, I promise. I don't know what your mother is planning, but you can count on me whenever you need."
Beatrix Beatrix swipes her sword downward and to the side "She plans NOTHING, the princess is here in her room because she just woken from the spell Kuja put on her. She wanted to come back home, she is home. Why would she want to leave? Especially with the likes of you!" She's getting annoyed by the baseless accusations he's throwing at the queen. The queen wanted her to come back home, that is all there is to it. Of course the general has no idea what the queen is really planning.
Garnet Garnet seems to drift in and out of sleep, still pretty disoriented from whatever happened over the last several days. It doesnt take her long to realize that the pluto knight is in fact Zidane however, and she smiles happily.

"Zidane!" She sits upright, still looking tired and feeble, though she tries to reach over and hug him. "I missed you..I did not forget your promise. Thank you for coming.." She looks sharply at Beatrix. "Please stop. Zidane came here to help and support me, he is not a threat. I would appreciate if you treat him with respect."

And Steiner bursts through the doorway directly after Zidane, and skids to a halt! He scans the room and immediately spots two things. 1: The Princess, alive, breathing, and seemingly unharmed! 2: General Beatrix, armed and annoyed and probably gonna stab people. Weeeell great.

His first response of course is to look to Garnet, and say, "Princess! Thank goodness! Has Kuja harmed you? The Queen will surely deal with him!"
Zidane Zidane backflips out of the way of the quick slash, "H-hey woah now! Listen to the Princess, I'm just here to help her. Not my fault you don't believe me."

As he settles to the ground he wraps his arms softly around Garnet. "It's good to see you again. Hope I didn't worry you too much."
Beatrix Beatrix looks back to the princess as she speaks out "I did not say that he is a threath, but I will not tolerate his accusations toward the Queen. She wanted to get you safely home." Of course she doesn't know what Kuja has done to her. Not like there was any orders to harm the princess either.

But then she's interrupted by Steiner that just tramples in like that. That it didn't get the attention of the entire castle is a small miracle in itself. "What are you doing here Captain Steiner. You were put in prison." She doesn't know it was a suspended cage either. She wouldn't have given him that kind of treatment herself, since he had surrendered on its own.
Garnet Garnet stifles a giggle as Steiner CLUNKS into the room. If he broke out of prison, she doesnt seem too concerned, afterall, it's not like he deserved to be there. Besides, who knows what they might do to him? Afterall, the Queen was not exactly generous these days.

"Steiner! I am relieved that you are alright..I am fine, just a little tired is all.." Actually, she looks pretty weak too, for some reason, "I guess that sleeping spell took a lot out of me, curiously enough."

When Zidane hugs her, her smile broadens and she hugs him back tightly, "I knew you would come..Do you think it is safe for you here, though? I wonder how long you can fool them?" Finally, looking back to Beatrix she frowns softly. "Is it not true that the Queen ordered the attack upon Burmecia?"
Adelbert Steiner Steiner lets out a very much held in sigh of relief, "Thank goodness... I can only hope putting you to sleep was the only thing Kuja did. Who knows what his malevolent schemes hold?"

To General Beatrix, the Knight in Rusty Armor snaps to attention, being the professional that he is, and replies, "I realize that I've escaped from prison, and will promptly turn myself in once the Princess's well-being is ensured, and that we've spoken to the Queen. She most certainly won't allow Kuja's madness to continue unchecked."
He then blinks and looks at Garnet, "Princess, there must be a reasonable explaination! It cannot have been the Queen's doing! Kuja is attempting to play us for fools, surely! The Queen would never go through with such an action!"
Zidane "The Hero always shows up when he's needed!" Zidane pats his chest as he pulls away from Garnet. "Had some business to take care of or else I'd have been here sooner."

He turns to face Steiner fully with a sigh. "Good of you to show up. But could you keep it down?"

He turns back to Garnet and says quickly, "We need to decide what you're doing. My vote is we high-tail it out of here and get a gameplan. I'm not exactly fond of sitting around in a castle full of angry guards." he glances sideways at Beatrix briefly before adding. "I'll get you past anyone that tries and stops us."
Beatrix Beatrix crosses her arms. She's not exactly pleased with the two hugging, but she can hardly deny the princess when she's calling him her savior after all. Small favors. She'll get to him soon enough. She looks over to Steiner, flipping her hair off at him. She'll lead him to his cell after that, he's no real danger to the princess after all. She knows that much about him.

She turns to the princess afterwards, letting her speak. At those words, she actually... frowns deeply. "... I have no idea how to tell you this Princess, but... yes. The Queen ordered it herself. She said to take the King of Burmecia." She crosses her arms "But Kuja decided to throw oil on the fire by using the prince as exchange. We had no interest in the King himself, other than using him to lure you out of hiding. He was left unharmed, despite the..." she bites her lip at that "... foul that Kuja added to the situation by putting him in a suspended cage. The Queen ordered those things, but not the specifics." She obviousy doesn't hold Kuja dearly either.
Garnet Garnet frowns softly and nods to Steiner. "Yes..I also wish to know what is going on. Why did the Queen order the attack upon Burmecia? Furthermore, what other nations will be at the mercy of her fury? I cannot simply stand idly by, but it seems that the queen is too busy to see me..." That thought causes her much sadness.

She smiles sweetly at Zidane, only reluctantly releasing the hug as she considers his words. "You are right. It is not safe for you here, and yet, I do not wish to cause my mother further worry. Perhaps I shall seek audience with her tomorrow and meet you in the Theatre hideout in the city? At least you should be safer there than here.." But even then, she is certain that that wont last long either.

"If the Queen is planning further attacks, then I cannot stand idly by and let other countries fall at her whim.." She looks to Beatrix and her frown deepens. "This is all my fault. The king of Burmecia could have been killed because of me. I did not wish to cause you all so much worry..I only wanted to put an end to all this destruction, and now I am back where I started, and no closer to ending this mayhem.."

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