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(2013-04-17 - Now)
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Artyom W. Valodjn Dias seems to extend endlessly in all directions. The plains roll from mighty Sabil in the West gently downward toward low-lying Tramdine far in the East. A barrier of trees juts awkwardly in the north along the borders upon which the land had been fused during the chaotic afterbirth of the World of Ruin, but the plains stretch unrestricted southward, until one reaches the daunting city of Baron- and the sea.

It is also very, very boring.

The land is more or less flat. It is flat enough that, if one is tall enough, they would probably manage to be visible for miles. The only interesting features in this filler-land are the occasional tree, hill, and monster. A few wild chocobos occasionally dart across the field, rushing from one rare stretch of woods to the other. Otherwise, though, the field is almost wholly unremarkable.

Near the border with Tramdine, however, a rather colossal man has set up a small camp-site. The land has been cleared in a small ring, surrounded by rocks that are only barely a step up from being pebbles. Toward the middle of the ring is a scorched depression- the burnt remnants of field grass and shrub betray its use as a firepit. A tent is pitched at one side of the ring, and strange-smelling herbs burn in a small metal pot nearby. Curiously, the insects that are so pervasive in the swamp seem repulsed from the stone ringed campsite.

Slowly reassembling his fireplace for the evening, Artyom W. Valodjn is likely visible for some distance. Strewn near him are half-assembled tools- squares and wedges with odd, brass fixtures; a tripod, legs folded up underneath it, with a spyglass mated to one end.

Anyone with proper expertise would probably recognize them as surveying equipment.
Cirra Constantine Cirra Constantine doens't have that perticular expertise.

What she does have is the Judge Magister title, a picture of a person that has seen the behemoth, and a /mission/.

The Judge of Wrath stands atop a fallen tree in the plains and can see in the twilight of the plains, a column of smoke rising in the distance. She jumps down and begins the trek across the plains. The people in the last town said the man was here, camped out, and that looked like a cooking fire to her.

THe Judge's boots tread over the soft earth and through the grasds until she reached the circle of stone and looked on at the man in his camp through the slots in her helmet.

"Are you the man that fought the behemoth?" she asks, without bothering to introduce herself or announce her arrival.
Artyom W. Valodjn Judge armor is very distinctive. Anyone passingly familiar with the magisters of Archades or the administrators of Ivalician clans would know that someone who wears the armor wields a great deal of authority within their own jurisdiction. They are archons of law- they are law itself.

Unfortunately, the only Judge that Artyom is familiar with happens to also be a bunny.

He looks up from his fire with a curious glint in his eyes. Artyom seems to be rather travel-worn at the moment. There's a thin layer of grit over his thick wanderer's garb that seems to suggest that he's been out here for quite some time now, doing... Something.

After a moment, he shrugs and sets a few more dry branches over his lifeless firepit. "Haven't fought any behemoths," he says, "Sent one away, though. Who is asking, and for what reason?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra takes note of the weatherworn expression on the man's face, but it's not in her mission to ask why, or where this man has been.

"A Judge Magister of Archades is asking."

She steps forwards and produces another piece of paper, holding it out to Artyom. On it is a picture of Gabaranth in his armor and a picture of the described Behemoth. "Looking for another Judge Magister."

"Magister Gabranth was last seen when a Behemoth attacked his training field, he or his body was unrecovered from the site of the attack. The creature is the only lead to him."
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom produces a sound that only passingly resembles one of affirmation. He does not seem to be the kind of person who speaks too much to too many people. Only a cursory glance is given to the picture of the other magister- he does not especially recognize the man. Especially in that armor. The one of the behemoth, however, is regarded with a much more critical eye.

"Well," Artyom rumbles after a minute. "Did some reading. Behemoths are usually very territorial. Not often prone to wandering. Not sure why this one likes to meander so much," the large man mutters, scratching at the thin layer of bristles on his chin, "Mmn. Maybe lost his home in some cataclysm, still searching for a new one. Thought we sent him someplace nice, but maybe not? Mmn."

"Well, your man- probably alive, you want my assessment," Artyom shrugs, "This behemoth was... Not too aggressive. Very hungry when I met it, but did not attack. Thinking something is wrong- possibly with the behemoth. Can try to track it, maybe."

His eyes glint briefly, "Favor for a favor, maybe?"
Cirra Constantine Cirra doens't talk a lot either, but when you're looking for information, you have to speak first.

Pulling the paper back and folds it neatly with her gauntleted hands as she scrutinizes Artyom. "If you'd put the safety of a man to price."

"Speak your favour, and we will see."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Don't know this man," Artyom shrugs. "Lot of people suffering. More immediate responsibilities on my hands." He peers at the slats of Cirra's helmet with a rather distant expression on his face. "Life for a life. Favor for a favor. This behemoth was not aggressive when I encountered it. I will help find your man. We do not kill the beast if possible."

Cirra Constantine "I'm not interested in killing the beast." Cirra says flatly.

She holds up a single guntleted finger, "Unless it is not as unaggressive as you believe, or it has slain the Judge Magister. Otherwise, it may continue on as it is."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Understood," Artyom inclines his head in affirmation. "Will help you find your man, then. And figure out what happened to the creature." He rubs his chin, "...Maybe is being controlled by something. Mn."
Cirra Constantine "That would be something worth finding out." Cirra agrees. "how long until you can begin tracking it?"
Artyom W. Valodjn "Soon," Artyom nods, gesturing to his tools, "Was surveying area for things. Will be done within the week. Afterwards, I will go. Where was the creature seen last?"
Cirra Constantine "As I said, you were the last to see it."
Artyom W. Valodjn "But didn't it attack the training ground?" Artyom quirks a brow. "Was that before or after I had seen it? Or was your man alone at the time?"
Cirra Constantine "It was before your sighting." Cirra confirms, "It attacked around April the 2nd, two days before your encounter was reported via the news."
Artyom W. Valodjn "I see," Artyom murmurs. "Well, chasing the Behemoth probably won't help, now. Sent it away. If nobody's heard from it, it's probably doing okay for itself." He rubs his chin, "...Large creature. Black fur. Probably needs cave to hide. Been a while, though. Mmn. Could probably find where it was resting in the sands, though."
Cirra Constantine "Where was it sent away /to/?" Cirra asks, she might be a smidge impatiant since it seems like an obvious piece of informaition, "If you were the one that sent it away, did you send it to a specific place?"
Artyom W. Valodjn "Have to ask the mage who cast the spell," Artyom shrugs. "Why chase the monster if it doesn't have your man? Wasn't carrying around anyone in armor when I saw it- also didn't seem to want anything particularly shiny. Besides, would have heard the clanking." He scratches at his cheek, "Probably took this person to its home. Kept alive for eating later. Might still be there."
Cirra Constantine "Then it is imparitive that I find it, at once." Cirra says sharply, "who was the mage that cast the spell?"
Artyom W. Valodjn "You don't understand," Artyom rumbles. "Sent it away. Somewhere better than where it was. Hasn't caused trouble since. It probably kept a cave in the desert large enough to house a creature its size during the day. Big beast, black fur, body would heat up well. Poor biological cooling, feline traits means it is likely nocturnal. If your man is anywhere, it is where the beast was, not where it /is/ now."

"One moment," he says, sighing. Artyom pulls a small cellular phone from one of his pockets and starts tapping at its face. "Asking."
Cirra Constantine "I will take that track when I have determined the Beast is not currently holding him as a canned snack." Cirra's temper creeps the tiniest bit into her voice. "If he isn't there, /then/ I will retrace the creature's steps to look for the Judge Magister."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Tell me," Artyom grumbles, rubbing one temple, "How is a Behemoth supposed to be carrying a man in full armor around, with no thumbs? Where is it keeping it? Behemoths do not have Behemoth-sized backpacks. This one was not carrying anything when I saw it last- and when I saw it last, I saw it teleported across the world."

"If he is /anywhere,/" Artyom grunts, "He is most probably in the desert. Has been weeks. With magic, he can survive, but deserts are harsh. Unless he has found water, he might be dead."
Cirra Constantine "Do you think we haven't searched the desert?" Cirra puts her hands on her hips, "Do you think we haven't had airships fly over the sands? Either the Behemoth ate him, or something else has happeend. Either way the creature si the only lead, the only link that is findable at all."
Artyom W. Valodjn "You searched the sands. Did you search under them?" Artyom asks, his eyes keen. "Did you look for the caves the behemoth likely slept in? This is not an army. Not a man. Behemoths do not keep camps. They hide from the sun in the day, keep territory in caves and mountains," he shrugs, "Impossible to comb entire desert, though. Cave system could be massive."

Artyom stands at his full height. The Titan is well over eight feet. He gestures- something stirs inside his tent, before hurtling into an open hand. it is a stone greatsword- its blade as long as he is tall. "I can find him if he is there. Caves, mountains, the earth, the sands- I know them."
Cirra Constantine "Would we /not/ search caves in the wester or eastersands?" Cirra looks up, but seems uncowed by the man's height. "We aren't strangers to that place any more, but if you want to look there again, please by all means, look there."

"You may know how to search and travel the desert but I am the one investigating the Magister's disappearance, and when I investigate sometyhing I begin at one end - that end is the Behemoth. Confirm or deny it as possibility, then you move on. It must be /found/."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Deserts shift day by day," Artyom grunts. "Sands will cover up tunnel openings, or seal them entirely. Makes navigating very difficult. Creature like this probably has a big hole, or a very deep cave system."

He shrugs, "If you want to chase an empty-handed creature, you can do so. If you want to pay me to find it, then I will- on top of finding this man in armor. But I have my doubts that your man is there."
Cirra Constantine "I don't you to be doubtless, I only need you to cooperate." Cirra crosses her arms and shifts her weight to on foot. "Did the mage respond?"
Artyom W. Valodjn "Not yet," Artyom shrugs, "Can inform you when he responds. Know criteria, though. Behemoth was sent to somewhere with lots of trees, shade, large animals and mountains. Natural sort of environment for creature like that."
Cirra Constantine "Then I'll be waiting." Cirra takes something out from her arm between two fingers and flicks it. The card embeds in the ground. It has a phone number for one of the multi-world phones Xanatos industries produced as well as a name, Cirra Constantine.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn," Artyom rumbles, picking up the card. "Will call if I find anything. Might be able to locate your man. Maybe." He taps his chin, "Hmn."
Cirra Constantine "You'll be rewarded for your work, of course." she turns, and begins walking, "Let me know if you find anything."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Will do," Artyom rumbles, fishing a similar looking card out of one of his own patches. He, however, hands the card over instead of tossing it. "Call me if anything comes up."
Cirra Constantine Cirra takes it, "Of course." and then continues on her way.

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