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Thunder And Snow
(2013-04-17 - 2013-04-17)
High above Narshe, Souji and Helena discuss current events...

The ship sails on the stormclouds, giving Narshe the unusual experience of thundersnow as opposed to thunderstorms. Negotiations with Vectorian officials about the recent acquisition of War of the Magi-era technological salvage are ongoing. Souji looks over at the distant lights of Vector, a wine glass in his hand as he thinks about recent events. He seems to be lost in thought. Perhaps he is thinking about what he can do to further secure his future. Or perhaps there's something else...
Helena Celba "Gil for your thoughts?" says a familar voice.

Despite the cold, the young form of Helena remains unclad as always...she often does not feel the need to dress up in warm clothing, she never complains about it being hot either, but she never complains about cold either...there are rumors but they are just that...rumors.

She bows, of course, he is the current leader of the house, and she is if anything very respectful towards them. They saved her from a life of...that, and civilized her. She may not be the perfect loyal minion...but she was loyal. Devoted in some reguards...

"It is convient that the ship survived." she says, almost half accusingly, but she knows better, "It is not like you to be so thoughtful, Master Murasame, you are a man of action...or did things change while I was away~?"
Souji Murasame Souji stirs as a familar voice interrupts his train of thought. He pauses, looking down at the chill that's created a faint rime of ice on the top of his wine. He frowns slightly, and sips it, before looking over to Helena. "The ship will be available to us as long as the summoning and maintenance rituals remain to the use of the Murasame Family." The Black Mages that maintain the ship's presence deep within spend hours pouring magical power into it, making sure it maintains a presence in the world.

He sighs, and then focuses directly on Helena. "I have been taking action. There are times when there is nothing I can do but wait... or consider my options." He pauses, then asks, "Have you ever heard of a man named Garland?"
Helena Celba Helena nods at that, she was luckily too useful to be used as a magical battery.

"Ah...that must be torture to you." she grins, and moves to take a place by him. Looking down, she shakes her head at the town as she consider his question.

She puts a finger to her chin, pursing her lips together for a moment to think. ", I can not say that I do. Have you ran into someone named Garland? Given that you are even asking about him, it makes me wonder if he is not coming to seek something...or offer something," she guessess.

"Sorry, Master Murasame, but I do not know the name. There are many players on the stage in this world...too many, I think. Then again..." she giggles, "It will make things much more...interesting." she considers, looking down at the town, "Look at primitive. So simple...they have none of the glory we had. It is like the Shivan savages..." She sighs, "I do hope they are less simple then they look...or else this will be no fun at all."
Souji Murasame "During the end of the battle yesterday, My personal communicator received a message from a man named Garland. He said I had caught his attention, and to look into something..." Souji shakes his head. "I am unsure whether to consider it a prank or not. It does not matter."

He looks away, over the railing. "There is a great variety in the worlds around us. Some of them are primitve. Some are quite advanced. It seems to be a great mishmash... but none of them are anything like our world. I have heard tales of a lost plain that is constantly struck with lightning, and fragments of other worlds being lost out there..." He shake his head. "So many legends and stories, and so /little/ concrete information. It is infuriating. Regardless, do not underestimate these people. Even if they are primitive..."
Helena Celba "Whatever you say~" Helena says, and turns to face Souji, "Well, Master Murasame, if you wish, I can check this out...if it turns out to be on the level, then you yourself can get involved...if not, for good or ill you have not risked yourself." she accepts her role, it is better to risk herself, than him. Especially needlessly, "Hm...well, it is good to know so many of us made it...the interesting ones of us did at many of them fight under your banner?"
Souji Murasame Souji thinks for some time... And then he shakes his head. "I think I will need to investigate this myself. I will keep and Valodjn apprised if I need you. If this comes to a head I have a feeling this is someone who needs to be dealt with on a more... personal level than I usually handle things." He turns back, walking across the deck of the ship. "There is yourself, Valodjn, and Gerrison, when Gerrison can be bothered to show up. Why do you ask?"
Helena Celba "Oh...just curious." Helena says, tirling a piece of hair.

"Whatever you say, though please keep us in...reserve..." she offers, and then turns to follow, "Gerrison...I feel that Nikky is being a bad influence on him...and apparently his betroved is here too! This is...interesting...perhaps we should get her involved too? Maybe it will make poor little chewtoy behave."
Souji Murasame "Gerrison is useful, but sometimes I wonder about his... loyalty... to the company and the Family, even with his father still with us." Souji sighs. "Dragonius destroys everything he touches. And Gerrison's bethrothed is very... touchy...." Souji thinks for a moment, and then gestures to Celba. "If you have an idea, Celba, feel free to give it a try. Just remember that if she decides to work with us I need some way to make sure she /stays/ working with us."
Helena Celba Helena thinks about this for a moment, and then she gets a DEVILISH grin on her face.

"Maybe...maybe I have an idea. If it fails...well, we will know that Garrison's fortitude is...weak." she grins, "But it will be fun, anyway." She says, and sing sons as she turns, "Thank you, Master Mur-a-sa-me~" and she strolls off. Uh oh.
Souji Murasame Souji Murasame would feel sorry for Gerrison.

Except he killed those feelings a long time ago. Souji turns back towards the rolling storm and people below, returning to his reverie.

This scene contained 11 poses. The players who were present were: Souji Murasame, Helena Celba