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Tensions Rise Near the Vet
(2013-04-17 - 2013-04-17)
Sanel was freting near the vet when Avira came across him. However, as Evja and Lia emerged from their recovery, along with the presence of Carnus and Maira, tension rises surrounding Evja and other matters.
Sanel Welcome to Traverse Town.

This peaceful little town is the place that is haunted by eternal night. Forsaken by the light, the quaint place is shrouded in darkness, perfect for the Heartless to come. However, it is also under the protection of the Black Guards. Datapoint Security are often around. There are small conduits of energy around. But, it is not foreboding.

This peaceful little town has a young boy standing next to a building. The boy has his hands clamped together, looking worried. The one-eyed child is fretting. Fret. Fret. Fret. He can't p fidgiting.
Avira Currently there is a little bit more than just Datapoint Security keeping an eye over the town. A storm was coming. This dim town was currently peaceful, serving that deceptive calm.

Avira is returning from a rather harrowing adventure last night. Much to her surprise, she somehow survived an exploding entropic reactor. In fact, that was even questionable, and therefore one of the first things she's going to do once in town is get with Isaac. Hopefully the wizard could use his wizard powers to determine if she was a chaos ghost or not.

As she strolls through town, she catches sight of a familiar face. "...Sanel?" she says, drawing closer to the boy.
Sanel Fretfretfret. The boy looks teary-eyed, his fingers clamping together as he tries to discern the conflict. Some people are hurt. Sanel is sad. Sad Sanel is very Sad. It is when he looks over at the building, hoping to see someone come out of it.


The boy droops.

When a voice calls him, Sanel blinks and he quickly creens his head at Avira, "Ah!" Pause. The boy tilts his head at the girl, furrowing his eyebrows. "Sanel never seen Lady before. But Sanel is Sanel. Who is Lady?"
Avira Of course, Avira is expecting this reaction. Last time she saw this boy, she was a great deal more fuzzier! That in mind, she smiles at him kindly.

"We've met before. In Cosmo Canyon. It's me, Avira." Avira spreads her arms out behind her. "I had wings and fur then. But this is what I really look like, Sanel."
Sanel Squint. Sanel is peering right at Avira. Slowly, the boy takes a step back with a wary look. He already had a group of men closing in on him. But, this is one person. One person isn't bad, right?


Cosmo Canyon! Wings! Fur!

Sanel quickly runs over towards Avira and he brings both arms around her to give her a hug. "Ahhhhh! Voice familiar! Winged Lady is No Longer Winged Lady!" And of course, the hug is tight, as usual.


"ViVi! Big Sis!" The boy adores her again.
Avira The voices are familiar! Mutate Avira clearly had a gruffer voice due to her anatomy. Those eyes, should Sanel look a little closer into them, will clearly be the same ones he saw that day in the canyon. Still, she seems a little afraid that he wouldn't be able to recognize her at all. She looked so....different back then.

Terrifying! Monsterous!

His arms latch onto the short woman and she sucks in a breath, shocked, and cringing as he starts to crush her. Laughing nervously, she hugs him back, hoping that would encourage him to release her.

"Big...sis?" she says, confused. "Attached already, huh." Smiling, she ruffles his hair, "What are you doing in Traverse Town, Sanel?"
Sanel "Mmm...~" Sanel's eyes shut, finding comfort in the presence of the girl. The youth is quick to grow attached and he is also quick to dislike someone should he find them hurtful. However, the boy continues to hug Avira until she manages to hug him back. Realizing that he is likely crushing her, the boy gives a sheepish smile and then he finally releases her.

"Sanel is sorry."

The ruffle of his hair earns a giggle, but then her question is what brings a frown to the boy. "Sanel was to meet with BunBun and then Bad Stick Man came to attack BunBun and LiLi! Sanel's pets were hurt and Sanel's fun was being ruined, so Sanel hurt Bad Stick Man back. Sanel's pets were hurt."

Then, he gives a very, bright smile.

"So Sanel took them to the vet."

If Avira was to look at the sign of the building that they are at, this is indeed a pet hospital.

... However...

A scream from afar, it's a sound of an angry female. "Are you out of your mind?! Were you born yesterday! You <goosehonk>! Get that away from me!"
Evja Meanwhile, inside...

A certain Vieran Judge sat on a nearby chair while looking mildly buzzed, if only because the pet hospital really wasn't designed for treating... well, non-pets and given the condition the two came in at, they more were trying to get the stable enough to find out 'Why the hell was this kid dragging these two around and calling them his pets?'. Pain killers did quite a good job of keeping Evja relatively complacent, anyways, though it would seem his Gria companion inside hadn't quite gotten dosed as he had.

Straining to stand, Evja nudges her gently with his unharmed arm and says, "Calm down Lia. If you can walk, let us just... leave and go to a normal place of healing. I shall pay them." It was a half beg towards the Gria, Evja really not wanting anything 'bad' to happen and cause the Gria to blow her top.

At the moment, he was wrapped up pretty much from head to toe with various bandages, including having one arm in a cast and held in a makeshift sling while the other was in a split with bandages around it. Not to mention some serious gauzing here and there.
Avira Avira gasps for air once she is released. Fortunately, he hadn't been squeezing hard enough to, say, break a rib-still, it felt like she had just removed a corset from around her. (Unfortunately, she's aware of what that feels like-best not to ask.)

She lets her hand rest on top of his head for a few moments before pulling it back as he starts to explain some kind of previous altercation. 'Snow Mouse King' is the only pet name that Avira recognizes from Sanel so what follows is a multitude of amusing pet names that she cannot attach faces to. Well...almost not attach faces to-rather she envisions some kind of ridiculous, over the top caricatures in her mind. BunBun, though, is represented by a viera.

"The vet-" slooooowly she looks up at the building they stand before. "Oh."

She hears the screaming from within. "Ummm. This might not be the best place to take pets as big as people, Sanel. Big pets need different, uh, doctors."
Sanel "I am going to smack him! When I get my hands on him, I am going to smack that brat good!" Oh, Lia is angry. Savior be damned. The fact that she nearly had a foreign object nearly put in her is pretty humiliating. Oh, she is calming down. Or trying. She starts to pull herself up, then she grits her teeth.

"Whatever. Let us leave here at once."

Oh, she is stomping out. She is angry.

Meanwhile, outside...

"Yay! Sanel's pets woke up!"

The boy cheers. However, at Avira, Sanel tilts his head over. "Ah...?" He peers at Avira, furrowing his eyebrows. "Umm...." Sanel brightens, "Okay!" He tilts his head over, then he looks back at the building, "Sanel did not know where to take them. They were badly hurt from the Bad Stick Man." The boy glares, "Sanel will beat Bad Stick Man with stick again." The boy tilts his head over. "But, Big Sis is no longer Winged Lady." Pause. "Why?"
Carnus Sirin Whistling is the first sign of someone approaching. A merry tune permeating through the cool night air. Footsteps would soon follow, preceding the appearance of the ever-jovial spellsword Carnus.

As he steps into the district he immediately pauses as he hears screaming. "Well, sounds like someone is having a grand time." he says with a low chuckle. He rests his hand on the hilt of his blade as he approaches the building that the shouting was coming from.

As Carnus approaches the building, he notices the familiar face of Avira stood talking to an unfamiliar face.

"Greetings again, Miss Avira!"

He'd not been that productive recently, no surprises there, and was feeling the need to get something done. So his sighting of Avira could not have been more opportune for him.
Evja Taking his bloodied cloak and draping it over himself carefully Evja carefully pulls out some money to give to the vet and apologizes softly before slowly walking out. After and only after doing the typical 'Tell anyone I'm male and I'll ____', which was more a 'Please don't tell anyone I'm male because of bad things'. Taking a few steps to catch up to the skulking Gria, Evja chuckles at her discontent and says conversationally towards her, "At least he will not hug you?"

Or at least so Evja hopes anyways. A hug right now would likely break things and hurt like hell. Well, for anyone who wasn't buzzed on pain meds. Like Evja.

"Are you going to be alright? It was my fault and failure you were hurt after all..." The presence of those outside is of course not noticed by the Viera until they actually make it that far.
Avira Baby steps. Yes, baby steps. At least in the future "BunBun" and "LiLi" will at least be looked at by some qualified medical professionals/white mages. Though the fleeting image of a viera sporting one of those cones of shame brings a brief smile to Avira's face.

"Bad Stick Man, huh. What did this Bad Stick Man look like? Out of curiosity." Sanel clearly attracted his own brand of trouble and she really was curious to hear if this was another Church crony.

"Oh....I..." she looks down to Sanel. "Because this is what I'm supposed to look like before I was...cursed. I had someone take the wings away so I could look like this again."

She sounds oddly unsure of this. Maybe the mutate form really did grow on her a little.

Her thoughts of mutations past are interrupted by Carnus. Casually, she gives him a wave. No, she hasn't seen Evja and Lia yet since they are still on their way through the pet hospital.
Maira Maira out tonight as well, taking a ride on Mao simply because she is terribly restless but a bit scared to actually go anywhere there were not likely to be friendly faces. It seemed VALKYRI members really had a knack for trouble! Her healing magics never go unused for long--nor her flame. The girl has a lot on her mind, as does everyone who knows about Garland's impending 'visit'. To add to it, she's looking at every shadow with worry. The Dark Knight can't be dead. Somehow, she just /knows/.

Mao has been a great comfort to her though, the big red chocobo a fantastic companion--not that Uist wasn't! Uist was the best--but he wasn't a big fluffy bird that liked snuggles and petting.

Maira trots by the group, momentarily out of sight as it would seem she hadn't yet processed their presence.

Then, she backs Mao up and blinks. "H-hey!" she greets, smiling brightly. Is that...Evja? "Evja! You're alright...sort...of...." she says, hopping down from her mount's saddle now so she's not looking down on them. "I'm glad. I figured you'd be okay but..." Maira trails off, shaking her head. She /is/ angry with the viera after hearing the things he said about Avira and Angantyr.

Even in Angantyr was the biggest butthead that ever lived.
Sanel "I got something for him, alright." Lia looks at the viera with an irritated look. She grumbles, "I regret not shooting that <goosehonk> in his eye." She rolls her eyes, "I try to be good and not get involved, but noooo. Next time, I'll save an arrow for his eye socket." A glance is given at Evja. "Don't worry about it. I should had not been a bystander. That was my only regret." Pause. "No. A lesson learned. Never have regrets."

Sanel is trying to remember what the man looked like. "Umm... Sanel remembers the Bad Stick Man being angry. Bad Stick Man had a stick that had a blade on it and looked mean." The boy frowns, "Sanel did not break him as he should have." Trying to recall the look is met with a blank. "Umm... Sanel forgot!" He gives a sheepish look.

Of course, Carnus goes to greet Avira and along with Maira and Uist.

And then, seeing Evja and Lia gets his attention. "BunBun! LiLi!" The boy is already rushing straight towards the two, arms outstretched.

But then, a sign is placed right in front of the boy by Lia. The sign is a picture of a hug, but with a red circle and a slash over it. "We're still injured, kid."

Sanel lowers his head, drooping with a sniffle.
Carnus Sirin "Well well well..." murmurs Carnus inquisitively. "Looks like there's quite the gathering out here tonight."

He'd not met a great deal of people in his time exploring these new worlds. Just a Burmecian, the VALKYRI which he had recently joined, Sora the keyblade wielder, and a gargoyle. So he seems chuffed to bits that there are others for him to meet and speak with.

"How have you been? Not spoken to you or many others since joining up with your group. Everything going well in the search for reinforcements? I may have some contacts back in Lindblum I can call upon, assuming they have the will to fight for anything that isn't within those great walls." He lets out another low chuckle as his eyes shift down to Sanel. "And greetings to you as well!"

The other voice he recognises takes Carnus' attention for a moment and his eyes brighten even further, his smile becoming a toothy grin. "And Maira's here too! Becoming quite the gathering. Is there a special occassion I wasn't invited to?" he asks teasingly.
Evja Thankfully Lia had the foresight to make the visual aid. Evja did look relieved, especially since he was still being typical protective Viera that he was around others, like starting to move to step in front of Lia but being a bit too out of it to make much haste on it. "Please do not, Lia. I do not want you in danger. At least, not like that. In Jylland, you would be protected if you joined another Adjudicated clan. As I said... stay safe until then and.. -- "
Evja's attention turned towards Maira, then he saw Avira, and someone else, "..."
Well, he knew most of them. "Why did you think I would not be? I hope Sanel did not bother any of you with problems of that idiot from the Church." Sigh. Evja's eyes attempted to focus on the various of those around but instead he just wound up shaking his head a little. "Yeah, gonna... sit down." And he moves over to a nearby bench to take a seat, cloak wrapped loosely around himself and leaving him with that ever-present feminine appearance for those who wouldn't know otherwise.
"So you made it out of the cave then? Everyone did, I hope?" That was likely addressed towards Avira.
Avira Oh little brother...

Avira palms her face gently as Sanel struggles to remember anything about the man who assaulted him earlier. She racks her mind, trying to consider a different approach. " you remember that other time you were attacked? And a big man in dark armor came to save you?" she says, going out on a limb and hoping he remembered some things about the incident that got Angantyr labeled a heretic. "Were the men there attacking you then dressed like Bad Stick Man was?"

She waves Carnus, "Good to hear. Vespa and I got blown up by an entropic reactor last night so we might actually be ghosts made out of electrons. I was on my way to get myself checked by a wizard friend. I think I'm okay, though."

Maira drops in as well along with her red chocobo. She gives the fire mage a wave as she passes, though her cheer slowly slows as she sees Lia the Gria show up with...Evja. Aha. 'BunBun.'

"So you lived through that after all." Avira says distantly, watching the viera as he moves and, inadventantly confirms that Bad Stick Man really was from the church. "Yes, we all made it out. The individual that enlisted our help was a monster in disguise. The entire mission was fake."
Maira Maira takes Mao by the lead and moves over to join the group. After a brief moment, she recognizes Sanel, her eyes widening. "Oh! It's you! You are the boy I was looking after. I guess you probably don't remember me because you were unconscious but I'm Maira," she says, extending a hand toward Sanel to shake, her smile warm and generous.

Back to Evja, Maira blinks. "Angantyr said you were trapped in a cave when it collapsed, he figured you might be dead," she replies. Obviously, Maira hadn't agreed. "We'll have to about that soon, okay?" she adds, pursing her lips slightly.

With no intention of not greeting her best friend in the customary manner--enthusiastic hugging-- Maira springs forward and wraps Avira in a quick, affectionate embrace. "Wait, what? Explosion? You are certainly not a ghost! I mean--I would totally know," she says, gesturing toward Uist, who to most is invisible, which makes her look perhaps slightly insane.

Then, she turns to see Carnus arriving. "Fellow fire-wielder! Hehehe...I don't think there is, unless I wasn't invited either! In that case we're both party crashers," she says, then looks back to the group, frowning gently. "Alright...clearly some of you need healing...who's first," she says, placing a hand on her hip.
Evja Casually pulling out a spear(and painfully moving it a bit), Evja nudges Lia(the Gria) forward by the haft of it and her lower back. "Please help her, I shall be fine." even if... well, Lia was probably in /much/ better shape than the Viera.
Sanel Okay! Bun Bun will get hugs! Come her---NOPE! Lia makes the sign clear that it is meant for the viera as well.

Sad Sanel is sad.

However, Avira does bring up the time where he was attacked. A man in black armor came to save him. Blink! Sanel definitely remembers that! The boy turns his head to face her with an excited look on his face, "Big Brother!" The boy beams, "Sanel wants to find Big Brother again!" But then, he furrows his eyebrow, "Yes! Bad Stick Man dressed like those bad Templar knights!" The boy furrows his eyebrows, "Those bad men!" The boy sticks his tongue out.

tHe blinks at the sight of Maira.

"Look for Sanel?" He looks at Maira with curiosity, tilting his head over. "Hi!" Maira. "MaiMai!" The young boy extends his hand over towards her. Though, she may find that she is going to be lifted off of the ground in the hefty shake.

And of course...

Uist gets a glance over by the boy. There is a brief red glow on the boy's eye and he brightens. "Hi! Sanel is Sanel!" He then extends his hand towards the being.

While Lia is nudged forward, she turns back towards Evja with a quick glare, but ten she turns towards the fire lady. "... I suppose I shall go first, then." She calms, then she positions herself forward for the healing.
Carnus Sirin "Well, sounds like you had quite the exciting evening! What were you doing to cause a reactor to explode so close to you?" Carnus' eyes widen as he hears about the reactor. His grin nearly giving way to laughter, such a commotion and he missed it again. Of all the luck! His research since joining the new world had taught him much, and he knew a little about what the woman spoke of.

Changing gears now, he shakes Sanel's hand with a quick pump and a firm grip. "Pleasure to meet you, Master Sanel. A pleasure to meet you. Were you involved in this reactor explosion as well? It seems I'm destined to always miss the party."

Scratching the back of his head, he lets out an awkward little chuckle at that.

His eyes swivel from Evja to Maira and he gives a small nod. "Always better to show up as an unexpected surprise than not at all." A brief pause as something comes to mind. "And that reminds me, I'd like to speak to you about our trade sometime soon. I believe a little cross-sharing of our talents could be beneficial to each other."

The red tome at his waist is suddenly in his hands and open, having been unlocked via the key he keeps hanging on a chain hidden under his chestplate. "Well, let's see here. I've got a few white magic spells I can use. Should be enough to heal all of your wounds. I am part red-mage, after all." Well, if he missed the fighting he would have to settle for tending to the wounded. But next time, they'd better not leave him out of a fight. He was itching for one to the point he had been debating searching for this Garland to challenge him personally and just get it out of the way.

"You there, you're definitely first." Carnus says knowing to Evja, "Hold still and don't complain. You're going to get yourself killed if you refuse treatment like that."
Evja "Mmph... I see. No doubt. Bloodthirsty brigand attacked me... when the heartless came, used it as a chance to leave me for dead instead of protecting the others like I and everyone else tried to. Still, no one deserved to die in that hole, even him, so I am glad he got out."

Evja gave a faint grumble as he looked a bit tiredly towards Sanel and Avira as if considering things. Lia warded off that untimely hug thankfully, even if Evja might not quite ever realize that. "A trap? Given you are here, I take it that it was all taken care of. Hopefully no blood had to be shed."

The Viera yawned heavily, hand coming up to cover her mouth. That would reveal beneath the cloak just how injured the Viera actually was, briefly. Bandages from the waist up, what looked to be a relatively hearty wound on her left arm, something similar at the chest and right arm in a sling. There was probably more too.

"And who are you?" Evja asked softly towards Carnus, putting on an extra soft voice that would sound /quite/ female, falling back into the same female guise as ever.
Avira There's a painful look on Avira's face for a few moments. Something about what what Sanel just said right there...

But the look is gone quickly enough. Sanel too confirms that 'Bad Stick Man' was also a templar from the church. How curious-the church really did have it in for this child. Watching him introduce himself to Maira, surprise follows as he seems to introduce himself to Uist as well-which just looks like empty air to Avira.

"Huh." she remarks on this, hooking her thumbs to hang against one of her belts. "So you can heal too. That's useful, Carnus."

She watches Evja for a long moment before continuing to answer to this conversation. "The monster was vanquished, yes. Color me shocked by your...civility." Avira looks away. "Regardless, my friends, We did get some small amount of gold from yesterday's exploration. And a small dagger."
Maira "Huh? What about Templar Knights? Oooh yes--that," she says, then Sanel takes the hand she so foolishly offered him.

Imagine Maira's surprise when she is lifted from her feet! Maira lets out a squeak of surprise and alarm! Assumably she is let down at least somewhat gently, though her eyes are now wide as tea-saucers. Did that really just happen?

"Maira, he sees me," Uist informs her then, the warrior a bit taken off guard himself, though he nods in greeting to Sanel. "Uh....Uist," he introduces, then looks back to Maira with a shrug.

As Maira's eyes could get any wider, now her mouth opens, as if she needs to expand somehow to contain all of her surprise. "You can see Uist.....? That's awesome! Wow.. I wonder why...I mean not that even I know why I can see Uist so...."

Maira turns back toward Carnus then, her smile returning. "Yes! Certainly! We will shop!" she says with a laugh. "Oh, good, you can heal folks too, that's right! Oh that'll be useful! Really really," she says, then steps on over toward Lia, placing her hand out as she begins to cast a cure spell, the white-green light brushing over to refresh her like a warm summer breeze.

Hearing Evja speak, Maira narrows her eyes some, her expression turning sour. Of course, she's pretty angry at Angantyr at the moment, but STILL, she obviously disapproves. Right now, she's not sure who to be more angry with in all honesty and thus she is just not going to think about it! She'll focus on the others. Plenty else to focus on!
Sanel Despite Sanel's abnormal strength, Sanel is pretty gentle when putting someone down. ...As much as he can be. Really. He is trying! Speaking of which, next victim! He tilts his head over, and then the boy looks over towards Carnus. As friendly as ever, Sanel is reaching for Carnus's hand for a quick shake. However, Carnus will find himself lifted a couple of feet off of the ground from Sanel's sheer strength that he cannot quite control. He is, in fact, due for learning control at some point.

There was something that is unmistakeable about the look on Avira's face. The child tilts his head over at Avira when her eyes become filled with pain. Sanel squints at her, ready to open his mouth to question about her situation.

Maira's question, however, interrupts the thought. "Sanel doesn't know, MaiMai." He glances back at the warrior, "People can't see Uist? But Uist is seeable! ...Even if glowing red." The boy then turns his head towards Maira once more.

With Lia filled with the breeze's kiss, she is sucking in a breath as the aching pain slowly ebbs. She feels less tense, thanks to the aches now dissipating. This allieves the stress as well. "...Thank you." She turns towards Evja, noting the tension around.

"You've made some friends, I see, Evja."
Carnus Sirin "W-woah! Ba ha ha ha!" Carnus finds the sudden and ferocious strength of Sanel to be one of the most amusing things he's come across all day. "That's some strength you got there, careful you don't rip my arm off. Makes it harder to use this magic. Not that good with it, can't even cast it in a fight. Get too distracted and my blood tends to be boiling." His attention then shifts over to Evja again.&r&r"I'm the one who's here to make your day that that much better, Miss."

Carnus snaps his book shut having read the notes again and begins to chant quietly, hands held together in a prayer-like fashion.

After a few seconds of this, he raises his hand into the air and says "Cura!" And almost immediately after the same light as Maira's manipulating appears and swirls around Evja. Working it's magic. Carnus idly wonders in the back of his mind how many times he's done that spell. It's not a great deal, so he's hesitant to believe it's worked. Regardless of how often it's worked in the past.

Once he's through healing the woman, at least he assumes so, he smirks to Avira, "I've got a decent grasp of all magics from my world. My mother's much better than I am at everything except fire. And my sword arts are second only to my father."

And finally, back to Maira, his brow raises curiously as he looks at the spot of this apparently invisible other member of this group and takes a step toward the space he's supposed to be in, feeling around the air as he stares into it inquisitively. "Uhhh, who's this Uist you are talking to?"

"Yes, talk shop..." He had heard something about a church, and that was something he definitely must ask about. But first, why is there no one there when they're clearly speaking about him? Perhaps if he stares long enough, he'll feel something to confirm a presence. Maybe the person is just indescribably tiny? But then what if...

Oh no! Did he step on him? He quickly checks the undersides of his shoes after taking a hop backwards. No, all clear, no squished tiny people. Perhaps they were all just mad?
Maira Maira tilts her head slightly at Sanel, her brow furrowing in curiosity. "You don't know? He's dead. A ghost," she informs him, then looks to see Carnus grasping at the air in Uist's general direction. Uist simply steps back, crossing his arms and frowning sternly. When Carnus steps a bit too close, Uist pulls on Maira like the tug of a string, using a bit of energy to manifest a ghostly hand that comes up to smack Carnus upside the head, then disappear.

Maira facepalms. "Uist is a ghost. Most people can't normally see him. He's not fond of being groped at blindly," she explains.

Really, who is?

Don't answer that.
Evja "Friends... right." The healing spell does begin to work, but with certain injuries on the Viera mending suddenly, setting back into place where the 'Vet' couldn't exactly do such beyond the rough help, Evja did wince a bit. Avira's remark does confuse Evja, enough that he looks over and asks softly, "What... do you mean? Have I ever been uncivil?" then he thinks back to the times hes interacted with her and the yelling in the cave comes to mind.

"Oh... right. About what I said... no, another time. I do not desire to make the mood worse here or interrupt good moments. So if you wish to discuss something with me more specific... perhaps simply another time in private. I think I may have a way that will answer all things, at least, if the talk I have heard in Luca is correct." But what could that be?

His eyes wander towards Lia a moment as if thinking about something, then he winds up staring at her silently a few moments, almost like there was some non-verbal communication going on before smiling faintly and looking towards Maira, and her talk of Uist. Huh. Not sure what to make of that. "I... I should probably depart, lest the Church associates all of you with me and decries you heretics. Lia, are you going with Sanel? Or... did you wish to accompany me?"
Avira "I cannot see Uist, Sanel." Avira points out for the boy's benefit. "Sanel is a ghost."

The scarred woman seems distracted all the sudden, mostly with watching Maira's reaction to Angantyr being mentioned for various reasons. She had heard a lick of her irritation with the dark knight yesterday...and seeing it continue today boded ill too. Mentally, she makes a note to talk to Maira later to get the full extent of her reasons.

Just slightly, she narrows her eyes at Evja's reaction. Had he forgotten so soon? Avira hadn't. While it was tempting to remind him, she didn't want to start this up around poor Sanel of all people. "We'll see." she notes simply before turning away.

"I need to be on my way-Carnus, Maira, I'll catch you both up later." She gives Sanel a parting hug before continuing on into the city.
"Ooooh." A ghost. Sanel tilts his head over. "Ghost. Sanel has never seen a ghost before." Sanel then looks to see as Uist seps back with a very not too happy look. And of course it is using a ghastly hand to smack the man upside the head.

The boy looks at Evja. The young boy frowns, whimpering as Evja is about to depart. "But Sanel and BunBun have not played!"

Meanwhile, Lia shuts her eyes for a moment. "... It is about time that I start traveling with you. You need a good eye for your back." She then glances back at the boy, who is well.. himself. "The child will manage. He tends to run off when something catches his attention." Lia almost gives a sadden look. Hurt. Not quite. But, she can tell that there is a rhyme and reason why someone would wander.

Sanel is someone who wanders aimlessly.

"Sanel will see LiLi and BunBun again, right?"

"Of course," Lia regards the boy, less irritated than she was earlier. It took great restraint not to smack him when she saw him earlier. God, did it take great restraint.

"Bye byeee! Sanel will see BunBun and LiLi later!" But, as Avira gives the parting hug to the boy, Sanel turns to return the hug before he looks up, "Bye Bye, Big Sis!"

Speaking of which, what manages to pass through is none other than a small, furry rodent that runs across the town.


And Sanel's attention deficiency is back, where he is turning to chase it.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin recoils suddenlyand seems in a daze for a moment as an incorporeal hand materialises enough to smack him completely by surprise.

"A ghost?" This brings out another roll of laughter from the ever cheerful spellsword as he says. "Brilliant! I wonder what makes one able to see while others can not?"

Something else to begin researching. Could he one day see ghosts from other worlds? Sure, he'd seen the 'ghost' monsters back on his world of Gaia. But he'd never seen one with a name. Nor had he ever seen one that would sneakily slap him.

Oh well, at least he hadn't crushed a tiny person to death. That's a huge relief.

"My apologies, good Sir Uist. I did not mean to offend, I get too curious sometimes I admit." He laughs embarassedly now, scratching the back of his head once more.

As Avira wanders off he gives her a wave. "Please do. I feel I am quite behind on certain events I may have missed."

He turns to speak to Sanel again but the boy's attention is already elsewhere as he chases a squirrel. "To find such joy so easily." he muses softly to himself. A warmth spreading over him as he watches the boy play. There had always been something about children that Carnus had just adored. It's why he spent so much time visiting orphanages to give the children treats and someone to play with. He missed those orphanages. And they were one of the many people he was fighting to bring back. He would bring them back, even if he had to do it all himself.
Maira Maira smiles to Avira, nodding. "You bet Avira!" she calls, waving, before she turns to watch Sanel runs off to chase a squirrel. She giggles. " is delightful," she replies to Carnus.

"Heh, Uist says your apology is accepted. As for why...I really wish I knew. I've been asking myself that question for many years!" she replies, shrugging then.
Evja Well, that was all rather sudden... Avira departing, and Sanel squirreling off before Evja really had a chance to do anything. "Mmph. Well, let us be going then Lia." a pause, then Evja recalls something. "So tired. I forgot to mention. Maira, this is Lia. Lia, this is a girl I know named Maira."

Introductions were quite the simple thing. Evja wasn't really one with words, though he did stand up and walk over to Maira to slowly reach up and attempt to pat her on the shoulder, saying softly, "Thank you for seeming happy to see me. I appreciate being able to at least brighten someones day by still being here." then aloud again, "Lia used to be in my old clan in Fluorgis before I became a Judge. Anyways... they gave me some kind of medicine that is making me quite tired. I do not think I can make it to the closest air port to reach Fluorgis, so perhaps an inn in the meanwhile, Lia?"

Evja looked her direction thoughtfully as if considering something.
"Wheee! Come here, squirrel!!!"

Lia twitches, shaking her head before she exhales a sigh, "...It will be a while before I see him again. I hope he doesn't cause any trouble while I am not around to pull him out of it." As the inn is brought up, she nods at Evja, "Yes, let's go to an inn. I'll guide you there. She should be able to find one not too far from here."
Carnus Sirin "There's a free inn just over in district two." Carnus points over to the district and the general direction of the inn. "You should find rest there. And please, if you get injured again seek out someone such as myself or Maira. I'd hate you to stay critically injured because the healing practices of these other worlds aren't up to standard." And with that, he waves the pair farewell.

And like that, it was down to just Carnus and Maira.

"Well, I'll let you know if my research brings up anything of interest. Oh, and I thought perhaps you'd like to learn a bit about the sword? With your affinity for fire, it would be easier for me to train you than most others in the art of being a spellsword. Comes in handy when your foe gets in your face, and the usual fire attacks won't work. Perhaps a smaller sword than mine though?"

He pats the hilt of his heavy sword with a laugh.
Maira Maira smiles to Avira, nodding. "You bet Avira!" she calls, waving, before she turns to watch Sanel runs off to chase a squirrel. She giggles. " is delightful," she replies to Carnus.

"Heh, Uist says your apology is accepted. As for why...I really wish I knew. I've been asking myself that question for many years!" she replies, shrugging then.

As Evja walks over, Maira nods a little, trying to keep her face expressionless and completely failing. She is obviously warring with herself a bit. "Well of course I'm happy you are alive--I /am/ angry with you however...but we'll talk about that another time, okay? Go on. Get some rest," she says, shoo'ing Evja and Lia off before she turns back to Carnus, reaching up to give her chocobo some petting.

"W-wait you want to train me to use a sword? I don't...I don't know about that, I'd probably just hurt myself!" she says with a self-deprecating laugh. "As for when people get too close, well....I guess I'll show you," she says, then takes a deep breath. Her shoulders relax and the air arounds her grows quite warm. She radiates like a furnace. Then, Maira simply bursts into flame.

The fire of her magic covers her from head to toe, licking at her skin without burning, shrouding her in a bright halo. The clothes she wears do not burn, as she is luckily wearing a special outfit made especially for her since this was something that was known to happen on a fairly frequent basis. "I use to not be able to control it very well...but i'm getting better," she says with a smile.
Carnus Sirin "Today is truly a day full of brilliance!" The spellsword seems absolutely thrilled by the display Maira puts on for him, her entire body covering itself in flame. He focuses for a moment and hi whole body radiates an orange glow for a brief moment before he takes a step closer, reaching a hand through the flickering flames that dance around Maira.

"Truly fascinating, I can tell it would scorch the flesh from my bones if I was not protected." His clothing doesn't burn either, it seems his training taught him that when he casts fire he tends to do it so recklessly that if he didn't find flameproof cloth and armor he'd forever be buying new outfits.

Carnus offers a shrug as his arm falls, "It was but a mere offer. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't extend the invitation. But, if you ever find yourself curious I would be glad to show you how it's done." He investigates the flame for a moment longer and says. "And I would love to know how you do that. It is an interesting ability to have. Sadly, I can only push my spells into a weapon or cast it ferociously upon those I face. If I were to try and cast firaga on myself for such an effect, I would end up burning regardless of if I put up my ward first."
Evja "Really? You too. Oh, whatever. Let us go, Lia, before I say something stupid and hurt someones feelings." and with that, Evja went to depart, seemingly annoyed by the whole thing. At least he had two people these days who weren't angry with him, even if it was only Sanel and Lia.
Maira Maira giggles lightly, embarrassed by the compliments. Indeed, that fire is hot, and this isn't even turned up to full blast. If he had seen her on the night the Dark Knight was here...Maira still didn't understand. Sometimes she doubted that even really happened.

Maira inhales then, drawing the magic back inside herself, the flames seeming to simply sink into her skin and disappear. The air around her remains quite warm though. "I...don't think I could teach you. I have no idea how I do it. I had to train /not/ to do it...whenever I got upset or something I'd just...light up like a torch. I almost burnt down the orphanage a couple of times because I--" she blushes then. "I would have dreams and I'd wake up and the sheets would be on fire," she admits.

"Most flame doesn't hurt me. Natural flame, anyway....I learned the hard way that some can," she says with a wince, remembering Hades and her trip to the Underworld.
Carnus Sirin An orphan? Well, that changed quite a bit. Of all the people and children Carnus would visit in his travels of Gaia, it was the orphanages he went to not just because of the children, but due to the fact they were orphaned children. He has such a soft spot for them.

"Curious." is all he says, before a yawn interrupts anything other thoughts that may have been about to exit his mouth. With a glance about he says, "I'm going to take a nap. It's always amazing to sleep under the stars." His grin returns to it's fullest. "If you need me, you'll find me asleep out here somewhere, I'm sure."
Maira Maira smiles, nodding. "Alright! You should be careful though...Heartless and all," she cautions, then waves and heads for VALKYRI HQ, and her own bed.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin waves off Maira's concerns as he casts some form of spell upon the hilt of his blade and lays down to in the very spot he's standing to take a rest. His sword's newly cast protection being enough to allow him to peacefully drift off into slumber.

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