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Eyes In the Darkness
(2013-04-17 - 2013-04-17)
Louis travels back to Mullode to speak to the owner of a lost property and his current actions. The conversation is less than pleasant.
Sagrath Tiniroil Mullode is the official headquarters of the Glabados Church and the training grounds of the templar knights and the other high level officials. It is a beautiful and important structure. It is considered the holy land that people like to make a special pilgrimage to. It is also heavily guarded by the Templar knighs.

Deep underground, however....

There is a creepingly dark dungeon that surrounds the underground path. It's a place that had been used to torture those that did not meet the church expectations, it as the spot that none of the ordinary members were allowed to go.

This underground was also Sagrath Tiniroil's playground. This was where the alchemist performed his experimentations. In his particular room, there are vials all over the place, along with beakers and tubes.

There is even a wooden 'bed' nearby.

"...Yes... I see." He places a hand over to his head.

Sagrath was a bespectacled man with the most trusting smile. He seemed like a cheery fellow. He wore a black robe that came down to his legs.
Louis LeBlue Louis casually walks down into the dungeons, knowing very well what his purpose here is. He knew of Sanel's existance, the little assassin. And now, their assassin had betrayed them ~ and behaved like a /child/ for that matter. He attempted to save a Heretic. And this can not stand. His master must be informed and told to do something about this.

When he reaches the underground and with that, Sagrath's actual room, the man pushes the door open hard and steps towards the man with a sense of violence about himself. "Alchemist Sagrath Tiniroil! We must speak about the subject known as Winter Dusk." The man is still partially hurt, a scar showing besides his eye - but it's slowly healing.
Sagrath Tiniroil "Welcome, Shrine Knight LeBlue. I've been expecting you." He grins ear-to-ear, and then he looks rather amused."...Yes, your encounter with Winter Dusk in the colisseum."

Sagrath turns to face Louis, bearing that same smile as always. The demeanor is rather calm, tsking. "I am fully aware of the events that transpired." He taps his forehead, an eye opens before it shuts once more. Nothing strange in particular.

"I have eyes everywhere. I am aware of the actions. It's... serving a purpose."
Louis LeBlue Louis slowly walks forwards, and then suddenly grabs at the man's collar and pulls him closer. "Your purpose doesn't seem to be aligned to the church, you little weasel! Don't forget the hand which feeds you. Those who keep you safe and allow you to do the things you do." The Temple Knight glares, showing his teeth ~ letting some of the demonic essence within himself show.

Louis lets go, throwing the man towards the desk with the vials and what-not firmly, without intent of shattering the des. "Your loose cannon harmed me - and I would have killed him too had his body not been removed from the battle. What do you have to say for yourself?"
Sagrath Tiniroil Sagrath is promptly yanked and then he is quickly pulled over to see the demonic essence that manifests. Despite of the show of the man's anger, Sagrath idly chides.

"Temper, temper. You don't want to let the other side out, do you?"

He is shoved back towards his vials, then he oofs. He promptly dusts himself off, then he rubs the forehead. "--He is scouting. He is scouting around for me... unknowingly." He thinks back, tapping his forehead.

"I had someone who tried to interfere with his conditioning. So, he remembers nothing of what he is." An eye opens up, "...I decided to allow that delusion to have Winter Dusk scout for me."

"We have a lot of strange things in this world. The Heartless, other organizations. The current mindset of my little experiment will earn the outsider's trust. ... Including Beoulve. Or at least, enough to help the boy."

"There are other methods than killing people out in the open."
Louis LeBlue "Tssk." Louis shakes his head a little. "Keep your toy in life, Alchemist. Or I /will/ destroy it." He warns. "I don't care what you think is a better method. If he gets in the way of our direct goal -- if he gets in the way of /my battle/, then he will be removed like every other enemy that stands before me." The man suddenly unsheathes his sword and points it directly to the throat of Sagrath.

"And keep in mind. You know my reputation. You know I don't make idle threats. Mark my words. If he stands in my way and prevents me from killing Beoulve as he stands before me, or any such important targets. I will come here personally to take your life." The point dares to touch against the man's skin for a moment - as Louis tries to get him to raise his chin.

"Do you /get it/?"
Sagrath Tiniroil "Sometimes, there is a bit of necessity to earn the trust of the outsiders." Sagrath notes.

And that is when the blade is pointed towards the throat. Sagrath can feel the blade edge at his throat. He can also feel that the weapon stands close to taking his life. Sagrath's chin is lifted, knowing that LeBlue means business. After all, the man does have such a temper and devotion to carry through with his threat.

What is stranger, is that a clay-like drip falls on the blade. That drip is coming from the face of the figure. It is slowly that the body begins melting and detiorrating before him. It leave behind a stench of burning sulfur.

At the very entrance, the Alchemist offers a smile as he approaches Louis, "...Of course, Shrine Knight. I will exercise control on the weapon just a bit more."
Louis LeBlue "Tssk, underhanded tricks." The man pulls back his black and cleans it with the cloth at his belly before he sheathes his blade again, following the man's presence behind him with a simply glance back. "You had better." He declares, clearly not in the least worried about the 'trick' he'd just fallen for, and instead just walking out calmly as if nothing had happened.
Sagrath Tiniroil Alchemist. Illusionist.

Sagrath is the man that has many faces. His eyes are everywhere where he can sink his sight int. There is a lot of forethought and planning in the chain of events. He knew of Louis's temper.

It's a pity that his latest creation did not last.

"I would like to thank you for testing out my latest creation, Shrine Knight." Pause. "...I do promise a report soon on my scout's findings. Some of them... you may find interesting."

This scene contained 9 poses. The players who were present were: Sagrath Tiniroil, Louis LeBlue