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(2013-04-17 - 2013-04-17)
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Ramza Beoulve Their time in Hawaii was over.

While it was a fine diversion from the somberness of the existence, Ramza and those in his company knew it could not last forever. Once the party had finished, an argument with Margaux had put their leader in melancholic mood which had dampened his spirits on their remaining two days in the island paradise.

Once it was time to move on, they did so with haste. The fact that the Church had been quiescent as of late was foreboding enough that he wanted to remain on the move, before they pinpointed their current location. And so they stayed away from populated areas, instead choosing to camp cross country, often nearby wooded glades and forests.

Here in the Old Kingdom, the Braves had already pitched camp. A mess area was set up, a fire pit created, a temporary latrine was dug, all of these things were performed before sunset. A hunting party was then sent into the forest to see if they could flush out some game before the evening grew too late and they had to break open their stores.

Right now, Ramza was seated by the firepit, writing something in a leather journal using a ballpoint pen by the waning light of the sun, one of the few luxuries he allowed himself from this amalgamation of worlds. Every so often, he'd look up, giving the camp an appraising look, before returning to what he was writing.
Agrias Oaks Agrias had been fairly quiet recently, perhaps suffering from a brief period of solemn melancholy herself, due to how things had worked out. She still took care of her duties amongst the group, and there were few outward signs of it beyond being less social than her usual not particularly social self.

Helping get the camp set up, the knight did her part just like any other member of the Braves, and then went off into the trees a short distance. Taking advantage of the solitude and relative silence, she offers a quiet prayer, and then lingers there for a time before returning to the camp.

Tugging off her gloves, Agrias makes her way towards the firepit and Ramza, moving to settle across from him, arms resting upon her knees as she asks, "Are we headed anywhere in particular? Or just focusing on not letting the church catch up to us for the time being."
Ramza Beoulve While Ramza had almost certainly noticed that Agrias had been more despondent than usual, he hadn't had time to address it. While she was widely known as one of the most somber members of the company, the youngest son of the Beoulve family usually had an affinity for her that allowed him to typically read her moods. Unfortunately, the burdens of leadership had weighed heavily upon him as of late as he tried to resolve several internal disputes.

Rumors were abound in the camp that an assassination attempt had nearly been carried out upon his life by a member of the Corpse Brigade, but the young man had insisted otherwise. In fact, he was attempting to recruit the lady who was reputed to be his assassin.

Agrias would likely understand his merciful nature better than most. He just had a tendency to be /kind/ even to those who had wronged him. /Especially/ those who had wronged him. It was only in the face of contemptible cruelty that he acted otherwise.

When she had returned from her prayers, and seated herself across from him, the young man would close the journal, setting it aside. His smile was affable as he regarded her. "They sent an army against us in the Sabil Mountains, Agrias."

While Ramza tended to be more formal in addressing most people, it wasn't so with her. In public, he might have called her Lady Oaks, however, or even M'lady despite her posessing no noble blood. He just.. addressed everyone as such, with all deserving equal respect from him. Title and blood held no meaning for him any longer. "..I like it not that the inquisitors and Templars are reticent. They'll be trying to venge their defeat soon enough. Fain forgive me, Agrias, but we have little choice but to wait them out, and endeavour to learn the locations of the Auracite before they do."

And then his smile would become wan. "We'll find them both, I promise. There is naught in this world that will have me waiver from that course."
Agrias Oaks Studying Ramza across the fire, Agrias offers a faint smile, inclining her head as she listens to him speak before commenting, "Soon, I agree, Ramza." The generally formal knight returning the easy, familiar form of address with her companion, her friend. Glancing idly around the camp, she adds, "The longer we roam free, the worse it is for the church, the more they put up wanted posters, the more people will wonder. Having supposed heretics running about weakens them." Lips drawing into a brief frown, she shakes her head slowly and looks back to the Beoulve, "Nevermind that we know the -truth- and they want rid of us for that alone."

"Are we even certain all of the Auracite is here? Or maybe there's -more-. I suppose we'll find out eventually." The blonde's smile grows at the last bit and she repeats, "We will find them. It is just a matter of time." She falls silent a moment, glancing around the camp once more before she looks back to Ramza and says, "There've been some interesting rumors around the camp recently. Anything I should know about?"
Ramza Beoulve The young man would breathe out a tired sigh. His still made his smile plain though. "Mayhaps it does weaken them, but even so, I don't know if we ought to do more than that. Most will assume we speak false of the faith of Saint Ajora, and what if they didn't? What if they believe that we speak true? I can think of no worse possibility than staining our hands with so much blood by creating a haphazard uprising by the civilians."

He'd incline his head a fraction. "Not all of them mean ill. Ser Senra is a fine man, for example. Most within the Church are good people who minister to the souls of the faithful, and remain blissfully unaware of the depravity of their leadership. I despise their leadership all the more for making pawns of virtuous people. Even so, Ser Senra proves that the truth alone isn't enough. We have to release it carefully, convincing only a handful at a time on why our course is the right one."

He'd pause for a time when she asked the hard questions. Such had been on his mind as well, but he'd contemplated and didn't find it likely that the stones were lost. "The stones emblazoned with the houses of the Night Sky.. they're not holy relics, but they are powerful. I can't imagine that any were lost to darkness. And even if they were not? I suspect that the Archadian Empire, this /new/ Ivalice, is connected to our own. I believe we'll find some of the Auracite there. It is why I hired Ser Vespar to feel the land out for us, and to obtain a potential deterrant against the power of the stones."

He'd raise a hand as if to preempt a response. "I know the man is a Dark Knight, Agrias, but even so, he has more principles than Goffard ever had. It is a gamble to trust him, but given the way he treats his friends and allies.. I don't think our funds were misspent."

And then she asked the blunt question. He owed it to /her/ at least to be honest. The damage had already been done after all. "Margaux is a former member of the Corpse Brigade, as you're likely well aware. She pulled her blade on me once to venge its rout and I.. talked her down. We reconciled, and I swore that we wouldn't speak of the matter again. Unfortunately, Artemis figured it out, and is decidedly hostile towards her. I can't say I blame her given her oath to me, but it has made relations with Margaux strained.."

Its a strange sort of man, to be apologetic to an assassin, for her being revealed as a former assassin, but that's the sort of man he was.
Agrias Oaks "You are right that we can out them so blatantly, for fear of the inevitable casualties in the resulting war. Which is assuming we were believed by more than a few. But, the church can not continue with the lingering threat of such a thing being possible, like a blade pressed to the back," Agrias comments as she unbuckles her sword belt and sets the sheath across her lap, "Many of them are innocent in mind, which makes this all the harder. It is not my place to fight such people, normally, but if they unwittingly align themselves alongside such villains, I am uncertain what else to do but fight them."

At his answer regarding the auracite, the knight nods, "I agree. They are powerful, and unlikely to have simply disappeared due to that. We are not often granted such beneficial coincidences, are we? If anything, I imagine it would be no surprise if we had a great deal more around here." As the conversation shifts to the Dark Knight with the group, Agrias sniffs sharply and looks dour for a moment. Were she anyone else, she'd have likely turned her head and spit while uttering a curse. "I will not start any trouble with the man. We need all the allies we can acquire. But I suggest not trusting him too far. You hired him. Such a man follows money. Like Goffard did. We do not have the most money. How long will it be before he realizes that?"

The last bit simply draws a sigh from the woman, a few years older than Ramza, "Try not to start collecting such people, Ramza, please. Dark Knights, assassins. And do remember that any other assassin would ignore your words. That is not the time to be aiming for conversation. I would not be surprised were the Church to send nefarious people to find us. It is good that Artemis is assisting in your protection, though."
Ramza Beoulve He'd fold his hands in his lap, staring out distantly at the sunset. "My Father told me to stray not from the true path, Agrias. While I know the path, he never told me it wouldn't be perilous to walk it."

He'd glance at her somberly. "I'm not so certain. While it would be folly to ignore us, they have other concerns. This world we live in.. they have not the power base they once possessed. They've having to rebuild, proselytize, and make new alliances. The game has changed for them, and while I like it not that they see it as naught but a game, it is what it is to them. They can't incite the nobility of Ivalice to war, because the nobility is no longer a factor. Without war, they cannot incite the people to rebellion. Without rebellion, none will proffer to the Church for an end to the conflict. No, the Lucavi must have changed their strategem, I just don't know how, to what purpose they work towards. Not yet."

He'd give a noncomittal sort of gesture with his hand. "Indeed. We have no choice but to fight them, but I would not kill the pawns of our enemy. Especially when they might be made to see the truth. Ser Senra.. is coming around. Slowly but surely. You've yet to meet him, but I have a feeling you'll like the man. Despite his zealotry, you are alike, in many ways."

And then on Angantyr, he'd smile. "Its not as if I'm recruiting the man, Agrias. He's been hired to perform a task. A task he'll perform efficiently. If he chose to join us later? Well, I'll deal with that when it comes. He's not like Ser Fair, he's a more traditional sort of mercenary, just one with /some/ scruples."

And then on the subject of money. "The man has a.. history, with the Archadian Empire. He has given us a lofty discount as a result. The man tries to venge some past slight, of which I know little about. Even so, he can be trusted to work against the best interests of House Solidor, if naught else. While I'd prefer not to trust in a man's bloodthirst alone, it makes less likely to betray us than Goffard was by my brother's deep coffers."

He'd chuckle at her statement. "She has more honor than any assassin, Agrias. She refused to strike me down from behind, unless I'd turn and face her. She reminds me very much of Lady Milleuda Folles, and just like Lady Folles, she is a woman of principle. I would like dearly, to be her friend, rather than her foe. Against any /other/ assassin, I shan't forget that. However, look at whom we have gathered, as of late..."

He'd gesture around the camp. "I can scarce afford to turn away anyone that I feel is deserving of a chance to win our trust. I suppose that you are right, in that the Church might attempt to slip others into our company who might mean us harm but.." He'd flash an affectionate smile her way. "...I can always trust you and Artemis to look out for me, Agrias. I want you to know how much I appreciate that."
Agrias Oaks "Power, is I imagine all they are seeking. And you make a good point, in this new world, their hands are full, so perhaps we will get off easily for the time being," Agrias muses, drawing her blade from its sheath atop her lap and reaching to pull an oiling cloth from a nearby bundle of supplies. "I look forward to meeting this man you seem to think so highly of. It rends at my soul to imagine a truly good man would be serving such vile fiends."

"I trust your judgement, Ramza, and your decisions. Forgive me for being a bit wary continually. A Dark Knight though, I pray you understand my hesitation. I'd have had little to do with Gafgarion if times had not been so desperate. But..they still are, are they not?" The blonde knight smiles wryly, shaking her head, "I shall do my part to make them feel part of the company. Perhaps we can make true allies out of them, in time."

Following his gesture, Agrias nods slowly, "You are right. We need any competent hands we can get, to bolster our strength while we have the opportunity to do so." She would pause at the last bit and then nod slightly, a small smile on her lips, "You are a friend, Ramza, a dear friend, and I will never forget your assistance. I will always be your friend, and until we rescue the Princess, I am your shield." A small pause and she hmm's before adding, "I imagine perhaps I should get to know this other new companion of yours better as well. Anything in particular I should know before seeking to do so?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would watch her tend to her blade, nodding thoughtfully. "Power indeed, but in what form? 'Tis naught but speculation right now. However I feel it would be disastrous in this world to allow the Church, or anyone else to get ahold of the Auracite. Imagine if the Archadian Empire located it. Our position would grow even more tenuous if a Lucavi controlled House Solidor and allied it with the Church."

He'd chuckle. "I once met the man when he did not recognize whom I am. He's a Burmecian, a demihuman mouse that walks as a man, but he is kind, honorable, and wholly committed to his faith. Still, you should ware him, until we can convince him of the truth, he is dangerous. He was among those whom attacked us in the Mountains of Sabil."

He'd smile again at her. "Thank you for your trust, Agrias, but never stop questioning my judgement if you feel that you ought to. Your counsel and criticism are always welcome. They keep me grounded in these times." And then he'd nod, his smile becoming even more gracious. "Thank you. Make them feel welcome but.. I understand your caution. If you must keep an eye on them, all I ask is that you use discretion. I trust your judgement, just as you do my own."

He'd lean backwards against the rock, more at ease perhaps in her presence. "We'll find her, Agrias. I won't have her remain in the hands of those who would exploit her. And when we do, we'll give her the succor she requires. This time we won't make the mistake of trusting aught but ourselves to the task."

And then she asked on Artemis, and the young man's cheeks would flush despite the question being innocent. "She swore an oath to me, the first time we met. To be my shield as well, she is extraordinarily dedicated in the execution of her oath. I know the gossip around the camp.. I have ears, but there is no truth in the rumors. She may sleep in my room when we stay at an inn, or near my tent when we're in the wild, but it is purely to safeguard my life. She is.. somber at times, but at others capricious. She is a fine warrior, more skilled than myself by far. You see, Agrias.. her brother and herself were once close. As close as I am to my sister, if not moreso. Then her brother joined the Templars, much to the shock of her family. When next she saw him, he was butchering their Lord Father. Venging this patricide, defines her existence. I suspect.. I suspect that Louis, her brother, is one of the masterminds of the conspiracy, as from what Artemis tells me, he used to be a good man.. but in battle, he is a man possessed. He has not transformed into a Lucavi.. but I think he might be capable of it."
Agrias Oaks "That would be an ill turn of events indeed," Agrias comments upon the notion of the Archadian Empire finding the Auracite. She nods as the conversation moves briefly back to the mouse man and lets out a soft laugh, "There are many odd things here. That rates low on the scale by now." The knight smiles at the younger man, "Then I shall continue to do so, when I feel the situation warrants it. And I will strive to not be completely obtuse. I've no desire to make more enemies, that is to be certain."

Continuing to clean and oil her sword, Agrias nods slightly at his assurance that they would find Ovelia, quietly sliding the cloth back and forth. She remains silent a few moments, listening as he describes one of the other new members. Her expression grows amused at the talk of the rumors, "I would be surprised if any of them had any truth to them. Surprised, but not particularly worried." She rolls a spaulder-clad shoulder in a shrug, falling quiet to listen to the rest.

The knight frowns at the story, "That is horrid, I can only imagine what such an experience must do to someone. She likely has a nearly unparalleled amount of drive to accomplish her goals. I look forward to speaking with her more than in passing. And to have a brother.." Agrias trails off there, belatedly. She holds her sword up against the flickering firelight, examining it before she asks, "I believe I may consider a trip or two into nearby towns in the coming days. Is that going to be problematic?"
Ramza Beoulve "Don't denigrate yourself, Agrias. You've never been obtuse." He gave her a cheerful smile as he regarded her. "And we'll strive to make certain it doesn't come to pass. But.."

His smile disappeared, as his expression became more cheerful. "I'm afraid that we may be making more enemies before this is over. It is not in me to ignore the plight of anyone in need, and in this strange amalgamation of worlds, there are no shortage of vile men who would have others suffer and die at their whims. Even if we were to topple the conspiracy within the Church, and to retrieve both Alma and her majesty.. I wouldn't see our work as being finished."

And then she responded to the rumors, and Ramza would offer a nervous chuckle. His cheeks were still an amusing shade of bright red.

He'd shake his head when she asked if it would be a problem for her to take a trip or two. "Not at all. Take Lavian and Alicia with you when you do, there is strength in numbers. Your face is on the same handbills as my own, but so long as you are cautious, I see no harm in it."
Agrias Oaks "You are right about our work not being done. Once we get them back, they won't be safe until we've done something about the overwhelming amount of darkness in the world, but..they will be safer -with- us," the knight declares quietly. She looks at Ramza's face, smiling faintly herself, "I will take them with. They will likely enjoy the trip, it's been a while since the three of us did anything with just..the three of us." Sliding her sword back into its sheath, she settles it back into place at her hip and then rises slowly, "Thank you, Ramza. I'm going to take a little walk and check on things around the camp, alright?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would pick up the journal opening it to the proper page, and clicking the end of his ballpoint pen. There wasn't much daylight left to him, he'd best make use of it. "Try to enjoy yourselves. Our time in Hawaii made me realize that.. sometimes we just need to set time aside to live."

A pause, and a nod. "Of course, Agrias. Your company was welcome, as always."
Margaux Fleury Today was another day in the life of the wandering once-revolutionary, Margaux de Fleury. Compared to the day before, the Death Corps Knight was dressed in her usual garb. She wore her jack of plates. blue cloak, and phoenix rapier that may make certain members of Ramza's troupe a little apprehensive due to the terrible rumors/truths circulating around.

Margaux meanders through the camp proper now with a thorned red rose in her hands. She is unbothered by this flora because of the thick leather gloves that she fancies. The purpose of her visit and the flower in Fleury's possession remain a mystery until she spies a certain Ramza Beoulve nose deep in his journal.

Not hesitating any longer, the dancer approaches and addresses the seated Heretic Leader. "Messire," greets Margaux simply with none of her usual enthusiasm. In fact, she looks rather guarded in comparison to the day before, however; wearing a rapier and armor will have that effect. "There are matters to be discussed between you and me, no?"
Ramza Beoulve Ah. She'd arrived. He actually hadn't expected her to come at all. When he lifts his gaze to meet hers, he would appraise her armored appearance, and the thorned red rose in her hands.

He didn't understand the meaning of the flower per se, but he was cognizant as to why she'd be on edge. His gaze would briefly sweep around the camp to ensure that they were alone, so that he could speak freely.

Thankfully Artemis was far afield, and Agrias was inspecting the edge of the camp. For his part, Ramza was unarmored, though he carried two visible sheathed weapons on his person.

Closing his journal, he'd put it aside, before rising to greet her. "Good evening Marguerite. I wasn't expecting that you'd come. Are you faring well?"

Well that was the extent of the idle pleasantries, he wasn't going to patronize her by acting like her fears were unjustified, even if they /were/ in the case of him at least.

"Indeed. I'd like to offer you my apologies. Artemis guessed at what occurred between us from a slip of the tongue. I told Lady Avira that we went through a rough patch due to our respective pasts, and that we'd reconciled. It was enough to draw suspicion. I take full responsibility for that."

He'd pause, to regard her thoughtfully. "I won't speak false to you. There are some that are on edge. However, I promised you that you'd be welcome here, and that oath I can keep."

He'd gesture with a hand around his camp. "While you may not see many with us here at the moment, I'll make my words plain. You'll find others here that opposed us at one point or are running from the past. Marlowe is former Corpse Brigade. He once put an arrow in my shoulder. Helena was once an Inquisitor of Glabados. She tried to kill me several times before witnessing the Cardinal become a Lucavi. Kityana Redsdottr, also known as Katyna and Ember both, was a spy for the Shadow Lords. She committed unspeakable acts for them, and now desires only to find redemption. I knew her when she was naught but a child before our world fell."

He would gesture for her to sit down, if she chose, and he would do so first, to show that he meant her no harm. "I'm not saying you should be ashamed of your past, quite the contrary. I feel it is something to be proud of. I only mean to tell you that you need not worry about acceptance here. Artemis is brusque, and very dedicated when it comes to my protection. But she is a friend, and I see you as one as well. She'll come around in time."

He'd breathe out a sigh. "So I ask that you fain forgive a fool that tried to make you feel welcome, and failed in the attempt. And ask if you might consider giving us another chance. Given that the damage is already done, I told them the truth. That you pulled a blade on me, but not as an assassin, as you asked that I face you honorably. You never struck, and that we reconciled afterwards. I've spoken to each of them on this, other than Artemis and Zack. Zack I do not feel will have any issues with you. Artemis.. I believe I know what I might say to her. So I ask again, if you might consider staying, despite my poor hospitality, and betrayal of your trust."
Margaux Fleury Margaux was not exactly planning on showing up unarmored around here anymore. She still valued her own life afterall. The redheaded fencer raises a brow when Ramza mentions telling -AVIRA- about the incident. Her gloved hand closes around the stem of the rose tightly before she relents and opens her hand slightly. She breathes a deep sigh before closing her eyes now. "Madame Avira is...perhaps now was an employer of mine as I had promised to assist her cause if she did mine. And now...." Blue eyes reopen on Ramza. "....she may have doubts about my character as well. One fateful act that was now compounded by numerous wandering tongues."

The blade-dancer takes a moment to compose herself and ponder where she now stands with -all- of her associates now. Her self-assessment brings a frown upon her lips. "No matter. The damage is over now, or atleast so I choose to believe." Margaux pauses briefly again before continuing, "I am a bit lost now, messire, on to where to turn to." She declines the offer to sit for now and chooses to remain standing. The rose gripped in her hands is glanced to briefly now. "I believe you offer forgiveness for what was done, but I do not feel the same about your companions."

The redhead sighs wistfully once more. "Quite a predicament to be in I would think. But now I must ask the question that is often posed from one to another: what will happen next?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would shake his head. "No. I doubt that. Artemis was circumspect enough to speak to me in private later on her suspicions. Lady Avira was only told that we went through a rough patch because you were formerly in the Corpse Brigade, an organization that was once at odds with me. She knows naught else, and I intend for it to remain that way. If you chose to return to her, then I doubt she would regard you any differently since you already told her where you are from."

He'd watch how she holds the rose all this time, but still he remained entirely casual about her presence here. He didn't believe she meant him harm, and he certainly didn't mean her harm. "That is your decision. I can only make you the offer to join us. Or if you do not wish to, only to say that as long as I am here, you will remain my guest and friend, and be made welcome."

He'd tilt his head into a nod. "I can understand why you feel that way, but I only ask that you give them a chance. Be honest with them, be yourself. They'll come around, or they won't. Not everyone is friends here, with everyone else. Marlowe.. has a reputation, not for his past, but because he tends to be uh.." His cheeks would redden a touch. "..a philanderer. The point is that I feel that most will accept you. And those that don't? They'll still treat you well because I ask it of them. Artemis.. as I said, she'll come around once I speak to her, I promise."

He'd just look her in the eyes as she asked her final question, from his seated position. "What do you want to happen? Noone here wants to kill you, Marguerite. There is a place for you here if you'd like. And if you choose otherwise, then I won't hold it against you. As I said before, I'd like very much to be your friend, no matter what choice you might make."
Margaux Fleury "You make forgiveness for an attempted assassination sound so easy, so effortless." Margaux muses as she holds the rose in both hands now. Her blue eyes remain on Ramza however. "I hope they do accept me in time or else I will have to leave as that would be no life to live when you are someone such as I am."

She now makes a grandiose motion to herself. "I am not without my own vanities and expectations afterall." Margaux explains with a late smirk blooming on her face. Her gloved hands open and the rose is left to fall to the ground. "I thought this would be 'goodbye' Messire Heretic." A shrug. "My mistake for coming prepared for the worst." It may be a little unclear whether she is referencing the rose or her armor. But then again, maybe both have their significance.
Ramza Beoulve The man would chuckle light-heartedly. It was a strange sort of person that would not only forgive someone that had once desired to take his life, but to apologize to them for revealing it. He recognized that eccentricity at least. "Shouldn't it be? I feel the world would be a better place if people were quicker to forgive slights, rather than to bury each other for them. And as I said before. You didn't cut me down from behind. You asked me to face you honorably. Those are not the methods of an assassin." He'd nod to her, his smile visibly widening at the implications of her statement. "As do I, Marguerite. Stay with us then, please. It won't take me long to smooth over matters with Artemis."

He'd actually grin at that, chuckling once again. "You'll have to tell me of them. After my failed attempt at hospitality earlier, it behooves me to attempt and accomodate those expectations and.. vanities."

And then the rose would fall to the ground, and the young man would watch it fall, before quirking an eyebrow. "You must think me a particularly vile sort. I hardly think that I would set my friends and allies upon you as if they were naught but hounds." While the words may have indicated that he was offended, the tone indicated that he was merely teasing her. Perhaps needling her for her constant teasing of him. "I can't fault you for thinking the worst of me or them, Marguerite. Mayhaps in time, we'll be able to change that. Besides, I far prefer it when you're able to make your smile plain, and wear a casual frock instead of mail. I think the world would be a better place, if we were all able to shed our armor, and go about living, truly living, as we wished."
Agrias Oaks Having wandered off for a bit after a chat with Ramza, Agrias had gone to check on some of the Braves. Her friends, Lavian and Alicia, namely, though she'd grown to be friends with the rest as well, to some degree or another. Wandering back towards the firepit, the blonde knight has her gloves tucked into her sword belt and a waterskin in hand, her cheeks flushed a little as if she'd been exerting herself. She lifts the waterskin to her lips, taking a sip as she nears the fire, and seeing Ramza has company, she calls a greeting once she's in hearing distance, free hand lifting to wave. Agrias isn't the type to sneak up on her friends and be nosy. "Ramza! Are you still writing in your journal? Did you eat something yet?" She glances to the other woman, offering a nod, "Good evening, m'lady."

Stepping closer, the knight moves towards a toppled log which should make a (not really comfy) seat, but doesn't sit just yet. She looks between the pair, a fair brow arching slightly, "Not interrupting, am I?"
Margaux Fleury "You would prefer me in a frock than in my armor?" Margaux states back to Ramza after skipping over the more serious dialogue between them. The now roseless fencer outstretches her arms which causes her bright blue cloak to cascade out from her. She then rises on her booted tiptoes with her arms rising above her head. The dancer spins once and then twice as she lowers herself down to reclaim the rose before coming to a halt with the rose outstretched now to Ramza. "Consider it a peace offering."

Even though she did not comment directly on what Ramza said before, the upturn in her demeanor and actions should be answer enough for him.

Whether the rose was accepted or not, Margaux will deftly come down off her tiptoes and turn flat-footed towards the approaching knight. Phew. She thought it would have been Madame Mask. "Once never truly interrupts a dancer mid-performance. As they often say, the show must go on." Margaux answers to Agrias before flourishing an elaborate stage bow towards the knight. "No need to address me by titles that I do not own. Calling me 'Marguerite' would be lovely , but 'Dame' or 'Goodwoman' would surely suffice."
Artemis Eurus Madam Mask occasionally had other things that needed to be done. Like bathing, something she was quite dedicated to wether or not there was a tub or warm water. A cold stream would be just fine if that was all there was, which is currently the case. What would she have to do to get a portable bath tub? Even a hip bath would be better than nothing and there were surely quite a few people who could use a good dousing and scrubbing with soap.

Artemis had gone to bathe by the stream, returning now to camp with her hair un-braided and still damp, dressed in brown leather leggings, a homespun tunic of blue, and a belt around her waist from which her sword hangs. She smells of lavender soap, her hair scented with chamomile.

Artemis bows to those present as she arrives, her expression neutral even in regard to Margaux. She would have to try to speak to the woman alone and make her apologies, but first it would seem introductions were in order.

The masked woman looks to Agrias, inclining her head to the knight respectfully. A fellow warrioress was always a pleasure to meet--well, almost always. Generalization are dangerous after all.

Artemis turns her grass-green gaze to Ramza then, expecting he will do the honors as leader.
Ramza Beoulve "Only if /you/ prefer to wear it, Marguerite." As she began her dance, he'd accept the Rose, with only a nod and a smile, already knowing the general rule that one should not interrupt her performances. This was noted along with the rules that one should not sigh while dancing with a lady, nor speaking of other ladies while dancing with them.

He'd /ahem/ as Margaux admonished Agrias gently, with a smile. "Marguerite, this is Lady Agrias Oaks. She is a good friend of mine." He wouldn't introduce Margaux in turn, since she'd already done so in his place.

He'd then murmur to Agrias. "Not yet, the hunting party hasn't yet returned." His journal lay unattended to, on the log beside Agrias. Alas, he hardly had the time. "You're not interrupting at all.." And then Artemis would return, and he'd suck in a deep breath, as if he were expecting another confrontation between Margaux and her but.. it didn't come, not yet at least. So instead, he'd repeat his introductions with Agrias. "Artemis. This is Lady Agrias Oaks. She's my first sworn shield, you might say, formerly of the Lionsguard. I could scarce ask for a more loyal friend and ally. Lady Oaks, this is Lady Artemis Eurus. She's an exceptional, some might say legendary warrior who has recently decided to enter into our service. She's sworn to safeguard my life at any cost."
Agrias Oaks Agrias nods to Marguerite as the woman offers her name, or the one she wants to be called by anyways. There's a small twitch of her lips, but it's there and gone, her expression schooled. As Ramza introduces her to the dancer, she inclines her head, "A pleasure to meet you, Dame Marguerite. I look forward to working with you, and I shall do my utmost to protect you, the same as any other of the Braves. Please, do not hesitate to call on me, if you are in need."

She looks back to Ramza, "No? Hm. I'm starting to get hungry myself, so hopefully they return soon. Lavian, Alicia and I tried to catch a rabbit, that did not work out terribly well." The knight laughs softly, a brief smile curving her lips before her attention is drawn to another new woman. Agrias inclines her head, "A pleasure, Lady Eurus, I look forward to fighting alongside you. We have developed a nasty habit of needing to do more of it than anyone probably should, so I imagine it is but a matter of time." The knight's gaze studies Artemis, assessing her more than she did the other woman.
Margaux Fleury Oh my. It seems that this blonde knight before her is actually -the- Lady Agrias Oaks. The Death Corps member smiles foolishly now at the once target of her organization. She suddenly feels awfully out of place with her being the only person of common birth present. True there are those in Ramza's troupe who are also lowborn, but they seem to all be elsewhere at the moment.

And then Madame Mask returns.

The blue-wearing fencer tenses at her arrival and awaits what she may say to her. Her face is impassive when Artemis bows to those present. She inclines her head in response, but lacks her usual flair when it comes to introductions.

Ramza is turned towards and she smiles once more. "That all depends on the 'where' and 'who' with messire." She explains lightly before taking a step backwards. The common dancer still felt out of place and out of sorts. Oddly, Margaux grows quiet in contemplation now and no further theatrics are performed.
Artemis Eurus Artemis bows again, more formally, as is appropriate for an introduction. "Dame Oaks, please call me Artemis," she replies. Her voice fits her, statuesque woman that she is, it is on the deeper side.

Artemis looks to Ramza, her lips quirking in a small, slightly annoyed smile. "You flatter me Ramza. In order to be legendary one's name must actually be known--there is no legend," she comments. It may not exactly be the truth. "Your first sworn shield? Excellent. I will feel far less worried when I need to bathe--or hunt as it were. I do hope the men have managed something," she says then, pulling her rather long hair over her shoulder.

"I will look forward to fighting by your side Dame Oaks, as well as yours Dame Margaux," she says, finally turning her gaze toward the dancer.

Artemis then bows to her, lower, apologetic. "My apologies Dame Margaux. Having spent a couple of years with none but beasts as company, I fear my social tact is lacking. I hope you will be inclined to forgive my rather graceless approach to a touchy subject the other evening."
Ramza Beoulve Now that the introductions were over, he took a far more casual tone in regarding Agrias, and Artemis. After all, he truly did mean it that in his camp, titles and blood meant naught. It still seemed appropriate to introduce them formally. "Well in that case, I shan't deny you your evening repast, Agrias." Ramza would walk over to the a store of various barrels and casks before opening one, and removing the last few haunches of smoked boar meat. He'd place this in a rather humble looking wooden bowl, and hand it to Agrias, with some rustic looking utensils. He'd offer the same to Margaux, and Artemis if they so desired.

Artemis would insist to him that there's no legend. "No legend? Truly? Now who is the one that is being modest, Artemis?" He'd cluck his tongue in amusement, rather than disapproval.

He'd listen to the introductions between Agrias and Artemis with a cheerful smile, though he still seemed a touch wary himself, as if the situation were like to boil over any moment, and that he'd have to contain it. For that reason he was remained rather close to Margaux. At least Agrias and Artemis seemed to be getting along famously. Perhaps soon they'd have another who would be joining them for their morning exercises.

And then.. Artemis apologizes to Margaux. And it seemed.. genuine. Unexpected. He'd spare Margaux a glance to try and gauge her reaction to it, waiting for her to speak.
Agrias Oaks "If that is your wish, Artemis. And I shall be glad to work with you to ensure Ramza's safety. He has the most amazing knack of ignoring it himself sometimes, but I can not fault him too greatly for it, it generally proves to be fore good reason." Agrias offers a brief smile to her friend and then inclines her head to the taller woman. Looking between both of the women, she says, "I hope to get to know the both of you. Ramza is a dear friend, and he speaks quite well of you ladies."

She accepts the bowl from Ramza with a chuckle, "Thank you. I really was starting to work up quite the appetite." The knight falls silent, watching and listening to the exchange. While she may not know the specifics, Ramza did fill her in on the general summary of things, and she can certainly imagine how that exchange went. Someone who intended to kill her princess and had a change of heart at the last moment might not be suffered to live and certainly would not continue in service of her.
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury is conflicted when it comes to Madame Mask. They had never gotten along very well and gossip has gotten the better of them as of late. But now it seems that Artemis may be extending a peace offering of her own. An apology was quite unexpected from the serious swordswoman.

Margaux purses her lips together at first, but relents this in lieu of a casual smile. She aims it Artemis and extends her arms out to her sides, lending a more magnificent bow to her. "There is plenty of blame that can be assigned between us both. Perhaps, it would be possible for us to be...amiable...towards each other in the future once we move past this?" The dancer suggests carefully in a reserved tone towards Artemis.

Margaux gently shakes her head to refuse Ramza's offer of food. She'll break her own bread later when she feels a little more at ease.

Agrias now gets an appraising look from Margaux. The dancer still seems rather distant in manner and appearances. She was still very unused to being around nobility due to her previous allegiances. "How kind of the Messire to speak in such a fashion in light of my...." The redheaded dancer struggles now for the appropiate and tactful word to use. "....eccentricities."
Artemis Eurus Artemis remains bowed until Margaux speaks. She rises then to look the dancer in the eye for a long moment, her gaze one of intensity--though most of her gazes are. Artemis is simply an intense sort of person.

A nod comes then, a small stretching of her lips that may well be the beginning of a smile. "Yes, I think that is possible," she replies.

Artemis rolls her neck then, issuing a loud crack before she turns back toward Agrias, a grin on her face. "Ramza speaks quite highly of most ladies. Such a courtly knight, is he not?" she jests, just a small joke at Ramza's expense.

When offered a bit of smoked boar she takes it, biting in as she takes a seat by the campfire. "If the hunt is not successful I will practice early and then hunt in the morn," she informs Ramza. Having, as she mentioned, lived in the wild for a good long time, Artemis was an excellent huntress.
Ramza Beoulve Since Margaux didn't take her bowl, Ramza would instead take a seat, eating it of his own accord. Perhaps it was to show that she had nothing to fear from the offered food...

Nah it was more likely that the young man was genuinely famished, but that there was no chance that he would eat in the place of three ladies, all of whom were friends, first.

More banter. Well at least the words weren't bandied about.. at least he thinks that they weren't. The two actually actually seemed like they were /trying/ to get along.

He didn't want to have to defuse another verbal duel.

And then both Agrias and Artemis would give him high praise. Artemis' teasing caught him off guard in this situation, when all rights it shouldn't have. And so, he was blushing. "I hardly think that courtly knight is an appropriate comparison, Artemis."

And then he'd nod at her statement. "We'll rise early then. Yet I still don't think we'll arise before Zack. Sometimes it seems as if the man needs no sleep whatsoever."
Agrias Oaks Agrias nods slowly as she watches the two women and finally settles onto her log with bowl in hand, picking at the meat. At Marguerite's words, she chuckles dryly, "Ramza is a good man. The finest I have met yet, despite being a couple of years younger than I." Not that Agrias is very old herself. She looks back to Artemis, smiling in return to the woman's grin, "He is. And he is quite adept at making friends, I have found. A good talent to have. Especially in these troubled times." She'd laugh quietly upon noticing Ramza's blushing, asking of her friend, "It is true, though, isn't it? It is rare of you to speak ill of anyone. Not that it is a bad thing."
Margaux Fleury Margaux smiles widely as she takes one step backwards and then another. She'll leave the others to their meal. There were many thing running through the Death Corp Knight's head. The fencer was unsure how exactly this was going to work and how she herself was going to feel at ease in such a place. Margaux will have to deal with her feeling that she was an outsider sooner or later. But this was not something that was going to be resolved right now.

Another step is taken back as Margaux continues her silent retreat. Finally, she pauses to offer an intricate bow towards the trio. "Farewell, I have some matters to take care of." The cloak wearing woman now turns and smile falters slightly. Margaux de Fleury, what have you gotten yourself into this time? And thus, it was time for the dancer to exit from the stage.
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs lightly, shaking her head at Ramza. "What else would you say then, hmm? You've been raised to be courtly. You speak well, you compliment nicely, you dance, you throw yourself in harms way for a lady even when she most certainly does not want you to....what else could that be, but courtly?" she asks.

Really Ramza, this is a lose-lose for you.

As it is some kind of Ramza praising party, Artemis looks quite amused as she eats.

"Tch...indeed. I thought I got by without much sleep. He is...something else," she says, shaking her head some. She is convinced he is not entirely human. Those eyes....never mind the rest of it!

Artemis glances over as Margaux begins to make her exit, nodding. "Rest well then, Dame Margaux," she says.
Ramza Beoulve He'd begin to chew a piece of smoked boar, given that his mouth was full when Margaux bid a hasty departure. He'd hastily chew, while offering a wave, only managing to blurt out... "Farewell, Marguerite!" ..just before she got out of the range of hearing.

And then the praise party continued. And the blush deepened. Usually with praise he could at least find some out that would allow him to be modest gracefully. But unfortunately this time, it all appeared to be true. Instead he'd been backed into a corner by the tag team of Agrias and Artemis both. There was only one point he could refute outright, from Artemis. "I hardly think being called a.. knight, is apropos. I'm not a Knight, Artemis. To speak true, I don't know what I am, other than a man trying to do the right thing."

..He must not have realized that it made him sound even more like some sort of Courtly Knight to say that.
Agrias Oaks "Enjoy your evening, Dame," Agrias calls after Margaux and then turns her attention back to Ramza, nodding as he speaks, "You may not be a Knight in name, Ramza, but. My eyes have been opened, the title itself means very little. What makes a knight, in my mind is how one acts. How they carry themselves, how they treat the people under their care, and how they act. One's life should embody the code. They should not tarnish their honor for personal gain. Their oaths should come before all else." A small pause, and she says is a disgusted tone, "The war showed this better than I could ever put into words. Look at the 'knights' who served each side."

The knight pauses there, picking at her meal a bit more, "Sometimes I think you perform in each of those areas better than myself." Shaking her head slowly with a small smile as she watches her friend's expression, she adds, "I am not striving to embarass you, but these are reasons why I follow you, why I believe you are the only person who can help me rescue her, Ramza."
Artemis Eurus Artemis nods then, her teasing smile disappearing. Perhaps her teasing was just a bit /too/ subtle. Ramza knew well enough what she thought of him--she didn't feel bad ribbing him a bit. Agrias however, talks without levity. To her virtues, Artemis nods, her respect for the knight growing. "Indeed. Very well said Dame Oaks," she replies, now finished with her hunk of boar meat. She'd really have to get them some fruit or they'd all end up with scurvy at this rate.

Artemis looks toward Ramza then, her gaze communicating that she approves of this one, though the shadow of her own oaths hang heavy on her heart.

"Ramza...what is our plan now? Do you have any leads?"
Ramza Beoulve Many times in his life had Ramza been rendered speechless. On far fewer occasions had he been rendered breathless. At the moment he was somewhere in-between that. How was he supposed to refute, /that/? He was humble by nature, and only rarely had either of them show any sort of display of foolish pride. While his modesty wasn't false, he figured that he couldn't get out of it this time. Agrias almost never teased. She was entirely serious all the time. And it was rare that Artemis didn't tease, but when she started to become serious, it became time for one to sit up and listen, so her affirmation only proved to corner him even more. In the end he mumbled something like. "I thank you for your compliments Agrias, while I don't think I'm worthy of them, I'll strive to become that.."

Though at the speed he mumbled it, it was more like.. /IthankyouforyourcomplimentsAgrias../ Et cetera.

And then he's clearing his throat /ahem/. He was grateful that Artemis provided a change of subject.

"The Witch. Until we hear more from our sources, the Witch we encountered in the Sabil Mountains, is our lead. What she searches for.. it could be the Auracite."
Agrias Oaks Agrias inclines her head after she finishes her perhaps long-winded declaration. While it is quite obviously a compliment, that is not what made her speak. She takes her knighthood seriously, and she has learned how rare it is to find those similar traits in other people. She was raised from childhood to be a knight, to be the guardian of Princess Ovelia, her code and her honor mean more to her than many other things. The blonde knight remains silent after she finishes nodding in response to Ramza's murmur and letting the conversation move on as she listens curiously, wanting to make certain she is up to date on events.

After a time, she rises, "I should be getting to my tent, I think. Have a good night, Ramza. Artemis, it was a pleasure."
Artemis Eurus "Farewell, Agrias," she says, then looks toward Ramza.

"You should think about sleeping as well, though if I am to go hunting I must leave you behind. You're noisy," she informs him.

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