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The Mouse King's Execution
(2013-04-16 - 2013-04-17)
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Kuja BSM Start:

The Crown Jewel of Alexandria's power, has always been the Castle.

The castle's design evokes a myriad of emotions, depending upon your views of recent Alexandrian Imperialism. Regardless of what they might be, it is still an impressive feat of architecture. Surrounded by a deep moat, the castle can only be reached by Gondola. These Gondolas are guarded over night and day by the elite feminine warriors who serve under General Beatrix, and the disgraced Knights of Pluto whose commander, Adelbert Steiner, had recently been accused of desertion and kidnapping for his role in the disappearance of Princess Garnet.

Once upon the other side of the moat, lofty stone towers would rise, with walls of such stature to daunt both thieves and invaders alike. Arising from the center of the castle is a gargantuan crystalline sword. Despite not being a technological marvel like the seat of Lindblum's power, the structure nevertheless appears nigh impregnable.

Fortunately, you will not be sieging the castle.

Answering the call for heroes that Cleyra has placed to rescue the King of Burmecia, you have been instructed to enter the city of Alexandria by day, under the cover of the throngs of traders who are always entering the city. How you choose to do that, is up to you. All you know is that you are to arrive at a theater owned by a young lady known as Ruby. A lady who dresses in a low cut blouse, and speaks in a distinctive frock. Once you arrive you'd been introduced to /Dagger/, a young lady who wears white mages robes overtly over her casual frock. While she remains cryptic about whom she is, one fact has been made perfectly clear to the arrivals.

She is their guide into the castle, and without her, they have no hope of reaching the Oubliette, much less navigating there way to the Burmecian Sovereign.

BSM Change:

Once night fell, Dagger would lead our gathered heroes through the winding alleyways of the capital, until they reached an unmanned waterway, far away from the castle. Once there, the girl would unfurl a scroll of directions written in an archaic dialect, as she searched for the landmark. Walking along the waterway, the heroes couldn't help but notice that they were in fact, ranging further, and further away from the Castle as they went. Thoughts may cross their minds, on how they were supposed to reach it in time to stop the execution. Once they were nearly to the outer wall of the city, Dagger would stop at a rusty seal of Alexandria Castle, reaching to pull at the castle icon of the sword pointed downward, into the castle. Through effort, and perhaps the assistance of one of the gathered, she would finally manage, and the blade would turn, now pointing upward.

It is obvious that this is meant to be some sort of secret door, as they would hear the winding of ancient gears, the stones of a section of wall would shudder and then...

Nothing happens.

The mechanism must be broken.
Garnet Dagger frowns softly as she follows the prescribed instructions to the letter...The door seems to rumble and grind, suggesting that the mechanisms are certainly in place..And yet, for whatever reason it still does not work. Must have rusted over time. Who knows how old this place is, anyway?

"No..This cannot be.." she murmurs softly in a dialect that is far too refined to suit the commoner that she appears to be. Glancing up at the door, she searches for some sort of gears that might be out of place, that might be easily pushed back into place, although that would likely require a lot of muscle as well.

Otherwise, she starts to push on the door, hoping that it at least partially worked. "Some one..Please help me to push this open. I am certain that it will budge with a bit of effort.." Well if it doesn't they're pretty much screwed..Unless they can find an alternative entrance..But time is of the essence.
Adelbert Steiner Many months. Many long months, the lone wanderer has treked accross cities, across countries, across worlds... Seeing word for his quarry by any means, looking through every nook and cranny there could possibly be in order to find it.

And it all leads back to Alexandria...

A few gil paid, and a finger pointed in the correct direction, and a large creaking figure, quietly clanks, following the directions described. He makes his way along, and finally sees her, Princess Garnet til Alexandros the XIII. It really is her.

Against all good judgment to be subtle, the man acts on instinct and rushes for the Princess, CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANKING his way and calls out in his mightiest yell...


A good dexterity roll from Garnet would allow her to accidentally sidestep Captain Adelbert Steiner, and allow him to crash into the door, and likely breaking it down for her.
Faruja Senra Faruja's initial entrance into Alexandria is not the 'guns blazing, Witch-stabbing fest' he'd always imagined it to be. Instead, Templar Faruja Senra is in a box, along with his equipment. Rumbling along in the back of the cart so graciously piloted by a trained chocobo, and a pair of familiar women at the front. Luckily, a few discrete bribes of local guards have them ushered past any real customs as these 'merchants' make their way into the presence of one tiny threater, and a woman named Dagger. Having forgone his less than stealthy golden armor for lighter scale mail, he's quick to don a long cloak and hood to hide his general rattishness.

He'll be getting the taste of straw and gysahl pickles out of his muzzle for days after.


Faruja frowns at the grinding gears, a spare spear already taken out. "Nothing a bit of leverage cannot sol..." Suddenly Steiner comes up clanking and yelling. Already, the rat moves to lower his spear, voice hushed. "...Princess?" mutters the rat before addressing the man running up to the woman.

"Hold, Ser! And lower thy voice!" The rat says in a hushed tone. Pausing, he frowns. "...We would hardly wish to wake the neighbors." Faruja is bad at lying. Thankfully, he's better at stabbing, though he holds off at first!
Deelel Deelel had owned Faruja a fair bit he's saved her life at least on one occasion in the past and she intended to pay up. It hadn't taken much to get her to agree to come along for this rescue operaton. She's clad darkly as normal and had found it an inteesting edperiance. She looks after Faruja and has to agree "We don't wish to wake anyone..." Yes sneaking through would be the best bet, it's all about speed and stealth given the King may very well be killed if they dally to fight or pick fights with the guards.
Cirra Constantine One of the people that entered the city during the day wore black robes of an aprentice dark mage along with a staff, the young woman kept her hood up to hide her face as is the tradition of Black Mages. She kept to her self the entire time during the day, and stayed quiet durring introductions, only the occasional golden glow of her eyes was real proof of actual mage-hood.

The dark acolyte followed the group lead by Dagger the white mage through the city and up to the brand of Alexandria castle where the younger struggled with the sword. The Dark Acolyte stayed for a while, then reached out "Excuse me." and with a twist of her impossibly strong wrist, she shoved the sword around. Thats a lot stronger then most people associate with Mages.

Then the shout of 'Princess!' made her turn on her heel, staff held up, just as Stiener comes careening past, the sheer speed and /girth/ of his passing causes her hood to billow up, revealing silver hair but she quickly grasps the edge of the hood and pulls it down again.

Cirra Constantine is not amused by this man's... capacity for sound.
Beatrix Meanwhile at the castle, the Alexandria Guards were making their usual tours. Between the rounds along the castle walls, and chasing out the remains of the Pluto Knights still trying to flirt with them, things haven't changed too much around the castle. But for some reason, the General is uneasy. Something about what happened in Cleyra. Something about those Black Mages. Something about that new advisor for the queen. Well he's been around for a while, but it seems he suddenly got very active only recently. He appeared out of nowhere, after the world merge, to reclaim his post, and became much more active.

The General already knew of the stash of inactive black mage in the castle's basement, but they came back to life as Kuja appeared. Was it his doing, or he only knows of their 'on' switch somehow...

And then the Queen ordering to capture the king of the rats,s he doesn't even know the purpose of that. Yet, she followed orders. Its not her place to dispute them. If her queen decides its the right course of action...

She stops by Garnet's room, opening the door, sighing a bit as she sees it empty. She sent her guards to find her, with wanted signs and pictures, but still no signs of her. Maybe she's not in this world at all. Hopefully she wasn't eaten by the darkness either, those heartless. She moves to the balcony, looking out from it at the town. She loves Alexandria, there's no doubt about this.

Yet, her single eye catches something odd in the distance. Some movements in the alleys, but that disapears rapidly. It still nags at her. something about it... She moves out of the room, and sends a small group of guards to check into town... Meanwhile... she goes on a patrol around the castle herself.
King Mickey Ah, The City of Alexandria. It has been sometime since The King's initial visit to the imperialistic city though it appears he is coming for a much different purpose than simple diplomacy and foreign relations. He is here to aid in the liberation of a good and dear friend, The King of Buremecia. Not to say that he is a glass half empty kind of mouse, Mickey would consider his rather unique presence in either form to be a potential liability to the group's over all cause, if he were to be discovered.

However, The King of Disney Castle is far from one who would run away from a dangerous task, even more so when it involved a close and dear friend. He takes careful preparation to procure a suitable disguise that remains nimble, quiet, and carefully hide his identity while still remaining to be accurate to the requests of the freedom fighters that have requested aid.

As dusk falls and gives way to night, Mickey follows the group to their initial destination and their first hurdle. He remains to the back for the time being, studying the contraption carefully and listening to the gears to see if he can notice anything that might be out of place. If certain contraptions started to become too troublesome or lengthy, the king still has an ace up his sleeve though he would prefer not to use it in any event, except as a last possible resort.

Mickey's concentration is unfortunately broken, as the sounds of a loudy and clanky knight comes blazing down the path and towards the contraption and their leader, to which he merely steps to the side to avoid any confrontation.
Maira "I could try to blow it up!" Maira offers helpfully, waving toward Dagger with a cheshire grin.

Maira had come into the city driving the cart with Faruja in the back, adding 'rat-knight-smuggler' to her list of qualifications on her VALKYRI resume.

Now as a heavily armored knight appears and /tackles/ Dagger, calling her /princess/ Maira blinks. Oh, Dagger is a princess? Well, alright....that's...oookay! Wait, is she the princess of THIS kingdom?! Maira's thoughts are practically transparent, her expressions so easily readable.

Unbeknownst to Maira, she's practically drowning in royalty! She's pretty sure that small form /might/ be Mickey but, he's obviously trying to hide his identity, so Maira tries not to blow it! Unless they want her to blow up the door...that is...
Souji Murasame Souji made some arrangements to call in a specialist for this problem. They need to infiltrate a location. Souji is good, but he's not the most stealthy of the people he knows. Like any good businessman, he knows how to /outsource/.

Thus it is that Souji contacted the best thief in Alexander Academy... Or rather, the only living thief from Alexander Academy, Soan Sagittarius. In the meantime, Souji dresses in his sneaking suit. This suit is very plain and is a drab gray that has a habit of blending in with surrounding stone. He is wearing a hood that obscures his features. He hung off of the bottom of the cart, while the others made use of the crates and other obscurements. He has no desire to smell like gysahl pickles.

He sighs as he looks upwards with a longsuffering expression at the incredibly loud knight. "Please be quiet. We're busy." He doesn't seem to care one whit that the person with them is a princess or not. He's focused on the problem.

He glances over to Soan. "Sagittarius. Get into the mechanism and unjam it before the knight rouses the entire castle against us." This is why Souji wouldn't bring Lionward here. Or Dragonious, but then he wouldn't bring Dragonius to anything if he had a choice.
Makenshi As has been the case off and on for the last couple months or so, the small and adorable fairy transient that has taken up residence within the Valkyrie base finds herself following the intrepid adventurers about in the hopes that they will do something noteworthy enough to report back to her master. Of late there have been many suprising events, several of which involved the mysterious dark knight who seems to have taken a strange interest in the fiery mage.

Unfortunately, the group's desire for stealth and blending into the crowd meant that Crux had to make herself scarce. Fairies aren't the sort of thing you see just every day and, being a spy herself, she knows the value of a good cover. While the party set about their preparations the small girl whisked herself off into the aether, breaching the barriers between worlds in a manner not unlike those who could use the portals of shadow to move about freely.

She reappears in the sky before the floating doom fortress known only as Gaudium and the ever-watchful gaze of the massive demon sentinels shift to stare down at her with their grotesque multitude of towering eyes. Crux hunkers down in her armor and swiftly passes through the barrier, never wanting to spend any time beneath the baleful stares of these monstrosities, having seen what they are capable of doing to foolish would-be intruders.

A short jaunt into the depths of the castle, past dozens of winding corridors of drab grey rock, bring the fairy to the main room of the castle. The Earl's throne is conspicuosly absent, which is nothing out of the ordinary of late. However, her white-clad master sits draped over the massive horns of a terrible demon statue that protrudes from the wall several dozen feet above the rear archway.

Crux smiles as she always does to see her adopted owner loafing about. He is always nice to her and even more so when she has good intelligence to provide, as she does this day. Gliding on gossamer wings up to his side, the albino swordsman tilts his head to regard her with a warm look, his face concealed beneath the metal of his silver mask.

"Kukuruyu!" She chirps up at him. Her expression borders on emotionless, a facet of her design rather than a lack of capacity for feelings, but the excitement in her tone is clear as she relays the goings on of the infiltration group to Makenshi. His smile is hidden from view but the gleam in the corner of his eyes gives away his interest.

Upon delivering her report, Crux returned to continue her surveillance. It wouldn't do to raise any alarms just yet and her presence might be missed if she is gone too long. The fairy descends from her magical portal some distance away from the city to avoid detection and slowly works her way back, floating along the tree tops as she hunts down the familiar 'scent' of those she arrived with.

It doesn't take long for her superior tracking skills to locate the part and Crux whisks up behind them even as Dagger begins to fiddle with the door. Ever the helpful one, Crux hovers over to the wide stone portal and puts her tiny hands on it, pushing away with a slight look of effort on her face. That is until Steiner comes barreling out of nowhere.

Like a deer caught in headlights, the fairy turns to look over her shoulder with giant curious eyes at the oncoming train wreck. "Kukuruyu...?"
Soan Sagittarius Soan Sagittarius does not like Souji Murasame. That is an a strong fact. However, Soan Sagittarius has enough professionalism to overlook such dislikes when the life of someone is in danger. Someone that need rescue. Of course, there's quite a bit of loot to get out of a castle like this, and even less scruplues of taking along a few things on the way to the rescue, which makes an extraordinary excuse for Soan to go along. He's not a greedy man -- just a man that knows finances don't grows on trees. Few adventurers realises that.

Soan is in his Alexander Academy outfit -- except reversed. It is, in fact, the very same clothes: except turn coated around into darker colors. The Departement of Rogues' uniform can be worm on both side of the cloth. On one side you have the bright, recognisable red of the Departement, and by just taking it off, turning it around, you have a sneaking outfit! Rogues are very practical.

"He's clearly worried." Soan mutters as he makes his way to the secret passage, petting the wall with a frown. With an appraising nod, he knocks briefly, pull out his tool and start pulling things out carefully -- but speedily. He want to keep some of that stuff, that's some /vintage/ secret passage mechanism, right there.
Helena Celba Walking next to Souji is a young woman.

Alabaster skin and red eyes peer over leather clothing...her face is obscured by a mesh covering, gauntlets covering her arms. She watches the door issues with a sudden disinterest...this was the boring part...and the part they brought Soan for. Everyone had uses...this is what the Murasame family had taught her, she was not here for this particular use. She doesn't hang on Souji...buisness was now, and the last thing she wished to do was anger him while they were on an important mission.

She sighs, bored as 'Dagger' had issues with the door, and giggle when Maira offers to blow it up, "Oh I think, my dear, we are trying to sneak it...this reguires a specialist to get i-" CLANK CLANK CLANK...

Helena the knight comes barreling in...and then bounces into the door. She giggles a little, "Oh! Poor Sir Knight~!" she says, kneeling down. "Poor poor brave Sir Knight..." She says, with a sudden change in her demeanor as her dark eyes stare into Steiners, "If you don't be quiet, I am afraid I might have to just /eat you up/!" she giggles, but the look in those eyes...

"Now be a good boy and try to oil those squeeky joints, okay? <3"
Kuja The clamor from Steiner's appearance resulted in only silence from the quiescent city, at first. And then there would be alarm bells, followed by the sounds of plated metal feet and shouts throughout the city as General Beatrix's patrols closed in on their location.

Fortunately, due to Soan's superior rogue skills, the mechanism is unjammed, and the stone door creeks open on unseen hinges. Once you are all inside, there would be a lever present that would shut the passageway behind them, with few difficulties.

Winding down into the bowels of the city is a stone stairwell. As you descended into the depths, you would note various sconces with rotted away torches in them. And as you ranged even further into what appear to be catacombs, a chill would wash over them as they felt fingers of Mist caress them. Mist was widely known to give feelings of unease who stepped within that grim fog, and yet Lindblum was famed for using airships powered by Mist. Could mere Mist truly be so harmful?

Due to Makenshi's connection to the Mist, he'd have no difficulty following the party, whether through Crux, or directly.

Once at the bottom of the stairwell, they would realize that these were not truly catacombs. In fact, they would notice the oddity of metal tracks.. on the ceiling.

BSM Change:

Nearby is a lever, which Dagger would know to pull, and when she did a stone vat upon ancient chains would drop from the ceiling with a creak. Inside the vat was the remnants of rotted away plant mulch. Dagger would ponder the problem for a time before she reaches into the folds of her robes, and produce a bouquet of..


Immediately they would hear a happy chittering, as a giant insect would traipse on the ceiling, from further down the tunnels. It looked two parts cricket, one part mole, but either way it appeared to have some sort of carriage hanging downward from its back on chains. It would then look at the group expectantly, waiting for its meal. While you are welcome to climb aboard, it will not start moving again until its fed.

Once it was satiated, it would begin to skitter down the tunnel, with them in tow.

And then from the darkness you would hear a distinctive hissing, and it was not from your Gargant guide.

Screeching in terror, the Gargant would lurch forward at incredible speed, taking you for a wild ride. Behind you, at equally ludicrous speed is a giant viper, slithering in pursuit.

BSM Change:

While the creature drawing your carriage still seems capable of outrunning it, and getting you to the castle in time, the swaying of your carriage against the ancient chains holding it to the creature appears disturbingly perilous.

If you chance allowing the creature to spur it forward, you may arrive faster, but there is an equal chance that your carriage might break.

However if you chase off the viper, you will change your pace to a more languid one.

The choice is yours heroes.
Garnet Dagger frowns softly as Steiner comes charging towards her, totally blowing her cover. She swallows and quickly dances to the side in a graceful little side-hop, watching as he crashes rather clumsily into the stuck wall..Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be enough force to actually dislodge the stuck wall.

"Sorry mister, but I think you got me confused with someone else." She states, attempting to put on a deeper, more casual tone, hoping that, along with the white robe, it will be enough to throw him off a little, and if it doesn't she just gives him a very stern look.

Still, 'Dagger' does move to his side, offering to help him to his feet, and near enough to whisper something into his ear as she attempts to help him up. "Besides, if your princess were here amongst so many enemies of Alexandria, imagine how much danger she would be in."

More loudly, she says, "Are you alright, mister?"

Once that is done, Dagger steps back, having no luck with the mechanism. Neither does anyone else seem to have a solution until Soan steps forward and starts picking at it with his tools. Finally the wall creaks open all the way and Dagger smiles and nods to him. "Thank you!"

What's on the other side has her feeling inexplicably anxious however, and the disguised princess shivers slightly as she steps into the mist-filled passageway. Finally they come to another lever which Dagger knows to pull, and she retrieves the dandelions, again remembering her instructions from Doctor Tot.

She smiles at the Gargant that appears, petting it gently as she feeds it. "Here you go, sweety..Everyone, hurry and get on! No time to lose.." Once the last person is on, she too slips in, after finishing feeding the Gargant. The going seems smooth for only a short time before the monster appears behind them and Dagger frowns. No, they cannot stop, they must hurry as quickly as possible!

"Come! Perhaps we can outrun it!" And she shakes on the reins of the carriage, urging the creature to go faster.
Cirra Constantine "Metal plated fool." Totaly-not-Cirra mutters under her breath as Stiener raises enough ruckas to wake up the entire town. She dodges quickly into the now open secret passage.

THe whisps of Mist giver her pause for a moment, but she squares her shoulders and moves on, she's sure she'll be fine. The Magicite in-

The arrival of the cricket like thing on the cieling makes her look up at it, then at the carriage. She climbs aboard and waits until it gets started, since this is clearly some sort of transport system, albeit an unused one.

It's when the hissing causes the Gargant to screach and run faster that she stops being so passive. She turns in her seat and looks down the passage, "Already? At this rate the entire country will know we're here." she clenches a fist as she begins chanting under her breath. Fire forms between her fingers and she lobs the spell down the tunnel for the viper's face.

And curses a little under her breath for not practicing her ranged magicks more.
Adelbert Steiner WHAM. The Knight in Rusty Armor crashes into the door, missing everyone, and hearing noone, to little effect to the door. "I'm... okay..."

Steiner pulls himself off the door, and shakes his rattly armor, and turns to Garnet, taking a breath, "Princess! Thank goodness you're alright! You have no idea how worried I've been for your safety! For months I've been trying to locate you, and here you are! This is wonderful!"
Anyone listening to the guy would be able to tell he's genuinely relieved. They'd probably still be annoyed at the blowing of their cover, and anyone who decides to just shove him into the doorway once it's open would probably be able to do so with a shove.

Once they get him in, Steiner glares at everyone else, and says, "Ladies, and gentlemen, I must thank you for taking care of the Princess, but being that it is my sworn duty to protect her, I, Captain Adelbert Steiner, must take over."

The hissing of the Viper makes things problematic. "Can this beast not go any faster?!"
Beatrix The Alexandrian guards dispatched by Beatrix end up at the 'secret entrance', but its already been closed up. So they find nothing but the sword emblem there. One of them scratch her head.

"They must have gone somewhere else."
"Maybe they went through that alley!"

They run off, leaving the secret entrance area empty again. Looks like Steiner's CLANK CLANK got covered up too.
Deelel Deelel is keeping quiet for the most part at this pint the basic doesn't know organic space as well as she likes but she's moving to keep going. Why couldn't they make a machine for this reling on what's basically a grid buck is a terrible idea far as she's concerned. The basics has disgused herself enough she's got a cloak on covering her form and well she's got the hood pulled up. the thing chasing them is also driving the creature they are riding faster but this might not end well.

"Are the life forms always like this in this world?!"
Helena Celba The young woman sighs...

She doesn't bother....short of draining his life force...

Nah, she feels it will make her dumber for the experience. She walks with the group, whistling to herself even as the FUZZ comes for them. Oh well, she cares little...alive or dead, the king will serve his purpose. She follows, as the large creature shows up. She clapses her hands together, "My! How...Ifritan!" she giggles, "Such a interesting little carrage.." And then!

"Hmmm...Do not worry, Mister m-.." she pauses, "Sir, I will handle this." She says, and nimbly leaves the carrage, using her momentum and high dexterity to slide down the side of the insect's many legs...she grips the side of the leg with her own legs and slowly lowers herself down to the speeding terrain...

Her fist strikes out, punching the ground, with a immediate result.

The ground, becomes tainted...skeleton hands reach up to grab the side of the serpant. They are not...individually strong, but there are hundreds of them, each one trying to weigh the monster down and try and slow it down.

Slowly, she moves herself back up the leg, and flips back onto the carrage. "If you will mister thief?"
Soan Sagittarius 'Distressed' seems to have been kind of an understatement. Once everyone is through, the Thief takes care to replace things to look functional and haven't been used. The mist, however, does give pause to the mostly calm and collected thief. It feels... wrong. Many things has felt wrong to him before, but usualy they had a stench. That this do not, however, worries him a lot. He'll be fine, he suppose. It dosen't seem to harm the others all that much.

What could harm them, however, is that monster that is chasing them after they went in the carriage. "Sir Knight!" The Thief lets out he swing his left arm. A short hand crossbow springs into his hand from his sleeve as he aims back at the beast, letting loss a few crossbow bolts at it. Like most things Soan uses, they are not quite normal: one of them burst into a net, the other is coated with a sleeping powder poison. "Calm yourself down, you cannot do this by your lonesome, whoever this young woman is! Focus on keeping this carriage straight and true, or else we're /all/ going to eat it!"
Souji Murasame Souji heads down into the Darkness beneath the city. The familiar, clammy feeling of Mist against his flesh causes him to blink for a moment. "Here, too?" He says, quietly. "Interesting." He moves further on, trying to outpace the knight. Maybe they can leave the noisy liability behind.

No such luck. "Why are you even following us, you fool?" Souji looks back at Steiner with irritation... And then he listens to what he's saying. He looks over at the woman, and then he shrugs, sighing as he turns around. "If you /insist/ on following us, at least /be quiet/." He doesn't care about the political situation or even that he's technically telling a Knight of Alexandria to help them bust out the King of Burmecia. The situation is an unpleasant one. He's leaving it up to this Dagger to deal with the problem since he's fixated on her.

Meanwhile, they get going. Souji watches the bug with some mild distaste, but he doesn't complain as they move. Adventuring is not clean and pretty. They ride through the tunnels, and Souji frowns at the incoming viper. "I can fly, but losing the rest of you like this would be inconvenient." Souji comments. "We have to keep the vehicle stable." He looks at the craft, considering how to keep it intact. The speed is a major benefit, but can they risk it? Souji thinks they can. "Focus on keeping the vehicle together!"
Adelbert Steiner Steiner at least takes something of a hint when even the Princess insists on him keeping quiet, so he does tone down his yelling a little after this.
Maira The princess claims not to be a princess but even Maira isn't convinced! Still, what business of her is it? None really! She's helping them rescue an innocent person--or at least a person who doesn't deserve to be executed for no reason that's for sure!

The young mage looks a touch disappointed that she doesn't need to use raw fire power to open the door, but she perks up rather quickly at seeing the giant insect on the ceiling that is evidently going to bring them toward their destination. Her mouth goes wide, her amber eyes shining with glee! "Ooou we get to ride it! Ehehe. What's its name?" she asks Dagger, climbing on in as the robed princess feeds the creature. Then, off they go!

To make this a little less fun and a lot more dangerous, a giant viper is now chasing them. Well, Maira knows her cue when she sees it! Even as the Helena starts raising the dead to try to deal with the thing, Maira moves to the back of the carriage and extends a hand--a hand that quickly lights up with magical flame. WOOOOSH! A fireball sails down the tunnel, filling it with heat and blinding brightness in the relative darkness. Hopefully, that would slow the snakey down!
Makenshi Unlike the others, Crux's tiny body is what saves her from being flattened against the stone surface of the door when Steiner comes crashing in. She slips to the side at the last moment and rubs a hand at the back of her head, staring at the noisy knight with an innocent curiosity.


Unfortunately, no one here speaks the gibberish language that she was bestowed with so her question likely goes unanswered. Following behind everyone else, Crux vanishes into the underground passage without any signs of worry. She's been across scalding deserts, under mighty oceans, and even among the dark room where the beating heart of Chaos churns with endless hunger. A few musty old passages are no deterrant to the little spy.

Crux takes a little time to examine their surroundings upon entry but her attention is quickly absorbed by the massive insectoid thing carrying the carriage. She floats over and snatches up one of the flowers from Dagger's hand, holding it up so the beast can devour it in her mimicking way.

She does not get into the transport when it takes off, choosing instead to float alongside it, apparently having no trouble keeping pace with the skittering beast. When it pices up pace upon realizing that another more dangerous thing has given chase, however, she scoots over to wrap her arms around one of the ponderous chains lest its frenzied flight leave her behind.
Faruja Senra There is a thief amongst them. Faruja briefly examines Soan in the way of guards smelling their natural enemies (and sometimes friends), before offering the man a nod. Leave the breaking and entering to the professionals. Whatever he thinks of thieves, he can respect a man who's coming along on this little expedition to save his own King. Indeed, all present have gained quite a few points of respect from the rat. Except, of course, Steiner who threatens to unhinge everything.

Deel backs up the need for stealth, prompting a smile from the rat. Always good to have someone he can trust around. Maira's comments have him shaking his head. "Save thy spells, my friend. So much as it would be pleasant to burn a few holes into this hive of witches and butchers, we are already attracting too much attention." The rat also tries to not squint at a black mage swinging around a sword, or Helena's attempts at shutting up the knight. Who /are/ these people?

Thankfully, it seems that at first Dagger is able to avert a crisis. Then alarm bells sound. Faruja curses beneath his breath, rushing in and down the stairs behind their mysterious woman. His tail will yank the errant Steiner on in, if no one else shoves him. "Kindly, let us go! No dawdling, if you please, Ser!" Comments the rat to one of his mortal enemies.

Why did it have to be snakes? The Templar, lover of rideable animals, has never riddent a Gargant. He'd enjoy even the ensuing mad chase, spear upon his back as he holds tight. It's likely the only thing keeping him from simply stabbing Adelbert Steiner as he speaks. "...M'Lady. Doth the knight speak the truth?" Questions the Templar as their thief loads his crossbow, voice trembling with barely contained rage.

Thankfully, there are cooler heads. "...Yes. Later." Glaring at the mysterious woman, he nods in Souji's and Soan's general direction. "'Tis worth the risk, no doubt the guard believe something odd at the least." With that? The rat will further inspect their vehicle, especially those chains, ignoring the woman and loud knight as he makes an attempt at shoring up the nearest set of dubious chains.

"Let us all stay as close to the center. Ser Knight, remain in the middle please. Too much weight from armor on one side, and I fear these chains to snap." All of that armor will make the best stability that they have.
King Mickey With all of the commotion being created by the Knight of Pluto, Mickey quickly glances around and takes notice to the alarms. He begins to move in to take advantage of his foresight though luckily for their group, Soan masterfully bypasses and fixes the mechanism, gaining them passage beyond their first hurdle, a feat that impresses even this mousey king.

As the group descends into the depths below, Mickey's gaze continus to wander rather curiously and taking note of what their leader is doing. After all, who knows when information like this may become useful again in the future?

As he begins to board the carriage, the undercover king takes particular note to the raving knight's affections for their leader. Quirking a brow underneath his garb, the mouse cannot help but be humored a bit of smile. After all, such devotion and loyalty may at times be a hindrance though it may prove to be a saving grace all in its own one day.

Soon, the party is off though it is not long before they are faced with another predicament, as their enemy is quickly approaching and bringing their ride from a stable and joyful one to a rather unstable and risky one, at best!

However, it appears the other heroes are doing what they can to tame the beast, while the others remain at the fore-front to control the carriage. What can he do at this time?

Simple, The mouse moves to the central location of carriage, as requested by the templar and begins to encourage the others to do the same, "I agree with the knight. The best way to keep us all safe will be to keep our weight evenly distributed. If you are not involved in engaging the enemy behind us or directing the carriage, please move to the center."

The Mice certainly have the coolest heads of the group.
Kuja Fire blooms from Cirra's fingers, and the Ralvuimago is beaten back a pace as the scars of its underbelly are charred. This would only cause it to pick up speed even further, its jaws unhinging as it lunges at the Gargant.

And then the beast is pulled back by grim skeletal hands from the ground, which grip it, hindering its movement. When it breaks free, it would slither forward even faster. The Gargant would screech in total horror and desperation, and your swaying would bring the carriage close to the Viper's jaws. You might swear that you hear the wound of rusted metal warping, as the ancient chains begin to come apart.

And then Soan would unleash his net gun. While the poison powder seemed to have little effect on it, other than its double lidded eyes closing and opening rapidly, the net gun would hinder it just enough that it would stop its slithering, coiling into a ball.

And then it would pounce forward, leaping straight at them, with jaws outstretched.

And then Maira's fireball hits it point blank, in its opened mouth. The creature would bang its head against the carriage, before falling to the cavern floor. With its tongue burnt, the creature's mouth looked puffy and swollen, with multiple scales charred right off. It gave up. No meal was worth facing fire magic like that!

The Gargant, would slow, and then stop for a time. Taking some time to rest, before continuing at a more controlled, languid pace. While the carriage was now lopsided, it held, given the quick thinking of cooler heads in the group which had gathered them towards the center.

Eventually the Gargant would reach another stone vat, and stop, giving you time to get off. With no meal forthcoming, the creature would linger only for a time before continuing onward.

Before you lay a giant circular platform, attached to the wall by various stone gears upon tracks. In the center of it is a lever on an upraised stone block. Once you are all on board, Dagger would pull the lever. The gears would begin to turn, and the platform would slowly rise to the top. Once you reached the apex of your journey, it would halt, in front of you lay a passageway. The Oubliette is square shaped, and staircases mark the only way onwards. Along the sides are various corpses of Burmecians and humans alike. Some of them have minor heartless, in their places, which would lurch out from the bars, and attack

Along the way you would encounter other hanging cages, with one /giant/ one hanging from the roof of the dungeon. It stands to reason that the cage would contain the erstwhile Sovereign.

Along the way they would encounter patrols of the Knights of Pluto. These warriors, while certainly skilled for Knights, would be as easily dispatched as the Heartless. Whether you choose to spare them or not is entirely up to you.

Once they reached the top of the dungeon, they would be upon a far larger stone platform, with no obvious way to reach the cage which hangs out in the chasm. Inside would be the King of Burmecia, looking emaciated and cachectic

And that is when the one-eyed General would step out from an alcove, her sword already drawn. Beatrix of Alexandria. Rumored to be the greatest mortal swordswoman, she had been Alexandria's greatest asset even before they began their war of conquest.

A corridor of darkness would open atop the cage, and a flamboyantly dressed man would appear atop it, balancing as it swayed from his added weight. Within, the Burmecian King, who had tried to rise and warn them would fall back to his knees. Dramatically, he would place one hand over his chest, and bow. He was known as Kuja, the colorful arms dealer that had provided Alexandria with its tools of Conquest.

"More rats, creeping about the dungeons! What feculent company you keep, my precious Canary.." He would gesture with a slender hand to Dagger. "Its time to return to your cage, Queen Brahne can scarce allow you to wander freely any longer Princess."

And then he swept his hand over the others. "As for the rest of you, do you know what we do to rodents in Alexandria?" Punctuating the point, he'd tap a foot against the top of the cage.

More corridors of darkness would open throughout the Oubliette, and Mist would spill out of them. Out of the darkness, yellow eyes would appear marking the arrival of the soulless dolls that had facilitated Alexandria's conquest of Burmecia.. Each one would announce their arrival with a single word. "DESTROY!"

"You should all feel honored, to take the stage as bit players in this grand drama. It is time for the prologue to come to a close!"

BSM change for Beatrix:

BSM change for the Heartless + Kuja:
Beatrix Foresight brought her to the dungeons, where the rats had crawled out of. Her guards came back empty-handed, and that made her weary of surprises. She left the Queen to be watched over by the guards, and moved in to intercept the intruders at the source instead. Although she has a regiment of guards with her too, just to ensure that they aren't getting away.

The light gleams off her sword, as she flips her hair with the back of her hand "So I was right to be careful. We can not count on the Knights of Pluto after all."

She slowly steps down the stairs, exuding her usual confidence, the famous general has acquired that fame for a reason after all. Her eye cast on the princess wearing the white made hoods. No use hiding her identity here no doubt, as she simply moves down on a knee in front of her "Princess, you see me sorry for this situation, but I am ordered to bring you back to your room and to the Queen. Desist now and I will make sure your 'companions' have the lightest of punishment."

She moves back to her feet afterwards, and cast an eye on everyone, growing sterner "Should you refuse, they will go through the end of my blade." She holds Save the Queen in front of her, stance at ready for the worse.
Adelbert Steiner Steiner remains quiet, despite the groups distrust in him, but he knows that he can get the Princess back home to safety if he just plays along.

In the mean time, when they get to the Knights of Pluto, Steiner gestures to the group, "Allow me to deal with the knights."

He steps forth out of cover to the Knights and calls out, "Knights of Pluto!" He expects a salute. "I have returned! Let us pass through, do not tell anyone of us. NO QUESTIONS., UNDERSTOOD?" He shoots a glare at them.

When it comes to the sudden bosses when they get to them, he holds a hand up again, "General Beatrix! There is no need for any combat! We have returned! Let us discuss Matters with the Queen, and this can be settled peacefully!"
Garnet Dagger's frown deepens as Steiner continues to make a scene, and continues to blow her cover. After helping him up, she quickly moves to the front of the group and mostly ignores the knight, hoping that it will appear at least that she does not know this man, even if he seems to know her - or seems to mistake her for this 'princess' he speaks of. To Faruja she just shrugs and shakes her head. "As I've already said, I'm no princess, just a peasant girl..He clearly has me mistaken for somebody else..Although I'm flattered he thinks I look like a princess."

For now, Dagger anxiously grips the railings of the carriage, staring ahead as people with ranged attacks begin to fight the monster that chases them. Perhaps amidst this chaos, they will be too distracted with the monster to pay any attention to who this 'princess' is that Steiner keeps raving about.

The carriage begins to sway and as otheres fight, Dagger does indeed move to the center of the carriage, attempting to minimize her own movement. She's about to join in the fighting, but it seems the viper is swiftly dealt with, although now that it has tilted the carriage, Dagger adjusts her position in order to keep the weight more evenly distributed.

They continue on at a more languid pace until they reach another platform and Dagger breathes a sigh of relief. "Thanks everyone, should be smooth sailing from here on..I hope."

She steps out, pulling out her magic rod as she prepares for anything. As they continue further into the bowels of the castle, they encounter both heartless and Pluto Knights. Dagger purposefully avoids fighting the knights who seem more intent on capturing her than harming her, and focuses most of her attacks upon the minor heartless they come across instead.

Finally, after what seems a long time of walking and fighting and avoiding traps, they make it to where the Rat King is being held captive. Dagger frowns softly, staring around anxiously for some lever or other device that might release the king in a safe manner.

Then suddenly Beatrix appears, followed by Kuja, as well as mage dolls! Dagger gasps, pointing her rod at Kuja. "Kuja! Stop this madness at once! Let the king go....." But when Beatrix supports him, Dagger seems somehow saddenned. Of course she would support the Queen, but Dagger did not want to fight her.

"I am sorry, General Beatrix. But I must rescue the king. This is madness..He has done nothing and yet you will execute him in cold blood? I cannot support this..Call off your guards and let the king go! That is an order from your princess! I do not wish to fight you.."
Souji Murasame The viper is driven off. Fair enough. Souji sighs. The Gargant would have been so much more... enthusiastic if it remained. He moves quickly. "Hurry, we don't have much time. They're going to be preparing for something unusual."

He moves up quickly, squinting at the Heartless that appear. "You..." He says, hissing venomously as he slashes outwards. the Murasame Blade cleaves out, cutting through Heartless with deadly intent.

The Knights of Pluto, while Souji would not have put destroying them off the table, are spared. He is a firm believer in efficiency, and /indiscriminate/ murder is for other people.

Souji looks up as they are taunted and addressed by the floofy guy. "Tch. He's already ready for us. Quickly!" He moves, turning towards Beatrix. "Do not underestimate the blades held by others." He says. "Face the Murasame at your own peril. However... You will not stand down, I see it in your eyes... You have my respect as a woman of principle. Prepare yourself!"

He lets Soan follow his instincts. Telling him what to do here would just muddy the waters. "Celba! Let's go!"
Soan Sagittarius "It is never smooth sailing until you are out of the mess you're in, drinking a shot at home." Soan mutters to himself, shaking his head. Still, he appreciate the optimism. The viper is driven off easily enough, Soan reloading his crossbow duitifully before it swoops back into his sleeves, whever it might go then.

He follows up quickly, still not drawing any other weapons even with the Heartless appearing, scowling at them. As much he might dislike Souji, the man knows how to swing a blade to cut things and people alike. They'll be fine in this particular case. The Knights of Pluto are ignored by the thief -- he don't even steal anything from them! They're already down under more than enough.

Indeed, Soan Sagittarius obeys his finely honed instincts as a Rogue. He takes advantage of the chaos that's already starting to make a quick survey of the location. He might not be an Assassin, or a Ninja. However, his ability of making sure that people are not interested at the particular location he's currently creeping in is rather formidable, as the Rogue creeps about closer to the hole, looking left, then right, then taking out a vulgar rope, tie it up neatly, spin it then toss it up to get a good grip at the cage, heaving himself up quickly against the wall to the ceilling -- then climb down the chain.
Maira Maira is in no hurry to fight a bunch of armored knights who are simply doing their jobs, so she would try to avoid them if at all possible.

There, the mouse king! ....There! A...a...a something?!

Cue Aerosmith "Dude Looks Like a Lady."

From listening to the interchange between Garnet and Kuja, Maira has surmised his name at least. She also knows she does /not/ want to fight the pretty lady with the sword. Swords are horrible when you are a squishy mage-type, and Maira is the squishiest of the squishies. Not a title she wears proudly or anything, but its true!

"You let him go!" she yells toward Kuja, as if he would simply go "oh, yes, sure little lady if you ask nicely"

Well, actually that had worked once before....

That said, Maira begins with a little protecting of herself and Faruja, who is generally fairly keen on throwing himself in front of her and imminent destruction. "My flames will guard you Faruja..." she tells him, reaching out to touch his arm. A greenish-white flame would surround him then, providing some sort of buffer for incoming magical energies.

As for Uist, he would be ready to manifest and carry Maira's spells as necessary!
Makenshi Crux clings for dear life to the teetering cage, closing her eyes tightly as the massive monster closes in on them, foul jaws gaping wide to devour them all. But the powerful explosion that sends it reeling also knocks her free of her grip and the small fairy flies off into the darkness as the carriage continues on at breakneck speed.

No sign of the small girl is forthcoming as they make their landing and continue onwards deeper into the castle. It would seem that she either got lost or chose not to follow any further, either way, nothing to be done about it now.

It is not until the portals rip open the air and begin to fill the dungeon with Mist that something strange occurs. The thick poisonous clouds billow out as the souless Black Mages spill into the room but instead of merely tapering off and coating the ground with an ominous layer of white, the Mist continues to spread at an accelerated pace.

Soon the entire room begins to fill with the stuff cutting vision short and dampening the sounds that each person makes into a faint ghostly echo for several long moments. A swirling breeze stirs this heavy miasma, rising up out of nothingness and pushing away the worst of the haze to restore visibility as well as the white-clad figure who now stands atop the cage along with Kuja.

Makenshi opens his eyes slowly, a complete lack of concern for the deadly situation that is unfolding here in his eyes and demeanor. Both arms are crossed over his chest and he leans casually against the heavy chain from which the dangling prison hangs. "Sorry," the albino warrior says as he turns his gaze on Kuja with a disdainful look. "You've forgotten the most important role in this play. That of the white knight."

The thick and elegant broadsword at Makenshi's side lifts away from his belt with a soft click, floating about through the air of its own accord. It pinwheels madly, circling the scantily dressed man in a menacing fashion for a few seconds. Then, in a flash of white steel, it carves across the thick chain holding the king's cage aloft.
Deelel Deelel watches with some morbid facination as the creature is well handled or so she thinks but their ride is freaking out rather understandbly so and she's hanging on for dear life and we'd have time to get off she shakes her head no liking that ride but it could ber worse. She has no desire to cut the knights of Pluto down she's got one mission get the king, get out. She's not about to derezz users at all. She'll be intending to get past them or use non lethal force if it comes to it.

"This is just going to be one of those cycles."

She pauses as Steiner enters and barks orders at his men, she hopes the knights do obey their commander. She wonders about the Princess and her ability to fight but she's certainly not a coward that's for sure.

She pauses scaning the new arrival she pauses

"Error, what... I can't even tell is that a male or a female user?"

She's just baffled by kuja's flare but it's short lived as there's a whole bunch of heartless coming for them. She runs a few commands and prepares fir a fight whiping off her cloak and throws it away dramaticly but by accident.

"If you wish to do this User then so be it."
Helena Celba "Oh..." She says, frowning, "I guess Sir Knights creeky armor gave us away." She pouts... "Oh rats? Bit pieces? My! How uncivilized! You should at /least/ pretend that we are greater pieces! This is just rude. Alas...I guess If I were Queen I would get to set the rules.." She says towards Kuja, "Very well! To this matter, I will bow to your summary of the situation." She digresses, "However...I have no intention on playing by the poorly worded script of this play...there are still several more acts before the curtian falls...and I have a part to play greater than you could ever know, Queen." She bows again...perhaps she confuses Kuja for the Queen of this country?

She points a finger to her lips when she considers Beatrix, "Oh my! How garrish! A knight who has given up the path of feminity..." she teases, and looks towards Souji, "Well...I guess it is time to earn what you allow me to live for." She giggles, and moves suddenly.

Her hands fly out, aiming to strike Souji twice, however the punches do not hurt...

Makenshi entering gets her attention...and she looks back towards Steiner... "Draaaama boooomb!" She giggles, and likewises touches The White ninja twice as well. The strikes do not hurt...despite the ferocity they come in at...but they can feel their chi start to flow differently...STRONGER. It seems that this woman has a few surprises.

Souji will notice she has been very apt in her studies!
Cirra Constantine Absolutely-not-Cirra-really climbs out of the carriage and moves with the group into the obuliette, the Knight of Pluto are int he way of the party, though maybe Stiener shows he has some value as he commands the Knights to stand down. Still, she can't wait for them to resolve this with words.

The Black acolyte glances to the side and slips around the group, using her staff to smack aside the scrabling claws of heartless that try to tear at her and dodges into a side passage, where a Knight of PLuto stands...

And is promptly hit in the throat with the heavy end of the staff, dropping him to the ground as he grasps his throat, coughing.

Reaching the center of the obuilette, she looks up at the cage, ready to get the King out...

Then Kuja and Beatrix both appear. "Tch..." she then smiles slowly, "Maybe another time."

Then Makenshi cuts the cage. "As you can see, foolishness is in no short supply!" The dark acolyte drops into a crouch and runs across the room at at startlign speed and leaps upwards, intercepting the cage with her shoulder foward ina body slam. THe imapct is enough to dent the steel bars and try to force it to the other side of the pit before it can fall in!
Faruja Senra The OUbliette is a den of horrors fit to make any Inquisitorial prison blush in shame. Tapping the necklace he wears, a tiny light flickers, then dims. The tiny recording sphere begins to take in all of the horrors that it witnesses, recording all that happens. Faruja came prepared, even as his hatred for Alexandria grows by the minute. Indeed, it's only the efforts of one Captain that has the Templar sparing the Knights of Pluto.

The sight of his Liege emaciated and both weapons dealer and Alexandrian general issuing threats.

Yet, so too is the Princess revealed. It's enough to startle the rat. An Alexandrian royal helping them? Gripping his spear, he has to bury the urge to slay her. Instead, he focuses on their enemies.

"...When is it ever enough, Alexandrian? Crush my homeland, slaying innocent women and children, merchants, good soldiers indiscriminantly. Plunge our world into the Abyss, shattering it apart with your fell demons. Stealing away our Liege by using a /child/ as a hostage? And now to ask for our surrender? Return the King, lest ye weep crimson for thy crimes!"

Then, there's Kuja. Faruja feels Maira's flames strengthen him, shoring up his courage. They may seem to burn all the brighter, hatred and anger dancing through his holy aura and within his eye as he turns to the weapons dealer. "...Brahne's pet Witch, hmm? Step aside. I do believe I have a noose that would perfectly fit about thy neck. 'Tis most poorly written this play. I do so fear I must alter it, lest my fellow performers die from boredom."

A man arrives, slicing the cage down. Cirra beats him to the heroics. Just what kind of mage is she? Taking the opportunity, he instead focuses on Kuja.

"...Too late, then. May the Lord forgive ye thy sins, Witch!" The rat whips out a short spear, tossing it at Kuja, briefly eyeing their mysterious white knight before thrusting his blade. A falling crescent of purple would descend upon the mage!

A nod to Maira. "Be safe, my friend. I must rescue His Highness!" Leaping forth, the rat doesn't forget protection for his rather squishy friend. One quick warp spell, and the great white bulk of the wyvern Arista swirls into being, roaring out her rage. After a moment, she curls protectively around Maira, teeth and claws snapping at any mages that try to get too close.
King Mickey The group has arrived safely to their destination, as expected.

As Mickey wanders off of the platform, he pats the Burmecian Templar Knight on the back, "That was a wise suggestion, my friend. It may just have saved us all from a most unpleasent setback.", before continuing on allowing Princess Ga--, Dagger to lead the way.

As the group continues their travels, The King cannot but lightly grimice at the sight of the corpses of both burmecian and human alike, as minor heartless attempt to briefly feed.. He shakes his head, murmuring something beneath his breath.

It appears now the actors have assembled center stage and the production is underway, as Kuja and Beatrix reveal themselves, along with their target, The Burmecian King!

Mickey glances over as Steiner wanders off to plea to the Knights of Pluto, seeing that that threat has hopefully been handled. After all, there is no need for the innocent to have their blood spilt this evening. He returns his gaze upwards towards Kuja. After gauging the distance he'll need to make the ascent, the mouse reaches over to his shoulder to pull off and discard his disguise!

Brandishing Star Seeker, King Mickey leaps into the air, gracefully bouncing between the staircases to further his ascent to the top! The brandishing of his keyblade will likely makes him a prime target for the heartless. However, one might figure that to be his plan all along!

As heartless make for him, Mickey Mouse starts slashing, allowing the keyblade to make contact and exploding the minor beasts on contact! His assault does not slow his pace, ever determined to make it to the top!

However, he is soon to find himself swarmed by the small beasts and taken to one of the side stairs! Groaning loudly, the Keyblade Master summons a burst of holy magic to repel the heartless off him! His gaze shifts towards Kuja with serious intent, thrusting his keyblade in the direction of the questionable mage, "I'll only ask once. Step away from him and you will not be harmed!"
Kuja As Garnet shouted at him, Kuja would only take on the patient smile of an adult condescending an unruly child. "Ah my tittering little canary, you need not worry any longer. I am your White Knight, here to rescue you from the skullduggery of your boorish company! Your dulcet song will be mine, and mine alone to hear! What care have I for a sovereign of vermin?"

The King of Burmecia would attempt to rise, before falling back to the floor of the cage. Raspily he would speak. "...Don't worry about me. They don't want me. They want /her/! You mustn't let him get the Princ.."

Kuja would casually flick a slender hand his way, and the King would be suspended in an orb of darkness. His raspy voice would turn into a howl of agony as the process began that some would recognize as the birth of a Heartless. Already would the pink representation of his heart begin to slowly rise from his body.

And then, Soan! Soan would do as rogues do, and Kuja didn't even seem to notice him, or particularly care that he was saving the King.

"Hardly. I think a white bull, is more your speed, given your brutish approach." Unfortunately for him, Makenshi carves the chain in twain. This unbalances Kuja immediately, stopping the process of turning the Burmecian into a Heartless and saving the King. The flamboyant man would leap gracefully across the pit, rising dramatically with a pirouette. One of the Black Mage dolls would proffer its arms upwards to Makenshi, catching him in a sphere of gravity and slamming him against a dungeon wall. "DESTROY!"

And then Cirra! Cirra would leap across the pit, striking the cage. With her Nethicite enhanced strength, she was able to catch the cage in mid air, changing its trajectory to the other side of the pit. The cage would crash into the wall, and fortunately for Soan, it wouldn't crush him, as it wedged itself in a manner that faced the door of the cage outward. While it teetered precariously, it would give him time to safely work.

The man would raise a hand up to his lip, his finger curved, as he smiles at Helena. "And so the Black Lily mistakes the Knight for the Queen. So ignorant, to mistake /me/ for the most puissant Chess Piece, but this is a drama, not a game. I /move/ the pieces. I'm not one of them."

Faruja and Mickey would attack, as holy bolts slam into Kuja. And yet, he would remain unmoved. Despite wisps of smoke appearing on his finery, he'd only grin as two more Black Mage Dolls would shout: /DESTROY/! One would slam the Mouse with the Keyblade into a wall, as Kuja would vanish, and reappear beneath the suspended figure. "What is this, does another monarch of the rats grace us with his presence? Tsk, what is this world coming to, to hand a keyblade to such filthy vermin?"

Faruja would struggle against the magic, and avoid being slammed into the wall, but still he'd hang suspended in mid-air.

From the various corridors of darkness, misshapen creatures of the Mist, known as Mistodons would emerge, except they were now even more darkened and twisted from fell magic, with the symbols of the heartless upon them. From their gaping maws, Mist would be sprayed everywhere in the room. Kuja would lift a hand, and a purple sphere of magic would appear within his palm, before it vanished, expanding in a pulse of darkness throughout the billowing cloud of fog. The Mist would turn a sickening shade of purple. Those closest to him, would feel the effects of the Mist increase tenfold, as the umbral magic seeped into them causing them to feel light-headed, as a lethargy descended upon their limbs.
Beatrix Beatrix looks up to the captured king at Garnet's words, shaking her head. She doesn't like this way either, taking hostages or even execution, but its the Queen's orders, as her most loyal knight she bends to the orders. She doesn't appreciate the Kuja and his Black Mages are there though, she could have done with the intruders without him. "The king shall be released if you come with us Princess. That is his only purpose here." She waves a hand to the side "Kuja, keep your Black Mages out of my business. And do not touch the king until this is over." She warns him, throws him a glare, before turning back to the group. that was before Makenshi just goes and cuts the cage down. Well, if the king survives that, its one less thing to worry about for now at least.

"So you choose to fight rather than come with us. Then pray your overconfidence does not cost you your lives!"

She glares even more at Steiner "You had to bring the princess back, not sneak her in without our knowledge. Or did you forget your duties?" She's without mercy for him, obviously. The others, she has little business with other than thinning down and toss into a cell should they survive.

With that, she thrusts her sword straight into the ground, sending thunderous energies, crackling in arches along the ground, as they race toward the combattants in front of her. She doesn't have a reputation of going easy on her targets.
Garnet Well, so much for her cover. By now, it no longer seems to matter if Dagger is really the Princess. But perhaps the others gathered here will realize that she truly is here to help them, even if it means betraying her own people. She watches in wide-eyed horror as the Rat King's cage teeters under Kuja's weight, further compounded by the White Knight's sudden presence..Then he cuts the chains!

"No! What are you doing?" But fortunately it seems that Cirra is swift enough to catch the cage and push it out of harm's way. That's a long drop afterall. She glances over at Faruja, smiling sadly, "I am sorry, Sir Knight, for what Alexandria did to your people, but I promise, I WILL make it up to you!"

Kuja shouts his ultimatum and Princess Garnet sighs and nods, stepping forward. "So, this was just a trap to capture me? You would put the King of Burmecia in danger because of me? Then, I.....I shall come with you, but first, release the king!" She sees Cirra and Soan over by his cage, and immediately begins to work a protective spell upon them, just incase Kuja goes back on her word as she is certain he will do.

Even as she does so, Dagger finds herself spasming in a coughing fit from the dark mist that Kuja uses to attack the others, and she finds herself suddenly feeling very slow and lethargic..Let's hope they can free the king before he does something foolish! Princess Garnet still refuses to fight if she can help it.
Adelbert Steiner There is a swift, if squeaky, motion as the Knight in Rusty Armor is quick to draw his sword and plants his feet into the ground, holding forth his blade at precisely the right manner and using that as a lightning rod for the Thunder Blade to target and go right through his armor without harming him... This violation of physics brought to you by Final Fantasy.

Steiner growls as he's accused of abandoning his duty, and charges at Beatrix, swinging once and twice, before driving his sword to seek out her defences and expose them, "I would gladly have brought the princess through the main gate, had she not already been on this path! I STOPPED AT NOTHING TO BRING HER HOME, and you put her at risk right now with this alliance with the heartless! General Beatrix, cease at once!"
Makenshi The Mist that fills the room is not the same foul fog that the inhabitants of this world have come to know and fear. Its touch is cool but clean and crisp, like the chill air about the peak of a tall mountain, and the two varieties of magical condensation vie with each other for supremacy. To those who have come to challenge the gaolers it does little to impede their actions, merely lingering like a shroud over the entire length and bredth of the tall room. However, to one-eyed general and the overly dramatic mage, it is a thick soup that attempts to bog them down and fill their lungs with cloying breath.

As Makenshi's blade easily parts the cage from its chains the massive metal lattice drops into the empty air below it like a stone. The swift reflexes of Not-Cirra manage to catch the cage in mid-fall and she smashes it to a more easily accessible location. Pinwheeling through the air, the Maken plummets after the falling king and in another flash of white, sheers through the upper portion of the cage. The iron cap falls away like the lid of a can granting an easy way for the enterprising thief to access the weakened and still bound form of the Burmecian king.

However, this rather heroic act also leaves the white swordsman without the use of his blade for a few moments and the forces arrayed against them make good use of that time. The Black Mage doll's gravity assault lifts Makenshi into the air and he slams heavily into the far wall, kicking out a cloud of dust as his slender body plants into the ancient brick and mortar. The elegant General follows this up with a thunderous blast of magic before he can recover and the young man's face contorts in pain underneath the mask that obscures it, a soft grunt escaping his lips.

With the king out of immediate danger, Makenshi ignores the flamboyant Kuja in favor of what he considers a more obvious threat. His sword flies back up to spiral about in a defensive pattern as he pushes away from the wall, hovering in the air with ease. Floating gracefully down to the landing upon which Beatrix stands, he takes hold of his blade and gives Beatrix an appraising look. "Why do you support this man's actions? Does your honor mean nothing to you?"

He gives her no time to respond, sending twin waves of compressed mist at her with graceful slashes. They rip across the stone surface of the platform in turbulent lines of white energy and detonate violently upon proximity to the general, seeking to batter her into submission rather than shatter her body.
Helena Celba Helena pauses, as she frowns at Kuja's words...

"Black Lily? Hmm...I must say I rather like that name, thank you...if you say so Mr. White Knight...though I do not look the part of the knight!" She titters, raising a hand to her mouth. "Oh but where are all the he-" And then Souji TOTALLY bushido's infront of her, which causes her some surprise... "Always trying to be the part of the strong leader.." she sighs, "Well, then I will play my part too." She says, and reaches over, touching the wounds Murisame got for her sake. Dark energy rushes into him, sealing the wounds...but the flesh does not return to it's normal almost looks dead-like.

However some dark energy resides, capracious as she was.

She dances, also striking the White Ninja, aiming to cure his wounds in a similar way, while providing him with her own gifts.

"Try not to die so quickly, Mr. Knight!" she says, and turns towards Beatrix, "Oh, I see...the Knight stands before us...such a shame, to give up such for the sake of country. Such things are so...transient...but I digress. You are...unimportant."

She looks towards Kuja, "Oh...and you think yourself chessmaster? Ho think yourself too high...and that is /why/ you will be the pawn of someone else...we are all pawns, it is just a matter of knowing if the strings are there...and how to work within them!"
Soan Sagittarius The important thing to remember when you are in an high-altitude, extreme-risks situation such as this is to remain calm, aware of your surroundings, plus hopeful that your associates wont do something reckless and/or dumb.

As Soan periliously crawl down the chain, muscles tense, he has barely enough time to look up when the chain is cut. His eyes widens in surprise, his mind racing with potential scenarios of how the hell he's gonna get out of this one, along with the King inside. Fortunately, none of them came to pass, with Cirra's surprising strength tackling the cage -- and him, on the other side. With a grunt, he rolls and tumbles on the ground off the cage, but at least, they're safe.

"They are after the girl? Why?" Soan asks quietly to the king, as he gathers himself, going straight for the lock with his tools, working quickly enough. With a click, he pull the lock out. Like, the entire lock out. He pockets it in one of his many pouches. He gives a nod at the King. "You remain safe, alright? Use the bottom of the cage as cover, if need to be." He says, standing back up and staring back at the other end of the pit, looking up at the platform. The Rogue distances himself from the cage, but still close enough in case something goes wrong. Calculations goes over his mind as he reach into his pouches, then flinging out a small tile, which he flings in Kuja's way.

He have, really, no idea what that rune on it will do. Hopefully, it'll hurt.
Deelel Deelel has avoided the wrath of Kuja for t he moment, she listens as this strange being seems to have a flare for the dramaqic and his material aisn't actually bad. That's kinda suprising to teh basic given some of the speeches she's head before. She may or may not hear the king's warning because she's up in the thick of thingd with Kuja as she races in pulling her disc off her back launching it at Kuja.

"If your on the board your playing the game."

Tshe again shifts her body trying to keep out of the worst of the counter attack Kuja might have to offer or so she hopes and thankfully others have already got to the King.
Faruja Senra The resilience of the mage surprises the rat. He's split plate mail like tin with that attack. Yet, this mages is barely harmed. Clearly not one to be underestimated. It doesn't help that those damned black demons manage to suspend him into the air. Struggling as Mistodons are summoned, he's bathed in that lethargic, dampening mist.

Only to bare witness to Kuja's act of sorcery. Horror courses through him first, true witchcraft of the darkest form before him. Yet, so too does a small part of his muzzle curl for a brief moment as his cross catches it all rather nicely. /This/ is what he needed. Even if it's for a coward King, the trip was well worth it for the Templar.

Now he has to live. Saving the King would be a bonus. Struggling to free himself, he simply motions for Arista.


The scaley wyvern grins with far too many rows of razor sharp teeth, leaning down to try to tear into the nearest Mistodon as the Templar finally frees himself. Going to town with his Holy Spear skills, sharp holy blades attempt to ward away the mage from Soan, who so valiantly saves his liege.

Garnet herself, as well as his own King calls attention to her. "...'Make it up to me'!? Do not spit upon the graves of my people! Mayhap, girl, think ye to somehow give back the souls of my lost friends and family? 'Tis only your actions this day that keep my blade from thy throat, royal!"

Even so, he inches closer to Garnet defensively. If the Alexandrians want their Princess, denying them would be his pleasure. Nor does he try to think too hard on why the man who attacked Valkyri is helping them!

A glance to Soan. He intones something through his communication device.
Souji Murasame Souji gets blasted with a powerful wave of electricity, his body jerking in pain as he stumbles backwards. His form is broken for a moment, but he still forces himself in the way of another surge, targeting Celba. The additional pain almost drops him to one knee. "Celba." He hisses. "I'm not doing that again."

He straightens himself, setting into his battle stance again as he unleashes a blast wave of air pressure, his wave of air slamming back towards the general. "Don't think you're the only one who can manipulate the air." Souji says, as he cleaves with the Murasame Blade, sending a spear of lightning back towards Bwatrix that crackles, sticking around her like some kind of electrical napalm.
King Mickey As the fellow mousey monarch makes his demands, Kuja acted as any good villain would, reject and fight back! Mickey suddenly begins to ascend into the air, caught off guard by his opponent's magic and fights to become stable. His opponent does not cease to take advantage of his plight either, as The Black Mage Doll comes barreling towards him at incredible speeds!

Without much time to react, King Mickey grits his teeth and manages to spin himself around just in the nick of time, narrowly dodging the doll! His feet connect with the head of the doll and uses it to propel himself towards Kuja, while sending the black mage screaming into one of the ledges!

The result is a sounding explosion that further increases Mickey's momentum towards his enemy! As a result, the fellow mouse king begins to feel the effects of the miasma being emitted from the Mistodons! Still, he manages to shake the feeling of light-headedness and maintains his focus, as he uses Star Seeker to slash through the mist creatures as he barrels through. Out of the corner of his eye, He manages to catch a glimpse of Makenshi and Soan, rescuing the Burmecian King, to which he breathes a sigh of relief. Knowing his ally is safe, The King can focus on his enemy without worry, at least for the moment.

Upon approach, Mickey responds to his opponent, "They provide us such weapons to cleanse the world of such despicable individuals like yourself who seek to use others for their own gain!"

The King's reply follows suit with a constant barrage of slashes from his keyblade, followed by an upward strike meant to send his enemy into the air! He barrels past Kuja and repels himself off the cealing of the dungeon before disappearing and unleashing an overwhelming blitz of attacks upon his foe!
Souji Murasame Souji also gets prodded by Hel. The wounds begin to close, and he grimaces at the unpleasant feeling of the healing. He always did hate it when Helena was handling the healing. "Just... do what you can." Souji says. He's not going to argue with the capricious woman at the moment.
Cirra Constantine Maybe the Black Mage uses magic to enhance her own strength? Either way, she slams in to the cage and shoves it into landing on the far side and giving Soan the chance to pick the lock. But prying herself out of the bars gives Kuja exactly the time needed to surround her with the polluted Mist. She holds one sleeve over her mouth as she watches the Heartless Mistodons appear. "How high and mighty you must think yourself to be. It's almost amusing to watch you act like you have flawless control."

The woman in the black mage robes takes a half step back and then suddenly charges forward, the shields from Dagger forming around her body as she strides through the mist and swings her staff low, to pull on Kuja's leg, but doesn't follow through, instead she immediatly aborts and swings the staff around in on hand to slam the heavy end down aat Kuja's chest.

She quickly spins around, bringing the staff with her, clearly atempting to hit him in the head with the heavy end.

Only to have a curved blade snap out like a scythe to try and chop of his head.

"It would make a divine comedy."
Beatrix The General does not fail her reputation either it would seem. While she's not that slow either, her fighting stance is clearly one to take on hits rather than evading them. She parries Steiner's sword dextly, which leaves her open for Souji and Makenshi's strikes to hit her. And yet she's standing there as if nothing, barely a scratch. She kicks Steiner off her, taking a step back "Asking me to stand down is going against our Queen's orders. She said to take the princess and remove all of her escorts. What tells you that any of them would not be spies or saboteurs, or perhaps assassins to the queen?" Not the princess obviously, and not Steiner, but she casts a weary eye on all of the others.

"The orders are, you are to stand down HERE, I gave you a chance to do so without pain, you refused it. So you shall get the full strength of the Alexandrian General!" Well she's still keeping some under the foot for now, but her sword blows with magical energies as it charges up, glowing red. She jumps up, well overhead of everyone, and comes in crashing down, sword first, planting it into the ground at Steiner's feet. For a split second nothing, and then a WAVE of explosive energies spread out, in a wide arc in front of her, engulfing her opponents.
Kuja As Helena tried to refute him, Kuja would step through a corridor of darkness, and reappeared behind her. Catching her in his arms, he would dip her backwards. Leaning down, he would smile at her, his lips coming extraordinarily close to hers. And then.. he would speak. "I don't pucker up for bit players. I'm the leading man, my insignificant, yet pernicious Lily."

He'd release her at once as the disk careened into him, and he turned to face Deelel. Smiling cruelly as the disk slammed into him, another doll would screech its line emphatically. /DESTROY/! Before catching her in a sphere of gravity magic and slamming her against the ceiling.

Faruja's holy technique would strike the foppish individual, and Kuja would titter in amusement. Followed by the Wyvern swooping down at him. A heartless Mistodon would rush it, headbutting it, before spraying Arista and Faruja both with darkness infused Mist. "You're not even trying. But, what should I expect from a gilded rat and its pet?"

And then Mickey's advance would catch Kuja right in the gut. He would grunt, before leaning over, and with a gesture, directing the Mist to seep into his lungs. "Choke on your own arrogance, vermin! You think you have a destiny? It ends today, when my heel crushes your head. The king of rodents thinks itself loftier than it is, so it is up to me to put it in its place!"

Kuja then twists as Cirra advances, her great scythe drawing a line against his bare chest. Snarling in irritation, he decided that he'd finally had enough of this meaningless conflict. A black mage would enthusiastically catch her in a sphere of gravity magic as well, slamming her to the wall.

Its about that point that Soan's trap hit him right in the face. And he would just stare at the man, with deadly intent obvious.

Raising his hands towards the ceiling dramatically, he would direct the Mist throughout the room to shape into looming, ethereal claws. This billowing smoke would grip each of those attacking him and Garnet as well, before forcing itself into their lungs, beginning the slow process of suffocation. A gesture with his left hand turned the Mist about them, twisting the tormented dregs of souls into a macabre spectre. And then before them, the amorphous fog would twist into a manifestation of their greatest fear. While neither Kuja, nor anyone else would witness it, whatever they feared the most would lash out at them in a grisly caress, draining away a small amount of their very souls to feed the hungry Mist.
Garnet Princess Garnet shivers at Faruja's barbed words and shakes her head stubbornly. "Please do not misunderstand! Although I may be Princess of Alexandria, I ran away from home seeking help to stop my mother's evil conquests! I wanted nothing of this, that is why I chose to help you all to stop this madness!"

She glances up at Kuja then who still seems to be caught in the thick of things. "I said, stop this! Leave these people alone and let the king free and I shall come with you willingly if it will end this madness. Enough blood has been spilled as it is."

And with that, Princess Garnet attempts to get nearer to Kuja, still hesitant to fight and add further chaos to this battle. If she goes willingly and in peace, perhaps it will be better for all of them.

"Beatrix, please cease this attack! If you do, I shall come willingly with you both, so please.." Even as she speaks, Princess Garnet nears two of the most wounded looking individuals and starts to work her healing magic upon them..
Adelbert Steiner Stock Break! Always a fun move, that! Even when training with Beatrix, Steiner has difficulty defending against it! He gets blasted back and sent skidding across the battleground, and points towards Kuja with his sword, "The Queen wouldn't entrust the princess's life in the hands of a hooligan! Have you not seen the Hearltless that he leads about! They would harm the Princess sooner than anything else!! The Queen would not allow such insanity!"

He strikes double time at Beatrix, before unleashing Magic Break, followed by an Iai strike!
Helena Celba Helena is grabbed dragged closely to Kuja.

For a moment, it looked like true love was formed, but she was dropped, after being insulted by the would be puppet master...

She rolls, to her feet, easily catching herself. She does not fall, but gracefully recovers herself...she moves like a dancer, as Beatrix's blade came for her. She leaps, kicking off of the wall, and bringing herself back to the side of Muramasa. "Oh my...Such...fierce determination!" she asys, towards Beatrix, "Perhaps my words were too harsh...well, you still lack the right qualities." she says, and looks towards Kuja, "Oh ho ho...but you...mmm..." she says, "Such cruelty...I am...intreagued." she grins, "But will not be the day we get to exchange such things freely...I am on the clock." She says, and hits Souji repeatedly in the back again. Once more channeling his chi...but also her own, as her fists much into her stomach, and then her chest.


"Oh yes...MUCH better...hmm..." she says, and looks towards Beatrix... "I wonder...what does your soul taste like?"
Makenshi Strangely the powerful bolts of lighting and his impact with the wall seems to have left Makenshi no worse for the wear. Even before the dark magic seeps into his body, he shows no signs of injury or discomfort though he does spare a glance for the unusual woman as her 'gifts' flow through his immortal flesh, offering a slight nod in return to her request.

His attention returns to the fight at hand as the Alexandrian general brings her own powerful blade skills against them. The shockwave that explodes from her strike sends a burst of air out before it that billows out his long cape dramatically. The energy of the assault, however, never touches him.

White Cloud lives up to his name, flowing easily into motion as his blade lashes out, carving a gap in the expanding surge of deadly power and the two halves split around his body to detonate against the wall as he stares her down without a hint of concern.

"Is that all you have to offer? I am unimpressed."

The mask covering Makenshi's face splits down the middle and snaps apart, vanishing into nothingness in the blink of an eye. His youthful features are locked in a deadpan expression, almost bored as he slowly exhales. Thin wisps of white thicken the air all around him and the Mist in the room grows stronger, particularly about the female knight, pressing in on her body from all sides as if she were submerged in a viscous ooze.

Holding his blade up in the air, Makenshi then brings it straight down, carving a blue line of power through the haze. The Mist reacts to the linear motion, explosivley amplifying it into a cacophanous burst of raw force that races like a sharkfin across the ground to burst once more upon her defenses.
Faruja Senra Arista rears back, roaring as both she and the Templar are coated in the Mistodon's mist. Snarling at Kuja, he glances to his companions. Indeed, this mage is powerful. Already, he begins to apply healing magics to some of the more wounded!

Yet, so too would Kuja's magic strike. Images of heartless consuming worlds whole, and a massive armored figure stand before him. Faruja's knees buckle...forcing him to lean on his spear. When it passes, he looks drained, only for his body to glow brighter. Rage, and burning fires of his soul banish some of the sickness even as it seeks to weaken him.

"...Seek ye to claim innocence, Princess of Alexandria? Hmph. We shall see. May the Lord judge ye well, of thy accursed bloodline!"

"Fine words from a Witch! Flit thy forked tongue, it shows thy fangs so well. It shall be a pleasure to rip them out."
King Mickey While his attacks remain successful, King Mickey is careless in his attacks and leave himself wide open for Kuja's magical mist. The invasive mist enters his body and causes him to begin coughing violently, enough for him to break off from his assault on the mage! He retreats to a nearby alcove to provide himself a defensive position away from the fight and ample time to recover. The King continues to cough loudly as the poisonous mist attempts to take effect though with a couple quick slaps of on the chest, he manages to resist the vile in his lungs!

With the mist expelled from his lungs, Mickey takes a couple deep breaths to calm down and collect himself, pressing his hand against his chest, allowing his holy magic to enter him.. He does not respond to Kuja's retort, as to do so would be perilous to his current position. All he can do is wait for the right time to re-enter the fight.

Meanwhile, The King's focus slightly changes, redirected towards the conversation between Faruja and The Princess Garnet. He remains confused at the words being exchanged between the two, managing to catch an obvious misunderstanding. He knows Faruja is not the most trusting of types though it is obvious to him that the princess did not want this to happen, even as she put herself at further risk to try and help.
Soan Sagittarius Soan Sagittarius glares right back at Kuja, a brief, small corned smirk on his lips. Mere moments before the smoke comes up, the rogue subtly lifted to fingers, making a 'bring it' motion. And oh boy, does he ever bring it.

Then the very form of Chaos appears before him. It's not as much that apperance that makes him freak, or swallow the fog and be drained by the hungry mist -- it was that brief moment of uncertainty that goes with these kind of spell affecting your very core that makes him vulnerable for a moment. When that moment is past, however, Soan's strength of will soak throught, drawing his blade in a movement then dispelling the apparition. Drained, hurt, Sagittarius is still quite in the game.

"So it /is/ a Princess... hmm." Mutters the Rogue, filing that away. She need to be protected, if the Burmercian King says that this woman -- or really poofy man, he can't tell at this point, nor does he really care -- have his eyes on Garnet. Or Dagger. Whatever.

Faruja's spell washes over Soan, giving a strong nod at the Burmecian as he stands back up. He reaches into his pouches, taking out several small... tubes. "I have to ask." Sagittarius says as each tubs unfolds like an array of cards, which he swings at Kuja like throwing daggers. They spin on themselves, two of them extending a rope that goes to his legs to ensare him, the others. His next trick, however, is a little more convoulted. He follows the third spinning disc with it's rope, just barely missing Kuja with his blade and land all around to back where he was.

Well, hopefully, with something more in his hands.
Deelel Deelel says "Faruja! Worry about the master mind behind this!"

Wait just what is up with this person. They really think they are the leading chracter in a play? Users are strange, alien creatures some days. King Mickey's actions are noticed and Deelel is trying to not well get wated bty the terrible power brought against her and she moves, shifting about making use of the area they are righting in to jut keep one sept ahead of harms way and the mist doesn't get it's hooks into her.

She aims to land and launch her dic again at Kuja.

"Given you have gone viral already I don't think you could be the main character unless it was a greek tragity!"

Okay so she's not got too much of an understanding of some things about users but she's learning at least right? Also that disc is bouning all over the place almost seemingly at random but everytime it makes for Kuja.
Cirra Constantine The sphere of gravity took hold of Cirra and slamed her against the wall, illicting a grunt from her mouth, hnng. She presses back against the wall, pushing herself slowly against the force of gravity...

Until the claws of Mist reached up into the air and struck down at her, pinning her arms to her side and pressing against her mouth and nose. She struggles against it, but the mist invades her lungs, her mind.

Fear, Cirra asn't felt fear in... she's not sure, years? But that twist in her gut when she looks up and sees.

Home, burning and burnt hot ashes sliding between her fingers as she lifts up whats left of home, and of two whome she...

Hated. She hated them both, for their uselessness, for their weakness. She hated them for keeping her weak and seperated from everyone else.

He'd never get to change that now, she'd never be able to stop hating her parents.

A scream as she claws at her head, scrabbling her nails down the side of her head as she thrashes against the claws, doing the most damage to her body herself as she struggles with inhuman nethicite enhanced strength with grief.

Dagger and Faruja try toheal her as she fails in the Mist's grasp. In times like this she would normaly feel the power of the Dark Knight as a comforting blanket that would insulate her against these things. Instead, she feels those hot ashes in her hands. She feels that burning spreading down in to her body. Into her gut, into her heart.

Eyes glow a fierce golden color as teeth clench hard enough to sound like steel scraping on stone. "You..."

A sudden *CRACK* of magic and the claws of mist around her are shrugged off with a throw of both arms as eyes take the golden glow of Black Mages.

And of Dark Knights.

"You do NOT get to play this game with me!"

Cirra runs forward, the staff/scyth swung up to slash down at Kuja again and again as she burns with fury, but hate, not /quiet/ anger.

But as she lifts the weapon and spins around on the heel of her foot to gather momentum and slam the weapon down it becoems clear what feeling she has, what sin she carries with her as she brings the weapon down tot ry and split Kuja down the middle.

Beatrix Beatrix glares toward Steiner "That is where you are wrong, the Queen is ordering those Black Mages as much as those Heartless." Yes, she's not exactly pelased by it. In fact, she's downright furious that the Queen doesn't trust her strength as much as those puppets anymore. But she's still too stubborn to allow her loyalty to sway because of that.

Helena's words though somewhat bother her. Why would anyone wants to taste her soul? Urg, better get rid of those flies before she finds out. Steiner's attacks seem to find an opening through her defense, enough to snag at her armors and strong defense, while Makenshi's symphony falls on absolutely deaf ears... either she doesn't like music much, or the clanking of swords with Steiner covered it up.

"You have chosen to fight, best you accept your fate here!" Mercyless as always, she raises her sword, charging it up with pure white energies. Anyone that have seen her fight knows that she can harness the power of Holy, and can decimate the battle field with it. And this is what she does here, sending a strong surge of light into a wide, sideway arc, slicing at all of her opponents in a single motion.
Kuja Kuja would smile thinly at Garnet. "Ah, my precious little canary. I accept your offer, but we're having so much fun! Still, there is such disharmony in your song. You must be tired.."

Kuja would step close to her, taking her chin in his hand "..In this story, the Princess must sleep for a thousand years...and when she awakens, her white knight will be waiting for her, with a kiss." Magic would sparkle from his hand, and Garnet would slump down into his arms, caught in a deep slumber.

Soan would attack, and a giant CENSORED bar would appear over Kuja as Soan reached into UNSPEAKABLE places(This is Disney after all). This served only to enrage Kuja, as he directed a Heartless Mistodon to knock Soan out of the way.

Deelel would launch a disc at him, and he would turn to protect Garnet, allowing the disc to hit his backside. While he didn't particularly care about her, he needed her /whole/.

And then Cirra would come at him. He'd raise an arm, a sphere of gravity magic serving as his sphere, as the scythe clashed against his magic. His face would twist in a mask of rage as he held her at bay with the force of his magic alone, before he twisted the sphere, casting her aside. "Who are you to deny me anything? You, are, /NOTHING/. You exist because I allow it, and you will end.. because I demand it! I am the Protagonist, this stage does not /EXIST/ without me!"

Still holding Garnet, he would look across at each of his attackers with a deadly calm. He no longer needed to keep up pretenses. His quarry was in his hands.

"And nowcurtains. I will play a final requiem for you.. you should have followed the script of this drama. Witness the futility of your improvisation!"

On the stonework below him, would form a triangular rune, and at each point of it, would open a corridor of darkness. From each, would emerge three large winged black dolls. Each of the black waltzs would begin to dance around Kuja, as a tether of dark magic would latch onto him and Garnet, bracing them for what was to come.

At first, they would feel just a feeling of grim foreboding, a wrongness in the air. And then the world around them would shatter, like a pane of glass. Around them was a world with a myriad of colors, but even they felt wrong like even colors should not exist in this realm. It was a realm of entropic darkness, a realm of /Chaos/. Here none of the natural laws would exist, as their own bodies would betray them, at first folding upon itself before expanding outward. And then their very molecules would scatter, as bonds were broken by the nature of this grim realm. Despite their bodies being amorphous and scattered, they could somehow perceive all of it. In the midst of it, they would only see a laughing Kuja, standing in the middle, an eye of the storm as he stood upon a small section of floor, the Black Waltzs anchoring him and Garnet, sparing them from the effects of this realm.

Raising a hand, they would each feel their inner darkness expand, as if he were turning each of them into a heartless, but it was over in mere seconds, as he fed upon their despair, their anger, their fear their darkness.

And then they were dumped unceremoniously, entirely whole on the ground, their memories of that dread dimension fading from their minds instantly. Kuja staggered, while still holding onto Garnet, visibly exhausted. The Black Waltzs would at once bow to Kuja, before vanishing through a Corridor of Darkness.
Helena Celba "Accept my fate? Oh ho ho arrogant!" Helena laughs, She's however, taken a fighter's stance. The Holy is...disturbing, but she doesn't back down, However, the greatest light...

Helena kicks off, and rolls over the wave of holy, she flies...soaring high across the battlefield, and lands right behind Beatrix.

Her fists glow darkly...those at the Academy have seen this...some have even experienced this. Helena when she goes on the offensive is a fightening thing. She moves, fluidly, like a dancer as she smacks both hands into the BACK of Beatrix, aiming to drive her fists not just into her...but have her essence mix with the Holy Warriors.

However, that was not enough, she attempts to redirect her chi, draining it into her own body. However, the attack shatters her defesnses...

"Mm...such sweet tasting energy.." She says, and then TWISTS. A backlash of darkness follows through, aiming to explose a mentally disturbing image to Beatrix...the dark energies trying to get even more by trying to expose her to her /worst nightmare/.
Garnet Princess Garnet sighs, seeing that the Burmecian knight is simply too stubborn and filled with rage to listen to reason. "I suppose I can understand your wariness, however I hope that my actions today will prove that I am indeed sincere." Even as she speaks, she finishes showering him in healing magics, before moving onto others more wounded than him.

All the while, the princess moves closer to where Kuja is, holding out her arms as if in surrender. "Everyone, please take the king and leave. It is I that Kuja wants, as long as I go willingly, this senseless violence will cease. So please.."

She sighs. "Take the king and go, there is no sense in fighting these people..Kuja is the most powerful mage in the kingdom and General Beatrix the mightiest general in all of Alexandria. I do not wish to see anymore deaths at the hand of my country folk!"

She glances around anxiously as more people are badly wounded, especially Steiner..And with a worried glance, she casts healing spell on them..

Before Kuja draws her back again with his spell. "I said, let the king go first, and halt your attacks!" But her request is only partially heard as Kuja casts his sleeping spell upon her. Immediately she feels drowsy and weak, and she soon collapses to the floor before Kuja scoops her up and proceeds to leave..
Adelbert Steiner The Knight in Rusty Armor is quite shocked to hear that the Queen actually approved of Kuja! This must be some kind of mistake! Everything just seems wrong! The Queen would do no such thing!

This conflict of thought causes Steiner to hesitate, and hesitation results in getting blasted to hell from Climhazzard! He flies back and clatters to the ground, and grits his teeth, pushing himself back up and looking up at Beatrix from afar, before turning his glance to Kuja, and standing himself back up with sword in hand, though much lower held as his conviction to fight is reduced much at this.

It's finally here that Steiner lowers his blade, and stands at attention. "I shall stand down. I can only hope to speak to the Queen, she would surely see reason in distrusting Kuka."
Makenshi Again the knight in white seems to casually dismiss the attack of Alexandria's most famous soldier. He spins in place, his blade held out to cut a wide swath through the air all around him. There is a moment of delay as Makenshi holds a dramatic pose, eyes shut as if he has no concern for the impeding wave of holy energy bearing down upon him.

However, before the deadly cascade can strike the arrogant man the air all around him explodes, washing outwards to counter Beatrix's assault. Holy light is met by raw force and in the end neither one manages to gain superiority over the other. The two opposing waves stall and then detonate, sending a powerful burst of air washing over everything.

Makenshi stands upright, unphased by the howling wind that assails him. Air and water were merely components of Mist and the Mist was his domain. His hair flutters wildly in the breeze as the mask snaps shut over his face once more. Kuja's wanton display of Chaos draws his attention with a casual tilt of his head, peering over his shoulder at the pompous man with a dangerous glint in his eye.

"It would appear one the actors is not who he seems."

Unfortunately, with Kuja's possession of the princess there is little that can be done to stop his egress. It would certainly be possibly to simply cut them both down, however, as Garnet seemed to be the only one actively opposing this war from within, killing her now would be counter productive to his aims. The time to deal with that man will have to come later.

As Steiner stands down, Makenshi also pauses in his assault, turning to watch how the others react. There would be little point in continuing his attack if they wished to parley but he doubts that will be forefront on the minds of the two Burmecians considering the brutal history with their aggressors. The Maken hovers over his head, still quite ready to strike should Beatrix decide to press her luck, but he crosses his arms with obvious disregard for any threat she might pose.
Souji Murasame The intense power of the Stock Break explodes through Souji, obscuring him in a wave of destructive force. Mist swirls and is driven back from the massive force, moments before the air splits. "It's not as simple as that. There are no guarantees." Souji states, moments before he cleaves forward, slashing outwards in a textbook iaijutsu maneuver. The path of the Mursasme Blade is traced in a crimson and black crescent, augmented by the powers of Helena. He ends at the opposite side. "And so it is our respect that demands that we fight to out utmost."
Soan Sagittarius Soan is knocked quite solidly out of the way by the Heartless, sending him tumbling out of his rope get-away. Landing with a grunt, the rogue kick himself back to his feet, glaring up. Oh. Right. He got something. He looks down at what he's got.

There is a time, in each Rogue's lives that they become so good, so confident in their craft that they steal things that they shouldn't. Or want to steal. This, is that day for Soan Sagittarius. There is a brief look of horror in his normaly collected face, staring at the censored bar in his hand.

Then nightmare made manifest comes on. Soan don't remember much from that time in that dimension: he do remember being exhausted, standing forever, bearing the full brunt of the realm of Chaos that he stared into. It hurts. It tires, it assaults his senses of smell, his mean of detection of the stink of Chaos. Most of all, it steels his resolves, as he gather up, battered but not beaten. He stared in the Maw of Madness before. This is nothing. He will live.

He has the Princess. He must not have the Princess. He can't get her back for good, that guy is far too strong. However, if he distracts, the others might...

Soan's hands reach into his pouches, taking out a vial, containing a bright, green, viscous liquid into it. With a jerk of his wrist, his crossbow springs out of his sleeve again. Carefully, he slides the jar into the slot, before charing foward.

"He may be a powerful magician, the best in the realm, Princess, but," Soan say, his blade drawn out of it's sheath as it with upmost precision, swinging it and be careful to not hit the Princess -- and it hits nothing. Nothing at all, for that matter. In fact, the sword is not even attached to a hand, instead of a stick that COMES from the Rogue.

"His sense of fashion is as terrible as his sense of dramatics."

Theses fatefull words uttered, in that fake feint of his blade, Soan does his thievery: in the Academy, he could take the armor off a man without him noticing. It shouldn't be too hard to get a Princess. And hopefully not something as scarring as last time.
Beatrix Helena's attack surprise her, not used to that kind of style, feeling her magical energies getting drained away, but not otherwise too worried about it. Her strength is not only magical after all. Souji's strikes glances her, not leaving too much of a mark on the general. She's as stoic and as much of an impenetrable wall as the rumors say. Steiner stepping down from the fight is met with a nod and a flick of her hair "I small make sure that your 'trial' is fair, Captain Steiner, as you brought the princess back, despite the ways."

She looks at the other fighters left.

"Have you given up? Your fight was admirable, but pointless." The princess is taken away. She assumes to see the Queen later, although she doesn't like that its Kuja that brings her away. She doesn't like any of those tricks.
Cirra Constantine Cirra pressed against the shield of gravity, "I will deny you whatever I wish." she hisses between her teeth.

The reality warping spell of Kuja and the Black Waltzes tear submerge Cirra in darkness, tearing her apart. But unlike when facing her fear, she doesn't scream out. Her body is pulled apart, molecule by molecule. It hurts of course, it would be easy to scream and shout.

There is a brief...soemthing, glimers of gosmer like sstrands in a thousand directions between those disparate parts, and then snaps them back together into a single form, running through hte mist and striking out with a gloved fist that impacts Kuja's defense shield again. She's panting, heavying, whatever just pulled her back together taking it's toll on her just as badly as the spell itself. "Protragonist?! I will deny you your script. I will deny you your self entitlement!" the fist grinds against the gravity shield again, the glove flaying away to reveal plate gauntlets underneath that begin to spark and heat up from contact with the shield untill the glow yellow-hot.

At step back and Cirra spins around on her feet, scyth swinging up through the air to slice through as she spins around, practicvalt dancing around Kuja and his Black Waltzes," the blade strike crackling with it's own dark power, or rather, Cirra's.

She strikes at Kuja, once, twice, three times to cut into his shield, the darkness between the stars cutting into the darkness and gravity around Kuja like a diamond cutting at glass.

A thrust forward and she spins around him in place, the scyth's haft held against her bodyand the corook of her arm to use the speed of her spin to slash the tip of the weapon at Kuja's side.

A leap upwards into the air and a flip to come down at Kuja from above, scyth held in both hands as she comes down with her full weight and power.

"The curtain is drawing closed on your production!"
Helena Celba "SUCH ARROGANCE!" Helena says, "You shake my attacks off, and disreguard my assaults! Un/forgiveable/. You act like the goal of this was the princess, well, for your arrogance, I will only give onto you /pain unending!/" The darkness around her grows fiercely, "NOW KNEEL FOR ME!" she cackles, aiming to dive at Beatrix once more, her fists striking out, not just for her body, but for her spirit as well. Her strikes are physically, light, but the impact behind them are not just physical...they aim to rend her very essence!

She comes back down, switching stances before...

Her fists channel a dark power...a power that her fame should not hold. It is harmful to life itself...

And she drives the fist forward, aiming to wither the form of Beatrix years...the effects are temporary, for someone as sturdy as she.
Faruja Senra It was a trap. Indeed, their real objective was the Princess. Faruja feels it in his bones, even before those Waltzes begin their dance. Then Kuja's spells draws him into that world of Chaos.

The sights, and pure insanity of Chaos would have crippled the rat, so tied to an orderly life. But it is a sight, thanks to Garland, he has glimpsed once before. Where once he was crippled, there is only rage. Fury. Everything around him is the antithesis of his dreams, all that he believes in, and the very fabric of his soul. Darkness gathers around him, tries to corrupt him with its foulness. The flames of his soul swirl, burn and rage at the darkness. Brighter and hotter do they burn, tearing at the darkness, consuming it hungrily. Faruja's light is all too close, yet all too far away from the darkness it destroys. Were he any weaker, those flames may have been a danger to its owner.

Somewhere within the shell of holy around him, something stirs within Faruja. Power, legendary power lurks, the birthright of warriors of Gaea. Reaching out, the Templar grazes the power of Trance. It's merely a fraction, a pair of motes. Darkness sputters out around him, and the Templar watches.

Garnet is lost to them. There is only one thing left for the rat to do. Not yet having the strength to control it, he simply lets the power in his hand go. One mote floats towards Kuja, stalling only as Soan makes his move. The other floats over to Beatrix. Only once Soan has finished, succeed or fail, does he finally relax. Holy Explosion pales in comparison to the surge of raw holy might that breaks against the pair, seeking to utterly destroy and condemn the two. The scorch marks left upon the Oubliette will remain for decades without extensive magical work.

"Consider this a parting gift. A mere sample of my people's rage." There's no parlay from the rat, motioning to his fellows. Taking the King and motioning to the others, he'll make to leave with the man in his arms. One warp spell later, and so too is Arista gone, perhaps assisting those who flee to escape.

His parting words are for Steiner. "...To play party to such witchcraft and betrayal of whom ye would guard disgraces ye as a Knight. Pray we do not meet again, Captain Steiner."
Deelel Deelel can not dodge forever and she's about to find this out, she's just moving the wong way. She doesn't even want to think about what happened with Soan's attacks. She's managed to hit him with her disc it's coming back but as something happens. More magic, she had a very odd relationship with it really she wasn't sure what to think given her world's natural state was like it's polar oppsite. Oh look chaos, vs a being from a world of order and a being of order to boot. That's not something you want to think about it's worse for Deelel than the others she screms wordlesslyess trying tog et out and shen she somehow surives her inner darkness rises she's dumped back she's feeling horrible and there's cracks over parts of her body with light bleeding out of them.

She's feeling the power of Garents magic starting to restore her somewhat and she runs a restore command as well. She's back in the game more or less and she's now making a run right at Kuja.

"Tch, you really are a virus, a plague. I'll not let you have your way with these people or any others!"

As Faruja makes his move, Deelel makes her and launches herself at Kuja intent to cath him and dive her disc's active cutting edge into him. Might not get deep enough to kill but it won't be plesent.
King Mickey Even in his defensive position, King Mickey is unable to counter something as brutal as a direct summoning. The moment he glances over, the mouse witnesses the events that have already begun to unfold. The prisoners have now switched places in this carefully constructed ruse, as Princess Garnet now lies unconscious in the arms of their enemy!

The King prepares to once again leap into action, only to find himself suddenly statised, unable to move as he is begun to be teleported into a realm that he is starting to become all to familar with: The Darkness.

The King is sucked into an etheral black hole that unfolds into a blistering show of lights, ripping away at the very fabric of his being and causing him incredible pain!

Luckly for him, The King's saving grace is that indomintable light that resides within him, which repels the darkness as it attempts to uproot his inner darkness! The light brings him back to reality and while the spell did not last for long and the effects were minimized overall, The King doubles over, falling to one knee as he groans loudly through the pain!

The Keyblade Wielder fights through the pain and barely manages to bring himself to his feet, glancing downward to take note of what is currently transpiring. He watches as Soan takes flight, heading towards Kuja with an indomitable spirit and almost attempts to reach out to try to stop the rogue in vain.

The King clentches his chest as he gazes around, thinking privately to himself that this battle just very well may be lost. Then he watches on in sheer amazement as the others continue to battle on, with the princess lying in there in their enemies hands. He booms loudly, "YOU FOOLS!"

The King leaps from his aerial position, descending from his position down towards the ground, "Are you all insane!?! You might hit the princess!"

The Keyblade Master looks on towards Kuja, his own heart is telling him to enter the fray though logically, he knows his feelings are not sound. He curses to himself silently and looks back, "As much as I hate to admit it, this battle is lost to us. Everyone prepare for a tactical retreat!", with that his eyes gleem on the despiciable mage before him, "... For now at least."
Kuja A giant censor bar appears over Kuja's midsection as Soan steals the.. unmentionables, along with Garnet. Kuja would just stare at Soan. And then the only thing on his expression would be his fury. Leaping his way, he would stand in front of him, placing a hand against his chest. In the middle of his person, a star the size of a pinprick would form, collapsing upon itself, before reaching critical mass and expanding outward suddenly, casting him aside in a super nova, assuming he didn't dodge. Kuja would snatch the Princess from him in midair, in suitably dramatic fashion, dipping her unconscious form, before stepping up to Soan. And then as vengeance for his wardrobe malfunction, a sphere of darkness would form on his foot, and he'd casually kick the man into the pit in the center of the room, the sphere exploding to launch him into the depths.

Suddenly one of his black mages would look around the room wildly, its voice becoming pitiful. "What are we doing here!? Where am I? Who am I? Please tell me what's going on!" Kuja wouldn't even spare the malfunctioning doll a glance, instead he motioned to two black mage dolls. They would turn on their brother, and simultaneously cast gravity magic at it from opposite directions. Caught in the spell, the doll would scream in agony, before being crushed under the weight of the spells.

Cirra would come at him, and Kuja would use a gravity spell to lift Garnet out of the way of her assault, before he ducked under Cirra's attack, then sidestepped it. Again, another pinpoint star would form right in front of her, before exploding in critical mass, casting her aside. He'd then catch Garnet back in his arms.

As Faruja ranted at him, he would watch the rat carefully. There is no way. /NO WAY/ he was capable of it, and yet he was! Kuja would create another pinpoint star, which would explode in Faruja's assault, cancelling it out. He would teleport in front of Faruja, giving him a contemplative look. "...If even such a pathetic, PULING specimen of vermin as yourself is capable of it..." His lips would twist and turn into a smile. Noting Faruja's appearance, he would have to figure out exactly /whom/ he is later. More testing was necessary.

While casually contemplating it, the cutting edge of Deelel's disc would cause a thin line against Kuja's naked, censored back. For her troubles, she received a star in the middle of her chest. Kuja was FAR too interested in what just happened to concern himself with her.

"And so the prologue ends..." Throughout the chamber, everyone would notice a myriad of pinpoint stars. A literal galaxy of them, as supernovas of dark magic would appear EVERYWHERE!

And then Kuja would cause a corridor of darkness to appear behind Beatrix. "This battle is over, General. Your Queen will be pleased..." And then he would walk through a corridor of darkness of his own, taking Princess Garnet with him.
Adelbert Steiner Captain Steiner shouldn't dignify Faruja with a response, but he does anyway, simply stating, without looking to the rat, "I have my duty to Alexandria, and to the Queen. I was duty bound to bring the Princess home, and that has been accomplished. I do not have anything else to answer for. I will speak to the Queen, she will surely see that this madness must end."

He glances one way to the Mouse PArty, then glances the other way to Beatrix and Kuja, and CLANKS behind them.
Souji Murasame "The goal was achieved." Souji replies, his voice cold. "You call it pointless, but that just shows how narrow your viewpoint was. This fight is not over." He swings the black blade around, bringing it up against his palm. "Your arrogance will see your suffer. HUNGERING BLADE, CONSUME! MURASAME, COME FORTH!" There is a crackling noise, as he draws his hand down the length of the blade, a spectral light awakening about the weapon of black steel and crimson runes. There is a wash of energy, a tear in the air around BEatrix that shears open as crimson talons lash out from a void, rending towards her to consume her life force.
Beatrix Beatrix is mercyless, but she doesn't attack targets that stopped fighting either. There is no glory in that. Even the last attacks, even if they had some roar, lacked some punch. She felt no need to answer to them. "You have fought valiantly, I will give you that, but you have served your purpose. Now begone from our castle." She turns around... walking into the dark portal that Kuja created. She really can't get used to those... she hates the feeling, like her soul getting sucked otu everytime she crosses through one.

After she disapears, the Alexandrian guards mobilize around the group, ready to pick up the slack left by their leaders. Now would be a good time to run away of course, as the entire castle is ready to flood the dungeon after you if need is. Not to mention the Black Mages and the Heartless Kuja controls.
Helena Celba "Tch...Sow!" Helena calls after Beatrix!

She looks down, towards the fallen judge...

"Tch. Rise! Rise and fight once more! Let your flesh be useful to my cause!" rather she rises as a zombie or be healed...she isn't really caring how this works. However, Cirra's flesh would be...temporarily corpse like until it can naturally heal, as the dark energy courses from her hands into the judge's body. Hel rises...

"Master Murasame, I think we have overstayed our welcome...and besides...I dislike staying in such low class places.."
Makenshi Makenshi watches the desperate attempts to strike the dark mage down with a passive interest, turning his attention away from Beatrix. With every application of chaotic magic Kuja grows more irksome to the Misterian. This person was somehow connected to that monstrous force that devoured worlds and shattered lives. He would need to be dealt with.

However, the time for heroics has passed this day. Maken spins down gently and clicks back into place on the albino swordsman's belt, after which he turns and walks off the edge of the platform, floating casually down to where the Burmecian king has been taking shelter during the battle. He gives the bedraggled rat and quiet look for a few moments before closing his eyes in that arrogant manner of his.

"If you wish to escape with the life the princess has bought, I suggest that you do so now."
King Mickey Even at the end, Kuja attempts to add insult to injury with an impressive display of powerful magic that are creating explosions completely through out the dungeon! The King just barely manages to avoid the magical attacks. However, he is caught in the shockwaves of the blasts and is sent sprawling away, tumbling across the ground just as his enemies begin to make their escape.

The blasts are beginning to cause the area to become even more unstable! This combined with the potential remaining heartless in the room, things are looking grim for our heroes.

With the raging chaos that is unfolding and the Alexandrian forces making their retreat, King Mickey begins to look around for a plausiable escape route. Unfortunately for the heroes, unlike their enemies, that possibility has become quite slim. He manages to make stand once more and calls out, as rubble begins to descend from the cealings above, "Everyone! Gather the wounded and form up on me! We're leaving!"

The King waits for those that desire a quick escape to gather upon him and then raises his keyblade, swinging it around as a holy circle expands around him! Thrusting Star Seeker to upward, the mouse calls out,

Cirra Constantine Super Novas, and they aren't in the sky, or made of champagn.

The blasts smash Cirra across the room, embed her into rock, cover her with more rock, /break/ that rock, shover her through the first rock and smashing her face first into another stone wall which she slides down intoa slump.

Then Helena attempt to do her voodoo thing and the holy aura Faruja imubed her with reacts with it violently. Cirra arches her back as she gurgles and spasms like in a seizure and falls to the ground on her side.

And a sparkling blue vile in her hand breaks, sparkling blue motes floating into the air.
Helena Celba "Excellent! You're alive!" Helena says towards Cirra...

. o O (Darn...I wanted a hot intelligent undead minion. *pout*)
Faruja Senra Despite the stars of magic threatening to engulph them, the rat glares at the mage before him. "Thy arrogance shall be thy death, Witch."

As for the Alexandrians? "Such a shame. Both of you could be truly great. Yet to bow to such a horrid Queen...'tis almost enough to earn my pity. God have mercy on thy souls, when He takes thee in righteous judgement!"

Seems the rat agrees with Makenshi and Mickey, nodding to the pair as he slings the King over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It might hint to how little respect he actually harbors for the man.

Stepping into the circle, he glares one last time towards the Alexandrian. "We shall meet again."
Souji Murasame Souji's jaw clenches as he sees that Beatrix simply doesn't care. Hr turns, frowning, and looks to the others. "You're right. We need to leave, Celba. This is becoming rapidly more pointless and irritating than it is worth. I'm looking forward to watching the Burmecians turn this place into a smoking crater."

Souji sheathes his blade, and strides for the magical exit circle. "Thank you, sir." He says to Mickey. He never did learn the one's name...
Soan Sagittarius For a brief moment, Soan joined that fraternity of thieves that stole princesses, or rescued them. However, he also joined at the same time the Fraternity of 'What The HEll Were You Thinking Stealing That Stuff'. It's a group that every good Rogues, evantually, in part of their career, joins. He'll have to wash his hands later. A lot.

ACHIVEMENT UNLOCKED: Is That A Breeze?: Steal Everything off the back of a Boss.

Soan's plan falls when darkness seizes the princess awway. Part of his plan, anyway. Now it's need to get into contegencies. Gritting his teeth, the supernova strikes the rogue not quite dead on: it clips him rather hard as the Flare send him flying. He manuvers in mid-air, trying to get himself some direction from the super novas. Unfortunately, he miscalculates the strength theses things detonates. Gritting out in pain, he launches out a rope from his sleeves to catch at the edge of the pit, turning his head around to look at Kuja.

Before the last Supernova hits, the Rogue utters out three words.

"...Two, one, ignite!"

The last supernova's explosion launches the young thief in the air, out of the grasp of his last resort mean of survival. The flames of the aftermatch shadows the fall and the cry of Soan as he falls down the so called bottomless pit. What should be more interesting, however, is the fact that something rattles in Kuja's quite luxurious hair. In fact, it begins to smoke, with the sound of glass fracturing, then breaking. There's a gout of flame, as well with dark green glue exploding in all directions.

Soan Sagittarius is a bastard, exploding glue and trackers in people's hair.
Deelel Deelel is an artis herself she was made for it but not to write, images, music? Maybe even videos were her preview. She does get Kuja is one powerful, viral, and he's clearly done something terrible. She watches as the black mage glitch it's been born? She watches in horror as it's cut down an instant after it's born. There's just this horror as there's nothing she can do for the thing. There's this look at kuja, it's cold it's almost mechanical looking she's just starting at Kuja even as the order to flee is given. She brings up her disc and taking a page from TRON she deflects the full on attack with it and she moves to pull out.

This scene contained 91 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Adelbert Steiner, Deelel, Maira, Beatrix, King Mickey, Cirra Constantine, Makenshi, Souji Murasame, Soan Sagittarius, Garnet, Kuja, Helena Celba