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An Offer He Won't Refuse
(2013-04-16 - 2013-04-16)
Souji Murasame heads to Mullonde to meet with Faruja and make use of the materials he has... acquired recently. For a good cause, of course.
Souji Murasame The skies over Mullonde are stormy today. It is inevitable, as the Ame-no-Torifune rides the stormclouds wherever it goes. There is someone on the ship who has come to Mullonde, seeking a specific person.

A Knight, in fact. A very specific Templar Knight. The Burmecian Faruja Senra. A man like Souji Murasame has ways of gaining information, and such information can be used to one's advantage. As such, he has come to Mullonde to make an offer. An offer of assistance. An offer in good faith.

An offer he probably won't refuse.
Faruja Senra Stormclouds, unlike for many within the city, bring a smile to the muzzle of one Templar Faruja Senra. Sitting on the balcony of a small home, a tasteful but well furnished establishment, he lets out a sigh of anticipation. Stormclouds meant rain, blessed rain. And the ship riding those clouds promise so much more. Entering back into the home, making his way outside, the rat issues a few orders over his linkshell. Watch, and wait. Guards ready themselves to escort their impromptu guests as Souji arrives from on high.
Souji Murasame Souji Murasame arrives alone. He descends from the alien airship, walking down from the Ame-no-Torifune as if descending a staircase. It seems like casual simplicity to the Ramuha scion, this thing that could be considered to be a miracle to others. In one hand is a large metal-banded case, carried along as if it were a simple briefcase.

When he reaches the ground, he looks to Faruja, and smiles. "Greetings, Ser Senra. Peace and blessings for all this eve. It is a pleasure to finally meet with you on a less... intense footing. Events are fairly busy of late, wouldn't you agree?"
Faruja Senra Nobility or not, a man who handles his own business gets Faruja's respect. As the man approaches, the Templar bows, waving away the guards. They salute, and leave.

"Ser Murasame, may the Lord bless thy works. Welcome to Mullonde. Quite, while there is something to be said about learning of others on a field of battle, so too can one learn of others through treating at one's table. Come inside, please. My kind enjoy the rain, however, it shan't do to have thy belongings made sodden. All too fast, unfortunately, and ones that strike far too personally."

Opening the door, the rat would enter, leading the man off to a small sitting room. Two plush seats and a somewhat large table arranged in front of them already hold a bottle of wine, glasses, as well as a set for tea steaming from the pitcher.

"Sit, make thyself comfortable, hmm? If you would like something to eat, do tell." Only once Souji sits, does the rat do so as well, pouring himself some tea.

"Now what may this humble Templar do for you, Ser Murasame?" Tossing the ball into the man's court, even if he has an inkling of why he's here
Souji Murasame "My homeland, too, was one of storms and rain. In that we share a kinship, Ser Faruja." Souji smiles faintly, clearly unworried about the storm above. He enters, and sits when bidden, placing the case on the gloor beside himself. "Thank you, your hospitality is commendable." Souji also takes tea, pouring it in a precise fashion. He does not add anything to it, drinking quietly for a moment. He pauses, and nods. "The tea of this land has its own character. You can tell much about a land from the quality of its food and drink. You live well and pure, Templar." Souji smiles faintly. "But I must correct a point. IT is not what you can do for me, Ser, but what I am here to do for you."

He gestures. "It is common knowledge that your countrymen are under siege. They find themselves under attack and without assistance from many foes, the most obvious of which are those of the land of Alexandria." He pauses for several seconds. "IT has also been made known that your land's king has been taken as well. Such an act is intolerable. But I would like to offer assistance to your people, through the most noted member who I could speak would. That being yourself, Ser Senra."
Faruja Senra "'Twould have been glorious to see it. Should news of it reach my ears...or wind of its ressurrection...I shall be certain to inform you." Promises the Templar, the thought of lost homes all too common for him. He stays relaxed, however. Negotiations are afoot!

"Any household blessed with good fortune should be fit to share it, or so my people believe."

Crossing his legs, his brow rises as he sips his tea, hiding a smile.

A snarl at the mention of his home's enemies is quickly choked off amidst a sleeve, the rat's composure slipping for a moment. "Our enemies, even after the fall of our world, see fit to pursue us. If I am any judge, 'tis nothing less than utter destruction of my people that they wish. Otherwise, why continue to assault an already battered peoples?"

Leaning forward slightly, his tail flicks, a sort of delayed lashing that the rat's doing his best to suppress. "Notable, hmm? How times have changed. I was nothing more than a soldier in Burmecia." Faruja starts, gesturing. "Allow me to be blunt, Ser. The Church saved my life, and thus, my blade lies with it. However, whereas my own homeland often ties power with the blood in one's veins, the Church is not so particular. 'Tis fortunate, that you should come to me at this hour of my people's need. Through the aegis of the Church, mayhap I may be able to save my people. Ser Murasame, any assistance you may provide would be most helpful. 'Twould be a would be compensated, of course, however, this is something beyond mere coin. To assist in a holy work such as rescuing a king from those who wield the Fell powers of the Heartless is most pious."

Leaning back, he peers the man in the eyes. "What have thee to offer, Ser?"
Souji Murasame Souji looks back, his eyes cold and clear "I understand your situation. Your people, as beleagured as they are, could not marshal the needs. Perhaps I would have approached the King, but alas, the dreadful deed was done before I could complete preparations. It would not do to approach and offer assistance when you assistance is not there, correct?"

Souji folds his hands, and nods. "The problem is that your enemies are receiving assistance. Alexandria is a rich country, and their Queen is willing to spend all of it to obliterate those she sees fit. While personally I am not of the Glabados faith, I cannot allow such a horrific thing to pass."

Souji leans over, and undoes the latches on the case. He opens it, slowly. "Perhaps you are familiar with the infamous Magitek Armors of Vector. Thorough... a twist of fate, I have managed to procure a source for these weapons. I bring it here, as a sign of my goodwill." He reveals the long, gleaming cannon within the case, with the crystal inlay for the Magitek power sources. "It has been modified to be able to be used in a man-portable fashion upon a tripod mounting. Properly braced, and powered with Bhujerban Magicite, you will be able to begin to counter the power of the enemies."

He pauses, closing the case. "I offer you this as a gift for your people. I ask nothing in return for it." He pauses. "I am in the process of acquiring additional cannons which can be provided for a proper compensatory amount. In addition, I have also come into possession of a large amount of Shinra Corporation military gear. Guns, similar to those of IValice, but with greater range and speed. Body armor with the latest in modern technology. Rations and medical equipment to allow the troops of Burmecia to fight harder and last longer in the field. I can provide all of these, as well as the knowledge needed to maintain and use them properly." He gestures. "As much as I wish I could simply give this all to your people, I cannot do so without destroying my nascent company. I am sure you understand."
Faruja Senra Faruja listens quietly, finding himself briefly stunned. He'd expected something along the lines of simple weapons and armor. But a Magitek Armor's weapon? Leaning in, he inspects it briefly, suddenly wishing he'd taken Katey along. Glancing back to Souji, the rat slowly nods.

"Then you are an honorable man. Indeed, just the sort of person we need. On behalf of my people, I accept thy gift. It shall be used well, and vigorously if the Lord wills it. Our soldiers are few, most slain in the battle for my home. This will do much to even the odds, as they say."

Siip. "Nor would I ask such. One must eat, after all. Such weapons would indeed be invaluable. First, I must see to it that our leader is returned. Then...Ser Murasame, 'tis been far too long that those whom have harmed my people have gone unpunished. This shall be corrected. And we shall be in need of thy wares, Ser."

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a business card. Hanging it to Souji, the rat nods.

"My number. For a merchant such as thyself, 'tis no doubt quite an opportunity. I shall be calling upon thee, for thy weapons and wares, Ser. Consider your offer accepted. If you would be willing, to the Church as well. We have need of greater arms, and...certain projects that I may speak of, should our initial dealings prove fruitful for all involved."
Souji Murasame Souji nods, and drinks more of his tea. "Indeed. I have chosen to intervene in the effort to recover the King of Burmecia... on the side of those who wish to free him. I will continue to show my good faith by assisting to help you and yours. The Burmecian people must survive, and to do so they require their king... and the power to fight back against her many foes."

Souji smiles, producing a card of his own, and exchanging it with Faruja. The card holds the Murasame insignia and contact information for him over the Ma Belle network. "I would be happy to assist you in anything you and your people will need. I will soon have my full manufacturing facilities up and running, and we will be able to begin supplying you designs from my homeland, as well as the most advanced goods that will be able to be found. Your people will be able to rebuild strong and proud."
Faruja Senra Faruja drops any pretenses, openly smiling. "I shall remember this, Ser Murasame." Taking the card, he slips it into his pocket.

"Where once there was ruin, mayhap there shall be glory. Your name shan't be forgotten in the telling of this tale to be. Now, if you will excuse me, Ser Murasame, I have much to plan and do. It shall be a true honor to work with a man of character. Were all within Alexandria such as you, then this war would never have started. Please, stay if you desire, I shall have my Squire attend should you like."

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