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(2013-04-15 - Now)
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Percival "Once again Lady Maira, there's nothing /wrong/ with canned soup..."

As he used an oversized oven mitt, which he still wasn't able to fit over his hand to pull a sirloin roast, cooked with new potatoes and carrots from the oven. "..but I think even Uist would agree that you could use something a little more filling than that, every now and then."

He'd start setting out plates nearby, as he waited for it to cool down a touch. While he likely could slice the roast with his talons, that'd be crass, so he found himself a carving knife from one of the shelves. He'd look over his shoulder, smiling idly at her. "Besides, we have a long trip ahead of us. Even if we do decide to glide. That depends on whether you mind me carrying you or not, though." By his nonchalance, its pretty obvious that he doesn't consider that mode of travel all that special. Once he felt the roast had cooled just enough, he'd start cutting it into thin slices, served au jus, as he portioned it out for the two of them on plates, and put it on the table.
Carnus Sirin Whistling is the first indication of someone approaching the door, and a few moments later it clicks open as Carnus wanders into the room spinning his sword lightly by the handle. He looks a bit ragged, as if he's been through a bit of a scuffle but his trademark smile still adorns his lips. In fact, the smile seems bigger than usual. Man, this guy loves to fight for such a nice guy.

"Well well, something sure smell nice in here." He calls out before his eyes settle on Percival who appears to be carving some form of beef if he had to guess. "Any occassion or do we just have a chef?"

He sets his sword down leaning against the table and moves over to look over toward Maira and Percival with a wave. "Hope I didn't miss anything, was just out getting some training done. I will say that these new worlds have intriguing monsters. Sure can make you break a sweat." He flashes Maira a grin.
Maira It would be challenging to keep Maira away from the oven. A roast! With /things!/ MEAT! She will keep attempting to peek, likely to be swatted away by Percival. "I know I knoooow...but I'm not a very good cook. I burn everything," she says with a pout.

Once he pulls it out of the oven though, she bounces excitedly. "It smells SOOO good!" she says, then scrambles to her seat as he moves with the plate toward the table.

Maira looks up before she digs into her food, blinking to Carnus. Once she recognizes him she smiles brightly, waving him into the kitchen. "Oh hey! We have a chef, hehe. Percival is an amazing cook! I think he's trying to fatten me up," she says with a giggle.

"Oh really? What kind of monsters were you fighting? There are some pretty scary ones! Not more scary than some of the people I've met but--Perci is there enough for Carnus too? Have you met? He's new to VALKYRI!"
Percival He tsks, grinning at her. "I can teach you, you know. I'm not really /that/ good, but I only burn half of what I cook."

In truth, while he was being modest, it was unintentional in a sense. In his clan it was a skill that all squires were expected to know. His master had always told him that even his best efforts were merely /satisfactory/. It was an exercise in humility. Thus, the Gargoyle had never actually believed he was any good at it. It was something he enjoyed doing, but he was remarkably self-conscious about it, and only tended to display the skill for his friends.

He'd perk up his ears when Carnus entered. "Certainly, we have more than enough for another, presuming he doesn't eat like Will. And I'm certainly /not/ trying to fatten you up. I promise."

He'd smile in a self-depreciating way at Carnus. It may have seemed absurd, these shows of humility as he reached out, and offered his hand to the man. "I'm told you're quite the warrior. Its good to see you again, Sir."
Carnus Sirin With a nod to Maira, "Aye, can't say I've met many worse than some of the monsters I've come across so far. Just fought something that I can only describe as a mixture between a bear and a zagnohl." he gives a small shrug unable to describe it further.

"Incredible, already getting quite the reputation and I've not ever fought in front of a VALKYRI yet. Or anyone in these new worlds." he chuckles and grasps the gargoyle's hand firmly, giving it a quick shake. "Nice to see you again too, especially if you come bearing food. I'm famished." he sets himself down and glances about at the selection. "A lot better than some of what I ate while travelling, let me tell you. I'll admit I'm not the best cook. And when I was actually home we had chef's do all that, of course."
Maira Maira is digging into her food now, because Maira grew up an orphan and often starving. Nothing gets between Maira and her food. OMNOMNOMNOM.

She does speak between bites though, not a total barbarian. "What's a zagnohl? Never seen a bear...I don't think my world had those," she comments. As for the awesome warrior thing, it was news to her but she tends to assume people are pretty good at fighting if they carry a sword in this world.
Percival The Gargoyle watches Maira eat with a gusto that brings a smile, and wide-eyes to his expression. Maybe he /did/ need to make enough for her to eat as Will. After he released Carnus' hand, he'd portion out some on a plate, then place it in front of him.

He'd place that in front of him. "From time to time I do. I'm not certain what a Zagnohl is myself."
Carnus Sirin With a slight shrug Carnus says, "Not really sure how to explain either. Four legs, angry, logs of teeth and horns. Both quite big, zagnohl a whole hell of a lot bigger." He thinks for a moment and then waves off the thought, tucking into his meal with a voracious appetite.

"Mmm, delicious." he says after a few mouthfuls. "You could give some of our chef's a run for their money. Then again, they go for style over taste. Too fancy for my pallete."
Maira Maira looks to Percival with something like worship. "This is AMAZING," she informs him. Oh, so good! If she were a wild animal Maira would follow him home.

Actually she's going to do that anyway! At least for a little bit!

Maira looks to Carnus. "Where are you from? You had a CHEF?" she asks. He must have been rich....that must be nice...
Percival Percival would give Maira a sheepish smile. "Its.. its edible I guess. I think I can do better in the future." He was beaming with pride though inwardly, /now/ he was truly being modest.

On the subject of following him home though, he still wondered whether she'd prefer he glide to Fluorgis with her or not.

The Gargoyle shrugs his wings off his shoulders. "Well.. so long as people enjoy my food, I'm happy. I don't need decorative frills, I'm a pragmatic creature."

And then on the subject of a Zagnohl, he'd nod his head. "Sounds like a boar, from my world. Just an extraordinarily large boar."
Carnus Sirin Scratches the back of his head embarssedly, "Heh, well yeah actually. We had about five. Tomis was the head chef of our manor. I guess you'd say I'm a rich noble boy from Lindblum? Think I'm somewhere in the sucession for being Regent, not that I'd ever take it." he lets out a hearty chuckles and continues. "Don't much go home or take my family's money though. Prefer being out and about and earning what I need to by selling my blade. Besides, foraging's easier enough. And money would only make me a target on the roads." He jingles his rather modest gil pouch.

Turning to Percival he nods, "Perhaps, don't know much about your world or your people to be honest. It's my understanding you're from Manhattan? And yes, the zagnohl is a huge creature. Twice my height, and if I laid down it'd be about three of me long. Not a creature you tangle with lightly. Think it was used in the last festival of the hunt." he ponders this as he continues to eat. One might notice his incredible table manners, the way he holds his utensils and how he delicately cuts and chews. Definitely a side-effect of his noble upbringing.
Maira Maira gives Percival quite a look! He has taken his modesty too far. Just accept the compliment!

Then as Carnus explains that he was not only rich but a noble and somewhere in line for a regency, Maira gasps.

Unfortunately, Maira is eating.

Now she is choking, flailing at the pair of them and gesturing to her throat.
Percival The Gargoyle would rush over to her, put his fists together just at her abdomen, and thrust upwards swiftly. He'd be careful not to do so too hard. He was strong enough that he didn't want to seriously hurt her, but he was doing it just forcefully enough that he'd be able to dislodge the food.
Percival Once Maira was breathing again, he'd give her a wan smile. "Be careful Lady Maira. Don't frighten me like that."

He'd slowly release his arms from around her belly. Finally responding to Carnus. His mannerisms changed slightly, despite Carnus' casual demeanor. "As you say, M'lord."

And then having spoken about Manhatten, he'd nod. "Manhatten is a small part of what our world once was. I was.. visiting, when our world fell."

He'd nod his head. "It sounds like a fearsome beast. As I said, you must be quite skilled, to have bested it."
Maira Maira turns and grabs onto Percival, wide-eyed as she sucks in wonderful, precious breath.

Now she's just terribly embarrassed. "I...I almost just died from eating didn't I," she squeeks, looking down toward her plate like it was a best friend who had betrayed her.


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