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(2013-04-15 - 2013-04-16)
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Ramza Beoulve The morning after.

As the sun began its ascent over the eastern horizon, the heretic's camp was still entirely devoid of activity. Between being hungover and worn out from the party the day before, it would be a fair prediction that it would remain this way for some time, despite the chattering of tropical birds beginning to punctuate the morning air. The only exceptions so far appeared to be the man set to watch, Theodore, Ramza, and Artemis. Theodore had been set as the final Watch, given that he was typically the most reliable member of the company, while the other two always awakened early for their morning ritual of tea, for which they reignited the dying fire pit. Later they would head out for practice, which was typically a friendly sparring match marked by Ramza getting his butt handed to him a few dozen times before they returned to the camp. For now, the pair were still waiting for the tea to be ready. Shielding his eyes briefly from the rise of the sun, he'd take out a ballpoint pen and right something in a leatherbound journal.

He'd speak idly to Artemis as they waited for the tea to be ready. "Beautiful morn, isn't it? I think everyone needed this. Do you think it'd be wasteful of us to spend another two days here?"

He'd scribble something on one of the pages. "If I might be so bold to inquire, what's your opinion on Zack?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis is generally the first up ever day. It seems that she is incapable of sleeping until sunrise or past it. Apparently even when she has been drinking. Though she had indulged she seemed fairly resistant and shut herself off before she could get drunk. Being drunk was impairing. A bodyguard cannot be impaired.

Artemis pours hot water into the teapot with the leaves then immediately pours it out again, simply rinsing the leaves. She passes Ramza the pot so he could get a smell of the rinses leave--they are of course, exquisite.

Now, she makes the pot of tea, pouring once it was ready. She settles down and sips, looking up toward the sky as the sun begins its ascendence. ""It is. I suppose we could stay a bit, though I worry...the Church has been too quiet," she comments.

As for Zack, Artemis nods. "I like him. I think he'll be a welcome presence around here. We need someone to offset how completely boring and serious we are," she jests with a small smile. "Seems more than a capable warrior. I look forward to seeing him in action."
Margaux Fleury The land of 'Hawaii' was quite the strange one. From the exotic landscape to the local technology and customs, Hawaii overwhelmed Margaux de Fleury when she tried to explore it for herself. She was there to attend a certain party, but the Dancer quickly became distracted with learning 'authentic' Hawaiian dances and observing how many of the locals dressed in this place. That is the ones who were actually dressed at all. How peculiar that some locals would wear some sort of strange and colorful versions of undergarments to go -into- the water in. Wasn't one supposed to -remove- their clothes before such an activity? Wearing clothes with the expressed purpose of getting them wet seemed rather counterproductive to the visitor from another world. But when in a foreign land, do as the locals do.

Regardless of these ponderings, the red-headed fencer eventually arrives at the Heretic camp proper. Gone is her armor and weapon and she instead wears a bright blue spaghetti strapped dress that features some white palm fronds and hibiscus flowers. The straps of her swim-suit top can be seen due to the style of her dress and she wears a super tourist-y lei of flowers around her neck. Margaux even wears an actual hibiscus flower in her hair to complete her appearance as a bewildered tourist. Why try to hide that she was not from this world afterall?

And so, Margaux enters the Heretic camp proper and amusedly makes her way through the aftermath of what was seemingly a huuuuuge party. The Blade-dancer soon finds nothing more than Ramza and Madame Mask having tea together. "Messire Heretic and Madame Mask! How should I 'ave known that I would find you two together again?" Since she was actually wearing a dress this time, Margaux gracefully curtseys towards the 'couple'.
Ramza Beoulve He'd frown at Artemis' statement, the Church had been quiet, and it worried him. However he had aimed their efforts primarily towards locating and recovering the Zodiac Stones as of late. Several leads had been dead ends, while for others he was waiting to hear back from a few of his sources. "I like it not. But whatever they're planning, we don't have the resources to preempt it, not yet at least."

And then on Zack, he'd nod at her assessment. "We are a somber group at times, aren't we? Downright caliginous at times. I feel the same way, his influence can only be a boon to us. And like you, I'm looking forward to seeing him fight. Mayhaps he'll arise in time to join us for our morning exercises."

The young heretic would offer an amicable wave when Margaux entered their camp, standing to greet her. By now, he recognized that when Margaux curtseyed and offered formal gestures of greeting, they were a touch mocking, but still he played along, putting a hand over his chest and bowing at the waist. By the smile he offered her, it was obvious that he was in on the joke. "Marguerite. Its a pleasure to see you again. I see you're taking a liking to the local culture."

He'd offer a peculiar device known as a /lawn chair/ to her, unfolding it. He hadn't actually used one of them himself, preferring to sit on the ground, but she was in a dress after all. "I was disappointed that you couldn't arrive in time for the celebration the other day, but it was rather spontaneous. You appear to have enjoyed yourself anyhow."

And then the comment on him and Artemis. He cheeks were certainly a touch flushed in embarassment, but he was still smiling. "We awaken early every morning, for tea and our morning exercises Marguerite. It is swiftly becoming a ritual of ours."
Artemis Eurus The masked woman nods, taking a sip of her tea. "The calm before the storm," comments to Ramza. Artemis is often a woman of few words.

As Artemis hears the approach of Margaux, immediately she recognizes the sound of her footsteps--the familiar presence. Her hand drifts toward the hilt of her blade but stops. They would need to have a talk soon, wouldn't they?

Artemis looks up toward Margaux. "Yes, who would think the bodyguard would be guarding," she quips with a quick smile. "You've missed the party. There was a great deal of dancing."

The warrior moves then to poor Margaux a cup of tea from the pot. She'd not be a bad hostess. No excuse for being rude, even if a person so happened to have a hopefully expired desire to kill her charge. "Tea?" she offers.

Then to Ramza; "I don't know, he may be sleeping off all he had. Perhaps he will wake soon--unless you would like for me to drag him from his bedroll which I could also do." Yes, she would do it.
Margaux Fleury Despite what occured last time, Margaux seems to be in her usual good spirits as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Ramza's comment on her enjoying the local culture causes the teenage woman to smile pleasantly. She reaches down near the hemline of her dress and outstretches it slightly to side as if to show it off a bit before effortlessly turning on her heel to add some flair to the movement. "It matches my eyes, no? I found it simply irresistable." Margaux used to be a stage performer and still found the bright colors and gaudy nature of such clothing to be highly appealing.

The talk of her missing the part from both Ramza and Artemis causes Margaux to offer an exaggerated stage frown towards them both. "I missed a party?" She asks rhetorically as if she did not notice the signs of such on her way in. "Such a shame, but it was not hard to find someone to dance with elsewhere," states Margaux dismissively with a coy little smile.

Her blue eyes now focus on Artemis. "Yes please, Madame Bodyguard." Her devotion towards Ramza as such a thing seemed a tad unusual. But maybe she was just a perfectionist when it came to her art. The talk of someone new now draws her interest. "You 'ave a new member to your troupe? 'ow exciting!" Margaux finally accepts the offered lawn chair and takes a seat. "Is this mysterious newcomer a personal friend of yours Madame Mask?" She asks of Artemis with an innocent smile on her face.
Ramza Beoulve As of late, the young man had learned of the perils of complimenting all women in a like way. As Artemis had told him on one occasion, he couldn't be equally kind to all ladies without offending some on occasion, so he was a touch guarded when asked to compliment Margaux's dress. Still, he decided it was best to be honest, even if it might be taken the wrong way. At least he had the sense to know that he was on flimsy ground. "You're a vision in that frock, Marguerite." While his tone was cordial, he tried to keep it subdued just enough that he wouldn't seem /too/ enthusiastic.

Margaux didn't know the /half/ of it on how dedicated Artemis was. The first night she entered into his service, she'd caused quite a stir by declaring that she would /always/ be sleeping in Ramza's room, or in front of his tent, no exceptions. Some in the company even joked that he couldn't use a privvy without her being with him.

"I imagine it wasn't. Still, you're here now. The celebration might be extended for a time, we were discussing the possibility of lingering for a time."

When Margaux seated himself in the lawn chair, he'd nod. "In a way. He's been with us for a month, but he was at death's door when we found him. His convalescence has taken some time. His name is Zack Fair, and he's a prodigious mercenary, from what I understand. He's immediately taken to our cause." To most in the company, it seemed strange that Zack called himself a mercenary, but didn't charge Ramza anything for his services. Ramza didn't think anything of it. He figured that even though Zack was no mere soldier of fortune, that he'd open up to them in time. He'd shake his head at Artemis' offer. "Let him sleep. For all we know, he might need the rest..." He'd give her a wry grin. "...he did run down an active volcano the other day, after climbing it. Quite a feat for a man who we didn't think could possibly survive the wounds he received, barely a fortnight ago."
Emi Dennou Omi has left earlier for a bit, though Umi has stuck around because it's 'freaking hawaii' and because nobody is really even all that adept at controlling her. She does what she wants because a pirate is free. However, 'Omi' returned earlier in the morning, all dolled up like her though her presence may come off as a bit different. That's because it isn't Omi, in fact, but Emi herself who has elected to fake being Omi in order to fulfill her role for a bit.

She approaches the conversation, dragging Umi along in tow as she turns her head between the three individuals. She recognizes them all but doesn't comment as such.

"The Network has arrived, greetings to all of you."
Artemis Eurus Artemis was simply trying to give Ramza some useful advice, as otherwise, he would be fairly hopeless, in truth. She looks toward Margaux's ensemble and nods. "It suits you well," she agrees. Artemis is rarely seen without her armor, and when she is she wears tightly fitted pants and tunic tops, generally.

"A friend of mine? No. His face is new to me," she comments. If there was baiting there, she wasn't taking it. Surly Artemis is surly.

Indeed, she is extremely dedicated. When she takes an oath she will stand by it--though as time goes on she hopes there will be others she can trust, foremost Ramza himself. If she could teach him to look out for his own life, well, that would truly be an accomplishment.

Artemis is already pouring another cup of tea as "Omi" arrives. "Good morning, tea?" she offers. One would be a fool to turn down tea made by Artemis.
Margaux Fleury Sheesh Ramza, you can compliment someone without it meaning anything untoward. It was not like he was married to Madame Mask or anything.

Margaux smiles happily as she indulges herself in the compliment irregardless of the unspoken caution behind it. The idea that the party could be extended causes the dancer's blue eyes to light up. "That would be wonderful, magnificent even! " She decides with an absolute excitement creeping into her voice.

Crossing her legs idly in her chair, the Death Corps member now listens to Ramza's explanation about Zack. "A mercenary?" A slight frown appears on the girl's face. "Those could be trouble. But what could be worse than inviting a sworn enemy into your own camp?"

The arrival of Emi causes the blue dress wearing woman to look her way. Another one of Ramza's allies? "A-loh-ha," greets the Hawaiian dress wearer in what she presumes is the proper pronounciation.

Artemis elicits a slight frown from Margaux. Tsk. Tsk. She was simply being no fun today. Perhaps she should focus on someone else to tease for a change. For a second time, Emi/Omi gets a look. Heeheehee. Margaux smiles.
Ramza Beoulve "Its settled, you'll remain as our guest then for a time." Unless she wanted to stay longer, was his unspoken statement. The offer still remained on the table for Margaux's consideration, after all, though he didn't expect an answer right away, if at all.

He'd grin sheepishly at Margaux's statement on Zack's mercenary status. "Margaux, whom in my camp /isn't/ trouble? I speak true when I say that Zack is a man of principle. You'll like him. I can scarce imagine anyone who wouldn't."

And then, OMI! Or was it? Given that Emi was purposefully disguising her mannerisms at Omi, it didn't seem likely that Ramza would be able to tell the difference. "Good morning, how is this node of the network faring? Did you enjoy the party?"

When Margaux says the unfamiliar word, Aloha, he'd actually open up a tourist guide, trying to identify where he'd read it before. Idly he'd sip his tea as he tried to locate the reference.
Emi Dennou "Aloha, The Network returns in the native tongue a word that is nonetheless subsumed in pop culture." Emi says.

Umi dangles along sheepishly.

"To clarify, The Network are detectives not allies." She noticed a couple of looks their way and has imagined that they were wondering where they 'stood'. Either that or she just feels the need for this to be clear since it's not exactly considered proper to be associated with Ramza as is and it's not as if she knows anything of Margaux, except that she showed a keen interest in Max.

"Acceptable. The Network wishes to make a small inquiry, hench this one's presence. Is that one--" She nods to Margaux. "Someone we should be wary of with regards to your association with the Church, The Network does not wish to stir up trouble over a simple inquiry."

She pauses as she's offered tea. Hmm. Detectives do like their tea, she supposes, so she better accept!

"If it isn't too much trouble. Would you like tea, Umi?"

"Yeeeaaah! Tea party man, This one exagerates her enthusiasm (but is still enthused)."
Artemis Eurus Ramza may have let slip something about Margaux trying to kill him. Thus, she may be sliiiiightly less friendly?

Artemis looks up toward Margaux then, her face expressionless--an easy feat with a mask. "Yes, our guest. Of course, laws of hospitality apply," she responds. That may not mean anything, but she hopes it does.

Artemis nods to Umi and Emi. "Of course, have a seat. I am surprised to see so many awake this early," she comments, then produces two cups of tea. That would be it for that pot, but she could always make more.

Artemis returns to sit, but does so beside Margaux, turning toward her. "You and I should have a talk Dame Margaux. I trust you will not be trying to kill my charge again?" she asks quietly.

What, is confrontation to be avoided? Why?
Zack Fair "Who wouldn't like me?"

Zack is evidently *not* sleeping. He hasn't been sleeping for a while now, actually; he got up long before most of the rest of the camp did, and went for a run.

Around the island. The *entire* island.

*Hours* ago.

It is literally only just now that Zack is getting back to camp. He's got his Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and arm-and-leg bandages on, and little else. Surprisingly, not a scar is visible on his frame; he's certainly healed well in these last few months, apparently! The heavy Materia Blade is fastened to his back with a makeshift leather sheathe, crafted loosely out of a spare backpack. It's not going to hold up in real combat, but for jogging, it should be more than enough to hold the massive sword down.

"You guys are up kinda late! I thought we were goin' exercising this morning. Didn't wanna wake you, though, so I just took off on a run by myself when I got up. Man, I'm /starving/, you guys got anything to eat?"

He's still jogging in place as he says this, of course, and there's a huge grin plastered on the man's face. That huge grin slowly turns into a deep frown as mention of killing is put forward. "Woah, woah, woah, hey! Nobody's gonna be killing anybody. Way too early to talk about killing, huh? And this beach is way too nice to get blood on. You might wake up the volcano god or something!"

Zack laughs, his frown disappearing in an instant as he stops jogging and puts a hand on his waist. "I mean, not that I think there's a volcano god or something, but, y'know...better safe than sorry."

Zack maneuvers between Margaux and Artemis, holding up his hands. "So if you wanna murder each other or whatever, at least wait till we've all had coffee and we're somewhere that isn't a tropical paradise?"

He tilts his head up. "Uh, mornin', Ramza. And, uhhh...Omi? Or was it Umi?"
Katyna Katyna had been pretty busy lately, between trying to defend Ramza against Faruja, and her ongoing investigation with the TDA. she was actually looking forward to chilling out in Hawaii, although she wasn't too keen on running into Artemis after her 'failure'.

"Aah, maybe it'll be okay!" She laughs nervously to herself as she wanders along the beach side, noticing the little gathering up ahead. Oi, what's going on here? A party, perhaps?

"Ooh, Ramza!" She beams at the familiar sight of the heretic leader and his guard, and waves enthusiastically at him and the others as she comes nearer. "Heey! Whatcha all up to?"
Margaux Fleury Margaux smiles towards Ramza. "More than you would ever believe," agrees the Death Corps survivor. The talk about Zack causes the Dancer to ponder over a few things. She'll just have to meet this person and decide for herself, but Margaux is a rather easy person to get along with baring a few factors that is.

This Emi/Omi person spoke in a rather peculiar way, but there were many things about this land that was strange. Margaux had learned to take this sort of thing in stride as people thought that she spoke oddly and hailed from a place called Frawnce. But it seems that the investigative eye has been turned about the fencer herself. The redhead takes a hand and lightly touches the base of her neck where her lei rests. "Who me? Why would I wish 'arm upon Messire Ramza? I 'ad been dying to meet him for so long. In fact, it killed me that we 'ad not reconnected much sooner then we did."

Artemis' posturing and brusque words towards her causes Margaux to glare back at the masked woman. How dare she make light of such a thing! And how did she know about something that was supposed to be secret. A secret that was sworn to be kept safe. Her glare is soon transferred to Ramza before she lets a smirk wash over her wash as she switches gears so to speak. "What do you mean by such a remark, Madame Bloodhound? I would never take the life of someone who was such a good dancer." She lies to Artemis with her smirk firmly in place.

And right in the middle of this confrontation, a wild Zack and Katyna appear with the former interfering more than the latter. The dancer sighs and rises from her seat on the lawn chair, smoothing out her dress as she does so. "I am not here to assassinate anyone. And If I was, I would 'ave worn something more appropiate than this." Her blue eyes turn once more onto Artemis. "Unless you are afraid that my skill in dancing is so great that it could kill a man." Once more, Margaux elaborate curtseys towards Artemis. "And for that, I thank you Madame Mask for such a fine compliment. However, I must admit that my dances 'ave no such effect as Ramza and I 'ave already danced."

Kat, being a stranger to Margaux, receives a small wave now. She is a little busy to greet the newcomer properly, unforunately.
Ramza Beoulve Emi/Omi would clarify on their relationship, and he'd nod in affirmation. "The Network is always welcome in our company. Noone is expected to fight at our side unless they desire it. As for Margaux.." He'd look towards Margaux. "I would consider her a personal friend, more than an ally. She has not joined us, but you need not be wary about speaking aught that you desirein her presence."

Zack returns at about that time, and he'd laugh light-heartedly. "And here we thought that waking a half hour before daybreak would be too early for you. A mistake we shan't make again! We'll have time for a spar soon, I imagine, before midday."

He'd smile as Katyna approached, rising again. "Kityana. I'm glad that you've returned to us. All is well I trust?"

Then Artemis decides to let a bombshell drop, and Ramza stares dumbfounded at Artemis for a time, before groaning, and turning to flash an apologetic look towards Margaux. "Fain forgive me, Margaux."

And then a sharp glance towards Artemis. "/Nothing/ happened." Not exactly a lie, for Margaux certainly did not strike. So as far as he was concerned, it was /not/ an attempt to assassinate him.

Luckily Zack was here to help defuse the situation. He certainly seemed to appreciate some backup in that matter. "Indeed. There will be absolutely no quarreling when it comes to this matter. Can we please just try to relax and enjoy our time here?"

When Margaux spoke of the dance, Ramza would say nothing, he understood that she was mocking him, and Artemis both. And he felt that he fully deserved it. He hadn't intended to break her trust, but Artemis had surmised what had happened all the same. It was done, and he didn't know how he could undo the damage.

When Zack asked for food, he'd gesture vaguely towards a cask on the side. "Plenty of smoked boar meat left over. If you will all excuse me..."

And then he'd just start walking towards the beach. The entire handling of this matter had put him in a melancholic mood.
Artemis Eurus Coffee? COFFEE!? THIS IS TEA COUNTRY, BOY!

Artemis coughs and stuffs down the crazy.

Turning her eyes toward Zack, she smiles and greats him. This smile is slightly strained. Really? He was up for HOURS? Did he not need to sleep as much as normal people? Did it have to do with those odd eyes of his? Blood and ashes! "I only have tea," she says, using every bit of effort not to say this through clenched teeth.

Artemis turns back to Margaux. She had figured it would be best to be direct, though she didn't so much expect Zack to jog up and scream it to the heavens. "No one wants to murder anyone," she replies with a roll of her eyes.

To Margaux's response, she shrugs gently, a smile appearing. "But of course, if he is such a fine dancer perhaps you seek le petite mort?" she jokes. The glare is noticed, of course. Well, she will deal with the ire of Margaux and likely Ramza. No, he didn't tell her--not in so many words anyway. Artemis will make her apologies later. Difficult, difficult.

Artemis stands once more as Katyna arrives, and as she is rather tired at the moment of being madam-fun-slayer, she gives Katyna a slight bow in welcome. "Excellent, Katyna. It is good to see you. Now, if you will excuse me a run sounds like a great idea," she says, then turns. Well, she goes the opposite direction of Ramza, anyway!
Emi Dennou Emi looks at Margaux. She tends to trust people as far as she can throw them which, thanks to electromagnetics, is actually quite far so she decides to not worry so much despite her demeanor which, quite frankly, screams that she's a dirty dirty spy and cannot be trusted with Ramza's bagged lunch let alone the codes to his briefcase (1 2 3 4 5). Of course Katyna has also arrived, whom Emi does have plenty of good reason to not trust but since she's presently doing work on Katyna's behalf, assumes that she won't cause her trouble in the immediate future.

"Oi Zack!" Umi pulls herself free and jogs on over to him. "HI FIVE!, The Network declares!" She offers him a hifive--though he's kind of in between Arty and Marg right now so it's a bit awkward. "...Well maybe later? Okay!" She pauses and adds, "...This one is Umi. That one is--"

"Omi for the purposes of today." Emi interrupts, looking back to Ramza. "As you'd like. This one has heard rumor of a member of the church that was an inquisitor--but also a vampire. The Network was wondering if you had run into such a creature at any point and if it had been...spreading its vampiric influence."
Katyna Katyna blinks, having missed half of the conversation, although she does notice some familiar faces. "Hiya Emi, Omi..." she grins sheepishly as she glances between the two of them, still unable to tell 'em apart.

She's pretty used to wary glances by even strangers by now, so any wary glances are mostly ignored. Artemis is also noticed with a nod and smile, although it seems she's on her way out, much to Kat's relief (hopefully she wont tell her off for failing to defend Ramza - at least today!).

Finally she notices Margaux, whom she had met before briefly, having recalled her mentionning something about the Deathcorp Knights. "Heh, we've met before, haven't we? Dont think I remember your name though. I'm Katyna!" She says brightly, ignoring the fact that Ramza keeps calling her 'Kityana' for some reason.

Finally Kat notices the spikey haired stranger and grins, "Wow, farout hair! How do you get it to stay up like that?" The smell of barbequed boar and fresh coffee does catch her nose however, and she dashes hungrily towards the campsite, mouth watering hungrily, "Ooh! Yum! leftovers!" Yegads, better keep the the coffee away from her though!
Ramza Beoulve Before he walks away, he at least answers Emi's question. He may be moody as a result of the conversation but there's no reason to be outright rude. "I hadn't heard of them until Angantyr informed me, then Avira later clarified. It doesn't particularly suprise me, given that the Church is in a conspiracy run by Archdemons known as Lucavi. Sanel was attacked by one recently." He'd tap his earpiece, a gesture that Emi/Omi would probably understand.
Margaux Fleury Fate has seemingly cruelly entwined the Death Corps with the concept of betrayal even when the organization was not centerstage. Margaux had been toying with the idea of following Ramza who had gathered together a loyal group of soldiers in a way that she had only seen done once before. They were very much alike in certain ways, but there were certainly differences as well.

And now Margaux has seemingly seperated herself further from those around her by defending herself the only way she could in this situation. The redheaded dancer closes her eyes briefly and mutters a curse underneath her breath as both Artemis and Ramza depart the scene. That was supposed to be -her- cue. She was the one whose trust was betrayed in a sense and now things were doomed to failure since Artemis was so overly protective of Ramza.

Perhaps Margaux should just return to the shattered husk of the Death Corps. Maybe it was there where she truly belonged.

The lei around her neck is taken off and thrown uselessly towards the ground in a fruitless display of her own frustration. Margaux then takes a deep breath and display her best smile towards Zack, Kat, and the Network girl. "My apologies, but I believe some deal with hangovers better than others." A glance towards Kat now. "You are most correct. We 'ave met before. Maybe next time we shall meet under better circumstances, yes?" The remaining two are turned towards now. "The same applies to you two..." A pause. Did Emi count as just one person? Margaux eventually returns with, "....all of you. May fortune me kinder to us next time." Margaux spares the curtsey and merely waves towards them before departing in a completely seperate direction than both Ramza and Artemis.

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